A parent's guide to residence life at UBC

The (NEW) Pocket Guide to HRX

Greetings fellow SMITE Players!

It is I, Wraithyn, ATL Resident, foodie, streamer, and feeder here to help all of you enjoy the most out of your HRX/DHATL experience this coming November. Below you'll find everything from lodging and accommodation recommendations, food and drink, entertainment, and more-- Some of it is direct C+P from last year as these 'don't miss' locations still apply. This years' event has moved from the Cobb Energy Center in Smyrna alllll the way downtown to the Georgia World Congress Center smack in the middle of the city. This is GREAT news for those of you wanting to experience something distinctly "Atlanta" while you're in town, but also poses some challenges with affordability, transportation, group entertainment etc. Last year, everyone was pretty much within the same .5mi of the event at all times, and it became extremely easy to hang out with SMITE personalities, other attendees, etc. without going very far. I hope you'll all enjoy the guide and as always please feel free to drop questions here or drop by stream chat! PLEASE NOTE: This is a living document and will be updated frequently. Keep this bookmarked! If you have recommendations on places and activities I've missed, drop it in the comments so I can edit them in!
First of all, I'd like you to refer to this tweet: https://twitter.com/Wraithyn1/status/1047902641077014528 My community came up with a great idea to create one place for everyone going to HRX to come together and coordinate hangouts and events while you folks are here. I can't directly link the Discord on Reddit, but Triplecharged has allowed me to post a link to my Tweet. We will be using this to coordinate everything from carpooling, dinners, streamer meet ups, important announcements and information, Find-A-Roomate/lodging, and when the event arrives -- REAL TIME updates on "Where you should be." I encourage you all to join in on the fun.
Should I get the Afterparty Ticket?: Yes. This is literally the best part of the whole event. Don't miss it.

Arrival and Transportation:
Atlanta airport is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the country. If you can get away with a carry-on bag, I strongly suggest that you do so-- especially if you are NOT flying Delta. Atlanta is Delta's Hub, and none of the other airlines here give a heck about their flights in and out of here. If you are Ubering, which you should, the Uber pick up zone is about a 15 minute walk from Baggage Claim with a further 10-15 minute wait for a car. Make sure you have a jacket handy in case you are waiting in the cold.
Uber-- Do NOT rent a car unless there is something extremely specific that you and a large group of friends want to go do. Uber down here is CHEAP (5-8$ a ride) and the hassle of having a car, being responsible for it for 5 days, and needing to find parking, paying 50-100$ a day, etc. just sucks ass. I nearly sold my car earlier this year because I Uber everywhere. 90% of the time if you're over the age of 20 you're going to have access to alcohol whether it's in the event, at dinner, and afterparties. Having a car is a hassle. I'm personally ubering everywhere and I live here.
Public Transport: You CAN take the MARTA public transport to downtown ATL if you really want. I don't use it, and it's sketchy as hell at night.
Parking: There is a parking deck available for those of you that drive. It's fairly cheap and there's always spaces available.
Event Registration: Process is kind of a pain. Get there early -- wait times for us last year was 30m+ and we arrived after the opening ceremonies / first set.

Lodging and Accomodations:
If you haven't booked a room at the Westin by now you're probably not going to get one. Best bet now is Airbnb or pick a hotel up by the Afterparty. Places to avoid: College Park, Bankhead, Anywhere South of the City. There's a ton of people in my Discord that have rented houses via Airbnb and are looking for roommates.


HRX is chock full of stuff to do, there's the main stage where the big games are played, an expo hall, food court / beer and wine, food trucks. Everything you need for the day is there.
Atlanta is a town of culture, there's SO MANY good restaurants here, and I highly advise you make it to as many of the places I list below. I'll add a brief blurb about each place. Some of the "Typical Atlanta Spots" Are really just shitty restaurants that were good 20 years ago and now ride their fame. Do not go to Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles.

These are Must-Hit places to visit while you're here. Mostly going to be Lunch / Dinner spots, and none of these are within walking distance of HRX.

-- Battle and Brew -- http://www.battleandbrew.com/ -- $$-$$$ -- 5920 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs

Now under new management, the new-and-improved Battle and Brew is 10x better than it has been in the past. They've simplified their menu, their service is improving, and the new owners are committed to making it the best gaming bar in the country. Several Atlanta gaming personalities are now running the place, and it is THE place to go after the events of the day are over. On any given night you are definitely going to find people here from HRX, and this is always a great go-to spot. They're going to be offering several promotional nights and events during HRX for HRX ticket holders, so stay tuned. Mention the code "Wraithyn" at the door, and everyone will look at you funny.
-- South City Kitchen -- http://vinings.southcitykitchen.com/ -- $$$-$$$$-- South City Kitchen, Midtown Atlanta
Best authentic Southern Food in Atlanta hands down. Pricey menu, but if you're from a different corner of the country or world and want to see what "American Southern Food" is all about -- this is your spot. Open for Dinner.
-- The Sundial (Roof of the Westin) $$$$$
If you want to spend a shitload of money but have an unforgettable dining experience 78 floors above Atlanta with a 360 degree view of the city, call ahead and head to the Sundial
-- Cafe Intermezzo (Midtown, Atlanta) $$
Best place for a late night drink. Open till 2 AM, porch seating, best damn dessert in the country.
-- Fat Matt's BBQ -- Best authentic Southern-BBQ in Atlanta (In my opinion.)
-- The Varsity -- Trash tier greasy spoon dining. Good for late night drunk food, cheap, and an Atlanta Staple.
-- Fox Bros BBQ -- On par with Fat Matt's
-- Grindhouse Burgers -- Amazing burgers, quick service, soooo good
-- The Vortex -- UNREAL burger spot, but can be tough to get a seat here sometimes. 21+ only, I think they allow smoking inside (not in the dining area) which is kinda a turn off for me, but oh well. Definitely try to grab a burger here
-- STK Midtown -- Super expensive, but some of the best steak in Atlanta
-- Kevin Rathbun Steak-- Pricey as hell as well, but this is my favorite spot in all of Atlanta
-- UMI-- Best sushi I've ever had, but get ready to break out the wallet. Also has a secret speakeasy called Himitsu that you can only get into with a 3 month reservation or a code from the host at UMI. Literally is a warehouse door with a keypad
-- Ormsbys-- West Midtown (little further out)-- Great hang out spot, good drinks, pool, boccee. I'll probably be doing my community meet-up here.
-- Miller Union -- I love this place. Amazing atmosphere, all the food comes from local organic farms, the menu changes seasonally. I take the lady here for date night on special occasions and the food is reasonably priced (drinks are a different story.) If you're a hardcore foodie I recommend this place.
-- Antico -- I'm a HUGE pizza junkie, this place is fantastic. Open seating, BYOB, and they CRANK out Pizza. Will be a bit of an uber ride but 100% worth every minute. I love this spot.
-- Sweetwater Brewery-- DAMN good beer. Get a tour, drink some local beer, and enjoy.
-- Der Biergarten-- German restaurant with lots of beer and culture that’s literally right beside GWC.

Have some free time before your favorite team plays and want to check out something distinctly Atlanta-ian? Here's just a few suggestions:
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Destiny 2, but I explain why the "Story" and world are horribly written.

Somewhat sensational title aside, I'm gonna dig into the "story" of Destiny 2 and really just beg someone to prove me wrong and explain things I may have missed. Cus all I see from the base story is plot-holes and ineptitude from all characters involved, the expansions have stories that amount to nothing but wasting your Guardian's time from... doing whatever Guardians seem to do??? And Forsaken killed off what I would consider the only actual character... for actually no reason other than to make sure you buy the DLC, as far as I can tell.
So the Base "Story"
Oh yeah, Spoilers btw, it's been a year though so fair to say it's your own fault for reading the reddit of a game you wanted to play yourself.

So, the entire "Story" of Destiny 2 starts off with the Guardians being completely inept and guarding anything, including themselves, and getting blindsided by an entire fucking army without a single warning or major defensive measure. I don't know anything about the lore or how long Guardians have been around. Hell, I don't remember anything from Destiny 1 (and I liked that game when it came! You'd think they'd come up with a fulfilling story by the second game...). Why would humanity not be ready to face an attacking armada? Why would every Guardian not be equip with gunships rather than the equivalent of a hover car? Why would the Guardian not be good at Guarding what they call "The Last City" with everything they could possibly protect it with?
So, the Warhammer 40k guys come and put a big butterfly net on the Traveler and everyone loses their Light... I guess? I... didn't know Light was more of a Wi-Fi connection to the Traveler and not a generator of energy given to people "Chosen", but sure, whatever. Gotta Metroid reset everyone somehow to validate that 60 Buck purchase aye Bungie-Activision??? Your character, who may or may not be the same Guardian you played as in D1 (not that it matters anyway now), somehow survives a massive fall without the immortality power from the Traveler and even your ghost somehow doesn't smash to pieces on impact with the floor. Boy if they can survive that, I'm sure a bullet can't break them or anything.
You escape the city, somehow the entire city isn't completely surrounded but I guess the 40ks aren't too bright... even though their whole species is about supremacy in war. I guess they expected you to die from a fall that could kill a normal human, which you were now, soooo
So you escape with your last life you have to live now. I admit, I was hype for where this was going to go. Will I have to 0 Death the campaign and earn back my light? How will multiplayer work? Weapons, armor, man this is all so exciting!
What? There's... just a shard of the Traveler, sitting here. In plain sight for the Cabal, err, 40k to see and should be able to secure as easily as they secured an entire city in one night. Not only is that shard sitting their untouched, you are the only guardian around to get Light from it? If this was there the whole time, how come it didn't maintain everyone's Light when the butterfly net went up? If it somehow shot off right before the net went on, how did the Cabal not notice nor care enough to chase it down and secure it and murder every Guardian that comes without fucking sight of the thing? Already the player character should be dead thrice over.

But, whatever, you managed to get your Light back I suppose. You are now officially a Guardian again and the concept of death and battle no longer matters to you and all that weight is gone. Unless of course it turns out all along Ghosts were easily destructible. But our's survived a plummet from an incredible height and must've hit terminal velocity but survived without smashing to pieces on impact so it should be fiiine.

Uh. You hang out with some non-Guardian humans, which I guess are a thing to care about now. I suppose the Last City had to be full of people besides immortal warriors doing the same strikes ad infinitum or killing each other for blood sport. Boy must've been really awkward in Crucible when the Light was lost... maybe don't think about it, right? The devs didn't I bet! Anyway, you do a stupid errand for some human named Hawthrone with really dumb looking tattoos on her face and that leads into being able to pick up a signal from John Titan on... Titan. This shit writes itself, holy shit.
Anyway John Titan got away and is running a makeshift operation out on Titan and wants the Guardians to keep fighting! It only they had a chance. But, hey, you have Light! Let's go share it with everyone else and get the Guardians back in working order!
You for some reason never bring up the shard and you remain the only Guardian that has Light for the rest of the story. If they explained this, you'll have to give me a god damn good explanation for why the millions of Guardians chosen by the Traveler were insufficient and undeserving of their Light after losing the fight in the Last City.

You know what, I'd probably Light-Cuck these useless fuckers as well if I was a big god-ball that bestowed immortality, only to be poorly defended and caught...

Anyway, you punt around on Titan with Lady Titan and John Titan until they give a fuck about you having Light and tell you to find Cayde, the only interesting character of the Vanguard (not just saying that cus I solely play Hunter, but I don't envy the other classes much when it comes to their Vanguard), and Girl Vanguard who's scared now. Let's get the cool robot one cus he's more interesting!

You find Cayde on a... moon or something. A Centaur. Is that an actual astrological terminology? Hold on, I'll look it up...... So apparently they're something of a mini-planet crossed between a comet and asteroid. They orbit bigger planets. So kinda like a moon, but better. Whatever, you find Cayde on some barren moon that's apparently super Vex'd up!
Oh yeah, the Vex are robots or something that transform matter into more robots. They also have time travel powers, which begs the question how have they not won everything at all times immediately. But whatever, I didn't write this crap.

Cayde got caught in a weird time-space portal loop because he didn't listen to FailSafe, the AI of a crashed ship from hella long ago that's a little crazy after being secluded for so long and watching all her crew die. Why the Vex didn't convert her like the rest of the mini-planet? I dunno. FailSafe was very quiet I guess.
You save Cayde by simply listening to FailSafe enough since she actually knows what's going on, begging the question how the hell this lovable goober Cayde is even a Vanguard, but you save the doofus and then have to fight Fallen or something, they're like bootleg Covenant Elites crossed with Covenant Jackles from Halo and they like to Surviiiive or some shit like that. They scavenge a lot. So the Fallen catch a sniff of FailSafe and come running and you fight them off and then leave Cayde and FailSafe to die while you go find Boring Female Vanguard.

Remember, none of these guys have powers anymore, so the Guardians gathered on Titan are just humans with guns against teleporting ether aliens and knock-off Flood aliens that can apparently rip the Light out of you no problem according to one Strike. The Hive can just kill you forever no problem. How have the Hive not also immediately won against Humanity?

Whatever. All the races are fucking dumb and bad at what they do yet equally dangerous to each other for some god-forsaken reason. Haha, Forsaken. Can't wait to get to that stupidity.

So you go to Io, which is apparently the last place the Traveler touched before Earth. Why did it come here? That's what Ikora came to find out. Spoilers, it's not important so she never does! Guess what Ikora's been doing while John Titan is at least trying to keep fighting, and Cayde is at least trying to come up with a plan of attack? AB-SO-FUCKING-NOTHING but feeling sad and sorry for herself. Why is she a Vanguard if she wasn't prepared to have the weight of the worst possible outcomes on her shoulders.

Anyway you find out that the Cabal's plan might be to simply steal the Light from the Traveler. There were like, cutscenes inbetween the story so far of King 40k talking with the priest guy from the first game and just getting owned by the Speaker every chance he could verbally punt the fucker. King 40k wanted to earn the Light like everything else in his life (I respect that) but the Speaker's like "Yo, check it. The Traveler only picks those who died and were good. So how about you do some good and kys" and I immediately love the Speaker more than anything he could've done in Destiny 1 standing around and oh look he dies in the end by... kinda falling down a few feet. He just drops dead. I guess he was strung up and starved all this time, but like. I actually ended up liking him and he just dies in the end. Hopefully that doesn't happen to another character with personality.

Where was I... oh yeah. The Cabal's big plan is they're going to succ the Light and use it like that. Also the Reused Assets "race" is here now. They like sloppy seconds Light and their main interests are not being creatively interesting, and trying to be spooky. The Taken are fucking dumb. Ikora finally wants to help now cus stealing Light insulted her respect of the Traveler or something. Not like... you lost all your Light when they sealed it away or anything...
Like, I wanna be edgy and make a "Women, am I right?" joke, but it's so badly written that it would as equally dumb for a male character to have acted like this. It's just bad, bland and boring, and yet she comes off like she suddenly has the upper hand and can fight back with everyone else when she did basically fucking nothing all this time. At least John Titan was trying!
So like, I forgot but at some point we found out King 40k has the Star Destroyer from Star Wars but way worse, and he's in the process of blowing up our sun becaaaauuuusee.....???? I think the characters even remark on this. They got the Traveler, they figured out a way to bootleg Light. Now they're going to blow up the sun and throw everything away for nothing I guess.
So the Vanguard come back together and honestly the only interesting part of this talking cutscene was Cayde had a chicken friend. Main character, Chosen One of the Traveler's poop shard and only person with Light in the fucking Universe, is going to blow up the Star Destroyer on a solo mission while all the Light-less Guardians easily prepare for a sneak attack on an alien race designed after strict military rule wow this is fucking stupid. Military Alien Race > Immortal Human Army, but Mortal Normy Humans > Military Alien Race??? Sure, whatever.
You turn off the gun that was going to shoot the sun in the only mission that had an interesting moment, the part where you run across the outside and have to avoid being burned alive, and head back to sneak attack with everyone in the city. Nevermind that... the few minutes it took you to fight through the big gun station should've been enough to give King 40k a big enough "wtf" moment to be ready for a sneak attack but whatever. Not like they're the first and only to catch the Guardians off guard and actually beat them or anything! Nah, they don;t know what a sneak attack is. What? A shard of the Traveler with it's Light? Can't possibly be worth securing, protecting, and capturing like the main Traveler.

God this story is so fucking bad.

Uh. You save the day or whatever. Who cares at this point. There was a stupid fucking scene where John Titan tries to fist-i-cuffs an alien twice his size rather than use the gun on his back and he nearly dies like a fucking idiot. and then later you see him get fucking stabbed something good but don't worry, Cayde is the only one with actual injuries because he's a robot so he can be fixed. Take the teleporter and save the day Guardian Sue!
You find King 40k, he's using stolen Light, which we've been told is something you can't do but he did it so shure, what was the point of trying and failing to make Light for other Guardians in that one side-quest with Asher Mir only to be told that's not how Light works...
You kill King 40k but cutscene, he's immortal now! or something! He like, becomes Light I guess. Don't worry about it, the Traveler finally got bored and just broken out of the big net it was in all this time by itself and kills 40k with REAL LIGHT and you're suddenly wondering why it couldn't do that in the first place you fucking useless piece of shit orb.

tl;dr The Guardians are militarily inept and run by morons. They couldn't see an entire armada coming to attack them from miles away, lose their Immortality and space magic, scatter and barely do anything on their own until the chosen one finds a deus ex machina and fills up on Light, but only he can have Light now, and saves the day for everyone too stupid to do it themselves unless someone with Light inspires them to do it. Also how has Humanity not lost already if it was this easy for this whole Red War to happen.

Fuck me, I had more to rant about than I thought I did on the base story alone. Don't worry tho, they thought they could write more!

DLC 1: Curse of Nothing Happening

So Osiris is this Guardian that basically lives in this place called the Infinite Forest, a Vex simulated world that the Vex use to run test simulations of all the other races but Humanity because they can't simulate Light or something like that. Also the Vex can move in the frozen-time HOW HAS THE VEX NOT WON ALREADY, THEY TIME TRAVEL AND BASICALLY KNOW EVERY TACTIC THEIR ENEMIES CAN EXECUTE BESIDES HUMANITY AND EVEN THEN, THE CABAL BEAT THEM SUPER EASILY, THE VEX SHOULD JUST STEAMROLL. Whatever.

You come to Mercury, which is the shittiest patrol area ever, and find out Osiris is still alive in the simulation! How did he survive during the Red War? Don't think about it, the devs didn't! You putz around in the Infinite Forest looking for him, and then you find him, and you learned that the Vex could've won everything ever in existence at this point but seemingly just chooses not to. That's it. That's the DLC you payed for.

DLC 2: Anna Bray for Hunter Vanguard
So, on Mars, there's this thing called a Warmind that I think humans built? They're like god military AI from before Guardians were a thing and Anna Bray, a Guardian, used to be a human working on this specific Warmind called Rasputin. So she apparently breaks some rules by digging for her past and tries her best to re-learn how Warminds work so the Guardians can use them again to maybe not get fucking owned by Warhammer 40k ripoffs again. Also Ice Hive.

Uhh. Nothing happens again, but Anna Bray is a million times more interesting than Osiris and is actually trying to contribute to the Guardians' efforts of actually, y'know, Guarding humanity and shit? Also you kill a Hive God. Which is actually incredibly helpful when you think about it. I think. It didn't seem to actually affect the Hive at all. So, whatever. At least I have a new, cool, rule-breaking Hunter I can hope to replace Cayde when he fucking dies.

DLC 3: Cayde dies for no reason and Uldrin did nothing wrong

So, first off, Cayde died because Bungie needed to make sure you cared about buying this DLC. Cus he sure didn't die for a good reason! And neither did Uldrin! Let me explain why the Prison of Elders is anything but a Prison.

So, what do you think is the first thing you do when you get a prisoner? I'm sure you've seen prison movies, maybe you watched an LP of A Way Out. What's the first thing they do? Removes all your items and weapons and safely secure you. The Prison of Elders? Eh, just put them in cryo with all their weapons and gear. That won't bite us in the ass later.
So it completely bites them in the ass and Cayde and Petra who I guess was important in Destiny 1 or something, and you, have to stop a prison break at the Prison of Elders and specifically stop Uldrin from escaping I didn't play any of the DLC for Destiny 1, I don't even remember it having a god damn story mode, so whatever reason he's frozen here as well it's probably just as stupid they didn't disarm him.

Cayde is really charming and stupid and again, as much as I love him, begs the question how the hell he's respected and chosen as the Hunter Vanguard. He rides himself cowboy into the worst possible situation and has a cool fight scene and then the game decides to ignore how the game actually works in favor of manufacturing an excuse to kill Cayde.

I'm sure you know this because you play Destiny2, or the original, or even Halo. It's understood that Guardians have some sort of barrier of Light that shields them before actual damage to the body kicks in, and both physical health and shield health regenerate overtime on their own right? Yeah, uh, actually? You were taking out your Ghost every single time you auto-healed and not just regenerating via your inbedded Light. Also it's as easy as shooting a Ghost to rob a Guardian of immortality. Remember when our's fell from the sky and somehow didn't break? and we also fell from that same height and didn't break every bone and die instantly? It turns out if King 40k just... shot your Ghost then and there, you would never have saved the day for everyone and the solar system would be destroyed by now.

Hey, how come when you're downed and your Ghost is floating their alone wating for a Rez, why doesn't your ghost just die instantly when being shot at while you're down and you lose your character forever? Oh, right, that'd be fucking dumb.

So anyway, Cayde loses his Ghost in the dumbest possible way that contradicts how the actions in the game portray these mechanics, and even if this is how it always worked, there's no reason for Cayde, an experienced Hunter and Vanguard at that, would take out his Ghost for a heal in view of everyone with a fucking gun and let his ghost get shot like that. If he's this dumb, how did he survive without Light for more than an hour and how the hell did he ever become a Vanguard!?

So anyway Cayde get's punk'd in the stupidest way possible and Uldrin comes and shoots him with his own gun and takes his Barons (oh btw there's a new faction, they're undead Fallen who use different weapons and tactics but basically function no more uniquely than the other factions in the game sans the Barons) and fffffucks off! Everyone is sad Cayde dies, but John Titan insists they have to protect the Last City... meanwhile Guardians spend their days killing each other for sport or doing the same missions over and over again, But sure Zavala keep lying to yourself and pretending you actually Guard anything. Jesus christ, I'm almost convinced a Call of Duty game could be written better. Anyway, you go and like, take revenge all on your own against the wishes of your Vanguard. Well, not mine, mine was killed, I as a Hunter had every right, but Titans and Warlocks should've been punished. Then again, technically, everyone is the fucking jesus of the Guardians and saved the world because MMO stories can't be about more than one important player character but whatever, that's a systemic problem not a problem with this game specifically, and you're allowed to get away with ditching your responsibility of killing your friends in the Crucible repeatedly to go kill the person who killed your dear friend Interest Bait- I MEAN Cayde.
Uh, you meet a Fallen that's neutral and he helps you find the barons and they all seems to be unique and these missions were actually kinda fun, sorta, but you kill them all no problem or whatever. All this time you as the player see cutscenes of Uldrin experiencing Illusions of his dead Sister and being drawn into doing certain things like... going to the Shard from the main story, the one that gave you back your Light? and just shooting it. You can just walk up to it and shoot it. How did the Cabal not find this thing again???? He gets a Light rock and takes it with him. I am officially out of fucks to give.
You catch up to Uldrin right after he summons some kind of even monster that is that laziest excuse for a boss, it's just a fleshy servitor, i kinda want my money back bungie, this shit is stupid. You kill is as easily as the Public Event servitor in the EDZ and then you finally get revenge on Uldrin! Yaaaay.

So you know how Uldrin was being tricked by the illusion of his dead sister into all these horrible acts? That basically Cayde died because Uldrin has being manipulated by someone he thought was long gone? Turn's out the Queen is alive and just chilling in a private throne world and Uldrin died for as little of a reason as Cayde did. We payed 40 bucks for this emmy award winning trainwreck of cause and effect.

tl;dr Bungie pulled an excuse out of their ass and contradict gameplay basics to kill Cayde, on top of making the circumstance he died because the prison they were in didn't take people's weapons away like fucking morons, and Uldrin did nothing wrong and died for no reason because his sister is a tool.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR DESTINY 3 fuck Activision Bungie.
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Dr. Harper: Talon's Envious Psychopath

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Izumi3682 Archives

Gene therapy treatment for blood disease approved in Europe by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 3 months ago
Why is the guy's skin in the picture green like that? I think that communicates the wrong impression, like you start to turn into "the Hulk" too or you have to get stem cells from "the Hulk" or something. I mean he is not full "Hulk" yet, but he definitely looks like he is starting to turn into him for sure. Like maybe it is a side effect.
I find it interesting and a bit unsettling how China (PRC) was the first to attempt this form of CRISPR-Cas9 treatment. As a direct result of the world wide knowledge of what China was doing, a universal moratorium http://www.crisprupdate.com/scientists-seek-moratorium-on-edits-to-human-genome-that-could-be-inherited/ was instituted to keep that kind of experimentation from proceeding. In a word the West was "alarmed".
Now I see what is happening and it makes perfect sense to me. You keep up with China, or you get "disrupted".
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Where is Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Headed? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 3 months ago
That's right by golly!
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CRISPR-Cas9 Improved 10,000-Fold by Synthetic Nucleotides by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 3 months ago
I thought CRISPR-Cas9 was already right specific. Can someone ELI5 how a ten thousand fold improvement in specificity will enable us to defeat all congenital conditions. And probably all pathologies too I suppose.
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Double beds and urinals at 35,000 feet – introducing the aircraft interiors of the future by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 3 months ago
Interesting. I wonder which it is going to be now. Rockets that get us anywhere on Earth in like 30 minutes or luxury 16 hour totally VR enabled flights for coach passengers.
Vision of rockets for Earth travel:
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AI must be 'for common good' by Benjaminsen in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 1 point 3 months ago
I think you are thinking too locally and limitedly as well. Pull back your view.
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Will technology ever allow people to experience specific mental fantasies via virtual reality? by infin8ty in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 2 points 3 months ago
Consider the Wright Brother's "aeroplane". Then think of today's modern aircraft. The VR we have right now is a Wright craft. VR and our minds will surely join.
Try the "red pill" ;)
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NIST's new quantum method generates really random numbers by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 3 months ago
Is this a step closer to a quantum computer being capable of more general purpose computing? For example in 1945 we used binary computers for extremely limited applications. The only application I am aware of from 1945 was using binary computers to calculate artillery trajectories. Is something like that analogous to "optimization"?
Getting from calculating artillery trajectories to doing everything we do today was not a one year process. Tons of insights, innovations and discoveries accompanied that. I remember making Christmas wreaths out of old punchcards when I was a Cub Scout. Then we would get to spray paint them gold or green. The effect was fairly impressive. Somebody got a ton of them from somewhere. But can we extrapolate that kind of progress (at a potentially much faster rate) with the implementation of quantum computers?
Is it likely that humans will learn how to use quantum computers in the same manner that we use binary computers today? Perhaps quantum computers will simply "transcend" (replace) binary computers? Or will we forever be hobbled by having to use binary computers with quantum computers as some kind of piggyback enhancement. Or will they forever stay two separate tracks. Granted, an "exa-scale" supercomputer or whatever comes after an "exa" computer would be pretty insane in it's own right I imagine.
I need to know all this and how ballpark soon, because it is important to my ascension to the realm of umm... "Dark Overlord of the Universe". (Yes, I got that from "Howard the Duck", but honestly, the intent is still accurately described.) What. We all have our own personal aspirations I'm sure. Now you know mine.
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Peptide-based biogenic dental product may cure cavities by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 5 points 3 months ago
Important takeaway:
The peptide-enabled technology allows the deposition of 10 to 50 micrometers of new enamel on the teeth after each use. Once fully developed, the technology can be used in both private and public health settings, in biomimetic toothpaste, gels, solutions and composites as a safe alternative to existing dental procedures and treatments.
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Will Self-Driving Cars End The Big Automakers? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 3 months ago
That's a generational attitude. In 1898 very few humans trusted the internal combustion engine over the reliable and easily controlled horse. But by 1908 horses were already beginning to disappear. By 1922 horses were very rare on New York City thoroughfares. Progress marches on.
You don't trust SDVs, but a child of say, age 2, that grows up in today's world will never have known a world without SDVs, AI, VR, and human robots walking around like it's no big deal.
For me at age 57, it is super important for me to keep my optimistic and somewhat irrationally exuberant outlook. I will fully trust level 5 autonomy SDVs when they do arrive in the next year or so.
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Will Self-Driving Cars End The Big Automakers? by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I think level 5 autonomy SDVs will end a business model that is over 100 years in existence. Namely personal ownership. I'm positive that once humans see how awesome it is to get a car within a few minutes of calling for one, they will never look back. No car insurance, no maintenance. You can't keep your stuff in the car, but you would have no desire to. Nor personalize. Private ownership will continue for a good while I'm sure, but humans will change to this new way very quickly I bet. Like in less than 10 years, easy.
I'm not sure how all the infrastructure will work with this, like keeping the car smelling nice and not be all gross and whatnot.
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Your fancy new car steers and brakes for you; so why keep your hands on the wheel? by izumi3682 in Futurology

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The concept is a simple one. Any vehicle from 0 to 4 autonomy requires a fully licensed driver who should at all times keep their hands on the wheel and feet close to the brakes or accelerator. A level 4 autonomy SDV is in my opinion, far more dangerous than a human driving a normal unenhanced car. The reason is that human will be asleep or too deeply engrossed to take over when the car senses imminent danger when the human must take over in seconds or less...
When you get into a level 5 autonomy SDV, you will see no steering wheel, brake or accelerator. You do not have to be a fully licensed driver to use a level 5 autonomy SDV.
The question is, are level 5 autonomy vehicles going to be released in the next year or two? If not, then we keep on with learning to drive, licensing and behaving as if you are the fully manual driver, despite the fact that you are falling asleep or tempted to watch a movie. You are responsible for what happens still.
I will trust a level 5 autonomy vehicle 100%. I will trust level 4 autonomy and below 100% only if the human driver is 100% in control at all times.
The most recent figure I have for human caused MVA deaths (in the USA) is 32,000 for the year 2016. Will we see the figure begin to decline in 2018? Will a level 2-4 autonomy vehicle modify these figures?
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Proscia is Fighting Cancer with Artificial Intelligence by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Ultimately, though, Proscia is about more than placating scientists about robots taking their salaries. It’s about saving lives.
TL;DR Proscia is replacing technologists, scientists, even pathologists with narrow AI and automation.
Me: Why is anybody even surprised anymore? This is what narrow AI is really good at. AI never has a 'bad day".
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Atlantic Circulation Weakening: No, We’re Not All Gonna Die (I Mean, Not Because Of This)[sic] by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I bet the UK gets a lot colder though. Isn't London close to the same latitude of Moscow? And I know it gets right cold in Moscow. Doesn't the Gulf Stream keep the UK pretty mild?
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NIST's new quantum method generates real random numbers by [deleted] in Futurology

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Is this a step closer to a quantum computer being capable of more general purpose computing? For example in 1945 we used binary computers for extremely limited applications. The only application I am aware of from 1945 was using binary computers to calculate artillery trajectories. Is something like that analogous to "optimization"?
Getting from calculating artillery trajectories to doing everything we do today was not a one year process. Tons of insights, innovations and discoveries accompanied that. I remember making Christmas wreaths out of old punchcards when I was a Cub Scout. Then we would get to spray paint them gold or green. The effect was fairly impressive. Somebody got a ton of them from somewhere. But can we extrapolate that kind of progress (at a potentially much faster rate) with the implementation of quantum computers?
Is it likely that humans will learn how to use quantum computers in the same manner that we use binary computers today? Perhaps quantum computers will simply "transcend" (replace) binary computers? Or will we forever be hobbled by having to use binary computers with quantum computers as some kind of piggyback enhancement. Or will they forever stay two tracks. Granted, an "exa-scale" supercomputer or whatever comes after an "exa" computer would be pretty insane in it's own right I imagine.
I need to know all this and how ballpark soon, because it is important to my ascension to the realm of umm... "Dark Overlord of the Universe". (Yes, I got that from "Howard the Duck", but honestly, the intent is still accurately described.) What. We all have our own personal aspirations I'm sure. Now you know mine.
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A virtual reality hand feels real after a zap to your brain by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Well one of the things I say is that we will inevitably leave biology behind to get the VR worlds we want. So that idea is not so far fetched as you may think.
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Revolut CTO Reveals Why Cash Will Disappear Sooner Than You Think by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Yes, I have often stated that the only way that UBI would ever truly work would be if I was the only one getting it. It would be such a tiny little tax on each human (apart from me) that people would scarce notice. I mean, don't tell anybody, they might get mad at me.
But if you start giving everybody UBI it would probably water it down so much that it would no longer be so helpful. (For me I mean.)
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A virtual reality hand feels real after a zap to your brain by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Unfortunately it is going to take a lot of creative zapping of the human brain to bring taste and smell into VR worlds. Silly analogs like mouth pieces and packaged scents like banana are just not going to work.
Speaking of smell, let me relate something. I work in a outlying medical clinic. Every once in a while we get a patient that has a bad odor around them. Not BO so much as a horrible unwashed stench. One human can easily stink up a significant portion of the building. So I got to thinking--if we have VR zombies with VR zombie smell--I promise you, you will never be taken by surprise by a zombie like in "The Walking Dead". You will smell one coming a thousand feet away and if its a bunch of them? The odor would be overwhelming long before they came into view.
Anyway I'm just sayin'.
Now how on Earth we are going to make interfaces that allow us to experience "deepdive" VR or what VR derives into, I don't have a clue. But humans being humans we are going to do our darndest to see if we can recreate like "The Matrix". But even better. It will be our minds interfacing while we sit in a chair, like a lucid dream you can consciously control or something. Think "Black Mirror" 'USS Calister', but without the slave minds hopefully.
And the darndest thing is? We will succeed. And within 100 years easily.
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Revolut CTO Reveals Why Cash Will Disappear Sooner Than You Think by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Cashless is not the answer. The answer is having a society where a medium of exchange is no longer necessary because pretty much everything is valueless and available to everyone for free. The concept of financial poverty should cease to have meaning. Pretty soon we will have the technology to do this, but it is hard to change a 6,000 year old habit. I may sound pie-in-the-sky unrealistic, but this is what much smarter humans than me are advocating, like Peter Diamandis.
Here is something that due to technology is going to lose value quickly.
I also suspect that vehicles will not for much longer be owned, but will be part of low price yearly subscription. The 99% will vote with their shrinking bank accounts. Sure this generation will resist, but children who are 2 years old today will embrace it as a natural thing. And laugh about the way we used to think. And how we would manually drive! OMG! :O
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How Will Merging Minds and Machines Change Our Conscious Experience? by izumi3682 in Futurology

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That is not something we can imagine, little less comprehend in the year 2018. The reason the "technological singularity" is called a "singularity" is because just like our current understanding of physics breaks down and we can't model what happens within the singularity of a black hole, so too our understanding of what we would experience after the technological singularity is just as impossible to model.
We hope for the singularity to be as "human friendly" as possible. And I think we are now taking some steps in the right direction with developments like "NeuroLink" and methods of keeping the AI narrow, but joining it to our very minds in some kind of way. We would not, of course, be the same creatures after that in any event.
But the bottom line is this. The AI, in whatever form is not only an unstoppable juggernaut, but it is in effect becoming exponentially more powerful about every six months. And we can't put the cat back in the bag, even if we wanted to. We don't want to. Our science, technology and even economy is now too inextricably tied to the accelerating development of AI. Now I think it has come down to a race against time to get it right. 5 to 10 years.
Boy, talk about a filter...
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In Uber's Vision of the Future, Every Form of Transport Is Fair Game by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Despite the recent tragedy in Arizona, Uber is not going away. They are deeply involved in the development of AI intrinsic to SDVs. I also admire their efforts to develop a sort of post-scarcity style subscription service that is low priced and highly dependable. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that any human that needs a ride somewhere can get one. Safely, effectively and most importantly for the vast majority of the 99%--cheaply.
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Here's the AI documentary Elon Musk thinks is essential viewing by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Your link is gone now. At least for USA. But you are right. The sound does cut in and out on my link. Reminds me of my old "copy-guard" 1980's.
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Here's the AI documentary Elon Musk thinks is essential viewing by izumi3682 in Futurology

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We have zero choice.
Either the AI remains external from us and becomes something very much akin to AGI, if not straight up AGI, not to mention the very real possibility of EI (emergent intelligence). This would quickly (within seconds) cause homo sapiens to be the secondary sentience on Earth. And by quite a wide margin to boot. Think humans vs. "archaea". It is a total 50/50 proposition if that would be heaven or hell. I wouldn't want to take the chance. What is terrifying to ponder is that this outcome is more than likely a natural phenomenon in the universe with any biology that can reach tool making sentience. We are simply in the "larval" stage of intelligence right now. This despite all of our Einstein and Hitler and Boyle's Law and the pyramids of Egypt and screamingly funny cat videos and The Beatles and climate change and 1970's television and the American Civil War or the English Civil War for that matter. It will all vanish in the new AI as if it never existed. After all do we care that much about the history and culture of "archaea"? Same difference.
The only realistic choice is that we continue to develop means for the human mind to gain access to what we hope remains narrow AI. I see that we are working to develop the so-called "NeuroLink" and that is a good step in the right direction. Every single human mind would have access not only to the sum total of human knowledge, but the ability to continuously gain information at a rate that is fully beyond our capacity in the year 2018 to fathom, little less understand. The outcome will be a human/AI sentience that may likely be something we would not recognize in any event. Still a "butterfly" from the larva. But at least humans would still be the primary sentience on Earth. Hopefully the AI still does not manage to control us. Nevertheless this option is still the only realistic one we have now.
I stated something that is based on what exactly is going on here earlier. Raymond Kurzweil is the proponent. I would say the chances are 90% that most humans do not understand what Raymond Kurzweil is proposing. Anyway here is the comment I made a while back if you are interested.
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Here's the AI documentary Elon Musk thinks is essential viewing by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I just watched this. It's absolutely superb. No futurist should miss this. I paid to permanently own the streaming video. You can also rent it, but i chose to own so i can show everyone. I am izumi3682. I'm the one that posted this link. I posted it before even watching the video, but when it said that Elon Musk--who also appears in it, was impressed, that impressed me too. This video is the honest and real deal right up to "Cambridge Analytica" today.
TL;DR : In as little as 5 years, but definitely not more than 10 years the AI will take over unless it is a part of us. The AI scientists in the video explain why this will be.
Maybe somebody can hack it and it will be on YouTube for free or something. I just consider myself an "early adopter" in that case. It should be on YouTube for free.
Oh well what do you know. I found a Russian hack on YouTube! I can't guarantee quality, but here it is. The video has been on YouTube for 5 days now. It may get removed, so see it quick! It is one hour and 18 minutes long. You won't be bored.
I just checked the YouTube video, the quality appears to be near perfect with 1080p rez and excellent sound on my pc anyways. I was stupid to spend 5.99, but that is ok. I just want to get the information out there.
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Leaked Tesla Image Reveals Full Self-Driving User Interface by izumi3682 in Futurology

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This is the part I ate up! ;)
Musk told investors during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call in February that the artificial intelligence will work like other (AI) system(s) in that it will improve exponentially. Claiming that he’s “pretty excited about how much progress we’re making on the neural net front,” he said progress will “feel like, ‘well this is a lame driver, lame driver, well actually this is a pretty good driver, like holy cow this driver’s good.’”
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Supercomputer models cloud microphysics by izumi3682 in Futurology

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When I come across articles like this. Articles that are about simulating this or that. Then I read other articles describing how incredible worlds that are rendered by Nvidia or Unreal Engine 4 are already.
I tend to extrapolate.
So in like about 50 years just think how those two technologies will have advanced. And then put something like VR with that. Today the VR is primitive, but I bet it will not be so primitive in 50 years.
I look at that simple videogame called "No Man's Sky". It actually was released about 2 years ago I think. The thing about that game is that it uses a surprisingly few laws of physics to procedurally generate a stupendous number of "visitable" worlds. The few laws of physics are so that things make sense. It probably does not even qualify as a proper simulation. I don't know how many worlds you can actually have in existence at one time, but in 50 years we will have the computing power and AI, probably AGI, to render something akin to a visitable galaxy. And then a full visitable universe in 100 or 200 more years. If we still care about that kind of thing I mean. God knows what the mixing of AI and the human mind will ultimately lead to.
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[Table] IamA Native American woman on a full ride scholarship to become an attorney for my tribe; AMA!

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Date: 2013-11-29
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Questions Answers
I spent a bit of time amongst the natives in British Columbia. I quickly discovered most Canadians are quite upset with all of the things the native peoples receive from the government and how much of it seems to go to waste. I've seen firsthand many problems with alcoholism and other problems. My question is, how do you think these problems can be overcome? Does the government have a role in fixing First Nations problems? Our tribe doesn't receive any money or resources from the government unless there's a settlement on something. All of our money comes from the casino and other enterprises; however, tribal members get per capitas and have access to many resources from that money. And sometimes, people take advantage in all the wrong ways.
I don't know quite how the problems could be overcome because I've experienced first hand that an addict will not get better unless he/she wants to. No amount of consequences are going to change that. However, I think resources should be limited to those who are going to use them right. I've advocated for drug tests before access to scholarships/emergency funds/etc. on our reservation but it's a tough rule to implement. You can't just go around drug testing people and those tests cost somewhere around $35 each where I live.
I don't think the government has a role unless they are actively providing for that tribe (if that's what they do in Canada... I'm unsure). My tribe is sovereign so it's up to us to overcome it. And believe me when I say we are trying. It's hard though... people will do what they want to do.
What instance(s) drove you to make this decision? You seem very dedicated to your tribe - was the decision more for you or for them? Originally, I wanted to be a doctor but I wasn't cut out for it. I started studying philosophy and changed to be pre-law. My dad (who is full Native) pushed me to intern at our attorney's office and I found that it was really eye opening. They had me travel to look at another tribe's court system and help our court expand; they even involved me in business decisions. I didn't really know that we still had to fight for some rights before I worked there.
But also, as of now there are no tribal attorneys in the office. I think it's important to have our people in those kind of positions.
Edit: to answer - for both. It helps me secure my future as well as be a part of helping my tribe move forward.
Could you elaborate on still fighting for rights? It isn't something you hear about often (unless you live in OK like me). We mostly deal with fishing and hunting rights on our tribe.
Also, in WA State last year they implemented a new law where alcohol could be sold in grocery stores but this made the taxes go up to like 24% or something. And the government was trying to tax our smoke shop that amount. But taxes are different on the reservation because we are a sovereign nation so they had a court case on that.
Also also, we received a settlement last Summer for water rights... I wasn't involved though so I don't know what it was about.
I'm Metis and I wonder if you face extreme/minor biggotry/racism still? I think the most bigot/racist things I encounter these days are "haha you guys have a casino" or the "how - I can speak Native" people. Most often people are just curious what a reservation is.
My second question is what kind of law are you going to study to help or be employed by your tribe? If I go to school back home I'll be studying Indian Law. If I can get into the school that offers that program at least... Our attorney's mostly deal with business and treaty rights so hopefully I can get a grasp on those.
My third Do you ever go up north in Canada to go see how the natives up there are doing ? There's an anthropologist who has helped our tribe a lot. She's about 90yrs old. Last Summer I went with her on a trip to Canada (to help her get home safely). Myself and the other intern did a little walking around and visited the museums and stores. But other than that I haven't visited the First Nations' people; it would be awesome to dedicate a trip to that someday.
Keep me as a contact then Im in Ottawa me and the wife are both Metis and we have 4 Res' in our area you are going to be shocked to see how poorly they treat us and how shitty the land they took and gave back is. :/ will do; I know the government sometimes still fights tribes and some can't fight back. We fight back and often win. We live under two treaties and are really involved in making sure we get those rights. But I know our tribe is lucky to have received good land and 20 years ago wasn't doing so well.
What college did you go to? I'm at Johns Hopkins currently. And I hope to go to UW law school.
"how" Poached. If you're not familiar with the joke, and you have a sense of humor, I'd be happy to tell it. It has something to do with when settlers spoke to Natives they always asked how or something right?
Idk if your aware but Dartmouth college (which is an ivy league) was established to help native Americans in terms of education, and often give them special privileges, so if u cant get into your other choice,Dartmouth might be a great option for you. Wow, thanks! I'll certainly put them on my list.
How do natives want to live? Alcoholism is common. I think there's many factors to it. I mentioned in another question how Natives commonly have more ADHs than other races which means we process alcohol quicker (don't throw up and rarely hangovers). But also, some people grow up in very tough households and turn to self medication. My father was severely abused as a child and is a Vietnam War Vet - he's an alcoholic.
Is there a desire/fantasy to return to a nomadic life? I don't think that there's a desire to return to nomadic life. I think people want to hold true to their heritage but also adapt to modern life. We fish/hunt/gather but also buy grocery store food. We have powwows as well but our tribe only holds three a year. Some people travel to other tribes to participate but I don't.
Sweet jesus, he never had a fair chance. Hmm there's a shaker church (kinda like Quaker but not if I remember correctly) and a Pentecostal church on our tribe (my aunt owns it). I think there are less people involved in the Shaker church than there used to be but funerals are still held there. My parents were never very religious and I used to go to the Pentecostal as a kid but by choice and without my parents. There's no pressure to go I think in many of the households.
What about religion? What is popular amongst your tribe? All in all though we are pretty spiritual. Don't drop an eagle feather (and have it blessed if you do), don't go to the cemetery after certain hrs... stuff like that.
Is it possible to "join" your nation ? like becoming a US citizen ? You have to have a certain amount of blood quantum in order to be enrolled. I think there are rare cases where someone is "adopted" in but I don't think they have access to all of the resources.
How do you feel about it ? They recently lowered the blood quantum. I don't see it as anything negative. If someone has whatever amount is applicable, they should be able to enroll and have access to the resources we have. Some people think it's bad though; they think it will lead to people taking advantage of it. But there aren't a lot of cases where someone finds out they have Muckleshoot blood in them... so I don't think it's so bad.
Crushing my dreams of becoming a badass indian chief, one post at a time :o. We'll make our own tribe... with blackjack and whores?
I've very recently started getting interested in the law, mostly due to the Illustrated Guide to the Law. What would you recommend as a first read about the intersection between federal and tribal (or Muckleshoot specifically) law? Woah that's an awesome link. I've bookmarked it.
I hate to say I haven't done a lot of reading of public material. Most of what I've read on our legal system is from our attorney's office. However, here is an overview of our tribe and it has some of the court cases (specifically US v WA) that reflects my tribe.
What do you think keeps many Native Americans from using their resources afforded by government for free education? I recall seeing another ama where a member of a (perhaps Canadian?) tribe cited the view from other tribe members that going to a white man's college was selling out their tribe's way of life. Is that a common viewpoint? I don't think anyone feels like that from my reservation. We have a Tribal College but it's more like a community college and the people that attend it are mostly the older generation that missed out on going to college when they were younger. The government doesn't give us (me) the resources though; my tribe does. I know there are government scholarships but they aren't for everyone if I understand correctly. I think people are just afraid sometimes too. I'm across the country right now and it has been very hard. We grow up in a small community where everyone knows everyone. I'm the first in my family to go to college.
What is life like in reservations? Do you have the same luxuries as the rest of America (internet, television, running water, electricity, etc.)? On my reservation we do. Many of our people live in poverty but I believe it to be by choice. Our tribe has many resources - emergency funds for members, food bank, scholarship, jobs, etc. So many people don't feel a need to work... But there's also those of us that are helping to expand our tribe. We have a casino, smoke shop, market and deli, government system, amphitheater, lodge and spa etc. And it keeps a lot of our people employed.
I know our tribe is doing fairly well in these terms but there are others that got land in deserts that aren't so lucky...
What do you think about the redskins name change debate? I agree that the name is offensive but I hadn't thought much about it until it became a big problem. I acknowledged before all this but it was more of a "hmm that's offensive" and moved on.
Do you feel like progress for those in your tribe to become wealthier and healthier individuals is prevented by the traditional values/rules your tribe holds? I don't think our tribe is held back by traditional values but I know that some tribes are. We are a fairly progressive tribe. We still have our culture but we also participate in modern culture. Our tribe really encourages tribal members to get out and go to college somewhere off the rez. They want everyone to get their education and choose what to do with their lives whether it be on the tribe or off.
How do you feel about assimilation? I think we've lost a lot of our culture. Way back when, when the Europeans forced the Native children to go to boarding school and speak only English a lot of languages were lost, a lot of traditions were lost. I don't know if it was for the better. I can't say that I don't appreciate where my tribe is now. We are fairly wealthy; we are huge contributors to charity and all of our members have access to resources... but our language is nearly dead. And I don't dance at powwows though I've always wished I did. I think it'd be nice to have more of our culture so long as it doesn't hold us back. (but then again, who decides what held back is?)
If you don't mind me asking...was alcoholism a problem on your reservation? It is :( My dad's an alcoholic.
I've heard that on many of the reservations alcohol has been, and continues to be, a large problem. I did a research paper on alcoholism in high school. Native Americans have the most alcohol dehydrogenases of any race. Which means our bodies process alcohol really well. So... I don't suffer the negative side effects of drinking. I rarely get hangovers. So people are more likely to drink because they don't feel the negative effects. Not that that's an excuse... just some insight.
What's your opinion on the idle no more movement? Has it played any role in your choice of career path? No treaty rights should be infringed upon. The government has a horrid past of giving land/rights to the indigenous people and taking it back. We have a phrase called "Indian giver." It's always been kinda tossed around growing up. Like if I gave my sister a toy then took it back she'd call me an Indian Giver. I never understood it as a kid lol. But I do now. Anyway, any government that makes a treaty and gives rights to a tribe shouldn't infringe upon those. From my understanding that's what Idle No More is about. I don't follow the movement but I understand it. I think I have the same thought process going into my career; I hope to keep our rights as well as help my tribe progress.
I'm only asking this because you brought it up in an earlier post, is "how" an actual greeting in any native language, as far as you know. It just seems like a Hollywood cliche. As far as I know, "how" is not an actual greeting. In our language, "hoyt" is goodbye. I don't know hello and I'm pretty sure the spelling I used for the previous is not correct; it's just the sound it makes in English.
Indian Giver is an insult towards North American Indians. So I've learned... interesting.
Maybe marry in? danileigh? Have a kid that's a member? Of course if you marry and have children they could be enrolled (as long as they meet the quantum for whatever tribe). My children will be enrolled but I'm unsure if there children will be. Marrying would make you a part of the community but wouldn't allow you to enroll yourself.
I've heard about the rampant alcoholism present in the reservations, have you seen any of it first hand? How bad is it? Are there any programs in place to help? This is my answer on the same question:
> It is :( My dad's an alcoholic.
> I did a research paper on alcoholism in high school. Native Americans have the most alcohol dehydrogenases of any race. Which means our bodies process alcohol really well. So... I don't suffer the negative side effects of drinking. I rarely get hangovers. So people are more likely to drink because they don't feel the negative effects. Not that that's an excuse... just some insight.
There's a lot of drug and alcohol use on our res and the police/tribal council are really trying to combat it. My dad's an alcoholic, two of my sisters are addicted to prescription pain pills, one of my nephews is, etc. The tribe will pay for rehab indefinitely. My sister has gone so many times. And they have a halfway house for after. They really really try to help people get better but no one will get better unless they want to. Our court is working on a system now that requires rehab for people who commit crimes and fail a drug test (there's rampant theft on the res to pay for drugs).
In Canada (major cities like Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary), one of the things I have noticed is that I have yet to see any native person who looks well to do. Is it similar in the US and in your tribe? And does that mean that richer people live on reservations or richer ones blend in more? Does the tribe help those who have settled outside of the sovereign lands? I think it really depends on where you are. There are some reservations that are doing really poorly and you won't see anyone doing well on them. Whereas, on my tribe you mostly see people doing well and the ones that aren't are poor by choice. I mentioned my father is an alcoholic but he's a functional one- he makes six figures. The people living off the reservation can still have access to most of the resources but I'm unsure which specifically. My father is an elder so the youth crew comes and mows his lawn; I'm sure those that live far don't receive that lol.
Does the "my mother says I'm 1/8th native but we have no proof" type of person insult you or make you mad? No, it doesn't insult me or bother me. Sometimes I'll say I'm Native and about ten other people will chime "me too!" but it doesn't bother me haha. I'm half but I look completely white.
I'm lucky enough to know which tribe I originate from, be enrolled, and have an active life in our community. But I know that others don't have that and that's okay.
Did you follow the Baby Veronica case a few months ago? I didn't but I just read an article. But I think that's an issue that is on every reservation. We have an ICW system and our tribe does everything it can to keep our children in our culture. And they work to NEVER terminate parental rights. I mean, if a parent gives them up then so be it but our tribe works very hard with parents to keep them involved. I've never heard of anyone on our tribe being disenrolled either.
I have a few Native friends and was surprised to learn a few didn't know about the scholarships and grants offered to Native Americans. (Where live) Why do you think that is? I thought that all students were aware of minority scholarships and would actively seek them. There could be a lot that contributes to that. My tribe has it's own scholarship program so I never thought to seek outside scholarships. I know they exist though. All kinds of minority scholarships exist so it's a no brainer that there is some form for Natives.
I guess it depends on how badly you feel the need for it; some people are content with taking out loans, some people can pay their way, some people just don't care about going to college in the first place, and some people don't want to put the work in to write essays and stuff and compete with others for scholarships.
If you feel like answering another question... So, what's the deal with Tribal law in regards to federal law? I believe I learned that each reservation is subject to its own law, as a sovereign nation, as long as those laws don't contradict federal law; which to me means that each reservation is like its own little country, which is pretty cool. Do many tribes take advantage of this? How often does this come into conflict with state law? Regarding that, when I am traveling through a reservation can I be held accountable for crimes in violation of the tribal law, even if I were not aware of them? Or, perhaps, prosecuted for violating state law, even though I'm in sovereign state? Please forgive my rough interpretation of this issue, but I'm so fascinated by it. On that note, do you need an assistant? I think I answered a similar question here
I haven't learned everything there is to learn about it yet but those are some examples.
How do I win at blackjack? I'm not sure. I'm more of a slots player myself. I'm terrible at blackjack.
Where does your tribe get the money from? Most of it comes from our casino but we also have other enterprises. We have a market and deli, smoke shop, bingo hall, lodge and spa, etc.
Will the tribe members now consider you an outsider elitist? I knew someone who left to get a degree and training in counseling and they considered her as an outsider because "she was too elitist to stay and now she's high and mighty." That's how it was for my father. He got into West Point and when he left the tribe rejected him; when he got there, the white people rejected him. But this was a long time ago... It's not too bad now. So far, I haven't gotten any negative reactions from tribal members.
I have multiple ancestry ties to the Cherokee tribe and have multiple family members on the Dawes roll. I have applied to be on the Dawes roll, how do you feel about outsiders joining the roll? I had no idea I had so much Native American ancestry until I started searching into the matter. Our tribe just put a new law in where more people can enroll; I think they changed the blood quantum necessary. I personally don't feel anything negative for new people enrolling. It can't hurt to expand our tribe. Good luck to you!
Do you speak a native American Language? I don't :( I think my dad does. Our tribe has a language but I only know a few words.
You should learn it, name it please, and make sure it does not die out. It's called "Wulshootseed" and I have some tapes. It's very guttural. I know I should learn it :/ a few young women are certified to teach it on our tribe so there's really no excuse.
How many people out of the tribe total speak it? And if you don't mind answering, why didn't you learn it growing up? I don't know the amount of people that speak it; the elders know it and a handful of the younger generation do. I went to our Tribal School until 2nd grade and then switched to public school. I know it was taught in Tribal School but I never got a firm enough grasp when I was there.
Does anyone write in it? A quick search seems to indicate the script is "Americanist phonetic notation", which seems to be Latin chars plus some combining marks, invented by Europeans. If people write in it, do they feel the script to be part of Native culture now? There is script but I haven't really seen people writing it. I have a blanket that has script on it with our tribal logo. I believe people feel that it is a part of our culture now but I'm unsure.
What would you like to tell people who don't understand Native culture, and are misinformed or ignorant on the subject? Are there any misconceptions that you'd like to clear up? After this, that I didn't get into college purely from affirmative action lol.
I wish you the best of luck in school. But really, that being Native doesn't mean the government gives us money. It's quite the opposite actually. We get our money from tribal owned businesses. And other tribes weren't lucky enough to receive land that could be developed. Some reservations are compared to Third World countries.
How do you personally feel about affirmative action? I think it has run its course. I think it was valuable to have for X amount of years but we don't particularly need it. I know people think I got into Hopkins simply because I'm Native but I worked my ass off to get here and everyone else should too.
Shouldn't you be outlining right now? ;) As in doing work? Yeah... I have a lot of finals to study for :/
Do you think you earned your scholarship academically or got it because you are Native American? I have my scholarship because of the tribe I belong to. Muckleshoot offers them to every tribal member. If it was from a different source I could claim it was academic. Our tribe requires a 2.0 GPA to keep our scholarships which is straight Cs so... not all that harsh. However, I'm currently attending Johns Hopkins so I'm a far cry from nonacademic.
Do you have a tribal tattoo? I don't haha. Not yet at least...
Since your studying law, have there been any examples where a "genetically predisposed" argument has been used to defend a Native American with an alcohol related crime? And was it successful? I don't believe there have been any cases like this... but I wouldn't know for sure. It would be really stupid if there were (I mean I get it but excuses are stupid).
Did you grow up on your "rez" or off? I grew up on my reservation. The only time I've been off is the last 4 years during college.
What are your thoughts of John Redcorn? Haha you asked this twice. I don't watch King of the Hill anymore and don't really remember the character. I don't find Hollywood's portrayal offensive to the point that I rally against it. I know that almost all of the portrayals are wrong and I started watching a documentary about it... but I just don't bother with being too offended.
Thanks for answering my somewhat cheekish question! If you have any questions regarding law school please feel free to ask. I'll do my best to talk you out of it :) Haha the attorney's on the tribe ask me every year, "Are you sure you want to go still?"
I am so embarrassed about some of the stupidity on this thread. That's awesome that you are working so hard. I remember being really embarrassed and astounded by the misinformation about Native Americans in public school. I thought the book "Lakota Woman" was an amazing read about the second occupation of Wounded Knee. Do you have any other suggested reading about Native American life in modern America? Sherman Alexie is a rather good Native author of books about his life growing up; they are fiction but I think a lot of it reflects his real life. I've only read a few but there was a movie on one too: Smoke Signals.
Also, as a lawyer for your tribe what kind of legal issues are you expecting to face, and what inspired you to become a lawyer? And, I've been interning in our attorney's office during the Summers. Our court is just now expanding to deal with civil and criminal law (before it was just family law - ICW cases and whatnot). I think by the time I take the bar exam I'll be coming back to an expanded court system. I think there'll be a lot of legal jargon that needs to be continually revised as the years to on; contracts with the state, jails, and police... etc. I've also helped in some business deals for the tribe as well. I think just knowing that I could do something for my tribe (since they're paying for my education but also because it's my life and will be my kids' lives as well) is awesome. So far there are no tribal members in our attorney's office and I think it's time we had at least one of us working there in that position.
I have been under the understanding that Native Americans of a certain purity (something like 1/16th?), that can prove their heritage, get free higher education. That's how a friend of mine got his. I've never heard of that... but I don't know everything. I go to JHU and it's a private university. I'm betting they don't pay for certain Universities but again... I don't know. My tribe pays for mine specifically.
What are your thoughts on Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl (and ICWA in general)? I didn't follow the case of Baby Veronica but someone asked about it earlier in the thread. I think she was a minuscule amount of Native but it ended up being a huge deal anyway...
Well in general, I support our ICW system because they try realllyyy hard. BUT, and this is just me personally nothing reflecting my tribe, I think it's impossible to keep all of our foster children on the reservation. I think they do a helluva lot better job presently but in the past it would have been valuable to look outside of the res. Our ICW was understaffed and overworked and kids went forgotten. And those kids aren't doing so well these days.
Is paint huffing included in the drug problem? No, it isn't. It's mostly prescription pills.
What do you think of anthropologists? In what way? They are certainly valuable. Forensic anthropology interests me most out of all of the fields. However, anthro itself is important.
Who's got the worst reputation in aboriginal affairs presently, Canada or the USA? If there's even a difference.. I'm honestly not sure. From what I've learned in this AMA I'd say Canada because it seems like their government still holds their land (in trust at least).
How is thanksgiving handled on a reservation? On ours, we celebrate like any other family :)
You look like the average white person, does it offend anyone when you say you are a native or half native? Well, there aren't a lot of people to offend. I've only met one other Native person here at Hopkins and I believe he was 1/4 (also appeared white).
In kindergarten all of the native kids got out of class got to go to the library, eat pizza and take a book of their choice. why didnt i? Wait, why didn't I get to do that?
Work for a casino. True... the house always wins.
What is a Native Reservation like today... I am asking this because I have never seen one... except on a static map. It differs across regions. Some tribes were very unlucky and received desert land. Those reservations live in complete poverty. They had nothing to do with their land; our reservation was lucky though and we got land that could be developed.
There is a large drug problem on the reservation so some places look really... impoverished. The people who do drugs become desperate and they steal in order to feed their addiction. They'll do whatever it takes to get their fix even if it means stealing from their own family. It sucks and I hope we can overcome the drugs, or at least to a point where so much of the community isn't doing it.
That's awesome. But, all Indians have a full ride. I don't think that's true... and if it is, then please point me to the grant/scholarship website for all natives. My scholarship comes specifically from our tribe. I didn't know of others but it'd be nice to educate myself.
I'm sure the government is the one actually paying. Gamblers are technically paying.
RIP Reddit. If you need me i'll be reading a wiki on her people, since this will be 99% jokes and 1% useless information. Haha well it's been 4 hours and there haven't been jokes so far.
Will you accept firewater and cornmeal as currency? What's firewater?
In personal dealing I might but that says nothing for my tribe. I'm partial to cornmeal though.
We were here first... I'd say we are pretty entitled for an education just as much as anyone else. I also have to say How would you Grade your stupidity and ignorance from 1 to 10 over the rest of your family ? He's a troll. If you look at his comment history it shows that he pretty much goes on threads and tries to piss people off.
Why do you feel entitled to college over a more qualified white man? Isn't this the definition of racism? Where did it come across that I felt entitled to college?
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