CSGO Lotto’s lawyer says it was never a gambling site, and

TmarTn2 - YouTube Brock Bets EVERYTHING!!! (M9 Bayonet Marble Fade) CS GO Betting! TmarTn Logged into CSGO Lotto Bot, Betting Scandal TmarTn Apology Video - CSGO Gambling Scam Banging Brock's Hot Ex Girlfriend (CSGO Highlights)

(“CS:GO” or “Counter - Strike”). More than 380,000 people are playing Counter-Strike worldwide at any given time. CS:GO is the subject of TBS weekly e-gaming matches, and is the main driver of the pro-gaming cultural phenomenon. CS:GO matches are streamed live on websites like Twitch in addition to the TBS weekly league show. 5. Those go in /r/pcgamingtechsupport or /r/techsupport depending on how gaming specific the question is. Check out our Tech Support/basic questions sticky too. Game specific questions belong in their respective subreddits. This includes any "Can my computer run this game?" questions. Gaming & Culture — YouTubers under fire for promoting their own CS:GO gambling site in videos Syndicate and TmarTn promoted CSGO Lotto, but didn't disclose that they own it. Today’s CS:GO betting saga goes on and on. The website in question, CSGOLotto, now has a massive anti-scam warning from Valve when you attempt to log into it via the Steam API. In summer 2016, it was discovered that CSGO Lotto, a so-called “skin gambling” site, was co-owned by two members of YouTube's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. But as it turns out

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Their videos relating to CSGO Lotto have been made private. My reddit post: ... THE $500 BETTING CHALLENGE! TmarTn vs YouTubeBrock ... Tmartn, ProSyndicate and JoshOG CS GO Scandal Part 3 ... TmarTn Syndicate CS GO Betting Scam / Scandal - H3H3 / HonorTheCall / TotalBiscuit - Duration: 13:33. easynow 1337 23,613 views. 13:33. TmarTn and Syndicate SUED - CS GO Lotto! Bashurverse Single ... I upload let's plays, walkthrough, and game play from all kinds of video games! From the most recent popular titles, as well as old classics, I love to play ... Does the 7 day trade ban signify Valve's war against gambling is about to heat up? Live Streaming Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @3:00pm EST: http://twitch.tv/w... TmarTn was caught when he was logged into a CSGO Lotto bot account. Here's my explanation Thanks for watching! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe, and I will see you on the next video ...