Ole Miss vs Mississippi State: NCAAF Rivalry Week Betting

bliponaship - Week 9 / Hydra System Picks

I posted this on this sub a couple days ago, but for some reason I had problems with folks being unable to see it. I'm reposting, so if any of the lines have changed, feel free to ask in the comments!
I'm marking the Hydra System as a failure and discontinuing the current setup. Instead I will begin experimenting with less teams/higher juice to see if it can be tweaked into a more successful system. I'll be turning my bankroll exclusively to picks and not investing in the Hydra System. Input is welcomed! I won't be adding together the weekly picks with the Hydra System any longer to determine how a week went.
Picks are back to positive and this part of the season is where I typically do best. In the last two weeks, picks have gone 17-9 for a 65% win rate!

Week 8 Recap

Added Plays:
Week 8 picks went 8-4 for +4.5u
Hydra System Week 8
5u - parlay at -115 odds
Hydra System went for -5.75u
Adding together +4.5u from the picks and -5.75u from Hydra, we're at
Week 8 Total = -1.25u
Add in results from the past 7 weeks and we're at:
SEASON TOTAL PICKS: 53-41 for +0.11u
HYDRA SYSTEM TOTAL: 2-5 for -20.05u (eeeeeeesh)

Week 9 Picks

Add Plays:

Hydra System V2 Week 9

5u - Parlay for -150 odds
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For Bovada, feel free to use my link to get a bonus: https://www.bovada.lv/welcome/P2A59D31C/join?extcmpid=rafcopy
For BetOnline, feel free to use this link for a bonus: https://betonline.ag/?RAF=YINTIRD5&product=SPO
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Analytics & Protected Seed Profiles (+ Bonus Content)

For the last part in this series, I wanted to do two things that might actually help people win their bracket by answering two questions: is their a correlation between a protected (1-4) seeds profile and their chances of going deep into the tournament and how have similar teams in terms of raw efficiency performed in the past?
The second part is literally just data collection. I have to shout out the wonderful barttorvik.com for the last time since that is where this tool originates and I merely put it together.
Duke is good. We know this. But, how good? Well, they rank in the Top 10 in both AdjO and AdjD. But, wait, there's more! UNC, Virginia, and Gonzaga do as well. That seems like it's good. *checks with judges* Yep, it's good. Does it mean anything come tournament time and what about the teams that aren't our murderous quartet of #1 seeds?
What Is This?
Basic groupings of ten because I'm a human and we run off base ten. This means, it's looking at teams with similar profiles (i.e. ranked 11th-20th in AdjO and 21st-30th in AdjD) and how those teams performed.
The Teams: Virginia, Duke, UNC, Gonzaga
There have been 11 #1 seeds in the past ten years to rank in the Top 10 on both sides of the ball heading into the tournament. Here's how they fared (a star means they lost the championship game)
Won Title: 2 (2010 Duke / 2012 Kentucky)
Made Final 4: 2 (2017 Gonzaga* / 2015 Kentucky)
Lost Elite 8: 4 (2016 Kansas / 2016 Virginia / 2012 UNC / 2011 Kansas)
Lost Sweet 16: 2 (2011 Duke / 2011 Ohio State)
Lost 2nd Round: 1 (2010 Kansas)
What It Means:
I'm hesitant to do this, but this is easily the strongest group of #1 seeds in the past ten years. Only 1 out of the 11 previous teams didn't make the Sweet 16, losing in one of the most memorable upsets of the decade. But, it's not a guarantee of sustained success. Half of these teams didn't even make the Final 4. One of these teams is probably losing in the Sweet 16, but which one? Your guess is as good as mine.
TOP 10 ADJO + 11-20 ADJD
The Teams: Michigan State
There have been 12 teams total, but only 4 #2 seeds who fit in this group.
Made Final 4: 1 (2015 (#1) Wisconsin*)
Lost Elite 8: 3 (2012 (#1) Syracuse, 2018 (#2) Duke, 2015 (#2) Arizona)
Lost Sweet 16: 5 (2013 (#1) Indiana, 2010 (#1) Syracuse, 2018 (#2) Purdue, 2009 (#2) Duke, 2015 (#4) UNC)
Lost 2nd Round: 3 (2017 (#1) Villanova, 2015 (#1) Villanova, 2013 (#1) Gonzaga
What It Means:
I'm picking against them, but the Spartans seem like a good bet to at least make the Sweet 16 based on recent history. The three teams to lose before then were all #1s with a double Villanova in there. But, no team in this group has ever won the title.
TOP 10 ADJO + 31-40 ADJD
The Teams: Tennessee, Purdue
A little smaller grouping here as only six teams qualify in this group, but it's an interesting bunch...
Won Title: 2 (2015 (#1) Duke, 2009 (#1) UNC)
Made Final 4: 1 (2018 (#1) Kansas)
Lost 2nd Round: 3 (2017 (#2) Duke, 2014 (#2) Kansas, 2016 (#4) Kentucky)
What It Means:
I am out on Tennessee. They might prove me wrong given Grant Williams and Schofield's pedigree and talent, but there's a lot working against them. Purdue is a more interesting case as you'll see later. It seems like they're screwed. Their raw #s have an amazing precedent (seriously, if you scroll down to look at one team, look at Purdue).
TOP 10 ADJO + 40+ ADJD
The Teams: LSU
There are a whopping 23 teams that fit in this category so I won't break them all down. About half of the 23 didn't survive to the Sweet 16. The only two teams to make the Final 4 in this group was the 2013 Michigan team and 2014 Wisconsin team who IIRC fielded some of the top offenses in KenPom history. LSU is 9th on Torvik. There are some positive teams on the 3 seed line, though. 2010 Baylor and 2015 Notre Dame both made the Elite 8 coming from this grouping. So, it's not out of the realm of possibility.
TOP 10 ADJD + 11-20 ADJO
The Teams: Michigan
Only 7 teams in this grouping. Four were #1 or #2 seeds.
2014 (#1) Florida - Final 4
2012 (#1) Michigan State - Sweet 16
2009 (#1) UConn - Final 4
2012 (#2) Kansas - Championship Game
What It Means:
Not sure, but it seems like teams that can lock down on D and are relatively efficient on offense are capable of making deep runs, just not winning the whole thing. That sounds like Michigan to me! Wait, this isn't cfb. No, stop, don't attack me. I'm sorry.
11-20 ADJO + 11-20 ADJD
The Teams: Kentucky, Houston
A solid 10 teams in this grouping that are very hit-or-miss. More than half (6) made the Elite 8, but only 2 made the Final 4 (the Buddy Hield Oklahoma team and the 2013 Syracuse team). Three teams didn't make it out of the 2nd Round including last year's Michigan State fiasco and the 2015 Kansas team that lost to an admittedly good Wichita State team that was underseeded.
What It Means:
Well, one of these teams isn't going to the Elite 8 because they're in the same side of the region. The question becomes do you like Wofford/Seton Hall over Kentucky or Iowa State/Ohio State over Houston more?
11-20 ADJO + 21-30 ADJ
The Teams: Virginia Tech
Only 4 teams fit this profile so sample size and all that. None made it past the Sweet 16. If you extend it out to any team with a defense outside of the Top 20 without a Top 10 offense, you get sixteen teams total. Only two made it to the Elite 8.
21-30 ADJO + TOP 10 ADJD
The Teams: Texas Tech
Another large grouping featuring 13 previous teams that fit this profile. Only two have made the Final 4: The 2013 Louisville team that was the #1 Overall Seed and the 2009 Michigan State team who was 2 seed. Five teams didn't make it out of the first two rounds. Two of them were Virginia teams including last year's not-so-good bois and the West Virginia team that got upset in a 3/14 game.
What It Means:
It means I'm tired and we're all probably screwed and you should just look at team colors or something. Or continue to the second part because it might be more enlightening.
31-40 ADJO + 11+ ADJD
The Teams: Florida State, Kansas
You're a team who's fine on offense. You don't have an elite D, though. That's a shame. Be nice to have. Hey, there's eight teams like us in the past ten years. I'm sure some of them made a Final 4 or something. No? Huh. An Elite 8? Yep! Okay, no. But, two of them did make the Sweet 16. One less than got knocked out in the 1st Round. Oh, that's bad. It sure is!
40+ ADJO + TOP 10 ADJD
The Teams: Kansas State
I lied. I said on Monday that K-State sucked and GIFs were for dummies and there's only one Manhattan and it sure isn't in the middle of nowhere. I was only looking at teams that had sub-40th ranked offenses. That doesn't look so good. But, if you have a really elite D? It gets better!
75% of these teams made the Sweet 16. 9 out of 12. Almost half of them made the Elite 8. It's not as dire as it seems for Kansas State. Of course, one of these teams was last year's Cincy team. And the Georgetown team that got stomped by FGCU.
Explanation: I can't really take credit for this. Torvik has an amazing feature where you can look at any team from this year, click on 'Similar Profiles' and then check boxes limiting the comparison to 'Tournament Teams Only' and 'Similar Seeds'. This measures raw efficiency and tempo (so not ranking relative to other teams like all my other research) giving you the 10 most similar teams within 1 seed line, i.e., if you are a #5 seed it will show you both 4 and 6 seeds. It displays how far each of those 10 teams advanced plus a total 'Average Wins'. That's the number displayed here. So, I did that for all 66 remaining teams in the tournament. The results are below along with notes on some of the teams. There are certainly some interesting things in here...
#1 Duke: 2.8 - Only two of the ten most-similar teams made the Final 4.
#16 NDSU/NC Central: 0
#8 VCU: 0.7 - 3-4 in the 8 vs. 9 game - and the 2017 South Carolina team boosted the average - no other team made the Sweet 16)
#9 UCF: 0-3 (3-3 in the 8 vs. 9 game)
#5 Mississippi State: 2.1 - tied for 2nd highest in the region, only three of the ten most similar teams didn't make the Sweet 16
#12 Liberty: 0.2 - 2-8 among ten most similar teams
#4 Virginia Tech: 1.9 - four teams went to the Elite 8, the others all failed to make it out the 2nd Round
#13 St. Louis: 0.2
#6 Maryland: 1.2 - their top 3 comparisons all made the Sweet 16, nobody else made it out of the 2nd Round including all of the #6 seeds
#11 Belmont: 0.3 - all the 11 seeds lost their first game
#3 LSU: 1.4 - this is way closer to a 5 or 6 seed than a 3 seed
#14 Yale: 0
#7 Louisville: 2.1 - tied for 2nd highest in the region, best for any seed lower than 6
#10 Minnesota: 0.5 - mostly 1st Round losses
#2 Michigan State: 2.1 - lowest among all #2 seeds, none of their Top 10 comparisons made the Final 4
#15 Bradley: 0
#1 Gonzaga: 2.8 - same average as Duke, but four of the ten teams didn't make it to the Elite 8
#16 FDU: 0
#8 Syracuse: 1.2 - either out in the first or to the Sweet 16
#9 Baylor: 0.7 - the 2011 Butler team heavily brings up this average, it's a lot of losses in 7 vs. 10 and 8 vs. 9 games
#5 Marquette: 1.3 - no Elite 8 appearances, majority won 1st Round game
#12 Murray State: 0.7 - half won their 1st Round game
#4 Florida State: 1.6 - all the other 4 seeds in their top 10 comparisons made the Elite 8
#13 Vermont: 0
#6 Buffalo: 0.5 - teams are 4-6, none of their Top 10 made the Sweet 16
#11 Arizona St.: 0.9 - their three best comparisons all made the Sweet 16 / #11 St. John's: 0.7
#7 Nevada: 0.8 - only 1 made the Sweet 16, majority won their 1st round game
#10 Florida: 1 - their two closest comparisons both made the Elite 8, nearly every other lost their 1st round game
#2 Michigan: 2.6 - five went to the Elite 8, three went to the Final 4
#15 Montana: 0.2 (MTSU over MSU and Mercer over Duke were in their Top 10)
#1 Virginia: 2.7 - hard to decipher because their top comparisons are all Virginia teams
#16 Gardner-Webb: 0
#8 Ole Miss: 0.7 - no Sweet 16 teams
#9 Oklahoma: 0.5
#5 Wisconsin: 1.2 - lowest among 5 seeds, top comparisons didn't make Sweet 16
#12 Oregon: 0.3 - top 6 comparisons all lost their first game
#4 Kansas State: 1.7 - top 3 comparisons all lost their first game, all the 4 seeds won a game
#13 UC-Irvine: 0.1
#6 Villanova: 1.3 - most 6 seeds won this game, but failed to advance past that
#11 St. Mary's: 0.2 - this was a little shocking to me
#3 Purdue: 3.1!!!!!! - this is the 2nd highest average for any team in the tournament, 9 of their top 10 comparisons made at least the Elite 8, CHOOOOOOO CHOOOOOO #14 Old Dominion: 0
#7 Cincinnati: 0.8 - only two teams advanced to the Sweet 16
#10 Iowa: 0.5
#2 Tennessee: 2.4
#15 Colgate: 0.2 (two upsets in here)
#1 UNC: 3.2 - highest among all teams, top comparisons all UNC teams that went 4
#16 Iona: 0
#8 Utah St.: 0.9
#9 Washington: 0.8 - both Utah State and Washington have a few sleepers in there
#5 Auburn: 1.2 - none of their comparisons made the Sweet 16
#12 New Mexico St.: 0.5 - similar teams are 3-7
#4 Kansas: 1 - YIKES!
#13 Northeastern: 0.2 - two wins, but both were #12 seeds
#6 Iowa State: 1.4
#11 Ohio State: 0 - yep, that's right, 0-10
#3 Houston: 2.2
#14 Georgia State: 0.4
#7 Wofford: 1.4 - three out of their top five closest comparisons made the Sweet 16 our further
#10 Seton Hall: 0.7
#2 Kentucky: 2.3 - four of their ten comparisons made the Elite 8
#15 Abilene Christian: 0.2
I hope everyone enjoyed. Sorry about the lateness on this. Real life got in the way. I'm going to make my picks later tonight. Hopefully, this pans out otherwise I'll be exposed as a horrible fraud.
Thanks again for reading or browsing and all the gold/silver.
Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the games. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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Week 10 SEC vs SEC matchup preview

Hello all! Welcome to the third in the series of fan produced game previews. Sorry this one is later in the night than normal, but I have had a busy week. But, its almost Friday and that means that SEC football is almost here! Before we get to the previews we need to look at the winner of the guess the score contest from last week. The winner is u/joblanco40 and South Carolina! Jo’s prediction was 27-21 SC which was just three points away from the actual score of 27-24. This brings the score to Tennessee 1 South Carolina 1.

Texas A&M @ Auburn 12:00 ESPN

Texas A&M perspective by u/TryhardTim of


Well, that Mississippi State game left a sour taste in my mouth. Let’s hope that’s not a sign of things to come. (Also, shout out to Kirk Herbsteit, who (jinxed us on College Gameday last week)[https://twitter.com/tengland150/status/1056248973760102410])
This week, the Aggies will play their final road game of the season against the Auburn Tigers. It’s easy to call any game at this stage of the season an important game, but I want to stress how important it is for this Aggie Football team. We’re currently sitting at 5-3. One win will make us bowl eligible, but that was never really going to be a problem for this team. You see, this game is important because we need to build confidence before we hit the home stretch of the season. We *need a win this week. Let’s see how we can take care of business:
*What’s an offense???? Sheesh, last week was ugly. Like, not ugly in a kind of cute way, but ugly in a I-want-to-go-throw-up- after-seeing-that way. We still have yet to score more than two offensive touchdowns in any SEC game this year (We even got to overtime in one of those games). If this team wants to get a win against the SEC equivalent of Jekyll and Hyde, they need to get their act together on the offensive side of the ball. Namely, they need to improve in the red zone, where they have an appalling 38% TD rate against SEC opponents this year. Another problem the Aggies had last week was dropped passes. Like, a lot of them. Anyone who claims that the gloves that receivers wear make catching the ball too easy needs to watch the Aggie receiving group last week. If the offense can get back to the form that we saw in the first 4 weeks of the season (Mond being accurate with the ball and making plays with his legs, actually targeting Jace Sternberger throughout the game), the Aggies will have a good chance to win this game. *Are we becoming the “get right” team of the SEC West? Nick Fitzgerald was on the verge of being benched before he broke out and had a season-saving performance against us. This week, we get to face another struggling QB who has performed well against the Aggies in the past in Jarrett Stidham. Aggie fans do not need to be reminded of the absolute beating we took last year at the hands of Stidham and now pro running back Kerryon Johnson. To prevent what happened last week, the defensive secondary, led by a (for once) non-suspended Donovan Wilson needs to do significantly better than how they performed last week, where missed tackles and giving up too much space to receivers were all too common.
This game is a relatively simple one to preview. If the Aggies show up and play to their full potential, they will win this game. If not, this game could get ugly like last week’s game, and it’s time to start panicking about the now possible chance that we lose to Ole Miss at home. I feel as though Jimbo Fisher will be able to get our players back in form, and we can win in a stadium where we have had success since joining the SEC. **#BTHOauburn #WarEagleTigers? #AtLeastTheLonghornsLostToo
Texas A&M 20, Auburn 14
Auburn perspective by u/patsey of
Hey Y’all!
A quick note to the AU family: Kelly Bryant visited campus! Gus is back on his recruiting horse, Bryant is obviously the “highest value free agent ever” filling the void Jalen's dad created.
On the Field:
Gus Malzahn’s system revolves around the rushing attack. Boobie Whitlow has been what passes for a breakout star but is injured and likely out. Also in that stable is a senior walk-on in Malik Miller and a pair of talented freshmen in Shaun Shivers and Asa Martin. Martin was the highest rated of them all as a prospect but has only seen 6 carries this year, his fumble in the A-State game a likely reason for this. Kam Martin the day 1 starter is almost negligible as he is simply never good for more than 4 carries per game.
All this may be a relatively moot point as the O-line has been just putrid. There is some talent there but none besides right tackle Jack Driscoll is even holding his own. This is unlikely to change this week as A&M boast the 5th ranked rush defense in the country. The question is can they get straight through our O-line to Stidham.
Malzahn and Lindsey will likely need to lean on the passing game, maybe quick passing game if they expect to defend their honor in the eyes of recruits. The problem is the O-line was inexcusably bad against the pass rush of Miss State. Driscoll was injured in that game and that hole may have been patched but this exposes Stidham’s most glaring weakness, the way he responds to pressure. When his spidey sense goes off he instantly tucks to run and does so with the grace of an old Peyton Manning.
The Culture War:
Named after a 3 hole stretch at August National, Amen Corner is the name Pat Dye gave to the last 3 games of Auburn’s schedule- at the time Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. AU Athletics has since broken up that uphill finishing stretch by adding a cupcake in between Georgia and Alabama week. That term may be applicable again if we are going to play A&M at this time every year. There is no doubt the tectonic plates of the SEC West changed when A&M entered the league, and Jimbo’s hire was an earthquake for the rest of the division. Bama have proven they are still superior, but we will see how their recruiting is affected. LSU will catch them last in what may prove to be the new battle for 2nd place in the West.
Auburn had become the third best recruiter in the West behind Saban’s Bama and Les’s LSU. With A&M in the picture we could easily find ourselves 4th, and a loss this Saturday will only fuel that shift. Mississippi State has something to say in this too as they beat A&M last week and effectively throttled Auburn in their stadium. Traditionally they are not considered a recruiting threat but we have to wait and see what Moorehead’s first class looks like. Going in to the LSU game this year AU Family had great reason to believe Auburn could capitalize on Gus being the last face Les Miles saw on the battlefield. That was not to be despite a 10 point lead in that game, and now we are seeing Coach Orgeron show up in Alabama during his bye week to recruit in our state. To read an extended look at how this affects the big picture go to PatrickBrickson.com
Auburn 22 – Texas A&M 19

South Carolina @ Ole Miss 12:00 SEC Network

South Carolina perspective by (the returning champion) u/joblanco of
South Carolina (4-3, 3-3) will be traveling to Oxford this Saturday to take on the Ole Miss Rebels (5-3, 1-3) in a cross divisional matchup that could be a good one. South Carolina was once again a terrible football team in the first half against Tennessee, continuing a trend that has just left Gamecocks fans everywhere completely stressed the fuck out. Tennessee was moving the ball down the field effectively and our defense was just being gashed by short and intermediate crossing routes. Guarantano rarely attacked the ball downfield, but he managed the team well and we were just out schemed in the first half, especially on the defensive side.
The defense wasn’t helped by the fact that South Carolina was just as worse on offense. Our running game was effective against Tennessee; we consistently set the edge and were able to get some good chunk runs down the field. It was just the passing game just would completely kill our momentum. Our passing game limited our offense to a point where Bentley received a healthy dose of booing for the second consecutive game. While Bentley did have his bad throws, that first half performance was NOT all him. Majority of the blame should go to the offensive coordinator, Bryan McClendon.
But!!! It all changed in the end of the first half. My own father, Deebo Samuel, just showed the SEC what just makes him so special as a player: one-handed grab in the endzone. He just absolutely saved Bentley too, because he definitely overthrew that pass. But it didn’t matter because Deebo is that dude and can jump to the moon. He gave our team the spark we needed to gain momentum into the 3rd Quarter, and we took advantage. Rico Dowdle (underrated football name, btw) just bullied defenders in that second half and finished the game with 140 yards rushing with a touchdown. His play, and Jake too, led our team back in another gritty, comeback win for the Cocks.
If they start slow against this Ole Miss team, then they might be going down a hole that will be too hard to get out. Ole Miss can be ELECTRIC if they get clicking. The game against Texas Tech was just a barnburner and Ole Miss looked unstoppable on offense. They’ve already scored more than 70 points twice this season. Led by the “Throwin’ Samoan” Jordan Ta’amu, this Ole Miss offense has weapons that can hurt the Gamecocks. AJ Brown is a first round pick (here’s a hot take: DK Metcalf is a better player), Scottie Philips is good, and they have a sneaky good tight end in Dawson Knox (another underrated football name). Their Oline is experienced, and Ta’amu is mobile enough to make plays with his feet.
This team is good on offense, but holy fuck they are awful on defense. They gave up 41 points to Southern Illinois. Southern Illinois. Do you know what the team name of Southern Illinois is? I bet you don’t. Don’t lie to me and tell me you do. They’re called the Salukis. The fucking Salukis. The only reason why you would name yourself after a Saluki, is probably because you’re an asshole. But that’s beside the point. Ole Miss is bad at defense. They lack depth at linebackers and the secondary (especially at secondary). Its so bad that they had to convert two running backs (who started this season as backup running backs!!!!!) into safeties. And these guys get meaningful snaps. If the Gamecocks don’t start fast against this team, then I’ve just lost hope that it’ll ever change while Bentley is at QB.
From a gambling perspective, this game is listed as a pick em’. I normally don’t like to bet on the Gamecocks, but this is looking to be like a win with some added value. I believe Will Muschamp will try to combat this prolific offense with an old school ideology: Keep them off the field. I think the Gamecocks run the football early and often against Ole Miss, and just milk the clock. Ole Miss has serious problems wrapping up, and the Gamecocks have good physical runners that can break tackles. Look for Deebo to get the ball out of the wildcat a bit more this game, and look out for sneaky big games from Ty’Son Williams and Mon Denson. I think the gamecocks play complimentary football with the running game, and make enough plays in the secondary on defense to maintain the lead against this high-powered offense. Also I'm pretty sure nobody will be at the game in Oxford since it starts at 11 am. So there's that too. Gambling tips for the game: South Carolina Pick em, UNDER 68 points.
32 South Carolina-27 Ole Miss
Ole Miss perspective by u/Rebbel228 of
This week the 4-3 (3-3) South Carolina Gamecocks visit Oxford and take on the 5-3 (1-3) Ole Miss Rebels. It’s going to be a great matchup for mediocre football provided to us by one of the worst in the East and the second worse in the West (thanks Arkansas). This is the first time these two teams have met since my junior year of high school when Ole Miss was ranked #4 and lost on a Thursday night in 2008, which personally is a game I’d like to forget.
(Editors note: the fact that these two teams haven’t played in nine years is ridiculous. We want a 9 conference game schedule!)
The Gamecocks are looking for their 5th win in hopes of becoming bowl eligible in the next 4 weeks. This is a must win for them, as Florida and Clemson are both on the docket for the month of November. South Carolina will be looking for some consistency this season after alternating wins and losses. They’ve been winning the games and they’re not supposed to and losing the games they’re not supposed to. Luckily for Ole Miss, that means this weekend looks pretty good for the Rebs.
Let’s be real. Ole Miss has been a dumpster fire this season. Granted, on paper, the Rebs don’t look that bad. They can score points. We all know that. They can’t stop the other team from scoring points though and that’s rough in today’s world high tempo offense. Ole Miss likes to score quick which doesn’t leave much time for the defense to rest. The key to this game will be the Ole Miss offense to play a good game with little to no mistakes and to for the defense to step up and make a few huge plays. Force turnovers, Jake Bentley has thrown 8 INTs this season and 1 or 2 turnovers can be very beneficial for the Rebs.
Mississippi is a sports betting state so I’ll throw a quick pick in. Pick your conscience. This game can really go either way, you’re picking the winner with this spread. This game opened Ole Miss (-1) but my local sportsbook currently (10/30) has this game as a PK. I personally am staying away from this game because I don’t like losing my money, but if I had to pick I’d take Ole Miss straight up, or whatever the point spread moves to by this weekend. From what we’ve seen of South Carolina this season, they start off slow and pick up in the second half. Ta’amu and Co. will have no problem scoring points early. This game will also most definitely go under 66.
It'll be an emotional game for both sides. Hotty Toddy, y’all.
Ole Miss 38, South Carolina 31

Georgia @ Kentucky 3:30 CBS

Georgia perspective by u/DuragofJupiter of
Following a cathartic 36-17 victory over the Florida Gators in Jacksonville, the sixth ranked Georgia Bulldogs will continue their travels as they face the ninth ranked Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington this weekend in what is certainly an SEC East title decider, as a win for either side would give them an insurmountable lead in the race to Atlanta. In order for UGA to return to Athens victorious, the offense will have to continue the (mostly) mistake-free play it demonstrated against the Gators, while the Bulldog defense will have to tackle far better than they have throughout this season to contain the Wildcats’ powerful running game, which is led by their star tailback, the bruising Benny Snell.
Offensively, UGA will need to be at their best against Kentucky, as the Wildcats boast one of the nation’s best defenses. Kentucky currently ranks third in Defensive S&P+, and they are particularly dangerous against the run, as the ‘Cats rank ninth in Rushing S&P+, while their passing defense is also exceptional, ranking 12th in Passing S&P+. Kentucky’s defense also achieves the difficult feat of combining excellence at preventing explosive plays, ranking 12th in IsoPPP, with a top-15 Havoc ranking. Finally, Kentucky’s defense excels when their backs are against the wall, as they allow only 3.09 points per scoring opportunity, good for fourth in the nation. In summary: they’re damn good, and they’re the unit that’s powered Kentucky to 7-1 and a top 10 ranking this season and Georgia will have to be at their best to even move the ball against a defense this dominant.
Fortunately, the Bulldogs have some experience with defenses as talented as UK’s as they’ve already played LSU and Florida this season. While Georgia was overawed by LSU’s speed and physicality in Baton Rouge, UGA’s work during their bye week in between the LSU debacle and the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party clearly paid off, as the offensive unit was far more consistent against the Gators than it had been against the Tigers. In particular, Jake Fromm was far more in command against Florida than he had been against LSU, as he went 17-24 for 240 yards and 3 crucial touchdowns, including a pair of excellently placed fadesto Jeremiah Holloman and a perfectly thrown crossing route to Terry Godwin. Fromm’s performance against an athletic Florida defense has almost certainly quieted the calls for Justin Fields to start, and he will need to continue his efficient play against the Wildcats’ dominant defense, particularly given some of the recent struggles of the running game.
While the running game has been a strength for the ‘Dawgs this season, their performance against Florida could have been better, as the Bulldogs stunk in short-yardage against the Gators, particularly in the red zone. This was highlighted by Florida’s goal-line stand in the third quarter, when Georgia had 7 tries to gain one yard following a Feleipe Franks fumble, and got pushed backwards. Of course, some credit is due to the Gator defense for their efforts, but the Bulldogs must be better against Kentucky in these situations in order to escape Lexington with a win. I’d look to see Elijah Holyfield get more carries as he’s a bit more physical than D’andre Swift, which could wear down the Wildcat defense in the second half.
While the Wildcats’ defense is certainly legit, their offense is a bit… shit. Kentucky ranks 109th in Offensive S&P+, and their passing game is somewhat atrocious, as presumptive starter Terry Wilson has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns this season. However, despite his inefficiencies as a passer, Wilson is a dangerous runner on the option and as a scrambler as he’s run for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns this season, and he’s got fairly good speed, as shown on hisTD run against Florida. Luckily for Wilson and the Wildcats, star tailback Benny Snell has been able to carry the offense on his shoulders despite the struggles of the passing game. Snell has toted the ball 179 times for 935 yards, and he combines speedwith a nose for the endzone, as he’s found paydirt 9 times this year. Snell will often take direct snaps from the center in short-yardage situations, and he’s even tossed a td pass this season. While Kentucky does have a few other threats, including sophomore receiver Lynn Bowden Jr, it is clear that Snell is the foundation for all of Kentucky’s offensive success.
While it is no surprise that Kentucky will run Snell as often as possible, Georgia will still have to stop him, which will prove a tall task for Georgia’s underperforming run defense. Despite the talent level across the UGA defense, the Junkyard Dawgs have been pedestrian against the run, ranking 77th in rushing S&P+, and they’ve both struggled to inflict negative plays, ranking 77th in stuff rate, and to prevent opposing backs from getting into the second level, ranking 105th in opportunity rate allowed against the run. However, if UGA can leverage Kentucky into passing situations, the Bulldog defense should easily handle the Wildcat passing attack, and could hopefully force a few turnovers as Terry Wilson is forced to test future NFL players such as Deandre Baker, J.R. Reed, and Richard Lecounte.
While Kentucky is having their best season in more than 40 years, I’d expect their dreams of a berth in the SEC Championship to end on Saturday against Georgia. The ‘Dawgs are too complete on all levels for Kentucky’s offense to keep up, particularly given their struggles with the passing game. Kentucky’s defense will keep the game close, however, and I’d expect the first half to stay relatively low-scoring, barring a spate of turnovers on either side. Nevertheless, Georgia’s offense will eventually wear down Big Blue defensively, and the Bulldogs will leave Lexington with an SEC East title and a date in Atlanta with the winner of the Alabama-LSU game.
Georgia 27- Kentucky 13
Kentucky Perspective by u/B1ackMagix of
In a shocking turn of events, the SEC east will be decided in Lexington against Georgia and Kentucky. While I believe Kentucky’s defense is up to the challenge it’s do-or-die time for the offense. Kentucky needs to pay attention to the strong Bulldog opponents past games to hopefully find some keys to victory. Offense
We’ve got a match made for our offensive line. Georgia’s pass defense is top notch (9th in the nation) while their rush defense leaves something to be desired (clocking in at a much lower 43). Compare this to the games we’ve already played and we’re looking at teams like Texas A&M (5), Mississippi State (15), And Mizzou (28). We’ve got a large opportunity to let Snell, Rose and Wilson do what they do best as long as they don’t put a spotter on Wilson. Charge those lines and get some rushing yards. If there’s a game to let our rushing offense shine, it’s here.
Don’t be afraid of the RPO though. Wilson made some incredible passes in the past 8 minutes of the Mizzou game and I hope that confidence carries through. We’ve proved that Bowden is a weapon to be used and we should try to get him some good looks.
Georgia is going to keep us guessing. They like to balance passing with the rush and aren’t afraid to take shots down field when they feel they can. Our defense will need to play top notch to stiffen their offense. Georgia is tied right there with Kentucky as far as sacks allowed go so Allen needs to get his name out there early. Make the offense settle for short gain plays and try to keep them out of their rhythm.
Outside Influences.
The crowd is going to be a factor. We need to be loud and proud and support our team. I don’t see this being a big issue, but it should be a sellout crowd and we should have blue and white be as loud as possible. Saturday is looking cold and cloudy in Lexington, so we should prep for that.
I think this game is going to be close. If Kentucky plays the best game of the season, then we could pull out the upset but that’s a big if. I do think the game will be a lot closer than people give us credit for. Kentucky will play hard but unfortunately our offense is lacking. Our defense won’t be able to cover the slack the offense leaves behind but it will be a close game.
Georgia 28 -Kentucky 24

Missouri @ Florida 4:00 SEC Network

Missouri perspective by u/Marc1221 of
First off, before we get into this game, let’s review the debacle that was last week’s Kentucky/Mizzou Game. I sure hope that wasn’t anybody’s first experience watching college football. It would have been their last. Mizzou got ZERO first downs in the second half and still would have won if either a) the officials didn’t make the worst pass interference call since the 2002 BCS Championship game; b) the remaining crew had the balls to overturn it; c) they run the ball with a late lead and trying to take time off the clock (see SC also); or d) Barry Odom knew something about clock management. But, hey, in the end, this is Mizzou in a nutshell. We are on the wrong end of these game-changing/season- defining/legacy-making calls all the time. It’s a cliché, but if it weren’t for bad luck, Mizzou sports would have no luck at all. The 5th Down. The Flea Kicker. The 1960 KU Jayhawk cheaters. Michael Porter. Jontay Porter. Tyus Edney. Norfolk St. Northern Iowa. And on…and on… and on. Anyway…
I doubt Mizzou shows up for this game. The players are saying the right things…they still believe…they are behind their coach, etc. But Barry Odom is a dead man walking if they lose this game. And part of me would not mind that scenario. Like on Survivor, when a team loses a challenge on purpose to get rid of someone on their own team. A win could energize the team against a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way. And maybe sweeten the prospect of landing Clemson QB transfer Kelly Bryant. And Drew Lock, God love him, has not shown in 4 years that he can lead Mizzou to a victory over any team of significance. Mock drafts still show him as a first round pick, but I would not want to be the GM that made that call. Of course, these mock drafts are made by people with no NFL draft experience, but I see him going 3rd round or lower. His inability to deliver early in his career was explained away because he played 3 sports in high school; he didn’t have time to focus solely on football like his peers. But there is no excuse for 8 CONSECUTIVE three and outs in the second half against Kentucky. That was the Missouri offensive output. 8 possessions…8 three and outs. This team has the talent to contend, but whether it’s coaching or Lock’s breakdown against superior defenses, they find themselves at the end of the season needing a must-win in the 12th game to make a mid December bowl game. I’m not saying they are Bama ready, but eight 3 and outs? How is that even possible?
So, about this game. Florida is 11 in the latest poll and has a couple impressive wins already. Even though they are coming off a tough loss to Georgia, they have a lot more to fight for than the Tigers. They are good in all areas but not great in any particular one, but a better than average passing defense will once again neutralize Drew Lock. We will see how much the Tigers are committed to Odom and this season, and three of their 4 losses so far are against top 10 teams, and they did reel off 6 straight wins last year after a disastrous start to became bowl eligible, including a win at home over Florida, but again, this year had so much more promise. I think you can stick a fork in this team. They are done.
Florida 27 – Mizzou 17
Florida perspective by u/dcspringer (and his wife apparently) of
Florida comes in this week following a loss that a score suggest was more one sided than it felt. The game spiraled out of control in a matter of mere minutes for the Gators, and showed that perhaps they are not ready to contend for crown of the SEC yet. But they are close, and they can get back on track this weekend when a high-powered Missouri offense rolls into Gainesville.
The Gators and Tigers do have something in common, they both have a loss to Kentucky, but the similarities stop there. This Florida team is much improved over that Florida team that lost to Kentucky, and Missouri seems to have regressed on the season. This game is more important for Florida than many give it credit for. Dan Mullen is facing the large conundrum of keeping his team motivated. The Gators making the SEC championship game at this point is an impossibility. Florida holds the clear advantage in talent on both sides of the ball, and the biggest question will lie on whether Gator QB Felipe Franks will deliver a performance worthy of bang or a dud.
The Tigers have the 23rd best ranked passing offense in FBS ball in terms of YPG. Florida, with its 11th ranked pass defense, will look to shut down a Missouri pass offense that has seen its fair share of struggles recently. Missouri has done a decent job of keeping Drew Lock upright, giving up only 10 sacks through 8 games, and that includes a game at Alabama. Florida, on the other hand, has done a decent job of getting to the QB 22 times in 8 games. Getting to Drew Lock should be an important point for the Gator defense to disrupt the passing offense of the Tigers and give the ball back to the Gator offense.
The contractually obligated FSU wife preview:
Florida is a swamp ass garbage team whose players are as criminally inclined as its fans. Spending one second in the swamp is akin to spending an eternity sitting on a boiling hot pile of garbage. It is no wonder that the team is a trash bag full of smaller trash bags full of elephant sh*t. I and the rest of the conscious world look forward to continue to watching it implode for the rest of time until there is nothing left in its place except a work camp for the criminally insane.
(Editors note: yeah… this checks out)
Florida has been a decent but not great team of running the football and using the spread offense. Think how the gators ran when Tebow was there under the glory days of MeyeMullen. Florida must do a better job of ball security and not allow Missouri to have their run of the field when they want. Expect Mullen to give Felipe Franks easy throws early and often to build confidence and allow UF playmakers to make plays in space. Missouri is a team that is as desperate, maybe more so than Florida is. But Florida just gets it done this week. They get off to a slow start due to the cocktail hangover, but open it up and get off to the races. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Jones shows up and shows out if things get fun.
38 Florida-21 Missouri

Alabama @ LSU 8:00 CBS

Alabama Perspective by u/dbatchison of
Oh man, oh man, oh man, I am excited for this game. Some people will say that this is Alabama's first test of the year. Despite us really dominating the Alabama/LSU series for the past 7 years, this rivarly has always been awesome. Coach O has brought some much needed life to the Tigahs and really is the perfect person to hold the reigns in Baton Rouge. When I was growing up, LSU absolutely dominated the series winning 7 of 8 between 2000 and 2007. I was a junior at Alabama for our 9-6 defensive slugfest and went to the championship game in New Orleans that year. Following the game, I experienced the perfect summary of what Alabama vs LSU is all about:
While standing in front of Fat Catz on Bourbon Street, a crying, gorgeous, blonde tiger fan yelled between tears and quick breaths "SUCK... THAT TIGAH... DICK, BITCH!" at me while throwing a full unoppened can of bud light, hitting me square in the jaw. She then ran up, hugged me, and started making out with me. Ending her passionate embrace, she shoved me away and stumbled away into the crowd, blending with the masses as quickly as she appeared, vanishing away into the night.
I believe this is a perfect summary of the Alabama-LSU rivalry. We love to hate each other. Corndogs, I expect a hell of a fight and am eagerly anticipating it. Roll Tide. I also believe this rivalry (along with the Iron Bown) needs a trophy. I suggest having a large, gold plated Gumbo Pot something this size mounted on a base with placards riveted around the sides of the pot featuring the games. The team that wins keeps it until next year. I don't like the name "the Saban Bowl" because this rivalry goes all the way back to the 1900s. It should be called something else, the "Boudin Bowl"... the Cajun Confrontation... the "At least we're not Mississippi" Showdown... the Corndog Combine... idk, something like that
35 Alabama-24 LSU
It really hurts me to say I have no LSU preview this week. Alas, 5 outa six aint bad. As always if you would like to write a preview pm me! It’s a first come first serve basis so even if someone wrote for your team this week they may be available next.
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i_MiLK's 2 Round February Mock Draft w/ Explanations

No long intro, let's just jump straight into it.
DISCLAIMER #1: This is based on what I would do if I was picking for each team. This is not intended to be a predictive mock.
DISCLAIMER #2: The largest story of the draft and what will determine how much of the actual draft and mock drafts alike play out is the decision of Kyler Murray to play either baseball or football. Since at the end of the day mock drafts are all about how different scenarios could play out in the draft, in this mock Kyler has decided that he'll commit to playing football and wants to play in the NFL. Ok? Ok.
DISCLAIMER #3: No trades
1.01 ARI - Nick Bosa EDGE The Ohio State
The Cardinals are in a great spot entering the draft considering the sorry state of their roster. I know that seems like a "no shit Sherlock" statement because they have the 1st pick in the whole draft, but what puts them in a good position goes beyond that. It's the flexibility that's key. Want interior pass rush? Quinnen Williams is a monster. Want someone to pair up with Chandler Jones? Nick Bosa's your guy. Want to acquire assets to try and fill all your holes on the roster? You could get a great haul for trading back. I went with Nick because I see what the Chargers have done with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa and think the Cards could crank that up to 11 with Chandler and Nick, but it's gonna be very hard to the Cards to screw this up with whatever direction they choose to go in on draft night.
1.02 SF - Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky
Lemme tell ya, I hated Josh Allen's game when I watched his 2017 season. The athletic and physical tools were all there but it just didn't look like he knew what he was doing out there, especially when it came to rushing the QB. Fast-forward to the end of the 2018 season and Josh Allen is a top 10 overall player on my board and a prospect that I have fallen in love with. Josh still has some work to do in terms of expanding his moves, counters, and variety as a pass rusher, but his improvement over 1 offseason was absolutely staggering. His ability to learn and add things to his game to the degree that he did this pas year gives me a ton of confidence that he can continue to develop and get better in the NFL. Most prospects aren't finished products coming out of college, and it's the ones that can prove they can develop that earn high grades for me. Josh Allen certainly proved that this season and it's why I'm comfortable taking him in the top 5.
1.03 NYJ - Quinnen Williams DT Alabama
This might be a tad strange considering the Jets are planning on keeping Leonard Williams in the Big Apple but I think getting Q would be the best move for the Jets. With ~$95 million in cap space, I feel the Jets would be best served spending much of that cap space on outside pass rushers and on the OL. By doing that, it allows the Jets to either stick at 3 and take the BPA, or trade back and recoup assets lost in the trade up with the Colts last year. At this point, with Quinnen still on the board and Henry Anderson hitting the open market, this pick is a natural fit on a revamped Jets roster.
1.04 OAK - Brian Burns EDGE Florida State
This pick is pretty simple, the Raiders need a pass rusher on the outside and Burns can give it to them. Long, explosive, bendy, and possessing technique, Brian is my top pass rusher on the board. The concerns about his frame are certainly warranted, as he's a pretty lanky guy, but he has all the other traits you want in a pass rusher. If he weighs in at the combine at 245 like some suspect he will, then that will answer some questions and concerns about his frame.
1.05 TB - Ed Oliver DL Houston
Tampa made a huge mistake last year in passing on the BPA for Vita Vea. Vea is a fine player but anytime you pass on a 1st team All-Pro for a "fine" player, you're going to regret it. That's especially true when that All-Pro is a versatile, playmaking do-it-all safety and your fine player is a 1T DT. That's not a mistake I want to make again, and with Gerald McCoy more than likely on his way out, it makes sense to fill that need with a player like Oliver. Some people have concerns about Ed's size and technical ability, but I believe in his incredible athleticism. The reason I thought that Derwin was a great fit for the Bucs last year was because I felt they needed a playmaker in the secondary. With McCoy gone, the Bucs now need a playmaker on the defensive line and I think Oliver is well worth the gamble on becoming that next playmaker.
1.06 NYG - Dwayne Haskins QB The Ohio State
Regardless of whether or not Eli will be the G-men's start in 2019, this is a good pick. Eli is 38 years old and on the last year of his contract, they need a QB of the future as soon as possible and Haskins is my top signal caller in this class. As a 1 year starter in college with some technical things to clean up in his lower body, having Haskins learning behind Eli wouldn't be the worst thing in the world the Giants were determined to have Eli be the starter for 1 final year. I do think that Haskins talent, combined with the likes of OBJ, Barkley, Shepard, and Engram, could make for a very dangerous offense for a long time.
1.07 JAX - Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma
Yes, he has a small frame (although with how the NFL protects its QBs I'm a tad less worried about his size than others). Yes, he mostly went up against those garbage Big XII defenses. At the end of the day though, Murray has fantastic athleticism and a big time arm. When I watched Kyle play this season, I saw a guy who can flat out play. I'll be fascinated to see how the Kyler Murray experiment works in the NFL if he goes the football route. Murray is a super polarizing prospect, probably more so than even Wyoming Josh Allen was last year. Considering the rest of the QB crop in this year's class, I'd much rather take the Murray risk than rely on the rest of the QBs after Haskins.
1.08 DET - Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson
Another team with a huge need at pass rusher. Whether Ziggy Ansah re-signs or not, the Lions need to get some more juice on the edge. Ferrell isn't the most flexible EDGE prospect in this class, but his hand usage, strength, length, and jump off the snap are certainly quality. He's also one of the best run defenders out of the top EDGE prospects, and I think Ferrell's overall game will mesh well with what Matt Patricia wants to do on defense.
1.09 BUF - Jonah Williams OL Alabama
Time to get Josh Allen some protection man. I personally think Jonah can be a high-quality tackle at the NFL level, but on this Buffalo OL it doesn't matter where you put Jonah, he'll be an upgrade. There honestly isn't much more to say about this pick, it's just a great upgrade to unit that needs to be better for the development of Josh Allen's game and the Bills' offense.
1.10 DEN - Byron Murphy CB Washington
More BPA-type picks here at 10. Murphy is my favorite corner in this entire class. Aggressive, fluid, physical, and with great ball skills, I like Byron's mix of traits more than any other CB in this class. With Roby hitting FA and no other real quality CB opposite of Chris Harris, I think Murphy can infuse another layer of talent on this defense like Bradley Chubb did this past season.
1.11 CIN - Devin White LB LSU
I know Bengals fans have seen this pick a million times, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. Cincinnati's LB play was flat out abhorrent last year. The lack of speed and athleticism on their second level was shocking, and needs fixing immediately. Devin White can help solve a lot of those problems. As a RB convert, White's mental processing and instincts improved from 2017 to 2018 and will continue to improve, but White's size and athleticism are tantalizing for a LB prospect.
1.12 GB - Jachai Polite EDGE Florida
Size and frame are concerns for Polite, at only 6'2 and 240-245, but Polite has solid hand usage, explosiveness, and bend on the outside. Clay Matthews has done a lot of great things in Green Bay, including helping them to a Super Bowl victory (grrrrrrrrrrr) but as a 32 year FA, it's time to move on to a younger pass rusher. Polite will probably struggle early on in his career as a run defender, but he'll be able to bring some juice and disruption as a pass rusher on a team that needs it if they want to get Aaron Rodgers back to the playoffs.
1.13 MIA - Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State
The tank is on in South Beach, and after years of mediocrity it's the right direction to head in. I believe that building a team from the ground up should start in the trenches and Simmons is the best linemen available. Obviously many won't like Simmons because of his off field history before he got to Mississippi State, and he'll need to answer questions about that in the pre-draft process. However everything that I've seen and read indicates that Simmons has been a locker room leader for the Bulldogs during his time there. On the field there's no questions from me about Jeffery's game. Good size, great quickness and explosiveness, improving technique and solid finishing are all components of Simmons' game. The disruption and havoc that Simmons has been able to cause in backfields all across the southeast in the past couple years are exactly what the Dolphins need to start rebuilding their team.
1.14 ATL - Cody Ford OL Oklahoma
I definitely think that Cody can play tackle at the NFL level, but on this Falcons team I think Ford could start out at guard with Andy Levitre hitting FA and being old. Ford has power, size, flexibility, and agile feet that make him a good prospect for any OL spot. Atlanta's biggest weakness right now is in the trenches gives them the toughness and athleticism to help fix that.
1.15 WAS - D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss
Combine medicals will be key to see if DK's neck checks out, but right now he's my WR1. Metcalf isn't the most polished route runner coming out of the Rebel's cookie-cutter offense, but he stands at 6'4 225 with long strides and good long speed. With great physical and athletic traits, Metcalf has the potential to be a legit #1 WR on a NFL roster. Washington really needs someone like Metcalf to give their offense a spark. Whoever their QB is in 2019, and if Alex Smith is able to come back and be their QB after that, will need a dynamic big play WR like Metcalf if the Skins want to try and climb back up to the top of the NFC East.
1.16 CAR - Nasir Adderly SAF Delaware
I really thought long about this pick, but more and more I start to believe that the Delaware product is the best safety in this class. I love his range, size, and willingness to come down and tackle. Adderly is a versatile chess piece that can play in a multitude of positions in the secondary. He's physical and aggressive enough to come down and play in the box in a SS role, he's fluid enough to cover receiving TEs and RBs, and he has the range, instincts, and ball skills to play to play in a single high, deep 1/2, or deep 1/3 role. Looking at the Panthers roster, they've done a nice job of retooling their secondary since Josh Norman left by drafting Donte Jackson, but their safety play has been in need of younger, fresh blood. I think Adderly has the ability to help improve this defense and take this team back to the playoffs and challenge for the NFC South crown.
1.17 CLE - Mack Wilson LB Alabama
I definitely thought about going OT here, but honestly, Greg Robinson played really well for the Browns down the stretch and probably saved his career. Although Greg is a FA this spring, with how he played in Cleveland, I think it makes sense to bring him back to Cleveland considering the quality of his play and the chemistry he already has with that OL. Someone that shouldn't be back with the Browns however is LB Jamie Collins. Collins is simply too expensive for what he brings them. Enter Mack Wilson. Mack's size, athleticism, and coverage ability is fantastic for a LB prospect. In today's NFL you need LBs who are comfortable covering in space and Mack is one of those guys. Wilson isn't the best in terms of processing run plays, and he'll need to play gaps quicker in the pros, but I think being in a LB room with guys Kirksey and Schobert will help Mack's mental development and will help take the pressure off of Mack in the run game. A real nice pick that I think will help round out this defense.
1.18 MIN - Dalton Risner OL Kansas State
All about versatility with this pick. The Vikings need OL help in the worst way and Risner helps to solve that. Risner has the experience, size, and athleticism to play all 5 spots on the OL. If the Vikes want to keep Reiff and O'Neill at tackle, then Risner can easily kick inside. If they want to move around Reiff and maybe move O'Neill to LT (where he played at Pitt), then Risner can plug and play at RT (where he played the past couple years at KSU). Overall I think Risner really helps boost this offensive line, and maybe now Kirk Cousins can beat a team over .500.
1.19 TEN - Montez Sweat EDGE Mississippi State
Senior Bowl standout Montez Sweat goes here to Tennessee in the top 20. Of the EDGE prospects likely to go in the 1st round, Sweat is the one I have the most questions about. Specifically, I wonder how good he can be with his quickness and flexibility questions. However his length, frame, and effort cannot be denied. As a #2 EDGE rusher opposite Harold Landry, I think that Montez can put up some solid numbers and provide more pressure on the QB off the edge.
1.20 PIT - Deandre Baker CB Georgia
I recently went back and watched Baker, Trayvon Mullen, and Greedy Williams and I just couldn't help but think that Baker played the best of the 3. Deandre's ability to make plays on the ball and his ability to constantly break up passes are just what the Steelers need. Baker always seems to find the ball when it's thrown his way with 7 career INTs and 23 career PDs and takeaways and ball skills are the biggest weaknesses of the Steelers secondary. Steelers really need to hit on this pick, but all the top CBs in this class have their fair share of concerns. I just hope that Baker works out for us if he's the pick.
1.21 SEA - Rashan Gary DL Michigan
I think this is solid value for Gary. Gary's production doesn't jump of the page for where he's been mocked and for a recruit of his pedigree, but his size, strength, explosiveness, and quickness is certainly appealing in the 1st round still. I think Seattle can be a really good fit for Gary. Defensively, I think the Seahawks have the ability to be pretty creative with Gary and move him around in many spots along the line to create and exploit different mismatches. A DL that includes Wolverines Frank Clark and Rashan Gary could prove to be particularly destructive to offenses.
1.22 BAL - N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State
Lamar Jackson is a great runner and a fantastic athlete, but he needs a big WR to help make him a more consistent passer. With strong hands, a huge body, and a great catch radius, N'Keal Harry is a good receiver to pair up with Jackson. I do have questions about Harry's route running and his ability to create separation, but on top of the tools I already stated he's a very agile player and has shown solid YAC ability. Time to build around Lamar and Harry is a good piece to start that process.
1.23 HOU - Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia
Fairly simple selection here. Deshaun Watson is the present and future of the Texans franchise, he simply cannot be taking the amount of hits he's taken so far. The Texans OL was the worst pass protecting OL in the NFL this past year, and Cajuste can go a long way in rectifying that. Cajuste has a great frame, great length, nimble feet, and good strength. Yodny will also bring a tough, fierce, and nasty mentality to this OL unit. I think that Yodny is one of the more underrated OL prospects in this year's draft but I also think he's the sort of guy who can help out a struggling unit.
1.24 OAK via CHI - Noah Fant TE Iowa
Now that Oakland has their pass rusher, it's time to just get talent. With Jared Cook 32 and hitting FA, the Raiders need to get Derek Carr a new weapon to work with. What makes Fant such a promising prospect is how athletic he is and how many different ways you can use him. He played inline some at Iowa but he was used a lot as a slot receiver as well. That mismatch ability combined with his great athleticism gives him the potential to be a very dangerous weapon in the NFL. In 2018, Jared Cook posted a career year with highs in targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns. If Carr liked Cook that much, I think that Carr would love to have Fant as a receiving target.
1.25 PHI - Devin Bush LB Michigan
Jordan Hicks has been a fairly injury prone player in his NFL career so far, and I don't trust the LB depth after Nigel Bradham. I do have some concerns about Bush's size and specifically his arm length in order to shed tackles, but he has a pretty strong mental game and he has great sideline-to-sideline speed and overall athleticism. He's also pretty solid in coverage vs RBs, although his size does limit his ability to cover TEs. In a very weak LB class though, I'm still comfortable taking a guy like Devin Bush at the end of the 1st round.
1.26 IND - Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson
The Colts are in an interesting spot here at the end of the 1st round. The value isn't really good for an EDGE defender but they're in a really good spot to add a receiver or a corner. With how deep the WR class is and with how top-heavy the CB class is, going with CB first is the better bet. I've cooled off a bit on Mullen from the preseason and early in the year, but I'm still a fan of Mullen's game. He's got great length, nice speed, and plays a physical brand of football. He's a solid and physical tackler against ball carriers and receivers, and he does a good job of squeezing receivers to the boundary and limiting their room to operate. I certainly have concerns about his fluidity, quick twitch movement, and ball skills, but he's done a nice job of making life difficult for opposing outside receivers and I think he can continue to do that in the NFL. For the Colts, Pierre Desir, Nate Hariston, and Quincy Wilson isn't the worst CB starting trio I've seen, but Desir is a FA and regardless, it's certainly a CB crops that can be upgraded.
1.27 OAK via DAL - Deionte Thompson SAF Alabama
Just adding more talent to this Raiders roster. Oakland really doesn't have many bodies at the safety position in general. Karl Joseph hasn't gotten on so far with Jon Gruden and Paul Guenther, and Reggie Nelson is a really old FS that's also hitting FA. Thompson has really cooled off after a scorching start to the season. He's prone to getting baited by QB's eyes and from what I've been able to gather he has a slight frame (like 175-180 lbs). I still believe that Deionte is a really good safety prospect though. He still has great range and his ball skills are good. Despite his size he's also a really aggressive tackler and more than willing to come downhill and hit guys, so there's definitely appealing traits with Thompson. Considering how barebones the Raiders roster is right now, the name of the game should be getting playmakers and that's what I have tried to do in this first round.
1.28 LAC - Jawaan Taylor OT Florida
The Gators RT has been shooting up draft boards, and I feel it's fairly warranted. Listed at 6'5 and 328 lbs, Taylor has great length and good strength as a blocker. He also has some surprising agility for his size, although I'm not sure just how good of an athlete he really is. Regardless, I think he's an immediate upgrade over current Bolts RT Sam Tevi. Tevi isn't a horrible RT and a player that deserves a place on the roster, but I just don't think he's starter material currently. With Philip Rivers approaching the twilight of his career and the team in win-now mode, getting a better RT with be beneficial for Rivers, and potentially the QB that takes over for him in the future.
1.29 KC - Greedy Williams CB LSU
It's pretty apparent where the biggest hole is on the Chiefs team, it's in the secondary. Kendall Fuller is a solid piece, and KC should probably look to bring back Steven Nelson, but there's just nothing else in that CB room. I have my gripes about parts of Greedy's game (his press technique needs more work, his lack of physicality and effort vs the run does not appeal to me much, his long speed, he could do a bit better job of getting his head around and finding the ball, and I thought he would have developed from 2017 to 2018 more than he actually did), but his playmaking ability and his amazing physical tools make him a tantalizing CB prospect. At a staggering 6'3, Williams has the length to shrink any throwing window and negate almost any receiver's catch radius. With 6 INTs as a redshirt freshman and 19 PDs in 2 seasons, he's also proved that he's able to make the most of his talents whenever he's able to see the ball. Williams is the most "boom or bust" CB prospect in this year's class, but if the Chiefs are able to hit on him and develop him, they will become a much more lethal Super Bowl contender. Finally, how can you not have a DB prospect with the nickname "Greedy" go in the 1st round?
1.30 GB via NO - T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa
The 2018 John Mackey Award winner will be a great fit pretty much anywhere, but with Aaron Rodgers the pick becomes all the better. There's nothing Hockenson can't do, he can block, run routes well, use his size to box out DBs, create YAC, has reliable hands, and is an explosive player. He may not have the crazy athleticism his teammate Noah Fant has, but T.J. should be a reliable offensive piece for AR12 and the Packers to replace the aging Jimmy Graham with.
1.31 LAR - Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson
With Ndamukong Suh looking for an offseason payday, the Rams will probably get the chance to replace him with another huge DT. Dexter Lawrence helped himself out quite a bit with a much better and healthier 2017 than 2018, but a suspension from the CFB Playoff has dampened his season. I'm still a fan of Dex's game though. He eats blockers for breakfast and is a constant sight for RBs versus the run on the interior. As a pass rusher I think he offers more value than people think with his ability to quickly push the pocket and collapse areas for the QB to step up in, allowing his EDGE rushers easy opportunities to finish off the QB. DLaw has been lost in the shuffle this draft season, but playing next to the best defensive player on the planet, 2x reigning DPOY, and potentially greatest DT of all time when said player gets inducted into Canton, should help Dexter make more of an impact and help retool this Rams defensive line.
1.32 NE - Christian Wilkins DT Clemson
How "Patriots" would it be for Wilkins to fall to New England at the end of the 1st round? Christian isn't a crazy athlete, nor does he have insane physical tools, but he's a team leader who plays a solid, well-rounded game. The Pats are in store for a fair bit of turnaround on the defensive line, and Wilkins is the perfect guy to help ease that transition. Wilkins is a disruptive run defender and does an excellent job as a gap penetrator (14.0 TFL in 2018), but is also a sound pass rusher with a variety of moves in his arsenal (10.5 sacks over the past 2 seasons). At the end of the day the fit between the Pats and Wilkins is too good to pass up on here with the last pick of the first round.
Round 2
2.33 ARI - Andre Dillard OT Washington State
2.34 IND via NYJ - Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State
2.35 OAK - Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama
2.36 SF - Amani Oruwaryie CB Penn State
2.37 NYG - Charles Omenihu DL (And I think he can legitimately play EDGE) Texas
2.38 JAX - Irv Smith Jr TE Alabama
2.39 TB - Greg Little OT Ole Miss
2.40 BUF - Hollywood Brown WR Oklahoma
2.41 DEN - Drew Lock QB Missouri
2.42 CIN - Dawson Knox TE Ole Miss
2.43 DET - Julian Love CB Notre Dame
2.44 GB - Chris Lindstrom OG Boston College
2.45 ATL - Dre'Mont Jones DT The Ohio State
2.46 WAS - Daniel Jones QB Duke
2.47 CAR - Oshane Ximines EDGE Old Dominion
2.48 MIA - Garrett Bradbury C North Carolina State
2.49 CLE - Riley Ridley WR Georgia
2.50 MIN - Gerald Willis III DT Miami
2.51 TEN - Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina
2.52 PIT - A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss
2.53 PHI via BAL - David Montgomery RB Iowa State
2.54 HOU via SEA - Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple
2.55 HOU - David Edwards OT Wisconsin
2.56 NE via CHI - Chase Winovich EDGE Michigan
2.57 PHI - Anthony Nelson EDGE Iowa
2.58 DAL - Taylor Rapp SAF Washington
2.59 IND - Christian Miller EDGE Alabama
2.60 LAC - Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame
2.61 KC - Juan Thornhill SAF Virginia
2.62 NO - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson NCB
2.63 KC via LAR - Khalen Saunders DT Ass Whoop University aka Western Illinois
2.64 NE - Kaden Smith TE Stanford
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[Game Thread] Ole Miss Rebels @ Mississippi State Bulldogs THE EGG BOWL (7:30 PM EDT)

NCAA Football: Week 14
Ole Miss Rebels (7-4) @ Mississippi State Bulldogs (5-6)
Kick-off: 7:30PM EDT
Venue: Davis Wade Stadium Starkville, MS
How to witness:
Game Line: -3
OveUnder: 52
Game Notes:
leads the overall series, 61-42-6
is wearing this uniform tonight.
The immaculate deflection
Here is the trophy they are battling for.
Subscribe to these subs:
/olemiss | /sec | /msstate
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SEC Previews Week 11

Well here we are, with only two weeks left in the regular season, and well…. It’s certainty a light week for SEC vs SEC games with only three. Before we get started let’s review the score predictions from last week. We had multiple people guess extremely close but there can only be one winner, and that was u/Rebel226! The Ole Miss fan was three points away from the real score guessing 38-24 A&M which was three points off of the real score of 35-24 A&M. That brings the score to one point for Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Ole Miss.

Arkansas @ Mississippi State 12:00 ESPN

Arkansas preview by u/gholdenitdown of
After a disappointing showing for the Hog seniors on Senior Night, the Hogs (2-8) (0-6) will travel to Starkville for a Saturday matinee against the Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-4) (2-4).
Unsurprisingly, the LSU Tigers came to play Saturday night in Fayetteville. The fans and tailgaters were there, along with over 100 recruits to send the Hogs off on their last home game of the season, but the Hogs laid an egg for the better part of the game. The offense really didn’t find any sort of groove until the 4th quarter, and by then, time and the score was already heavily in LSU’s favor. Joe Burrow threw a 40 yd dime to Jefferson to start off the scoring, and LSU scored after several stifled Hog Offensive drives to keep a commanding lead throughout the first and second halves. Until the 4th quarter, Ty was as ineffective as he was horizontal on the ground. I don’t think there was a play where Devin White wasn’t sprinting to rip Ty’s head off. He was sacked multiple times and clearly rattled. The run game and OL didn’t help him out either, but he still made some pretty poor throws (specifically the INT he threw when he could have led his WR into midfield rather than throw to the sideline.) All in all, LSU didn’t play as well as they should have, and they let the Hogs hang around and make it a game, but they are a vastly more talented team than the Hogs. The Hogs are now left down and with little to fight for the rest of the way.
The Hog D, aside from a few bad plays, played well enough to keep the Razorbacks in the game. The offense just couldn’t get anything started until it was too little too late.
The Mississippi St. Bulldogs have a solid team this year but the hydraulic crusher that is the SEC West has beaten them up pretty bad. A few times their offense has been absent, as well as their defense, but they looked respectable against Bama even though they were shut out. Their D played great, keeping the Bama O to only 24 points, but their offense could not get on the scoreboard. A few bad calls that went Bama’s way (big surprise) made the Bulldogs loss even tougher to swallow.
The Bulldogs could reach 9 wins if they win out, which I would cut off a pinky finger for to see the Hogs be at that point. I expect them to be motivated as this is their last home game before traveling to take on their most heated rival, the Ole Miss Rebels. Expect the Bulldogs to be tuned up and hungry after being point starved last week.
Nick Fitzgerald’s legs vs. Hog LB Dre Greenlaw It’s no surprise that the Bulldog QB is a beast with his legs. If he can get past the Hogs D-Line, expect him to bust some long runs. Dre Greenlaw is a great athlete, but he will have his hands full spying on Fitzgerald throughout the game. The Hogs have a slim chance if they can make Nick Fitzgerald one dimensional.
Although the on-field product is gut-wrenching, there are some things to watch that will give you hope for next year. TE CJ O’Grady has really emerged as the go-to threat for this offense. Our WR talent is low but Mike Woods has shown promise at times. Rakeem Boyd was shut down all night but the better he plays these last two games, the more confidence he will have to bust out next year as the leader of this offense. I know it’s hard for Hog fans to stomach, but help is on the way. With a top 10 ranked recruiting class (Rivals) and a potential new starting QB (recruit KJ Jefferson or Grad Transfer Kelly Bryant,) hopefully this is rock bottom for the Hogs. 2-10 is almost a reality barring an unexpected upset, and the Hogs will look to put this season in the rear view mirror as soon as possible.
Nick is too much for the Hogs at the QB position, and he punches in a few TDs and throws for as many. Hogs get one sustained TD drive and a couple field goals against a stifling Bulldog D.
Hogs look at this game as a win if no players are seriously injured.

MSU 31 – Hogs 13

Missouri @ Tennessee 3:30 CBS

Missouri preview by u/Marc1221 of

Which Mizzou team shows up? What Tennessee team shows up? In a matchup between two teams still struggling to find their identity, play consistent football and establish a foundation for next year, Mizzou looks to continue their recent run of success while the Vols hope to build off the momentum of last week’s upset of Kentucky, who Mizzou also beat before the refs took it away. This game also marks the return of MU offensive coordinator Derek Dooley to Knoxville.
This game was checked as a win for Mizzou before the season began, partly because MU looked to build off their 6 straight wins to close the season, the maturation of Drew Lock and last year’s pasting of Tennessee 50-17. But Tennessee has beat Auburn and Kentucky, and have beaten Lock 2 of the last 3 years, so who knows? Tennessee is looking for one more win to become bowl eligible, so they have that going for them. They have a decent defense, which I expect to give Drew Lock trouble, but the offense is horrid, ranking 100th or worse in scoring, rushing and total offense. Against Mizzou’s defense, I don’t see a whole lot of scoring from Tennessee.
The defense is better, and I could see them giving Drew Lock trouble, and I can see Dooley dialing up a lot of big play, high risk calls in an effort to show up Tennessee, but, regardless of what the experts say, Lock is not exactly playing like a first round draft choice this year when presented with any kind of decent opposition. Plus, TE Albert Okwuegbunam, MU’s leading receiver and WR Nate Brown, another big target for Lock, will be out. If Drew doesn’t make good with what he has in the passing game, look for Mizzou to rely again on their running game, which is underrated and underappreciated.
I like Lock, he’s a god kid, but I just don’t see 1st round status for the guy after watching him for 4 years. On a side note, with the rest of the SEC playing directional schools or less appealing matchups than this one, Tennessee and Mizzou will be on CBS. Represent! In the end, Mizzou will score enough to win while limiting scoring opportunities for Tennessee.
Final score: Mizzou 27 – Tennessee 17.

Tennessee preview by u/buckrowdy of

Last week I said Tennessee needed its best effort from the offensive line if they were going to mitigate Kentucky's defense and buy time for QB Jarrett Guarantano and they rose to the challenge. Tennessee rushed for 215 yards and they're 3-0 when they rush for more than 190 yards. Mizzou gave up 253 yards on the ground to Vanderbilt so this looks like a match up that favors the Vols.
Tennessee has a much greater challenge this week defensively because Missouri's offense is more dynamic and they score a lot more points than Kentucky. Mizzou is averaging 473 yards & 35 points per game and their offensive line is giving Drew Lock the time he needs to make plays.
In the last 6 games Guarantano has 9 td passes and no interceptions and the entire team is playing with a confidence and energy that few foresaw prior to the season. There shouldn't be any need for special motivation or inspiration for Tennessee's last two games. A bowl game, a winning season, and long sought after respectability is all on the line and within reach.
Add to that the second time Tennessee has been visited by a former head coach, senior day and the last home game for the season and you have the makings of another upset. Mizzou is much better than their record indicates and they're favored. But Tennessee is at home, they have momentum, and a certain je ne sais quoi and I think they continue rolling and become bowl eligible.
Final score prediction: Tennessee - 30-28

Liberty @ Auburn 4:00 SEC Network

Auburn preview by u/patsey of

All About Next Year Already
The biggest stories around AU nation are Kelly Bryant and Hugh Freeze. In other words, not the Iron Bowl. To be honest Tua's health is our only path to victory and frankly it wouldn't be worth it. If he's hurt for exactly the duration of the game that would be fine but regardless it's a depressing position to be in.
The fan base is currently looking to the future, specifically in regards to Gus Malzahn. To be honest no one has forgotten that he was very nearly fired several years ago. We know his best year as head coach was reliant upon the miracle at Jordan hare. Yet again he is the only coach in the SEC who stands a chance against Nick Saban head to head. The problem for Auburn is the coordinators are so incredibly mismatched. Alabama had to clean house at the end of last year and the turnaround has been incredible. Auburn brings Chip Lindsey to the table.
Chip Lindsey makes a full 40% of his modest 250k salary in the form of a 100k retention bonus. The problem with Auburn's offense lies in the offensive line but beyond that in the play calling. Chip Lindsey makes the same salary as the Tight Ends coach, he has the same expectations as a Rhett Lashley. Relay Gus's plays as if he were the OC still. The problem for everyone involved has been that the media and Auburn Alums have been entrenched in the idea that Gus needs to hand play calling over to an independent mind. The problem is Chip Lindsey is a former Graduate Assistant of Malzahn's, hardly a new voice in the room. As much as AU nation loves and appreciates Kodi Burns a former GA and former player makes for a very easy Offensive Staff meeting. Hugh Freeze would have been able to get a championship run season out of Jarret Stidham. We need change, that or Kelly Bryant could come in and fit Gus's current configuration. As is the poor system fit is as glaring as it was early last season. Auburn has its biggest recruit in a decade coming next year in Bo Nix. Unless Malzahn hires a QBs coach to go with whoever his new OC is the spectre of the injured slight frame of Sean White is what Auburn fans see in their worst projections.
Regardless Tua is hurt. The Iron Bowl is how Gus got his contract last year, maybe he has been saving all his punches for this game. After being shut out in the second half against Georgia Auburn fans are fearing a shutout- setting the bar literally as low as possible.
Gus with pressure has a chance, hopefully he feels it after that Georgia game. Liberty might score but I wouldn't bet on it.
42-0 Auburn

UMass @ Georgia 4:30 SEC Network

Georgia preview by u/DuragofJupiter of

Following an controlled win against their oldest rivals, the Auburn Tigers, the fifth ranked Georgia Bulldogs will host an opponent they’ve never encountered before, the UMass Minutemen. The Bulldogs’ contest with UMass is the first of two straight non-conference games for the men from Athens, though it should be a much easier game than the Thanksgiving weekend matchup with Georgia Tech. UMass enters this week’s game already out of bowl contention, and, barring an absolute catastrophe, the Dawgs will easily handle the Minutemen and will be able to rest players to prepare for the challenges ahead.
Offensively, Kirby Smart’s charges will likely be looking forward to playing UMass, as the Georgia offense has faced a murderers of row four straight Top 35 defenses since the LSU debacle, and UMass is a rather poor defensive unit. The Minutemen rank 118th in Defensive S&P+, and both their run defense and pass defense are horrid, as they rank in the 120’s in both categories. UMass is also horrible at inflicting havoc plays, and they are completely unable to stop teams from converting on passing downs, as they rank 129th in Passing Downs S&P+. In short, this is an absolutely atrocious defense, and one that Georgia should easily carve up.
In fact, since this game is likely to be a blowout (S&P+ predicts a 41.2 UGA victory), this could be one of the last times this season where Justin Fields is given command of the offense for than a few plays here and there. I’d expect him to get at least one or two drives with the first team offense this week, and to be given free rein to read the field and make plays. I’d also expect some of UGA’s other young talented skill position players, such as James Cook, to get quite a few touches on Saturday, in order to get them some game time experience. Georgia’s offensive line will also probably have some significant rotation this game, in order to help give the battered O-Line time to heal before the stretch run. Nevertheless, Georgia’s offensive talent should easily wear down the UMass defense and the ‘Dawgs should score in at least the 40’s against the Minutemen.
Defensively, the Minutemen will likely prove a slightly tougher test, if still not particularly difficult test for the Dawgs, as their offense is downright competent. UMass ranks 70th in Offensive S&P, and they average 33.4 points per game. On the ground, the Minutemen are led by Marquis Young, who’s rushed for 746 yards and 8 touchdowns, though, despite Young’s efforts their rushing offense is quite ineffective and ranks 116th in Rushing S&P+. However, the UMass offense has survived as a result of an effective passing game. The Minutemen have been led by a pair of senior quarterbacks this season, but Ross Comis was at the reigns of the UMass offense in their most recent game against BYU, and he’ll probably start against Georgia. No matter who is throwing the ball, their favorite target is Andy Isabella, who leads the nation with 1479 receiving yards despite only being 5’10. Isabella has got speed and elusiveness, and he’s even a capable returner, and he’ll almost certainly have at least a cup of coffee in the NFL. The rest of UMass’s receiving corps is not used often (Isabella has 130 targets on the season, the next 3 receivers only have 111 targets among the three of them), but Isabella has been enough to keep the passing game working.
However, unfortunately for the Minutemen, their offensive strengths and weaknesses line up exactly with the strengths of the Junkyard Dawgs. To start, Andy Isabella’s effectiveness will likely be extremely limited by the presence of Deandre Baker, which would force UMass to rely on their secondary receivers getting open against an athletic UGA defense. Furthermore, while UGA has not been great against the run for most of the season, the Georgia pass defense has been a top-ten unit this season, currently ranking 7th in Passing defense S&P+. As a final nail in the coffin for UMass’s hopes of offensive success, the Bulldog defense is excellent on passing downs, ranking 8th in Passing Downs S&P+, and the Minutemen will likely be in quite a few long yardage situations.
A UMass victory would be one of the largest upsets in the modern history of College Football. However, any hopes of a Minutemen-led revolution are truly a long shot, as the UMass offense should be handled by the Georgia defense, while the UGA offense will eviscerate Mark Whipple’s defense. This game should not be close long, and the Dawg faithful will get to see some of the stars of the future get extended time and show their potential. Georgia wins in a blowout.
Georgia 45 - UMass 7

Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt 7:30 SEC Network

Vanderbilt preview by u/Trailbait of

Hotty Toddy, we like to party pay recruits!
Ole Miss Traitors Land Sharks. Offense starts with the offensive line, and they have several NFLers up front. They also have A.J. Brown, the top WR prospect in the country. Their QB has almost 3400 yards, at 65% completion rate, and averages 9.67 yards per attempt. Not surprisingly, they are the #6 offense in S&P+ and #5 in total offense. Paying recruits has its rewards.
The Ole Miss defense is awful, ranking 110th in the S&P+. SEC offenses are averaging 42.8 points per game. When you put all your booster money on one side of the ball, this is what you get.
In the time you spent reading this, Ole Miss just gave up another touchdown.
Vanderbilt. Another week, another close loss. Now it’s do or die: Vandy must win out to get to a bowl game. Kyle Shurmur. Ke’Shawn Vaughn. Jared Pinkney. Kalija Lipscomb. GET IT DONE, MEN!
Vandy Defense: stop them on third down. A 49% third-down-conversion rate is no way to go through life.
Prediction. Vanderbilt will score on this defense. The question is whether Vandy can stop the Ole Miss offense. Vanderbilt 41, Ole Miss 37.
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Week 8 SEC Game Previews

Hey everyone! This is the first of a new series I will be posting weekly. I have gathered a writer for (almost) every SEC team and asked them to write a preview for the upcoming game. You may ask, “how does this differ from the other countless previews on the internet?” My goal is to do exclusively SEC vs SEC matchups given from both point of views. As this is the first post there are some previews from a non SEC vs SEC game just so everyone can get a good picture of what these will look like going forward. You might notice that there are a few teams missing from the preview, I am actively searching for writers to fill those holes. If you would like to be a writer, please do not hesitate to pm me, I would love to have you.

Auburn @ Ole Miss 12:00 ESPN

Unfortunately, there were no writers for either team this week. If you would like to, please pm me at u/Jed566.

Alabama @ Tennessee 3:30 on CBS

Tennessee perspective by u/BuckRowdy of
You can tell the age of a Vols fan simply by asking them who is UT’s biggest rival. If they say Alabama it’s a sure bet they grew up at an earlier time or were influenced by older relatives. To have a rivalry though, both teams need to win and this is something Tennessee (and tbh every other team) has struggled with mightily during their decade in the wilderness.
With a conference win for the first time since 2016 changes the Vols’ season, they still have a long way to go in turning this thing around. You don’t turn a battleship on a dime. With Pruitt at the helm I’m finally starting to feel better about where the ship is headed.
Alabama comes to Knoxville as a 28.5 point favorite. No team has been within 3 scores of the Crimson Tide this year and with Tua leading the offense they’re poised to have one of the greatest seasons in college football history. No one has been able to stop Tua — better teams than Tennessee have tried — but if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.
For Tennessee to cover that spread or gasp! win, they have to do several things very, very well.
  1. Play better run defense.
  2. Cover Alabama’s dangerous three-headed-monster receiving corps.
  3. Play loose on offense and throw the ball around. Jennings and Calloway need to have career games.
  4. Both OL and DL have to play the games of their life.
That’s a very tall order for a Tennessee team that’s trying to rise from the ashes. While the goal should always be winning the game, I just don’t see how that’s possible for the Vols this week. I think a better expectation would be to see if Tennessee can continue the same trajectory and continue to build a new team identity. You have to crawl before you can walk, and it appears that Tennessee is finally taking their first fledgling steps.
Prediction 52-19 Alabama
Alabama perspective from u/soccer-teez of
You and I both know we're really good, I'll save the time of demonstrating how good Tua has been and just leave it at give me Tua over every other quarterback you can name from any of the great teams of the past. That being said I'd still like to see him sit this week. A lot of my "colleagues" in my favorite sub circle jerk about how whatever Coach does will be what should be done and in the majority of circumstances they would absolutely be correct. I gotta disagree here.
I've wondered after this week (and hindsight is always 20/20) if having Tua play last week was worth it. We obviously don't have any or very little information on what his issue is in that right knee but having a major knee injury in my past I can promise you that it is not to be taken lightly and I would absolutely love for the Tide to err on the side of caution this weekend. That being said I'm no doctor and haven't been within 300 miles of Tua in my life so take my opinion with a mountain of salt, the doctors will do what's best.
Switching gears however, I read an article this week about how the players don't really feel the TENN rivalry quite like they used to. When I read that, I had mixed emotions and for the uninitiated the TLDR of it from when I was a kid is that the TENN regime under fat phil were a sad sack of snitchen' bitches that told on us for giving a few textbooks away to player and that actually led to a heavy heavy probation. Now we have the prodigal son coaching directly under our most hated coach of all time and it really leaves a lot of us in quite the conundrum. Tenn has paid the karmic price dearly a lot of us would say, and recruiting national players really dampens that geographical hate. On the other hand however, I'll leave you with this: Fuck Tennessee
Prediction 42-10 Alabama

Memphis @ Missouri 4:00 SEC Network

Missouri fan perspective by u/Marc1221 of
Memphis Tigers 4-3 (1-3 AAC) at Missouri Tigers 3-3 (0-3 SEC) October 20, 2018 3 p.m. (SEC Network) Missouri favored by 9 ½
After three straight losses to SEC opponents, Mizzou has Memphis coming to town for its homecoming game (Fun Fact: Homecoming was created by Mizzou in 1911 to encourage alumni to come back to campus and root the team on to victory over the rival Kansas Jayhawks).
After a blistering start in non-conference, preseason Heisman hopeful Drew Lock has looked anything but against some admittedly tough defenses in SEC, but you would think his draft stock is falling with each start. He needs to show he can play against the big boys. Also hurting the offense is the absence of senior wideouts Emanuel Hall and Nate Brown. Mizzou is hopeful that at least one of them will be ready for this weekend.
Memphis comes in following a tough loss to undefeated and No. 10 UCF 31-30, after leading 30-17 at halftime. Mizzou coach Barry Odom, who is on a very hot seat right now, was the Defensive Coordinator at Memphis and turned down the Head Coach spot there when Mizzou offered it to him following Gary Pinkel’s retirement.
Look for Mizzou to win big in this game, with Drew Lock getting back on track and the Mizzou running game feasting on a defense ranked 97th against the run. To become bowl eligible, Mizzou needs this game and a couple wins against the remaining SEC East (sans SC). It should be attainable, but unfortunately the season held a lot more promise a month ago than where it stands today.
Prediction 42-24 Mizzou

Mississippi State @ LSU 7:00 ESPN

Mississippi State perspective by u/a_cobb of
In a week rife with upsets, fans on both side of this upcoming slug fest should know all too well the angst this matchup brings this week. Louisiana State (6-1) is coming off a big win against then #2 Georgia, whereas Mississippi State’s (4-2) most recent victory came at the expense of then ranked #8 Auburn. While it seems as if that win against Auburn is a lot less impressive now (damn you, Jeremy Pruitt), make no mistake; this is still a close matchup. First, we must account for history. LSU suffered from a blowout loss to the tune of 37 to 7 in Davis Wade last year, and revenge is on the table. It may be thought by some that LSU is overlooking MSU towards Bama, but those cowbells are still ringing in Ed Orgeron’s head.
Historically this matchup favors LSU, but MSU has definitely made it interesting in year’s past. This weekend, though, history may not mean much. MSU is rolling into Tiger field with new coach, Joe Moorhead. Moorhead received loads of criticism for trying to turn this MSU team into his former team, Penn State, and in response it appears he has adjusted. Had he realized earlier that Nick Fitzgerald is Trace McSorley (i.e. not a great passer) this MSU team could easily be undefeated at this moment. The offense this weekend should look like it should have been all this season with the three headed running attack in Nick Fitzgerald, Kylin Hill, and Aeris Williams. This running attack placed in Moorhead’s RPO system with less of an emphasis on the long ball, and more focus on 6 to 10-yard check downs will keep this offense on the field for long, sustained drives. Essentially wearing down LSU’s defense, and keeping MSU in control of the clock. Conversely, if for some reason Moorhead decides to revert to loads of drop back passes, you can expect to see Nick Fitzgerald hitting the turf quite a few times as LSU’s defense is no joke, especially when it comes to pass rushing. You only need to look to last week’s matchup against Georgia to know how much trouble Fitzgerald would be in that situation.
Speaking of defense, MSU’s defense outranks nearly everyone in college football, In one such stat, MSU’s scoring defense is #1 in the nation. They are limiting their opponents to an average of 12.7 points. With threats like Montez Sweat, Jeffrey Simmons, and Errol Thompson on the field, LSU should feel the pressure on offense. With a pass rush and run defense as stout as MSU’s look to see LSU put pressure on the secondary to make plays. Joe Burrow can and will beat this secondary up if given the chance. He’s proven that much. The keys to LSU’s victory rest in the hands of Joe Burrow and his receivers, namely Justin Jefferson, who had 108 yards in last week’s matchup. All things considered this is a make or break situation for both sides of the ball, and will be played as such.
Prediction 20-17 Mississippi State
LSU preview by u/Jcbambam of
So, rolling right along from that 37-26 win at home LSU’s defense will now face their toughest battle of the year and the offense will be hunted like prey but that’s just how we like it. For those binging on the thought of a playoff bid you need only look at the same game a year ago. The score a 37-7 shocker and that name “Fitzgerald”. Auburn fans just found out what kind of nightmares it can bring. Then I look at how Kentucky gave Fitzgerald his own horror show and think, "so, it can be done." Dave Aranda and that top-notch defense will be the deciding factor. Stopping a running QB is always a good time especially one that runs like Fitzgerald.
Miss St. plays heavy RPO and that means there are three different RB’s every play. The way the Tigers defense can come out on top is containing Fitzgerald. He is a decent passer but in no way a clutch passer like Joe Burrows has been. So, play the box and hope the Tigers secondary can handle man-on-man coverage. I have full faith in that Tigers defensive line with players like Fehoko, Lawrence, and Logan I am hoping they can shut that run down and get him to pass I’m sure Greedy Williams will agree with me. The linebackers Divinity Jr and Devin White had the game of their lives last week. Let’s see if it returns again this week. I’m looking forward to seeing that Joe Burrow led offense stare down one of the best defenses in the country. Miss St. has allowed the least amount of points per game than anyone else in the FBS but with that newly balanced attack from LSU that could change. The Tigers offensive line has never looked better and right when it counts as this game and the next one can decide our season. Those teams are Miss St. and Alabama, so the Tigers offensive line will really be tested. The running game has also been really good with the tandem of Brossette and Edwards-Helaire gashing defenses for an average of 6yds a carry. I expect one or both to have a 100 yard game. The special teams play has gotten better on punt returns and having the best FG kicker in the country with cool Cole Tracy doesn’t hurt either.
I know it is cliché, but this game will be won or lost in the trenches and being able to shutdown Nick Fitzgerald. Coach Orgeron stated this week, “We remember last year, and we still have a bad taste in our mouth”. This LSU fan still can taste it too. If we can get past this week with a win then we can get a rest and focus on that mountain that is Alabama but for now one game at a time.
Prediction 24-16 LSU

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky 7:30 SEC Network

Vanderbilt perspective by u/trailbait of
When I was a student at Vanderbilt, we went 4-0 against Kentucky. Both were basketball schools, but Kentucky was worse at football. Kentucky was viewed as one of the few SEC schools we could beat in football.
Things have changed. Kentucky is still a basketball school, but the football team is now 5-1 overall (3-1 in the SEC) with only an overtime loss against Texas A& M. They are 14th in the AP rankings and coming off a bye week.
Vanderbilt is 3-4 overall, winless in the SEC, and is recovering from a demoralizing collapse after leading Florida 21-3 at home. On the positive side, Vanderbilt on its way to becoming a basketball school again. The 13th -ranked recruiting class — with two five- stars and one four-star recruit, including the 6’10”, 240-pound Simi Shittu — has transformed this program into a force in the SEC. I Shittu not.
How does Kentucky win? Run. The. Damn. Ball. Their ability to move the ball depends almost entirely on the run game. They have an elite defense. Kentucky is tied for first in the East even though they are 13th in the SEC in total offense. Defensive stops and pounding the ball down the throats of Vandy’s weak run defense will be critical to a Kentucky victory.
How does Vanderbilt win? Sellout the defense to stop the run. Without the run game, Kentucky’s offense is almost nonexistent. Florida ran right through our defensive line and advanced the ball two yards before even getting close to a defensive player, so the defensive line needs to step up – a tall order considering Kentucky’s O-line is comprised of five Andre The Giant lookalikes. On offense, Vandy must attack early on the ground and in the air. After leaving the Florida game early for an undisclosed injury, Ke’Shawn Vaughn is expected to play against Kentucky, which dramatically improves our chances on the ground. If Kyle Shurmur gets protection, get ready for big plays through the air. If Vandy can get out to an early lead like we did against Florida and carry that energy over to at least some of the second half, then our first SEC win is in reach.
Prediction. Kentucky is favored by 11 points, and ESPN’s Football Power Index gives Vanderbilt only a 15% chance of victory. So, you’re saying there’s a chance? Yep. I think it all depends on what Vanderbilt team shows up. Vandy plays up or down to his opposition. If the team that outplayed Notre Dame and dominated Florida for one half shows up and plays four quarters, then Vandy will beat Kentucky. But that’s a lot of “ifs.” Based solely on my desire to return to my college glory days, I predict an upset.
Vanderbilt 27, Kentucky 24.
Again, I am without a writer for Kentucky. If this interests you please send me a pm.
That’s all for the day folks. I do have one announcement though. I will be keeping track of the score predictions throughout the season and awarding a point to which ever team was the closest to the actual score each week. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be awarded with a special flair to each person who wrote for that team throughout the season!
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132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Texas A&M Aggies

The Fighting Texas Aggies of Texas A&M
"Howdy. I've got a little story for ya, Ags!" Traditional start to Midnight Yell.
Year Founded: 1876, the first public institution of higher education in Texas.
Location: College Station, Texas
Total Attendance: 53,337, with roughtly 40,000 being undergrads.
Live Mascot: The first Reveille came to Texas A&M in January 1931.
A group of cadets hit a small black and white dog on their way back from Navasota. They picked up the dog and brought her back to school so they could care for her. The next morning, when the bugler woke the students with the song "Reveille", the dog started barking. She was named after this morning wakeup call.
The following football season she was named the official mascot when she led the band onto the field during their half-time performance. When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field. She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.
Reveille I, mut.
Rev II, a Shetland Sheepdog.
Rev VII, a Rough Collie, was aparently quite the player
Rev VIII, the current Rev, hanging out with Obama
When she dies, there is a special cemetery located outside the north endzone of Kyle Field that features it's own scoreboard so the Rev's can always keep up with the team.
Why put the prettiest girls in school out on the track?
We choose to hang out with them in the stands.
In exchange we have Yell Leaders. (See Traditions for more info)
Stadium: Kyle Field and get ready, we're about to spend half a billion making Kyle much bigger.
Kyle Field is named after Edwin Kyle, an 1899 graduate of the school and a professor of Horticulture. At the time, the school didn't want to give money for a football field, so Prof Kyle fenced a part of his fields used for agriculture.
Using $650 of his own money, he purchased a covered grandstand and built wooden bleachers. The seating capacity was 500 people.
Kyle Field is currently the 13th largest football-only stadium in the NCAA, and next year the stadium should hold 109,000 and then we'll come back down to 102,500 to settle as the largest stadium in the SEC.
Football games have been played at the same location since 1904, and it was designated a football field in 1905. Permanent stadium construction began in 1927.
Stadium Location: Construction began last Monday on campus across from the Memorial Student Center.
• Texas A&M is the 18th all-time winningest program in Division 1 with 691 wins.
Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are both within 4 wins, so moving up on the list might happen in the near future.
Conference Champions (18): 1917, '19, '21, '25, '27, '39, '40, '41, '56, '67, '75, '85, 86, '87, '91, '92, '93, '98. Second most conference championships of the SWC.
Number of Bowl Games: (34) 15-19.
National Titles (3ish): 1939 AP National Champs; 1919 - undefeated, unscored on, 275-0 for the season; 1927 - Sagarin gave us a retroactive MNC on this one. We don't really claim it, either.
Texas - While currently inactive, this is still the 3rd most played rivalry in CFB at 118 games played. Texas leads the series, but here is a little history to help keep perspective.
Until the late 1960's, A&M faced the most difficult recruiting impediment in CFB. We were all-male and all-military. The service academies were seen as being 'more legitimate' than A&M, and Texas, being co-ed without restrictions pulled in a lot more talent over the years, as you can imagine. It's quite amazing that A&M won at all, much less having come in 2nd in conference championships during that time.
In 1975, the Aggies finished the season in the Top 25 for the first time since opening up the campus, and in an epic win over Texas made the series dramatically more even. Since 1975, the Aggies lead the series 19-18 over the Longhorns.
Texas Tech - Mostly ignored by the Aggies during the SWC, it became heated when Mike Leach set his sights on A&M. Aggies lead the series 37-32-1.
Baylor - This rivalry was over-heated during the early days. Play was suspended for years after an A&M student was killed at a game in Waco, and other Aggies threatened to load up military gear and invade Waco.
Under Coach Fran, the Aggies gave Baylor their first conference win in the Big12. Aggies lead the series 68-31-9.
LSU - The Aggies have played the Tigers off-and-on since 1899, and with bordering states, shared recruiting territories, and starting next year, a Thanksgiving game, this series looks to be heating up quite nicely.
The Aggies are 7-2-1 at Kyle Field and 10-22-1 in Baton Rouge. Overall, the Tigers lead 28-20-3.
2013 Season
The Aggie faithful are excited. We've got a lot of returning talent, and coaches that proved their worth last season in the SEC. Plus our schedule is very nice ... you know, as far as SEC schedules featuring Alabama can be nice.
8/31 - Rice
9/7 - Sam Houston State
9/14 - Alabama
9/21 - SMU
9-28 - at Arkansas
10-12 - at Ole Miss
10-19 - Auburn
10-26 - Vanderbilt
11-2 - UTEP
11-9 - Mississippi State
11-23 - at LSU
11-30 - at Mizzou
The Greats
Greatest Games:
2012 Cotton Bowl. What? Not the Alabama game? After a turbulent transition from the Big12 to the SEC, beating the Big12 co-champion was the greatest way (outside of playing beating Texas) to cap off our move to the SEC. Beating Alabama in their house was nice, but Oklahoma was retribution for the Fran and Sherman years.
• 2002 - Aggies knock off #1 Oklahoma with new offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin calling the shots.
• 1998 – A&M hands #3 Nebraska their first loss in almost 2 full years, then knocks off #2 Kansas State in the CCG.
• 1990 – - BYU's Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer, has both shoulders separated against the Aggies in the Holiday Bowl. Warning, the first half of the footage is brutal.
Bo knows the Aggies. - - Auburn faced the Aggies in '86 in the Cotton Bowl after Bo Jackson won the Heisman. Watch at 3:20 when Bo gets three shots in a row at scoring from inside the 5 and walks off the field with a big bag of nothing.
• 1975 - You didn't think we'd go without a UT game here, did you? The 1975 season was the first season that A&M ended the year with a top 25 ranking, after going co-ed and ROTC-optional.
It also featured the highest ranked A&M and UT teams to ever play. The #2 Aggies knocked off Earl Campbell and the #5 Horns ushering in a new era of Aggie football.
• Honorable Mention: The '99 "Bonfire Game" against Texas. That was the last year A&M held bonfire on campus, as tragedy struck. 11 students and one former former student lost their lives in the accident leading up to the game against Texas.
In all my years at A&M, and in all the years following the team, I've only seen two visiting bands receive standing ovations from the Aggie fans. One was Rice's MOB back in the Southwest Conference days, and the other was the Longhorn band on that afternoon.
We were all Texans and friends that day, and not rivals.
• In case you want a solid history of our program, here are two fantastic videos of A&M football history, each about 12 minutes long:
Texas A&M history from 1894 to 1971
1971 through the end of the Big12.
Greatest Plays:
Aggies beat Texas in '88. Texas QB Brett Stafford tries to quiet the Aggie crowd, and it ends poorly.
• Quentin Coryatt lays down The Hit against . The recever's jaw is broken in three places.
Sirr Parker wraps up double OT and drives a nail into the heart of #2 Kansas State and ends Bill Snyder's best chance to get into a National Championship game.
Greatest Players:
College Hall of Fame players: Ray Childress, DT; Dave Elmendorf, S; Joel Hunt, QB; John Kimbrough, FB; Charlie Krueger, T; Jack Pardee, FB; Joe Routt, G; Gene Stallings, DB; Joe Utay, HB.
Heisman Winners: John David Crow and Johnny Manziel.
Honorable mention:
Bucky Richardson, local hero and QB.
Dat Nguyen, LB, Lombardi Award, Chuck Bednarik Award.
Shane Lechler, starter at punter and kicker, on the depth chart for linebacker and was the backup QB in '98, and currently has a Hall of Fame worthy NFL career is still going.
Luke Joeckel, Outland Award.
Randy Bullock, Lou Groza winner.
Von Miller, Butkus Award.
• A&M has had 22 Consessus All-Americans:
Sam Adams, DE; Marcus Buckley, LB; Randy Bullock, PK; Ray Childress, DT; John David Crow, RB; Dave Elmendorf, FS; Tony Franklin, PK; Aaron Glenn, DB; Johnny Holland, LB; Robert Jackson, LB; Luke Joeckel, OT; Darren Lewis, RB; Johnny Manziel, QB; Von Miller, DE/LB; Damontre Moore, DE; Dat Nguyen, LB; Marshall Robnett, OG; Joe Routt, OG; Ed Simonini, LB; Pat Thomas, CB, and John Kimbrough, RB was named consensus All-American in both '39 and '40.
Aggies in the NFL as of July 25:
Ben Bass, DE, Dallas Cowboys
Martellus Bennett, TE, Chicago Bears
Michael Bennett, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Red Bryant, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Randy Bullock, K, Houston Texans
Terrence Frederick, DB, New York Giants
Jeff Fuller, WR, Miami Dolphins
Cyrus Gray, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Goodson, RB, New York Jets
Danny Gorrer, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Geoff Hangartner, C, Carolina Panthers
Tony Jerod-Eddie, DE, San Francisco 49ers
Luke Joeckel, T, Jacksonville Jaguars
Johnny Jolly, DT, Green Bay Packers
Jorvorskie Lane, RB, Miami Dolphins
Shane Lechler, P, Houston Texans
Kevin Matthews, C, Washington Redskins
Jamie McCoy, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers
Stephen McGee, QB, Houston Texans
Christine Michael, RB, Seattle Seahawks
Von Miller, OLB, Denver Broncos
Damontre Moore, DL, New York Giants
Don Muhlbach, LS, Detroit Lions
Spencer Nealy, DL, Minnesota Vikings
Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR, Houston Texans
Sean Porter, OLB, Cincinnati Bengals
Jordan Pugh, S, Washington Redskins
Lionel Smith, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonathan Stewart, LB, St. Louis Rams
Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins
Steven Terrell, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Brian Thomas, OL, Miami Dolphins
Cody Wallace, C, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Greatest Coaches:
'Uncle Charlie' Moran ('09-'14) - coached Jim Thorpe in high school. Went 38-8-4 at A&M, and left to go to Centre College. He racked up a 42-6-1 record and a MNC there. He was also coaching Centre against A&M when the Aggie 12th Man tradition began.
Also was a National League umpire in 4 world series.
Dana X. Bible - Inducted into the College Hall of Fame in '51. Invented the T-formation. Led A&M to two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Took a year off coaching to be a pilot during WWI.
Came back and coached the Aggies to a SWC conference championship in football, basketball and baseball in the same season. Left to go to Texas where he won 3 SWC championships and finished in the AP Poll 5 times in 10 years.
• Other coaches deserving credit: Hall of Fame coaches and their year of induction that were head coach at A&M include - Matty Bell, '55; Bear Bryant, '86; Homer Norton, '71; Gene Stallings, 2010; R.C. Slocum, 2012.
Former Aggie players who are current coaches:
Dennis Allen, head coach, Oakland Raiders
Gary Kubiak, head coach, Houston Texans
Dan Campbell, tight ends, Miami Dolphins
Kyle Caskey, offensive QC Cincinnati Bengals
Jerry Fontenot, assistant offensive line coach, Green Bay Packers
Kirk Parrirsh, college scouting coordinator, Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Slocum, special teams coordinator, Green Bay Packers.
I've included both a short version and a link to some of our most interesting traditions. I know I've skipped more than a few, but this is a good start.
Yell Leaders – A&M was an all-male school, but often times girls from a local women's college would get bussed in. Some seniors thought it would be funny to haze the freshmen in front of the women.
So they made a group of freshmen put on janitor's clothing and stand out on the track and be stupid.
But after the game something amazing happened. Those freshmen all had no problems getting dates.
The next week it was Seniors out there with the overalls on.
100 years later, and it's two juniors and three seniors. Each year there is a campus-wide election, and Yell Leader vote is dramatically more important to the average student than class president or any of the other boring votes.
Why do we keep the Yell Leaders instead of switching to cheerleaders? When a 'cheer leader' does a cheer of more than 4 sylables, guys gawk at them and girls ignore them. When a Yell Leader leads a yell, any yell, 30,000+ fans raise their voices to chant along.
The Yells - There are a bunch of them, and if you go to any Aggie Yell Practice or game, you'll most likely hear all of 'em. In order to do a yell correctly, you have to 'hump it.' See below.
• [The Spirit and the War Hymn] - Other schools have a school song and a fight song. The Aggies have The Spirit of Aggie Land and The War Hymn
There has been much controversy at ESPN and newspapers outside of Texas A&M over the lyrics of both songs.
The ending of the Spirit has been officially changed from "We are the Aggies / the Aggies are we / We're from Texas AMC" to "We are the Aggies / the Aggies so true / We're from Texas AMU" to designate that we are no longer Texas A&M college.
The media has also called for A&M to change the War Hymn as Texas is no longer playing us in any sport.
Lyrics feature, "'the eyes of Texas are upon you' / That is the song they sing so well / Sounds Like Hell / So good bye to Texas University / We're gonna beat you all to ...
After which is the most striking part of the Hymn, when fans put their arms around the people next to them and 'saw' while singing "Saw Varsity's horns off" and "Varsity's horns are sawed off."
This is, of course, in reference to the Texas mascot that was known simply as Varsity before they changed it to Bevo.
As for the "controversy", all Aggies have completely ignored it and we are unanamous in sticking with our traditional songs.
Gig 'em - Rather than end a conversation with "goodbye", many conversations between Aggies end with "gig 'em", usually accompanied by a thumbs up. This tradition began at a 1930 Midnight Yell Practice held before the football game against .
In an attempt to excite the crowd, Pinky Downs, a 1906 Texas A&M graduate and member of the school's Board of Regents, asked "What are we going to do to those Horned Frogs?" Using a term for frog hunting, he answered his own question, "Gig 'em, Aggies!"
For emphasis, he made a fist with the thumb extended. The phrase and hand signal proved popular, and it became the first hand sign of the Southwest Conference. All 12 schools evenutally adopted hand signs of their own.
The 12th Manhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12th_Man_(football) - A&M is playing Centre College, one of the most dominant programs of the era. So many Aggies are injured that a former player, E. King Gill, is called out of the stands.
Gill jumped into an injured player's jersey and stood ready to help the team if they needed him. Now all 30,000 plus students stand ready through every game to go help the Aggies if the coach calls.
Midnight Yell - Where else would you want to be at midnight on Friday before a game but with 30,000 fans hanging out at the stadium. For road games we normally find a bar to crash with the travelling fans.
Aggies go through all the yells, and listen to very well thought out stories and anectdotes by the Yell Leaders decipher the somewhat humerous jokes made by the (we're almost positive) not drunk Yell Leaders.
This is open to any one, including fans of opposing schools and curious onlookers ... unless you force us to block you out.
Hump it - Look again at the picture for Midnight Yell. Those fans are all leaning over with their hands on their knees in the middle of a yell. Why? Because you can yell louder when you lean over.
Aggies Hump it for all Yells, and during crunch time, you'll see plenty of Aggies in the stands humping it while screaming.
Howdy - The traditional way to start every speech to Aggies. If you say Howdy, normally the crowd will respond with "Howdy" back to you. You will also hear the word Howdy more times per day on our campus than anywhere else in the world. It's our greeting and we use it. A lot.
Parson's Mounted Calvalry and the Spirit of '02 - a 1902 Howitzer that we fire off on kickoffs and scores at football games. We found it in a ravine while chopping wood for Bonfire. You never let good military hardware go to waste.
Corps of Cadets - Once mandatory at A&M, the Corps is much smaller than it was back in the 60s. During WWII, A&M put more servicemen into the armed forces than any other school, including West Point.
A&M still produces more officers than any university, except for the service academies. 42% of Corps members receive a commission in the US Armed Forces.
The Fighting Texas Aggie Band. - Texas A&M features a military style marching band. They are fantastic. Especially if you are used to the standard 'show bands' that everyone has. Click the link and see some of their performances.
The FTAB is part of the the Corps. I doubt there is an Aggie who graduated in the last 40 years that doesn't get a chill when they hear, "Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field ... "
Remember the part of the 12th Man tradition where I said the students stand for the whole football game? They stand for the FTAB, too. Even when the temperature is well above 100 degrees, the Aggie students will stay standing for everything except the opposing team's band.
Century Tree- Want to propose on campus? We've got a tree for that. All Aggies grab a kiss under this tree at some point in their time at A&M.
Elephant Walk - Elephant Walk marks the end of the usefulness of the Aggie seniors to the student body. Like dying elephants, which wander the jungle looking for a place to die after their value to the herd is over, thousands of seniors will join hands and wander aimlessly about campus visiting landmarks for the symbolic "last time."
This happens after the last home football game becaues the other sports don't matter.
Reveille - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reveille_(dog) - She really is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets.
She goes to classes with Corps members, where if she barks, you stand a good chance of the prof cancelling the class for the day.
She has her own bed, and the right to take over the bed of any Corps member on campus.
The grass at the MSC. The Memorial Student Center building and the grounds around it is a tribute to our servicemen around the world. If you are in the MSC, you are asked to take off your hat, and if you are around the MSC, you are asked to not stand on the grass.
The MSC also features the Medals of Honor won by seven former students.
Aggie ring - Many schools have rings, but for Aggies this it the most visible way for graduates of Texas A&M to recognize each other. The Aggie Ring is worn by current and former students, and may be used to distinguish seniors from other students on campus.
The first Aggie Ring was designed by E. C. Jonas in 1894, and the design has remained relatively unchanged since; the only major change came when the school's name was changed from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University in 1963.
Ring dunking - After receiving your Aggie Ring, you aren't really entitled to wear it until you've dunked it, normally in a pitcher of beer. From the time you put it in, your friends will time how long it takes to get it out, so you get to chug beer and try to catch the ring in your teeth.
As a member of the Class of '97, I had 97 seconds to get it out. Kids these days are pushing 113 seconds. Way too easy.
I've seen people 'dunk' their rings in a super sized banana splits and drink them out of non-alcoholic drinks, and I've seen them drain a pitcher in under 15 seconds. My wife ('99) and I both finished ours in under a minute and a half. It was nerve wracking, but well worth it. We still have the pitchers.
Bonfire - I was kind of hoping that someone else would write this section. I helped build three bonfire's at A&M and there is nothing like it. Thousands of students going out into the woods, doing heavy labor and realizing the rewards right before the Texas game.
It fostered huge competitions between the residents halls over the 3-4 months of work. It brought out tens of thousands of folks before the big rivalry game. It was simply epic, and I miss it a lot.
My freshman year, the BCS Eagle, the local paper, estimated the crowd at over 100,000 people. The next year when the game was held in Austin, there were still over 60,000 people at Bonfire on A&M's campus.
The tradegy that ended bonfire was impossibly awful. As a person who had climbed the stacks for years, I know how and why things went wrong, but I'll never understand it. It should not have happened, and my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones.
Wrecking Crew – Once the name of the highly respected and feared Aggie defense, Coach Fran removed the monicar and told the team to 'win it back.' What he forgot to do was teach them to play defense. As the defense gets better the name comes out more often, and soon the Aggie D will leave the field to chants of Wrecking Crew again.
Aggie Terminology Yes, we have a glossary of terms that every Aggie knows and uses on a pretty regular basis. Except for the 'two percenters'. Have you ever heard an Aggie 'Whoop'? That's a privilege held for only the juniors, seniors and graduates. Catch a 'Fish' 'Pulling Out' and you can make them 'Push'. (for explinations, read the terms in the links)
Fish Pond - When the Aggies win a home football game, the freshmen in the Corps of Cadets chase the Yell Leaders around Kyle Field, and, once they are captured, carry them across campus and toss them into Fish Pond, a fountain full of very cold water. And yes, in '93 it snowed during the Texas game and the Yell Leaders were still given a nice bath after the win. The freshmen dunking is what gives 'Fish Pond' it's name, as no fish live in the water.
Fish Drill Team - The award winning drill team can often be found practicing in the Quad by the Corps dorms. The team was featured during the opening credits to A Few Good Men, linked here. They are pretty amazing to watch.
Fish Camp - The summer before a students' freshman year, the 'Fish' are invited to a 4 day camp in Palestine, Texas where they learn the Aggie Tradtions and Yells.
Fish Camp features over 900 counselors, if that give you an idea of how big it is.
Texas A&M has a pair of extraordinary traditions. I've tried to capture the spirit, but I'd invite each of you to join with us any time to see these live.
Silver Taps - On the first Tuesday of any month, if an undergrad or graduate student has passed away, there will be a small card with the deceased students name, class, major, and date of birth placed on the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross in the Academic Plaza.
That night, lights are turned off all over campus, and at 10:15, students and family members will gather silently around the statue. Shortly there after, the Ross Volunteers will march in, stand at attention, then fire three rifle volleys, breaking the silence.
Then Silver Taps, a special version of Taps, is played three times from the top of the Academic Building ... once to the north, south, and west. It is not played to the east to signify that sun will never rise on that Aggie again. After the buglers play, the students silently return to their homes.
I can not properly put into words how striking this ceremony is.
My freshman year, as Silver Taps slowely faded away, the silence was broken by a mother who had cried quietly during the ceremony. She softly said, "Thank you" in the darkness to the faceless people gathered, in a voice wracked with tears, and I doubt any of us left with dry eyes.
Muster - Muster is the tradition that forever unites the Aggies past with Aggies present. It is Texas A&M's most solemn and most visible tradition.
Muster was first held on June 26, 1883, and it's been held on San Jacinto Day, April 21st, since 1903. This is a day where former students of Texas A&M gathered together to '... live over again our college days, the victories and defeats won and lost upon drill ground and classroom. Let every alumnus answer a roll call.'
No matter where Aggies are, whether it is two or three, or the thousands who gather on the Texas A&M campus, they find other Aggies to celebrate the day. Each year there are 300-400 musters held around the world.
And it is a celebration. While the ceremony is moving and reminds you of the lives lost, the day full of activities, including a 50 year reunion spot light, Camaraderie Barbecue, and campus tours shows off the life of the students, current and past.
At each Muster ceremony a speaker will be followed by the 'Roll Call For The Absent.' Names of those from that area who have died in the past year will be read, and as each name is called, a family member or friend will answer 'Here' to show that Aggie is present in spirit, and a candle will be lit.
Following the candle-lighting ceremony in Reed Arena, a rifle volley is fired and then Silver Taps is played.
During World War II, Aggies and other servicemen held Muster at Corregidor, the last American stronghold in the Pacific before the island was overrun by the Japanese. Only 12 Aggies survived the battle, the death march and ensuing POW camps.
Campus and Surrounding Area
The campus of Texas A&M University, also known as Aggieland, is situated in College Station, Texas. Aggieland is centrally located within 200 miles of three of the 10 largest cities in the United States and 75% of the Texas and Louisiana populations.
Bryan-College Station area population: 228,660
City Skyline and other places
Iconic Campus Building:
Kyle Field dominates the 5,200 acre campus, but some other building include:
The Systems Building welcomes visitors to our campus
Rudder Tower named after James Earl Rudder who led one of the most daring raids in the Normandy Invasion during WWII scaling a 100 foot cliff under enemy fire to destroy German gun batteries. He was also the 16th President of Texas A&M.
George Bush Presidential Library - Former President George Bush, the older one, has his presidential library on campus. It features tons of history on his presidency and an apartment for him to stay in upstairs when he is visiting.
Which is good, as he makes it to many A&M football games. He even led the team onto Kyle Field once.
The Academic Building stands behind the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross who turned down a third term as governor of Texas to be A&M's president. He actively fought for A&M, literally and figuratively. If you need a little luck, drop a penny on his statue.
• The O&M building was once the tallest building between Houston, Dallas and Austin. Many aggies take Astronomy simply so they get to hang out on the top floor.
Sbisa Dining Hall - once the largest dining hall in the world, A&M and Air Force spent much of the last century fighting over the rights to the who's was larger. Sbisa was named after Bernard Sbisa who only missed cooking one meal in 50 years for the Aggies. That breakfast was on Nov. 11, 1911 when the campus burned down, including the mess hall, kitchens and his own home. Lunch that day was served on time.
Local Dining:
If you come to College Station, don't you dare leave before spending some time at Northgate. Since 1930 (8 years before College Station was incorporated) this has been the traditional place for students to relax across the street from campus.
Northgate is College Stations premier bar district located along the Northwest edge of campus across University St. Most places are open until 2am and are open to 18+ with some 21+ exceptions.
Many Texas Country musicians got their start in Northgate, including Aggie legends Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Dub Miller, and Roger Creager.
Some favorites include:
The Dixie Chicken - The Dixie Chicken, also known as The Chicken, has been "College Station's most famous watering hole since 1974," and is notable for its role in Texas A&M University tradition.
"Nationally known," the Dixie Chicken claims to serve the most beer per square foot of any bar in the United States.
The tradition of Ring Dunking started at the Chicken. If you do visit The Chicken, you should take the opportunity to learn Texas 42. It's essentially spades with dominos and a ton of fun.
Dry Bean Saloon - Shot bar next to The Chicken. Order favorites like the Angry Japanese Minnow Farmer.
The Corne Rooftop - It's been a while since I've been, but this place was always one of the favorites, mostly for the multiple floors, large bars, and rooftop atmosphere/ view.
Logan's - If you're 21+ and don't wants teens around this is one of the few options. Solid bar with giant 36 oz chuggers. Looks like $4 is what they'll cost you now, but I could swear there were nights they were $2.
O'bannon's Taphouse - If you're a beer connoisseur this is your spot. They have over 100 beers on tap, and a beer tour card. Filling with the 100+ beers takes weeks and give you mad street cred. And a drinking problem.
HOOKAH STATION!!! GATSBY'S!!! V-BAR!!! - The places Johnny famously frequents. The scooby doo shots were definitely in one of the latter two.
There are many more, but those will get you started. Watch the door for 5 minutes and you'll be able to tell exactly what kind of crowd frequents each.
Late Night Snacks
Antonio's - Incredibly diverse selection of Pizzas that are pretty perfect around 2am. The line will be out the door and down the street, so get there at 1:30 if you really want some. Worth the wait.
Fuego - Delicious alternative to Taco Cabana that popped up in the last few years. It's pricer, but the quality is head and shoulders above.
Hullabaloo - Diner a ways out east of town down wellborn.
Los Norteños - Downtown Bryan taco place. Tacos better described as burritos they barely fit on the already large plates.
Brunch / Lunch
Layne's - Heard of Raising Cane's? It's that, but with better sauce, actual Texas Toast, and better fries. Plus it's half the price.
Freebirds - Oh my god I wish they had these where I live. Chipotle is dogshit compared to a good bird. I've put back multiple Super Monsters in my time.
Koppe Bridge - Great Burgers. Enough Said.
La Bodega - Shakers and Queso is all you need, but the rest of their food is good too.
Cafe Eccel - Across from La Bodega. Solid food if you want to get a little fancier.
Christopher's - Kinda out of the way, but great if you want to get real fancy.
This is in no way an all inclusive list. I have no doubt many more recently in CS Aggies will fill it out further in the comments.
Random Trivia
A&M currently has the most current students attend each game. Season tickets cost $225 for just football, or $350 for all sports. A normal football game will feature 30,000+ students in the stands.
A&M won 79.8% of their games during the 1910's, including two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Kyle field opened in 1904, making it the SEC's oldest field. After renovations, it will be the largest stadium in the SEC at 102,500 seats. Next year, during construction, it will hold 109,000 fans for the year.
On Nov. 24, 1921 the A&M vs. Texas game was broadcast in real time by morse code. This was the first play-by-play broadcast in history.
There is also plenty of rivalry between A&M and UTx off the field as well.
The opening scene of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is the Aggie football team beating the Longhorns and being rewarded with a visit to the women of the night.
Students that went to A&M for one year, then transferred elsewhere: T. Boone Pickens, Tennessee's General Robert Neyland, and the LA Clippers' DeAndre Jordan.
Lots of famous folks have come from A&M but the head of the list is professor Norman Borlaug. The 'Man who saved a Billion lives' is one of seven people to have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal.
What Is and What is to Come
Here we go with year 2 in the SEC, and the Aggie faithful have a lot to be excited about.
Our schedule has 8 home games, including Alabama at Kyle Field.
On offense, our O-Line should be just as good as last year, if not better, despite losing Outland Trophy winner Luke Joeckel.
We return outstanding tackle Jake Matthews who will move to left tackle, and Cedric Ogbuehi will take right tackle which is his natural position. We also have Mike Matthews (Jake's brother) stepping in at center.
Germain Ifedi and Jarvis Harrison will fill out the guard positions. All of them have a lot of experience from last year.
At running back, we have size, speed, power and blocking. We have hungry backs that want to play. Possibly the most talented backfield in the NCAA this year.
To catch the ball we have tall, strong, fast receivers all over the place. Mike Evans returns after a stunning freshman year. Freshman Ricky Seals-Jones (RSJ) will join Cam Clear to give us a normal receiving package including three receivers over 6'4”. All of them can run, and they might all be lining up on the same side just to screw with defenses.
In a press conference last week, Coach Sumlin said RSJ is 6'5" and 245 lbs. They did a body fat analysis and realized that he is carring the minimum amount of fat the trainers will allow. That's all muscle.
And we have Johnny Manziel. No matter what you think you know about him, the kid can play football.
On defense, we have a lot of new faces, including some true freshmen that should be playing plenty this year. Of course, last year we thought our D would be terrible and it came out plenty okay, so there is hope!
Heisie, there isn't enough about me here! WTF?
I'm a statue, Johnny. This is all in your head.
More Information
Subreddit: /Aggies
Contributors: FarwellRob, Thrav, Theyus, laminak
And finally, my thanks to the many good Ags that have helped put this together.
There is a traditional saying at A&M: From the outside looking in, you can't understand it; and from the inside looking out, you can't explain it.
I've done my best to capture A&M and what we feel is special about Aggieland ... but I'm going to bet I've missed a few things.
For more information on the 132 Teams in 132 Days Project, click here.
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