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Indianapolis Colts Top 5: Quarterbacks

Indianapolis Colts Top 5: Quarterbacks
With the season (hopefully) on the way I thought I'd put together some lists for top 5 players at each position in Indianapolis (not Baltimore) Colts history. I'll start with QB, and work my way through. This list is purely my opinion as a die hard fan since the early Manning days, and if you think I have no clue what I'm talking about, please feel free to let me know.
Fun fact, out of the 26 QBs to start a game for the Indy Colts there are only 7 players that have a winning record. Three of them are Colts legends Josh Freeman, Gary Hogeboom, and Craig Erickson.

5. Jack Trudeau
Years Record Playoffs Comp % Yards TDs INTs Y/A Rating
198-93 18-29 0-1 52.9 9,647 41 62 6.3 64.4

How He Got Here

After the complete disaster that was attempting to draft John Elway #1 in 1983, the then Baltimore Colts stuck with Mike Pagel at QB, who had just led them to a winless season in 1982. Team owner Robert Irsay decided to move the team to Indianapolis before the 1984 season the team stuck with Pagel as their main QB despite him clearly not being their future at the position. This led to 2 season with losing records and last place finishes in the AFC East. Entering the 1986 draft, the Colts were clearly looking for a franchise player at QB. The obvious choice was Jim Everett out of Purdue, but unfortunately he was selected #3 to the Houston Oilers when the Colts had the #4 pick. Instead of drafting the only other franchise QB in the draft, Mark Rypien, the Colts decided to select promising Illinois QB Jack Trudeau in the 2nd round. Trudeau had shown a lot of promise in his career, leading Illinois to a Rose Bowl in 1984 and finishing 2nd in the Davey O'Brien Award (Best College QB) to Doug Flutie. Unfortunately for him and the Colts, this talent would not translate well to the NFL

Colts Career

After trading Mike Pagel to the Browns the starting job was set for Trudeau entering the 1986 season. Unfortunately the Colts were still a very bad team overall and Trudeau was not set to overcome that. In 11 starts he had 8 TDs, 18 INTs, and a 48.9% completion rate for an 0-11 record. It was immediately clear he was not the savior the Colts needed to bring legitimate football to Indy.
Fortunately, a contract dispute between Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson allowed the Colts to trade for Dickerson midway through the 1987 season. Dickerson was an immediate breath of life to the fledgling Indianapolis Colts franchise and helped lead them to their first playoff berth. Trudeau shared starting duties with Gary Hogeboom, and both were successful in not screwing things up too bad, giving the ball to Dickerson, and staying out of the damn way. Trudeau started in his only playoff game and actually played decently well: 251 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT, but it wasn't enough as the Colts lost 38-21 to the Bernie Kosar led Cleveland Browns who would eventually lose in via "The Drive" in the AFC Championship.
It was clear the Colts would need a better QB to compliment their new superstar in Dickerson, and thus they drafted future Pro Bowler Chris Chandler in the 3rd round in 1988. However, Chris Chandler was most definitely not a Pro Bowler for the Colts. Chandler didn't impress despite an 9-7 overall record, and was replaced by Trudeau following a bad start to the 1989 season. Trudeau had his best year as a pro in 1989: 2,317 yards, 15 TDs, 13 INTs, but the Colts still finished 8-8 and outside of the playoffs.
Trudeau was improving, but was still clearly not the QB of the future, which they hoped to get by trading All-Pro Tackle Chris Hinton, Future All-Pro WR Andre Rison, and the #3 Pick in 1991 for the #1 Pick in 1990 which they used to draft QB Jeff George (Wow). Trudeau was kept as the backup and was a spot starter for the Colts from 1990-93. Despite the horrific play of George, Trudeau couldn't muster much better in his limited playing time and was released in 1994.

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Jack Trudeau was at best a mediocre QB you could somewhat rely on to manage the game and allow more talented players to make plays. Unfortunately the late 80s, early 90s Colts didn't have too many of those so his play suffered as well. His numbers aren't great and he wasn't much beloved by Colts fans, but he did help lead the Colts to their first playoff appearance which helped me put him on the list over Matt Hasselbeck and others. Trudeau has actually hung around Indy doing various radio and TV appearances talking about the Colts and even has a couple of DUIs as well.

4. Jacoby Brissett
Years Record Playoffs Comp % Yards TDs INTs Y/A Rating
2017- 11-19 0-0 59.8 6,042 31 13 6.6 84.6

How He Got Here

The Colts had their franchise QB in Andrew Luck, but leading up to the 2017 season it was revealed during the preseason Luck had a shoulder injury which would eventually lead to him missing the entire 2017 season. This left the Colts scrambling as they knew QB Scott Tolzien was not the answer at QB, so 8 days before the start of the season the new GM Chris Ballard traded 1st round bust Phillip Dorsett for 3rd string QB for the Patriots Jacoby Brissett. Brissett had looked at least competent spot starting for the suspended Tom Brady and hurt Jimmy Garoppolo in 2016, so he was the best option the Colts had available so close to the beginning of the season.

Colts Career

Bringing in a new QB for a team 8 days before the start of the season and asking him to play is like asking a train engineer to launch a rocket to the moon, so Tolzien started week 1 for Colts. He continued to not impress going into week 2, and was replaced for Brissett. Brissett was an improvement, but it was clear he was overwhelmed by the change of scenery and the rest of the Colts roster and staff was not talented enough to make up for it. He finished with competent numbers: 3,098 yards, 13 TDs, 7 INTs, 58.8% completion rate, 6.6 Y/A, but was merely a game manager for a bad team as the Colts finished 4-12.
Andrew Luck was ready to return in 2018 and the Colts were willing to give Brissett the benefit of the doubt and kept him on as the backup. The Colts saw a major resurgence with Luck and an incredible draft and free agent class by Chris Ballard, leading to their first playoff appearance since 2015, eventually losing to the Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs. The Colts were looking to improve going into 2019, but a now too familiar announcement led up to the season when it was revealed a calf injury was going to cause Andrew Luck to retire 2 weeks before the start of the regular season. The spotlight was once again shown on Jacoby Brissett, who was asked to take over Luck's team. Fortunately this time Brissett was able to get all the first team reps in the preseason leading up to week 1 and was much more familiar with the system.
That familiarity paid off as Brissett led the Colts to a 5-2 start, including wins over playoff teams like the Texans and Titans along with the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Brissett was not putting up All-Pro numbers, but had clearly improved from 2017 and was still not making game losing mistakes. Through week 9 he had 190 YPG, 11 TDs, and 6 INTs, and and the eye test had shown he was a good leader and could occasionally make big plays when needed. However, after a knee sprain in week 10 he was clearly not the same player. His injury either hampered his physical abilities or his confidence but his poor play for the rest of the season allowed the Colts to fall to 7-9, including an embarrassing 34-7 loss to the Saints that I made the trip over to New Orleans for and watched as Brissett sailed the ball over every receiver's head. Brissett will likely be the backup for the 2020 season behind free agent Phillip Rivers, but he's shown enough flashes of ability that his career is long from over, whether that ends up being on the Colts or somewhere else in the league.

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I believe I'm with the majority of Colts fans in that when I see Jacoby Brissett I see somewhat of a tragic figure. He got thrown to the wolves in 2017 and did the best he could, but was basically set up to fail. It's honestly not too much of a stretch to say his play through week 9 of 2019 was the best QB play by an Indy Colts QB not named Manning, Luck, or Harbaugh. You could tell he was well-liked by both fans and teammates, especially through the first half of 2019, but his limitations as a player were clear. Colts fans have been spoiled in the 21st century by 2 all-time great QBs, so any deviation from that, especially when it's not by a QB we drafted #1 overall, will be seen as a major failure. I think people came down a little too hard on Jacoby by the end of 2019, and that he's still a solid pro capable of being the QB on a winning team in the right situation. However, he showed in the 2nd half of 2019 that situation is probably not in Indy going forward.

3. Jim Harbaugh
Years Record Playoffs Comp % Yards TDs INTs Y/A Rating
1994-97 20-26 2-2 60.7 8,705 49 26 7.1 86.6

How He Got Here

The Colts had come out of the Eric Dickerson/Jeff George era looking like an absolute dumpster fire. The Colts had been in Indy for 10 years and Indy was still very much a basketball town. The only signature player the Indy Colts had was Eric Dickerson, and he had a very sour exit in 1992 after 2 bad years. The Indianapolis Colts were still in the woods, searching for the player that could give their franchise hope that they would be treated as a legitimate threat in the NFL and generate significant interest from the fanbase. That hope came from an unlikely source in Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh had led the Chicago Bears to 2 playoff appearances in the late Mike Ditka-era, but his play had fallen off and by 1994 he looked somewhat washed. The desperate Colts made a surprisingly wise decision in not drafting QBs Heath Schuler or Trent Dilfer. Instead they drafted future Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk to replace Eric Dickerson (this is the "Who the hell is Mel Kiper?" draft) and signing Jim Harbaugh.

Colts Career

Harbaugh didn't come out guns blazing in 1994 as he traded starting duties with Green Bay castoff Don Majkowski. Harbaugh put up decent numbers but the Colts finished 4-5 in games Harbaugh started, 8-8 overall. Harbaugh entered the 1995 season as no sure thing, the Colts actually traded their 1996 first round pick for young Tampa QB Craig Erickson in another baffling trade for an unproven QB. Erickson and Harbaugh competed for the starting position in training camp and Erickson was selected as the starter by head coach Ted Marchibroda.
Erickson played poorly the first 2 weeks, being replaced and outplayed by Harbaugh in both games. By week 3 Harbaugh was the full time starter and didn't look back. Harbaugh was showing that he meshed well with new Offensive Coordinator Lindy Infante as Harbaugh put up some of the most efficient passing numbers of any QB in the NFL in 1995: 2,575 yards, 17 TDs, 5 INTs, 63.7% completion rate, and a league leading passer rating of 100.7 (ahead of guys like Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, and Dan Marino). Even more importantly he was a becoming the tough effective leader to energize the entire team, leading the Colts to 4 game winning drives that season, including one over the 1994 Super Bowl champion 49ers. The Colts were just outside of the playoffs going into week 17, but Harbaugh led the Colts to a win over the Drew Bledsoe led Patriots in the RCA Dome to sneak the Colts into the playoffs at 9-7. Harbaugh earned his first Pro Bowl appearance along with NFL Comeback Player of the Year.
The Colts were going into the playoffs as 5.5 point underdogs against the San Diego Chargers, a team they had just lost to in week 16. However, thanks to 3 TDs from Harbaugh and an out-of-nowhere 147 yard, 2 TD performance from rookie FB Zach Crockett, the Colts overcame the odds. They were heading into a gauntlet of Arrowhead stadium against the best defense in the league and a Marcus Allen led 13-3 Kansas City Chiefs. In an ugly game where the wind chill was -15oF, luck worked in the Colts favor. Harbaugh didn't throw well, but picked up several key 1st down with his legs. He had 1 INT and 3 fumbles, but fortunately lost 0. Chiefs QB Steve Bono had 3 INTs and K Lin Elliot went 0/3 on field goals in a season where he made 80%. Colts K Cary Blanchard made 1/3, and that was enough to upset the heavily-favored Chiefs 10-7. Harbaugh's most defining moment as the Colts QB would come in the AFC Championship against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Harbaugh's cinderella story continued on against Bill Cowher and Neil O'Donnell's Steelers. The Colts and Steelers traded scores throughout the game. With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Harbaugh threw a dime to WR Floyd Turner for a 47 yard touchdown to put the Colts up 16-13. Unfortunately the Colts couldn't run out enough clock on their next drive and the Steelers rushed down the field for the go-ahead score to put them up 20-16. Harbaugh wasn't done yet. With 88 seconds needing 84 yards, Harbaugh willed the Colts down the field to the Steelers' 29-yard line for a hail mary shot with 5 seconds left. Harbaugh tossed up a prayer that was very nearly caught by Colts WR Aaron Bailey, but he couldn't come up with it. The Cinderella story was over, but it was a defining moment for the Colts franchise. The 1995 Colts were within a hair of making the Super Bowl, and that 1995 playoff run led by Harbaugh created a real fanbase for them.
Harbaugh's stats regressed some in 1996, but he still led the Colts to a 9-7 record and the playoffs, this time getting whooped by the Steelers in the wild card. In 1997 his stats improved some but the wheels fell off of the team as they started off 0-10, eventually falling to 3-13. Fortunately their record would net them the #1 pick in the 1998 draft. After it was clear the Colts were using the pick on QB they traded Harbaugh to the Ravens.

My favorite highlight


“A lot of people use (the word) ‘culture,’ but the attitude, everybody was team-first, from the front office, together with the coaches, together with the ownership, together with the players, the equipment staff, the training staff, I mean it felt like we were family.” - Jim Harbaugh on 1995
I don't think enough can be said about the effect of Harbaugh and that 1995 team had on the Colts. He gave us our first source of pride in the Colts and set the tone for the franchise to not be the laughingstock of the league. He paved the way for the decades of excellence that came after. Harbaugh will never be a HoF QB, but his effect on the Colts is severely underrated.
For more details on the 1995 Cinderella season, read this IndyStar article:

2. Andrew Luck
Years Record Playoffs Comp % Yards TDs INTs Y/A Rating
2012-18 53.33 4-4 60.8 23,671 171 83 7.2 89.5

How He Got Here

After a serious neck injury to franchise stalwart Peyton Manning, the Colts went from perennial playoff contender to nearly winless in 2011. It was unknown if Manning would ever be the same QB again, so the Colts opted to release their most valuable player and use their #1 pick in 2012 on a QB. There was some debate on possibly drafting the Heisman winner out of Baylor, Robert Griffin III, but new GM Ryan Grigson made no doubt in the fact that he was drafting Andrew Luck. Son of former Oilers QB Oliver Luck, Andrew Luck blossomed under head coach Jim Harbaugh to revitalize the Stanford football program while also graduating with a bachelor's degree in architectural design. Luck was hailed by nearly every scout as a can't miss prospect, having nearly every physical tool you want from a QB along with a clear handle on the mental and intangible aspects of the game.

Colts Career

Expectations for Luck were high going into 2012, but not so for the team overall. Many experts put the Colts at or near the bottom of all power rankings. Not only had the team lost Peyton Manning that year, but also many key pieces from the Manning era such as Pierre Garçon, Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, and Gary Brackett. To make matters worse, new head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia and missed weeks 5-16. However, despite all odds, Luck led the Colts to an 11-5 record. Interim Head Coach Bruce Arians proved to be a diamond in the rough by helping Luck turn a 2-14 team that lost multiple starters into a playoff team. Luck's stats weren't always pretty: 23 TDs, 18 INTs, 54.1% completion rate, and a 76.5 rating, but he could clearly make plays happen with an absurd 7 game winning drives. The miracles came to an end with a shellacking by the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs, but this season proved Luck would be no bust, he was a force to be reckoned with.
Luck continued to grow in 2013 and 2014, improving in every category to crescendo in 2014 with a league-leading 40 TDs, 16 INTs, 61.7% completion rate, and a 96.5 rating. In 2013 he led the Colts to his first playoff victory in spectacular fashion. After being down 38-10 early in the 3rd quarter to the Alex Smith led Chiefs, Luck led a furious and unbelievable comeback 45-44 victory. Any Colts fan could tell you after seeing all the comeback victories Luck had led to never count him out, and he cemented that in this game. In 2014 Luck led the Colts past their old god of Peyton Manning in Denver in the divisional round, but were given a thorough ass-whooping in the AFC Championship by the soon-to-be Super Bowl champions New England Patriots in what is now infamously known as the "Deflategate Game."
Andrew Luck was a very physical player and was known to take many hits, sometimes making spectacular plays through those hits. However, that punishment started to pile up and wasn't helped by GM Ryan Grigson's poor draft classes and inability to build a competent offensive line to block for Luck. This culminated in the injury plagued 2015 and 2016 seasons. Luck only played 7 games in 2015 and severely regressed in every statistical category, clearly hampered by various injuries such as a lacerated kidney. Luck's stats improved in 2016, but the team did not as they finished 8-8, partially due to an astounding 7% sack of Luck. Either some of Luck's good fortune had finally run out or the team and culture built by GM Grigson had completely failed to support their superstar QB. Owner Jim Irsay bet on Luck and fired Grigson after 2016.
Hopes were high heading into 2017, but unfortunately an unknown snowboarding accident aggravated a previous shoulder injury for Luck. News was very slow to come out, but fans were shocked to find out he would likely miss the entire season 8 days before week 1. New GM Chris Ballard made a quick trade for Jacoby Brissett, but fans were worried after 3 years of being hampered by injuries Luck may never be the same player.
In 2018 we believed those doubts were proven wrong. Luck had an incredibly resurgent season, leading the new look Colts back into the playoffs for the first time since 2014 with a 10-6 record. Luck's numbers were back to form: 39 TDs, 15 INTs, and career bests of 67.3% completion rate and 98.7 rating. Fans were pleased to finally see Luck playing behind a solid offensive line that prevented which prevented him from being sacked for 5 weeks and giving him a career low 2.7% sack rate. Luck led the Colts to a Wild Card win over the Deshaun Watson's Texans, but were stopped in the cold in Arrowhead against Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs. However, hopes were high leading into 2019 that the structure given by GM Chris Ballard would protect Luck and allow him to lead us to our Super Bowl.
Sadly that did not work out as Luck appeared to have a calf injury leading up to the 2019 season. Fans held out hope he would be ready to go for the start of the season, but after the years of rehabbing Luck had finally had enough. 2 weeks before the season opener during a preseason game against the Chicago Bears it was leaked that Luck planned to retire. Fortunately his backup Jacoby Brissett was put in a better position to take his place as opposed to 2017, but the sudden and unexplained retirement of their franchise QB right before the season led to some fans to boo Luck as he left the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for the last time.

My favorite highlight


Andrew Luck will forever be one of the greatest "what if?" stories in American sports history. Unlike many "what if?" stories, we got to see what we could have had with Luck. What the Colts had in Luck from 2012-14 along with 2018 was nothing short of incredible and it was clear he was improving to potentially become one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. Instead he's a tragic story where fans will forever be left to wonder what could have been with Andrew Luck. Would Luck have brought the Colts back to the Super Bowl if he he didn't play the majority of his career under the poor management of GM Ryan Grigson and HC Chuck Pagano? All we do know is that his sack rate under Grigson was 5.5%, and in one year on GM Chris Ballard's team it was 2.7%, coincidentally also one of his best statistical seasons. Peyton Manning's sack rate for his career? Tied for the NFL record with Dan Marino at 3.13%. Maybe if Luck had been better protected and coached better to avoid hits he could have made it up there with Manning, but as fans he'll forever be a "what if?" Luck seems like a smart and content man who's just starting a family, so I doubt he will ever return for any team. Even if he did we'll forever be robbed of what the best version of Andrew Luck could have been. However, in his short time here, he delivered enough incredible moments to give us hope and make us love the team. I, along with hopefully many other fans, will forever love Andrew Luck for his time with the Colts and am grateful for a helluva run.

1.Peyton Manning
Years Record Playoffs Comp % Yards TDs INTs Y/A Rating
1998-11 141-67 9-10 64.9 54,828 399 198 7.6 94.9

How He Got Here

The Indianapolis Colts under Jim Harbaugh had finally established themselves as a legitimate team, but the Colts knew Harbaugh wasn't the long-term answer at QB. He was 35 going into the 1998 season and had just led the Colts to a 3-13 season, bad enough for the #1 overall pick. There was some debate about drafting Heisman finalist out of Washington, Ryan Leaf, but new GM Bill Polian made no doubt in the fact that he was drafting Peyton Manning. Leaf had some incredible athletic abilities, but there were some doubts raised about his ability to handle the mental aspects of the game. He also basically made the decision for the Colts when he skipped their draft interview, a passive-aggressive declaration he wouldn't play for the Colts. Peyton Manning, son of former Saints QB Archie Manning, was also a Heisman finalist out of Tennessee. No scout doubted Manning's ability to become a franchise QB in the NFL, but some wondered about his potential ceiling due to a complete lack of running ability and some arm strength concerns. However, he was clearly one of the most mature and mentally ready players to ever come out of college for any position.
"I'll leave you with this thought. If you take me, I promise you we will win a championship. If you don't, I promise I'll come back and kick your ass" -Peyton Manning to Colts GM Bill Polian on the day before the 1998 draft

Colts Career

The 1998 Colts were still a pretty bad team overall, and the rookie Manning was not enough to overcome that. He had one of the best statistical rookie seasons ever: 3,739 yards, 26 TDs, 28 INTs, 6.5 Y/A, and a 56.7% completion rate, setting records for yards, TDs, and INTs (yards and TDs are currently held by Andrew Luck and Baker Mayfield respectively). However, the deficiencies of the team and Manning's record number of interceptions helped give the Colts a 3-13 record, including a week 5 win over Ryan Leaf's San Diego Chargers.
Fortunately Manning helped lead one of the biggest turnarounds in NFL history in 1999, turning the 3-13 Colts in 1998 into the 13-3 Colts in 1999. People weren't exactly ready to give up on Manning after 1998, but 1999 was critical for showing Manning could improve and be at the helm of a winning team. Partially this was helped by sending Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk to St. Louis in exchange for the draft pick to select Hall of Fame RB Edgerrin James, who had a phenomenal rookie year. The Colts ended up losing to the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs, who had just completed the Music City Miracle the week before and would come within an ass hair of winning the Super Bowl against the Greatest Show on Turf St. Louis Rams.
Manning was up and down from 2000 to 2002, still posting good stats but missing the playoffs in 2001 ( ) and having first round exits in 2000 and 2002. Whispers started turning into legitimate arguments about how Peyton Manning was a good stats, dome team, regular season QB that just didn't have it in the playoffs. In 2003 Manning started his absurd streak of 12+ win seasons (7 years) and picked up his first MVP award, the first (and still only) Indy Colt to win it. He also got his first playoff wins in 2003, but was quickly put to shame in a 4 INT performance in the AFC Championship against the Patriots, now known by Colts fans as "The Ty Law Game."
The 2004 season is well known by Colts fans for cementing Manning among the all time greats. Manning was white hot all year, throwing for 4,557 yards 49 TDs, 10 INTs, and a 121.1 rating while only getting sacked 13 times. The 49 TDs was a record, which has since been broken by Tom Brady and Manning again while a member of the Broncos. Manning won MVP for the 2nd year in a row, but once again disappointed in the playoffs with a 0 TD, 1 INT performance against the Patriots in the divisional round, losing 20-3. Those arguments of Manning's postseason jitters were starting to feel more and more like reality for Colts fans. They knew they had their franchise QB, but his inability to perform in the playoffs continued to be baffling.
2005 was supposed to be the season that changed all that. Manning's numbers came back to earth somewhat, but he still posted a very efficient performance (104.1 rating) for a much improved overall team. GM Bill Polian had proved his days building the "Four Falls over Buffalo" Bills dynasty was no fluke, he now had a team with the #2 scoring offense and the #2 scoring defense. This was the year to break the Manning postseason curse. Unfortunately in one of the most upsetting games of my life, the Colts could not break that curse against the Steelers in the divisional round. Manning played relatively well: 58% completion rate, 290 yards, and 1 TD with no INTs, but watching the game the Colts struggled to maintain momentum and get stops against the rookie Ben Roethlisberger. Despite the inconsistent play, the Colts still had a shot. Steelers HoF RB Jerome Bettis attempted to ice the game with a goal line carry, but fumbled for the first time all year. With the entire Steelers offense stuffing the line, Colts CB Nick Harper was free to pick up the ball with a nearly open field ahead of him. Normally Nick Harper is one of the faster players on the field, however, as every Colts fan knows, Harper had been stabbed in the leg by his wife in a "supposedly accidental" altercation the night before. This possibly allowed the falling down Ben Roethlisberger to catch Harper by his shoe strings, preventing the nearly sure thing TD by Harper to put the Colts ahead. Instead Manning led the Colts into basically chip shot field goal position for one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history (Mike "Idiot Kicker" Vanderjagt) to tie the game. We all know what happened next. It was a shocking loss to say the least, and it was hard to blame it all on Manning, but it still felt like there was some sort of mystical VooDoo curse hanging over Manning and our franchise.
If the Colts couldn't win it all in 2005 it felt like they never would. 2006 wasn't looking like anything special compared to the past few seasons, especially considering the defense regressed from #2 in scoring in 2005 to #23 in 2006. Manning was still putting up great numbers, but those were starting to feel like an exercise in futility. Fortunately the Colts caught fire at the right time, with oft-injured All-Pro Safety Bob Sanders getting healthy towards the end of the season and the trade deadline addition of Buccaneers DT "Booger" McFarland. That momentum pushed them to an AFC Championship, where Manning would match up against the source of his ultimate playoff failures, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Fortunately, this time it was in the RCA Dome, not Foxborogh, MA. Manning and the Colts started off cold, being down 21-3 at one point after a Manning pick-6, but the Colts rallied behind some incredibly orchestrated drives by Manning to finally get the monkey off his back. On a last second drive, Manning drove the Colts down the field to put them ahead 38-34 with 1 minute to go. A Marlin Jackson interception of Tom Brady sealed it, Manning and the Colts were going to the Super Bowl for the first time in Indy history. Manning played well in the Super Bowl, winning the MVP against the league-best Chicago Bears defense.
Manning continued his solid play in 2007 and 2008, including his 3rd MVP in 2008. Both seasons ended with heartbreaking first round playoff exits to the San Diego Chargers, 2008's being the "Sproles and Scifres Game." 2008 also showed the first signs of physical weakness from Manning, having a knee surgery before the season that led to a slow start for the Colts. That was not the case in 2009, as Manning led the Colts to start the season 14-0. In a decision that's still derided today, new head coach Jim Caldwell decided to effectively bench Manning along with many other starters rather than go for the perfect season to prevent any injuries. Many had seen the Patriots in 2007 nearly complete the perfect season, but fall in heartbreaking fashion in the Super Bowl against a less talented Giants team. Caldwell, like many others, decided that any rust from not playing for nearly a month was worth the decreased risk of injury to his stars. That decision nearly backfired in spectacular fashion as the Colts were behind the New York Jets (a team they effectively let into the playoffs by letting them win in week 16) in the AFC Championship game until Manning led a furious comeback. It all ended poorly in the Super Bowl however as Manning threw a pick-6 to Tracy Porter that still haunts my dreams to Tracy Porter, allowing the Colts to lose to Drew Brees and his stupid baby and the New Orleans Saints.
2010 was one of the first signs of weakness from Manning. He had apparently injured his neck on this play in 2006 ( ) on a hit that would now be extremely illegal. Manning apparently aggravated that injury in the lead up to the 2010 season, and it showed in the stats as he had how lowest rating since 2002 (91.9). For most other QBs a rating of 91.9 is a pretty solid season but for Manning it was a massive fall. This led to a quick playoff exit to the Jets in the first round. In the lead up to the 2011 season, Manning had several surgeries to relieve the pain in his neck which led to him missing the entire season. It was unknown if he would ever be the same QB again, or even play again. Manning's absence showed how incredibly important he was to the franchise, the only major difference between the rosters in 2010 and 2011 is Manning, yet the Colts went 10-6 in 2010 and 2-14 in 2011. This poor record led to the Colts earning the #1 pick in the 2012 draft, which fueled their decision to release Manning and draft a QB in 2012 (Chandler Harnish...and Andrew Luck).

My favorite highlight


"Fellas, if 18 goes down, we're fucked, and we don't practice fucked." -Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore on why the backup QBs don't get more reps
Nothing to me cements Peyton Manning's role in Indy as much as this quote. Even his first 5 years before he became an all-time great, that was still the best sustained stretch of QB play in Indy Colts history. Once he ascended to another level in 2003, it was clear we needed to put every egg we could find into his basket. Manning was the perfect franchise QB: a steady presence on and off the field, consistent delivery of either incredible numbers or game winning performances (usually both), and he made nearly everyone else on the team a better player. His drive and commitment to team victory made him the guy every franchise needs if they want to field a consistently great team. Peyton had somewhat of an authoritarian leadership style, my way or the highway, but you can do that when you show that you're willing and able to give every ounce of yourself to the team and deliver the kind of results that he can.
I think some people are disappointed in the Manning Era considering how historically great his stats are but he was 1-1 in Super Bowls in 12 years here. Honestly I think that's not too far off for any all-time QB. Drew Brees is 1-0, Brett Favre is 1-1, Aaron Rodgers is 1-0, Fran Tarkenton is 0-3, Jim Kelly is 0-4, Dan Marino is 0-1, all of these guys are all-time great franchise QBs but it's not abnormal for them to only win 1 or lose several. There are some exceptions: Tom Brady (6-3), Joe Montana (4-0), Terry Bradshaw (4-0), and Troy Aikman (3-0), but honestly you could trade any of the former QBs for Terry Bradshaw and they would also probably be 4-0. There's lots of luck in every playing career, and some get luckier than others. The only season I'd say the Colts were "robbed" of a Super Bowl is 2005, otherwise I think Manning's Colts career went about as good as it could have.

Honorable Mentions: Matt Hasselbeck (5-3 record, probably our best backup ever) and Dan Orlovsky (just for saving us from a completely defeated season).
Dishonorable Mentions: Jeff George and Kerry Collins (being very bad at QB isn't very uncommon for Indy Colts QBs, but these guys were so bad and toxic they dragged down the abilities of everyone on the team and are actively hated by most fans)
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My story.......delusions or world history

On April 20, 2013 my life forever changed. I had just graduated with a bachelor's in accounting and marketing in December 2012. I had played rugby in college and went to to play in the alumni game the next spring. I had won my fantasy basketball league and won a bet with a friend in the league for which my prize was a bottle of llager. I drank quite a bit and ended up passing out at the after party mid afternoon or so. With guys I typically drank with they might draw on my face or do something silly to prank me. Instead one of the guys decided to tea bag me. I woke up mid tea bag and when it tried to laugh it off the guy stuck his penis down my mouth. I was furious and embarrassed but not drunk enough to try to fight 6 4 to 6 10 rugby players when i was only 5 6 and out of shape. I started arguing with them and somehow it turned into a debate on religion. I had been raised in a strict Christian household and had written a 50 page paper in my first semester arguing against origin of life scientific theories in favor of creationism however for most of college I wasn't a strict Christian in discipline while I still believed God was real. I argued that I couldn't not believe in God because then my whole life would have been based on a lie. However I strong beliefs that the majority of people are who their genes and environment shaped them to be. One of my professors called the environmental factors that shape us crampers and argued that one has not exercised free will until he or she has gone outside of them. Somehow the argument ended up getting into whether or not in had made new lines in rugby songs. Someone said if in could do that then I should try rapping. They got drunk me to try to rap to eminem and lil wayne no love and they got their YouTube video when I messed up and said dick in my mouth. They all laughed. I got pissed and embarrassed again and asked the ethereal beings I had been arguing were real for help. Then I freestyled crown by jay z. I started to realize I could do it and freestyled some more songs as I gained confidence. Shortly I had freestyled the entire magna carta Holy Grail. Somehow the ethereal being that answered my call gave me the power to stop time. That day I saw the future until the end of my time. I went on to create Drake Pound Cake, Eminem MMLP2, Lecrae Church Clothes 2, Drake Trophies, Mac Miller Faces, Jay Electronica We Made It, DJ Khaled They Don't Love You No More, Jay Z Jungle Remix, Brantley Gilbert Just As I Am, Lil Wayne Krazy, Lecrae Anomaly, NF EP, Fences Lesser Oceans, and Jay Electronica A Written Testimony. The 5 years between fences and a written testimony i had quit believing it was real. Now I believe again and things I told people in 2013 and 2014 are just now coming to pass namely being the plague. Just thought I'd leave this here. Feel free to hate or pass judgements. Listening to the music you will realize I've had a very hard time with this through the years. Could I be a prophet or the anti christ is a normal thought for me. Honestly I don't know where this power came from and neither do any of you unless you were there. There's much more to the story but I'll leave this here for now. If you actually read all this please give the music a listen.
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List of Online Teaching Companies

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Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (9/23 to 9/29)

Realistically how long does it usually take to make E-5 if you are coming in as an E-4 and a total try-hard?
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How recent does an injury need to be in order to require a waiver to enlist? I fractured my neck in 2011, so 8 years ago. Healed fine, no surgery needed.

If it makes any difference, I am prior service NG. I got a waiver for it when I first joined in 2013, served all 6 years without any medical issues, made E-5, always had high PT scores, played contact sports for several years after it healed, it has never come back up in any way. I would think MEPS would look at my records, see that I got a waiver and served 6 years and push me through, but the MOS I'm gunning for requires an airborne stamp, so I think there may be an issue there. I've asked my recruiter, he said it may not be an issue but isn't sure. Any insight into this?
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What is MOS 25S like?
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I'm an idiot and didn't realize I'd have to clear transportation here on base before doing a hhg and ub move back at my home of record. Would it be possible to get that done at a base closer to my home of record, or do I absolutely need to get it cleared with transposition here at my Ait to be allowed to do it? I graduate tomorrow so not much time left.
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Can I take the ASVAB test a couple of months before I'm physically ready to join the Army? I want to take it early so I can retake it if I need to.
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I am scheduled to graduate BCT on December 20th. Has anyone else ever graduated right before Christmas? Will I go on holiday block leave and then to to AIT? Thanks
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How do I get around a doctor who refuses to accept that he may be wrong about my diagnosis? I’m not the expert here, but he’s ignoring almost all of the symptoms besides one can and claiming I’ve got arthritis. I try to bring up the other symptoms and say that I believe (based off previous problems and physical therapy) that it’s something else, but he just gives me a lecture about how it’s part of the job and I’ve got to move past it, he has over 1000 HALO jumps and all these injuries basically saying I need to toughen up.
I can work through the problem if I need to, and that’s the plan right now since I’ll be leaving soon and can try and get fixed after I’m at a new unit.
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I have also sent an email to my local recruiter but have not received a reply yet. My first post on this thread so here I go: I'm currently a highschool junior seriously considering enlisting in the army after highschool to become a Ranger - Option 40 attached to either 11X, 12B, or 13F. Both of my parents are college educated - we live in a stereotypical middle class suburban neighborhood. I've never liked school. I've always been a B student. My parents know I want to go to the military but keep insisting that I go to college and be an officer. However, I can't see myself trudging through 4 more years of school. The question: if I go enlist in the Army National Guard as an 11X to make it seem like I'm doing Guard in college to pay for tuition and I volunteer for RASP at OSUT, will I be transferred to active duty and be able to attend RASP - leading me to bail on college? Thanks for reading.
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I would ask this in the MOS thread but they seem to be dead.
I am looking to go after a BS in Electrical, computer, or some engineering after completing AIT for 35T MI Systems Maintenance/Integrator, and I understand I will finish up with an AAS in Electronic Technology.
Does anyone know a reputable college that will accept a bulk of those courses?
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Going to talk to a recruiter tomorrow. I honestly don't know what to wear, obviously nothing torn up/inappropriate logos. I'm a female and everything I see is directed to guys. Probably just going to throw on some khakis or nice jeans with a non t-shirt and call it a day.
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Will I still be getting paid regularly on Terminal Leave/PTDY?
Also I'm currently a single E4 in the barracks. Will I get BAH on terminal leave/PTDY?
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Orders seem to have switched from a signal company to a field artillery brigade, both in Korea. Im a 25n. Am I going to be fucked?
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I am a high schooler that is seriously interested in tanks. That said I'm not sure if I will join the military but if I do, I'd want to be a 19k. Based off of this my question is what's it like to be a 19k? Should I expect to be deployed quickly, and if so for how long? What career opportunities will it open up?
I'm sorry for having so many questions but if I do enlist I want to know what to expect.
Thank you for your service.
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Infantry DEP here. What are the chances I get stationed with 10th Mountain? Can I do anything to improve those chances? Thank you.
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Do officers ever go back to school for a masters or even PhD while still commissioned? Is that heard of? If so, what kind of scenario might warrant an officer to go back to university?
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I currently work as a critical care paramedic. I also have a 4 year Bachelors degree. I was wondering if there are any paramedic officer positions I both the guard or reserves?
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How does prior service come into play for someone who is attempting to get an 18X contract?
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Hey so as the flair says I’m an officer candidate, winding down my time in OCS. I’m going to be submitting my base wish list soon and I’m wondering if there are any good resources on what units are “good” if, even in notoriously bad base communities, there are nice places to live nearby, what the training schedules look like (though I’m not sure if that is widely available info) etc.
I realize the wishlists are hardly taken into account at all, or so people say, I just want to make educated choices if they are taken into account. I’ve poked around a bit for this info and most of it is just a bunch of people saying totally contradictory things. Obviously trusting strangers on the internet here, but figured I’d put it out there.
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This was a post that was deleted. So I'm adding it here. Im prior service going from Marines to Army. I've been in the USMC for 8 years I'm an E5. Instead of re-upping in the Marines I've decided to go Army. I'm currently a UAV operator, my previous MOS was as an avionics tech for helos, and I'm looking to head into the infantry. I'd like to get airborne and ranger qualified as soon as possible and head to 75th, 82nd, 101. Something like that. 8 years in the corps has only given me 1 deployment (non combat) and a few months in Kuwait (so I'm kind of salty). I want a unit with a high op tempo and a good deployment rotation.
So a few things I'd like to know.
First off I'm fully aware that even as an E5 I'll be inexperienced in the infantry until I learn my job and prove my self. I have no intention of big dicking my unit. I'd rather humble myself learn everything I can as quickly as I can so I can start to lead and be a trustworthy NCO.
Secondly E5s, E6s, and E7s. Talk to me about the promotion system for an E5 to E6. I've had some friends become eligible immediately due to time in service. Just wondering how that works. I already have the Marine Corps equivalent of your BLC and SLC though I imagine I may have to go to your courses once I'm in.
Talk to me about becoming airborne, air assault, ranger, recon, sniper etc qualed. First off I want as much experience and knowledge as I can gain while in my mos but I also want to be as much of an asset to the unit and army as possible. I've been told as a prior service I can't contract in with any extra schools so what's the best way to go about becoming a more diverse soldier.
Infantry NCOs talk to me about what I should know as an army infantry NCO.
A hard second for me Is 19D cav scouts. This job interests me. But I want my primary job to be infantry I know cavs are the closest thing. And some say they are "basically infantry" but I've had enough of the "every Marine is a rifleman" bs. Figured if I want to do infantry things just go infantry. But if you think it's better tell me why.
Lastly talk to me about light infantry vs mech vs recon vs AB. The units attached. The deployment rotations. What units are awesome. Which suck. What's your experience.
Thanks in advance. Any other questions just ask
PS. If anyone's wondering. I'm physically fit. Well within height and weight standards. Never shot less than expert on rifle and pistol. Have maxed out all of my Marine training. and I'm a competent NCO. Also I run a 600 on the "ACFT".
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Does most people in the army have Hollywood bodies? (V taper, cheer, arms, six pack) since they’re mostly young and work out for a living
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Does anyone have an idea if Split options who just completed Infantry Basic portion of OSUT (9wks), now have to attend AIT for 13 weeks? Or would it still be 5 weeks?
This is due to the new change of OSUT length (14 to 22wks)
Would this sudden change mess up my airborne and sopc/rep63 orders?
I get my orders oct 5th but I was just wondering if there's some memo I can read. Haven't found anything concerning sto-1's
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So I was originally considering going as a 68W, but not so sure now. As of now I'm thinking that 15T is the best way (Black hawk mechanic). What are the chances of getting hired out of the military and landing a decent job that pays more than 50k a year? I'm trying to land an MOS that can land me a nice civilian job for the long run after my contract ends.
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I am looking to get a Option 4 Infantry contract. What is the chance of getting sent to the 173rd versus the 82nd or the 4/25th in Alaska?
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This might be a dumb question, but how frequent are deployments to combat zones at this time? With things winding down in Afghanistan and Iraq, I can’t imagine deployments are that frequent anymore. The specific MOS I’m asking for is 68W and 19D. Do 68Ws get deployed more frequently than say 19D or 13F? Sorry if these questions are hard to answer- I know that deployments are unpredictable.
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How quickly do 12Bs promote? SloweFaster than average?
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Has anyone successfully gotten a waiver for scoliosis?
I went to MEPS this week. I passed everything except the visual test for scoliosis. The doctor said I may have scoliosis. I never knew I had them. I’m waiting for a call to get scheduled for consult.
I’ve been Breakdancing for years and I took up Jiujitsu and Boxing a couple months ago. So my mobility is healthy.
It would suck for a bit if I get disqualified. I’ve always wanted to be in the Army...
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What are my chances of enlisting with an ADHD diagnosis? I was diagnosed very young and received medication up until I graduated high school. I’m 23 now and haven’t taken any meds in the last five years.
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Does all MJ use need a moral waiver? I'm talking over 10 years ago a handful of times (3).
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Why did you choose to pursue the Army vs other branches? What other branches did you consider?
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Dumb question, but is there a difference between sew on ranks for the PC and sew on ranks for the ACU/OCP chest?
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I am currently in the process of enlisting in the United States Army. I went to MEPS and passed my ASVAB as well as my medical. I met with my recruiter last week and was asked what exactly I wanted to do in the military. While I had plenty of options to choose from the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be was infantry. I told my recruiter that I wanted to do MOS infantry 11x and that I wouldn’t sign up unless there was an Airborne contract attached to that. He said that it was fine and that he would notify me as soon as the position became available. My questions are as follows, How often do Airborne slots become available? If I go for an Option 40 in my contract and don’t pass RASP/Pre-ranger, do I still get to keep my wings? If I fail RASP can the army put me into a different position other than infantry ? Who chooses the bonuses that you receive for different MOS’s? If I pass Airborne will I be with an airborne unit or be with an infantry unit? Thanks.
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Hello everyone,
I'm a fourth year attending Uni and I want to serve. I'm hoping to go in as a 68W and get an Option 40 to attend RASP or get an Option 4 for airborne and then volunteer for RASP at airborne.
One problem though is that I have a mild peanut allergy. It doesn't trigger anaphylaxis and never has in my life. When I ingest peanuts or peanut butter, my stomach hurts and I throw up but once I throw up I'm fine.
I know I have to get a waiver for this but will getting a medical waiver prevent me from getting either of those options in initial enlistment? I've spoken to two recruiters in my area and they said that I should be fine, however, I would like to get other opinions.
Thanks in advance!
Edit: Formatting
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Any info on 19D? Your experience with the MOS? What do you do in the field for training, what do they have you do when you’re not in the field? Is it practically infantry? Any info would be awesome!
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Got a 93 AFQT on the ASVAB today. I want to be 35P or 35W. I want to hear your thoughts on both MOS’s
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Hey I’m training to get PB on a 12 mile because the ESB is coming up and I made a bet with someone that I could do the 12 miler in 2 hours or less. Anyone know a place at JBLM that is good/safe for training?
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About to graduate with a 4 year degree and am thinking about becoming an officer. (Yes, I know I should have been in ROTC but I am now coming to my senses). Is officer school very competitive to get into or will I have to wait a while for an opening? Probably will be speaking to a recruiter in a week or two.
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I had to get a medical waiver so I can't do option 4/40 in MEPS.
Can I still switch to one of them in OSUT potentially (I'm aware their is no guarantee) or is that blocked until I'm at my first duty station? Just trying to figure out how long the medical waiver will be relevant.
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Just trying to find some information on Blue to Green (IST). I’m an E6 SWCC in the Navy. I’ve been apart of Naval Special Warfare for 8 years however I’m thinking about switching branches and going to the Army for SF selection. I’m asking for info on how to go about switching branches and how to apply for SF selection. Any knowledge or guidance is appreciated. Thank you all.
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Has anyone had "recruiters" for schools come do presentations during basic and ask if people wanted to sign up? My recruiter said he had that happen but this was years ago.
Im going in for 15T and airborne isnt exactly a thing that would be useful for this specific mos but i would like the opportunity to jump out of planes and wear that beret. Im told air assault is more likely cause it would apply to my job if i became crew chief. That being said has anyone ever seen a 15T/U goto jump school?
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I’m waiting on a confirmation from (MEPS doctors I think?) to review the medical notes on Carpal tunnel release surgery I had a few years ago on both of my wrists. I have full mobility, no visible scarring, I train in MMA with no issues. My recruiter says once they clear it, I can go to MEPS for my physical to enlist. I’m a healthy 26 year old male and I scored a 93 AFQT and I’m waiting to reserve my MOS (35p). Do you think I will be denied to go to MEPS for my physical because of those surgeries?
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Do they drug test you at reception? I’m leaving in a week or two and I need answers fast. I’m not going to smoke at all while I’m in the Army or throughout my service but my friend had me hit a jewel that had marijuana oils in it, and I was unaware. No we’re no longer friends.
It’s been two weeks, and two days since and I’m barely passing the $1 home kit drug tests with a very faint line and I know the drug tests at reception or at basic are sent to labs and go more in depth and I’m just nervous I’ll pop.
I’ve told my recruiter about this and he’s reassured me that I won’t be drug tested in reception and by then, it’ll be out of my system for good. Is he lying to me?
If they do drug test at reception, which day do they administer the drug test? Can you prolong your drug test until the end of your first week of being there if you visit every other station first? Despite the long lines?
I know I can pass a blood drawn I’m just nervous about a urinalysis. I’ll be going to Fort Benning. I’ve tried to get my recruiter to drug test me but he said there tests are expensive and he’s already drug tested me once but I got pee shy so I had to drink so much water and my pee was literally clear when he tested it so it felt massively diluted and that was about a week ago.
I just don’t know what to do I want to leave ASAP but I also don’t want to be the guy that pops at boot camp.
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Dumb question - pathfinder waivers - what kind of wording are they looking for if you don't meet the MOS/AOC or rank requirement? Or both?
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How long are infantry deployments?
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Singed as a 13F (Fister) and my paperwork says I’m going to basic at Benning. I thought Benning was only for OSUT? Is this a new thing? I had always heard 13F went to Jackson, Sill, or Leonard Wood for basic.
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After AIT, am I able to take college classes that require a lab on base, or where would you take these if you can? Thanks
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Hey y'all
I am currently serving active duty as a 68W. I have taken prior college classes and am also currently taking more to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. Initially my plan was to finish my contract, get out, finish school and then into the field of PT. Many have mentioned the Green To Gold program to look into, but when I try to look into it to become a PT w/ the army, there isn't all that much information. Basically I am curious about the application process (some have said it will be different since it is a medical program), would I be guaranteed to be a PT if I chose that route, and if y'all believe it would be worth it to spend that time as an Army PT or rather to just try to jump into it as a civi? Any information or advice would be helpful :)
Thanks guys
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Hit my primary zone last year, passed promotion board. Got flagged for a short period of time (not currently flagged), and am now hitting TIS/TIG for MLI.
Question: do I need to attend another promotion board? I'm not intimidated by them, it's just another PITA I'd rather not deal with if I don't have to.
Are y'all still sold out of those chicken sandwiches?
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I was wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about training cycle in 1st Infantry, or Bradley units in general. I've never been in a mech unit before, so this is all new to me. More specifically, how often do you go to the field, and for how long? (e.g. 10 days a month, 2 weeks on w/ 2 weeks off) Lastly, how often do you get 3 or 4 day weekends?
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A friend of mine has scars from self mutilation from a very long time ago. She was up front with the recruiter and they said she would have to have a waiver for it but denied her request for one. She couldn't even start the process, the recruiter didn't want to deal with it.
I would understand if a waiver was submitted and denied, but the recruiter didn't even try. Are they allowed to do that?
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Is it possible to commission directly from ROTC into a reserve position overseas or a IMA in Europe? I haven't found a lot of information other than the existence of these positions and am curious about the process about a graduate school cadet using this to jump into their PhD program.
I've been looking into that and university teaching in China, which after digging through the few reddit post on the subject, is possible for soldiers living in China while drilling in South Korea.
As much as I enjoy the staying in (somewhat)shape from the Army, I want to be able to make decisions that benefit my life outside as much as I can while still doing my time owed. Any help or pointing in the right direction on the matter will be greatly appreciated!
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Where the hell do I go to get into my DLC? I need to get this done ASAP and I've asked to be enrolled but I haven't seen a notification of my enrollment and can find nothing in my ATTRS, AKO etc. Googling just gives me the standard news on DLC.
I've asked people in my unit, but I've gotten passed around for 2 months with nothing to show but two lost seats in BLC. I'd rather not wait on others to assist me if anyone can assist me, that'd be great.
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Another stupid 18x question, but I’ve gotten some conflicting info on this and was hoping this could be cleared up here. For 18x contract do you need to be able to pass the apft requires on enlistment or is that just a requirement for SFAS? (Min 240, no less than 70 on any portion, 17-21 range)
My confusion comes from thinking it was necessary upon enlistment, but then hearing prior service SF say: “don’t worry about your physical fitness because the pipeline is like 9 months to sfas anyways so you’ll have time to improve before you get there.”
Edit: I’ve also put off talking to a recruiter because I’ve been working on hitting those targets before going in.
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Any 35G here? What's training at AIT like? Easy? Hard? Is the material very intensive? Is it mostly geography I'll be studying?
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How much time is given by regulation to clear unit and installation? I’ll be ETS’ing pretty soon and I’ve only ever been at one duty station so I’ve never dealt with moves and clearing. I’m just trying to build a timeline so I can work with my unit by getting myself out on time and on schedule.
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My barracks is full of bugs, you can hear crickets in the hallways and there’s always spiders and books, in my room. Who can I go to, to fix this?
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hey i what to be a army airborne ranger do any of you have tips or tricks to help me a long (i what to go through rasp and ranger shcool)
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Posting an Effortpost about US Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet every day until I get my own personal Michael Bennet user flair - Day 3

Day Three – Michael Bennet vs. Bernard Sanders

Today’s post is going to be slightly less detailed, as I’m running behind on the papers I’m supposed to be writing, but I’m going to provide as much information as I can into this. I’m also not going to provide a direct breakdown of each of their policies, but instead I’m going to compare things like
Bernie and Bennet do share a few things in common; they are both among the 9th Jewish members of the Senate, they both come from states with larger rural populations that are also home to large Ski resorts, and they both failed to become the 2020 Democratic nominee. Both Senators also share experience in local politics; Bernie as they mayor of Burlington, and Bennet as Chief of Staff for Denver’s Mayor at the time, John Hickenlooper, and as Superintendent of Denver Public Schools. Bennet and Bernie also share special connection through their states that they may not even realize; Jake Burton Carpenter, the founder of Burton Snowboards. Jake founded the Burton Snowboard company in Burlington, Vermont, and he also founded the Burton US Open, which came to Vail, CO in 2013.
Beyond this, it’s hard to find anymore similarities. While Bernie came to politics as the son of working class parents, Bennet was quite literally born into politics, as he was born in India while his father served as an assistant to Chester Bowles, the US Ambassador to India. While Bernie simply received his Bachelor’s in political science and spent his early career as an activist, Bennet used his Juris Doctorate from Yale to work in both the public and private sectors. Eventually however, both made their way to the Senate, and their time in the Senate will be the focus of today’s comparisons.

Legislative History & Voting Record

This will be a brief summation of both Senator’s personal accomplishments as a legislator, and will take a look at their key votes on major legislation.
Legislative History – Michael Bennet
Legislative History - Bernie Sanders
Overall, Bennet and Bernie have had relative success in their legislative careers. Neither have personally proposed major legislation that has been successful.


Bipartisanship and a willingness to reach across the aisle are important traits of any legislator. The Lugar Center has been tracking the Bipartisanship of members of congress since the 103rd Congress. According to their lifetime Senator scores, of the 250 Senators that have served in Congress since 1993, Bennet ranks as the 143rd most bipartisan, while Sanders is ranked as the 247th most bipartisan.
In the past 6 months, Sanders had one notable Bipartisan effort, which was his work with Republican Mike Lee on the No War against Iran Act. Sanders did also lead a bipartisan effort to reform the VA while he was chair of Senate Veteran’s affairs committee.
In the past 6 months, Bennet has made several efforts at Bipartisanship, some of the most notable being his work with Romney on attempting to increase the Child Tax Credit, his work with Rob Portman on the Eviction Crisis Act, and his work with several Democrats and Republicans on the AIM HIGH Act. Bennet’s most notable Bipartisan work was his role on the Gang of Eight that worked to pass immigration reform in the Senate. He is also part of the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

Voting Records

I’m not going to go too in-depth here, I will primarily focus on key votes by each senator that are controversial.
Arguably Bennet’s most controversial vote, Bennet was one of very few Democratic Senators who supported construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Bennet also voted against an amendment that would have reinstated the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.
Sander’s has a slew of controversial votes, the most notable no-votes being his votes against the Brady Bill, the 2007 immigration bill, and USMCA.
During the 115th congress, Bennet voted in favor of confirming 18 of the 29 judicial nominees appointed by Trump. Sanders only voted in favor of 10 of these nominees.

Political Comparison

This is going to be short; I mainly want to address the notable and most interesting policy differences between Bennet and Sanders. Obviously they both have socially progressive views, and while they may prefer different policies for addressing the issues facing the United States, they would both agree that we need to do something about Healthcare, Immigration, etc. We already all know that Bernie want’s M4A, and Bennet wants a public option, Bernie wants public housing and rent controls, bennet wants to stop zoning, so on and so forth.

We all know Bernie's my way or the highway approach, and most of us likely disagree with the purity tests brought about as a result, but I'm willing to bet very few people are knowledgeable about Bennet's approach to politics.
Bennet describes himself as a pragmatic realist - essentially, he tries to be sensible about his policies, focusing on data driven solutions, but he also tries to be realistic as well. He recognizes that in the current political climate, the Free College and M4A are unlikely to make it through Congress (and aren't backed by sufficient data), so his belief is that instead of wasting political capital on things that might not even make it past committee, we should pursue policies that people can agree on. It's why he favors bipartisanship, and is on the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus with Mitch McConnell - instead of screaming at McConnell for not acquiescing to his demands, he would rather try to work with McConnell and at least get something done, rather than nothing at all.
As many of us already know, Bernie doesn’t always take positions that advocate for free trade. In his quest to protect America’s working class, he has failed to recognize the massive global benefits of free trade. On the other hand, Bennet has been a consistent supporter of trade agreements such as the USMCA (and NAFTA before that).
Bennet and Sanders differences on immigration are quite interesting, primarily due to Sander’s history with immigration. Although Sanders voted against immigration reform in 2007, he now supports doing something that very few members of Congress support, which is opening borders completely. On the other hand, Bennet has always favored immigration reform, and has supported the Dreamers and DACA since he came to the Senate; however, he would prefer to simply reform current immigration policy rather than completely open borders – and his reasoning has a lot to do with his pragmatic realism. Bennet believes that we should not be pursuing policy that is not realistic – and while almost every neoliberal does want open borders, we should recognize the unfortunate reality that this is not realistic in the current political climate.
So, when it comes to immigration, we have a dilemma – on one hand, Bernie supports the more neoliberal position on immigration, whereas Bennet takes the realistic approach – something that most neoliberals will support as well.
As we already know the basic healthcare policies of both Senators; I mainly want to focus on how Bernie and Bennet want to address pharmaceuticals. As with many of his other policies, Bernie’s plan for addressing the price of pharmaceuticals involves price controls – a policy that just about every economist rejects. On the other hand, Bennet is among the group of people that wants to give the Federal government more power to negotiate the price of pharmaceuticals, and he also wants to end pharmaceutical monopolies – something all of us neoliberals can support (I would hope at least).
Climate Change
After posting my effortpost on Bennet’s climate change platform yesterday, I did some more research and found something I wanted to share with everyone: Unlike Bernie, Bennet is a confirmed supporter of Nuclear Energy!!! Bennet is an original co-sponsor of S.903 – The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act!!!

Overall, I think we can all agree that Bennet is the superior Senator, but I will admit that there are policy areas where he could improve - I would love for him to start advocating for a carbon tax, and open borders, but I also recognize that he is being realistic, and pursuing the policies most likely to get passed into law.

Well, that about sums up today’s effortpost. I know it’s shorter than the previous two, but hopefully I’ll have the time to write a longer one tomorrow. I believe that tomorrow’s topic will be a look at Bennet’s plan to End Poverty – one of my favorite parts of his platform.

I will not stop until I get my flair
Day One
Day Two
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Guys, I figured out why all the girls on this season stink. It's Hunter Hayes

It's all Hunter Hayes fault. I know, who is Hunter Hayes and how is it all his fault. Well, allow me to explain.
For those who don't know, Hunter Hayes is a country musician. What could a country musician possibly who hasn't performed on the show (yet, I hope I'm doing this spoiler thing correctly lol but he definitely performs on a hometown date and I won't say who, but this person had a one-on-one and another country star performed) have done to ruin all the girls on this season? Well in 2013 he wrote a song called "I Want Crazy."
I know, all the girls on this season were crazy and that is just a song, but it goes deeper than that. What was happening in 2013 you ask? Well, 7 years ago all these girls were in high school and just starting to figure out love and all those emotions. What states do most of the bachelor women come from? The south, and what kind of music does the south love? You are right, it is country. So not only were these girls discovering all these new emotions, they were also listening to this song.
Yeah yeah yeah, that's just a coincidence and does not mean they thought being in love meant being crazy, but after reading these lyrics, tell me they don't sound like multiple women on this season.
" It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy" -> I think we can all agree Peter's season has been far from easy
"I wanna be scared, don't wanna know why" -> perfectly explains all the random crying lol
"There's no such thing as wild enough"
"But I don't want "good" and I don't want "good enough" -> explains why all the girls keep talking about each other to Peter
"And maybe we just think too much" -> the girls took this too literally lol
So in conclusion, Hunter Hayes wrote a country love song 7 years ago called "I Want Crazy" when most of this year's ladies on the Bachelor were young, impressionable, and definitely listening to his music, and so he planted a seed in the back of their heads on how one day they could win the heart of the Bachelor.

TL;DR: So last night I was listening to music and heard the song "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes, and I started laughing because I thought the lyrics sounded a lot like the girls on this season. This is obviously meant as a joke and not meant to tear down these ladies. I know if I ever went on the Bachelorette (that's right, bet you didn't guess I was a dude reading this post lol) I would definitely go crazy, and the producers manipulate the edits so much nowadays, I know I would not come out in the best light. We are all in fact, human, and messy humans at that.
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Time to get your education!. My tale of Degree Completion (42 in the series)

Previous Post - Blackhawk recovery. My Last mission at Fort Campbell
The United States Army had a Degree Completion Program (DCP) for officers who lacked schooling to complete a Bachelor Degree. Having a well documented education was one of many things that were looked at when an officer was competing for promotion to the next rank. I had always been a “Non-Traditional” college student as I had no inclination to go to college directly after high school. I had been bored in high school and even declined my grandmother’s offer to pay my tuition to go to college as I knew at that time, I would not have fared well.
Six years later, I had entered active duty as an enlisted private after I had run into a wall trying to go from a Second Lieutenant in the Indiana Army National Guard to active army due to my lack of a college education. I had the great fortune at that time to encounter a retired sergeant working in the West Fort Hood Education center who guided me through the process of taking College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) general exams.
I took an passed the five general exams (English, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science Social Science & History), without preparation over a two-week span (Without any study preparation. CLEP study guide? What was that?) and passed all of them. Armed with this, I took classes at Central Texas College (CTC), matriculated more credits for “Military Acquired Skills” and earned an Associates Degree in General Studies. An Associates is essentially the General Education Diploma (GED) of community college. I had been satisfied with this level of education as it exceeded the education requirements for being a Warrant Officer. But now, I was looking at being competitive against my peers and most of them had four-year degrees, so Degree Completion was my ticket.
There was a local college that had an on-post presence at Fort Campbell, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee. Austin Peay was the first governor of Tennessee and this university namesake. Austin Peay Fort Campbell campus used an eight-week accelerated semester system where night classes met twice a week and each class was two and a half hours a class. This allowed me six semesters in eighteen months (75 divided by 6 equaling 12.5) to get my degree. This required some serious discussions with the wife and sons as while I would be getting paid my normal salary and benefits. I was also betting my career that I could pass every class I took and had to pay for those classes as I had no GI Bill benefit or grants available for tuition costs.
We decided that this was a no brainer of a choice and all I had to do now was get my application in to the Department of the Army and hope for the best. This was by no means a sure thing as other members of my unit doing the same thing. CW2 Jim Schroder applied for a year of DCP, CW2 Rosten Henderson applied for nine months (He was a semester short of an engineering degree) and I was applying for the full Eighteen months and had by far the weakest educational background with only four actual college classes under my belt and only two of those classes had been instructor lead.
Anytime the assignments branch would grace you with a favorable assignment, it was like a Fairy Godmother had granted you wish. In our cases, it was a dream come true for all three of us. I was very surprised that all three of our applications were both endorsed by our chain of command and that our assignments branch approved the assignments. None of us were going to complain. In May of 1993 I received my orders and I was to report for duty at Austin Peay State University the first week of September 1993 and I had to graduate by the end of the spring semester May of 1995. During this time, I could remain in my quarters at Fort Campbell and still receive full pay and allowances (Including Flight Pay?? I didn’t object!). The only caveat was that if I failed to earn my degree, I could pretty much expect the end of my military career. No big deal.
For those of you who haven't attended the US college system, this was a EXTREMELY aggressive education plan. In a normal college degree plan, you take 120 hours of class over four years. Generally, you take fifteen credits a semester, two semesters a year for four years. This is assuming you pass every class, every class in your degree program is available in the schedule that you need it and so on. Roughly, forty percent of four-year degrees are completed in four-years. I was compressing two and a half or three years of study into eighteen months and I had little room for error. Lower division courses, if I somehow failed one, I might be able to recover from. Upper division classes (ones that were in my degree field of study) I had no option but to pass as they were not scheduled as often as lower division ones.
I hedged by bet by enrolling in two summer night classes (July-August term) at Austin Peay before I left my unit reducing the classes I needed in Degree Completion by six hours to a paltry sixty-nine hours. I almost immediately regretting one of my decisions as the two classes I took were Technical Writing and Fundamental Concepts of Math I. I was woefully unprepared for both classes. The Technical Writing class should have listed English Composition and Rhetoric I & II as prerequisite courses, but it didn’t. I had to play a bit of catch up getting my writing style up to par. Most of that was mitigated by my study partner who I worked with all through the course and we found we had a good symbiosis as a team. I detailed the technical aspects and he did the grammar and the formatting. That class turned out to be an easy A. Fundamental Concepts of Math I, this was another story entirely.
Doctor Cochner was our instructor for that summer class and it turned out he was the Chairman of the Mathematics Department. We quickly learned that he was the Chair for a reason; he was a brilliant mathematician. Our class started with Fifty-four (54) students and the APSU policy said you could drop a class without an incomplete after attending a maximum of two class sessions. After two classes, the class was down to twenty-seven and I think we had twenty-four student take the final exam.
Dr. Cochner was quite personable, but he blazed through the coursework at a blistering speed because he could do all the computations in his head. There were three sixteen-foot-long chalkboards in the classroom and he would fill these up with classwork in just a few minutes then go back to the beginning and start to erase so he could do more work only to hear a chorus of: “Wait, we haven’t got that in our notes yet!” It was a fun time. I’d chosen Fundamental Concepts (FC) because I had to take FC or Algebra and I was terrified of Algebra due to my high school experiences with it. Little did I know I’d jumped from the frying pan into the flames of hell itself.
I can honestly say that I worked harder at that one class than I did in any other class in any academic setting before it. I thought Truth Tables and Mathematical Logic would be my undoing. I finally mastered them, but toll on my brain had been enormous. In this class, we had a core group of seven “Non-Traditional” students, most of us degree completers that quickly earned the title of the “Brain Trust” from the rest of the class. I believe this was mostly because we felt the pressure of having to not only pass the class, but the need to get an A in the class. I constantly felt as if my head was going to explode and I truly worked hard and getting my brain in the “Math Mode”. The end of my first semester, I was rewarded with two hard earned A’s and I figured out that this Degree Completion thing was going to be my toughest challenge since flight school. I was right.
As September approached, I out-processed from my unit and was nominally assigned to DCP at APSU and I reported to a Captain who was the senior student on campus in DCP. I wasted no time in making my second blunder in enrollment by managing to enroll in an English Literature I before I took English Composition and Rhetoric I. I got a D on my first writing assignment and my professor took the time to talk with me about my lack of college writing style. Once she learned of my goof, she suggested I get the English Comp I Modern Language Association (MLA) writing guide and learn it quick. She also gave me until the next class (five days Thursday to Tuesday) to rewrite my original paper using the MLA guide. I managed to bring a D up to a C+ and I was off and running again. I never got lower than a B on any subsequent assignment she assigned and I squeaked out an A at the end with a good score on both my Mid-Term and Final.
I managed to finish the balance of my required courses (English Comp I & II, Literature II & Fundamental Concepts of Math II) without any crisis. I was even encouraged by all my English Department professors to change my major to English. (I politely declined but now I do find humor that I write for a living now.) I then started taking classes in my major and most of these classes were with our department head and class advisor, Doctor Muhammad Waheed-Uz-Zaman, aka: Dr. Z.
The last time I checked (2013) Doctor Zaman was still the Chairman of the Public Management and Criminal Justice Department at APSU. Dr. Zaman hailed from Bangladesh and apparently, it was (at least in his opinion) the Valhalla of Public Management. He was a very gregarious man and was always willing to talk to a student although he could be a challenge to actually locate during “office hours”.
At the time, (over twenty-five years ago, things may have changed, I don’t know.) Dr. Zaman spoke with a fairly strong accent. While being extremely fluent in English, he could be difficult to understand especially if he was excited and he was always excited talking about public management. The running joke among Public Management (PM) majors like myself was that we’d sit in the back of the classroom because by the time his voice traveled to the back of the room it was almost in English. He did have another bad habit that was the main reason why we generally sat in the back of the room, he tended to spray you with spittle when he lectured.
I think I ended up taking five classes with Dr. Zaman and by the mid-term of the second class I had zeroed in on the three words that the good doctor lived by; “Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness.” Doctor Zaman loved essay questions on his Midterms and Finals and they were always two- and three-part question or a multiple paragraph answer questions. He even went as far as to give you a selection of questions to answer. (I.E. Answer two of these five essay questions with three to five paragraph long answers.) Anyone who had been in at least one of his classes knew that if your answer addressed the question with viewpoints that discussed the Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness of X in regards to the subject, you would get a good grade.
The one thing that intrigued me more than anything was Dr. Zaman’s filing system. You had to go to his office for course selection advice and I also had to consult him and get his approval on my internship for my last twelve credits. I felt nervous every time I entered his office because his filing system was to put papers in piles, then put up shelves and move the latest piles on to the shelves.
Every wall of his office had floor to ceiling shelves, and they were all loaded with papers. His desk, except for the small space where he worked, was covered in stacks of papers. What was even more impressive was that he seemed to know what was in each stack. Impressive, but a bit scary as I thought that the walls might collapse due to the weight. (The building was a repurposed world war two era temporary barracks.)
By the time I had gotten in to the upper division classes for my major, I’d pretty much figured out what I had to do and how to go about it to get my degree. The only remaining thing I had to figure out was what I was going to do during my internship and where I could do it. Dr. Zaman was pretty liberal in what you could choose and he wanted you to choose an area you were familiar with since this was equivalent to a four-class semester and twelve credits toward your degree. I finally decided that I would do my internship at the Fort Campbell Airfield Safety office and work under CW3 Bob Hardy, the airfield safety officer.
During my internship, I researched the Army and Airforce regulatory requirements for firefighting personnel and equipment. I completed the internship with a proposal that documented the existing personnel and equipment, the requirements of all the stakeholders and a recommendation of changes that would be required for the airfield to be compliant with all the regulatory requirements. I’m sure that somewhere in that herculean document I documented the Economy, Effectiveness and Efficiency if the firefighting capability. I got an A on the paper and managed to qualify for my Degree.
During my last semester I also had to prepare for my return to the real army. I knew that since I had been stateside for four years I was due for an overseas assignment. There was a fairly steady rotation of pilots from Ft. Campbell to Korea and I figured that would work out well for both my career and my family. We had averaged moving at least once every 18 months while I'd been on active duty. If I took another unaccompanied tour to Korea, they could remain in quarters on post. Once my tour would have completed, since I had family on post, a return to Ft. Campbell would be assured. So of course I received orders to report to Germany in April.
My one lingering regret in this journey was that I got my diploma in the mail. The Army saw to it that I was in Germany when my graduation ceremony was held in May 1995. My family had so wanted to see me walk across that stage and get my diploma. Of course, the greatest irony of all was that I had been sent to Degree Completion to make me a well-rounded officer and to make me more competitive for promotion.
CW3 Bob Hardy and I had even flew to Arlington, Virginia, in his private plane, to meet with our Branch Manager to review our Officer Record Brief (ORB) which were part of the promotion packets our promotion boards would see. Bob was up for CW4 and I was getting my first look at CW3. ANy errors or defects in your records played against you as the board only reviewed your record, you didn't appear in person. As it turned out, all my efforts were for naught. Four months into my tour in Germany I received notification of non-selection for promotion to Chief Warrant Officer Three (CW3).
Now I had to figure out what in the hell I was going to do next?
Next Post- My Arrival in Germany, after getting my Bachelor's Degree
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A 19 year old looking at two roads diverged in a yellow wood (kinda)

I am currently a first year engineering student. I also have a scholarship from a government-funded organization (luckily). I am even planning to run for student councik for the next academic year despite how my seniors have said that the 2nd year of chemical engineering in our uni will be one of the hardest.
Quarantine has been the equivalent of me having nothing to do for weeks during summer vacation and me ending up reflecting too much and feeling and thinking about many things about myself.
I wanted the challenge and made the promise to myself to study Math and Chemistry in advance to keep up with my studies, hence, choosing the course.
I originally wanted to take a course on theater performance arts back in early high school, but we were reminded early on how it's our best bet to choose a career path that has more certainty to it: finance-wise, majorly. I wanted to my job to consist of my passion of singing and performing in front of an audience... but at the same time, I thought about how it may ruin the fun for me since it will be my source of income.
Yet, I can't keep up with the pace that my classmates have. I don't have this study habit because I always let laziness win over me. The anticipation, making everything seem negative. I hate this about myself, because I feel greatly towards this with academics-- the thing I should be improving on and preparing for even in quarantine... I made it barely alive in my first Calculus subject, and in our second semester, I'm still doing what I did last time, with only a bit of more activity compared to last time.
I am now questioning myself about my decisions. But I guess my studies is not a question because I want a diploma for myself, even if it's just a bachelor's degree. I have come to a point this year that I don't want to excel in anyway with this course and line of job: I just wanted to finish my studies and make myself free and explore what I really want.
Somehow, the thought and feeling of being under a spotlight satisfies me. I want to be a known person somehow. YouTube has been intriguing me since 2013 when I discovered its magical world. The first and last content I made was back in 2015 when I did a cover of Hunter Hayes' Invisible. I think I did not have the confidence to do anymore content. Whenever I come across that video which had less than a thousand views, something sparks in my heart. Passion.
But it always dies. This quarantine, I have already thought of 2 ideas to post. Every month, I will have some idea about a content that I want to work on and post... but nothing has manifested.
I feel dry when I try hard to achieve.
I feel so lowkey angry at myself to just settle with the happiness I gain when watching other content creators, and leaving myself with nothing created.
"What sparks joy in you?" that's the phrase that has been echoing through my mind for some days now.
Now, I don't know.
What should I do? I feel like a blank slate wanting to be striped and colored, but at the same time, my actions don't correspond.
I want assurance and I want to create. So much happening right now. Anything is good.
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Gonna upgrade to 20 soon. Yet, I feel like a wreck of an indecision.

I am currently a first year engineering student. I also have a scholarship from a government-funded organization (luckily). I am even planning to run for student councik for the next academic year despite how my seniors have said that the 2nd year of chemical engineering in our uni will be one of the hardest.
Quarantine has been the equivalent of me having nothing to do for weeks during summer vacation and me ending up reflecting too much and feeling and thinking about many things about myself.
I wanted the challenge and made the promise to myself to study Math and Chemistry in advance to keep up with my studies, hence, choosing the course.
I originally wanted to take a course on theater performance arts back in early high school, but we were reminded early on how it's our best bet to choose a career path that has more certainty to it: finance-wise, majorly. I wanted to my job to consist of my passion of singing and performing in front of an audience... but at the same time, I thought about how it may ruin the fun for me since it will be my source of income.
Yet, I can't keep up with the pace that my classmates have. I don't have this study habit because I always let laziness win over me. The anticipation, making everything seem negative. I hate this about myself, because I feel greatly towards this with academics-- the thing I should be improving on and preparing for even in quarantine... I made it barely alive in my first Calculus subject, and in our second semester, I'm still doing what I did last time, with only a bit of more activity compared to last time.
I am now questioning myself about my decisions. But I guess my studies is not a question because I want a diploma for myself, even if it's just a bachelor's degree. I have come to a point this year that I don't want to excel in anyway with this course and line of job: I just wanted to finish my studies and make myself free and explore what I really want.
Somehow, the thought and feeling of being under a spotlight satisfies me. I want to be a known person somehow. YouTube has been intriguing me since 2013 when I discovered its magical world. The first and last content I made was back in 2015 when I did a cover of Hunter Hayes' Invisible. I think I did not have the confidence to do anymore content. Whenever I come across that video which had less than a thousand views, something sparks in my heart. Passion.
But it always dies. This quarantine, I have already thought of 2 ideas to post. Every month, I will have some idea about a content that I want to work on and post... but nothing has manifested.
I feel dry when I try hard to achieve.
I feel so lowkey angry at myself to just settle with the happiness I gain when watching other content creators, and leaving myself with nothing created.
"What sparks joy in you?" that's the phrase that has been echoing through my mind for some days now.
Now, I don't know.
What should I do? I feel like a blank slate wanting to be striped and colored, but at the same time, my actions don't correspond.
I want assurance and I want to create. So much happening right now. Anything is good.
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9 months remain until election day. Here is why Trump MUST lose.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is (Not My) President’s Day, and in about 9 months, Americans will be voting in the election. It still seems as though former Vice President Joseph Biden is the Democrats’ best bet at defeating Trump. The trial for Trump’s impeachment is still ongoing, and it will determine whether or not he will be removed and convicted for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Today, I have a list of things that Trump has said and done to discredit him as President of these United States, and I want to be able to convince everyone, if not just anyone from the Far Left to the Moderate Right, and all in between, to support removal, or at least a Biden victory in the election this November.
First and foremost, the detention centers. Even holocaust survivors have compared these to Nazi concentration camps; the only things missing are the forced labour and experimenting, as well, to an extent, the torture and ruthless killing. They’re overcrowded and disgusting. Kids are not only being separated from their parents, but they are forced into cold cells with up to 100 other migrants, some even having to stay outside because the facilities are so overcrowded. The children are being denied tooth brushes, showers, beds, a changing of clothes, phone calls, sometimes the basic need to feed themselves (both food and hydration wise), and the closest thing they have to blankets are sheets of Aluminium foil. Some kids are even getting sick, some to the point that they can’t even eat when actually given food. Even still, the food is low quality, and the “water” is almost pure Chlorine. There are allegations of sexual abuse of the prisoners (I thought HISPANICS were supposed to be the rapists), as if them crossing illegally wasn’t already negated by the conditions they are put in, simply for SEEKING ASYLUM in the land of opportunity. The kids are being held for well over the maximum custody period of 72 hours, some being detained as long as 11 days. This a brutal piece of legislation that Trump is depraved enough to finally take advantage of to such rampant levels. He has done far worse than build a wall, or deport the immigrants. What’s more is that he has had critics of his immigration policies ARRESTED against the grain of the first amendment, guaranteeing freedom of speech. However, his supporters’ hypocrisy went on full display, as they did not condemn this, as it happened to a person with a more Liberal view on the issue, but when The_D****d (censored so I don’t get banned from EnoughTrumpSpam, hopefully) was quarantined in June of last year, THEN they began protesting that free speech was being suppressed BY LIBERALS through SOCIAL MEDIA, and not in the real world, where rules that websites impose have NO jurisdiction.
The second most concerning thing about his presidency is that he was acquitted on his impeachment charges; Abuse of power and obstruction of congress. You talk about the most unfair impeachment in American history? This is the most unfair ACQUITTAL. Let’s be honest, it’s that blind loyalty that Republicans are associated with; I mean at least Mitt Romney, Obama’s opponent in 2012, sided with the Democrats. Aside from that, Senate Republicans voted AGAINST hearing what witnesses have to say. You can’t get any closer to plugging your ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”, because this is exactly what the Senate looks like. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is either smitten with Trump’s disgusting abuse of position, or doesn’t want to believe Trump is as bad as the rest of the country says he is. The senate is run by radicals that would be all over having witnesses testify if Trump were a Democrat, but will blatantly break their oath just to keep a Republican president safe from conviction. This was the most ridiculous trial, and an absolute sham, and a disgrace to our democracy. A miscarriage of justice. I don’t know what Nancy Pelosi was thinking when handing in the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Pelosi wanted to ensure a fair trial, and nothing short of it before sending in the articles. Either she failed the democracy she fought to keep, or somewhere in there, the Senate Republicans lied to her. What’s even more grotesque about this acquittal is the fact that Trump was able to get away with mocking the national anthem on Superbowl night, a night where you’d have to be a complete and utter fool to assume no one was watching you, as President Of The United States. You’d also have to be a complete and utter fool to think, after his actions on Superbowl night, that Trump has learned his lesson from impeachment. It WILL happen again, whether it takes a week, a month, 9 months, or (and please don’t jinx it) 5 more years with him in office. He will be the first President to face 2 impeachments. The Senate is beyond saving, but hopefully this serves as a signal to the vast majority of American voters that the Republicans are a corrupt party.
In other violations of the First Amendment, Mitch McConnell had protestors rallying for him to defend the constitution over the President arrested. He’s made it clear that he wants removal of Trump from office via impeachment to be as difficult as possible as long as he is the majority leader. Although what we don’t know is if the protestors had permits. So it’s rather an allegation that Mitch McConnell is also 100% for desecration of the constitution, as long as it benefits the Republican party.
We’ve also heard Trump promise that he will LEGALLY enforce prayer as part of school routine. Um, no. There are already Christian schools designated for that purpose. There is church, and “Sunday school” programs. From an Agnostic standpoint, it is with my utmost confidence that prayer and religion becoming a component of the schools that do not (currently) sponsor religion is not necessary, and that if Christian families are adamant enough that their children follow the teachings of Christ, they would be signed up for Christian schools, Sunday school sessions, and would religiously (no pun intended) attend church every Sunday. And besides that, Trump’s promise is pushing a fine line, being that the founding fathers wanted to separate state and church. I’m really just calling out this statement as a bluff, I wouldn’t expect this to actually be enacted. I think Trump is just trying to lure back the rogue enlightened evangelicals that are picking up on his lack of morals, and are subsequently calling for his removal.
Not necessarily a Trump issue, but states across the country had women living in fear because of the strict abortion laws that were almost implemented tlast year, proposing to restrict the time window to just 6 weeks, with the exception of Alabama, which apparently tried to outlaw the procedure completely. These states tried to restrict abortions, even for exceptions of rape, incest, and the mother’s health. Founding father Thomas Jefferson has been quoted, 2 of his quotes I’d like to bring up; the first of which being “When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”; The second of which being “Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to god.”. Jefferson was also a believer in science, which has agreed that 24-28 weeks, also known as viability, is the ideal legal time window for abortions, if there should be a legal window in the first place. Women were already being sentenced to life when they were first signed into law, while Georgia had (apparently) considered the death penalty. It’s as if getting an abortion is the modern equivalent to practicing witchcraft; it’s a witch hunt! But on a good note, it seems as if these laws were dropped towards the end of the year.
Same goes for the states that have apparently been trying to ban labelling vegan products as “vegan products”. Because apparently, a specific diet is now offending Republicans, especially those with the power to enact this stuff. Yet we’re the crybabies.
Any and all rape accusations against Trump should’ve been taken as seriously as they were when it was Bill Clinton being accused. Clinton was impeached over it, Trump, however, wasn’t, until his abuse of power and obstruction of congress forced Nancy Pelosi’s hand. But let’s not forget his case in 2016 before the election, his accusations by E. Jean Carroll (who even offers evidence), and the Epstein case in July last year, where he was said to have been involved. There is no excuse for voting for a sex offender, a rapist, a pedophile, other than Republican elitism. Biden may be a creep, but he’s done nothing nearly as bad as Trump has, in regards to sexual violence/unsolicited romantic gestures.
Unless the majority of his supporters are boomers who have no interest or regard to the things Trump says on the internet, or are ignorant to the internet in general, it should also be massively noted that Trump has praised the Chinese Communist dictatorship for abolishing term limits for their head of state. This allowed Xi Jinping to rule for life, the man who is imprisoning innocent ETHNIC Uyghurs, as well as other Muslims, in Xinjiang/East Turkestan, and throwing them in concentration camps WORSE than that of which underage Hispanic immigrants are being held in at our southern border. He has also attacked free speech by describing the grounds of “dangerous speech”; writing bad about something that is good. Surely, he thinks he and his supporters are the good guys, and thinks “fake” news, Liberals, and other CRITICS are the bad guys. He has become the second Republican, at least in politics and that I know of, to attack free speech, after Rush Limbaugh. Many of his supporters, especially those over on The_D****d (and others), have suggested making him KING of The United States, while some of his allies have already PUBLICLY, ONE THE NEWS, accused the Democrats of regicide. This is most certainly beyond Conservatism; it is full bore Monarchism (intermediate right wing). This is what we expelled from our land during the Revolution. We wanted a President whose power was kept in check, not a tyrannical monarch with unlimited authority. Trump has gone from the worst President since Andrew Jackson, to the worst supreme head of state ruling over America since King George III.
The claim about his supporters having no interest or regard in the internet is actually (somewhat) verified by his supporters taking after him, and dismissing Trump saying that he could shoot and kill anyone and not lose ANY support, as fake news. So suppose he actually does it, with video evidence going viral. Is it still fake news? Does he have to actually be sentenced? Even if he is miraculously found innocent, is he not a terrible person? Trump SUPPORTERS have crossed the line between undying loyalty and blind obedience. Something tells me that that Republican elitism is, in fact, there, and people WILL vote for Trump, despite not only his rape accusations, but this entire list of things he HAS said and done.
He seems to lack knowledge as to how to use social media. Something tells me that Trump never used a computer before 2010, and if he did, he still hasn’t fully learned how. He is easily fooled by phony Reagan quotes, and has tagged a retired teacher who actually hates him, thinking [the teacher] was cartoon character Alfred E. Neuman, simply because his username was @AlfredENeuman99, on Twitter. If he is unable to adapt to this modern world, then god knows what Kim Jong-Un and the others are pulling.
I don’t know how big of a deal global warming was when he was in high school (1959-1964), but I distinctly remember global warming being brought up in my science classes from middle school to high school (2013-2019). So for him to dismiss it as a Chinese hoax shows that he is not only unwilling to make sacrifices to slow down or even halt greenhouse gas effects that are inching closer to the point of no return, but this also shows that he is very ill-informed. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the conclusion that the Chinese are responsible for any global warming myths, or why/how they would come up with them, or how they would benefit. And that is, by bringing that up in the modern day, to ruin American business, instead of way back, so as to make part of their mythology. They certainly don’t believe in it, because if they did, the Brown cloud wouldn’t be a problem, or they’d at least be scrambling to fix it.
In continuation with the previous point, I find it absolutely hilarious that Trump is throwing a fit over not being named Time’s Person Of The Year for 2019, but rather Greta Thunberg. He was so upset that he had his team photoshop his face onto Greta’s body, which by the way, was a complete failure. He looks smaller than he actually his, and I mean in regards to both weight and height. He looks shorter, he looks way thinner than he actually is in that photoshop, and I feel like they rushed this out just to one-up Greta Thunberg. Donald Trump, you were impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. You blatantly asked foreign governments to investigate the Bidens and interfere with this year’s election. Greta Thunberg, meanwhile, is raising awareness to the issue of global warming, which is something that you, and every ignorant Republican elitist like you doesn’t believe in. Greta Thunberg has even cut school just to contribute to this good cause; HOPEFULLY doing her school work from abroad, might I add. You have kids in concentration camps, you have your goons across the country striking fear in women who see abortion as an acceptable option, you are an accused rapist, you’re a racist who uses the “Pocahontas” Native American slur, and you’re claiming you could shoot someone and not lose support. Who did you think was going to win Person Of The Year? Are you really surprised? Harassing her on Twitter isn’t helping your case much either. The fact that you have to bully people online shows that you are not a real man. You are not fit for the office of President Of The United States Of America. I would trust that 16 year old woman over a 73 year old BOY like you, with the office.
His other intellectual shortcomings include believing the planet Mars is part of our Moon, thinking the kidneys are part of the heart, writing fractions backwards, thinking the Kurds didn’t fight on the side of the allies during WW2 (they did, as “Iraqi Levies”), thinking Napoleon Bonaparte is still alive, wanting to build a wall over Colorado, because, why, south of the state, there’s a another state with “Mexico” in its name? Believing the Kansas City Chiefs Football team is a Kansas team, where as the team resides in Missouri, and believing there were airports (and thus, aircrafts) during the Revolution.
He also has an issue with spelling and grammar. I’m not just saying this as a grammar elitist, I’m saying this as a person who questions Donald Trump’s overall legitimacy; this is just icing on the cake. He needs to take a break from the internet when he gets to the point that he’s typing so erratically that he’s inventing words such as “covfefe” and “hamberders”. You really have to wonder if it’s actually him, and not just a robot malfunctioning, overworking itself posting negative tweets, accusing the New York Times of pushing fake news.
His other spelling fails include “Alcaida” (Al-Qaeda), “peopel” (people (although it was probably more of a typo than a deliberate misspelling)), and moot (moat). What’s more is that he is trying to convince *people that he is actually a good speller. The “thousands if inocent civilians” error; The “if” part, I can allow to slide, since I make that mistake often myself, and it’s so annoying. It’s because the “I” and the “O” are close together on American keyboards.
Where him and other Conservatives would go on about Obama doing nothing but vacationing in Hawaii, Trump spent more money in just his first 100 days, vacationing at Mar-A-Lago, than Obama did in all of his 8 years as President. And guess who’s paying for the Mar-A-Lago trips? Not the billionaire President, but taxpayers. Taxpayers, the poor, the rich, the Liberals, the Conservatives, all of us are paying for his parties, his women, his Soleimani death celebration, pretty much coordinating attacks from the golf resort. But Obama is bad just for visiting Hawaii.
He has also violated Native American land rights. Where construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted under the Obama administration, Trump continued it, with no regard for possible oil spills on the sacred land of the Standing Rock reservation. Imperialist American police forces are also responsible for harm done to Native American people protesting the construction of the pipeline, by spraying them with water in freezing cold temperatures. The completion of this pipeline not only brings up controversy around the violation of Native American land rights, the damaging of Native American sacred land, and the civil and human rights of Native Americans, but also environmental issues.
Yes, Trump and his administration are built on racism. And believe me, there’s more to it than that ridiculous wall, or the travel ban. which are stupid in their own right. As a matter of fact, I could argue against those 2 without even bringing up race. But Trump’s racist tendencies do not spare Native Americans nor African Americans. The President is completely fine with using the “Pocahontas” racial slur, as he used it in reference to Elizabeth Warren, who has revealed that she is 1/64 Native. He has also told representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, all four of which who form what is known as “The Squad”, to go back to “their” terrible countries and improve them. What he did not know, however, is that 3 of which, except for Ilhan Omar (from Somalia) were born in The United States. Ilhan Omar has been a citizen for 20 years, which, funny enough, is longer than (Slovenian) Melania Trump’s citizenship status (14 years). Cortez’ grandparents were Puerto Rican. Pressley, if I had to guess, like most African Americans, had ancestors who ended up here as a result of the slave trade. Tlaib’s parents were immigrants from Palestine, the country which Trump pretty much endorses the colonization thereof by Israel. That whole thing got him slammed by other world leaders, and even other Republicans. “BUt tRuMpS nOT a rAcIsT!” And why’s that? The best reason the Trump administration could give was because MITCH MCCONNELL’S wife is Asian. Yes, because white men have never married Asian women because of a certain sexual stereotype, or to have them as a courtesan.
The fact that the man entitled to the office of President of this country has quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress that if the Democrats were to be successful in removing a Republican President from office, that it would cause a new Civil War, as if he could actually come together and orchestrate such a thing, proves that he expects to be able to get away with every disgusting act he makes as President, as well as that he is desperate to hold on to power, and will do anything to keep it. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph Peters has called this a grave crime. How can he and his supporters expect to be seen as a legitimate force in this country if he has to threaten civil war? I swear, this happens every time the Democrats succeed in popularity and/or the elections; These people who were proud Americans when a Republican was in power suddenly want to reform the Confederacy, or something equally as bizarre. And people are forming ARMED MILITIAS to protect his presidency. People are preparing to force a Neo-Confederate state into existence, and start the Second American Civil War. What is this? Is this Sudan? Is this William The Bastard vs. Harold Godwinson? You cannot be more blind, and vehemently Anti-Liberal. I don’t care who you are, at this point. Please take off your “Make America Great Again” hats, and look at his Twitter for 2 seconds, and try telling me he is not a threat to American DEMOCRACY. He is a huge threat to our democracy, and it seems there is nothing short of imprisoning him and arresting his armed militias via the military that is going to stop this power grab. You know, despite having mostly Liberal views, I’ve never agreed with gun control, but after all the mass shootings last year, one of them taking upwards of 50 lives, and now Republicans and Neo-Nazis arming themselves to LITERALLY fight the Democrats, I kind of hope it happens. Half of me just wants to trigger them, and the other half thinks that these people really are crazy, and SHOULD have their weapons taken from them. This is why people want abortions. They don’t want to raise a kid in a messed up world where the Right is reaching for the Left’s throat like this. Would you, if Democrats were teaming up with Communists to form their own country, and kill all the Republicans?
I mentioned earlier that he is calling for foreign governments to interfere with the elections, and investigate Biden, the #1 threat to his re-election. The amount of desperation of a President to remain in office really never has been seen before in American history. His main plan is to bring up some dirt on Biden and his family, so maybe he will either lose support, or get him booted out of the primaries. Trump was investigated for this, and it’s no one’s fault but his own that he was impeached. He’s getting these foreign governments involved because he knows that Biden can and will win if he becomes the Democratic candidate, and even with the senate voting to acquit him, he’s helped his opponent deliver the finishing move to his Presidency.
Oh lord, of course I was going to have to mention the war. Did I mention the Kurds? And so why did Trump leave the Kurdish people to die by the hands of invading Turkish forces in Syria? Because (he thinks) they didn’t help us in the Second World War. You want to talk about the Second World War? During that time period, the Kurdish Iraqi levies probably didn’t have the power to station themselves across the world; They were probably mostly just fighting Vichy France (the Nazi puppet state, which occupied modern day Syria) and Rashid Ali’s government (The Kingdom Of Iraq, which supported the Nazis). What’s more, what use, what potential do you see in 1940’s Kurds that they would’ve been an effective ally against the Nazis and Japanese outside of being a small splinter militia of the British military? Are you kidding me? Moreover, let’s talk about the fact that during the Second World War, the Germans and Japanese were literally FIGHTING us, yet we still hold alliances with those 2 countries. So what is the big deal? If countries (and apparently non-sovereign militias, now) helping us win the Second World War is such a passionate issue to you, why haven’t you broke off with Japan and NATO, declared war on Germany and Japan, and use our massive nuclear arsenal to wipe them off the face of the Earth? Why bother with tariffs? Why worry about money when these 2 countries were, nearly 3/4 of a century ago (because I guess by his logic, no 2 countries can change so quickly without faking it to some extent), were trying to take away our freedom and reign down with terror WORSE than that of 18th century Britain? While we’re on the topic of countries that fought against us, let’s talk about the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s predecessor state. They were on the Central Powers, we were on the Allies. Why not just invade that whole region and be done with it? Should we sanction Turkmenistan for not helping us, even though they were still part of the Soviet Union at the time? Or is it going to be the mere fact that they WERE part of the Soviet Union that we do? Or does he think that Muslims are going to beat each other up until there’s practically nothing left of the religion, and he’s going to kill them off that way, and is just using not fighting for the Allies in WW2 (even though they did) as an excuse to withdraw? I know you want Muslims to just kill each other off, but at least get your facts straight before giving a stupid reason to withdraw. WHY did we even leave if we knew Turkey would begin slaughtering Kurds, only to sanction them when they actually start? Jesus, is there anything beyond “stupid” that we can call Trump? So much for “Stable genius”. Maybe that could apply if used sarcastically. Wouldn’t be surprised if NATO breaks up because of this, seeing as how he thinks NATO (or really any alliance we’re in) is unfair for us to him. Maybe that’s his plan with this. Who really knows. When you have someone confused over your completely and utterly ridiculous actions as President, that’s when you know you screwed up. Oh yeah, remember that line about him believing Napoleon is still alive? He thinks Napoleon CAN be the one to save the Kurds. I’m sorry, but what in god’s name is that supposed to mean? I mean MAYBE he was just saying that to be funny, but given his previous remark about airports during the Revolution, I find that hard to believe. To his credit, he did include the modern day based Russia and China. But still, Napoleonic France? Napoleon wasn’t even still alive when Trump was born (1946). Napoleon died in 1821, over 100 YEARS before Trump was born. Christ in Heaven, next thing you know, he’s coming out and saying that by “Russia and China” he meant “The Russian Empire and The Qing Dynasty”. I’m assuming Canada is still a British colony? Does Brazil still belong to Portugal? What’s next? How much more idiotic and delusional can Trump get? I would bring up that time he called the Italian President “President Mozzarella”, and that The U.S. and Italy have been allies since Ancient Rome, but I heard it was the one example of fake news that Democrats were, for once, spreading.
I don’t know who will agree with me on this one, because it seems that Democrats and Republicans share common ground on this one thing. I know I shouldn’t let this get to me because I don’t smoke, but it still ticks me off that the Trump administration raised the minimum age to purchase cigarettes AND vaping products to 21 federally. I’m more upset because I feel like this takes some of the meaning away from being an adult for those that are 18, or are still 19 or 20. Trump signed it into law while awaiting his impeachment trial, and did it as part of a series of defense bills. What? So when an individual turns 18, they are immediately allowed to own their own house, get married, have a mortgage, join the military, get a tattoo, heck, they can even go into the porn industry! But as of December 20, 2019, they are barred from purchasing cigarettes, as well as the less dangerous alternative, vape pens. They lowered the age in the first place because it was deemed unacceptable that people between the ages of 18 and 20 were being sent to fight in Vietnam. What happened to that? Suddenly that no longer matters because the draft is no longer being used? So what would happen if war with Iran were to break out tomorrow? We’ll surely be drafted for that. Can we see the smoking age return to 18 though? Or will we see the voting age also return to 21? Can we please make up our minds how old we must be before we are legal adults? It’d make sense if we legalized marijuana federally, for a trade in. Give us at least that much. Weed is legal, but we have to wait until we’re 21 to buy either a tobacco product, a vape product, or a cannabis product. I think we should ban cigarettes in exchange for marijuana legalization, but right now, the law is stupid, and to me, comes off as another Elitist Conservative move by the Trump administration, and I hope that individuals between 18-20 that are hooked on cigarettes will vote Democrat in November.
Him and his supporters are expecting a Nobel Peace Prize as if it’s in the natural order of the universe. But what has Trump done that shows his Presidency in a positive light? Is the economy better? Maybe. But according to some sources, we’re on track for a recession this year thanks to the trade war with China. And plus he’s cutting food stamps for thousands of poor Americans, laying off steel mill workers in Detroit, killing off dairy farms in Wisconsin, and limited benefits for college students. So by feeding off the American people, maybe the economy is better. I also would have brought up serving Daesh, but they were already on the decline before Obama was out of office, as well as denuclearizing North Korea, but I guess the Kim regime is still tossing nuclear threats at us. And let’s not forget that he almost started WW3 THREE TIMES; Once when he ignored Russia’s warning in consequence to a strike on the Assad regime, again when he approved a strike on Iran but pulled out at the last second, and now with the killing of Qasem Soleimani. Taking on a country like Iran seriously isn’t going to “Make America Great Again”, it’s only going to break the figurative back of this country. We are already the most spending country military-wise by nearly $500 billion. If the war with Iran actually happens, our annual spending could’ve potentially jumped from $716 billion to over $1 trillion. I’m surprised our GDP is able to keep up with the spending rate as it is. Not only would a war with Iran be super costly, it could also set the stage for a Chinese ascension to the #1 largest economy, and breed more terrorism in the Middle East. And also, let’s not forget that he’s holding immigrant children in concentration camps, is willing to let the Earth become a scorched, polluted, lifeless wasteland, wants to rule over the most powerful country like a tyrannical king, is a widely accused rapist whose lapdogs, governors in Republican states have women living in fear that if they get pregnant through a broken condom or a rape, that they wouldn’t have had access to a safe and legal abortion had they been more dedicated to overturning Roe v. Wade, has violated the rights of the people who are TRULY entitled to the land that us European-Americans ruthlessly and illegally conquered, and live on today, has threatened a civil war if the political process does not go in his favour, is leaving Syrian Kurds to die in a potential genocide at the hands of invading Turkish forces, asked foreignh governments to interfere with a guaranteed free and fair election coming in November, is cyberbullying a 16 year old girl just because he doesn’t agree with her stance on climate change, and because she got Person Of The Year when he believes he was entitled to it just because he’s the President, or whatever outweighed reason that I’m not currently aware of, and even made history in a negative way, by being the third President to be impeached. Now tell me, how many Presidents who were impeached won a Nobel Peace Prize? What’s even more on the border issue, is that he was prepared to deal with the migrant caravan in 2018 as a MILITARY INVASION from Mexico and other Central American countries, and was preparing to use military force to repel this “invasion” in a scene reminiscent of the Boston Massacre.
Did I mention that far-rightists TRUST Trump and his supporters? I mean maybe that’s obvious when Neo-Nazi groups are teaming up with Republican elitists to prepare for a civil war against the Biden administration, but British Anti-Muslim, Tommy Robinson wants to live in our country as a political refugee as our former tyrant overlords are becoming increasingly Left leaning, although so much so that you can’t even JOKE about The Third Reich without legal rammifications. I mean, what the Nazis did was terrible, no one (except for nut cases like Tommy Robinson) would argue with that, but if those rules applied here, lord help me I’d be crucified. But that doesn’t matter. When we have Anti-Muslim Neo-Nazis trying to reach out to our President, saying that they agree with his policies, and expressing a desire to migrate as a political refugee, that’s a serious problem.
I will keep repeating this list through this year, through the primaries, through the election, and possibly until inauguration in January 2021. I will be posting this on a number of Anti-Trump subreddits, and possibly Pro-Trump subreddits to hopefully wake up his supporters that this is not the America that seceded from The British Empire. If the founding fathers were put into a time machine on course to this date, they would be absolutely disgusted, and would be calling for not yet brainwashed Americans to take advantage of the second amendment, and prepare to oust this President who has lost all credibility, or at least protect ourselves from the increasingly violent tendencies of the opposite party.
Although these times are so desperate that the Trump administration is allowing kids to be detained separate from their families and be thrown in concentration camps so overcrowded that they have to stand and sleep in potentially freezing cold temperatures, probably without proper protection, and have to worry about being sexually assaulted and/or systematically killed, and that we ought to take matters into our own hands, I want to share some advice to my partners further Left on the spectrum, as well as the entire Left in general; be sophisticated and nonchalant towards Trump and his supporters. Show your hatred towards them through the disdain in your eyes, not the anger in your face. In other words, do not instigate physical combat with his supporters out in public. In December, a video surfaced on Facebook of a group of Democratic teenagers beating up a Trump supporter on a bus ride, last month. This violent behaviour should be condemned as an accurate example of the Radical Left that Trump repeatedly blames the entire Democratic party for. It’s embarrassing and degrading to our cause. Followers of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. did not allow violence to drive them, and it succeeded in making British colonisers and segregationists look like heartless savages. The same might be said about the Trump supporters that are trolling all over Anti-Trump subs. Trump, on the other hand, encouraged [violent] behaviour against Hillary supporters during the 2016 election season, and had offered to pay his supporters’ legal fees. Let’s not stoop to his level. We are smarter, and generally better people than they are. We know this, but we must make sure of it. The only Democrats that have anything to prove are the candidates competing for nomination to the election, and what they have to prove is that they’re the better choice. As for the border issue; let’s trust that when Biden is elected and inaugurated, that he will do everything in his power to reverse the decision made by the Trump administration, and have that situation squared away as soon as possible. I really do worry about those kids, because if that was me when I was 6 years old, moving to a new country, probably legally even, and being detained anyway, and separated from my parents with maybe only my 2 year old baby brother with me, him and I would be scared to death. Knowing this, I refuse to stand with Trump, especially on immigration. He’s a heartless demon. My parents would probably resist something like this, and on top of that, we’d have to witness them being beaten, arrested, probably even killed.
Trump has all the makings of a tyrant. His strategy is to bend the rules, and blatantly break a few, to rule like one.
To Conservatives and other Rightists that have been convinced that Trump is a terrible President, but choose to not support a Democratic candidate, there is an alternative; Bill Weld. At this point, I don’t even care if it needs to be a different Republican, but Trump needs to be stopped. Support Weld in the Republican primaries, please!
I remember this one nonsensical tweet in particular from him, where he CALLED FOR HIS OWN IMPEACHMENT. Well, your wish had been granted, Mr. President. You could’ve at least accepted it, you sadist.
When Christianity Today, the top evangelical newsletter is calling for his removal ahead of impeachment, and questions the unconditional loyalty Trump supporters have for their choice of President, that’s when you know it’s a must. Christianity Today isn’t too Liberal, either. Seriously, they couldn’t help but sneak in their anti-abortion sentiments. Let’s make this the last stop of the Trump Train before we send it to the junkyard for scrap.
I have one last address, to fellow Democrats, before I end this article. A screencap had been floating around various Anti-Trump subs through this month, of Ivanka Trump quoting Thomas Jefferson’s denial that he had raped Sally Hemmings, a woman that he had kept as a slave, “which he did, in fact, do”. Let me just start by saying, I hate rapists and sexual predators of all kinds. Rape is actually the ONE crime I see fit for the death penalty. I am not, nor have I ever been, and I certainly never will be, an apologist. But the accusation that Jefferson raped Hemmings, to me, is outlandish and baseless, and it hurts to see this coming from my party, because Thomas Jefferson, a man who was very Liberal himself, is my favorite founding father. Despite owning slaves himself, he wanted to write a condemnation of slavery in the Declaration Of Independence, but out of fear of losing support from the Southern colonies, he deleted it from the final draft. A bachelor in history described it best him/herself; Their affair started in France, where slavery was ILLEGAL. Hemmings followed Jefferson back to the states. She consented and was devoted to Jefferson. This is deemed common knowledge by the person who wrote this, and I, myself certainly find it implausible that Jefferson would be capable of such an atrocious crime with the morals and principles that he had. Yet the opposition I saw towards Jefferson was sickening, saying he played the victim card, calling him a “white male” as if it’s a bad thing? “White male”? I’m sorry, but how can we be dedicated to the erasure of racism AND sexism if being a white male is supposed to be a bad thing? I’m a white male, am I demon just because of this? I’ll bet there are tons of white male Democrats who will do everything in their power to sway the support and the odds of winning in the favor of the Democratic candidate. Making being a white male a bad thing, not only that, but attacking a person who, if they were alive today, would be vehemently Anti-Trump and vote Democrat himself, is how you LOSE Moderate support. We don’t want that as we get closer to the election. I’m a Liberal, but not like this.
Sometimes you just have to know when to criticize your party. It’s the reason I call forth the support of enlightened Republicans.
May this list expand as I stay with you, and help expose Trump’s tyrannical and unpolitician-like behaviour. May you have a friend in the Progressive Moderate u/frantzianleader.
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