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The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3 - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3: The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

by TheStateOfIt
In case you missed it:
Sebastian Vettel was the driver of the Red Bull Junior Team. Others that entered F1 in Red Bull’s name before him had been hit or miss. Christian Klien was a distant second fiddle to David Coulthard, Vitantonio Liuzzi was just there, Scott Speed had his notorious temper and the less said about Robert Doornbos, the better. But Vettel was the driver that made everyone believe in Marko. We all know his heroics in Toro Rosso in 2008 and becoming a title challenger in 2009, but even his rookie year impressed many. A point on debut as a last-minute replacement for Robert Kubica, his fourth place in China and even threatening for the win at Fuji.
Everyone started to believe in the Red Bull programme at this time. If such a star like Vettel could come from this academy, who’s to say there can’t be more?
I bet the rest of these hopefuls thought so too.

The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

Pedro Bianchini (BRA) - 2007 - Formula BMW
If life was fair, Bianchini wouldn’t be on this list. The list of Red Bull Junior drivers says he joined in 2007, but he was on Red Bull’s watchlist for a much longer time. In fact, in his karting days, he made an appearance on Brazillian late-night television decked out in full Red Bull gear. In any other timeline, this would be a relic for many an F1 fan, watching a current driver gain national attention at his infancy.
Not in this timeline, though. In one of his first tests in Formula BMW, he got caught up in a major accident that broke his fibula and sidelined him for the first bit of the season. With minimal testing, missed races, and a still healing injury, Bianchini struggled and performed well below expectations. Naturally, the results-hungry Marko monster’s appetite wasn’t whetted, and threw the poor kid out of the programme. He left full-time motorsport after another unsuccessful season in Formula BMW, though he still races karts on the rare occasion.
He now works as a sales coordinator for some company called Fibrafix, thanks to some LinkedIn and Facebook diving. Once again, it’s not stalking if it’s research.
Kevin Mirocha (GEPOL) - 2007 - Formula BMW
Mirocha suffered a similar fate as Bianchini, being dropped after a single season in Formula BMW with average-ish results, the most being a podium at Silverstone. However, there was no broken fibula to blame. The Polish-German driver was just above-average, but once again, Marko’s theory of development is not improving above-average drivers to the top of the table, but rather that all his drivers should already be at peak performance.
After being kicked out of Red Bull, his move to F3 the year after showed a hint of promise, but joining HBR Racing in the following year’s Euroseries proved to be a massive mistake as the whole team collapsed mid-season, taking Mirocha with them into the pit of uncertainty. Despite that, he found minor redemption in the 2010 Formula Renault NEC Championship, winning a race in a part-time drive. This made him a surprise call-up to GP2 in 2011 for Ocean Racing Technology, however that drive was short-lived. Scoring zero points, he was dumped mid-season for a fellow Red Bull dropout, Brendon Hartley.
His final showing was a much more successful season in Palmer Formula Two (to differentiate it from current Formula Two), even winning a race, but as the series died a quiet death, so did Mirocha’s racing career. A peek at his Instagram indicated he took up automobile photography and the like. That was over three years ago, though, so lord knows what’s happening with him now.
Daniel Morad (CAN) - 2007 - Formula BMW
I can tell you, with 95% confidence, that if you’ve seen a go-kart crash on YouTube before, you’ve seen Daniel Morad. I know you’ve seen Daniel Morad, even if you yourself didn’t know it was him. Y’all remember this incident, right? It’s literally on every ‘celebrates too early’ clickbait compilation on YouTube.
And that guy is Daniel Morad.
Morad, however, is much more than a karting mishap. Under Red Bull, he was the 2007 Formula BMW USA Champion. All good, right? He was immediately dumped by Red Bull.
Morad has no idea why. Compatriot Robert Wickens was also under the Red Bull Junior Team when he won the Formula BMW USA Championship just a year prior. He got chances in Formula Atlantic, Formula Renault, Formula 3, A1GP and Palmer Formula Two under Red Bull’s employ. Morad got a one-line email saying he was out of the programme.
He was able to make it to A1GP at least, but with Team Canada out of the series, he exploited his Lebanese heritage to race for constant backmarkers Team Lebanon. In the final season of the series, Morad did the team a favour by scoring their first ever points finish in the entire series.
His next career move to GP3 wasn’t as fruitful, but he did get lucky with the reversed-grid system to take a victory in the Silverstone sprint race. That year was also the same year where he won the Rotax Max Challenge, which was the race of THAT incident. For the past decade, though, he’s moved on from hands-free go-karting to sportscars, finding some success in GT3 cars in IMSA’s endurance series, winning the 2017 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTD class. Nowadays he’s also a Twitch streamer as well, making appearances in several iRacing events alongside the best of the best.
Tom Dillmann (FRA) - 2007-2008 - Formula Three
Yep, I consider him a failure of Red Bull’s Junior Team, despite his appearances in Formula E. Dropped right from Red Bull after a disappointing start to his Formula 3 Euro Series campaign, Dillmann’s career never settled at all after that, hopping from team to team, series to series, category to category for nearly every year after. As much as motorsport is about breaking away from the pack, entropy in your career moves hasn’t translated to results for Dillmann.
The most Dillmann got out of his career was a championship in the decaying Formula Not-Renault V8 3.5 series in 2016 and a win in GP2 in 2012, being another benefactor of the reverse grid system in the Sprint Race. His championship in Formula Not-Renault did earn him a reserve driver spot at Venturi in Formula E, which he cashed in to race in a few events when main drivers Stephane Sarrazin and Edoardo Mortara weren’t around. It seemed Dillmann finally had something going right in his racing career in his second season deputising for Venturi, nabbing 4th at New York.
Then he joined NIO. And, for those not familiar with Formula E, NIO suuuuuuuuucks. Dillmann’s only real comparison, his teammate Turvey, was streets ahead. Like, literally, because Formula E runs on streets, and Turvey was normally ahead, so literally, like... streets ahead. Please laugh. Anyway, he’s now testing with Formula Two teams has proved to be really, really competent in the world’s vacation to simracing, being quite the star in The Race’s All-Star events and finishing 2nd in the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Mika Mäki (FIN) - 2007-2009 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3
His early career was bright. Performed well in his national karting championships. Barely lost out on two Formula BMW trophies to the same guy. Red Bull comes and signs him up. And, unlike most on this list, he did not disappoint in his first season, winning the Italian Formula Renault Championship in 2007. His next season in Formula 3 Euroseries got off to a blinding start, winning two races and being in hot contention by round six.
Then he got into an off-track accident. He crashed his Nissan 350Z in a tunnel, spearing through a metal railing. Mercifully, he was uninjured, but questions were raised about how such a serious crash occurred in a 40 km/h tunnel late at night. I’m unsure how the investigation went and whether Mäki was punished or not, but you can just tell his results were affected. His hot streak in F3 suddenly ran cold and though he managed a few more decent results, his championship hopes were gone.
He still claimed another race victory in next year’s Euroseries and even finished second in the F3 Masters event, but Red Bull had enough and cast him away. One final, hapless, half-hearted, half-season effort with Motorpark Academy the next year saw him finish last in the F3 Euroseries he had been contending for just two years earlier. That was the end of Mäki’s racing career.
But Mäki isn’t dead yet. From the looks of things, he’s gone batshit insane. He’s started his own media/marketing/communications company called Ajaton, which means Timeless in Finnish. His company’s tagline is ”FRUITY AS FUCK”. Mika himself dressed up like a fucking dictator in his company profile picture. I don’t know how much of this is good PR or creative marketing, or how much of it is Mika being mad. Whatever it is, I’m all aboard the wacky Mäki train.
Dani Juncadella (ESP) - 2008-2009 - Formula BMW
Red Bull seriously missed the boat with Juncadella, and Juncadella missed the boat with Red Bull. How did this mutual boat-missing happen? He performed solidly in his two seasons in Formula BMW under Red Bull, coming in as a runner-up to Felipe Nasr in 2009, though most credit to that goes to Mucke Motorsport getting themselves DQ’ed from five races. Then Red Bull Junior Team did their traditional purging of talent, and Juncadella was one that got exiled from the team going into 2010.
Back then, it was a shame… for Red Bull. After a year getting acclimated to F3 machinery, Juncadella made himself famous as he won the 2011 Macau Grand Prix. The next year, he took domination to new heights, winning the 2012 F3 Euroseries, the F3 European Championship (which was basically the Euroseries with a hat on top) and the Masters of Formula Three. Red Bull had missed out on the biggest name in Formula Three.
But then it would be Juncadella missing out on Red Bull’s support system. Despite his F3 success and subsequent tests with Ferrari and Williams, there was nothing going for him in single-seaters. Him signing to Mercedes brought about some rumour with being Mercedes’ development driver, but all this led to was him making the sideways switch to DTM.
He did snatch the role of reserve driver at Force India in 2014, appearing in three Grand Prix weekends, but he got sick of Formula One politics and testing restrictions, retreating back to his role in DTM. He hasn’t found the same success in touring cars, though, propping up the table in most of his DTM seasons. Only a solitary victory at Brands Hatch in 2019 and a last lap battle with Max Verstappen in Team Redline’s simracing championship were indications of Juncadella’s previous success in Formula Three.
Mirko Bortolotti (ITA) - 2009 - Palmer Formula Two
Bortolotti, like Juncadella, had tons of hype and talent behind him. There wasn’t that much of it during his karting days or his early single-seater career, but the hype around him exploded when he won the 2008 Italian Formula Three series by an absolute landslide, with a seven-race winning streak being more than enough to seal the championship. His reward was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test with Ferrari at Fiorano.
He cashed in that reward by setting the F2008 lap record around Fiorano. Sure, testing limits heavily restricted the running of Ferrari’s race and regular testers on Fiorano, but still, beating that lap record in what was supposed to be a token, prize-winning joyride made everyone sit up and take note. The hype meter went through the roof when he signed on to Red Bull’s junior team, and finishing a solid fourth in Palmer Formula Two gave him the chance to test for Toro Rosso over the winter.
In the first week of January 2010, the press tipped him to replace Jaime Alguersuari for the upcoming season at Toro Rosso.
In the second week of January 2010, Bortolotti was removed from Red Bull’s junior team.
Granted, he did say he wasn’t exactly ready for Formula One in the midst of all the rumours, but Red Bull suddenly pulling the plug was the last thing everyone expected. Ferrari’s driver academy swooped in and planted him in a GP3 ride for 2010, but he struggled in the switch of categories and was booted out of that junior driver programme after a year in the GP3 midfield. He won the Palmer Formula Two championship in 2011, but the rapid shift from Italy’s next Formula One driver to GP3 midfielder had already disillusioned the 21 year-old Italian, and after one final test with Williams as a prize for winning the F2 championship, he shifted to sportscars.
Bortolotti’s shift to sportscars has been fairly successful, becoming the champion of the final Megane Series Championship in 2013 before signing on to Lamborghini’s factory squad in 2014. Before his shift to Audi in 2020, he won the Blancpain Endurance Championship for them in 2017 and took class wins for them in both the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. All congratulations to Mirko, but who knows where he could’ve been had Marko done what the press thought he’d do a decade ago: stick him in the car.
Not everyone can be Vettel. If everyone is Vettel, nobody is. (yes I ripped Syndrome’s line, it’s a badass one). However, this section contains probably the saddest stories, where many of these drivers actually proved their talent at a young age, like Morad, Juncadella and Bortolotti. And yet, despite all that, they never got a fair shake with Red Bull.
We have one final part left to go, the fourth-part of this four-part series. The next part features the losers of the Red Bull from more recent times, coming from textile salesmen, sons of Top Gear personnel and an actual, legit, hero.
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Take The "Wonderlic Test For Dummies"

*New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft appears on “Wheel Of Fortune.” In Round 2, he faces the following puzzle: “__ OP, SKIP, AND A __ UMP.” Which two letters should he request to correctly solve the puzzle and place his order at the Orchids Of Asia Day Spa?
A. “C” and “D”
B. “W” and “P”
C. “H” and “J”
D. None of the above. Kraft doesn’t request, he solicits.
*Tiger Woods badly slices his tee shot on the Par 5 14th hole at St. Andrews. His errant drive is most likely to hit:
A. At least one woman he’s slept with
B. The rough
C. The North Sea
D. A fire hydrant
*Charles Barkley is driving at a rate of 95 miles per hour to meet a “friend” for “drinks.” What is the model of the car he is driving?
A. Mercedes-Benz
B. Honda
D. Hummer
*Mike Trout’s best “wins above replacement” in a season is 10.5. WAR does not take into account:
A. At bats
B. Home runs
C. Times caught stealing
D. Personality
*A rash of jock itch strikes all the members of the 2017 Houston Astros. This is an example of a locker room being _________:
A. Extremely “tainted”
B. Scratched
C. Quarantined
D. Big Baller Branded
*MMA star Jon Jones signs a lucrative endorsement deal with a major soft drink maker, a deal that includes a personal lifetime supply of the product. Which phrase is most indicative of what Jones can expect to receive in addition to money?
A. Gallons of Mountain Dew
B. Liters of Pepsi
C. Grams of Coke
D. Buckets Of Sprite
*In an Olympics gymnastics competition, what are you most likely to see on a pommel horse?
A. A male
B. A female
C. Scissoring
D. Marsellus Wallace
*Lance Armstrong walks into a drug testing facility waiting room wearing jeans, sneakers, and a Hawaiin shirt. A hipster there is most likely to describe Armstrong’s shirt as:
A. “Deck”
B. “Rad”
C. “Midtown”
D. “Dope”
*Peyton Manning completes a pass to Marvin Harrison, who is covered tightly by two defenders. What is something with an area of 4 square feet that can be used to describe this situation?
A. Harrison’s catch radius
B. Reception window
C. Manning’s forehead
D. Jim Irsay’s prescription pad
E. All of the above
*Shaquille O’Neal stands at the free throw line for one shot. Shaq has a 52.7% chance of:
A. Making
B. Missing
C. Applying Gold Bond ointment to The General on a Carnival Cruise
D. Agreeing to star in Kazaam 2
*A person donates $2 million to the University of Miami athletic department. This person is most likely a:
A. Booster
B. Cartel representative
C. Felon
D. Type “U” personality
*It is Christmas 1975. You receive a package in the mail containing a VHS copy of a classic Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier heavyweight title fight from earlier that same year. What phrase best describes the gift?
A. Dick In A Box
B. Thrilla In Manilla Envelope
C. Mail fraud
D. Rumble In The Amazon Jungle Package
*What was lit on July 19, 1996, and by whom?
A. Hair, Michael Jackson
B. Face, Richard Pryor
C. Olympic torch, Muhammad Ali
D. Cheech, Chong
*Complete the following sentence uttered by legendary announcer Jack Buck at the conclusion of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series: “I don’t believe what I just ________!”
A. Had injected into my ass
B. Saw
C. Pooped
D. Said to Congress
*Fill in the blank with the appropriate verb: In the 1978 Gator Bowl, Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes ________ a Clemson player.
A. Outed
B. Punched
C. Culturally appropriated
D. RKO’d
*Rank the following from highest to lowest: Michael Jordan NBA championships; children fathered by Antonio Cromartie; Antonio Cromartie baby mommas; Nolan Ryan no-hitters; games Sammy Sosa was suspended for using a corked bat; Michael Phelps’ career Olympic gold medals; Ryan Lochte IQ.
*Choose the correct combination of words to accurately complete the following sentence: Wilt Chamberlain once scored 100 ______ in a ______.
A. Times, week
B. out of 100, paternity test
C. Points, game
D. All of the above
*In a post-fight interview after knocking out Lou Savarese in 38 seconds on June 24th, 2000, what did Mike Tyson threaten to do to Lennox Lewis?
A. Force him into a threesome with Robin Givens and Don King
B. Eat his children
C. Saute his children
D. Deflower him
*The “Disco Demolition Night” promotion at Comiskey Park on July 12th, 1979 ended in a _______.
A. Split decision
B. Riot
C. Broadway song and dance number
D. White Sox scandal
*After scoring the fifth kick in the penalty shootout to give the United States the win over China in the final of the 1999 Women’s World Cup, Brandi Chastain celebrated by removing her _______.
A. Dentures
B. Soul
C. Wig
D. Jersey
*Barry Bonds smashes a 530 foot home run into McCovey Cove on July 4th, 2007. After crossing the place, Bonds tips his cap to the fans. His cap is most likely:
A. Larger than it was in 1993
B. Smaller than it was in 1993.
C. Under investigation
D. Juiced
*Former Chicago White Sox slugger Frank Thomas was known as the “Big _______.”
A. Dick Energy
B. Testosterone
C. Hurt
D. Leibowski
*Who sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV in Tampa on January 27, 1991, just ten days after the start of the Persian Gulf War?
A. Hoobastank
B. Sugar Ray
C. Whitney Houston
D. Up With People
*Match the imaginary musical duo with their potential hit song.
A. Pete Rose-Wesley Snipes 1. “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”
B. Roger Clemens-Milli Vanilli 2. “Enter Sandman”
C. AC/DC-Tonya Harding 3. “Always Bet On Baseball”
D. Mike Francesa-Metallica 4. “Girl You Know It’s Untrue”
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Gumby’s Old School Memories Prelude: ADCC 2005 Greatest Grappling Event Ever

After a writer’s block I’m back! This time I have a whole bunch of stories to share surrounding a particular event: ADCC 2005, which I am going to argue was not only the peak of the event, but the greatest grappling event of all time.
Many would consider the winner of the now Biennial event as the “World Champion” of Submission Grapplers and for every serious competitive grappler it is a dream to just compete in this event. The truth is the event is only partially open. While there are qualifiers worldwide for each of the brackets, competitors can also receive a special invite by the ADCC committee to participate as well. Thus an environment was born that was closer to the mysterious tournament of martial arts movies such as “Enter the Dragon” or Bloodsport as real world event could be. The ADCC Submission Grappling event was created by Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who’s efforts have spread Jiu Jitsu not only in the Middle East but in turn world wide. Sheikh Tahnoon was a student in San Diego in the mid nineties and was just an assuming student at Nelson Monteiro’s Gracie Barra School in San Diego. Shortly before returning home to Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Tahnoon revealed his secret identity as royalty and offered his instructor Monteiro an opportunity to come to his homeland to teach. He had a dual plan to not only hold a tournament to showcase the grappling arts, but also to make Jiu Jitsu a national martial art of Abu Dhabi.
Note, I have never personally met Sheikh Tahnoon but everyone I have ever talked to has described him as a great guy. Most of the people I have talked to have a keen awareness of both the Sheikh’s stature and his generosity at the very least, he once famously gifted Renzo Gracie a BMW M5 for example. Having worked with the ADCC before I can tell you that the structure of working for a royal family is very different than what I am used to, even compared to the corporate world I once worked in. Still, one thing I found telling as the man who was described as being the Sheikh’s best friend (who I did work with quite a bit) was a small, soft spoken Indian man who actually had no training in Jiu Jitsu or martial arts at all and worked more at seems as a favor (and everyone gave him a wide berth).
The first four ADCC events were held in Abu Dhabi from 1998-2001. For sure there were some great matches there and an invitation to these tournaments was highly sought after, if not for the prestige but also for large prize money involved. Divisional winners could expect prizes in the ten thousand dollar range and absolute champion would take 40,000. This figure might not sound like much but keep in mind this was the dark days of MMA and these paydays were larger than any UFC event could pay out at the time. In addition to these prizes, emirates were known to bet on their favorite fighters and offer large sponsorships on the spot. If watch a match from this era and see a competitor wearing a shirt with Arabic writing on it you could be sure they were paid handsomely for the sponsorship. I know of one champion who came home with several hundred thousand dollars in cash on his person. Thus you not only saw the very best competitors in Jiu Jitsu competing at the time both pre and post IBJJF World Champions, such as Renzo and Royler Gracie, Mario Sperry, Jean Jacques Machado, Rigan Machado, Liborio, Bustamante and many others, you also saw big name MMA fighters competing such Tito Ortiz and Matt Hughes (who actually fought each other) and the Smashing Machine Mark Kerr who actually proved to be a dominant champion at Abu Dhabi.
With the amount of money being thrown around in the early events, the betting and prizes for things such as “Fastest Submission” there were bound to be problems however. Unfortunately it came to light that many of the matches had pre-determined outcomes. Reviewing the event in hindsight some of those matches are blatant but others were not. Angered, it was my understanding that Sheikh Tahnoon was prepared to simply cancel the who event, but instead he decided to throw the event every other year. Also, the event would now have a revolving location, the next event 2003 being held in Sao Paulo Brazil. Also, behind the scenes the Sheikh was not the full financial supporter of the event (aside from Prize money, these ADCC events are expensive to run and require a large staff); a large measure of financial support came from Dan Lambert, co-founder of American Top Team and quietly among the most generous figures in our sport.
ADCC 2003 in Sao Paolo was certainly a momentous tournament and provided us with many significant events and upsets. Eddie Bravo famously triangle choked Royler Gracie in this event (Marc Laimon remarked you could hear a pin drop when that happened). The tournament also saw the rise of Marcelo Garcia who as a last minute replacement (he had lost in the qualifier) famously won his division in dominating fashion. Jon Olav Einimo, a blue belt from Norway, took his title defeating the likes of Roger Gracie, Dean Lister, after being bounced in the second round of his division came back strong the next day to win the absolute championship and Ricardo Arona defeated Mark Kerr in a collision of two of the most dominant competitors in ADCC to that point. The stage was set ADCC 2005 now being brought to the United States. It was sort of the perfect storm in that ADCC was still at it’s peak, and the UFC had not yet hit the heights it was about to, so there was still a lot of MMA fighters looking to enter in. It was also the first tournament that had women’s divisions (largely pushed through by co-promoter Brian Cimins of Grappler’s Quest) And of course, all of the greatest grapplers of that generation were present and this was going to be the tournament that they make their status into legendary. In addition, it was probably the largest audience ADCC had ever had, and being in Southern California the crowd was certainly knowledgeable and animated, really getting into the match.
I was working the event in a number of different roles backstage, which turned out to be everything from being consulted on matchmaking and entrants, to literally setting up the mats and cameras, to doing a blog play by play on OntheMat (in 2005 live streaming wasn’t really a possibility) and doing commentary on the later matches. Also, one of my main training partners was actually in the tournament itself (Cameron Earle, who was actually out on bail at that point and is a whole story on it’s own) Suffice to say, I think I had a unique view of the event.
• The venue almost had to be changed to Nevada at the last second. “Someone” had tipped off the California State Athletic Commission that there was an illegal prize fighting event going on, and the Commission either threatened to shut it down outright, or was going to spend more time investigating the event to see if everything was in order and schedule a hearing for after the event was supposed to be held. So even through the weigh ins we were faced with the strong possibility that we would have to truck everything over the border to Nevada and obvious this created a lot of chaos. In the end Dan Lambert used his connections (and likely wrote a big donation) to keep in the event in Long Beach. The someone who made the phone call was well known to everyone, but never officially pointed out as this someone was extremely polarizing in the community and potentially litigious, however that person passed away a few years ago as well.
• The actual surface were standard Tatame style mats, however there was a thin canvas with logos and sponsors to stretch over the ring areas. This initially created a very slick surface. The brilliant solution? Turn the mats upside down so the honeycomb traction pattern on the bottom would provide grip even with the canvas over them. The effect turned out to be similar to grappling on a cheese grater, more than one competitor was well bloodied up with some of the worst mat burn ever.
• I would say that the grappler who probably had the most buzz entering was Marcelo Garcia, who set the grappling world ablaze with his come out of nowhere performance in 2003. But I would argue the next biggest buzz was actually for Diego Sanchez, who had actually just won the inaugural Ultimate Fighter Reality Show, and both the UFC and himself were thrust into a national spotlight neither had been in before. Diego was a regular on the competition scene well before this and got his invite before joining the show. While the UFC would have preferred he had pulled out, he told them there was no way he was missing this opportunity. It seems interesting in retrospect, but Diego had way more star power in this division than another UFC fighter that had entered and competed, George St. Pierre!
•One grappler I lobbied for very strongly to be in this tournament was Rafael Lovato Jr. He didn’t actually do the trials so he wasn’t strongly considered for a spot, but I felt at his weight class he was among the top Americans. Still he was there to support his teammates (Saulo and Xande) and also because even attending ADCC was a dream come true for most of us. However, it always pays to be ready, as ADCC are 16 man brackets there are always last second substitutions to be made (which is how Marcelo Garcia got in). Sure enough an opening came up after the weight ins at the 87.9 kilo category and scrambling the promoter (Miguel Itturate) called me and asked if I knew anyone. I certainly did and offered them Lovato. Problem was that Lovato was closer to 99 kilos at that point and they were going to give him only a few hours to make weight. Rafael wasn’t sure what to do as his entry wasn’t a sure thing, but after talking to him we decided that if he tried and made the weight he would have a shot at competing at ADCC, but if he didn’t he would have no shot. So Rafael went about making the weight, dropping nearly twenty pounds that night. He was exhausted, looked gaunt but was proud he did it, when the promoters called me back and said the slot had been filled. Damn, I hated having to deliver the news to Rafael but he took it like a champ and went back to being in spectator mode. Before the first rounds of the tournament started as the audience was filing in the Miguel grabbed me and asked if Lovato was still available. I look up and see Lovato sitting there with a plate of nachos in one hand and a hot dog in the other. I go storming up the bleachers and practically swatted the food out of his mouth saying, telling them they are asking for him. He gets all excited and comes back down with me as we’re figuring out what to do about the weight when Miguel tells him that they need him as an alternate 99 kilos now. Lovato is a trooper but the look on his face when they told him that. Lovato didn’t wind up competing at that event, but was pretty much guaranteed an invite every time after that,
I’m going to tease this out a bit over a few posting, covering some more backstage happenings as well as my recollections of the divisions and the most memorable matches. Should keep me occupied for awhile at least. Participation in these threads, including asking questions and vote ups (and a huge thank you to whoever it is that gifts me with Reddit Gold) is hugely motivating, so if you like this type of stuff, let me know and if you have questions, also let me know and I’ll see if I can’t incorporate some answers either here or in future posts.
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Golf This Week - Dean & DeLucha Invitational (The Colonial), BMW PGA Championship

Well I had Matt Kuchar for a cash last week:
Unfortunately what should have been a nice profitable week was thrown out the window with a piss poor performance by Willett on the last round of the Irish Open. Disappointing.
This week:
D&D Invitational:
BMW PGA Championship:
Who does everyone else have? There was a lot of potential plays this week I found and it was hard to limit both fields. Might be throwing in some extra action this week before the tournaments begin.
My full write-ups with reasoning:
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personalfinance Is UBS Private Bank down for anyone else? UBS
Showerthoughts Taco Bell needs a Takis Locos Taco Bell
pics To The Mother Who Never Loved Me ... thanks for giving me away 11 years ago to this day . I am in United States living with my amazing parents who love me and support me in all that I do .it hurts to this day not knowing who you were. This bird signifies freedom from such Hate. United
OldSchoolCool Neil deGrasse Tyson University of Texas dance team 1985 Tyson
Art Feminist Video Art: A Call to the Stronger Sex by Quail Bell Magazine Bell
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does Sprite taste bitter after eating some McDonald's french fries? McDonald's
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does Sprite taste bitter after eating some McDonald's french fries? Sprite
AskReddit If you could live anywhere you want to in the United States where would it be and why? United
movies Ghost in the Shell 2017 - Creating the shell with Scarlett Johansson Featurette Shell
videos MGTOW: How To Get Woman To Chase You! Chase
listentothis Dissona -- Another Sky Progressive Metal 2016 Sky
AskReddit What search is best to run in either Reddit or Google to find reddit threads pertaining to "The best stuff in all categories for the buck" and the like? Google
todayilearned TIL a man once tried to sue Pepsi because he found a mouse in his Mountain Dew. Pepsi defended the case by proving that Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse within a few months. Pepsi
pics Trump rally in Orange County. Antifa pepper sprayed Trump supporters and then got chased. Orange
AskReddit Hey Reddit, What's the code for using the Walmart intercom in 2017? Walmart
gaming I Live With the One Person Who Loves No Man's Sky and It's Killing Me. Sky
pics a badly drawn art of a McDonald's French Fries McDonald's
funny When you go through your crush's Facebook comments and don't like anything Facebook
gaming Just got a Xbox one she still prefers to play her brothers yugioh game from his youth Xbox
AskReddit Redditors living outside the U.S.: Have perceptions of the United States changed since Trump was elected president, and if so, how have they changed? United
videos Incredible footage of BBC cameraman and hungry polar bear BBC
pics My friend is a Pizza Hut delivery driver - he has this sticker on the back of his car Pizza Hut
worldnews Brazil teacher changes hairstyle to support bullied girl - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL: Steve Rothstein bought a lifetime unlimited 1st class American Airlines ticket for $233,509.93 in 1987 and made more than 500 trips to England alone and cost the airline more than $21 million. AA terminated his ticket in 2008 American Airlines
mildlyinteresting The sticker my friend has on the back of his car - he is a Pizza Hut delivery driver Pizza Hut
videos [Never Give up Like KFC Owner History of KFC](
Showerthoughts A realistic Ford Mustang should have a one horsepower engine. Ford
todayilearned TIL that Alexander Graham Bell patented the Telephone by Elisha Gray as his own. Bell
AskReddit What are your most hated Facebook posts? Facebook
worldnews US drone strike kills man behind Marriott Hotel bombing, Pentagon says: A US strike in southeast Afghanistan killed an al Qaeda leader responsible for the suicide attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan. The September 2008 suicide truck bombing in Islamabad killed more than 50 people. Marriott
gaming Need a new story driven game for Xbox one Xbox
news US drone strike kills man behind Marriott Hotel bombing, Pentagon says: A US strike in southeast Afghanistan killed an al Qaeda leader responsible for the suicide attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan. The September 2008 suicide truck bombing in Islamabad killed more than 50 people. Marriott
AskReddit Which AiO should I purchase: HP AiO 24 G230 -OR- Dell AiO Inspirion 24 3455? Dell
Documentaries religion BBC One - The Story of the Turban 2016 38:59 BBC
AskReddit When was the last time you were shown advertisement by Google Adwords and you thought your mind was read? Google
AskReddit What do you think Uber could do better? Uber
Jokes The United States is using an interesting strategy against Russia for interfering with another country's election. United
gaming What are some Xbox 360 games that are comparable with the Xbox 1 s? Xbox
videos We Save Youtube or We All Fall Together: Here's My Idea Youtube
movies As the release of Ghost in the Shell nears, take some of your time to appreciate the mostly overlooked but just as beautiful and philosophical second movie Innocence. Here's a scene from the movie celebrating the marriage between man and machine that took almost a year to animate. Shell
pics What the fuck Google Assistant Google
gaming Why I Love No Man's Sky and You Hate It - Emotion In Video Games Sky
Showerthoughts I've never seen a can of Pepsi in person Pepsi
worldnews Hong Kong election: Beijing-backed Lam first female leader - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What instances was the United States homeland invaded by foreign powers other than Great Britain? United
AskReddit Postmates, doordash, Uber and lyft people, how much do you really end up making including tips? Uber
worldnews Sperm swimming technique 'all down to simple maths' - BBC News BBC
dataisbeautiful OC Territorial Evolution of the United States United
mildlyinteresting This The Bell hot sauce has nothing written on it. Bell
dataisbeautiful OC Territorial Evolution of the United States. This visualisation looks at how America evolved geographically. Source: Tool: Tableau United
pics Never seen a Doge with Subaru emblems. Subaru
movies [Horror Fans! A New Way to Discover Horror Movies](
sports Jordan Bell doing it on both ends of the floor as Oregon defeats Kansas 74-60 to reach their first Final Four since winning the inaugural NCAA Basketball Championship in 1939 Bell
funny This was on ABC today ABC
AskReddit Why do eBay listings get bid on when there is still days left until the listing ends? eBay
Jokes What do you get when an Italian comes across a Xiaomi phone? Xiaomi
pics I drop pins on Google maps and then follow them. This was a two hour drive on dirt roads. Google
dataisbeautiful [VW Service Adelaide Volkswagen Specialists Angus Mitchell Automotive](
videos My First Total War Online Battle Victory. I Made an Action Cut of the Replay. Total
EarthPorn Dungeness Spit, WA. The longest natural sand spit in the United States. 800x600 United
Futurology Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in wacky race to moon - Five competitors remain in a $20m Google contest to land a probe on the lunar surface by the end of the year, but all their craft are untested, rudimentary, or look like R2-D2 Google
space Hopping rockets and flying washing machines in wacky race to moon - Five competitors remain in a $20m Google contest to land a probe on the lunar surface by the end of the year, but all their craft are untested, rudimentary, or look like R2-D2 Google
Futurology How lasers, environmentalists and Google combine to reduce methane emissions - Technology is making it easier and faster to find and measure leaks Google
Jokes Two immigrants from Africa arrive in the United States United
AskReddit serious how true is it that all games in the Google Play store will be blocked? Google
aww Today we rescued Apple Cat Apple
todayilearned TIL the United States violates article 9 of the Geneva convention on road traffic by allowing the U.S. Virgin islands to drive on the left side of the road. United
movies The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - YOUR HEROES ARE DEAD thematic breakdown from MOVI Ford
news SEPTA Police Announce 10 Arrests In Connection With Subway Brawl Subway
gaming I'm in the middle of Monkey Island got the special edition for Xbox 360 and I think it might be the best game I've ever played. Xbox
mildlyinteresting Animal bone found on beach, Sanibel Island, Florida. 1st guess was dolphin vertebrae but Google quickly ruled that out. Maybe whale humerus or horse ankle? Google
personalfinance Fell for Apple phishing scam and I feel so helpless. Apple
Futurology After recent crash, Uber suspends testing of self-driving cars Uber
worldnews Mosul offensive: Iraq denies air strike caused civilian deaths - BBC News BBC
aww Cloey Bell is too cool for school. Bell
OldSchoolCool My great grandma and grandad at the beach with Michael, one of their sons. The car in the background is a MK2 Ford Zephyr. Britain, around the mid-late 1960's. Ford
worldnews Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One dead, 14 injured, police say - BBC News BBC
space Thomas Pesquet on Twitter : In my 1,5 kg 'hand luggage', I brought the wedding rings of my friends getting married this summer! I'll be back in time to be their witness Twitter
AskReddit What app should every apple user have on their Apple products? Apple
Showerthoughts I wish the content stores for Google, Amazon, and Apple had a button for "I own this on another content store." Apple
AskReddit What's the best Youtube comment you've ever read? Youtube
funny What the fuck Google Assistant Google
AskReddit Why does Youtube not have a menu option to browse all current live streams? Youtube
nottheonion Man in leopard print robe and crocs robs McDonald's with comb McDonald's
mildlyinteresting This wall looks like it's made out of Lego 1x2 bricks. Lego
television Shows/Netflix similar to CBS Sunday Morning Nature Scenes CBS
videos Good Old Days of The United States United
videos Top Best Hyundai Car commercial Hyundai
WritingPrompts WP After taking so much criticism as being an "anti-social" network, Facebook decides to shut down for 7 days. It never comes back up. Facebook
television The Night Manager stars agree to reprise roles in BBC hit thriller sequel BBC
worldnews The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism Google
worldnews Call Grows for 'Total Shutdown' Over Alleged Trump-Russia Collusion: 'We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House,' declares Ted Lieu United
todayilearned TIL Tim Horton's restaurant invented the Apple Fritter and Dutchie variety of donuts in the 1960's Apple
videos 90 Years Of Volvo Cars Volvo
videos The Youtube advertiser exodus #YouTubeIsOverParty Youtube
AskReddit It is the year 2007 and you are offered the ability to Google search just one thing from the year 2017, image or text. Minus the obvious, such as lottery numbers, what do you use this search for? Google
gaming When Google lets you down Google
movies Harrison Ford called himself a 'schmuck' after plane mishap Ford
news Police: Vegas cabbie went to victim's home after sex assault - ABC News ABC
dataisbeautiful Territorial Evolution of the United States OC United
AskReddit If you had a magical omniscient Google genie whom you could ask any three questions and get the definite answer, what would you ask it? Google
AskReddit If you saw your name trending on the Facebook sidebar, what would it be for? Facebook
philosophy If Allstate insurance isn't available in all states is it really Allstate? Allstate
news Traveler: United barred 2 girls in uncovered leggings from boarding MSP flight United
funny When you have kids and Verizon unlimited data Verizon
food Homemade Apple Pie Crescents Apple
sports Baseball games for Xbox One Xbox
mildlyinteresting Picture of the Night Sky in Connemara using a OnePlus 3T phone and long exposure Sky
gaming Game suggestions from the Xbox One store. Xbox
DIY little dude + Arduino + Lego = DIY nightlight xpost /Arduino Lego
videos [Explorer Interrupts Mating Tortoises, Slowest Chase Ever Ensues National Geographic](
AskReddit Communists of Reddit, how do you feel about the United States government? United
mildlyinteresting The person who designed this old Intel motherboard added a smiley face to the artwork. Intel
food Homemade Apple Pie with Cinnamon Roll Crust Apple
videos Doraleous and Associates - If you're looking to spend a few hours watching one of the best animated series on Youtube then I HIGHLY recommend this show. Gets better every episode! Youtube
videos How English sounds to non-English speakers - By the Youtube account Brian and Karl Youtube
worldnews Call Grows for 'Total Shutdown' Over Alleged Trump-Russia Collusion: 'We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House,' declares Rep. Ted Lieu United
worldnews Trump-Russia links investigation in turmoil after Republican intelligence committee chief's ‘peculiar midnight run’: Devin Nunes jumped out of an Uber cab to view ‘secret documents’ and did not share them with his committee Uber
news Private investigator, in area by chance, captures Newport News double slaying on video Newport
news Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings United
Showerthoughts I bet Target's bathrooms get used a lot more now that most Targets have Starbucks in them. Starbucks
food Homemade Deconstructed Stuffed Bell Peppers with Ground Meat, Lentils, and Tomatoes Bell
worldnews Trump's efforts to dismantle climate policies enacted under Obama have put the United States' targets to reduce CO2 emissions under the Paris climate accord permanently beyond reach United
news United Airlines under fire for 'barring girls wearing leggings' - BBC News BBC
worldnews South Sudan ambush leaves six aid workers dead, UN says - BBC News BBC
funny Do you speak United States? United
listentothis Bonjour Suzuki - アゲハ蝶の破片とキミの声 Japanese/French/Chill Electro Pop/Rap 2014 Suzuki
movies Paramount, Sony and Fox have removed or replaced their top executives in the last year: the Hollywood business model is changing Sony
todayilearned TIL Chevy Chase played drums in college for a band called The Leather Canary, which he referred to as a "bad Jazz band". After leaving, two bandmembers and classmates went on to be successful as the band Steely Dan. Chase
videos CRAZY Boeing 787 GO AROUND during a STORM at Amsterdam Schiphol Boeing
explainlikeimfive ELI5: There is 78.6% of N2 gas and 20.9% of O2 gas in our air. Why living organisms depend on O2 and not N2 to sustain life? O2
videos This scene from Saved By The Bell deserves an award for 'Best Blooper That Was Left In A TV Show Episode' starts at 1:11 Bell
Showerthoughts Girls are banned from United flight because they're wearing leggings!!! United
AskReddit Google experts of Reddit, what are some of the funniest options of which Google offers to finish your question? Google
aww My dog went viral on Twitter and im getting 0 credit... ;_; Twitter
pics Studio Ghibli Castle in the Sky ship sculpture Sky
videos Boston Dynamics HANDLE - Unaired BBC Interview BBC
mildlyinteresting Anyone has seen yellow cup of Starbucks before? Starbucks
funny From the Apple Stickers commercial. I see what you did there, Apple. Apple
funny Two weeks ago out of nowhere I was added to a closed Facebook group for real estate agents Facebook
nottheonion Stoned Assembly Line Workers Cost BMW $1 Million in One Day, Report Claims BMW
personalfinance Girlfriend and I make a combined 35k after taxes a year and save about 5k per year. Our '99 Subaru is on its last leg. What guidelines are there to follow when choosing a reliable new car? Subaru
mildlyinteresting 48" Parabolic dish stored in a Toyota Previa on a sunny day in California... Toyota
explainlikeimfive ELI5: AT&T blocking FaceTime AT&T
news Teens wearing leggings barred from United flight United
worldnews After Barring Girls for Leggings, United Airlines Defends Decision United
worldnews The 712-page Google doc that proves Muslims do condemn terrorism Google
WritingPrompts WP A subset of Al-Qaeda is attempting to hijack Coca-Cola HQ to steal their secret recipe and run the soda empire. SEAL Team Six has been sent to neutralize the takeover. This is Coke Zero Dark Thirty. Coca-Cola
AskReddit What's the best weapon available for purchase from a standard McDonald's menu? McDonald's
gifs A Clockwork Orange x-post from AnimatedMovieStills Orange
todayilearned TIL that one percent of the world's commercial wood supply is used to make IKEA products. IKEA
news Teenage girls barred from United flight over leggings United
videos Hook up an Xbox 360 to a Tree Xbox
gaming Only 285,899 days until ESO: Morrowind comes out according to the Xbox App. Xbox
gaming Help me make up my mind! GTA:SA on original Xbox disc or download on PS4? Xbox
Jokes The Google car won't use any fuel Google
EarthPorn oc 3036x4048 Antelope Canyon, AZ shot by Google Pixel Google
gaming Are there any good RPGs on backward compatability for Xbox besides Oblivion? Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: why do Facebook and instagram even give you the option of liking your own post? Facebook
AskReddit Serious Former McDonald's workers, what's actually happening when you say, "the machine is broken"? McDonald's
worldnews Chile pensions protest draws tens of thousands - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What negative historical facts are taught about the United States in other countries? United
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"We expect a win" - Cooke

Ember-BMW's Team Principal Robert Cooke has stated that he expects no less than a win from his team in the upcoming race in Korea.
With most teams now settling into the country for the first race of the season, I found Robert Cooke, Ember's Team Principal, in the hotel to find out his expectations for the weekend ahead. It'll be the first time that the FRL visit the Asian country, but the three-time race winners from season 1 are predicting big results at the Korea International Circuit.
Last season, we demonstrated that we're a force to be reckoned with. This season, our aim is to be the ones to beat. We have a perfectly capable car - testing went well and the drivers are in the sim 24/7, so there's no reason why we can't be at the front.
FRL01 saw Ember-BMW, then Ember Racing, finish 4th in the championship, 12 points behind the incredibly consistent KALK Racing, with their lead driver Sebasten Layva also 4th, trailing KALK's Mahler by 12 points also. This season, the team expect to be ahead of their Belgian rivals.
I don't want to create a toxic environment within the team, as that's the last thing you need to fight for the championship. It's clear that pressuring the team for unrealistic results creates a harsh working environment, and that'll only drag us down. Therefore, when I say that I expect us to do well, it's more stating the obvious than adding unwanted pressure. It'll be close at the front, but we have all of the ingredients we need to be able to fight off the opposition and win both championships. Firstly, we expect no less than a win in Korea, which will kickstart the season in the best way possible and show the rest of the field what they're dealing with.
The British outfit will be placing their hopes in Sebasten Layva, one of the most highly rated drivers on the grid, and Bruno Costa, a driver who impressed the whole paddock with his consistency in the latter half of season 1. With several insiders, motorsport journalists and betting agencies tipping Ember to be at the front, it's fair to ask for wins - however, they'll be racing alongside Pikainen, KALK and Mural, three teams that showed their mettle in season 1. Will Cooke be given the success he craves, or will his team be plagued by their unreliability of last season?
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BMW PGA Championship Betting Tips 2017 BMW Championship 2019 / PGA Tour Travelers Championship 2020 - Golf Betting Tips BMW PGA Championship Tips  Sanderson Farms Championship Tips  Golf Postcast BMW Championship Preview & Picks - DraftKings

BMW Championship betting tips: Steve’s players to follow. There’s no course form to guide us this week – with Medinah’s No. 3 course not seen in action since the Ryder Cup in 2012 – but, in theory at least, concentrating on great driving should reveal the main contenders. There are thousands of trees on this course. Rob Taylor (@RobTaylorSport) previews the BMW Championship and provides us with his best bets for this week’s second playoff event in America. 2019 Profit & Loss: +8.2pts 2019 BMW Championship Betting Preview, Odds & Tips Date: 15/08/19 Time: First tee off 12pm (GMT) Venue: Course No.3, Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Chicago Channel: Sky Sports Golf It was […] Golf BMW PGA Championship 2020 Odds and Tips. The Golf BMW PGA Championship 2020 is due to take place from Thursday October 15 th through Sunday October 18 th at the Wentworth Club. The BMW PGA Championship odds have not yet been announced but we will add them as soon as they are available. Popular BMW PGA Championship Betting Markets BMW Championship Betting Tips & Preview. Niall Lyons | 12:17 Wednesday 5th September 2018. Three tips and three big names from Niall Lyons - And at some big prices! The Aronimimk Golf course in Philadelphia last played host to this event back in 2011 when Nick Watney took home the spoils. The year before Justin Rose was the champion but the The BMW Championship was introduced to the PGA Tour schedule in 2007 when it replaced the Western Open to become the third leg of the brand-new FedEx Cup Playoff Series.

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BMW PGA Championship Betting Tips 2017

Visit Golf Betting System for our full Travelers Championship coverage. Episode 119 - The Travelers Championship is this week's PGA Tour action, played at TPC River Highlands, Hartford, Connecticut. BMW PGA Championship Tips Sanderson Farms Championship Tips Golf Postcast ... View Racing Post betting offers on our website. ... Tommy Fleetwood Round 2 Highlights 2018 BMW PGA Championship ...’s weekly PGA DFS Picks show helps prepare you to make your lineups for this weekend’s BMW Championship. ... Sports Betting Picks and Tips 24,203 views. New; 51:53 ... The Tour Junkies are breaking down The BMW Championship for DFS and golf betting! Enjoy more free Tour Junkies Content - Follow the Tour Junkies on Social Media Twitter ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue