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"Pansexuality" is the "trucute" of sexualities that actively erases bisexuality and encourages transphobia.

I need to rant about this. This isn't exactly about being a truscum, but it does discuss trans issues and this is the only community I feel safe sharing my opinions on this issue with.
If I have a dollar for every time a Pan person said: "Pansexual means I like men, women, and Trans people." I'd be able to afford top and bottom surgery by now. Like what the actual fuck!? I'm a man, not a f*cking "other" category. To say the ftms and mtfs are in the other category outside of men and women is transphobia period.
And if they say: "It means Non-binary people!" Bisexuality already included Non-binary and Intersex folk, the purple part of the flag stands for everyone in between! They're implying that just because I'm bisexual I can't find a non-binary person hot or that I'm excluding intersex people from my dating pool. I'm absolutely not! Hell, statistically I'm very unlikely to meet an Enby or intersex person who's into me because there are not a lot of them population-wise.
My mom took me being transexual better than she took me being bisexual so there is still a lot of overt biphobia out there, I don't think creating other "Omnisexualities" Is helping our cause at all. I don't see gay and lesbians splitting their community by creating other sexualities that mean essentially the same thing as gay so why tf has this happened to bisexuality? I think it's the same reason Trucutes latched themselves onto the trans community. Teens who want to feel special because bisexuality just "isn't woke" enough.
I followed the pan subreddit for a while and all it was was a selfie dump full of underage teens looking for admiration and praise. No "how do I know if I'm pan?" or "how should I come out?" questions. Hell, I didn't see any questions at all even though questions were allowed!
Compare that to bibros: a subreddit full of men of all ages, it's full of questions about coming out or questions about if they are "really" bi. There are a lot of discussions about issues that come up when you're a bi guy. You know the standard LGBT subreddit.
It's almost as if Pansexuals are just a bunch of teens or college students that want to be seen as different and "special". I bet if I compared the Pan subreddit and a trucute Subreddit they'd be very similar to each other with all the "LoOk At mE aNd HoW sPEciAl I aM" posts.
One of my favorite characters is literally the only example of a true pansexual: Deadpool. He literally is attracted aliens that have a non-human form. If we were living in a world where there were real Aliens living among us then I'd support pansexuality and polysexuality, but sadly we don't live in that world yet, so I'm not going to take their sexual identity seriously unless they are being transphobic or erasing bisexuality.
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PHP......as a unified cross-platform utility scripting language

EDIT: Based upon the feedback, I would like to clarify that I am not promoting PHP as the one and only cross-platform scripting language. Python, Ruby, NodeJS+Electron, Perl, and many other languages are used for creating high-quality professional cross-platform apps. The purpose of this article is to shed light on how a language that no one would ever think to write a cross-platform application in is actually on-par with the more popular languages.
I know you are likely laughing because the prospect that a scripting language embedded in served web pages could be used to create functional system utilities and applications sounds completely absurd, so hear me out:
For some people, PHP is the bane of their existence. It would be the bane of my existence too if I had to pick up the PHP project of someone who wrote bad PHP code. However, dealing only with good PHP code, I view writing PHP as a delightful treat to work with.
I would say the biggest CON of PHP is that it's not really the beginner language it's advertised to be. It's used to build very powerful servers that need to be very secure to prevent very bad things from happening. This is not an appropriate task for a beginner to coding. Controversially, I would say that PHP is an excellent precision tool for advanced power-users.
Auto-PHP-detection And Dependency Installer
Call me crazy/insane/whatever, but my favorite software is software that just works. I do use my daily driver as a toy when I want to play with it, but when I stop playing with it, I want my daily driver to stop playing with me. I don't want to have to try to open LibreOffice, only to discover that a recent update to one of its dependent libraries has caused LibreOffice to no longer function until I sort out the dependencies because I have work to do and work that needs to get done.
I present you.....the PHP auto-detector and auto-installer script. It is supposed to work in any shell except older versions of Solaris because they have their own backwards funky shell language going on that I don't want to deal with.
Example of an integrated CLI utility using PHP script. Notice how this is actually a shell script that searches for PHP and uses it to execute the rest of the file. This script will only work on Unix systems, not on windows.
#!/usbin/sh searchPathForPhp() { ( IFS=: for p in $PATH; do phppath="$(command -v "$p"/php[0-9]*)" 2>/dev/null if test "0$?" -eq 0; then echo "$phppath" | tail -n1; return 0; fi done ) return 1; } zenitylogin() { prompter="$1"; shift 1 if test -z "$username" -eq 0; then msg='Please enter username and password so that PHP can be installed so things can continue to work smoothly' logininfo="$("$prompter" --forms --text="$msg" --add-entry='Username' --add-password='Password' --separator=' ')" # If the user clicked "cancel" or a Zenity error, then don't even try: if test "0$?" -ne 0; then exit 1; fi username="$(printf '%s' "$logininfo" | head -n1)" password="$(printf '%s' "$logininfo" | tail -n1)" fi printf "%s\n" "$password" | sudo -S -u "$username" -- "[email protected]" } run-su-cmd() { sucmd="$1"; program="$2"; shift 2 "$sucmd" -c "'""$program""'"' "[email protected]"' - "$USER" -- "$0" "[email protected]" } phppath="$(command -v php)" 2>/dev/null if test "0$?" -ne 0; then # calling searchPathForPhp will set the status code to 1 if not available phppath="$(searchPathForPhp)" fi if test "0$?" -ne 0; then # Prompt the user about installing packages and confirm confmsg="$(pwd) needs to install PHP in order to work. Are you OKAY with this script installing PHP automatically?" if test -x "$(command -v xmessage)" 2>/dev/null; then test "$(xmessage -buttons Yes,No -default No -print "$confmsg")" = "No" else # Prompt the user about installing packages test "$(osascript -e 'display dialog "'"$confmsg"'" buttons {"Yes", "No"} default button "No"')" = "No" fi if test "0$?" -ne 0; then exit 1; fi # Exit if we don't have consent e="" if test "$(id -u)" -ne 0; then case "$-" in "*i*") if test -x "$(command -v sudo)" 2>/dev/null; then # Most Linux distros e=sudo else # BSD e="run-su-cmd su" fi ;; *) if test -x "$(command -v pkexec)" 2>/dev/null; then e="pkexec env DISPLAY=$DISPLAY XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY" elif test -x "$(command -v gksudo)" 2>/dev/null; then e=gksudo elif test -x "$(command -v gksu)" 2>/dev/null; then e="run-su-cmd gksu" elif test -x "$(command -v zenity)" 2>/dev/null; then e="zenitylogin zenity" elif test -x "$(command -v yad)" 2>/dev/null; then e="zenitylogin yad" fi ;; esac fi if test -x "$(command -v apt)" 2>/dev/null; then $e apt install -y php-cgi && $e apt install -y php72 || $e apt install -y php elif test -x "$(command -v apk)" 2>/dev/null; then $e apk add --no-cache php72 || $e apk add --no-cache php elif test -x "$(command -v apt-get)" 2>/dev/null; then $e apt-get install -y php-cgi && $e apt-get install -y php72 || $e apt-get install -y php elif test -x "$(command -v yum)" 2>/dev/null; then $e yum install php72-cli || yum install php-cli elif test -x "$(command -v pacman)" 2>/dev/null; then $e pacman -S php72 || $e pacman -S php elif test -x "$(command -v brew)" 2>/dev/null; then $e brew install php72 || $e brew install php elif test -x "$(command -v dnf)" 2>/dev/null; then $e dnf install php72-cli || $e dnf install php-cli elif test -x "$(command -v zypper)" 2>/dev/null; then $e zypper install php-cli || $e zypper install php elif test -x "$(command -v pkg)" 2>/dev/null; then $e pkg install php72 elif test -x "$(command -v emerge)" 2>/dev/null; then $e emerge --ask dev-lang/php:7.2 elif test -x "$(command -v pkgman)" 2>/dev/null; then $e pkgman install cmd:install fi phppath="$(sh -c 'command -v php7.2')" 2>/dev/null if test "0$?" -ne 0; then phppath="$(sh -c 'command -v php')" 2>/dev/null if test "0$?" -ne 0; then # failed to install PHP echo "FAILED TO INSTALL PACKAGE: Package manager not found, you have no internet connection, or another error occured. You must manually install PHP (>=5.4)">&2 exit 1 fi fi fi if test -x "$(command -v grep)" 2>/dev/null; then grep -A1073741823 '<''?php' "$0" | php -- "[email protected]" else echo '/PHP_SCRIPT_''STARTS_AFTER_HERE/+1,$p' | ed -s "$0" | php -- "[email protected]" fi exit 0 PHP_SCRIPT_STARTS_AFTER_HERE  You'll probably want to add -c . to the arguments list to use the php.ini in the current directory to ensure completely consistent behavior wherever this script goes or whatever updates happen. Here is the Batch script for Windows:
@php.exe the-php-script.php -- %* 
However, one might want to use a slightly longer VBScript in order to hide the ugly terminal window:
ReDim arr(WScript.Arguments.Count-2) For i = 1 To WScript.Arguments.Count-1 arr(i-1) = """"+WScript.Arguments(i)+"""" Next CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "php.exe the-php-script.php " & Join(arr.ToArray, " "), 0 
The PHP for Windows would be extracted into the same folder as the Batch script to provide php.exe. Then, the contents of the-php-script.php would be the same as in the script for Unix after the PHP_SCRIPT_STARTS_AFTER_HERE marker:
 It's that easy to redeploy your PHP script on Windows.

Secure GUI Via Web Browser In PHP

It's very possible and very easy to have a very secure GUI in PHP, you just have to do it very correctly. The way to establish a secure GUI is to pipe the command to open the browser with a query string UUID that JavaScript sets a cookie into the OSes shell in order to hide the command line from other processes to hide the UUID. It also uses netstat and cross-platform detection of the users browsers to ensure that a malicious program is not trying to pose as the browser. If the malware has already gained root access all bets are off and much hope is lost, so this assumes the malware is running as an ordinary user. Observe.
// open-www-gui.php // See https://pastebin.com/FPvP3SP6 
This should open a PHP local server in the gui-root directory, and the index.php in the gui-root directory needs this JavaScript to hide the UUID.
All PHP files in the gui-root need this AT THE VERY TOP for validation:
6)); unset( $usedHashAlgo ); } else { if (defined('CRYPT_BLOWFISH') && CRYPT_BLOWFISH == 1) { $gotHash = crypt( base64_encode($inPrivKey), get_cfg_var("custom_public_gui_param") ); } else { // else, try to make the best with what little we have got: $gotHash = hash("sha256", $input, FALSE); } } // hash_equals would be superfluous because we are timing for consistancy if ($gotHash !== get_cfg_var("custom_public_gui_hash")) { @usleep( (@random_int(20000,60000)?:240000) - (@microtime() - $authStart) ); exit(1); } unset($authStart); unset($inPrivKey); unset($gotHash); // clean up 
And, voila!: a secure PHP gui to the browser that cannot be intercepted by any non-root user or external attacker. It's not just a proof of concept, this could actually be reliably used in production too.
We additionally need a execStdIn.vbs on Windows so that the PHP server and web browser can continue running in the background after the initial PHP script executes because Windows does not have nohup and the start command either starts a detached terminal or stays in the invisible window but can't start invisible and detached.
' execStdIn.vbs Dim stdin: Set stdin = WScript.StdIn Dim input: input = Replace(stdin.ReadAll, "^", vbCrLf) Call ExecuteGlobal(input) 
View Poll
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Just Finished S2! Thoughts opinions and Speculation.

I want to discuss my confusion first, I just realized that there's a third Spider themed fear in between what I call the Rot (Prentiss) and what the show calls the Spiral. The Spider has themes around the creepy crawly things, but at the same time about manipulation? Is that right?
The second is the social fears, which the show calls the Stranger which is well about Strangers and the Uncanny things like figures and Taxidermy. Then there's I guess another fear relating to actual social situations? Which I call the the Solitude, but shouldn't there be a reverse of that? Like the fear of crowds and overpopulation? Check out UrbanHell for it. Kinda like the Vast which is open sky vs what I call the Deep which is claustrophobia.
Also there's a fear of meat? Which I never thought of before honestly.
The Fears are at war? The Hunt (Montauk) vs The Dark, the Hunt (Vamp Hunter) vs The Stranger ( Vamps), The Spider (The Table) vs The Stranger (Not Sasha), and the Eye (Magnus) vs Everyone Else?
Jon also has a patron Fear, being the Eye. I'm confused why Leitner isn't patronized either, he was doing basically the same thing collecting the books. Anyway, I bet Jon is gonna get powers. Kinda like how Herbert could kill Vampires or Agnes could burn people with a touch. Or Michael can summon mazes. I'm thinking maybe Jon would be able to see and manipulate images and videos of anything. Maybe limited prescience too.
Lastly the current list of fears I've heard by name are
  1. The Vast - Open Spaces, Heights
  2. The Hunt - Being Hunted
  3. The End - Death
  4. The Stranger - The Uncanny
  5. The Spiral - Lies, Psychology
  6. The Eye - Surveillance, Knowledge
I speculate the following names for everything else
  1. The Dark - Nyctophobia
  2. The Deep - Claustrophobia
  3. The Meat - Meats???
  4. The Spider - Spiders, Manipulation
  5. The Rot - Rot, Vermin, Disease
  6. The Flame - Fire
  7. The Solitude - Being Alone
  8. The Carnage - War, Violence
I'm still confused where Binary goes, its incredibly unique. So fear of machines and AI is still there I guess. Also the fear of the crowd and people, I don't know where that will go. And lastly Thalassophobia, fear of the open ocean? Might be the Vast, Might be the Deep.
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Unpopular opinion? Random buff/debuff chances are fine (and actually healthy) for the game. Here's why.

Wanted to write this in response to a lot of complaints recently about the RNG on moves like Moonblast and Night Slash.
First of all, RNG, when used properly, is a good thing in game design because it creates diversity. Lack of randomness results in more "solved" scenarios such as PvPoke sims, where we can know exactly how each matchup is "supposed" to play out. While this is not always a bad thing, it can sometimes feel like your opponent has mathematically won and there's nothing you can do about it. Randomness mitigates this issue by letting you see far enough ahead to plan your strategies without making the game completely "solved" from the start. This makes games, including GBL, less stale by forcing you to adapt to new information that's given to you over time.
Buff/debuff chances (to be concise, I'll just call them buff chances) create diversity and unpredictability. But more important, they test your ability to manage risks and understand game mechanics over being able to follow a pre-planned formula or decision-tree, which I think are good skills to test in a healthy game. What can make buff chances frustrating is when the entire game revolves around hitting that buff. Ancient Power is probably the most notorious offender to this sub, where your chances of winning went up drastically if you hit the buff and vice versa, but I would argue that even Ancient Power wasn't inherently a bad idea, but the systems surrounding it caused it to function in a very bipolar way: either it was really good on some Pokemon or really bad (but that's another story).
Anyway, the reason that Ancient Power was so derided on this sub is that it felt very binary. A single roll of the dice determined whether the attacker got 4 total buff stages, and there wasn't much the opponent could do about it. The fact that this move feels very all-or-nothing is an example of a bad way to utilize RNG (and why many people feel that the Ancient Power nerf didn't address the actual problem), but there are ways to fix this. One relatively simple way would be to "split the RNG," basically by making each proc smaller, but at higher probability so that the overall chance remained whatever Niantic wants it to be. I suspect the recent complaints about Night Slash are due to similar feelings. A +2 buff at 30% chance could be changed to a +1 buff at 55% chance, to make it feel like that one buff proc wasn't the decider.
That being said, Pokemon has always been a game with RNG, buff chances included. If you've ever played competitively (e.g. VGC), you would know that each battle has multiple random elements, from the miss chance of Origin Pulse to full paralysis chance of Thunder Wave. What separates good players from great players is how they manage those risks. Great players minimize their chances of getting RNG-screwed by navigating the battle to put themselves in a 90:10 favorable situation instead of a 55:45. And yes, sometimes you will lose a game that you "should have won," which happens all the time. But consistently putting yourself in favorable situations is a skill and over a large number of games, you will win more than you lose.
To anyone who thinks they keep getting super unlucky, take a hard look at your games and ask how many of them you actually lost purely due to RNG, where you couldn't have played it any better to avoid being put in a position where a 30% Moonblast debuff was the difference between winning and losing. It's easy to put the blame on external factors to help us feel better about ourselves, but I would bet that a majority of people who think they got RNG-screwed have plenty of other ways to improve. And even if you did all you could, and that 30% was literally the difference between winning and losing by like 1 HP, then you shouldn't feel that bad because if you have a 70% win rate, you should easily be climbing.
TL;DR: Random buff chances are not inherently bad, they test your ability to plan ahead but also to adapt to changing circumstances. And moves like Moonblast and Night Slash are fine the way they are right now (and are not the sole reason that you're losing games).
Edit: Some more of my thoughts in this reply for those interested.
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The Beginner's Guide to SPACs

What are SPACs?
A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a company formed solely to raise capital through an initial public offering (IPO) for the purpose of acquiring an existing company. SPACs are also called “blank check companies” because they IPO without having any actual business operations.
SPACs are generally formed by investors, or sponsors, with expertise in a particular business sector, with the intention of pursuing deals in that area. The founders generally have at least one acquisition target in mind, but they don't identify that target to avoid extensive disclosures during the IPO process.
A SPAC generally has two years to complete a deal (by a “reverse merger”) or face liquidation. Companies aiming to go public with this route are typically 1x-5x larger in terms of market cap than the SPAC itself.
The SPAC Process
The money SPACs raise in an IPO is placed in an interest-bearing trust account. These funds can’t be used except to complete an acquisition or to return the money to investors if the SPAC is liquidated.
So, in practice, these companies will typically have a $10 floor on their share price, as that is what must be paid out to holders of shares if the company does not successfully reach a deal. If the deal is not completed in time, the warrants expire worthless and the remaining funds are distributed back to the shareholders.
After a SPAC has completed an acquisition the SPAC then trades as any other company listed on an exchange. If you came across a SPAC stock several years after the acquisition, you would likely have no idea it ever started as a SPAC unless you did some research into the company’s history.
Finally, the SPAC symbol and name will change to reflect the company that has been purchased. Often the SPAC takes on the name of the new company, but that is not always the case. If you own either common shares or warrants in your brokerage account, those shares will automatically be converted to the new name/symbol.
The SPAC is Back
SPACs were popular before the financial crisis, but use of SPACs declined following the market meltdown.
Recently, though, an excess of capital has led investors to seek out merger and acquisition opportunities more aggressively, and that's led to the return of SPACs.
More SPACs went public in 2018 than in any year since 2007, raising more than $10 billion in capital for use in searching for investment opportunities. In 2019, the figure was even higher $13.6 billion —more than four times the $3.2 billion they raised in 2016.
SPACs have also now also attracted big-name underwriters such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank, as well as retired or semi-retired senior executives looking for a shorter-term opportunity.
Through May 2020, $9.8 billion has been raised in 21 SPAC IPOs.
Recent High Profile SPACs
Example 1: SPCE. Before it was Virgin Galactic, it was a SPAC trading under the ticker IPOA. Social Capital Hedosophia raised over $650 million in 2017.
Example 2: DKNG. Before it was Draft Kings, it was Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp. The SPAC originally raised $350 million in May 2019, listing its units under the symbol DEACU, which comprised common shares and 1/3 warrants. When the investors approved the merger, the SPAC's common shares traded at $17.53, a 75% return from the $10 offer price.
Example 3: NKLA. Before it was Tesla-killer Nikola, it was VTIQ. VectoIQ Acquisition raised $200 million in a May 2018 IPO. In March 2020, the SPAC agreed to merge with Nikola Corp at an implied enterprise value of about $3.3 billion. The rest is history.
Units, Shares and Warrants
When the IPO occurs, a SPAC generally offers Units – generally at $10 per Unit. These Units are comprised of one share of common stock (Share) and a Warrant (or portion of a warrant) to purchase common stock (generally exercisable at $11.50).
Depending on size, prominence/track record of sponsors, and investment bank leading IPO, Units may consist of one Share of common stock plus one full Warrant, ½ of one warrant or ⅓ of one warrant.
Shortly after the IPO, the common stock (Shares) and Warrants included in SPAC Units become separable. At that point, the Warrants and Shares trade separately alongside the unseparated Units.
SPAC common stock is linked to the SPAC’s secure trust account. SPACs are structured such that the trust account contains at least $10.00 per public share.
Liquidity may be limited in the open market for Shares but the defined liquidation term of SPAC common equity can provide for a relatively attractive yield with an option to own a SPAC's future acquisition target.
If the SPAC fails to complete a business combination in the required timeframe, all public shares are redeemed for a pro rata portion of the cash held in the trust account.
Companies will typically have a $10 floor on their share price, as that is what must be paid out to holders of shares if the company does not successfully reach a deal.
A warrant is like an option but traded like a stock. Warrants provide the owner the right (but not the obligation) to purchase one share of the underlying company at a predetermined price per warrant – typically at $11.50.
Almost all SPAC Warrants have a five-year term after any merger has been consummated. However, SPAC warrants, expire worthless if the SPAC can't close a business combination, are thus a binary bet on a five-year warrant on a hypothetical future company.
Warrants become exercisable only if the SPAC completes a business combination transaction before the specified outside date.
The speculative nature of this Warrants tends to lead to wild price swings.
SPAC Tickers
SPAC Shares typically trade with a four-character ticker – eg. MNCL
The SPAC Units are identified as the Share ticker plus “U” at the end – eg MNCLU
Finally, the Warrants are the Share ticker plus “W” at the end – eg MNCLW.
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I'm so done with so many of these young "trans" teenagers lmao

I'm treasurer for this LGBT student org for my college and an incoming freshman joined our discord with the name "Gerard". i told my friend "how much do you want to bet this is an emo kid who named them self after Gerard Way" AND I WAS RIGHT (edit: i forgot to clarify but i changed the name just in case, but like it's an equivalent to what i said)
this AFAB person who presents entirely female introduced themselves as a non dysphoric non binary lesbian. not even kidding
like of course i'm respectful of everyone, but like does anyone else feel like this is weirdly misogynistic that so many afab people will go through so much to not be identified as female? idk lol
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Let’s talk about gender!(this post is really just for me to get attention and for me to argue, so feel free to ignore)

Ok so Yes, there are only 2 main biological sexes. I’m excluding the rare intersex variants for ease of conversation, but they definitely do exist and are valid. Anyways, Gender, on the other hand, has very little to do with genitalia. It’s more about social perception of Male/Female traits. And google agrees with me. The definition of gender is as follows:
Either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female
That social/cultural part is very important. I’m willing to bet that in some point in your life you’ve seen a person and wondered whether or not they’re a boy or a girl. This distinction varies from person to person, and across cultures. What ancient cultures found feminine is very difference from what people do today. Gender expression has changed a lot throughout history, as well as the stigma around non traditional gender identities. This change along the timeline, along with he fact that gender is so commonly determined by physical traits outside of genitalia, proves that gender is perceived and not biological, unlike sex. Sex is determined by XX XY chromosome combos; gender is determined by your outward expression of Feminine/Masculine traits.
All of this is to say, Binary Gender is a social construct. It has no real purpose other than to be another useless category for people force others to fit into. Gender is a spectrum. For millions of years, this fact has been recognized by almost every people group. Almost every culture has recognized and welcomed non Male/Female gender identities. The only ones that haven’t have been Western(Think Greece/ Early to present Europe).
So, if you still don’t believe that Binary Gender is a construct and that gender is really a spectrum, I don’t know what else to say.....
Anyways, Thank You for coming to my Ted Talk👁👄👁✨ I’ll be answering Any questions, but pls don’t say something stupid like “No, you just missed biology class”.
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Largest gain from start to close

Definitely at least one or both of these, DegenerateChild0 takes number one with DXN having an overall gain of 52.94%.

Largest loss from start to close

SPC_55 baked beans and spaghetti all over his sweater already as microcrap stock RFN loses 50% from $0.002 to $0.001.
Will he be delisted in territory untested during THE PURGE? Or will another company lose more of its shit later in the week?

Largest gain from start to any point

mcfucking still out ahead with ANL maintaining the highest any point lead at 100%, proving between this and the last line that a penny stock is closer to a binary option than a serious investment


Rank Movement Code User Friday Close Tuesday Close Gain $ Gain % ATH $ ATH % Comment
1 +4 DXN DegenerateChild0 0.017 0.026 0.009 52.94% 0.028 64.71%
2 +15 FBR nonamesleft0393 0.042 0.055 0.013 30.95% 0.056 33.33%
3 +0 CG1 GinToKiiz 0.185 0.24 0.055 29.73% 0.280 51.35%
4 -3 IBX brucehore 0.033 0.042 0.009 27.27% 0.048 45.45%
5 -3 QFE thng1501 0.645 0.82 0.175 27.13% 0.975 51.16%
6 +3 SWF Alpgh367 0.52 0.66 0.14 26.92% 0.665 27.88%
7 +11 VMT notasabretooth 0.355 0.425 0.07 19.72% 0.430 21.13%
8 +4 BNL bignikaus 0.017 0.02 0.003 17.65% 0.021 23.53%
9 -2 EOS 333Tips * 5.32 5.97 0.65 12.22% 7.300 37.22%
9 -2 EOS mechengguy93 5.32 5.97 0.65 12.22% 7.300 37.22%
10 +0 MAN banniboi 0.025 0.028 0.003 12.00% 0.031 24.00%
11 +4 HCT Grand_Steak 0.13 0.145 0.015 11.54% 0.155 19.23%
12 +2 MRQ mndeira 0.01 0.011 0.001 10.00% 0.012 20.00%
13 -9 BIT AubreyFluffington 0.1 0.11 0.01 10.00% 0.132 32.00%
13 -9 BIT Munichuck * 0.1 0.11 0.01 10.00% 0.132 32.00%
14 +31 BRN Nig_Pig * 0.105 0.115 0.01 9.52% 0.120 14.29%
14 +31 BRN dudarude 0.105 0.115 0.01 9.52% 0.120 14.29%
15 +10 RFX Otis88 0.023 0.025 0.002 8.70% 0.026 13.04%
16 +56 UCM niloony 0.24 0.26 0.02 8.33% 0.260 8.33%
17 -9 SEN Fernal2020 0.048 0.052 0.004 8.33% 0.057 18.75%
18 +6 WTC lostdory 20.54 22.15 1.61 7.84% 22.500 9.54%
19 -6 QHL Fayngilo 0.09 0.097 0.007 7.78% 0.105 16.67%
20 +37 IP1 xineirea 0.016 0.017 0.001 6.25% 0.018 12.50%
21 +19 AMZN:US LongJNUG 2,878.70 3,057.04 178.34 6.20% 3059.880 6.29%
22 +5 RXL T_Steeley 0.082 0.087 0.005 6.10% 0.090 9.76%
23 +21 DCC GenuineAndUnprepared 0.02 0.021 0.001 5.00% 0.022 10.00%
24 +53 AEF Ccalmerpoleece 6.6 6.87 0.27 4.09% 7.040 6.67%
25 +1 OSL Tullystan 0.125 0.13 0.005 4.00% 0.140 12.00%
26 +13 WAF FurcationInvolvement 0.875 0.905 0.03 3.43% 0.920 5.14%
27 -16 NVX factorblue 0.92 0.95 0.03 3.26% 1.115 21.20%
28 -8 AT1 SavEx_ 0.335 0.345 0.01 2.99% 0.380 13.43%
29 +2 SXL DeadGoddo 0.175 0.18 0.005 2.86% 0.190 8.57%
30 +19 OLL cheebaihai 0.18 0.185 0.005 2.78% 0.195 8.33%
31 -15 FXL marmikp 1.18 1.21 0.03 2.54% 1.315 11.44%
32 +23 GNX letsburn00 0.215 0.22 0.005 2.33% 0.220 2.33%
33 +0 AD8 MrMadamHoussain 5.18 5.29 0.11 2.12% 5.590 7.92%
34 -15 FYI w-j1m 0.05 0.051 0.001 2.00% 0.053 6.00%
35 +1 BBOZ archbishopofoz 8.26 8.4 0.14 1.69% 8.430 2.06%
36 +31 AEI oDesired 0.605 0.61 0.005 0.83% 0.620 2.48%
37 +1 APT miamivice85 67.5 68 0.5 0.74% 68.800 1.93% Trading halt
38 -6 Z1P MattL600 5.74 5.77 0.03 0.52% 6.170 7.49%
39 -9 OPY sticky7891 2.26 2.27 0.01 0.44% 2.440 7.96%
40 +13 AAA maximiseYourChill 50.07 50.08 0.01 0.02% 50.080 0.02%
41 +1 ANL mcfucking 0.001 0.001 0 0.00% 0.002 100.00% Intraday leader
42 -36 FTT Simping_Aint_Easy 0.004 0.004 0 0.00% 0.006 50.00%
43 +0 EN1 Sagittar0n 0.006 0.006 0 0.00% 0.008 33.33%
44 +3 MNW kendama 0.017 0.017 0 0.00% 0.018 5.88%
45 +3 DW8 RepubIique 0.018 0.018 0 0.00% 0.019 5.56%
46 +30 PDI earlyriser83 0.08 0.08 0 0.00% 0.083 3.75%
47 +13 HTG unclequavo 0.25 0.25 0 0.00% 0.255 2.00%
48 +8 GTG doctorcunts 0.006 0.006 0 0.00% 0.006 0.00%
49 +9 LPD ConstantReach 0.007 0.007 0 0.00% 0.007 0.00%
50 +11 9SP bayosTODAY 0.029 0.029 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
51 +11 FNP ChubbyVeganTravels 3.01 3.01 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
52 +11 KSS _PixelRage 0.36 0.36 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
53 +11 MTH j03l5k1 0.026 0.026 0 0.00% 0.000 -100.00% Trading halt
54 -32 WHC happiest_turtle 1.51 1.505 -0.005 -0.33% 1.580 4.64%
55 +10 XAO yesdevnull 6163.7000 6126.7000 -37 -0.60% 6192.900 0.47%
56 -28 ZNO TheWorthyAussie 3.04 3.02 -0.02 -0.66% 3.250 6.91%
57 -22 SPT nikolajxo 1.385 1.365 -0.02 -1.44% 1.475 6.50%
58 -21 BTH D0nald_Kaufman 0.84 0.825 -0.015 -1.79% 0.860 2.38%
59 +14 BBUS BantaGoat * 2.57 2.52 -0.05 -1.95% 2.560 -0.39%
59 +14 BBUS Jody8 2.57 2.52 -0.05 -1.95% 2.560 -0.39%
60 +22 GMV downfiltermaybe 0.051 0.05 -0.001 -1.96% 0.051 0.00%
61 -27 WZR Tacomaster33 0.225 0.22 -0.005 -2.22% 0.230 2.22%
62 +7 DSE KoalaOfWallStreet 0.074 0.072 -0.002 -2.70% 0.075 1.35%
63 +11 RCE 3reefs_should_do 0.7 0.68 -0.02 -2.86% 0.700 0.00% Trading halt
64 -41 IGL adembear 0.875 0.85 -0.025 -2.86% 0.925 5.71%
65 -36 PBH bletines 5.82 5.65 -0.17 -2.92% 6.230 7.04%
66 -14 KLL ricklepicklemydickle 0.165 0.16 -0.005 -3.03% 0.170 3.03%
67 +3 MAG Sloppycism 0.295 0.285 -0.01 -3.39% 0.295 0.00%
68 +3 FZO BantaGoat 0.285 0.275 -0.01 -3.51% 0.305 7.02%
69 -28 FLT oplusi 11.4 10.98 -0.42 -3.68% 11.770 3.25%
70 -2 TMR Pleasant_Dig 0.375 0.36 -0.015 -4.00% 0.380 1.33%
71 -5 QAN Dromologos 3.82 3.66 -0.16 -4.19% 3.880 1.57%
72 +7 2IN Covid19tendies * 2 1.916 -0.084 -4.20% 2.138 6.90% His penis
73 -23 VOR TheHolyDogeGod6 0.215 0.205 -0.01 -4.65% 0.225 4.65%
74 +1 RAC pominator 0.83 0.79 -0.04 -4.82% 0.845 1.81%
75 -21 AKG az-pill-equator 0.25 0.235 -0.015 -6.00% 0.250 0.00%
76 -55 TUA PM_me_ur_bingo_nos 0.95 0.885 -0.065 -6.84% 1.055 11.05%
77 -31 DRO faddishw0rm 0.13 0.12 -0.01 -7.69% 0.140 7.69%
78 +3 YOJ umop3pisdn 0.089 0.082 -0.007 -7.87% 0.090 1.12%
79 -28 PDN Chanticleer85 0.12 0.11 -0.01 -8.33% 0.125 4.17%
80 -2 PAA The_polite_debater 0.24 0.22 -0.02 -8.33% 0.245 2.08%
81 +2 AR9 Guard1anMeme 0.195 0.175 -0.02 -10.26% 0.195 0.00%
82 -2 HWK dskoh1 0.018 0.015 -0.003 -16.67% 0.020 11.11%
83 +1 OSP SlaughterRain * 0.05 0.041 -0.009 -18.00% 0.063 26.00%
83 +1 OSP superhappykid 0.05 0.041 -0.009 -18.00% 0.063 26.00%
84 +1 ATH cashew7272 0.049 0.04 -0.009 -18.37% 0.051 4.08%
85 +1 DVL whale465 0.037 0.029 -0.008 -21.62% 0.037 0.00%
86 -27 RFN SPC_55 0.002 0.001 -0.001 -50.00% 0.002 0.00%
* Asterisk denotes invalid submissions, shown here anyway for glory
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Why you guys will get FUCKED by GSX

You see. all you mother fuckers want us to short GSX because you lost shit load of money buying puts and shorting it.
I literally just wasted about an hour of my life looking over
which claims to be the repo for "open source" code to analyze GSX fraud.
Well - its fucking bull shit. I can't believe I took the bait and wasted my time:
  1. The code claims that it uses binary search to find the biggest user ID and then probe for the largest user ID and probe "future profiles" that to be created. This is a FUCKING joke right? You are going to assume that the user ID creation is incremental? What a fucking retard you are. Also, do you think GSX is so fucking retarded that it puts "future fake profile" online with their API for you to grab? - GSX does not create user ID linearly in an incremental way. so this is the most basic mistake and also the most fundemental problem with this whole report - as far as I am concerned, this proves nothing.
  2. The report consistently show fake enrollment data - for example this is a snapshot: https://imgur.com/a/QgnkeHK about some "abnormal" enrollment data. I bet even autists like us can tell how laughable this is - in the picture a class has 194 more enrollments over the span of 22 minutes. and they claim this is ABNORMAL. Mother FUCKER - China has 1.5 billion people. you fucking retard.
These are just 2 of obvious shit I caught. In my opinion, these fags are just salty bears that didnt get their way with their puts.
If you short GSX, you will get fucked by the run up and squeeze. The short is at 33.07% - this means when this pops youall puts will be worth exactly fucking 0.01
Do I give a fuck if you buy GSX CALLS? NO but quote me on this. by next week GSX will hit 75.
GSX 70C 7/17
Lol. I had a typo. I meant 85 by next week.
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TIFU by losing $2000 in 5 minutes at the roulette table.

I’m a pilot, and I got laid over at Vegas yesterday pending a flight back home the next morning.
So, while being bored in my hotel room I contemplate what I can do to pass time: I can drink myself asleep- nope, because I takeoff first thing in the morning. So I decide to go to the strip that recently just reopened, why not right?
I walk to the Bellagio, ATM 2000, and get 2k in chips from the cashier. The plan was simple, bet it all, win, then leave with 4000. I always figured roulette was the best chance of winning, at least when betting red/black, as there is no need for any “skill”. I place the max binary bet of 1000(I thought it was higher) on red, spins on black. I briefly panic that I just lost 1000, with the objective now being breaking even. I bet 1000 on red again, and on black it landed again. Yikes, just went bust in literally 5 minutes, I cut my losses there and left. Home now, and still quite disappointed in myself.
Tl;dr: lost 2000 on two roulette max bets. Gambling is bad, bet on black, not red.
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[Trigger Warning] For sexual violence victims (and perpetrators):

Quick Introduction

Hi. I noticed that there's barely a place on this thread (or frankly, on any site) that helps Hopkins victims of sexual violence navigate the OIE process. I know as a victim myself I had so many questions that no one could answer for me. And since many of us are going to move to campus soon, I think now would be a good time to post something that can help a lot of (god forbid) future victims in deciding whether they want to report to OIE, and if they do, what that might look like.
Before I begin, let me just say this to victims: I'm sorry. What happened to you is terrible. You must be in agony right now. I wish I could alleviate your pain. I'm so so sorry. If you ever need any help, please DM me.

What are the investigators like?

Experiences with OIE differ from victim to victim. Perceptions of OIE have historically been largely negative, with some good reason. But I will say that my experience with OIE was largely positive. I think it can be difficult to generalize OIE considering there are different investigators, and there have been a lot of structural changes made to OIE in the last four years. OIE is continuing to undergo some large changes due to the recent Title IX changes. But in my opinion, it depends on your investigator. My investigator was amazing. Absolutely amazing. He was pretty stoic, which might be something he had to do-- I'd bet he didn't want to show bias. He was kind, he offered me juice and water, whether I needed to take breaks, and in times where I sorta fucked up (see below) he was compassionate. In the end, he wrote the investigative report in my favor. I've heard of other experiences with other investigators, however. I know of one person who had texts proving their sexual harassment, and the investigator indicated to the victim during the victim's testimony that they did not believe a word out of the perpetrator's mouth. So investigators might indicate different levels of bias. I know of another who felt her report made her out to be someone she wasn't-- to the best of my recollection, someone who was lying about being assaulted.

What is the punishment?

OIE does not handle punishments. They refer the investigative report to a panel composed of 3 people. One is an attorney of some sort and the other two are trained university representatives. To my knowledge, the panel rarely disagrees with the OIE report.
Sadly, while my investigative report deemed that my perpetrator was guilty of assault, his punishment was as follows: (1) "deferred suspension" which basically means "if you're found guilty of assault one more time in the next year, then you will be suspended" and (2) some 90-minute online training. Yes. It's pretty disgusting. So if you're looking to report so you can obtain retribution, I'd say hedge your bets. But don't quote me on that. I don't know if my committee just felt that my incident was more ~ambiguous~ than some pretty explicitly proven assaults, or whether its customary for them to provide this kind of punishment.

What if I violate the No-Contact Order (NCO)?

So this is some hot flaming tea. If you're a victim and you're planning to violate the NCO, at least make sure you're not violating it for retaliation. Got that checked? Great. So if you're thinking "I want to violate the NCO because I really want to gain closure/understand/heal by talking to my perpetrator"....here's likely what will happen. As long as you can prove and explain that you didn't violate the NCO to retaliate, OIE isn't going to punish you. I actually did this. I realized that central to my healing was gaining closure with my perpetrator, so I secretly contacted him, and then.....well then I got his confession. Oop. Well anyway then I discovered that my perpetrator, despite delivering a confession, had basically no regrets about what happened, I was like f u c k t h i s s h i t. So I talked to Alyse Campbell (please go talk to her, she's actually amazing. She really helped me with this stuff). And I discovered it would be best to go to OIE, tell them I fucked up and violated the NCO, give them the details about the confession, and be over with it. My investigator wasn't upset with me (at least he didn't seem like it), he was very kind. He took the confession into consideration when creating the report.
Okay so I expect some non-victim readers to be a little back-lashy when reading all that. "Wait what? She violated the NCO...had she not done that the perpetrator might have not gotten a punishment. What if all victims just violate NCOs and get confessions?" Just know that my initial motivation for violating the NCO was to heal from the trauma, not to get a confession and punish him. Once I finally self-internalized that my perpetrator was completely un-remorseful was when I decided to use their confession to gain retribution.

I'm not a victim but I've been accused of sexual misconduct. What do I do?

There's a couple of things you'll need to internalize going forward.
One, even if the incident is something you would categorize as "grey" (e.g. "well they didn't really give a verbal affirmative yes but she wasn't saying no either, and they said they were crying but I never heard them cry because they were crying quietly" et cetera et cetera), don't start fooling yourself into thinking you're not at fault here. If you were accused of misconduct, there is ALWAYS something to regret. Even if the experience was completely consensual and he/she/they still went home crying, you can't tell me with a straight face that there is nothing you would want to improve upon, that you would want to do better next time. So if you're sitting across from an OIE investigator, my advice is this: figure out your regrets and pour them out. Tell them what you should've done better. Show that you're a better person. Explain why you think you still deserve an education, and why you think you don't. It's the right thing to do.
Second, don't expect forgiveness. They don't have to give you any forgiveness. What you need to focus on going forward is not that your victim thinks you're an okay human, but that you actually are an okay human. In my personal opinion, what differentiates good and bad men is not that good men never make mistakes (or terrible ones, for that matter), but that good men devote the rest of their lives for making up their mistakes. They learn, they grow, they regret, and they apologize a thousand times over.
Third, even if you believe you meant no harm, that doesn't mean what happened wasn't assault/harassment/rape. Most assaults (~90%) occur by friends and romantic partners, not by psychopathic strangers in scary white vans. Just because your definition of rape is sensationalized doesn't mean that what your victim experienced wasn't rape. All you need to make a sexual act misconduct (and necessarily, to make someone feel like shit) is a lack of affirmative consent.


I hope this helps. Please DM me if you have any questions. For all others, please be nice in the comments. I've posted on here before about sexual violence and found some exquisite trolls. If you have a legitimate question or confusion, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. While I am a survivor, I'm also doing academic research on campus sexual assault, and I'm part of several organizations on campus relating to sexual assault advocacy. I'm no expert, but I'll do my best. Thanks.
EDIT: edited for more non-binary language
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Tried Out the Rework on PBE, Left Feeling Frustrated

So I gave the mini rework a spin on the PBE a couple of times, because seeing the changes is different from playing out the changes. To give a succinct summary, I haven’t been playing much league of late since COVID started and it seems like that’ll be the case when this rework is released.
I was a main of old Swain since season 4, so understandably I have a lot of fondness for the old Swain. I felt that Swain had been completely remade into a different champion, with a few exceptions like the ult. Naturally, I’m coming into all these changes with this bias.
New Swain will never be balanced with this kit. The passive pull makes him too reliant on your skill to land E, the opponent’s skill to dodge E, and your team’s ability to land their CC. In higher elo, you will not hit E much of the time on your own. This naturally pushes Swain to become more team reliant in higher elo, which is why we have seen Swain ADC and support pop up over the last few months. The soul stacking mechanic that gives permanent plus 5 HP is meaningless. Most of the games will average out to ~35 stacks, which is only 175 HP most of the game and 350 HP during ult. Since HP especially towards late game doesn’t count for much, Riot’s idea of this powerful late game general doesn’t really add up.
In a different post, I suggested an idea of upgrading Swain’s passive into something similar to Bard’s passive or Cass’s old stacking passive so that if they wanted to make Swain into a late game stacking monster, it felt more coherent. For example, at x amount of stacks you upgrade W range instead of by per level or you get mana restore on unit kill by Q. Not sure why they’re not adding something like this because they did mention that they wanted Swain to feel like a stacking late game champion.
This patch, they took away his mana restore and it feels really bad, not to mention they did a mini Aatrox on him. If you are not mid Swain and you do not get blue, good luck. To try and circumvent his mana problem, you might need to get manaflow band and biscuits. When I got Luden’s (which I really think this item benefits Swain more than any other mana item because Riot is really pushing for a bursty CDR build), I still felt like I needed blue, which is no problem for mid, but a problem for top and support. Maybe we’ll see RoA and Archangel’s being used more, but that’s an expensive build and you’d be delaying your powerspike.
Q got changed entirely for the better, but it seems that because of this we are getting hit with the mana restore removal and movement speed nerf. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d rather return to the first iteration of Q (pierces only when kills and restores mana).
W is another problematic ability. On PBE it was buffed to near global range when you standing at the middle of the map. It sounds cool and on paper it seems good, but the ability requires coordination and CC to hit much of the time, which again makes him team reliant. I’ve read comments about how this will bet some great assists and whatnot, but how often will we hit it? Hopefully your team has some good CC for that. The other thing is is that many of us didn’t ask for W’s range to be buffed. I’m not sure that this ability is coherent with the rest of his kit.
E is a binary ability that can screw over melee and immobile champions or be useless against long range and mobile champions. Because this is Swain’s only way to proc his own pull passive, this makes or breaks how good Swain is in solo lanes. Low elo, it’s great. High elo, it’s meh. Wasn’t really changed this patch, so it’ll remain the same.
I was hoping for Demonflare removal this time around, or at least a few ultimate changes, but ult is not getting changed at all. Swain is still an ult reliant champion and now it will be harder to stick onto your opponents with the movement speed nerf. Plan on taking things like ghost or phase rush.
It’s a fact that Swain support has ruined Swain. It has divided this community and it will continue to do so if Swain support is still supported by Riot. We got confirmation that Swain indeed was pushed by the balancing team during his full rework and this is why the kit seems more poised for support. No champion has ever been balanced for both solo lane and support. To add to this, once a solo lane champion lands into the support role, they become cemented in that role. I can only predict the slow death of solo lane Swain into support Swain because of his kit functionality and Riot’s interest in keeping support Swain afloat.
Visuals. Seems like I’m in the minority for this one, but I really do not like the Lucius Malfoy vibe in new Swain. That’s why I mostly play Tyrant (Tyrant was my favorite on old too) but the skin is not as good as it was before. I have minor nitpicks about each skin, like Dragonmaster Swain having that weird looking headdress that makes him look like Syndra, but the biggest offender is how they portrayed Swain in his ult. Old Swain ult had a demonic look to it with animated wings. New Swain ult has a floating man with static wings and a human head popping out of it. I have no idea what went on in the creative process, but there were really cool artists’ renditions of his demonic form and we were left with this weird unfinished looking ult.
It’s not only Swain that has these problems. The entire category of battlemages suffer from inbalance issues, whether they are too strong or too weak. Take a look at Cass, who has been performing very well for a while now because of her overloaded kit. She has a great spammable, great sustain, great CC, decent ramping movement speed, and the ability to get another item. Ryze is another, but one who has been underperforming because Riot had to nerf his overloaded kit to take him out of pro play. Maybe when the promised battlemage items come out, we’ll see another set of changes to the battlemages, but it seems like we won’t see bruiser AP items anytime soon.
For those of you who got to the end, thanks for staying with me and hopefully you found this rant informative, interesting, etc. In summary, I think Swain will still remain problematic after these changes so we’re going to see another mini rework in the future. Hopefully Riot will realize that Swain will need a revert (unlikely sigh) or a full rework. But as it happens with many champions, Swain will be forgotten for most likely a few years before they do this.
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That reminds me of a story.
Es and I are over in India again. Alang to be exact.
We’re over there at the request of Goodgulf Greyteeth, he of the CEO-ship of the largest breaking yard over there.
Es and I are staying at the Raj, of course, while my guys, bless ‘em, are going through the final stages of removing the last bits of that Scandinavian cruise ship from my penultimate story update.
They are doing a wonderful job, and are just about to put the finishing touches on this job; in record time and without a single casualty or lost time injury.
Seems I’ve trained the gang of 24 well. All that’s left is the ass-end of the big-ass boat, complete with the twin-screw sixteen cylinder diesel-electric power plant. That and the twin screws, which in this case, are machined out of solid bronze. Actually, they’re a copper-zinc-bronze-unobtanium alloy, but these six-bladed propellers are about 9.1 meters in diameter and weigh in right at 101.5 tons.
Gulfy would like me to remove each in one piece, if possible.
“Yeah, sure, Gulfster. Anything else?” Like, move another ammo dump? I groaned.
After Es and have flown from our nasty, notorious, and noxious 5-star digs in Dubai back to India, we spend a day or so getting in Es’ case acquainted, and in my case, reacquainted with my guys, Gulfy, Major Nakula Dattachaudhuri, Mr. Ranganekary, Sanjay, Mr. Kannada, the Majordomo and most all the others from tales of Breaking Bad previous.
Hell if Agents Rack and Ruin don’t drop by for a ‘say howdy’ before we leave.
Es and I are staying, as I mentioned, at the Raj in my old room.
Mr. Kannada, the Majordomo, and his staff are going out of their way because they want to do their jobs well, enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, and know that I’m not one to be fucked with, intelligence–wise.
“Mess with the Doctor, and have all sorts of unshirted high-explosive hell break out around your ears.”
It’s not yet a motto, but I’m lobbying for it.
Es and I are walking around the yard, me in my full PPEs and Esme in her borrowed hardhat, steel-toed boots, and other necessary paraphernalia. Every time I turn around, it’s Chandrama this and Viswarupa that. Everyone here wants to meet Esme, shake our hands on returning and ask me about how “we’re going to tackle the ass-end of the boat”.
“Last I recalled, I was just here on a JAFO mission; not as a hired gun,” I muttered.
Sanjay procured a tap-tap for Esme and me and whisked us off to the armory.
“Look in there, Doctor. Then tell me you’re just another fucking observer.” He grinned.
“Едрить твою мать! Holy fucking shit!” I exclaimed, so incredulous with what I saw that I slipped into a more raspy language to express my overwhelmation.
Tons and tons and tons of lovely, well maintained, categorized, collated, and coolly kept explosives.
“May I?”, I asked as I was by all rights, still just a guest. To proper protocols, we must adhere.
“Oh, please do”, came the reply, along with the keys, scan card, and copy of the floor plan.
“Oh, my giddy fuckin’ aunt!” I exclaimed as I walked past all the high-toned, buff, and well-kept loaves of C-4. I goggled at the case after case of 40%, 60% and 80%! DuPont Herculene Extra-Fast Dynamite.
A row of Hexamethylenetriperoxide diamine (HMTD). Another of Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN). Yet another of Triaminotrinitrobenzene (TATB). There was RDX, TXT, TABT, TAGN, TNAZ…a whole alphabet’s worth of things that expand very, very rapidly indeed when properly antagonized.
I was almost swooning, Esme was almost yawning.
“Es! Look at this! Kinestix Binary Solid! Seismogel Binary semi-solid! Holy fuck! DOUBLE HELIX, the new binary, heat-stable liquid!”
New Captain America and Vortek plunger-style blasting machines! Spools of Primacord, in various flavors. Cases and cases of blasting caps. Radio control detonators! Holy fucking Hanna! Mile after mile of det cord and demolition wire. A whole locker devoted to blaster’s pliers and galvanometer.
I nearly swooned.
“You’re going to go and blow the living shit out of a whole bunch of things, aren’t you Herr Husband?” Es wearily asked.
Sanjay shows me the freezer where they store all the frozen liquid Nitroglycerine popsicles.
“Esme, my dear. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…” I smiled broader than the Valles Marineris.
“Just don’t kill yourself, anyone else, or those who are not really deserving such.” Es smiled, knowing full well that there’s no way in hell that anything smaller than a Sharknado monsoon is keeping me away from this collection of, what Sanjay informs me, is over 350 tons of explosives and associated paraphernalia.
“Just leave me a car, a driver, and some mad money while you’re out playing games. I need to do some shopping for the girls and were only here for a few days.” Es smiles.
This, among a few thousand other reasons, is why I married her and why we’ve been going along solid for the last 40 years.
Es asks to be taken shopping and I ask to be taken to work.
We’re both going to our happy places.
Back at the job site, it’s a bit of a shambles, but what do you expect? They’re tearing apart a huge cruise ship, all 225,000 long tons of the damned thing. With that is included metal, plastic, wood, wires, sheet stock, bulkheads…all sorts of shit. One sort of would be suspicious if the place was clean and tidy.
It’s ignominious and avoidable, irremediable and overwhelming, unique, and sudden. It’s a dog’s dinner and just my kind of place.
There’s only about 1/10 of the ship left; as I said the power plant, the shafts, the props, and all that ass-end crapola that makes a boat this size go forward. All the ‘stern’er stuff.
Only now, instead of just planting explosives hither and yon and blowing the living hell out of the craft, it’s down to nut-cuttin’ time.
“Yeah”, I thought, “Gulfy wanted me down here on some sort of goodwill review tour. Fuck that. He wants me to finesse the last bits of this boat.”
And that’s alright by me…
“Doctor Rock!” came a voice, “It is so good to see you again!”
It was Anad. He had rapidly shown his prowess and was now a team leader.
“We…um…I am so glad to see you”, he says, “We have this new order to remove the screws from the ship. In one piece. Can you imagine? They’re 100 tons. Each! We are in trouble. We need the Doctor Rock.”
Either Gulfy has a buyer for the props or he wants them mounted in the conference room or his office as trophies.
“Yeah, Anad”, I said, “That is a tall order. How goes the rest of the demo?”
“It goes well.” Anad tell me, “The engine is troublesome, being all heavy metal. But you taught us well. Nothing succeeds like excess! It will yield as one or in pieces.”
“What about the rest of the boat? The decks, the substructure, and all that shit?”
“It goes well”, Anad grins. “If it doesn’t drop with dynamite, we go to C-4. If not C-4, we go RDX. Sooner or later, it all yields.”
“So, no mucking about with liquid nitro?” I asked, snickering slightly.
“Oh, no, Doctor. “Anad shook his head, “That stuff is scary to Doctor Rock, it is too scary for us.”
“Well”, I said, rubbing my beard, “This will not do. Looks like I’ve been remiss in my duties. Doctor Rock is going to have to have one last command performance in Alang it appears.”
“You are going to use some nitroglycerine?” Anad asks, aghast.
“Perhaps”, I smile and smirk. Not just ‘some nitroglycerine’, I’m going to have Sanjay speed-import just a little bit more than ‘some’…
After an afternoon of lolling about a destruction zone and setting off one or ten way-too-energetic explosions, I’m having my long-hard-day-at-the-office drink with Esme back at the Raj.
I was having 350 milliliters of iced Chopin Single Young Potato along with pints of chilled Kingfisher. While Esme was sipping Northern Spy Ice Cider, also chilled. She was having a small triple-hop Duvel.
I mean, we were on a small holiday, of sorts.
Sanjay whips in and runs up to me, out of breath.
“Whoa, steady one mate. Your small but steady body is all a-tremble” I said over sips of lovely potato juice and puffs of a fine Jamaican cigar.
“Did! You! Requisition! 500 Kilos! Of! Nitro!?” he almost screams.
“Yeah. Sure did”, I replied over another sip of spirits and puff from my cigar. “Wait. You don’t think that’s going to be enough? Right. Best order another 250 keys…”
“WHAT!?!”, he screams.
Es snickers. She’s been down this road many times.
“OK, Sanj. Here’s the deal.” I say over another sip and puff, “Gulfy gave me carte blanche to get the job done. Better to have too much and not need it than to not have enough and need it.”
“But…but…but…” He sputtered.
“Very nice impression of a motorboat”, I smiled, “Look, Sanj, I’m back. It’s me. Dr. Rock, the hookin’ bull. Gulfy ain’t gonna say ‘boo’. In fact, go ahead and speed order another 250 keys. If I don’t use it, I’m sure you guys will find something fun to do with it.”
“Oh, fuck,” Sanj exclaims. He goes to the bar and pours himself 3-fingers of dangerous brown liquor. He slams it like a real pro.
“I’ve taught them well”, I thought and Es says.
Sanjay comes back, wobbles slightly, and says “Well then, you sign the fucking requisition sheet.”
“Hey, I’ve got no problem with that!”, I say and deftly affix my John Hancock prominently to the parchment.
“There. Feel better?” I asked, “Now if Gulfy gets all vexed and ratty, he can come and see me. Or wait until we’re done and Es and I are back in the Middle East. Which do you think he’ll opt for?”
Sanjay doesn’t have time to answer as Mr. Kannada, the Majordomo arrives with a phone for me.
Call for you, Sir”, he says in his inimitable style.
“Thanks, Major”, I say and grab the raprod.
“Doc Rock here” I say.
It’s my major professor from Southeast Westchester College (Home of the North Stars) on the line. He wants to know when we’ll be back in-country.
“No telling, Dr. Inzhener Neftyanik” I reply.
“Well, how much longer will you be in India?” he asks. “Oh, and please say hello to Esme for me.”
“Will do. Probably a couple-three more days. Week tops. Maybe a month. Why? Is there anything urgent?” I ask.
He explains to me that due to all the COVID craziness, there’s going to be many more on-line undergraduate courses taught. He needs some material for the Fall Session, primarily an overview of what Geology and Petroleum Engineering are and how they’re practiced in the field. Sort of a living recruitment poster.”
Esme recalled me smiling something like the Grinch when he mentioned that last point.
“Doctor, can you hold for a minute?” I asked.
“Most certainly.” He replies.
“Sanjay”, I ask, “You have access to a video camera?”
He cautiously and querulously shakes his head ‘yes’.
Thumbs up and I’m back on the phone.
“Yeah, Doc, Rock here. Sure, I’ve got access to a video camera here in India. What better to show the little scamps wanting to start college just what a real graduate of the world can do and where they can go?” I said.
He readily agrees and asks for me to deliver 15-20 minutes of video doing whatever the hell I was doing in India. Something geological. Something Petroleum Engineering. Altogether detonic. Just get him some footage. They’ll assemble and work it up there.
We make our plans and agree, then ring off.
“Sanjay?” I said, “Guess what? You’ve just become the Indan version of Quentin Tarantino.”
“What?” he says.
“SAY WHAT AGAIN! I dare you!” I laughed.
Esme just shakes her head. Little does she know she’ll be carrying writer’s credits for this masterwork before the odyssey is ended.
I lean back on the comfy barstool, ask for another 350 milliliters of Old Thought Provoker, fire up a new cigar and ask for a pencil and a tablet of paper.
“It’s ShowTime!” I smile as I begin to etch out some ideas.
Doctor Rocknocker, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., ASMQB, AAPG, SEPM, AAGG
421 Estwing Plaza
Rockville, USA
+555 6789 1011
[email protected]
Scene description/opening
“Hey kids! You! Yes you laddie! You want to travel the world? See all sorts of strange and wonderful rock formations? And have a chance of maybe blowing some of them up? Then you’re at the right place.
 Geology! Petroleum engineering! Detonic chemistry! 
Right here at Southeast Westchester College (home of the North Stars)!
Come on with me. I’m currently in India. What am I doing in india?
Let’s just go and see…”
Scene description –
“Yes, a quarry of migmatite dimension stone. Over 2.5 billion years old and quarried here for centuries. It’s places like this that the early history of our planet has been deciphered.”
Looking quickly to Esme’s prepared notes…
“Ancient rock in an ancient land. One that not only holds the secrets to our planet’s far and distant past history, but to untold wealth in gravel, road metal, and building dimension stone. That’s where you can come in. As a graduate of Southeast Westchester College, you could find yourself here. Examining the rocks. Investigating the structure and tectonics of the area. Or, like me, you could be harvesting the mineral wealth that has supported the building and structural companies here for hundreds of years…”
“Clear north!”
“North clear!”.

Mash goes the big, shiny red button.
An incredibly huge explosion and half the quarry is obliterated by freshly liberated dust and smoke.
“All this, and more, can be yours with a degree or two from Southeast Westchester College!”
Scene description –
“Well. What do we have here? Certainly it doesn’t look like geology or petroleum engineering. That’s right. It’s a shipbreaking yard in Alang, India.”
“Well, what the hell does that have to do with geology or petroleum engineering?” one might rightly ask.
(Pause for a monumental BOOM after a strange several toots and a weird cadence in Hindi about ‘Fires in Holes’)
That’s where study in the extractive sciences at Southeast Westchester College can lead.
It might.
It might also lead to a job in the Middle East, riding herd on the Arabs and their vast oily wealth. أشياء ساخنة جدا ، "إيه ماذا؟ [Pretty hot stuff, ‘eh what?]
Or you could end up on an offshore platform in the Russian Arctic, drilling somewhere no one’s drilled before…. Разве это не круто? [Wouldn’t that be cool?]
Or you could study very, very hard, obtain your BSc, MSc, Ph.D. and D.Sc., get to travel all over the world, on other people’s nickels, first class, drink premium hooch and get paid to blow shit up! Ĉu ne tio estas tro maldika? [Isn't that just too fucking cool?]
Character Name 2
“Well, here comes Anad, one of the local guys. Now Anad never had the chance to go to Southeast Westchester College, but was trained by me, one of the professors at the university.”
“Anad? A moment?”
“Yeah, Doc?” he replies.
“We’re all on a first name basis here. Brethren of the field, forest, and quarry. And currently the armory, the ship, and the breaking yard.”
“Would you like to attend Southeast Westchester College?” I ask.
“If…what… you… have…taught… us… about… demolition… is… anything…, then… yes…, I… would… have… liked… very… much… to… go… to… that… fine… institution… that… is… Southeast… Westchester… College…Did I say that right, Doc?”
“Sanjay! Keep filming. We’ll fix that in post…”
“So yes, indeed. Anad wishes he could have attended Southeast Westchester College, but he lives and works in India, some 12,500 kilometers away. But if you’re hearing this, you’re not! So apply now”
Scene description –
“As you can see, the sky’s no longer the limit for graduates, or professors for that matter, of Southeast Westchester College! I’m not only a professor of industrial geology, a master blaster, spirit connoisseur extraordinaire, but I’m a fully licensed helicopter pilot as well!”
Sanjay screams off-camera as I put the Garuda through its paces and try autorotation.
“No, damn it. Keep filming. We’ll clean that up when we land. And the rest in post-production.”
“Aim high! Geology, Petroleum Engineering, and Detonic Chemistry at Southeast Westchester College! Fly with the eagles, don’t get left on the ground with the turkeys!”
“Oh, fuff!. It’s not that bad…OK, we’ll look at it in post. Hang on, an upcoming flock of bar-headed geese! WHOOPS! Watch out! Comin’ through! HELLO BOYS!”
Scene description –
“No, god damn it, your other left. Not so damned fast. Just over the left screw. That’s it. Right. Hold it.”
“Now you may ask what the hell I’m doing hanging around here.”
…pause for laughter to subside.
“I’m doing the final inspection on the last bits of this boat which my crew, whom I’ve specifically trained, have been demolishing for the past couple of months. I’m inspecting the screws as these puppies are almost 9.5 meters in diameter and weigh over 100 tons, each. I’m going to drop each one of these in one piece, as per the orders of the guys paying the bills. Bet you didn’t think a degree or two from Southeast Westchester College would lead to such amazing things as this!
“You’ll never know until you apply yourself at Southeast Westchester College. You’ll get a bang out of it!”
Scene description –
ES: “…and what you did to poor Sanjay. That was not nice…”
ROCK: “I never claimed to be nice…Oh, we’re filming…And that’s not all. After a hard day in the field or the office, you have the opportunity to unwind and relax in one of the many bars and restaurants on campus. Personally, I prefer the strong drinks and cheap, subsidized prices at the MastHaus. After a day of breaking rocks, making hole or blasting quarries, what better than to relax with a tall, frosty Rocknocker? That’s premium vodka and bubbly citrus soda over ice with a twist. Or try one of several brands of local beer that’s on tap. Or why not both at the same time? How about some ether? Plus, we’re the only university now with a walk-in humidor! Over 3000 different brands of cigars from over six million different countries. C’mon down and have a snort and a smoke. How else can we maintain the highest grade point average in the East-Central Southern Northwest division?
“Umm, Rock, honey”, Esme says to me in a kind, quiet voice after we look over the daily rushes, “Are you certain that’s what the university is going to want? It seems a bit, well, woolly…”
“Oh, fuck yeah!” I exclaim over a flagon of Rocknockers and a sidecar of Kingfisher. “Look at it! Humor! Pathos! Agony! Ecstasy! Action! Shit blowing up!”
“Yeah, it does have that..” Esme is forced to agree.
“When we add the demo of the final piece of that boat, it’ll be a climax worthy of Lucas or Spielberg!” I grin canyon-widely. “It’s got everything. Who wouldn’t want to study at a university that offers all that?”
“Rock, honey”, Esme says, taking my hand in hers, “I want you to go upstairs and call the tech guys in Japan. I think your fingers are overcharging again and making you crazier than usual.”
“Nahh.” I scoff, “I’m doing great. I haven’t felt this alive in years. Maybe filmmaking is another calling I can look into. Something else in which to excel…”
“Rock, please’, Esme implores, “Go call Japan…”
“No time”, I say, “I have to get Sanjay to download all our footage. We’ll not have time to fix it all here before we go. Once we get the finale in the can, we’ll ship the whole mess off to the university and let them do the needful.”
Yes, I had been in-country way too long.
“Rock”, Esme pleads, “Then just sit here for a bit and have a smoke and a drink or five. I think your EtOH levels are in flux. You’ve been pushing too hard. You know better than anyone the necessity of maintaining an even strain.”
“You’re right”, I agree, “And when you’re right, you’re right. Timor! Another round and dial 224. I need a cigar and Esme needs a Sobranie pastel!”
Esme manages a wan, worried smile. She knows what I have planned, even though I haven’t said a word to anyone. She’s scared that I’m going to kill myself on this last job or do something even worse. That something she won’t even allow herself to think about…
A short time later, I’m off to the job site again. After chatting with Major Nakula Dattachaudhuri and the navy guys whose contacts he gave me, I have a fair idea of what I need to pull off, no pun intended, if I’m to drop those heavy screws in one piece.
First thing off, I need to weld the propeller tail shafts in place, securing it from tangential or rotational motion. I can’t have those things jumping around like a floppin’ crappie when I go to shake the props loose from the shafts.
Then I need to remove the propeller cone. Along with that, I need to provide for some slack in the aft stern tube seal. They tell me that normally prior to which stern tube oil need to be drained. But since this is in no way normal, I’ll just let that flow where it may once I blow some seals.
No, those on the tail shafts, not swimming around in the harbor looking for handouts.
Then propeller nut is to be removed and the propeller is desecured, that is, given a nudge prior to its removal from the tail shaft. However, I just welded the tail shafts in place, so I just need to provide the props a wee nudge. I also need to be sure all connections are well and truly severed.
Propeller and tail shaft bedding reveals how good is the contact. With is really ‘who gives a fuck?’ as I want no contact. This isn’t going to be pretty nor delicate. Explosives tend to be that way.
Now comes the fun part: unscrewing the Pilgrim Nut. Serious nut-cuttin’ time. What to do? What to do? I have several ideas.
At this point, the props are held in place on the tail shafts by gravity. I’m going to have the front of the leftover stern elevated some 150, so gravity will be on my side. But, at 100 tons each, I don’t want to drop them simultaneously. I want to drop one, and then once it’s quietly resting on the sand, dump a load of beach sand over it to ensure that if the next one drops, and takes a bounce or displays a wicked shimmy, and it overlaps the previous propeller, there will be no damage.
Oh, goody. I get to choreograph a show. Explosives, on one hand, dropping the props each by every and getting a load of sand in between the events.
My crane operator owes me as I got a couple of loose cases of Kingfisher and one of Premium Potato juice for him the last time he swirled me around this boat. We have a huge dump-bucket, used for firefighting. We can load it full of dry sand, and once one propeller falls, he can swing in and dump a couple of dozen metric tons of sand on the downed props leading edges.
“Yeah, that’ll work”, I smile to myself.
Back at the Raj, Esme is instructing Mr. Kannada, the Majordomo how the packages are to be wrapped and addressed. He made the fatal mistake of telling Es that they have free government shipping, around the world.
Great, now the kids will get their gift packages much sooner. And much cheaper.
There are perks to every job.
At the bar, I’m working on just one, OK, six cocktails and beer chasers.
Esme inquires why I’m wearing my garish, freshly laundered PPEs in the evening.
“Work is never done, dear”, I say, “I need to get back to the job site. There’s some welding that needs to be done, and I can’t very well weld when my guys are running around setting charges, now can I?”
“Can’t someone else do it?” she asks.
“Not this time. I’m going ‘old school’. Oxy-acetylene torch. I need to heat some huge areas of very thick metal. I don’t think there’s enough amperage in the whole county that will allow for that.”
“OK, you know what’s best.” Es says, “How long do you think it’ll take?”
“No idea”, I reply, “But this has all the earmarks of an all-nighter.”
“OK”, Es smiles faintly, “Just leave a note with the guard shack for me to get entry. I’ll bring you some sandwiches if you’re there too long.”
“Will do and thanks, my dear”, I smile as we kiss, “♫ No other bride would be so sweet... ♫”
“Don’t you dare finish that song…” Es threatens.
“No dear”, I shirk and smile, “Of course not, dear.”
To be continued
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Lost in the Ashlands. Reputation and Dialogue Checks.

Lost in the Ashlands. Reputation and Dialogue Checks.


Time for a quick update. First, I'm going to talk about getting a working reputation system, and then I'll show off a couple of new features for the war system overhaul.

Finding a Working Reputation System
Karma in games is often reductive, amounting to a binary "good or evil" system that's represented by a number. Dumb. Easier to implement and understand, yeah, but still dumb. I want more. Faction relations in games like Mount and Blade aren't brilliant either - they're great as an aggregate value, but suffer from one critical problem: memory. You might be a faction's sworn enemy, do some good, bribe some bribables, and suddenly you're in their good books. Kenshi certainly handles this better than most - kidnap a faction leader and you can bet there will be hell to pay. But it's not quite enough. Bandits should stop trying to steal your lunch money if you've taken down the Emperor.
I want a system where your actions generate a reputation naturally, by choice and action. It was a tough nut to crack, but I'm just about there with the structure.
Here's a quick rundown of how reputation will work.

Six Abstract Values
That's right. Six individual reputations. Each represents an abstract group in the game world, and a given value in one reputation might have an effect elsewhere. Here are the current drafts for reputation values. Note that reputation is not discrete, meaning there will probably be cases where multiple might apply. Moreover, don't expect reputation to apply in every instance of dialogue or interaction. As time goes on and you make your mark on the world, more characters will have heard of you or your actions.


The Downtrodden. Farmers, peasants, slaves and nomads. Everybody who's got the short end of the stick in the world of Kenshi. In game terms, this means Empire Peasants, Holy Nation Outlaws, Drifters, Slaves, Deadcat farmers, Settled Nomads, and so on. You get the idea.
Bandits, Brigands, and Broken Men. Just what you'd expect. Rebel Farmers, Starving Bandits, Dust Bandits - yet also factions such as Manhunters in some cases.
Scholars and Scribes. Those who value exploration and the pursuit of knowledge. Tech Hunters and Machinists, yes, but also adventuring types and certain diplomats.
The Empire Elite. Everything related to the United Cities. Nobles, Slave Traders, and the Guild fall under this category, as well as UC Generals.
The Inquisitorium. The One True Religion. Priests, inquisitors, HN Generals. This is probably the most narrow of the six reputations.
Followers of Kral. Everything Shek - not necessarily confined to the Shek Kingdom. Kral's Chosen, Berserkers, and others will be influenced by your reputation in this category.

What Will Reputation Do Differently to Faction Relations?
For starters, reputation allows for more nuanced interactions through dialogue with a graded system of 'ranks'. Changes to reputation happen naturally through gameplay. Help out a bunch of wandering samurai enough times and you might increase your reputation with the Empire. Murder a bunch of farmers? You can bet that NPCs will know you as Outland Terror before too long.
These interactions won't be limited to reactive stuff, either. Instead, where there are dialogue window events (particularly with dynamic quests), you'll be able to use your reputation to persuade or intimidate. 'Persuasion' meaning a high reputation with a relevant category, 'Intimidation' referring to a low reputation. In some, rarer cases, other reputations might supplant this. For example, if you're at Indifferent (+0) with the Downtrodden, but Empire Dignitary (+75) with the Empire Elite, you can bet that some lowly farmer peasant will be easier to push around.

High (appropriate) rep means better success in a dialogue check.

Reputation can also serve as memory. Currently, I'm setting it up to remember if you've ever had high (+75 to +100) reputation, low (-75 to -100) reputation, and the lowest (-100) reputation. You'll have a hard time getting your reputation (and related faction relations) up if you've ruined it, yet gaining increments to faction relations will, on occasion, be easier if you have high rep.
Dialogue will need to have a lot of expansions, too. This is elementary 'grind' work - it's easy enough to do, it'll just take time. High reputation in the Empire should enable you to have conversations with nobles and dignitaries. And so on.
What else? Well, even though I won't unlock any of it until the first dynamic quest update, reputation will influence quest options and pathways. Special events, too - you can bet that NPCs will begin to react to you differently as you walk your path through the game world. The occasional plot twist here and there*.* Perhaps you'll overhear a conversation of your exploits. Maybe annoying farmers will pester you for aid when your reputation is high enough when all you want to do is get a damn drink.

DUN DUN DUN. *Plot Twist*. Perhaps I should have made better choices.

What Ranks Are There?
I don't want to spoil too much. But here's the reputation list for the Downtrodden:
??? [-100]
Outland Terror [-75]
Violent Outlaw [-50]
Thug [-25]
Indifferent [+0]
Backwater Samurai [+25]
Benevolent Wanderer [+50]
Nomad Crusader [+75]
??? [+100]

Sneak Peek at the Coming Update.
Wars are spread out between 'military' (fortresses), 'civilian' (towns) and 'setpiece' locations. Assaults against towns are much rarer, bigger, badder campaigns that happen in multiple stages. Factions reinforce cities and forts, blah blah, I've gone over this before elsewhere. What I'm currently polishing up is getting the unique characters into the game world outside of battles. Generals inspecting a town with their personal guard, patrolling, being able to find them at fortresses they control, and so on. More possibility for interaction (and mischief!). That, and the setpiece battles, which are essentially empty battlefields where two armies can throw down. Great fun for the whole family. I'm ironing out some details there, though, so setpieces are currently a big 'maybe' - if it turns out pretty and fun, they'll go in the next update. If not, I'll probably rework them into assaults against military targets. On that note, around half of the fortresses you've seen are now gone. The Holy Nation uses Okran's Shield/Fist and its military bases as their 'military' targets, while the Shek have Last Stand and the Great Fortress (plus one extra fort). The United Cities, having no such settlements in vanilla, still have three forts. All of these locations are spruced up with NPCs you can interact with, and their residents will change based on what randomly-selected NPC lineup you've got going for you in your playthrough. You can cripple faction armies by taking down their forts - eliminating generals before they can do shit, or removing certain special abilities from the major facitons.
I'm not going to bore you with too many details, plus I'm lazy, so here are some random screenshots.

Oooohh, faction deserters.

Did I mention each faction has special units, campaigns, and events? They're tied to the NPC lineup. Usually, each faction has two special units or abilities (out of four). Each of the three warring factions has its own selection of abilities.

Let's have a chat, shall we?

Because of a particular General, the UC now have access to mercenaries for their wars. Here, a barracks is converted into a mercenary bar at a fortress. Eliminating a certain General, or one of his underlings, will harm or outright remove this special ability, affording the UC fewer expendable units to throw into battle.

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Stored Sperm and Eventual Attempts to Conceive question/curiosity

For all intents and purposes of this post, imagine me as cis F. I'm actually somewhere in the nebulous range of non-binary/gender-fluid, but I got these "lady" bits and I'm willing to use 'em for offspring. My partner is MtF and fairly early on in the process, just starting HRT.
We've stored some sperm - three samples, to be precise, and don't have the want/ability to store more. We had planned on storing six however the fates conspired against us and we ended up with our second kit getting lost in the post durring 90+ temperature days (bet that smelled GREAT on arrival). Generally, it is recommended that you store 5+ samples if you really want biological kids, so we're a little low there... But luckily we are both very open to adoption and/or me using someone else's sperm if need be.
I was wondering what other people's experiences were with this process, what "the success rate" was, and like that. I am also wondering what type of artificial yadda-yadda you went with, because I seem to find a lot on IVF but not very much on IUI.
I'm also posting here instead of say, a fertility forum, because I am not exactly sure how welcoming folks would be, not just due to us being a GSRM couple, but also because this is in insanely preemptive post since we likely won't be trying to conceive for another 5-10 years. I don't want to seem insensitive to people currently struggling to conceive, especially since I might qualify as "dumb kid" to them.
Essentially I'm going through a lot right now, and learning always helps me cope, and I'm really interested in learning more about people's personal experiences with this issue.
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Today it has been exactly 1 year since I went NC with my dad. Here's what I experienced.

I know I've been extremely quiet on here for a while. I want to share what has happened over the last year with you all. This is for everyone but especially for anyone considering No Contact.
My situation kind of sucked. My Ndad and my mom had divorced, which was great on its own. He didn't want custody but he wanted visitation with my little sister and I. Unfortunately, he got exactly that, but it was supervised. Still, even with the supervision, going to see him twice a week for a weekly total of two and a half hours was really draining. All he did was ramble about whatever was going on in his own life and generally he just continued being the same selfish asshole he'd always been, except most of the time he played 'nice' in front of the supervisor (who thankfully saw through him) and wasn't usually openly critical or passive-aggressive. The biggest boundary he struggled with was the one where my sister and I both said that we didn't want contact outside of visitation (calls, texts, etc.), and he kept trying to trick us, manipulate us, and even to bully my mom into making us reach out to him. "Tell those kids to get off their butts and call their dad!"
Why I went NC
The really short version is that because I was still 17 when I graduated high school, my dad was entitled to attend. He ditched sometime during the ceremony, which didn't bother me, but he left a present on our doorstep. It was a very expensive-looking necklace. I was really mad. Understand, I'd asked for cash from everyone: $25-$50. It looked like my dad had spent probably 10x that much on a necklace that I would never wear. I'd told him repeatedly in the past to please not get me jewelry because I don't wear it and I don't like it on me. I guess he figured that he could get away with it because he was getting it and by that very nature, I would end up loving it.
I ended up confronting him during my next visitation. I told him that he got me the one thing I asked him not to get me, and that made his present selfish. I told him that he can't help but make everything about him and that's why I didn't invite him to my graduation party. I was pretty harsh, and I guess my dad didn't appreciate me calling him out on his selfish bullshit. He responded to my two-minute scolding by ranting at me, in the middle of a pizza restaurant, for half an hour. His mask totally dropped, which was pretty amusing. Typical narc stuff: I'm a horrible person, he was just trying to do something nice, my therapist needs to help me out with my anger, I'm too immature to understand why he does what he does.
He made a mistake, though. He asked me angrily why I even come to visitation because it seems like I hate it. I was honest and told him, "I am legally obligated to be here." (I'd told him during family therapy several months earlier point-blank that there was nothing he could do to fix his relationship with me so I'm not sure why he had Shocked Pikachu Face energy that I didn't want to be at visitation with him.) He said that I don't have to be here anymore if I don't want to be. I figure that he was trying to bluff like in his poker games, thinking that I don't know what I want and I'll be upset that I've hurt my dad. He was wrong.
I basically told the interventionist that she was going to have to drag me back there kicking and screaming if she wanted me in visitation again. I have a very strong personality and it is incredibly difficult to get me to do something I don't want when I put my foot down. It's apparent to anyone who talks to me, and she knew it too, so she let me go.
What I've done in the last year
These are all things my Ndad would've questioned, disapproved of, made fun of, used against me in some way, or that I wouldn't have been able to do so well if he was still in my life.
Changes I've noticed in myself
Things I don't have to worry about anymore
So yeah. There's been a massive shift in my life. Ndad hasn't tried to contact me directly as far as I know, but then again, I've had him blocked for a while, so I guess I wouldn't know. He gave me $100 for my birthday in October which I promptly turned over to my mom so she could use it to pay for my elderly dog's medical bills (she was dying of cancer and passed a month later). He also dropped off cashier's checks at our house made out to the three of us for $15K each in March. We ended up cashing them because there's not really a way he can mess with that money. It was freely given. He ended up throwing a tantrum at the end of April and told my mom that she should've gotten my sister and I to reach out to him. He specifically mentioned me twice: once when he mentioned how I didn't even sign his birthday card, and once when he mentioned that he knows that his relationship with me is gone. I'm betting he'll try to reconnect with me someday in the future anyway. My sister is still 17 so we still have some time before she and my mom can legally cut him off, but until then, I'll be helping them anticipate and thwart his bullshit.
If this sounds nice to you... consider working towards NC. It really is all it's cracked up to be. It takes work, but so does everything worth having in life.
Best wishes. Stay safe. I'll be lurking here still.
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The LGBT Is One Of The Most Toxic Communities Out There

And I'm ashamed to even be technically in it. I have never seen so much gate-keeping, hatred, misinformation, liars, and overall mentally ill people within one community that's SUPPOSED to spread joy and acceptance. You can say religion has that kinda toxicity- but holy fuck, that's a belief system! Not grounded within science! It's focused on the afterlife, so of course people will be so confused and bitter!

I don't care how "oppressed" you are, you entitled asshole. They reject science in the means of 'not wanting to look bad' like with trans being a mental illness- when in reality, if you accept the fact being trans means you are mentally ill and you know.. feeling uncomfortable with your body in that kinda level is unhealthy, then more and more people will be less discriminatory.
We don't go around attacking at schizophrenics because they see things we can't. We don't normally shame people for wanting to die. IDC if you say "yeah we do!! people out there do that!!" because it ain't the majority. We have come a long way as a society, nowadays we take mental illness seriously.
The LGBT attack others for their sexual preferences, they want people to make 'exceptions' to them instead of just wanting everyone to be treated equal. They are the ones going around being like "omg!! Trigger warnings! Youre this! Youre that! Media should be censored cuz it may hurt someones feelings!"
They put THEIR feelings before anything else. They put it before empathy, they put it before logic, they put it before reason. We have all these stupid labels that are not needed and make no fucking sense like demisexual, bigender, agender, non-binary etc.
People say pansexul is a bit dumb- and I agree, but it usually means you are willing to fuck/date a trans person. However, what do you get with shoving your sexuality everywhere? Oh cool, you're gay? Nice. Who cares, this isn't a dating site. I bet my ass if you list how you are 'straight' on your profile, people out there will automatically use that against you if you make any argument within the LGBT community. Imagine if the roles were reversed!
I'm not even generalizing the community- I have yet to see people who label themselves within the community that are not problematic and overly-emotional- that's the issue. Everyone wants to 'fight injustice' yet the majority of them are in America where they are treated the best and have every right like everyone else. Quit that whole "trans rights are human rights" and "_ says trans rights!" bullshit. You are literally looking into the past and bringing up past events. Sorry Karen we don't agree with you wanting to make your kids question their gender and give them existential crisis in the name of "political justice".
It's so bad that those people sorta have all this power because they all work together in attacking others.
"Oh? You think gender equals sex because you have evidence and we don't? OMG TRANSPHOBE!!!! Have fun losing your job!"
They are out here getting 'scared' over anyone's disagreement. Grow the fuck up, oh my god. Your sensitivity is only proving our point that y'all mentally ill.

I feel so bad for anyone who is simply gay, or bi, or pan even- who know the facts and just want to live peacefully but have to deal with their own community making anyone is is l, g, b, or t look like crybabies and shit. The LGBT community does not represent what l, g, b, and t people are actually like. The community is full of special snowflakes who just want labels and to have special treatment. That's the majority, unfortunately. What a shame, I'm disgusted to be interested in my own sex thanks to a community that was supposed to support everyone and remove false information.

EDIT: I cant take this, I really cant. A lot of people are so disgusting and making huge assumptions because boohoo.
Disagree. Fine. But attack me? Look through my post history and make fun of me for post to mentalhealth, discredit my complaints because I want to die and I have mental breakdowns of my own. Call me 'insane' and say my art is trash- what the actual fuck.
To all the sane-minded people out there agreeing and explaining there experiences dealing with the community, I am so grateful and I'm sorry if all the extremists downvote your comments. I know everyone is so obsessed with downvoting mine and saying awful things.
People are twisting this post so badly that it is insane. Oh, and people are going around saying I'm a guy, that I'm straight, that I'm 'Conservative'. Again.. This only proves my point. You getting angry over this is making YOU look bad, and everyone else. You twisting the narrative, you making bold assumptions and saying I'm not in the community, you putting words in my mouth, you GOING THROUGH MY POST HISTORY AND DIRECTLY ATTACKING ME.
Which, BY THE WAY, is against the rules and just.. Disgusting really. I wouldn't be reacting this way, I wouldn't even be making this edit, if people were mature and not pulling that shit. Not going THAT far. I tired explaining that in the replies, that hey, you shouldn't be saying that- what the fuck,, you're sick- and then you freaks downvote it. All because I criticized your beloved community. You think that makes it okay to insult my art, inslut my mental health, insult the personal issues I'm going through and discredit me, all because my life isn't perfect and I use safe communities like mental health to talk about it.

Let's... Start off with the points I made.
- I made a comment about trans people, saying they are mentally ill and targeting THE ONES who deny their mental illness- I did not say all.
- One of the things people are lying about is that I said the LGBT is worst than religious people- no I did not. I said religion isn't a community, it's a belief system so it is unfair to compare them. Every belief system will be toxic and divided. The LGBT is not a belief system and is grounded in reality, it's supposed to house supportive people who share similar traits and spread love and posititivy.
- When I mentioned trans being a mental illness, I spoke about how if more people accepted it- others outside the community will be less discriminatory. Not in a way to be discredit trans people and pass them off as crazy.
- I said the majority of the community is like this, I did not say all. I am not 'generalizing' the community. IDC if you know nice people, or you are around nice people- the fact of the matter is the community as a whole is unevenly divided when it shouldn't. I shouldn't have to guess whether or not a community member is going to support my views and feelings. This is how it is, I see it both offline and online. If you want to discredit my views and feel it;s irrational, then fine. Go ahead, we all have different experiences and I am happy for you if you haven't been discriminated against by the people whose suppose to have your back.
- I should mention this again, because people are reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly dense: I am not talking about the whole community. I am talking about what I deem the majority and how I shouldn't have to feel unafe within my own fucking community- and how it's unfair that nice people within the community are overshadowed by all te hate and division. Am NOT attacking everyone in the community. If you get offended by this, you are probably the ones gate-keeping and being mean to the people who share your community- OR you misread this and assumed I am calling out everyone. No, I am not and I'm sorry if you felt I was,
- I was not angry while making this post, in all honesty. Not your fault if you thought I was, people say I sound angry while typing- or sad or irritated. Nah, I'm pretty laid back. I mean.. This edit? Not so laid back, due to all the stupid shit.
- This post is actually more focused on the LGBT attacking their own memebers, not so them attacking outsiders.
- About the labels, what the fuck you do you mean when you are defending yourselves by saying you are 'diverse"? Look.. I will say this right now and upfront: I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU CALL YOURSELF. Call yourself whatever! Really! It is not hurting anyone! But you know what does? Demanding strangers to call you that, to associate you with that. At that point, it is a belief system and therefore- you have no right to force others to call you something they don't believe in, if you lack any actual proof. If that wasn't allowed, atheists wouldn't exist. This is not directed at trans people who gone through surgery, since they have the science to tell them they are indeed that gender. You can physically change your sex, science proves it. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to do it. Is it normal? Fuck no, feeling shamed of your body is not normal- and that feeling can go away. Not with all cases though, because mental illness isn't so black and white- hence surgery when all else failed. Still not guaranteed happiness after surgery, but if you are an adult- you can do whatever I suppose.
- Someone brought up that raising a kid non-binary prevents self hate, doubt and all that shit. Well, thing is, that is the minority and you are giving that kid needless anxiety by explaining to them that there are options. They'll grow up confused on who they actually are. You are giving them an existential crisis to accommodate to what COULD happen when growing up. Just do the normal thing and be less strict with gender roles. A boy can like barbies, a girl can like GI Joes. It doesn't mean you should confuse them by telling them what is in their pants doesn't equal who they are, and have them look at the other kids worried and scared because they go by 'boy' and 'girl' then they come home and see their family call them something else entirely. They'll be scared and concerned, it is too heavy of a subject to force upon a young child like... Damn. Just accept it is a mental illness to hate your body, and it is not society's fault. Maybe them not knowing whos they are is what creates self- hate and all that shit.

I'm sure there's a thing I missed, will edit this later maybe.
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