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There are different types of sports across the globe. Footbal is a power packed game, chess is the game of intelligence and basketball is the game of enormous energy. But as an exception, cricket is renouned as 'The Gentle Man's Game'. The game started its course from England in the early 15th century and started spreadinhg across the globe. During the initial stages, there were no time limit for this game and as a result some people criticised cricket as, 'The Idle man's game'.
In the midst of 16th century, there held a cricket match between Australia and England. The game lasted for thirteen days and there was no result. Australian team had the cruise waiting in the port and was compelled to stop the play. This was the first unofficial draw in the cricket history. Due to the long length of the game, cricket experts reduced the length to five days when test cricket was born. Each team will be given two innings to play and this will declare the fate of the match. During the initial stages, test cricket got highly positive response, but later faded due to the number of draw matches.
After some years, in the latter half of 20th century, One day Cricket got introduced. This was a real turning point in the cricket history. Each team will be given 60 overs and the match will be over in a day. Benson and Hedges World cup attained much popularity and resulted in Cricket fever in the Indian Sub continent and in the Carribean Islands. First three editions of the World cup were completely ruled by the West Indies team under the leadership of Clive Lloyd. In the 1983 World Cup, Kapil's devils won the cup for India. In 1987 coloured jerseys were introduced and the game was shortened to 50 overs. Australia and Pakistan won the world cup in 1987 and 1992 respectively. Then came another miracle in 1996, Small fish Srilanka under the dynamic captaincy of Arjuna Ranatunga won the world cup. Srilankan team also showed how to utilize the fielding restrictions in the initial overs. Sanath Jayasurya and Romesh Kaluvitharana became global stars after this world cup. Then Cricket world witnessed the 'Kangaroo Magic'. Australia won the world cup three times in 1999,2003 and 2007. Only team which raised some sort of fighting spirit against them was India in 2003 under the meaverick leadership of Indian Tiger Saurav Ganguly. In 2011, Indian team under Mahendra Singh Dhoni again won the world cup after 1983. 2011 world cup was the example of immense popularity as millions flowed in ofiicial betting site, SBOBET. สมัคร SBOBET offered live betting for all cricket fans which resulted in wide spread fever.
Cricket again got a reshape in to 20-20, where each team will play 20 overs each. This resulted in immense popularity among viewers as the game will be over in 3 hours. Players like Chris Gayle and Keiron Pollard added the colors with their exploding batting style. The introduction of IPL, Indian Premier League is a major milestone in cricket history. The Indian edition of EPL got positive reviews and became the best money puller in the world. SBOBET, the trusted betting site became a favorite spot for cricket lovers for the last couple of years. Sites including SBOBET also plays a crucial role in the increasing popularity and now countries like Afghanistan and Canada also started playing cricket.
''This was a gentleman's game, but now this is a power packed game like football. It is not a day dream to a six over 120 metres, Chris Gayle is ready to hit that more than 130 metres. So why to hesitate, log in to SBOBET and bet for your favorite team.''
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What happened to the late Bob Woolmer?

The implication that he was murdered paints a dark picture of a dangerous cricket underbelly.
"On 18 March 2007, Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer died suddenly in Jamaica, just a few hours after the team's unexpected elimination at the hands of Ireland in the 2007 Cricket World Cup. The initial report was that Woolmer had died of a heart attack. On 22 March, Jamaican police confirmed that a murder investigation had been launched due to the circumstances of Woolmer's death, based on a report by pathologist Ere Seshaiah that Woolmer had died of asphyxia via manual strangulation. Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Shields led the investigation.
On 12 June 2007, Lucius Thomas, the commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, announced that the investigation had concluded that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes, and was not murdered as indicated by the earlier pathologist's report. Three independent pathologists' reports commissioned by the police had found that the initial conclusion of manual strangulation was incorrect, and toxicology tests found no evidence of poisoning. The findings of the pathologists, and of Metropolitan Police detectives who had visited Jamaica to assist with the investigation, were reported in the weeks leading up to the announcement, which was widely expected by the time it was made. Reports suggested that Woolmer suffered from health problems including an enlarged heart and diabetes, which may have contributed to his death. On 6 November, coroner Patrick Murphy asked for further tests to be carried out on samples taken from Woolmer's body following discrepancies in the toxicology reports by forensic scientists from the Caribbean and the UK.
After hearing twenty-six days of evidence, the jury at the inquest returned an open verdict, refusing to rule out the controversial strangulation theory put forward by Ere Seshaiah.
In an interview with Fox News, former South African cricketer Clive Rice claimed that Woolmer was murdered by organised crime groups, saying "These mafia betting syndicates do not stop at anything and they do not care who gets in their way."
Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has also gone on record stating that he "doubts that he died of natural causes" and speculated that Woolmer may have been about to reveal "some misgivings".
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Pick of the Day - 10/1/15 (Thursday)

• No picks that are favored by more than -200 or underdogs by more than +200. • Single bets only - No parlay or teaser bets. Prop bets are fine. • Please include what sport you are talking about and the start time in your pick. • Voting for each pick ends when the game/match/etc starts. • Please do not vote for a pick after its start time, this will help us accurately gauge which picks had the most votes at the end of the day • Only the Pick of the Day counts for the streak, not the Top 3 Picks • The pick with most points at the end of the day (8 pm EST) is our pick of the day. • For ROI we will be risking 1u for +odds bets and playing to win 1u on -odds bets. • PotD ROI is just for the Pick of the Day, Overall ROI is for all the picks (top 3).
Record as of September 1st:
PotD: 15-14-0
2nd: 14-10-0
3rd: 5-8-1
PotD ROI: -0.31u
Overall ROI: -4.31u
Picks for 10/1/15:
PotD: Europa League - Basel -1 (-122) WIN
2nd: Cricket T20 - Most 6s Pakistan (-133) WIN
3rd: MLB - Mets / Phillies over 7 (-110) LOSS
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