Georgia Gambling Ballot Referendum and Online Sports

Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have formed the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance and sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to legalize online and mobile sports betting

Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have formed the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance and sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to legalize online and mobile sports betting submitted by Votings_Good_Folks to GAPol [link] [comments]

Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have formed the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance and sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to legalize online and mobile sports betting

Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have formed the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance and sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to legalize online and mobile sports betting submitted by Votings_Good_Folks to Georgia [link] [comments]

Herman Miller (MLHR) - Work from home in your new expensive chair that your boss paid for

Hello fellow poor kids.
My dream ever since May was to post to WallStreetBets, but those elitist snobs have some rule about waiting a month before posting anything (EVEN A COMMENT) to their subreddit. Well, I wrote this DD with the intention of posting it there, and since I cannot, why not post it in the lite version of WSB subreddits (Plus you allow EPIC DD analysis). Enjoy.

Herman Miller (MLHR)
Share Price (06/21/20): $24.01
Share Price (01/02/20): $41.41
Earnings Date (in less than ten days): 6/30/20
Herman Miller is an American company that produces office furniture, equipment, and home furnishings. Its signature products include the Aeron Chair, Equa Chair, Noguchi Table, Marshmallow Sofa, and the Eames Lounge Chair.
As we have seen, work-from-home has been a real trend that will continue until a vaccine arrives. Several points below support Herman Miller as a beneficiary of this trend:
· Increasing search traffic for Herman Miller products
· Employers providing free money to buy home office furniture (e.g. - $1,500 stipends)
· Large market of work-from-home employees to sell to with money to spend
· WFH is a potential long term trend and saves employers money
· New e-commerce and gaming initiatives at Herman Miller
· Insider buying at Herman Miller
Supporting Information & TL;DR Below:
· Google Trends search traffic shows that Herman Miller searches increased 100% after March 2020 and still remain significantly higher than they were before the Coronavirus lockdowns started.
· Other searches on Google Trends that have seen a significant up-tick include “Aeron Chairs,” “Ergonomic,” “Work From Home,” and “Telecommuting.”
· Also, there is some anecdotal evidence about potential delays in shipping to customers that can be found here: Shipping Delays
· Many companies are giving employees money to spend on their home office
· Google offering employees a $1,000 allowance to spend on equipment (Alphabet has over 100,000 employees)
· Facebook giving employees a $1,000 bonus for working from home (Facebook has over 40,000 employees)
· Shopify is letting workers spend up to $1,000 on their work from home gear (Shopify has over 5,000 employees)
· Twitter recently boosted it work from home allowance to $1,000 (Twitter has over 4,000 employees)
· Slack employees get $1,500 for working from home (Slack has over 1,500 employees)
· Indeed and Chegg are providing $500 work from home stipends to employees
· While not all companies are giving a work-from-home “bonus,” many other companies are also giving their work-from-home employees additional compensation or some sort of stipend while they are working remotely.
· “In a recent AON survey of around 1,400 US-based companies, more than one-in-five (over 20%) say they are helping pay for their employees’ home-office equipment.”
· “Meanwhile, nearly a third of companies say they are reimbursing their newly remote employees for their laptops, and more than 14% are paying for their ergonomic office furniture, according to a recent survey by Mercer.”
· Search traffic for home office items has increased significantly since March suggesting that employees are using the money to furnish their home offices
· Google trends searches for “home office” and “office chairs” have doubled since March (with “office chairs” maintaining that doubling through this week)
· Searches for “office chairs” on Slickdeals were up 65% and for “desks” was up 85% since the pandemic started
· Working from home has increased significantly since the pandemic started:
· According to GALLUP, “Sixty-two percent of employed Americans say they have worked from home during the crisis, a number that has doubled since mid-March.”
· In March, the Society for Human Resource Management found that two-thirds of US companies were “taking steps to allow employees to work from home who don’t normally do so.”
· Virtual meetings have skyrocketed this year as evidenced by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet showing the potential rise in home office furniture purchasing
· Zoom meeting participants rose from 10 million in December ’19 to 300 million participants in April ’20 (An increase of 3,000% over five months)
· Microsoft Teams recorded up to 200 million meeting participants in April ’19 and daily active users of 75 million (Daily active users rose 70% in one month)
· Google Meet has hit over 100 million meeting participants and was adding 3 million users per day in April ’19 (Usage increased 30-fold between January and April)
· Work from home employees have disposable income to spend and are not just employees of “silicon valley tech companies.” - What were the demographics of the “average” work-from-homer before the pandemic?
· According to Global Workplace Analytics, “A typical telecommuter (in 2016) is college-educated, 45 years old or older, and earns an annual salary of $58,000 while working for a company with more than 100 employees. 75% of employees who work from home earn $65,000 per year, putting them in the 80th percentile of all employees (home or office-based).
· Some companies are committing long term to work-from-home for some of their employees which increases the ROI for workers investing in their home office
· Twitter – “If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work form home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen,” wrote Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s VP of People, in a blog post.
· Facebook – According to Mark Zuckerberg, “We are going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale. I think we could get to about half of the company working remotely permanently (over the next 10 years).”
· According to GALLUP, “Three in five US workers who have been doing their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic would prefer to continue to work remotely as much as possible, once public health restrictions are lifted.”
· According to a Gartner survey, “Nearly three in four (75% of) CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19”
· Many states are seeing continued rises of COVID 19 after reopening which increases the likelihood of companies continuing to have their employees work from home.
· Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia and many other states are seeing significant increases in infections and hospitalizations after reopening
· The impact of Memorial Day activity and Black Lives Matters protests are still not fully seen and could increase the risk of those states closing again.
· According to research-based consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics, employers who allow their employees to work from home part-time save about $11,000 per year for each employee working remotely.
· Providing work-from-home stipends and subsidies for employees is more “tax-efficient” as employers can deduct those costs from taxes while employees generally cannot.
· Optimizing your home office increases worker productivity, satisfaction, and morale during a stressful transition from working on-site to working at home.
· “Companies are saying, ‘We want to make sure you’re both comfortable and productive,” said Danielle Lackey, chief legal officer at Motus, a workforce management company.
· “It gets old fast to be working form your couch, and setting up a home office can be expensive,” said Hailley Griffis, Head of public relations at Buffer, a software application company.
· In December 2019, Herman Miller hired Debbie Probst as their new President of Retail. She has a ton of experience with online retail as the former President of One King’s Lane. (Before that she was at Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus.)
· Since joining in December, Debbie has been focused on building their online sales component. The timing couldn’t have been any more fortunate given the importance of online sales in a Coronavirus environment.
· Debbie was recently interviewed for the Business Of Home podcast (Link here) where she spoke about Herman Miller's recent initiatives and discussed some of the changes that they are focusing on as a result of the Coronavirus. One of the key points she made was that when people invest in comfortable home furnishings, they are often trading away from a vacation.
“[Home] is a category that has very much competed with the experience economy—when people make the decision to invest in a sofa, quite often they’re trading away from a vacation*, especially with the millennial demographic,” she says. “And [as] the experience economy in the last six to eight weeks has fallen by the wayside, that competitive threat has allowed for a different investment consideration in homes. Our homes are less about investing for the sake of having Instagrammable spaces and more about the luxuries that are going to make home more comfortable or highly functioning during this time.” - Debbie Probst (President - Herman Miller Retail)*
My opinion: Since people are sheltering-in-place and staying home more often, making one's home more comfortable is a priority for many. And since people are not spending as much on experiences, they have disposable income available to invest in more comfort.
· Herman Miller and Logitech recently announced a new gaming focused product line targed at the e-sports market. It is estimated that a half billion people watch e-sports with the industry being valued in the billions.
· While the average gamer spend 7 hours per week, over 7% of gamers spend at least 20 hours per week playing games. Approximately 5% of gamers between the ages of 18-25 play for more than five hours at a time (the average time spent playing for this age rage is a little under 2 hours)
· For pro gamers or gamers looking to turn pro, ergonomics is important to prevent injury and strain while they are practicing for hours on end. A comfortable chair and good equipment can help performance and increase time playing without injury.
· Michael A. Volkema (Director) purchased 25,000 shares of Herman Miller in May 2020 (over $500,000 in shares). This is significantly after the time stay at home orders were initiated and after many companies were impacted by the Coronavirus.
Herman Miller is benefiting significantly as a result of the “work from home” trend as many employers are giving their employees free money to spend on their home offices. This is evidenced by increased google searches, employer policy announcements (GOOG, FB, TWTR), spikes in teleconferencing activity, positive insider trading activity, and several additional points made above. “Work From Home” trends will sustain for the foreseeable future as COVID cases continue to rise during the summer and skyrocket during the October / November period with no vaccine in place.
Position: Long Shares (Options: $25p, $30c)
Disclosure: I am long MLHR. This is not investment advice. I reserve the right to buy or sell MLHR without updating this thread. Do your own research and share (or not share) with the community in this thread. Thank you to the others on Reddit that shared this idea earlier. Be well.
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Will the New York Giants win OVER/UNDER 6.5 games? By University Stats Prof!

1. Introduction

Giants fans had hopes of making a playoff push after rookie QB Daniel Jones won his first two NFL games to bring back the team to a 2-2 record. However, the team underwent a nine-game losing skid, while seeing many good players go down to injuries.

The team fired head coach Pat Shurmur, and the new leader will be Joe Judge, a member of the Patriots coaching staff for eight years.

There is optimism around this franchise with young budding stars on offense. After six losing seasons over the past seven years, can the Giants finally turn the corner?

2. Offensive Position-by-Position Breakdown

2.1 Quarterbacks (QBs)

Taking Daniel Jones as the #6 overall pick in the 2019 draft was a bit of a head-scratcher. No one is laughing at the Giants’ pick anymore.

Jones was brilliant during preseason games by going 29-of-34 for 416 passing yards, 2 TDs and no picks. The team still gave Eli Manning the starting nod, but that didn’t last very long. Prior to Week #3, head coach Pat Shurmur announced the Daniel Jones era was about to begin.

His first NFL game was one to remember. He threw 2 TD passes and rushed for a couple more in a wild 32-31 win in Tampa (thanks to a missed 34-yard chip shot field goal by Matt Gay).

Jones went on to throw 24 touchdown passes by completing 284-of-459 passes, a subpar 61.9% completion rate. His main issue was turning the ball over too often: he was picked off on 12 occasions, while fumbling 18 times.

Jones still showed a lot of upside. As a comparison, many considered Kyler Murray’s rookie season as a nice success. Both Murray and Jones threw 12 interceptions, but Jones racked up 4 additional TD passes with three fewer games played.

Eli Manning retired after an illustrious career, so the team signed free agent Colt McCoy, formerly of the Redskins. Every time I’ve seen him play, he’s been pretty bad as a passer. He can do some damage with his legs once in a while, but that’s about it. He has 29 career TD passes versus 27 interceptions over 10 years. Draw your own conclusions.

2.2 Running Backs (RBs)

Saquon Barkley’s numbers were down from his rookie season, even accounting for the fact that he missed three games due to an ankle injury. His yards-per-carry average dropped from 5.0 to 4.6, which was still pretty good. He was also targeted a lot fewer in the passing game.

I’m not worried about him. He is super talented and he will benefit from having a QB that has now more experience in this league. Defenses won’t be able to stack the line because they’ll know that Daniel Jones can be dangerous. Barkley is one of the best in the business at his position.

Newly acquired Dion Lewis is the favorite to win the #2 role. He had his best year by far in 2017 with the Pats by rushing for 896 yards and reaching the end zone on nine occasions. His next-best season? 517 rushing yards the following year in Tennessee, but his 3.3 yards-per-carry average was really bad. He is more of a third-down back who can catch passes out of the backfield.

Last year, Wayne Gallman seemed to be Barkley’s main backup. However, the coaching staff didn’t seem to trust him very much. Gallman even ended up being a healthy scratch for a few games.

2.3 Wide Receivers (WRs)

Sterling Shepard received the highest marks from PFF among Giants receivers, but one thing causes some concern about the 27-year old pass catcher: concussions. He suffered many of them during the 2019 season.

Hopefully he can be healthy in the upcoming season because he’s been very good. If you project his 10-game 2019 season into a full 16-game year, his stat line would have been 91-922-5. He has been a consistent producer in each of his first four years in the NFL.

Golden Tate missed 5 games last season (4 due to a suspension and 1 because of a concussion). He had missed just two contests in the previous eight seasons!

Much like Shepard, Tate has always been a consistent player. His “worst” season between 2014 and 2018 was 74 receptions for 795 yards and 4 TDs. He will be 32 years old when the season opens, but he seems to have gas left in the tank, as shown by the fact that he was on pace for a 983-yard season last year.

The team leader in receiving yards turned out to be a surprise: fifth-round rookie Darius Slayton. He caught 48 passes for 740 yards, while hauling in 8 TD passes. You can’t expect much more out of a fifth-rounder, especially playing with a rookie QB!

Slayton had three games with a couple of scores. All of them occurred on the road, which shows his great character. With Shepard and Tate with a clean bill of health, I’m not sure he can match his 2019 performance, so I’d be cautious if I were a fantasy owner.

Cody Latimer was thrown into action following the numerous injuries to the Giants receiving corps. He did a decent job, but he is now off to Washington.

Losing Latimer won’t hurt very much. Having a trio composed of Shepard-Tate-Slayton is nice.

2.4 Tight Ends (TEs)

Evan Engram is certainly an upcoming tight end in the NFL. His main problem has been staying on the field. He missed one game in 2017, then five in 2018 and eight more last year. That’s worrisome.

He underwent a surgery that requires a lengthy rehab. He is likely to miss many offseason activities.

Prior to last year’s injury, he was on pace for his best season. If you project his numbers to a full 16-game year, he would have caught 88 passes for 934 yards and 6 TDs. Only Travis Kelce and Darren Waller caught more than 88 passes as tight ends last year.

Rhett Ellison was mainly used as a blocking TE. He missed a few months with a concussion and decided it was time to hang up his cleats.

In order to fill the void left by Ellison, the team signed Levine Toilolo. He only caught two passes with the Niners last year and he doesn’t offer much in the passing game. He is expected to be the primary blocking tight end in this offense.

Kaden Smith was drafted by San Francisco last year, then released and claimed off waivers by the Giants in September. He ended up getting quite a bit of playing time following Engram’s injury. Over the final six games, he averaged 5 receptions for 45 yards. He remains unlikely to be involved very much as long as Engram is healthy since he is limited in terms of talent.

2.5 Offensive Line (OL)

The team needed to upgrade this position in order to make it to the next level. Other than Kevin Zeitler, all other 2019 starters were either average, or below-average.

Zeitler had been one of the best guars in the league throughout his first seven seasons in the NFL. His 8th year, which happened to be his first in a Giants uniform, was no different. He was graded as the number 7 guard in the entire league by the PFF rating system.

The team’s other guard, Will Hernandez, saw his PFF grade drop from 66.7 to 58.4 after being chosen in the second round of the 2018 draft. He finished as the 53rd guard out of 81 players.

At center, the team relied on Jon Halapio. He played pretty poorly and tore his Achilles’ in the season finale. The team has yet to re-sign him as they plan to check on his rehab during the summer. If he doesn’t come back, Spencer Pulley is the favorite to get the job, but he’s no better.

Nate Solder protects Daniel Jones’ blindside. He is now 32 years old and is coming off a year where he received his lowest PFF grade over his 9-year career. That’s a source of concern for sure.

Finally, we are rounding off the offensive line with right tackle Mike Remmers. He was borderline starting material and he did an adequate job last year. However, he left for the Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Andrew Thomas was taken with the fourth overall pick last April. He is a lock to get a starting job right away. He played RT as a freshman with Georgia, before moving to LT in the next two years. Will he play RT with the Giants, or will they use him at LT while moving Solder to RT? No matter what, he’s very likely to be an upgrade for this unit.

The intriguing part is whether third-round rookie Matt Peart can crack the starting lineup or not. He played his first two seasons as a LT with UConn before sliding to the RT spot in his final two years. The word on Peart is he has the physical traits required to succeed, but he lacks aggressiveness and strength at the moment. He should compete with Nate Solder in training camp.

The team signed Cameron Fleming, who has been primarily a backup during his six-year career with the Patriots and Cowboys.

2020 VS 2019 OFFENSE

Will the 2020 Giants offense be better than the 2019 version?

The first thing that comes to mind is how much this unit suffered from the injury bug last year. Barkley, Tate, Shepard and Engram all missed time due injuries (or suspension). That alone is more likely to diminish than to increase, so this should help the production.

I see more upside with this offense. Daniel Jones now has one year of experience under the belt. Dion Lewis provides better depth than Wayne Gallman or Buck Allen. The receiving corps is more likely to be healthy.

The lone question mark concerns the offensive line. They weren’t so good last year. They didn’t address the position in free agency, so all hopes are in Andrew Thomas’ hands (and possibly to a much lesser degree, their 3rd round pick Matt Peart).

My final conclusion is a moderate upgrade over 2019. The team had the 18th-most points scored last year, and it might go up to the 10th-14th spot.

Final call (2020 vs 2019): Moderate upgrade

3. Defensive Position-by-Position Breakdown

3.1 Defensive Linemen (DLs)

This is an underrated group. They don’t have big names, but they have been pretty effective. Indeed, all four main guys finished among the top 36 DLs out of 114 qualifiers, based on PFF rankings!

Leonard Williams was traded from the Jets to the Giants last year. He received his lowest PFF mark of his five-year career, but he was still way above-average. He is now looking at a massive contract extension.

Dexter Lawrence was the 17th overall pick in last year’s draft. He was good in all aspects of the game and finished as the 20th-best DL in the NFL. A great start to his career!

Dalvin Tomlinson and B.J Hill are two more young guys who have performed at a high level thus far in their respective NFL careers. Both played roughly 50% of the snaps and they finished as the number 16 and 20 interior defenders based on PFF ratings.

3.2 Defensive Ends (DEs) / Edge Rushers (ED)

Markus Golden led the team with 10 sacks. That was great, but he is now asking for $10 million per year, which the cash-strapped Giants cannot afford. For this reason, he is unlikely to re-sign with the team, unfortunately.

The team found a cheaper option with Kyler Fackrell, who is coming over from Green Bay. He clearly had a down year with just one sack, one year after posting 10.5! His run defense is also very suspect.

After being selected in third round of the 2018 draft out of Georgia, Lorenzo Carter posted 4 sacks and 41 tackles in his rookie season. He slightly increased those numbers in his sophomore year with 45 tackles and 4.5 sacks. He is an above-average, yet unspectacular, edge defender in this league.

Rookie Oshane Ximines also recorded 4.5 sacks, but his PFF grade was much lower than Carter’s. Indeed, he wasn’t nearly as good against the run, nor in pass coverage.

3.3 Linebackers (LBs)

Alec Ogletree is more name than game. Most fans know him, but he never obtained a PFF mark above 63.3. His skills defending the run are simply not good. His two seasons with the Giants have been disappointing and he won’t be back with the team in 2020.

New York signed last year’s second leading tackler, Blake Martinez. He has spent his first four years with the Packers and racked up at least 144 tackles in each of his past three years.

Don’t be misled too much by the numbers, though. He’s not that great. He does the job, but he’s from being a top-20 linebacker.

After two mediocre seasons and failing to crack San Francisco’s lineup during the 2019 training camp, David Mayo was an unlikely candidate to become a good LB. He had just 51 tackles in four years. Yet, he surprised many with 82 tackles and two sacks, earning surprisingly high marks from PFF. Still, I wouldn’t hold my breath about him matching his 2019 performance.

Deone Bucannon has been a major bust as a former first-round pick in the 2014 draft. He started the year with the Bucs before being released, and then signed by the Giants. He played nine games with the team. He’s unlikely to make a big impact.

3.4 Cornerbacks (CBs)

Last year’s starters were rookie DeAndre Baker and Janoris Jenkins.

Baker was picked towards the end of the first round in last year’s draft. Coming out of Georgia, he struggled mightily in coverage. PFF graded him as the number 105 CB out of 112 qualifiers. He must clearly up his game in 2020.

Jenkins was much more solid year on the field, but off-the-field incidents led to his release late in the season. He openly complained about not being used to cover top wideouts, but the icing on the cake was an inappropriate Twitter exchange with a fan.

The Giants made somewhat of a splash by acquiring one of the top available corners on the market, James Bradberry. He instantly becomes their starting corner opposite of Baker. He has picked up eight interceptions in his first four seasons in the league.

PFF is not very high on Bradberry, though. He obtained the #68 spot out of 112 CBs last year, and has never received very high marks throughout his career. Don’t expect him to be the savior.

The team’s depth is great at the position: Sam Beal, Corey Ballentine and Grant Haley aren’t good enough to start in the NFL.

3.5 Safeties (S)

Antoine Bethea played 99.6% of the defensive snaps last year. The team was not satisfied with his play and released him in the offseason. According to PFF, he wasn’t horrible since he ended the year as the #40 safety out of 87 guys.

The other starter was Jabrill Peppers. The former first-round pick has done an “okay” job thus far in his career. He has one interception in each of his first three seasons.

With a glaring hole at the position, the Giants picked up Xavier McKinney early in the second round in this year’s draft. He was very productive with the Crimson Tide while playing from different spots on defense (from the slot, as a safety, or in the box). He has great instincts, but he could improve as a tackler.

Julian Love picked up the slack when Peppers down to an injury last year. He was a 2019 fourth-rounder out of Notre Dame and he also did respectable work.

2020 VS 2019 DEFENSE

Markus Golden is gone; in comes Kyler Fackrell. That’s a net loss for the Giants. I also believe the team was better off with Janoris Jenkins at CB than newly acquired James Bradberry. Also, getting rid of Antoine Bethea may not be a positive for the team when focusing on the 2020 season, although rookie Xavier McKinney could successfully fill his shoes.

Granted, the team upgraded the linebacking corps by replacing Alec Ogletree with Blake Martinez.

As of late February, the team had the lowest cap dollars devoted to the defensive side of the ball. You can’t expect great results under such circumstances.

The team allowed the third-highest number of points last year, so there is not much room for going down further. Still, to me the talent level dropped a little bit overall in comparison to 2019.

Final call (2020 vs 2019): Small downgrade

4. Regular Season Wins

According to sportsbooks, the New York Giants are expected to win 6.5 games this season. Should we bet the “over” or the “under”?

I'll answer this question via two different methods.

4.1 Professor MJ's Prediction

I won't go into the mathematical details, but here is a summary of my own personal pick (based on my analysis above and my estimated spreads for the Giants' 16 games):

Estimated Probability Best Odds ROI
OVER 6.5 WINS 24% +130 (Pinnacle) -44.8%
UNDER 6.5 WINS 76% -118 (Sports Interaction) +40.4%
Tip: Bet UNDER 6.5 wins

4.2 Based on BetOnline's Point Spreads

Here is the methodology I used here:

Here are the results:

Estimated Probability Best Odds ROI
OVER 6.5 WINS 35.4% +130 (Pinnacle) -18.6%
UNDER 6.5 WINS 64.6% -118 (Sports Interaction) +19.3%
Tip: Bet UNDER 6.5 wins

In summary, both analyses recommend betting the UNDER. I do like this play quite a bit, personally. I believe their offense should be exciting to watch, but their defense is atrocious.

Here are BetOnline’s point spreads for the Giants’ 16 regular season games:

Note: The “Best odds” from the table above were obtained after looking at 13 well-known online sportsbooks on May 18th, 2020.

TOMORROW: The 2020 preview for the San Francisco 49ers (the team whose ROI is the 14th-highest in the NFL)!

Professor MJ
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Mar/19/2020: Daily News Summary / Yerevan mayor cleared / Artsakh presidential polls / Sports pensions / IRS stats, COVID impact / 122 infections / No shortage of food / Export of med-stuff banned / Donations surge / Techies drafted vs COVID / Aid package, salaries, utility bills, loans, imports

Corruption Prevention Committee clears Yerevan mayor

Last year Yerevan municipality opposition accused Mayor Marutyan of breaking the law because "he was part of some firm at the time of becoming the mayor".
The Corruption Prevention Committee found that the Mayor owned shares in the firm but the firm was "practically dead", thus the Mayor didn't violate the conflict-of-interest laws.

Yerevan municipality session / Why behind schedule? / Radical reforms in 2019

The municipality session attendees had their temps checked first. The chairs were placed further away and in a bigger area with more ventilation. Mayor Marutyan was among the few without a mask.
Opposition Councilman:
Yerevan taxpayers paid their taxes, yet you only did 70% of the scheduled work in 2019. Why?
Mayor Marutyan:
2019 was the first year of systemic changes to establish "order", which caused disruptions. Before 2019, some district employees didn't even know how to properly organize contracts for companies to do work.
Companies used to come, threaten/bribe/etc. and win a contract. 2019 was different. Companies came and faced different rules.
We penalized a company that won the contract but didn't do the work. Other companies applied to work under new and stricter (higher quality) rules, and failed to meet the goal.
We didn't pay those who failed. The money isn't lost, it's in coffers. The changes we made in 2019 should have been done 20 years ago.
Council voted 40-6 to approve the 2019 budget execution report.

Artsakh presidential election polls

Artsakh hasn't suspended its upcoming presidential elections. Former PM Arayik Harutyunyan (not to be confused with Armenia's Education Minister) is the front-runner.
Arayik Harutyunyan: 46% (former PM, 85% know him)
Masis Mayilyan: 22% (foreign diplomacy, 64% know him)
Vitali Balasanyan: 8% (Roboserj candidate, 60% know him)
Ashot Ghulyan: 4% (54% know him)
85% aware of the upcoming elections.
72% follow the presidential campaign.
32% will definitely vote, with the rest being uncertain.


Update: The little Iraqi-Kurdish girl with a heart problem who was flown to Armenia to have surgery, unfortunately, didn't make it.

international sports winners to get more rewards

Education Ministry plans higher sports-pensions for those who bring victories to Armenia in international competitions. It's meant to encourage sports in Armenia.
Olympics or Chess Olympiad: Gold 200k/mo now vs 100k/mo before, Silver 140 vs 0, Bronze 100 vs 0.
World Championship Gold: 100 vs 55.
Rules are also relaxed. The recipient doesn't have to be a member of some govt-funded institutes.

122 COVID cases / feeling OK (links below)

The vast majority of 122 infections are related to the Ejmiatsin wedding and Yerevan factory. All recent cases are related to the Yerevan factory. "We expect the number to grow," said Healthcare Minister Torosyan.
All patients are doing fine. None >39c temp. 13 are over the age of 60 but they're fine.

a nurse was infected

1 of the infected is a nurse working at the infections hospital. She's OK. Other personnel with fever were tested but it came negative. "Please respect the medical staff's work and stay home," urged Minister Torosyan.

stay home & call doctor if u have flu symptoms

Healthcare Ministry advises to stay home and not to socialize. "Call your doctor if you develop flu symptoms. Don't self-treat yourself."

more masks coming / change masks often

Healthcare Minister about masks:
The main purpose of the mask is to block the sneeze. Some masks don't block it. You need either N95 or FFP3. If you wear one, change every 3 hours because it collects bacteria/viruses. Goggles and tightly fitted masks are needed while contacting an infected.
We'll import 3.5mln masks today on top of the 1.5mln available. Italy has no masks because they don't produce it because it wasn't profitable.
Chinese masks were 5 Drams before COVID and 85 Drams now.

worldwide deaths high due to underlying conditions

Minister Torosyan: 50% of all deaths in Italy were among those who had 3 or more underlying conditions, 25% with 2, 24% with 1. (existing lung issues, COPD, smoking, diabetes, obesity, etc.). The global stay-in-home order won't last 2 months, it'll be longer. Chinese epicenter didn't record new cases today, but that doesn't mean the virus can't return there.

Ejmiatsin super-spreader criticizes medics / Ministry blames her

The 1st super-spreader was an Ejmiatsin resident who came from Italy and hid her symptoms. She was told to report any fever upon arrival from Italy, but she hid it from doctors and took meds instead.
She claims that after the wedding, when the condition got worse, she contacted the medics but they told her to "chill out, you're probably fine".
Healthcare Minister Torosyan denies the accusations, says some people resisted doctors and didn't open the doors for them. Others hid their symptoms from doctors.

export of medical products is banned

The COVD emergency taskforce banned the exports of masks, hazmat suits, medical cotton, disinfectants, etc. unless permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Ejmiatsin doctors get flowers and candy

Because they deserve it:

donations to combat COVID

Earlier the govt opened an account to receive donations for COVID. 121mln donated by >650 donors so far.
UniBank gave 10mln. Inecoban gave 20mln.
Ajarabet betting firm pledged a 50mln donation. (betting firms were criticized yesterday for running ads and taking advantage of the fact that many people stay home and gamble online)
All 3 Parliamentary parties have agreed to donate their MPs' March bonus salaries to fight COVID. (that's gazillion billion dollars according to some outlets)

govt drafting tech experts to map COVID

High Tech Ministry is working with tech experts to map COVID's current hotspots and possible trajectory. "It'll help the Healthcare Ministry."

Education Ministry's remote classes <---is the new YouTube channel by Ministry. Armenian Language, History and media-literacy classes will be broadcasted on H1 Public TV tomorrow and uploaded to YouTube.
"I know some parents also liked the material. It reminded them of forgotten knowledge," said Minister Arayik.

Economy Ministry about the economic impact

Minister Tigran Khachatryan says COVID will have a significant short-term negative impact on the economy (water is wet).
The copper prices went from $6k to $4.8k this year. Some large Armenian exporters are negatively impacted. "We're working for ways to help the business. The tourism and leisure are also hit hard over COVID."

IRS stats about COVID purchases

March 16: emergency declared
March 16: 1.3mln sales receipts
March 17: 1.5mln sales receipts
"No radical increase there, so far." The turnover, however, rose by 45% in the past few days.

IRS expects to collect more taxes / COVID to slow it

1Q2020 vs 1Q2019 tax collections +45bln or +15%. This was largely due to pre-COVID growth. They expect COVID to slow the growth.

govt counts Armenia's food & fuel reserves

Pashinyan: there are plenty of products in Armenia. If nothing is done, sugar would last 201 days, poultry 64, oil 38, fuel 90. Moreover, imports increased yesterday. (yesterday the govt relaxed trade import restriction from Iran)
Finance Minister: in addition, Armenia is self-sufficient in the following products: veggies, fruits, nuts, egg, milk, beef, lamb, fish, cheese, canned veggies/nuts.
IRS chief: The main Lars trade route between Georgia/Russia is closed due to weather, but other routes are working. We imported 600 tons of food yesterday.

COVID aid package / salary / loan / food import

Yesterday Pashinyan said the govt has plans to pass 3 aid packages worth 250bln to give low-interest loans to businesses and aid to low-income families affected by COVID.
One of the bills is drafted. It'll provide loans to help companies pay salaries to their employees for 3 months if it's <500k/mo.
It'll provide loans to companies to import materials to produce things in Armenia, and agricultural products to farmers, as long as the imported things are strictly used for producing products in Armenia (e.g. you can't import tractor with 0% tax then export it to Iran to make $. The tractor must be used in Armenia).
The aid will also subsidize electricity/wategas bill for 3 months, up to 5mln/mo for each utility. (details unclear)
Traders will receive aid to import food as long as it's meant to be consumed in Armenia.
The loans must be repaid in 2 years. No cash payments, only electronic. 0-6% interest depending on the program.

staying home with fam

1st family broadcasts their family-time under voluntary lockdown in the evenings. "Lil' Arpine is our family's emergency commandant with a great performance," says PM before the kid shows her dance moves.
Anna and Nikol began arguing whether it's garlic-yogurt or yogurt-garlic (սխտոր-մածուն). "Well, I put the garlic first then add the yogurt on top, so it's garlic-yogurt."
Georgian PM's gifted dog Bonbor lives with them.

Indian robots

Indian robots travel around and offer hand sanitizers and masks.

COVID timeline (being updated)

January 30: govt forms COVID Taskforce to monitor the spread of this new virus.
February 24: 0 infections. Govt shuts down the border with Iran. Iranian cargo drivers banned from traveling through Armenia.
February 29: Ejmiatsin super-spreader arrives from Italy. She's already infected but doesn't know yet. Later develops symptoms but hides it from govt. Attends a wedding.
March 1: 1 infection. He was among the Iranian-Armenian repatriates. The other 31 are quarantined in Golden Palace hotel.
March 2: 1 infection. schools close for 1 week.
March 10: still 1 infection. Italy declares full quarantine.
March 11: 4 infections. The 3 new cases came from Italy.
March 12: 6 infections. Ejmiatsin wedding super-spreader, who came 13 days ago, is finally detected. Schools shut down again.
March 13: 13 infections. Europe tightens border checks. WHO declares pandemic.
March 14: 20 infections. Armenia closes border with Georgia, too, after closing it with Iran 30 days ago. Govt-run theaters and leisure POIs close.
March 15: Ejmiatsin travel throttled. Drivers checked.
March 16: 52 infections. STATE OF EMERGENCY. More foreign travel restrictions. Auto-quarantines for some, isolation for others. Ban on mass gatherings. Medical facilities under govt-control.
March 16 evening: it is revealed that Ejmiatsin isn't the only person-to-person hotspot. Yerevan factory workers getting infected.
March 17: 78 infections. Govt reveals that they've been doing mass tests. Many cases detected "accidentally". 95% have no symptoms. 600 quarantined.
March 18: 110 infections. 1243 quarantined. Education Ministry works on remote classes. Bus drivers monitored against over-crowding. Quarantined people monitored by police.
March 19: 122 infections. Export of some medical products is banned. Remote Education classes begin. 3.5mln masks ordered. Techies helping to map COVID. Large donations arriving to help fight COVID.


1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise. NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party.
3) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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Violent messages posted on Reddit between 2020-05-16 08:47:25 and 2020-05-23 08:47:25

First of all, some interesting usernames: 14EinsatzKommando88, autechre1488, 13502401488, banned_user-14488, hayden1488, Genocide_for_all, mr_the_europe, munter_ontherope, LegalizeRape1488, GenocideSlayer, LiveFreeOrDie1488, WorldwideGenocide, 1488Goose, TheEuropeanVirgin, AngryAryan14-88
User techtesh in KotakuInAction: We_will_kill
Peta before lincoln
We will kill the blacks so they wont have to be slaves
User Giovannilevel in Shortcells: gas_the
Notice noone gives a shit about racism toward short people. Indians, Hispanics, Orientals, hell Stacies are openly saying gas the Jews but hey that's fine, Jews are ugly anyway. How dare they subjugate our tall white people economy when they get treated like shit at every juncture
Jews figured out the game was ogre from the start. That's why they're God's chosen people
User Blzng_Phoenix in DarkHumorAndMemes: kill_yourself
If ur really a woman then don't kill yourself
User idk81794 in DarkHumorAndMemes: kill_yourself
Where did you get that statistic from that's not true a large percentage of us try to and that's heart breaking but not half. Also I don't care how much you hate someone, never tell somebody to kill themself that's so harmful people have followed through with that after someone tells them go kill yourself.
User TheSoyimKnow3312 in conspiracy: should_be_executed
Everyone of them should be executed
User uncerta1n in The_Cabal: kill_yourself
TIL that kill yourself has an acronym. sad.
User smakinelmo in DarkHumorAndMemes: Hitler_did_nothing_wrong
My brother has this theory that Hitler did nothing wrong and was a good guy strictly because of this theory lmao
User caffeine_g0d in DeuxRAMA: kill_yourself
nice title retard kill yourself
User Gamer2020_1 in Shortcells: Kys
User Pozzy_Pozbourne in topnotchshitposting: kill_yourself
well shit i was hoping you were depressed so i could get you to kill yourself on tiktok or something
User Doomnahct in weekendgunnit: Gas_the
Gas the normies, MEME WAR NOW!
User Non-PC-Guy in conspiracy: should_be_executed
This man should be executed.
User Fun_Basis in TumblrInAction: should_be_killed
Muslims, whose texts hold that Jews are corrupted tools of Satan who should be killed:
User HashtagHydra in TheRedPill: kill_yourself kill_yourself
Pathetic. Just kill yourself and do everyone a favor.
The only thing you should fear is God. The gym is a supplement for your lack of hard work. If the hardest thing in your life is stopping masturbating you're a loser of such epic proportions you should actually kill yourself as you have zero value.
User mtndewkckstart in ShitPoliticsSays: should_die
So basically, if you don't do what I say, you should die.
User desperateanduseless in Trufemcels: kill_yourself
Sorry you had to deal with that bullst, OP. Why should the victim apologise to the bully? Why is it wrong to defend yourself? I think the teachers would rather leave the quiet kids to be harassed, because it's too much effort to help. If the quiet kids stand up for themselves, it's the straw that breaks the camels back. Now there are too many disruptions to maintain control of the classroom. So the teachers try to get the quiet kid to just roll over and take the bullying, because it's easier to get one naturally quiet child to shut up than get a whole pack of feral little bastards to behave like civilized humans.
That whole "You're both to blame even though you were only defending yourself, apologise first, be the bigger person!!!" thing happened to me once. The teachers thought I was the bad guy because I wouldn't forgive the kids who made me suicidal. If Becky tells you to kill yourself, you must forgive her, or YOUR'E the asshole.
User meezala in eyeblech: deserve_to_be_gassed
Just as the Jewish and disabled and “unfit” prisoners didn't deserve to be gassed and burned. But guess what happened
User EricThePooh in conspiracy: should_die missing
They were quarantined for saying slave owners should die, and that John Brown (famous for killing slave owners) did nothing wrong. Sounds pretty cool to me.
Also, definitely not racist. In fact, one of the most aggressively anti-racist subs out there.
User NewAgeWiccan in DebateAltRight: we_should_kill
Leftist here, I have a feeling convincing him that the white race should be preserved is not the issue. You need to convince there are ways to preserve the white race without infringing on other people rights. For example don't say we should kill or deport other races or make a country that is only white. Just say its important for some white people to make the personal choice to be with other white people.
User ToQuoteGuyFieri in DeuxRAMA: GAS_THE
Also the best way to strengthen someone's convictions is to scold them for it. Especially if it's coming from a parent.
Kid: I'm uncomfortable with the influence that Israel has over the foreign policy establishment of the US but I can sincerely state that I have no prejudices.
SJW Dad: yikes lets unpack this. Be better. It's not my job to educate you. Bash the fash. Orange man bad.
User Worfrat1 in conspiracy: kill_yourself missing
You're a very angry person, and a crybaby at that. Seek help, or kill yourself. The world would be a better place.
User tacoman3725 in DarkHumorAndMemes: should_die missing
Haha people who support other economic systems should die this is a totally normal belife that totally wasn't pushed on me by the people who profit the most off the current system.
User irasponsibly in DarkHumorAndMemes: should_die
the meme? yeah, it's cool
the people in the comments saying I should die? bit harder to believe mate
User peterreddit in ConsumeProduct: we_will_kill
Anyone thinking tool using apes with language would be just another species was kidding themselves. Anthropocene was bound to push this planet to the limit and industrial revolution was an inevitable part of this. This train left the station millions of years ago. Either we will kill ourselves, or we will venture into stars. We can no more collectively forget energy extraction then can I erase language from my mind or turn off consciousness.
User akihonj in antifeminists: should_be_killed
I think you can if she's ever claimed the feminist label and doesn't get called out for shitty thinking by others. It might be a damning indication of course but many, in fact too many feminists run around claiming to have all the answers, usually everything gets solved with tea and hugs and agreement that men are evil and should be killed, but reject the idea that they should police their own house first.
Pot meet kettle, then.
User xXx_Bacalhau_xXx in Wojak: kill_yourself
I was once like that and I no longer am, sport being one of the things that helped me. If you're depressed get therapy or go to church if you have no one to support you. I've had depressed people in my family in it because of lack of socialization, I know it's bad but it's overcomeable.
If you're really gonna be a faggot and kill yourself at least blow yourself up in Syria and Livestream it
User TheDeen420 in DarkHumorAndMemes: should_die
The ones that waste doctors' time with asking for hormone therapy/the ones that commit crimes/the ones that are huge toxic cysts in our society, yes, those ones should die aka the majority lol
but the trans people who don't bother anyone about their transgenderness, they're fine.
User okok12234 in eyeblech: gas_the
What's the limit of punching nazis before I try to gas the jews? :/
User alochle in eyeblech: we_should_nuke
Damn, we should nuke that whole ducking area...
User Apham1214 in ConsumeProduct: should_die
Yes the people who claim the human race sucks and should die entirely yet benefit off of it everyday to survive
User JustRuss79 in conspiracy: must_be_destroyed
Small Business is anti-Union
Small Business is anti-Minimum Wage
Small Business provides the lions share of jobs
Jobs are the enemy of Wealth Redistribution
Jobs are the enemy of Welfare State
Unemployed People look to Government for answers, Employed people look after themselves.
People with Jobs are too independent, independence must be destroyed for the State to become the new God.
User f3m1n15m15c4nc3r in MGTOW: should_be_executed
Cunts who do this should be executed.
User senderoluminoso in trump: off_yourself don't see suicides. If you off yourself it's medic's that see you and pronounce you ded. Fake news.
User Unlikelyhero29 in DarkHumorAndMemes: should_die
I've given up. You win. I will go and put others down for them wanting to express themselves even though it's fucking 2020 and this shouldn't be a problem. I will go around to people on the internet and explain to them why they should die, and start calling them faggots. Wanna be friends? We can make a group chat!!! We can be the KKK but for discriminating against the LGBT community!!! We can cry ourselfs to sleep at night and wish we had open minds, and hope that the rest of the world accepts us as homophobes!!!!! Yay!!!
User Kingsofeast in conspiracy: should_be_killed
Life = AI
15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
User MedusaKali in eyeblech: kill_yourself
Imagine trying to kill yourself this way but it takes you like 4 hours to actually die
User BlackChickenxx in DarkHumorAndMemes: off_yourself
Dude just off yourself already. Jesus fuckin Christ.
User RoastMe4Ever in DarkHumorAndMemes: kill_yourselves
This is so facts. Anything other than male and female does not exist. All you mentally disabled brain dead pan sexual trans binary faggot fucks can kill yourselves.
User ATitCalledQuest99 in HateCrimeHoaxes: SHOULD_be_murdered
TIL that if you're not a saint you can be justifiably murdered. Or even better yet, SHOULD be murdered.
Hey idiot, there's a video showing exactly what happened at the shooting. And guess what! They've all been charged with murder! Also- law enforcement weren't the ones killing an innocent man so his criminal past (or lack of) is entirely invalid and doesn't give you the right to play cop just because it makes your micro dick hard.
User ATitCalledQuest99 in HateCrimeHoaxes: deserve_to_be_killed
Huh, didn't know that when 3 people are hunting me down and pointing firearms at me I'm supposed to submit like a bitch and take it. Especially when I'm literally just jogging and minding my own goddamn business while they're surrounding me.
Forget protecting yourself. Fuck defending your life. No, just let them kill you. Right then and there. Oh because IF you dare to, that's aggravated assault and you deserve to be killed for it.
"Volatile character" "threatening moves" Jesus Christ. You're the fucking epitome of what's wrong with society.
User Naxxremel in ShitNeoconsSay: we_should_execute
It's hard to say. There's definitely something very uncalm about the way he speaks and operates. Like a nervous kind of energy that you see in Schizophrenic conspiracy theory types (not to besmirch conspiracy theory but we all know the type)

Personally I just think the guy is unwell but I can definitely see how someone might think he was a fed trying to embarrass the movement. Also he had a habit of saying we should execute anyone who advocates for Israel in congress, which I get but it was phrased very poorly and would immediately repel even people who were at entry level red pill stuff.
User justanothergymdude in trump: kill_yourself
Lmao such a weird obsession you have, Doug. Don't kill yourself when he wins in November :)
User ffskmspls in tucker_carlson: kill_yourselves kill_yourself missing
sorry do you need some rope too? Be fucking real you piece of shit fucking nazis kill yourselves faster than you'll ever even try to kill people like me, and on the rare instance one of you stupid inbred fucks DO decide to shoot people, it's your own kind because you're too fucking uncomfortable to shoot anybody or anything else. For every one fat man child american inbred neo nazi there are 15 faggots and 5 of em are buying guns. You'll never fucking touch me. You will never fuckin touch me My sides track record is no school shootings and 8 million dead fucking aryans, and a whole lot fucking more if we have anything to say about it. Refer to my profile picture. You're next. Well string you up on rainbow colored ropes and parade you through pink fucking streets, and we'll fucking do it again and again until it is done. Follow your leader and kill yourself before we make Mussolini look like fucking David.
User oxymorphone in soyboys: kill_yourself
So by this "person's" logic, you should just suck it up and accept your loss when you are mislead/scammed, because it could mess with someone's """bag""". This is kill yourself tier stupidity. I want to grab this queer by his retarded ass bowl cut and slam his head into a toilet filled with diarrhea.
User Lateknighttt in ShitNeoconsSay: should_be_executed
I was watching to catch a predator they caught like 3 rabbis in on sting operation in New Jersey. That was in the early oughts before social media. All pedophiles should be executed of course and Catholics aren't excused or excluded from this the church should be recalling those people to the Vatican it Would be legal to do what is called to be done in the Bible Directly by Jesus to them.
User masterofdank51 in averageredditor: should_die
So your saying it is okay to say that anyone that has done drugs should die what a fucked up society 🤦‍♀️
User masterofdank51 in averageredditor: should_die
Well it should be people are still gonna take coke regardless at least with a subreddit like this it can teach harm reduction or are you the sort of person that says if you do something against the government you should die
User masterofdank51 in averageredditor: should_die
Suck your mum you prick drugs in moderation are not damaging just like alcohol in moderation is fine to say all people that do them should die you are the worst type of person I suggest you take a psychedelic so it kicks your ignorant ass and you can hopefully change for the good
User Nick_Dice in ConsumeProduct: gas_the missing
class war now, gas the mammals!
User funny-aneurysm in GenderCritical: should_be_beat_up
I mean.. Bolsonaro said he wouldn't rape Maria do Rosário because "she didn't deserve it"; he said gay kids should be beat up so they would stop being gay; he said sexual tourists should come to Brazil to have sex with our women; he paid tribute to a torturer; he said quilombolas weren't good for anything, not even procreating; he said women shouldn't get paid the same as men; and so many other things.
Even if you believe there was no way to win, I don't personally think we should have lost this bad.
User gzeus_giuce25 in conspiracy: kill_yourself
While I agree I would not be surprised if people were being harassing. We have all seen how people act online, I don't doubt people were taking it to inappropriate levels that go beyond just criticism. I mean shit people will tell you to kill yourself for not agreeing on a movie they like or some bullshit. I can only imagine the shit people were doing about this, I bet their inboxes were flooded with hateful messages.
User GasCoomers in ConsumeProduct: should_be_executed
Think about the amount of men that he hangs out with that regularly groom and rape him. His mom should be executed.
User Deadeye_Spider in kotakuinaction2: kill_yourself
we must live in different parts of the country.
There's two ways trans people in america seek treatment
Informed consent (You sign a waiver that says if you regret it it's on you and we won't refund you or pay for your reversal surgeries if you decide being a chick/dude might make you not want to kill yourself)
and, Formal Diagnosis (You wait a long time in a normal therapist, way longer time in a gender therapist, then the endocrinologist basically says "jesus christ you look tired from all of that bearucracy stuff, I can tell this is important to you but you'll still have to wait a bit" and then checks off a list of your symptoms and the notes of the other two doctors until then they give you the pills.)
This person did neither.
User A1958PlymouthFury in TheNewRight: Heil_Hitler
Well, as long as we're sharing jokes;
The Führer visited a lunatic asylum. All the patients were told to stand in a row, and they were given instructions on how to salute him. When Hitler approached they all raised their right hands and shouted: 'Heil Hitler!' Only the last man in the row uttered no sound and did not raise his hand. Red with rage Hitler stepped up to him and shouted: 'Don't you know who I am? Why don't you raise your hand?' 'I beg your pardon,' replied the man politely, 'I am the doctor. I'm not a lunatic'.'
Bet your buddy Rockwell would really like that one.
User FusionVsGravity in TumblrInAction: should_be_killed
Men will categorically be offended by someone saying that all men should be killed. You're not raising awareness or helping the issue, you're turning men who would be sympathetic to feminist issues away from feminism.
User Pogo_Stick_Rider in DarkHumorAndMemes: should_die
All autistic people should die. I don't see the issue. Just leave one alone with a knife but cracker for 30 minutes. Problem solved.
User MaximumWaximum in GenderCritical: should_be_killed missing
They are trying to kill women. If a man were to dress up as a 5 year old girl and use he kindergarten restrooms he would be arrested but it's fine if a man dresses up like a woman and sexually assaults actual women.
A man is impersonating and tricking a woman into trusting him. TIFs are sexually assaulting people too, they turn young girls into a vulnerable minority. I support the death penalty exclusively for these sexual abusers. I wish the suicide rate was 100%. They should be killed before they hurt anyone else.
User Matt-From-Wii-Sp0rts in AskPinkPillers: should_be_killed
Or is just a small minority of people? Because on your sub their are a lot off people saying being male is a disorder, and that all men should be killed.
User SabbatiZevi in conspiracy: should_be_killed missing
Before this pandemic there we're and continues to be civil rights movements across the globe against amoral globalist authoritarians who are above the law and pay order followers to keep the peasants from killing them. The 1% of people who put profit over human life and hoard the vast majority of wealth and resources should be killed in a peasants revolt. When there's this many people gathering and calling for justice and liberty it's a natural response. Growth for it's own sake is the ideology of the cancer cell.
User funko_pope in Drama: KYS
I never watched Rick and Morty but my wife watched an episode yesterday. When she got into bed, she looked me dead in the eyes and said "if you ever watch that show, I'll file for divorce". I asked if it was that bad and she said the entire time she kept thinking of men who cry at trailers for Star Wars or Marvel movies. Holy god have I dodged a bullet, I've heard so much about the show that I considered checking out it but it sounds like I'd probably have to slit my wrists rather than risk the resulting drop in testosterone levels.
Stay away from Rick and Morty. KYS.
User tranikila in trump: kill_yourself missing
this place rejects important submissions (chinese censorship, very relevent to trump) because they are chinese puppets. the whole place is just low energy, controlled opposition. totally pathetic. you should just kill yourself pieces of crap
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I’m not as bad as I present myself: a Before the 90 Days recap

Welcome to your flu-afflicted recap, wherein I try to be funny while feeling like I’m holding a tiny cat in my throat. Without further ado:
Tim is thinking about proposing, despite the fact that he hasn’t driven Jeniffer to pound town when she keeps trying to flag him down. He decides to call his ex Veronica for coaching, since she’s always there to take a lap selfie in a transparent shirt, or pass on a once-used engagement ring, because she “wants him to be happy.”
Veronica thinks Tim might have confused his priorities, since a relationship usually involves more than shopping and wearing golden eye masks. He can always visit again if he’s unsure, and get to know her more. He’s financially stable; it’s not like gun manufacturers have a habit of going out of business. Veronica also points out that they haven’t even had sex yet, which makes Tim super uncomfortable and he says he doesn’t know why that’s important. Maybe because it’s important to Jeniffer? But who wants to see their potential partner as a person, let alone a naked person, amirite?
Veronica tells him to slow down because, “This is the rest of your life!” Which is 90DF speak for the next 12 to 18 months.
Not to be dissuaded, Tim leaves his den of no-sex with a pink picnic basket and a round-2 ring. He thinks his heart will tell him if proposing is the right to do, which he’s forced to rely on since his dick doesn’t have a vote. As they take a terrifying car ride up to the very top of Celibacy Mountain, Jennifer says she likes the effort he’s put in, since romance is very important to her. We’re just going to have to assume that sex is lower down the list of priorities.
Tim is hunting for a way to buzzkill the whole thing, and Jeniffer solves the problem for him by asking why they haven’t had sex, and says she wonders if he’s gay or something. This question immediately drains all the blood from Tim’s penis and sends it’s scurrying into his overflowing cup of anxiety. Then she asks if he desires her. He says absolutely, in the same tone of voice used to tell a boss you’re totally available to work overtime this weekend, while planning the “I’m sick” call in your mind.
Before we go any further, let’s explore possible explanations for Tim’s dick paralysis (I am open to other additions):
1.) A STI with visual evidence, such as herpes or HPV. Would you want to have this awkward conversation on television? Definitely not. Unless you’re Paul, in which case you’d be using this to explain the full body condom you’re wearing as a raincoat.
2.) Tim is sexually confident and therefore not in a rush. According to my calculations, there’s a roughly .001% chance of this, or the same probability of Nicole and Azan getting married or Angela toting her daughter’s egg.
3.) Tim is sexually paralyzed from the waist down, and isn’t sure if his tongue and manicured hands are up to conquering.
4.) Tim is still in love with his ex, so his penis is boycotting negotiations.
5.) Veronica has Tim’s balls in a jar she keeps under the sink.
6.) Tim is in a polyamorous relationship with Veronica, and he’s afraid to tell Jeniffer.
7.) Tim is asexual, and doesn’t want to talk about this until the very last episode, because TLC never tires of the “big secret” storyline.
After some consideration, Tim decides that instead of giving Jeniffer a hand-me-down engagement ring, he’ll give her a hand-me-down appreciation ring. Way to 55%, Tim. After a romantic 30 foot walk, Tim tells Jeniffer that it’s a promise ring, and Jeniffer doesn’t know what that is, since she’s not in high school. Still, Jeniffer is happy, and Tim assures her the sexless issue will be resolved prior to his departure. Then the wind blows, and Jeniffer’s dress blows up, and everyone but Tim has a boner.
The next day she’s modeling her best Clueless outfit, while Tim tries to distract from his asexual presentation with coffee and pastries. It turns out last night was a dud, and Jeniffer was left using her ring finger all my herself.
“I don’t want her to think I’m some weird guy who doesn’t want sex,” reports the weird guy who doesn’t want sex. Jeniffer reasserts her unquenched thirst with, “I am a grown woman.”
Tim replies, “Now you’re making me feel bad. I feel like the girl.” No Tim, Jeniffer is the girl and she wants sex. You are acting like the Tim.
Somehow the camera person doesn’t put the camera down and chase Tim around the room, yelling, “You can have sex any time of day! It’s called an afternoon delight!” Instead, they follow Tim as he takes Jeniffer to a spa to put some curtains up in his two-bedroom apartment in the Friend Zone. Once they’re spackled with dueling face masks and cooking Jeniffer’s sex drive away in a hot tub, Tim decides it’s time to confess that the ring round her finger is on it’s second lap. Tomit.
Tim should have known this was going to be a problem, but he also should have known that women have sexual desire, so there’s probably not enough room for how much Tim doesn’t know. Case in point: he assumes Veronica lobbed that ring at him with pure intentions…which would be what, exactly? You don’t give someone a sweater you bought for another person, let alone a ring. Tim may not have known that, but Veronica definitely did. Jeniffer is understandably appalled, and says she doesn’t want the ring, in between wipes at the face mask that only increases the humiliation of this scene.
“It’s her trash. It’s shit,” Jeniffer says, reading our minds, before leaving us dangling with this clit-hanger.
Speaking of sexually parched, Darcey is modeling a fresh number from the Desperation collection of her Midlife Crisis clothing line, and carries herself like a dance mom who brought her daughter to a video audition and said, “oh my gawd do you think I should try out? OK I WILL.”
She and Tom are heading to a bar for Titty Watch 2: Electric Boobaloo, which involves salsa dancing with Emma and her man, and Darcey standing there looking unsuited for any type of dancing that doesn’t involve a pole. After a few obsessive stops to scrutinize her complexion, the whole team does a round of shots, before Tom and his sister Emma spin out like Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze having the time of their lives. Props to Emma for bringing some big girl twirl to this show, since TLC often seems to revel in humiliating heavy women by forcing them to climb uphill in a desert alongside con artists. Darcey says they’re beautiful and she’d rather watch, because if she wiggles like that Tom’s gonna take a titty to the eye and be blind for the rest of the night, and he just stopped complaining about his ankle.
Tom explains that the idea with salsa dancing is to dance with a lot of different partners, and by this he means that he came to dance, and brought Darcey so he could have a woman watching him do stuff. When it’s her turn to dance with Tom, she says her “alter ego is about to come out, you better watch out.” Darcey doesn’t know that for the ego to be alter it has to be different from what she’s been presenting since she stepped off the plane. She makes her best hair-toss duck-lips sexy faces while catching her own eye in the mirror behind the bar. She seems embarrassed and miserable, which might have been lessened if she actually wanted to learn this sort of dancing, or was okay with making an ass out of herself, or if Tom had any real interest in teaching her.
Since it doesn’t seem like she’s going to instantly escalate to salsa icon, Tom dances with other people while Darcey retreats to the comfort of playing with her hair. She corners Emma’s helpless boyfriend to ask, “why doesn’t he do that with me though? I kinda feel like I’m better than her!” I kinda feel like the sky is orange and a candy slide carries me all the way home in my cloud car, and no one ever believes me, either.
Emma takes Darcey outside to explain how dancing works beyond the confines of a junior high gymnasium. Darcey tells Emma that she feels ignored and would like more attention. Emma explains that Tom loves to party and is unlikely to transform into a different person to fit Darcey’s fairytale. At the same time, Emma rightly suspects that her brother is being vague about his emotions, and that’s sending Darcey into a tailspin. Since her personhood has been acknowledged, Darcey cries again, realizing she has a fantasy about him, and doesn’t want to be passive or jealous or needy, but it’s hard to feel confident without commitment. Emma tells Darcey to just be honest, and tell Tom exactly what she needs. The woman is so fragile and vulnerable I just want to wrap her in a blanket and tuck her into Tim’s pink picnic basket. Emma must feel the same, because she tells Darcey that as Tom’s sister her opinion matters, and she thinks Darcey’s lovely and sweet, which helps her calm down and feel more comfortable. Darcey needs Emma more than she needs Tom.
With Emma hovering around in the backdrop like Veronica just wanting Tim to be happy, Darcey finally gets the ovaries to ask Tom if they’re exclusive.
“Is that an American thing?” Tom, I’ve seen Love Island UK. Nobody likes to be made a mug or pied off on the tellie, so crack on. This is not an American thing. Just like being a twat is not exclusively a British thing. Tom eventually says that yes, they are exclusive, and Darcey is relieved that she doesn’t have to find another online match that she’s been talking to for four years.
Benji, who cries as much as Darcey, is busy trying to find a reason other than the bride price to escape his non-legal marriage to Akinyi. If he admits this is about how broke he is he’ll lose all power, which means he might have to use a non-condescending tone of voice when speaking to Akinyi. Why do all that when he can continue to milk his would-be wife’s single alcoholic beverage?
He tells Akinyi he’s concerned that she won’t interact well with his child. Akinyi responds that she’ll love him whether he likes her or not, and they’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Still, Benji is not ready to accelerate past this non-problem, creeping ever closer to the possibility of Akinyi seeing his tax returns or reading about his estimated net worth.
On the day of the bride price negotiation Benji wakes up early to brutalize sausage and smack an egg around a frying pan until it surrenders. He doesn’t fully understand the bride price business, but according to Akinyi he’s supposed to bring very specific groceries that he is not under any circumstances to cook. Before they go he proposes to Akinyi, with a ring that doesn’t fit because omens, and tells her he managed to cobble together $800 for the bride price, which is exactly enough to insult her family. Dude is going to need to hit up every payday loan office within a hundred miles along the way, and contact Chris and Nikki, and launch a GoFundMe if he hopes to summon enough scratch to not meet the wrong end of a machete. Akinyi, ever a day late, says that the opening bid is generally $3,000, and she doesn’t think her family will accept an IOU like Annie’s family did.
Benji finds something other than a Best Buy uniform to wear for the wedding proper, and he and Akinyi step out in coordinated attire. He’s worried about how late they are to meet Akinyi’s father, and complains that his tummy hurts and he wants a snack. It’s unclear whether Benji ever speaks above a whine, or below finger-wagging.
Once at the house, Benji unloads groceries to impress the family, because nothing says “family man” like a half-assed trip to Costco. He’s called out for being late, and Benji wishes Akinyi was there to accept the blame.
Akinyi’s father explains that if someone is serious, they have to do things to accept responsibility. Being financially prepared is one of the ways to accept responsibility and demonstrate you are ready for marriage. My student loan debt just guffawed from the next room, laughing almost as hard as Benji’s monthly child support payment.
Bare Minimum Ben then awkwardly introduces his bottled water and 12 pack of Gatorade as, “A small token of my appreciation.”
Remember when those sportsball players arrived at the White House for a fast food buffet, wearing their best sports coats with expectations of class? Akinyi’s father makes that same face at the sad stack of food.
“Thank you for the gifts,” he says, looking like he would have chosen the Filet o’Fish, cause fuck your Whopper. “This is generally a gift for when you are in mourning.” He blinks a few times to see if he’s successfully banished Benji’s pasty presence. Then he asks that Akinyi be brought in, which is a bad sign, since Benji’s not supposed to see her until negotiations are finished. Knowing 90DF this is probably a set up that will nevertheless result in marriage, because their suspense is no longer very suspenseful.
Over in Lebanon, Avery and Omar are off to the airport, so that she can return to Columbus and her important “ugh, mom!” hobby. She expresses once again her plan to return to Syria in a few months, a country being aggressively bombed by Turkey while ISIS detainees scatter to the wind. Avery emphasizes how much she’s going to miss Omar and how upset she is in the taxi. And the airport. And outside the gate. She drags her feet getting through security, and Omar tells her that she needs to be patient, strong, and positive, which is really difficult to do on a 30 hour flight.
Omar beats feet out of there the minute they say goodbye, before she can even lob one final habibi, and since he’s never met Benji or Tim he tells the camera that “A girl is more emotional than a man.” Then he adds, “But inside I’m more broken. She knows, because eyes never lie.” This is downright Shakespearean compared to the standard 90DF declaration of affection, which is either “we’ll have sex eventually” or “is that an American thing?”
Avery takes the appropriate amount of sad mini videos during her 30 hours of air travel, while Mother Avery and Father Avery prepare to fetch their feckless offspring at the airport. One of Avery’s younger siblings plays with what looks like a slide-whistle pacifier, and I’ll bet they don’t have those in Syria AVERY. Finally off the plane, Avery piles luggage on one of those push carts, and the countdown for that turquoise bag jumping ship begins. The moment she hugs her mother, the turquoise bag breaks free. Everyone drink!
Both parents express reasonable concern about the utterly illogical Syria plan, and Avery tells them that she told her job her plans to leave before she told her parents, “Because they wouldn’t storm out like you.” No, but they did huddle around the Frappuccino machine to wonder if you got a head injury in the final months of your cheerleading career, before smiling and saying, “We’re SO happy for you!”
Teri asserts that she is not going to let her daughter live in Syria, which is fine, because Syria has the same idea. Someone needs to clue Teri into saying the opposite of what she actually wants, to guarantee she gets her way with Avery.
Michael, on the other hand, is ready to stand up for himself to Angela. He says that he’s disappointed with how she acted towards his friends at the restaurant. Angela explains that she was really mad at him, not them, for that one time he couldn’t rearrange the day he was born to accommodate her schedule, and if that’s not enough rationalization she was also sick and needed his emotional support, and also her home burned down and keeping Michael on the phone would have been water. Angela tells Michael that she forgives him, truly, for the offense she took that never made sense, and in the understatement of the year admits she’s difficult to handle at times. Then she apologizes, and says she’ll apologize for how she acted but not what she said. It’s important to not overthink this statement. Michael is happy that she’s willing to make amends with his friends, because he doesn’t want to be Pedro when he could be bitchy in a café with a BFF like Pao.
Michael finds a friend with that soothing mediator vibe to manage hostage negotiation. The goofballs come in, and Michael isn’t ready to shake hands until this reaches resolution. Angela finishes her beer, puts her cigarette out on her tongue, and then apologizes for how she acted, but will not forgive them or be their friends. Then she pushes the front motorcycle and the whole row falls down like dominoes.
Michael’s friends say they didn’t mean to hurt her; they were just trying to take Michael out for his birthday. They don’t mention to Angela that people have thoughts and feelings even when she’s not there, because the apology by itself is meta enough. “We want peace all the time,” they insist, privately complaining that they’re carrying too much of the blame.
Angela accepts their apology. “I’m not as bad as I present myself,” she says, and once again she has written my flair. She gets choked up, reminding all of us at home that Angela has crushing anxiety and desperately doesn’t want to lose.
Rebecca is still on this show, beating the same dead horse, aka a problem she created herself, which is exactly as shocking as learning Angela has one viable egg. After making a big deal about investigating Zied to see if his behavior matches hers, she’s ready to tell him that she’s still married.
They go off on a 4-wheeler adventure, to prepare Zied for rural Georgia. He crashes, but since it didn’t involve texting or trying to drive with his knees, the DMV assures me it doesn’t count.
When they stop at a beautiful location, Rebecca tells Zied he’s been more than she expected, and Zied says that she’s so perfect. That covers 40% of what they talk about in any given episode. Rebecca then adds that she’s never been this is love with anyone, not even the three other marriages she racked up before this almost-marriage, not even the dude she’s still married to now because she didn’t manage to sign those divorce papers until right before she got on a plane. Then they have this riveting conversation:
Rebecca: So beautiful.
Zied: Yes, so beautiful.
Rebecca: I love you so much.
Zied: I love you so much baby. . Then Rebecca finally spills the beans and says she’s still married, and afterwards shouts inarticulate nonsense about papers and how they’ve both signed. Zied is so pissed after she confesses that he temporarily loses the language. She adds that she’ll have to go back to court one more time, to change her social security number and hair color and trade her time travel ring in for the 2020 upgrade.
“I not want your sorry,” Zied says. “Why you no tell me this before?”
“I don’t know,” Rebecca says, reminding us that emotionally she’s 6 years old.
Zied walks away and takes it out on a bush, unleashing the phrase that I’ll repeat ad nauseam: “So much angry.” He tells all of us at home that he feels like she lied about everything (because she did) and he just wants her to return to the states.
Rebecca tries to get him to talk, but Zied is not having a plural marriage any more than Jeniffer. Then she backs off and says she’s going to be sick. Zied four-wheels on out of there, and it’s the best exit since Ashley’s friend Natalie burned out on a scooter.
Next week, Jeniffer continues her hero turn by flipping off the camera while asking for a different ring, while the Maria/Cesar con returns to inject a not-needed dose of pathological boring. Angela steps out with Michael in natty royal blue attire, and Avery learns that thanks to the travel ban, she has a 5% chance of bringing Omar stateside. Tom produces a box, and Darcey is going to shit in her hand and aim for his eyes if it turns out to be a locket or another fucking appreciation ring.
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Betting Sites › Best Online Betting Sites in India (Feb 2020)

Internet wagering is at present legitimate in practically all over India. These wagering destinations offer an assortment of sports to draw in players of India to exploit a few extraordinary offers and great returns. Wagering is progressively respected in India. With an ever increasing number of internet wagering destinations hoping to take advantage of the gainful Indian market, it very well may be trying to pick between them. We should investigate how to locate the best wagering destinations.
Betway is one of the most well known destinations. Betway is offering a thorough and monstrous scope of sports and markets. Additionally, their advancements and prizes for existing client continue moving week to week. They don't stop here. Betway incorporates probably the most exciting gambling club games, and they offer top quality rewards and store strategies which suits you.
The guts site is reasonable for live wagering. Guts begin working in 2013, and it was at first planned towards gambling club and gaming. In any case, inside a year they propelled their online sportsbook for clients. Guts sportsbook was fundamentally about football. Yet, presently they are offering a lot of significant games like football, tennis and cricket. You can guarantee their welcome reward by experiencing the prize area, and you can likewise recover your cash a sportsbook reward.
Ladbrokes is one of the notable high road name from British wagering history. They began their tasks in 18 century and their organizer Harry Ogden is perceived at the UK's first expert bookmaker. They began their web based wagering in 2000. You can get extraordinary North America sports inclusion alongside everything from Aussies Rules to Chess, Golf, MMA, Volleyball and pretty much everything in the middle of, just as pony dashing.
Moplay is an online bookmaker which is concentrating on the portable parts of betting. Moplay started working in 2018. Pre-organize markets were in abundance additionally in examining around at different games like football, tennis and cricket. They do offer moment money out on sure decisions.
Boylesports is one of the solid free bookmaker brand subsidized in 1989 in Ireland. They have a major web business just as web based wagering administration. The edge is to some degree higher on soccer, around 6% yet the rest of the sportsbook is trading with a great deal of lower betting edge, particularly tennis which is essentially roughly 3.1%.
Sportingbet started working in 1998. They have presented their administrations across 26 nations around the world. Sportingbet is clear in working since they are offering straight forward wagering administration for their clients.
It is an online bookmaker that underpins client showcase from India. This bookmaker permits secure route framework for better client experience for its clients. This site is an enrolled one, so it is ok for bettors to play their chances helpfully. They offer an assortment of choices like live wagering, club games betting and chances wagering. In any case, the new clients are given with 100% reward on making their first store.
8-William Hill
It is a notable brand far and wide. William slope was established in 1934. They have a fabulous inclusion of live football matches and different games. Their bet slip is splendid as well, allowing you full usefulness in controlling your wagering alternatives. You can make installment and withdrawal through various techniques.
Betvictor began its capacities during the 1940s. Through quality organizations, they have grown an enormous nearness in the online business. Betvictor isn't constrained to sports wagering, and they are likewise running some non-sports markets. They have entirely broad sportsbook which incorporates rugby, snooker, volleyball, cricket and darts.
22bet was set up in2017. Their sportsbook is an incredible fascination towards clients. Football, cricket, golf and tennis are the principle zones to take a gander at. 22bet is exceptionally liberal when discussing welcome rewards. Their clients must be 18+ to enroll themselves.
11-Paddy Power
Paddy Power is one of the most famous brands which is perceived all around the globe. They began their administrations in 1988 when three Irish bookmakers met up. There is a gigantic mean acknowledge in the Paddy Power sportsbook.
Unibet is one of the well known brands in Europe and India. It was established in 1997. Their sportsbook spread tennis, football, b-ball just as chess, futsal, floor ball, bandy and surfing. They likewise offer a cash back reward for new clients. They offer a gigantic scope of wagering markets.
Unibet is probably the most seasoned game bookmaker around the world, set up in 1997, serving a large number of web based wagering account holders. It is notable all over Europe for its superb games wagering, online gambling club and poker stages.
Betfred is a British bookmaker. They offer their administrations for India also. Betting power licenses them. The Betfred Empire starts working in 1967. They are offering a noteworthy edge on football wagering. You can either utilize their versatile application or site to make the most of their administrations.
It is an European based wagering stage which acknowledges the clients of India also. It is one of the perceived brands in odd markets. They are covering numerous games like rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, horse dashing golf, boxing cycling and numerous others. You can make the most of their liberal invite offers.
When discussing Indian bookmakers, Coral is among the primary names you can consider. Coral was established during the 1920s, and it is one of the most well known brands when talking about excellent items and offers. They show top European nearby soccer with stunning highlights. Numerous different games have been presented, including football classes.
16-Royal Panda
Illustrious Panda is a worldwide stage which is offering their administrations all around India. They are advancing on the web gambling clubs, not the sportsbook. You can utilize their versatile application and site to make the most of their inventive rewards. It is one of the strictest betting locales. They are offering a wide scope of wagering markets. They are covering circuitous 40 games and a lot of classes.
Smarkets is an online stage which was established by a little gathering of speculator. They are acclaimed for their propelled exchanging stage and 25th quickest developed organization in Europe. Smarkets is exceptionally simple to utilize. They are sans offering wagers for their new clients and welcome rewards. Their essential center is noteworthy games like football tennis, golf, baseball and cricket.
It gives a gigantic portable wagering experience. Leovegas assumes an indispensable job in Indian wagering site. As we enter the landing page of Leovegas India, the primary thing we see slider is a slider in the focal point of the screen, publicizing for the most well known games and advancements here on Leovegas. Leovegas offers a clean and userfriendly stage.
As an ever increasing number of wagering locales are beginning to focus on the imperative Indian market, it is turning into somewhat hard for players to choose which spot is most appropriate for them. One of the most common issues is by all accounts how to get to these sites
Bet365 is celebrated for being one of the greatest and best-wagering locales on the planet. Be that as it may, what makes Bet365 great? That response to this inquiry is that Bet365 has taken the internet wagering industry to an uncommon new level. They give the best betting involvement with all territories. They have the most gigantic assortment of gambling club games and sports wagering. They offer the best portable wagering experience, the best reward on wagering and simply the most amazing live betting experience generally.
Be that as it may, the point which makes Bet365 the world's greatest wagering site is the notoriety for unwavering quality that they have worked for themselves in years. Bet365 is a wagering site you can trust. They generally pay what they owe, and they put incredible significance on their notoriety is the thing that makes Bet365 a genuinely extraordinary bookmaker. is a worldwide games wagering organization that was established by individuals with an energy for sports. When you enter the site of, you get the inclination that this whole site is committed to sports wagering. It doesn't have the equivalent lavish impression that you jump on an old wagering site like Unibet or Betway. It's more Spartan and old school.
Then again, this isn't really an awful thing. They don't attempt to push ads or advancements at all of you an opportunity to achieve client's consideration. It's an entirely reliable spot for individuals who simply need to put down wagers and not need to stress over something over the top.
Bodog is an old wagering bookmaker really among the most seasoned on the planet which has as of late opened up and began tolerating Indians players.
They have set up the procedure of the wagering site principally to serve bettors from India, where they endeavor an assortment of live cricket wagering alternatives, give helpful choices of storing cash and permit Indian money.
On the off chance that you appreciate sports wagering and club games or poker sitting, at that point you will in all likelihood appreciate Bodog India.
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The sportsbook incorporates all the noteworthy universal cricket competitions and arrangement, just as the well known classes like the Indian Premier League and the huge slam group Australia.
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1XBET is mainstream for Indian expert punters, yet before long will be known in each edge of India, for the straightforward reasons that its installments segment is adjustable. So you can pick INDIA (from the rundown of nations) and see the techniques for stores and pulls back are accessible, obviously, don't missing Neteller and skrill all simple and clear.
On the off chance that you are searching for a bookmaker that gives the best chances on the most famous games, the Betwinner might be the wagering site you are searching for.
Wager victor is a moderately new wagering site, however they have just become famous as the spot to be with regards to finding the best chances.
Wager victor is a moderately ongoing theorist that start its tasks in 2016 in the wake of accomplishing an administration permit from (Curaçao eGaming) for working on the web. fabricated this site, and it is a similar program that is adding to 1xBET (acclaimed administrator of Russia) since 2007.
Regardless of whether it is their online club activity or their games extend, COMEON India perseveres freely from others, through their broad inclusion and activities. They spread 29 classes of sports and offer a few other elective markets. This sportsbook underpins practically all standard installment designs and gives an incredible reward to new clients.
When you join as a part, you get an invite reward, and you can pick the alternative for the prize that you like. You can store cash once you sign in to your record by essentially tapping on the decision of store. ComeOn India offers the accompanying choices to store your cash
Visa Card
Paysafe Card
MuchBetter and the sky is the limit from there
This is something we appreciate prescribe when you are simply beginning on another game. Start by playing for no particular reason, and once you've seen that you can bring in cash at this game, at that point toss in some genuine and unique rupees.
Genuine wagering is a zenith with brilliant highlights and extraordinary advancements
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Our consideration is currently redirected to the focal point of the screen where we see an advancement slider. It is where Unibet features all the present advancements that they are running. They are very brave advancements going on, which we will investigate later. One thing we notice is that all the costs are named in euros.
Beside the live wagering segment, we notice a catch named "supertoto'", and we choose to look at it. It ends up being another uncommon capacity, which is truly remarkable when contrasted with Unibet. Supertoto is a basic method to put down a wager on sports. The objective is to wagered on the result of whatever number matches as could be expected under the circumstances. You can wager on a success, lose or draw.
Matchbook offers a total sportsbook with in excess of 40 distinct games classifications to bet on, including cricket, football, tennis, horse dashing and practically all the famous games, just as e-sports, expert wrestling and different less normal games. You have a decision of live wagering on each live match that is occurring right now, and numerous competitions can even be live-spilled with liberated from cost office. The main standard is that you include put down a wager inside the most recent 24 hours. That gives you full access to the live spilling capacity.
Betfair is one of the world's biggest global online games wagering specialist co-ops. Betfair has more than 2,000 utilizes around the world. Betfair holds betting permit in Malta, Gibraltar Italy, Tasmania and the United States. Betfair is promising in conveying exclusive expectations of respectability and has ensured more than 40 Memoranda of Understanding with the administering groups of sports.
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Something that make Dafabet one of a kind is that they were made to serve the Asian market. All things considered, we can see that they are doing a great deal to interest Asian players, and particularly Indian players. For instance, we realize that they acknowledge Indian cash stores. They additionally offer loads of well known Indian games, for example, cricket, tennis and kabaddi. As an Indian player, it is pleasant to feel like you are esteemed as a client. There is likewise a lot of European games and well known Asian games and gambling club games accessible.
It is an energizing and one of a kind internet betting webpage having a place with the European island naming Malta. The site is special it might be said that it depends on a superhuman topic which is an uncommon thing we have seen on some other wagering site previously. This current bookmaker's appeal is a hero naming Captain Rizk, and his topic can be discovered everywhere throughout the site.
32-Meridian BET
Meridian Bet is a main worldwide supplier of on the web and land-based games wagering arrangements with 700+ wagering shops in 35 nations around four landmasses? Their most noteworthy accomplishment is the steady income development pace of 20% over the most recent three years. They likewise offer an every minute of every day client assistance by means of live talk, telephone, email or informal community.
Inside an incredibly solemn methodology towards security and visitor administration, SBOBET is a main web based gaming brand. They have won the Asian Operator of the year grant for 2009-10. SBOBET offers you a quick and secure player condition with prompt winning outcomes, fast installments and simple access to nonstop web based wagering.
This webpage is among the world's biggest online poker rooms and sports wagering destinations offering phenomenal chances to its players. Its immense number of enlisted genuine cash players has surpassed 3,000,000. This site gives dependable gaming instruments to make poker protected and a good time for the players.
This site is known to be the highest quality level in internet gaming. It offers on the web and via telephone wagers for open parlays. Owning the business for over 15 years adds to unwavering quality. This site gives the player's cashback rewards, diminished juice wagers, free play remunerates and significantly more.
Situated in Georgia, this organization is the main site in the nation. Players can play gambling club games on the web or entertain themselves with sports wagering at this bookmaker website.
Planetwin365 is Europe's quickest developing wagering and gaming administrators. This site is working with a large number of subsidiary accomplices over the world. More than one million wagers are handled day by day, and it additionally supplies in excess of 1300 retail outlets. The brand planetwin 365 is claimed by the SKS365 gathering of organizations which holds online licenses alongside land-based licenses from seven nations in Europe.
38-Red Sport
Red game is a worldwide games betting organization. It started to include in sports sponsorship in 2010. This organization is among the first non-US online games wagering organizations working in the United States. It is additionally an individual from ESSA, which is the European wagering uprightness body.
39-Cloud wager
Cloud wager directs the wagering business through a chain of authorized shops that are situated in Ireland and the UK. It offers online games wagering, online club and poker, online bingo and numerous other web based games.
Once in the past known as Party Bets, is presently possessed by one of the biggest poker locales on the net, Party Poker. Authorized from both Gibraltar and UK, the site offers a wide scope of sports and great client care. To stall out in, the site gives a broad scope of games. Customers are very much provided food for, and every single significant game occasions are secured. Football is the most mainstream and secured sport by a wide margin, as the site is an European confronting bookmaker.
Sportspesa, a games news innovation, was established in 2014, offering web based games and lotteries. It is a games news innovation with around 500 workers and has put resources into the advancement of the nearby games groups and competitions in Tanzania and Kenya. It works in relationship with TGP in the UK.
Claimed by Logflex MT constrained, is a completely enlisted web based betting site. Playing with Novibet isn't simply fun however is sheltered and secure on the grounds that it holds licenses from MGA, which make the site obliged to keep all customers assets in trust accounts. The site offers a dependable gaming strategy and is focused on limiting the unfavorable impacts of issue betting and is resolved to advance positive betting practices.
Offering different sorts of bettings on numerous games from over the world, BETPAWA is the most present day and quick wagering site in Zambia. This site is a creative bookmaker that offers the most reduced value wagers. It leads a wide assortment of pre-coordinate and in-play wagers on football alongside different games like b-ball, tennis and so on. You can choose from an immense scope of wagers on the site and can likewise decide on live wagering.
As a piece of Fold gadgets gaming and distributing, MISLI was established in 2009. This site is situated in Istanbul. MISLI is a participation based site which offers online games wagering and lotteries. This site offers wagers on an assortment of games, particularly supporting soccer. It likewise gives the clients to play the national lottery. This site as of now utilizes 36 innovations. has been positioned 12,027 among the worldwide sites dependent on the huge number of its month to month guests surpassing 4,115,485.
45-Sky BET
Sky wagering and gaming, a British based Canadian organization, has offered a wagering division as Sky Bet. It possesses 1,628 representatives and is evaluated sixth among the ten highest contenders. This organization is the world's driving internet gaming and wagering organization which has the most noteworthy number of clients than any other person. Lion's share of the tasks of Sky Bet are led from Leeds. They offer to wager through their site, phone or portable applications and so forth. AGCC licenses the organization. Sky Bet likewise had a TV channel on Sky Channel 864 which quit working on February 2012.
46-Bet SAFE
With regards to online club and wagering, and Bet Safe is a rumored name. This website is a bookmaker and online gambling club which was established in 2006 and is possessed by a notable Swedish organization. 400 fifty thousand clients profit the ideas from 100 distinct nations around the globe. The dependability and unwavering quality of the site are apparent by the tremendous number of clients it possesses. Wager Safe is an easy to understand site offering an enormous assortment of games and items. It gives an astounding client assistance program and its simple to store and pull back cash. This site gives its clients the best web based gaming experience.
This site offer betting stage for Bitcoin and digital money was established in 2016. Wagers are offered day by day more than 1000 games. Live online club games and in excess of 3000 openings are likewise accessible. A selective element is that it gives its games too. All client accounts bolster numerous monetary forms, and it empowers the players to wager utilizing in excess of ten cryptographic forms of money. Clients are additionally offered an assortment of rewards. A 100% first store reward is the most extreme preferred position. A bug assists with multiplying and right away pull back the main store reserves. Client's perspectives recommend that their client care is dependable and accommodating. It is being seen as the best reserving site for crypto. It offers high chances to the players when contrasted with comparable sportsbooks.
48-Mozzart BET
Since 2000, Mozzart has been a specific piece of the gaming business. This organization offers around 10,000 chances day by day for around 500 games. As of late, Mozzart has led its ground activity with more than 900 retailer shops and has seen a high development rate in its online administrations. One ought to be over 18 to wager on the site BCLB has given the permit to the site. Live wagering on games is offered including football, ball, tennis and other critical occasions. You can observe live spilling of your preferred round and put down online wagers.
49-Boyle SPORT
Ireland biggest and free bookmaker is known as BoyleSports. They contribute in the online space by adding the top of the line applications to the google play store which offer web based wagering, club, gaming, wagering and lottery administrations. By 2004, they had 77 shops, and in 2006 they opened their 100th store.
In 2019, BetChris declared to enter the United Kingdom retail advertise with the popular bookmaker Gilbert. The organization's activity was extended in Northern Ireland which made the nation Ireland's biggest retail bookmaker.
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CFB Teams as Former Communist Countries

Hello, I'm RatherBeYachting and I welcome you to the first of my off-season shit posts.
As per the idea from jkd0002 that received a fair amount of up votes in contest mode to merit posting, with approval from the gracious mods, we will look at Eastern Bloc countries and their college football equivalents.
Why am I qualified for this most sensitive of tasks? As someone born in the Eastern Bloc, who has spent many a summer in the region and has been to a dozen of these countries I feel I could handle this delicate endeavor.
As evidence, here is an old picture of me in a weapons museum next to a missile. This one was suppose to nuke San Francisco!
If I don't mention your program or conference it's solely because I hate your program.
The Now Defunct States
Soviet Union: Alabama. Is there any doubt that this would be the USSR? Alabama has dominated the college football landscape the way the USSR dominated Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The most renowned leaders of Alabama are Paul 'Bear' Bryant and Nick Saban. The Soviet Union was synonymous with bears. As a bonus, Bear Bryant was known for his brutal camps at Texas A&M - as Soviet dictators were known for their brutal camps in Siberia. Nick Stalin has also brought his rivals to their knees, by the college football equivalent of the T-34 tank, the 5-star recruit. Roll Red Tide!
German Democratic Republic: Florida, Florida State, Miami, Washington. You may ask, how can one country be four college football programs? And I'll tell you this is my shit post, and if you're unhappy you're welcome to enter the transfer portal. It's probably not that bad in there anyway, or Tathan would have let us know if it was ass.
The Florida schools: relatively late arrivals on the college football scene, but when going at full strength they are athletically formidable. But we all know the real reason, when you hear the weirdest fucking story it definitely came from either Germany or Florida.
Washington: The East German Olympic team was known for great success and steroid use, much like the Huskies under Don James. Eastern Germany collapsed, the Berlin Wall was torn down, and Washington went 0-12.
Yugoslavia: Southwest Conference. The geographically close conference, like Yugoslavia, was destroyed in the 1990s. Former members wound up in the SEC, Big-12, MWC temporarily, Conference USA, and the American Athletic Conference. Several former members are still feuding.
The Current Nations
Russia: Ohio State. A traditional power which regained their prominence under a man of dubious character. Even when Putin was forced to step aside by term limits he hung around, just like Urban Meyer during his suspension. Ohio State is the biggest program in the Big-10, and despised by their neighbors, just like Russia. Despite the success of the program/country they remain obsessed with their neighbor and old rival.
Ukraine: Michigan. One of the undisputed blue bloods of college football dating back to the days of the leather helmet. Just like Ukraine was the first empire of Eastern Europe as the [Kyivan Rus.]( However, both have fallen from prominence in recent times. Largely as a result of the rise of their aggressive neighbor Ohio State/Russia.
Kansas State: Belarus. Let's get the obvious out of the way, K-State's dictator has left the program, but the similarities are still there. Belarus' leader since 1994, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is often referred to as the last dictator in Europe. He is still in power and there is a high chance of instability if he is no longer in office, a way he clings to power. But wait, the similarities don't end there. The way Bill Snyder had been grooming his son Sean to take over his spot, Lukashenko is doing the same with his youngest son Nikolai. The 'pint sized dictator' accompanies his father to all sorts of events.
Clemson: Lithuania. You may think a basketball school belongs here, but Lil' Ole Clemson is the school that appears to be dethroning Alabama. Much like Lil' Ole Lithuania did to the Soviet Union when it was the first to declare independence. Having scored a victory over the Soviet Union, and a 31-0 win over Russia, Clemson is the clear choice here.
Washington State: Moldova. The poorest country in Europe, just like Washington State is one of the poorest athletic departments in P-5 football. Moldova is an agrarian country, particularly known for their apples and cherries - just like Eastern Washington. The fine students of Wazzu are also known for their alcohol consumption, and Moldova lays claim to being the largest per capita consumers of alcohol.
LSU: Hungary. The Hungarians are an outlier in the Slavic speaking Eastern European world. Their language is part of the Finno-Ungaric family, incomprehensible to Slav speakers of nearby countries who can find commonalities in their languages. Thus, the clear choice is LSU and Coach Orgeron. Előre Tegrisek!
Oregon: Poland. A nation and program that suffered for a long time under the boots of their neighbors, but began a rise to prominence in the 1990s. One of the quickest growing economies in Europe has transformed Poland, much like Nike money has transformed Oregon football. The Ducks record against Ohio State/Russia isn't much different from Poland's record against Russia.
Wisconsin: Czech Republic. Wisconsin loves beer. The Czechs aren't just the heaviest beer drinkers in Europe, they are also the inventors of Pilsner.
Serbia: Nebraska. Once a great power as the dominant force of Yugoslavia, a steep decline in prestige has affected both the Serbians and Cornhuskers. The Nebraska fans are known for their intense passion, Serbians may have got a little too carried away with their nationalism.
Notre Dame: Slovakia. Slovakia is one of the Eastern European countries with a large percentage of Catholics. In fact, during WWII the leader of the country was a Catholic priest named Josez Tiso. As the picture of him with Hitler suggests, Slovakia was a Nazi puppet state. He was executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity, which is a bit different from Notre Dame which hasn't executed great in their past few title game and CFP appearances.
American Athletic Conference: Macedonia. The AAC lays claim to there being a P-6, pissing off the P-5 conferences. Much like Macedonia pisses off the Greeks by using the name of a Greek region. Macedonia has to officially use the name FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The AAC could use some of that flexibility and not be afraid of scheduling a 2-1 series with a P-5 opponent.
BYU: Kosovo. The country with the highest percentage of adherents of Islam, with 96%, is an outlier in a region dominated by Orthodox Christianity and atheism. Much like BYU with it's strict honor code stands out in the college football landscape.
Kansas: Slovenia. Here's your great at basketball country, and your awful at football but great at basketball program. The reigning European basketball champions have gifted us Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic, while Kansas basketball has 29 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and 14 straight conference championships.
Rutgers: Armenia. Rutgers lays a claim as the first college football program. Armenia claims to be the first Christian country in Europe, having adopted the religion in the year 301. Armenia is responsible for the Kardashians, while Rutgers is responsible for Artur Sitkowski's passing, so we've suffered at both of their hands.
Albania: Butch Jones. The first thing I thought of when I thought of Albania was The Simpsons episode 'Crepes of Wrath' where Albanian foreign exchange student/spy Adil Hoxha stay with the Simpsons. One look at Adil reminded me of none other than the Champion of Life himself, Butch Jones.
USC: Croatia. The former Yugoslav state made it to the finals of the last World Cup, so it's difficult to compare it to the dysfunction that is currently happening at USC. But one look at the Mediterranean style beauty of Croatia will remind you of Southern California. Granted, the country is on the Adriatic Sea and not the Mediterranean, but Clay Helton somehow has a job so things don't have to make sense all the time.
Kentucky: The Republic of Georgia. What, you thought Georgia would be Georgia? Hear me out. Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is the largest cave system in the world at 82 square miles. Georgia is home to the world's deepest caves, including one that is 7,257 feet deep. Spelunk away!
Texas A&M: Azerbaijan. Both of them have oil money. The Aggies coach is in the most expensive in the sport, and his name is Jimbo Fisher. Azerbaijan is on the Caspian Sea, home of Beluga Caviar and the most expensive fishery product in the world. Neither of them is playing Texas.
Oklahoma: Romania. The most famous Romanian of all time, Vlad the Impaler, stuck the heads of his enemies on pikes. Baker Mayfield stuck a flag on Ohio State's field, which is almost the same thing.
Texas: Bulgaria. This was the initial thought, since it's directly South of Oklahoma/Romania. But while trying to find some similarities I found something in Bulgarian history called the Bogomil Heresy, and it was confusing as fuck. Almost as confusing as whether Texas is back or not.
Oregon State: Bosnia and Herzegovina. A brutal war forced many people to flee. You know who else fled from a bad situation? Gary Andersen.
Ole Miss: Uzbekistan. According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Uzbekistan is the most corrupt country in the former USSR. The choice was clear.
Stanford: Estonia. Known for it's internet freedom laws and online voting, Estonia is a burgeoning place for tech companies. The creators of Kazaa and co-creators of Skype are Estonians. What college comes to mind when you hear internet companies? Those Stanford nerds.
Minnesota: Latvia. Both like hockey? Check. Both have lots of lakes? Check. Plus, one time I got really drunk with some Latvians and they were really nice and I never asked them to say tacos but I bet they'd pronounce it tay-cos.
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Improved Giant List of Suggestions

BitLife Suggestions
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A Georgia gambling ballot referendum that would have asked voters whether they want to authorize commercial casinos, and a separate online sports betting bill, both failed to pass the state Sports betting in Georgia Republican State Senator Burt Jones filed a bill earlier in 2020 which would authorize the Georgia Lottery to manage online sports wagering. The bill calls for potential betting companies to pay a 20 percent tax on their income, with all but five percent going to a scholarship fund. A bill was submitted in early 2020 which would authorize the Georgia Lottery to regulate online sports betting products. The bill calls for online sportsbook betting companies to pay a tax worth 20% of their income, with five percent of that going towards a scholarship fund. Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Georgia. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy life, whether that’s enjoying an ice-cold beer, smoking a joint or having a flutter on the horses. In Georgia, you’ll be banned from doing two out of those three, and the age limit for alcohol is 21, the national law. With that being said, change is on the At this time, Georgia residents only have one option when it comes to betting on sports, and that's to wager at offshore sports betting sites located outside the jurisdiction of the state. GA residents cannot bet on sports in inside state lines since sportsbooks have not yet been authorized, but that would change if current legislation passes.

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