NY Online Sports Betting | Is Sports Betting Legal in NY?

Technically, is online sports betting in NY legal? Ok to report winnings on my taxes and be in the straight and narrow?

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MeWe: A trip report

Among the more frequently mentioned G+ alternatives at the Google+ Mass Migration community, and others, is MeWe with over 250 mentions. The site bills itself as "The Next-Gen Social Network" and the "anti-Facebook": "No Ads, No Political Bias, No Spyware. NO BS. It is headed by professed Libertarian CEO Mark Weinstein.
As the site reveals no public user-generated content to non-members, it's necessary to create an account in order to get a full impression. I thought I'd provide an overview based on recent explorations.
This report leads of with background on the company, though readers may find the report and analysis of specific groups on the site of interest.


Founder & CEO Mark Weinstein.
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Jonathan Wolfe (no longer with company).
Weinstein previously founded SuperFamily and SuperFriends, "at the turn of the millennium". Weinstein's MeWe biography lists articles published by The Mirror (UK), Huffington Post, USA Today, InfoSecurity Magazine, Dark Reading, and the Nation. His media appearances include MarketWatch, PBS, Fox News, and CNN. He's also the author of several personal-success books.
His Crunchbase bio is a repeat of the MeWe content.

Advisory Board

Ownership & Investment

MeWe is the dba of Sgrouples, a private for-profit early-stage venture company based in Los Angeles, though with a Mountain View HQ and mailing address, 11-50 employees, with $10m in funding over five rounds, and a $20m valuation as of 2016.
Sgrouples, Inc., dba MeWe Trust & Safety - Legal Policy c/o Fenwick West 801 California Street Mountain View, CA 94041
Crunchbase Profile.
Founded: 2012 (source)
Secured $1.2M in seed funding in 2014.
2016 valuation: $20m (source]
Despite the business address, the company claims to be based in Los Angeles County, California and is described by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a Culver City, CA, company.



In an August 6, 2018 Twitter post, Weinstein promotes MeWe writing:
Do you have friends still on Facebook? Share this link with them about Facebook wanting their banking information - tell them to move to MeWe now! No Ads. No Spyware. No Political Agenda. No Bias Algorithms. No Shadow Banning. No Facial Recognition.
MeWe provide several policy-related links on the site:
Highlights of these follow.


The privacy policy addresses:

Terms of Service

The ToS addresses:
Effective: November 6, 2018.


The FAQ addresses:


This emphasises that people are social cratures and private people by right. The service offers the power of self expression under an umbrella of safety. It notes that our innermost thoughts require privacy.
Under "We aspire...":
MeWe is here to empower and enrich your world. We challenge the status quo by making privacy, respect, and safety the foundations of an innovatively designed, easy-to-use social experience.
Totalling 182 words.

Privacy Bill of Rights

A ten-item statement of principles (possibly inspired by another document, it might appear):
  1. You own your personal information & content. It is explicitly not ours.
  2. You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think that's creepy.
  3. You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family & groups. We do not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your content or what you see.
  4. Permissions & privacy are your rights. You control them.
  5. You control who can access your content.
  6. You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.
  7. Your privacy means we do not share your personal information with anyone.
  8. Your emojis are for you and your friends. We do not monitor or mine your data.
  9. Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.
  10. You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.


There are a few mentions of MeWe in the press, some listed on the company's website, others via web search.

Self-reported articles

The following articles are linked directly from MeWe's Press page:
The page also lists a "Privacy Revolution Required Reading" list of 20 articles all addressing Facebook privacy gaffes in the mainstream press (Wired, TechCrunch, Fortune, Gizmodo, The Guardian, etc.).
There are further self-reported mentions in several of the company's PR releases over the years.

Other mentions

A DuckDuckGo search produces several other press mentions, including:


This section is a basic rundown of the user-visible site technology.

Mobile Web

The site is not natively accessible from a mobile Web browser as it is overlayed with a promotion for the mobile application instead. Selecting "Desktop View" in most mobile browsers should allow browser-based access.

Mobile App

There are both Android and iOS apps for MeWe. I've used neither of these, though the App store entries note:
Crunchbase cites 209,220 mobile downloads over the past 30 days (via Apptopia), an 80.78% monthly growth rate, from Google Play.

Desktop Web

Either selecting "View Desktop" or navigating with a Desktop browser to https://www.mewe.com your are presented with a registration screen, with the "About", "Privacy Bill of Rights", "MeWe Challenge", and a language selector across the top of the page. Information requested are first and last name, phone or email, and a password. Pseudonymous identities are permitted, though this isn't noted on the login screen. Returning members can use the "Member Log In" button.
The uMatrix Firefox extension reveals no third-party content: all page elements are served from mewe.com, img.mewe.com, cdn.mewe.com, or ws.mewe.com. (In subsequent browsing, you may find third-party plugins from, for example, YouTube, for videos, or Giphy, for animated GIFs.)
The web front-end is nginx. The site uses SSL v3, issued by DigiCert Inc. to Sgrouples, Inc.


The onboarding experience is stark. There is no default content presented. A set of unidentified icons spans the top of the screen, these turn out to be Home, Chats, Groups, Pages, and Events. New users have to, somehow, find groups or people to connect with, and there's little guidance as to how to do this.


Generally there is a three panel view, with left- and right-hand sidebars of largely navigational or status information, and a central panel with main content. There are also pop-up elements for chats, an omnipresent feature of the site.
Controls display labels on some devices and/or resolutions. Controls do not provide tooltips for navigational aid.


Among the touted features of MeWe are:


A key aspect of any social network is its community. Some of the available or ascertained information on this follows.


Weinstein claims a "million+ following inside MeWe.com" on Twitter.
The largest visible groups appear to have a maximum of around 15,000 members , for "Awesome gifs". "Clean Comedy" rates 13,350, and the largest open political groups, 11,000+ members.
This compares to Google+ which has a staggering, though Android-registrations-inflated 3.3 billion profiles, and 7.9 million communities, though the largest of these come in at under 10 million members. It's likely that MeWe's membership is on the whole more more active than Google+'s, where generally-visible posting activity was limited to just over 9% of all profiles, and the active user base was well under 1% of the total nominal population.

Active Users

MeWe do not publish active users (e.g., MUA / monthly active users) statistics.


MeWe is principally a group-oriented discussion site -- interactions take place either between individuals or within group contexts. Virtually all discovery is group-oriented. The selection and dynamics of groups on the site will likely strongly affect user experience, so exploring the available groups and their characteristics is of interest.
"MeWe has over 60,000 open groups" according to its FAQ.
The Open groups -- visible to any registered MeWe user, though not to the general public Web -- are browsable, though sections and topics must be expanded to view the contents: an overview isn't immediately accessible. We provide a taste here.
A selection of ten featured topics spans the top of the browser. As I view these, they are:
Specific groups may appear in multiple categories.
The top Groups within these topics have, variously, 15,482, 7,738, 15,482 (dupe), 7,745, 8,223, 8,220, 1,713, 9,527, 2,716, and 1,516 members. Listings scroll at length -- the Music topic has 234 Groups, ranging in size from 5 to 5,738 members, with a median of 59, mean of 311.4, and a 90%ile of 743.5.
Below this is a grid of topics, 122 in all, ranging from Activism to Wellness, and including among them. A selected sample of these topics, with top groups listed members in (parens), follows:
To be clear: whilst I've not included every topic, I've sampled a majority of them above, and listed not an arbitrary selection, but the top few Groups under each topic.

Google+ Groups

The Google Plus expats group seems the most active of these by far.

Political Groups

It's curious that MeWe make a specific point in their FAQ that:
At MeWe we have absolutely no political agenda and we have a very straightforward Terms of Service. MeWe is for all law-abiding people everywhere in the world, regardless of political, ethnic, religious, sexual, and other preferences.
There are 403 political groups on MeWe. I won't list them all here, but the first 100 or so give a pretty clear idea of flavour. Again, membership is in (parentheses). Note that half the total political Groups memberships are in the first 21 groups listed here, the first 6 are 25% of the total.
  1. Donald J. Trump 2016 - Present (11486)
  2. The Conservative's Hangout (8345)
  3. Qanon Follow The White Rabbit (5600)
  4. Drain The Swamp (4978)
  5. Libertarians (4528)
  6. United We Stand Trump2020 (4216)
  7. The Right To Self Defense (3757)
  8. Alternative Media (3711)
  9. Hardcore Conservative Patriots for Trump (3192)
  10. Bastket Of Deplorables4Trump! (3032)
  11. Return of the Republic (2509)
  12. Infowars Chat Room Unofficial (2159)
  13. Donald Trump Our President 2017-2025 (2033)
  14. Berners for Progress (1963)
  15. Sean Hannity Fans (1901)
  16. The American Conservative (1839)
  17. I Am The NRA (1704)
  18. Tucker Carlson Fox News (1645)
  19. We Love Donald Trump (1611)
  20. MAGA - Make America Great Again (1512)
  21. Q (1396)
  22. ClashDaily.com (1384)
  23. news from the front (1337)
  24. Basket of Deplorables (1317)
  25. Payton's Park Bench (1283)
  26. Convention of States (1282)
  27. Britons For Brexit (1186)
  28. MoJo 5.0 Radio (1180)
  29. MeWe Free Press (1119)
  30. The Constitutionally Elite (1110)
  31. Libertarian (1097)
  34. #WalkAway Campaign (894)
  35. ALEX JONES (877)
  36. The Lion Is Awake ! (854)
  37. We Support Donald Trump! (810)
  38. The Stratosphere Lounge (789)
  40. Official Tea Party USA (749)
  41. Mojo50 Jackholes (739)
  42. Yes Scotland (697)
  44. Judge Jeanine Pirro Fans (671)
  45. Anarcho-Capitalism (658)
  46. Ted Cruz for President (650)
  47. No Lapdog Media (647)
  48. Q Chatter (647)
  49. Daily Brexit (636)
  50. Tucker Carlson Fox News (601)
  51. The Trumps Storm Group (600)
  52. QAnon-Patriots WWG1WGA (598)
  53. 100% American (569)
  54. Ladies For Donald Trump (566)
  55. Deep State (560)
  56. In the Name of Liberty (557)
  57. Material Planet (555)
  58. WikiUnderground (555)
  59. Trump NRA Free Speech Patriots on MeWe Gab.ai etc (546)
  60. Magna Carta Group (520)
  61. Constitutional Conservatives (506)
  62. Question Everything (503)
  63. Conspiracy Research (500)
  64. Bill O'Reilly Fans (481)
  65. Conservative Misfit's (479)
  66. Canadian politics (478)
  67. Anarchism (464)
  69. Deplorable (450)
  70. Tampa Bay Trump Club (445)
  71. UK Politics (430)
  72. Bongino Fan Page (429)
  73. Radical Conservatives (429)
  75. The Deplorables (409)
  76. America's Freedom Fighters (401)
  77. Politically Incorrect & Proud (399)
  79. Political satire (383)
  80. RISE OF THE RIGHT (371)
  81. UK Sovereignty,Independence,Democracy -Everlasting (366)
  82. The Patriots Voting Coalition (359)
  83. End The Insanity (349)
  84. Coming American Civil War! (345)
  85. Constitutional Conservatives (343)
  86. United Nations Watch (342)
  87. A Revival Of The Critical Thinking Union (337)
  88. The New Libertarian (335)
  89. Libertarian Party (official ) (333)
  90. DDS United (Duterte Die-hard Supporters) (332)
  91. American Conservative Veterans (331)
  92. Anarchism/Agorism/Voluntaryism (328)
  93. America Needs Donald Trump (326)
  94. The UKIP Debating Society (321)
  95. Coalition For Trump (310)
  96. Egalitarianism (306)
  98. 2nd Amendment (287)
  99. Never Forget #SethRich (286)
  100. Green Party Supporters 2020 (283)
It seems there is relatively little representation from the left wing, or even the centre, of the political spectrum. A case-insensitive match for "liberal" turns up:
Mainstream political parties are little represented, though again, the balance seems skewed searching on "(democrat|republic|gop)":
The terms "left" and "right" provide a few matches, not all strictly political-axis aligned:
Socialism and Communism also warrant a few mentions:
And there are some references to green, laboulabor parties:


Whilst there may not be a political agenda, there does appear to be at least a slight political bias to the site. And a distinctive skew on many other topical subjects.
Those seeking new homes online may wish to take this into account.


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Top 100 Sports Business Twitter Follows

Editor Note: With the assistance of a few well-respected industry veterans, I compiled a list of 100 twitter handles – in alphabetical order – that should be followed if you work in sports business. Some are entertaining, others are insightful, but all are well respected amongst their peers. Without further ado…
@AndrewBrandt – Lawyer. NFL business insider. Columnist for MMQB.
@AndrewMarchand – NY Post sports media columnist. On the Mike Francesa beat.
@AngelaRuggiero – Olympian. Founder of the Sports Innovation Lab. Sports tech intelligence. Market research.
@AnotherDanCohen – Heads up Octagon’s Global Media Rights Consulting Division.
@A_S12 – Adam Stern is on SBJ/SBD’s NASCAR business beat.
@barryjanoff – Executive Editor of the sports marketing website NYSportsJournalism.com. Publishes a sports marketing newsletter.
@BenFischerSBJ – Among SBJ/SBD’s most talented writers. On the esports and Olympics beat.
@BFawkesESPN – Editor of Chalk. Sports gambling trends, picks and predictions.
@Bill_Shea19 – Senior reporter at Crains Detroit. Covers sports business in the Motor City.
@brandonBTIG – Equity Analyst. Brandon Ross covers technology, media and telecom.
@brettsmiley – EIC of Sports Handle. Focus is on U.S. gambling legislation. Reporting and analysis.
@cannonjw – J.W. has a knack for finding odd-ball promotions and fan giveaways.
@carronJphillips – Columnist for NY Daily News. Plays at the intersection of social issues, race & sports.
@chadmillman – The brains behind The Action Network.
@ChrisSchlosser – SVP MLS/SUM Media. Digital strategy, content creation, and product development guru.
@chrisyates11 – Director of Video Production & Social Media at Huddle Productions. Expertise in content marketing, social media and video production.
@Cnyari – Cristian Nyari is Head of Media for FC Bayern Munich. Offers commentary on all things sports media, digital, social and tech.
@ConvergenceTR – Former NFL and NHL exec. Tom Richardson. Digital media/marketing thought leader. Professor in Columbia’s Sports Management program.
@DarrenHeitner – Sports attorney with a niche in contracts and IP.
@darrenrovell – Among the best follows on Twitter, which explains why he has over 2 million followers. Move to Action Network means more gambling related content, but Big Cat’s arch enemy still covers everything from shoe releases to half-time acts.
@david_schwab – EVP, Octagon. Plays at the intersection of brands and influencers.
@deepenparikh – Partner at Courtside Ventures. Plays at the intersection of sports, tech and media.
@TheDonnyWhite – CEO of Satisfi Labs. Expertise in AI, robotics and machine learning.
@DustinGouker – Head of Content for LegalSportsReport.com. Has finger on the pulse of the legal online sports betting (and DFS) market. Always opinionated.
@EKANardini – Barstool Sports’ CEO Erika Nardini. Leading the podcast revolution.
@elwinter – Eric Winter is the former GM for Rivals/Yahoo Sports & SVP, UFC. Tends to focus on event marketing and fight sports.
@EricFisherSBJ – Covers MLB, digital media and technology for SBJ/SBD.
@Eric_Ramsey – News and perspective on the regulated gambling industry for LegalSportsReport.com.
@FormulaMoney – No one has a better grasp on business of F1 than Christian Sylt.
@frntofficesport – The handle associated with Adam White’s daily newsletter. FOS tends to play in the sports marketing and sports sponsorship space.
@garyvee – Entrepreneur with 1.8 million followers. CEO of Vayner Sports. Progressive thinker. Future Jets owner?
@GeoffBakerTIMES – Sports enterprise and investigative reporter for the Seattle Times. Focuses on teams in the PNW.
@Hawk – Andrew Hawkins is the Director of Business Development at Uninterrupted. ESPN media personality. NFL vet. Perspective on an athlete’s post-playing career.
@HowieLongShort – The handle affiliated with JohnWallStreet’s daily email newsletter. Offers context and commentary on the biggest stories/trends in sports business. A MUST-READ if you work in the industry.
@JacobFeldman4 – Writes for SINow. Perspective on how the internet has changed/is changing sports.
@JamesEmmett – Editor-at-Large, Leaders. Weekly newsletter is a mix of original thoughts and aggregated content. U.K. based, so there’s a European slant in terms of the sports covered.
@JayKapoorNYC – Early stage VC investor. Tweets about sports, media, tech and commerce.
@_JaySharman – CEO of TeamWorks Media. Authority on digital media and purpose marketing.
@jbooton – Jen Booton is a Senior Writer for SportTechie. Expertise in action sports.
@JeffEisenband – NBA 2K League sideline reporter. Authority on esports.
@JKosner – John Kosner built ESPN’s digital presence. President of Kosner Media. Digital media thought leader.
@joefav – Publishes a MUST-READ sports marketing and PR newsletter. Hosts a weekly sports business podcast. Long-time industry stalwart.
@kbadenhausen – Kurt Badenhausen is a Senior Editor at Forbes. Niche is athletes’ earnings and franchise valuations.
@kerrykeating3 – Former NCAA basketball coach. NBA analyst. Sports tech advisor.
@kenshropshire – CEO of the Global Sport Institute at ASU. Consultant to NFL. Well-respected educator.
@Koufish – Long-time front-office executive Andy Dolich. Sports business consultant.
@laurafrofro – Leads Twitter’s sports content ambitions.
@LemireJoe – Senior Writer, SportTechie. Has a passion for MLB technology.
@MarcEdelman – Well-respected educator. Sports, antitrust, gaming & IP Attorney.
@MariaTaylor – Fast-rising ESPN talent. Mentors young women in sports business.
@markjburns88 – Sports Business Reporter for Morning Consult. On the Barstool beat.
@MartysaurusRex – Outgoing NFL star turned entrepreneur Martellus Bennett. Founded digital story telling company for children.
@MattRybaltowski – Writes about sports betting for Sports Handle and US Bets. Covers stadium financing and sports tech for Forbes.
@mkerns – Mike Kerns is the President of Digital at The Chernin Group. Authority in social and mobile spaces.
@michaelaneuman – Managing Partner, Scout Sports & Entertainment. Sports marketing thought leader.
@MikeDSykes – Reporter for Axios Sports. SportsCenter in a newsletter format.
@MMcCarthyREV – Michael McCarthy covers sports business, media and marketing for Sporting News.
@NateSilver538 – EIC, FiveThirtyEight. Statistical analysis of sports data.
@neildemause – Co-author of Field of Schemes. Go-to source for stadium and arena news.
@njh287 – Neil Horowitz is a social media and digital marketing pro. #smsports community member.
@NoahCoslov – Broadcaster. Media and marketing authority. Equity investor.
@novy_williams – Eben Novy Williams is the junior half of Bloomberg’s talented sports business duo. Co-hosts Bloomberg’s “Business of Sports” podcast.
@NPDMattPowell – Senior retail industry advisor, NPD Group. Perspective on the footwear and apparel industries.
@OPReport – Chris Grove is a gambling industry authority. Writes for OnlinePokerReport.com, Eilers Research and LegalSportsReport.com.
@Ourand_SBJ – John Ourand Writes for SBJ/SBD. Focuses on media.
@PaulRabil – Co-founder of Premier League Lacrosse. Lacrosse’s 1st “Million Dollar Man”. Start-up investor.
@PeterChernin – CEO, Chernin Group. Invested in Barstool Sports and The Action Network.
@phkeane – Patrick Keane is CEO of The Action Network. Digital marketing authority. PE investor.
@PRyanTexas – Co-Founder, Eventellect. Patrick Ryan has been called “the smartest guy in ticketing.”
@readDanwrite – Dan Roberts covers sports business for Yahoo Finance. Host of YFi AM and the “Sportsbook” podcast.
@restivo – Matt Restivo is the head of product & engineering at The Action Network. Authority on product design and software development.
@richarddeitsch – Covers sports media for The Athletic. Will also dabble in women’s sports and Olympics.
@RichBTIG – BTIG Equity Research Analyst Rich Greenfield. Covers media and technology. Media futurist.
@RickHorrow – aka the Sports Professor. Attorney. Dealmaker. Host of the Reuters “Keeping Score” podcast.
@rscibetti – Former NFL, NHL exec Russell Scibetti. President of KORE Planning and Insights. Offers CRM and database expertise.
@RyanGMundy – Steelers alum. Venture capital investor. NFLPA One Collective board member.
@SaraSlaneAGA – SVP of Public Affairs, American Gaming Association. Industry strategist. Spokesperson.
@scottrosner – Academic Director of Sports Management Program, Columbia University. Sports business/sports law educator.
@ScottStanchak – VP of emerging technology, NBA. Insights on digital media, tech strategy, emerging platforms.
@Seth_Everett – Forbes contributor. Host of the “Sports with Friends” podcast. Sports broadcaster.
@Slasher – Rod Breslau writes about esports for ESPN. esports consultant. Competitive gaming insider.
@soshnick – Scott Soshnick is the senior half of Bloomberg’s talented sports business duo. Co-hosts Bloomberg’s “Business of Sports” podcast.
@SportsBizNews – Howard Bloom’s account serves as an aggregator of industry headlines.
@sportsdoinggood – Sab Singh brings “the bright side” of sports into the light. Social Responsibility. Development. Charity. Entrepreneurship. Great Performances.
@SportsTaxMan – Robert Raiola is the Director of Sports & Entertainment at PKF O’Connor Davies. Foremost authority on the jock tax.
@SportsTVRatings – Robert Seidman will keep you apprised of how many people watched last night’s game.
@StephenEspinoza – President of Showtime Sports. Outspoken. Boxing enthusiast.
@Sutton_ImpactU – Long-time NBA league office executive Bill Sutton. Director of the Vinik Sport Business Grad Program, USF. Highly respected educator.
@TannerSimkins – Certified sports agent. Founder of Complete SET Agency. Industry moveshaker.
@TedLeonsis – Wizards and Capitals owner. Venue and media networks owner. Venture capitalist. Progressive thinker.
@terrylyons – EIC, Digital Sports Desk. Boston-based sports marketing and communications professional.
@thekendallbaker – Voice of Axios Sports. SportsCenter in newsletter form.
@themarkuskuhn – NFL alum. Media personality. Leading the NFL’s efforts to grow the game in Germany.
@TheRealNate – Nathan Lundburg is the Director of Global eSports Sponsorships at Twitch. Plays at the intersection of brands, esports and marketing.
@TKGore – Business Development for Comscore. Digital media thought leader.
@VegasandVine – Chris Purcell is the EIC of Cynopsis Sports. Aggregating sports business, eSports, media, and sponsorship news in a wire release format.
@WallachLegal – Gaming law and sports betting attorney Daniel Wallach. Sports legal analyst.
@WerlySportsLaw – Sports lawyer Dan Werly. Founder of the blog TheWhiteBronco.com.
@WilliamsBob75 – Sport Business is a U.K. based sports biz news, data and event business. Bob is their U.S. correspondent. Soccer centric account.
@ZidanSports – Karim Zidan covers stories at intersection of sports and politics. Authority on MMA.
Interested in Sports Business? Sign-up for our free daily email newsletter list, here!
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New England Patriots

Cleats: Toss them after 3-5 years. 3 just to be safe. Cleats older than that are unresponsive and slow down a players agility and speed.
Helmets: Look into lighter metal that improves durability and gameplay - from XENITH (in the future).
Pads: Only chest, knees and elbows need to be covered/protected - limited padding enhances durability, agility, flexability, and speed.
Footballs: Footballs are being made with the wrong leather material, and there should only be 5 laces across, when there's typically 7 or 8.
Digital Playbook: Microsoft and Apple develop tablets that can display your team's plays/run throughs for each quarter, keep track of scoring and sit downs, and assess what player is on and off the field.
Jersey Assignment: According to NFL regulations, the QB is always numbered 1-7, Runners are 9-21, R and FB's are 23-35, Linemen are 37-51, and Outsiders are 53-99.
Timeouts: 5-7 minutes regulated by the NFL.
Scoring: A Touchdown is supposed to be 3 points, a Field Goal is 1, and a Pass Away/Out is 2. Somewhere along the line, in 1951, teams, coaches, owners, the NFL, and fans changed the rules of Football to cater to people who didn't understand the difference between a touchdown and a pass away.
Cheerleaders: A cheerleader should be paid $51,000/year at sign up (15 cheerleaders total), and their main objective is to make sure fans who attend your games are genuinely invested in your team by shooting gun shirts into the crowd, throwing wads of money ($500) into the stands, tossing candy into the bleachers, and offering free tickets to the next game by holding a raffle live during halftime.
Ticket Sales: $5 for every child over the age of 5, and under the age of 15. $10 for every attendee over the age of 16, and under the age of 35. $15 for every attendee over the age of 36, and under the age of 65. Children under 5, and elderly over 65 are traditionally allowed to attend for free.
Signals/Coders: Develop a better strategy for communicating runs with your hands and elbows by restricting your left arm to motion left/right, and your right arm up/down. This will make it easier for players to memorize signs, and identify which run upon huddle/break.
Passing: Have the QB always aim to the right of the player who is running (not cutting) left, and aim right to the player running right. This will enhance the quarterback's aim and accuracy, and the runner will be able to maneuver and catch with less stamina than what is usually required.
Huddle Formation: QB, Runners, R and FB's, and Outsiders should be the only players in a huddle formation. The linemen should know what they're doing, every play, based on how the opposing team is lined and stationed. The QB makes the call, the Coach or AC signals the play, the Runners assess the runthrough, and the RB's "undervalue" the play, and run accordingly. Meaning, they only field their routes when the ball is on the ground.
Referee Favoritism: There are a few ways you can tell if a ref is favoring one team over another, and it's this: If the ref stares at the QB for more than 5 seconds during the initial run (the first play of the game), and they bring their whistle to their mouth after the ball is shot, they are favoring the defense. If they stare at the QB for less than 10 seconds, after the first play of the game, and approach the down with a smile, they are favoring the offense.
Injury and Suspension: If a player is hurt during a game and has to be sat, the player still gets paid for the rest of the season, no matter the number on the schedule. They still have to attend practice, and meetings, but they aren't required to play, as long as it's under the mandate of a professional sports trainephysical therapist/nutritionist. If they are suspended from a game, or multiple games, they take a hit, and the player is not allowed to be paid for his dismissal.
Salaries: A Patriots player should be paid $105,000 / a season, $5,000 / every game they play, plus a sign up bonus of $1.5 million for their first 5 years they are considered part of the team. Their pension is permitted after 5 years playing for the New England Patriots. Their 401K doesn't go into effect until they are considered team "leaders", which usually takes about 10 years to achieve, and their health coverage and benefits (which covers their immediate family) is instant, affordable, and for a lifetime.
Field Measurements: A standard football field, under NFL regulation, should be 80 yards, touchdown to touchdown, and it should be measured in 2's, not 1's. The complete length of the touchdown zone is 10 yards long, 25 yards across. The lines should be navy blue, not white, and the field goal posts should be 15 feet off the ground, not 20, 22.5, or 25.
Down and Outs: According to the NFL rulebook, every first down is achieved the same way: 3 downs, not five: one pass play, one run play, and one toss up. Every 5 yards resets the down if you're over 40 yards from the touchdown, and every 10 yards if you're under 40 yards from the touchdown. And defense is allowed to move before, or after, the ball is called, and shot from the Center.
Flags: 3 yellow flags dismisses a player from the game. 1 red flag dismisses a player from 5 games. 1 green flag dismisses a player for the season. And 1 black flag dismisses a player from the league. Yellow flags are supposed to be thrown only if a player harasses or shows aggression towards another player in between plays. Red flags are thrown if a player uses profanity against another player, or the ref himself. Green flags are used if a player decides to cheat. And black flags are used if a player is caught using steroids, gambling for or against their own team, or showing up to a game high or drunk on anything other than Gatorade.
Corruption and Cheating: If a player is caught cheating, either by seizing the playbook, or artificially enhancing their performance on the field, the player is tossed, and the team is investigated - and may even lose sponsorship, drafting rights, or their whole team could lose their spot in the NFL, altogether. A surefire way to tell if a player is cheating is if he's constantly pacing up and down the field with his arms crossed. A surefire way of determining whether a team is cheating is if the coach of the opposing team is constantly on his cell phone, and flipping through his playbook at halftime. A surefire way to tell if a team member is cheating is if they refuse to show up for practice, or discuss their plans for future games. If they say they are going to sit this one out, let them. They are either at odds with an ethical situation they can't back out of, or they don't feel like playing and their heart won't be in it. Why make the team suffer for something that is avoidable if they are just put on the sideline.
Steroid Use: If you want to know if another player is using steroids, have them drink a glass of orange juice mixed with pineapple juice. If they throw up, they are using steroids, and should be booted from the team, the league, or the NFL.
Sponsorship: Patriots players should only accept sponsorship from companies or corporations from, or residing in: Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Hartford, CT - New York, NY - Montpelier, VT. Any company outside of these cities is looking for lineage, and may be either working for or against you, depending on which teams these companies pledge their allegiance to in the NFL. Ask companies such as: Dunkin Donuts, Gillette, McDonalds, Walmart, Mobil, JCPenney, Kraft, Gap, Fieldstone Tires, Nabisco, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Lays, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Poland Springs, Ocean Spray, Hershey's, Schick, Tombstone, CVS, Barnes and Noble, Krispy Kreme, Sony, Hewlitt Packard, Intel, Crest, Nike, Bose, Maybelline, AT&T, Bic, LG, Comcast, Avon, Old Spice, Clairol, Ben and Jerry's, Kelloggs, Gatorade, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Johnson and Johnson, Panasonic, and Campbell's.
Family Affairs: Patriots players are allowed to send their children anywhere in the US for their education, and the NFL, along with the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, will cover their tuitions through scholarship and academia achievement granthood. Patriots players are allowed to have as many husbands or wives as they want, as many children as they want, and their health and safety will always be covered by the Patriots Membership League as long as you play for the team for more than 5 years. Yearly salaries can be invested into savings or testimonial (inheritance) accounts for up to 15 years, and the NFL can hold your assets and investments for you, at no additional charge to you or your family.
Music: Have the Patriots look into setting up a playlist for your stadium that contains music that fans actually want to listen to. Hire a music coordinator that can select tracks that will be inspirational, attractive, and contemporary to a patron's ear, and music that will get them riled up for the game they are attending to see your team play. Artists such as: Kanye West, Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Drake, Rhianna, T.I., Pink, Jay Z, Taylor Swift, B.o.B., Bruno Mars, and The Foo Fighters.
Sportsmanship: Have players of your team donate their time and money to causes that they believe in. These organizations could use support and charity from your players, and it would allow the New England Patriots to sustain a badge of empathy and humanitarianism. These organizations include: The Jimmy Fund, The Heart and Cancer Society, United Nations Disaster Relief and Reduction, BoyScouts of America, Alzheimer's Association, Smithsonian Institution, Delivering Good, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Humane Society of the United States, and the Environmental Defense Fund.
NFL and Association: Have the NFL kick out a certain competing team because they don't have a real leadership board or contingency, they don't meet NFL regulations and requirements in any of their games, and they constantly cheat whenever they think they're going to get away with it. Yes, there are good men and women who work for this team, and there are a few players who deserve to be in the NFL, but the team as a whole needs to be removed from the championship lineup, until they decide they want to actively participate in an orderly manner that meets state and national guidelines.
Adoption: Players of the New England Patriots should be allowed to adopt children if they so choose to. It is in their right as a human being to have a family the way they wish to have one, and it isn't in an organization's jurisdiction to withstand one's own prerogative, when it comes to familial affairs, by dictating who, and how, members of a certain group can have children.
The Draft: The draft should be carried out so that teams select their players, in their entirety, by starting position - or enrollment - on the field: Linemen are picked, then Runners, then QB, then RB, then FB, and then Outsiders. Players shouldn't be ranked by skill or offset, nor by player value. The order in which the teams get to choose their players, by division, is how the NFL teams ranked in the Playoffs from the previous year during the final bracket, and the Super Bowl Champions are granted first pick. Once the first team chooses their entire lineup for their front guard roster, the next teams chooses theirs. So, for example, according to Championship League Results, the Philadelphia Eagles are supposed to enlist their entire linemen first, then the New England Patriots get to choose theirs, then Minnesota Vikings choose their line, and so on and so forth. The process begins again for Runners.
Catalog Merchandising: Jerseys, Helmets, Shorts, Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Socks, and Hats should be sold online at NFL.com, and should be priced so that people who are interested in NFL merchandise can afford to buy what they want. Jerseys should be priced at $15.99 for any size, any team logo, any name and number. Shorts should be priced at $15.00, shirts at $9.99, Jackets at $29.99, Shoes at $49.99, Socks at $5.99, and hats should be priced at $12.99.
Ownership Requirements: The only requirement a man or woman should have in order to own a team in the NFL is ownership over their property and assets. Meaning, they personally own everything they have, with no debt or payment to any outside party.
Media Coverage and Publicity: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS should have equal footing when it comes to home broadcasting NFL games and playoff championships. Commercials during the off season should be $500.00 per 30 seconds of airtime, $1500.00 for every 30 seconds of airtime during playoffs, and $5,000.00 for every 5 seconds during the Super Bowl. NBC should acquire Super Bowl rights, ABC should acquire Playoffs, CBS should acquire off-season, and FOX should acquire their on-season (regularly scheduled games). PBS should air whatever they can get their hands on.
Education and Camps: Camps should be priced at $500.00 a "season" for anyone over the age of 5, and under the age of 9. Meals should be included, as well as jerseys - with their last name and favorite number on the back - that the children can take home with them, a Wilson football, a helmet, and a stuffed animal that resembles their favorite team mascot. You should teach the children how to throw a football, how to catch, how to run a few basic plays, how to show good sportsmanship, and how to play as a team. Parents should be allowed to watch their children interact with professional athletes of the NFL, but that is as far as it goes when it comes to guardian participation. Superbowl V should be held at the end of every "season", and people should be invited to watch their children play flag football.
Sports Nutrition and Safety: Players of the NFL should be assigned a personal trainer, therapist, and nutritionist when they are admitted to a participating team. Food, excersize, cardio, sleep schedule, rest period, and rehabilitation should be their main focus. Finding out what a player needs to achieve in order to be their best on the field is evaluated and implemented in their daily workout and regiment. And sports directors should be able to cover the costs of these health coaches by sponsorship or contractual designation.
Legal Team and Expert: Along with every team in the NFL, the Patriots have a remarkable legal team, as well as a field consultant, a financial accountant, and a stockbroker. Look into whether having a team of lawyers is necessary all year round, because legal matters can be taken care of by certain members of their own committee, if the situation arises. Players aren't being taken advantage of, just for peace of mind, and your council should look into validity of case values before proceeding with hearings and courtship.
Technology on and off the Field: A special camera, a chip you place in the ball, along with specially designed TVs will someday be invented that can manipulate and change the way a football field looks on TV, add visual graphics to the ball itself, (like make it glow as bright as the sun, or have a trail of smoke follow wherever the ball goes, etc.), and also add visuals and graphics to the field, jerseys, and above player's heads that make watching the game at home more interesting and fun. Cameras will eventually be operated by drones, and many teams will sign on to have tiny cameras placed inside their helmets so that people can view POV plays on the field.
Gambling and Official Regulation: Gambling should be legal in the US when it comes to sports and athletics run by national organizations in this country. There should be no limit or ceiling to a fan's online, or in person, betting system, and the Federal Government should oversee the regulation and control of this agency - known as the Federal Bureau of Recreational Annuity.
Fantasy Football: Leagues placed online should be accessible to anyone, with or without a paid membership, and drafting should go in the order that he or she signed up to join. Players should be picked by ranking, and by team (not by position or enrollment), and teams should be set up in mini divisions that compete against each other, until their is an overall winner (the team with the best players based on rankings that move up and down based on real time games that take place in the NFL). These teams move up to further divisions that are then set against each other, and again, victory goes to the team with the players that have the highest overall ranking reflected by real life games and numbers. A cash prize should be offered at the end to the team with the highest player median.
Video Games: The video game industry needs permission from each and every single player in the NFL if they wish to be portrayed in home console gaming, and the task of getting these signatures is tedious and time consuming. Every player should be handed a consent form, either at sign up or midseason, giving game developers permission to use their likeness in the gaming industry. A $1500 fee would go to the player for every game that uses a player's image, jersey, likeness, personality, or voice.
Referee Guidelines and Requirements: The best way to elect officials and refs for the NFL is to assess whether they have a criminal background, and test their loyalty to a particular football team by asking them: "If they could play or coach for any team, who would it be?". If they answer "I don't know" within the first 3-5 seconds, they're lying, and they should be dismissed. If they answer with a real team, and they smile after doing so, ask them if they would like to referee only for games that their team participates in. If they say "No", they are lying, and should be dismissed. If they favor refereeing for a certain team, let them throw the coin, and see how they call plays for 5 months. If they seem fair and balanced, sign them on for a 5 year contract with a starting salary of $53,000/year. The only requirement to be a referee for the NFL is that you make it on time to every game, with the mindset that the team that deserves to win, is the team that shows up for practice.
Staff and Support: People that want to help the New England Patriots should be allowed to volunteer and show support whenever they want to. Have them file for tax exemption when it comes time in April, and have them state what they did for the New England Pats, and how often they did it. Baking goods for games, or for the team, selling tickets, handing out fliers and brochures, purchasing cups and ice for water bins and Gatorade, making t shirts and signs for players and fans, offering rides and transportation to and from games for people who don't have their own cars, and having people bring in apple pies and rootbeer floats to the games are traditions that have since been forgotten. Dinner Parties, banquets, fundraisers, charity drives, and donations to children's organizations are supposed to be carried out by New England fans, like many have done since the teams inception. Have your teammates ask people if they would like to apply for an opening on your staff and support if there is a position available, because people who love sports, and watch sports, and play sports, want to be considered part of the team. No matter how big, or small, that part may be.
Superbowl: Teams that win the superbowl should be given perks or incentives like free McDonalds for a year, and entry into Disney World for a year, Fossil Watches, Walmart/Target promotional gear, or some shit.
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Cryptocurrencies posting moderate gains as Japan’s FSA officially recognizes self-regulating cryptocurrency industry body

Crypto News

https://www.coindesk.com/new-stablecoin-tied-to-australian-dollar-is-launching-on-stellars-blockchain/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/coinbase-gets-approval-to-offer-crypto-custody-services-in-the-state-of-new-york https://www.dfs.ny.gov/about/press/pr1810231.htm https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-approved-to-offer-crypto-custody-services-in-new-york/ https://www.ccn.com/new-york-gives-coinbase-green-light-to-offer-regulated-crypto-custody/ https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/10/24/regulatory-green-light-coinbase-custody-to-launch-in-new-york-state/ https://www.coindesk.com/japanese-crypto-exchange-group-gets-legal-status-to-self-regulate-industry/ https://www.ccn.com/breaking-japan-approves-self-regulation-for-cryptocurrency-industry/ https://bitcoinist.com/japan-cryptocurrency-self-regulate/ https://www.ccn.com/chinas-largest-newspaper-group-to-launch-blockchain-laboratory/ https://www.coindesk.com/indian-police-seize-atm-run-by-crypto-exchange-unocoin/ https://www.ccn.com/unocoin-rolls-back-first-crypto-atm-in-india-amidst-controversy/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/police-arrest-indian-crypto-exchange-co-founder-for-unregistered-illegal-bitcoin-atm https://cointelegraph.com/news/chinese-consortium-led-by-huawei-and-tencent-to-launch-coinless-blockchain https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/fisco-bcos-challenging-hyperledger-fabric-with-a-consortium-chain-from-china-300733474.html https://www.ccn.com/mark-cuban-backed-ico-receives-esports-crypto-betting-license/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/dash-ceo-ryan-taylor-central-bank-issued-cryptocurrencies-are-the-inevitable-future
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Simple steps (in my opinion) to a better economy and overall happier society

I'm a 28 year old teacher, and I'm sick and tired of seeing the erosion of both our economy and the general pleasantness of the citizens in it. Children engulf themselves into the addictive screens of their parents' iPads instead of playing outside and breathing in fresh air (great job mom and dad). Parents make Facebook posts about how incredible their child is, ironically while ignoring their child because they too are addicted to technology. No one has a filter anymore. Road rage is ridiculous. Energy drinks are consumed by isolated and underdeveloped young minds. The expression "Thank You!" is gradually disappearing. The younger generation doesn't understand what a whisper is when they sit in a movie theater and watch a movie (Hell, I'll take the entire theater whispering over the kids that come into theaters thinking that it's OK to talk full voice). My generation will spend money on a monthly gym membership before paying off a credit card that is killing their credit. Priorities, folks.
People are (so) poor. Families who can't afford healthcare in a very pricey situation like cancer treatment are giving up hope. Our country seems to want to focus on the "now" rather than the future: credit cards, common core standards in education, taking money from Social Security. The collective group of politicians aren't noble anymore. Money can dictate/influence state/federal programs (i.e. Bill Gates' role in education). Parents get mad at the teacher when their child is disciplined in school, or performs poorly.
Simply put: I don't feel as patriotic as I did as a kid. I thought for awhile that it was just me getting older, and "mad at the world". Here's the thing though...I'm 28 years old and open minded on just about everything in life. Lately though, certain things I see are just simply getting under my skin. I was sitting in the dentists' office yesterday waiting to be called in. I looked around and saw four middle school aged kids, each with their own mother next to them. The kids were texting, never looking away from the screens, and lashing out every time the mothers engaged in conversation with them. Here's the thing, I'm young enough to know that this isn't just "a kid being a kid". Hell, I graduated high school just ten years ago and I wasn't this isolated. Do you want to know my theory? I think that when you give a child a piece of technology that 84% of Americans say they couldn't go a day without, load them up with sugar and caffeine (CAFFEINE!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? My parents would NEVER have let me drink a "latte" or have a cup of coffee in middle school) and barely socialize with those around them (mainly outside of school). And face it, we've all seen that group of people at a party or in schools who are all sitting around a table, texting people instead of talking to each other like human beings. That's truly a sad sight. It's really rude too. Have you ever been in a conversation with a person who, as you're talking, starts to look down to their phone and focus their attention on a tiny screen? That's like you and me sitting on a train, having an in-depth conversation, and right as you start to make a new point, I pull out a newspaper and put it up between us and start to read it almost as if you're not there.
OK, so it's not just the lazy and entitled youth that makes my skin crawl. I started thinking about the fact that I was the first in my family to graduate college. I did it. I had a dream and a goal, and I accomplished it. I was lucky enough to land a full time job and start building equity. When I took a step back though, I started to ask myself "why am I getting further and further in debt if I have a full time job?" Suddenly, I didn't feel as honored to be making a yearly salary. My 21 year old brother attended one semester of college and is a mechanic, making around 13 dollars per hour. Not bad at all for a guy doing exactly what he loves. 13 dollars isn't a whole lot in the grand scheme of things though. Which got me thinking...why is his credit better than mine? I make an annual income and he could get approved for a mortgage before I could. Ahhhh that's right, my student debt.
Not as many handshakes anymore. People don't seem to look you in the eye or smile when walking past you. Why? What has changed since the 1950's? No forget that...what has changed since the late 90's/early 2000's when I was a teenager? My friends and I (and most every kid I knew) were always outside, people were engaging and pleasant to each other and even those less fortunate that were around me weren't struggling by any means. Audible/visible stress and anger were not so outward and obvious. Well, this was right around the time that Clinton left with a surplus in our economy. Could this mean that money truly make us happy? The theme of many great novels has affirmed that money doesn't buy you happiness. But, does it at least help? Does a plethora of cash turn the top tier of wealthy Americans into Smaug from The Hobbit? Isolating themselves from society, sitting a top their mountain of gold?
See, I'm a realist at heart. I think that in life, we tend to over complicate things in searching for solutions. Psychiatrists over-prescribe medications for depression (I am a hypocrite because I fall into this) to patients who sit inside for more than half of the day watching TV and using their computers. We stuff data down children's throats and over complicate very basic and simple fundamentals through Common Core ELA Standards. So I find myself asking, "what simple steps could our country take to improve life for everyone? What could we do to get more money in the majority of our country's hands, and get back to a (real life) social culture, with interactions and enthusiasm?" Well, here are some ideas I have. Agree or disagree with me. I by no means "know it all". I just interact with kids everyday, and am learning through my very low bank account what's diminishing my daily drive:
  1. FRACTIONALLY cut our defense spending: Please don't take this the wrong way. Lets say we spent 750,000,000,000 last year on our nation's defense. This year, we're going to cut that budget by TWO percent. That's it. That's nothing compared to the overall budget allotted. That minuscule cut would generate 1.5 BILLION dollars back into our economy.
  2. Legalize and tax marijuana at the federal level: This honestly is not my bag. I'm asthmatic for starters. But I know one thing: you can make a KILLING on taxing the "drug" nationwide, while also fighting the war on drugs. We spend almost 20 billion dollars per year trying to fight the use of pot. Our tax dollars go toward the prison systems that house so many light offenders. Thousands of jobs are being created in states where pot is now legal. I think that opponents envision a country of dumb and lazy stoners if it were approved. Come on, this isn't Dazed and Confused. Plus how can we morally allow drinking but not marijuana? The annual rate of alcohol-related deaths in our country is pushing 30,000. With weed, it's less than the number of people who lose their life to tobacco use. I'm not saying people who smoke pot aren't going to get behind a wheel and get in an accident. But I am saying they are more likely to sit home, eat all of the food in their house and fall asleep. And I also am saying that science is telling us it's not addictive (like alcohol is). Where's the harm in that? They probably were giggling uncontrollably before they fell asleep too.
  3. Put that "common core" spending into schools in general: Help schools LOOK better, and fund their after school programs. ENTICE kids to want to go to school. Don't push them away with a "one size fits all" standard.
  4. Require drug testing for those on welfare: I teach in a high-needs school district, so I will be the first to tell you that culture plays a huge role in the standard of life for many. So many American's truly need assistance from the government and I believe they should get it. We all know though that there is a percentage of that group that takes advantage of the system. So, drug test them to ensure that said money isn't going toward illegal substances, and maybe those citizens will get back to work faster, and contribute to a stimulating economy.
  5. Make the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD MUCH more strict: Again, I'm a teacher so I know that this sort of thing is no myth. Attention disorders are real. They plague our children in a time where it's hard to focus anyways. I myself did and still do suffer from ADHD. Here's the thing though. When I went into the doctor back at the end of high school to finally address this head on, all it took was a brief conversation to hand me a script for Ritalin and label me "ADHD". It's not so much the "lets not label them too quickly" that worries me. I've taken and still take Adderall. Truthfully, it helps me out a great deal. I'm on a very low dose of it. The doctor started me off on Ritalin though. It was great at first. I could get my work done and focus, and my god, I LOVED talking to everyone about everything. Most of what was around me started to interest me. As the medicine wore off though, I started to feel so angry for no reason. I locked myself in my bedroom, clenched my fist when a person walked past my bedroom, stayed away from conversation with virtually anyone. I never slept. It was awful. For those of you who don't understand what ADD medicine is, it's amphetamine salts. Simply put, it stimulates your central nervous system. Ya know, sort of like crack? So, we have these wired young minds, who could be suffering from the side effects that I went through, angry at the world and not knowing why, downing caffeine and getting more irritable. Focus all of their new energy and attention to video games and Smart Phone screens. This is our youth people. We need to encourage NATURAL development. Get them outside and fund the development of an ADD medication without the harsh side effects. Let kids be happy again.
  6. A very large offense for texting while driving: Again, kids need to understand that the phone doesn't need to be in their hand 24/7. Do you know what the leading cause of teen death in this country is? It's not drugs and alcohol. That's right, it's texting while driving. I'm so sick and tired of watching a car swerve all over the road while tailgating the car in front of them. That's not OK. Make it a humongous number (lets say $1,000 first offense, $5,000 second offense, jail time 3rd offense). That may do the trick. Then, put those fines into something positive like our education system.
  7. Start pulling people over when they go five miles over the speed limit or tailgate: I'm sorry, I know this will be an unpopular one. Let me explain...I got pulled over three weeks ago for speeding. I was pissed. I almost felt like "how dare you pull me over!?". Then I realized WHY I was mad. I'm so use to seeing people go 10-15 miles above the limit, past a cop, and not get pulled over. Why? THEY SHOULD get a ticket. That's not OK. You're driving 60 in a 55? Too bad, you're getting a ticket. There shouldn't be a "window of allowance" in the law. We live in an age where cars have cruise control. I realized after thinking about this that I was the jerk, and I absolutely deserved a ticket. Oh yeah, and THAT money goes back into the economy too. I'm an idiot? Well, society can benefit from it.
  8. Require learning a foreign language, taking a music course and being involved on sports team/club at EVERY grade level up through graduation: Again, our country over thinks solving problems. "How in the world can we improve test scores and make kids smarter?!". Hmmm, how about we look at what activities naturally do this. Did you know that people who learn a second language and are bilingual students are better at prioritizing and managing multiple tasks? Did you know that by learning a second language, you actually improve your skills in your native language as well (ya know, all of that ELA improvement stuff?). Did you know that kids who learn an instrument have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than those who don't? Did you know Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education? Did you know that Schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate and 93.9% attendance rate compared to schools without music education, which average 72.9% graduation and 84.9% attendance? Did you know musicians tend to have an IQ score between 7-10 points higher than those who don't? Did you know that (across the board), kids involved in sports tend to have higher grades, greater personal confidence and self-esteem, stronger peer relationships and are more able to be a part of a team-oriented job after college? ....Are you kidding me?! Why are we not throwing tons of dollars at this stuff?!?!!? There's a huge part of the solution, people. Simple. Do you know what my favorite part of the day was when I went to school? Yup, all three of the activities that I listed. They seemed "fun" to me, but were challenging my brain more than I could have ever imagined.
  9. Allow student loan deferment up until one year after obtaining a full-time job: I know I know, this seems like it will create more of a lazy culture. I beg to differ though. I think people my age are just tired. They are tired of graduating college with a plethora of ambition and enthusiasm to succeed, and very quickly becoming broke from the ridiculous 6 month deferment of their student loans. If we want to invest in our country's economic future, shouldn't we encourage college graduates to begin their life and start building credit/equity/savings while spending? I was responsible with my money and passionate about job searching right out of college, but the truth is, I could barely live on any substitute teaching income because of my student loan payments AND their interest rates. If I could have continued looking for a job, paid off my immediate bills and SAVED that money that went into loan payments, I would have had a much better shot at being a contributor to our economy. Isn't spending a large part of stimulating an economy? Well, lets get people spending! Buy a home, purchase a car for job searching. Whatever the spending is though, I assure you excessive interest rates that turn into corporate profits are not going to help our economy. I'm not saying people shouldn't be responsible for the money that they borrow in college. I'm simply saying give them a fair chance at succeeding.
  10. Have a more well known federal student loan forgiveness plan: Some of you may know that if you teach in a high-needs district for a minimum of five years in New York State, you can have a portion of your federal borrowed money wiped out. I'm not complaining...that's awesome. Why not do this for all jobs? Forgive a percentage of a person's GOVERNMENT student loans if they hold down a job for five (maybe even ten?) consecutive years. They are showing that they are devoted to being an active member of society, while stimulating growth in our economy. After all, the government isn't GIVING you any money by offering this. It was already given. It was already borrowed. So, they aren't losing MORE money by forgiving that small percent. It's a win-win.
  11. Get down on overseas profiting by large corporations: This a no-brainer. It's hard to stomach the idea that I have a great deal of taxes taken out of my pay check, but companies like Apple and Google can avoid the hundreds of BILLIONS in taxes that they should be paying by keeping their assets overseas. I'm not down with that.
  12. Tax the rich ($400,000 annually) at a higher rate: When Clinton was in power (I know, he had his problems too as president, but hear me out), he raised the top two tax brackets to 36 and 39 percent. Look at our country when Eisenhower taxed the rich at NINETY-ONE percent! (Keep in mind, we still are under 40 percent right now). Everyone from an economic standpoint, was better off. A 90 percent top marginal tax rate doesn’t mean that if you make $450,000, you are going to pay $405,000 in federal income taxes. Americans have a well-documented trouble understanding the notion of marginal tax rates. The marginal tax rate is the amount you pay on your income above a certain amount. Right now, you pay the top marginal tax rate on every dollar you earn over $406,750. So if you make $450,000, you only pay the top rate on your final $43,250 in income.
  13. Along with number 12, adjust tax rates based upon socioeconomic status: If I'm a middle class citizen, I see more benefit to our economy by paying a fraction higher in tax than those who are trying to get their life back on track, with little-no income.
  14. Allow but STRICTLY regulate online gambling: During my Masters Program, I took a class called "The Ethics of Gambling" where you learn all of the cons that come from the addiction of virtual casino gaming. I wasn't totally against the country's ban until I recently was cashing out at my local Wegmans grocery store. I looked in front of me at three huge scratch off machines. Men and women were scratching tickets viciously, throwing away dollar after dollar, hoping to hit it big. It was then that I thought, "if I can throw away money here, why can't I do it from the comfort of my home?" If our government only allowed a certain amount of deposits and a minimum deposit amount, it could help combat the overly excessive spending for those who are awfully addicted. "Oh you want to play poker? Sure, but you can only deposit a maximum of $50.00 per year of your own money. Budget that how you will. Any money you make is fair game. Feel free to keep using that. But you cannot deposit ANY more and gamble away your families savings. Oh, and we'll track it, so don't try to pull one over on us." And hey why not require a tax and minimal fee (lets say 1.00 even)? If 20 million Americans deposit 10 bucks on the site, that's 20 million dollars toward the economy outside of the taxes.
  15. Anyone on welfare must have their mobile phone deactivated: I'm sorry, but our world thinks we NEED a smart phone. We don't. It's that simple. Email them, write a letter or hell, just go visit. OR, you can pay a close-to-nothing bill for a landline that you pay for with your welfare fund (lets say 5 bucks a month). You are given the government landline phone, and you're still left with a large portion of your benefits. If you want your Smart Phone use back, go get a job. Simple.
  16. Stricter guidelines by the FCC: Another one I doubt will be liked by many: Please keep in mind, I'm young and by no means a "perfect" ethical person. I watch The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, True Detective, George Romero zombie movies, grew up on punk rock music like Bad Religion and NOFX, so I have a close relationship with poor messages and awful language. To me though, the problem is how accessible awful content is to VERY young kids. Every year, I feel like a "worse" word is being said on TV. And I'm not talking about late night TV. I mean right around the time that a family sits down to eat dinner. On top of that, every time I turn on a talk radio station on my drive into school or on my way home (local station too), the two DJ's get away with some seriously awful words. And, the songs they play seem to drop more and more censored words all of the time. Morals at an early age. Teach kids a strict way to live early on, and then let them decide what sort of life they want to continue after that. Set up a strong foundation, and then let them do with it what they want. Kids shouldn't get away with everything before high school. They should learn the rules and laws in a very scary way.
  17. Category Spending Caps for federal assistance programs: Again, people NEED welfare. I know this and advocate for it myself. I think though that if the pre-loaded card had the amounts budgeted out for the recipient, it would lead to a less abused system. For example, "Sure Jon, you're approved for government assistance! We're giving 1600 dollars per month. We set this amount based on your necessary expenditures. Here is your breakdown sheet. It shows you how much you have on it. Be careful because once it's gone, it's gone until next month. You have the 500/month for your rent, 400 here for food and toilet trees, 100 for gas, 50 for job-interview clothes/supplies, 50 dollars for total family clothes, 475 for the utility costs you listed to us, and 25 dollars for whatever you choose. You can use this last 25 for whatever you'd like. Here's the thing though, you have a list here of activities or places you can spend it at. For example, we will let you use this to take your family out one time to do something as a family that you choose. It has to be on this list though. If you don't use it, it DOES NOT roll over". Some of you may say, "oh come on, that 'fun' money will leave people milking the system!!". Think about this though...how much do you spend PER MONTH on just entertainment? I can guarantee you it's more than $25.00. I'll bet you that small portion of people abusing the system will get sick and tired of being told HOW to spend the assistance money, and go find a job.
  18. Stop over-crowding our prisons for God's sake: We have the world's highest rate of incarcerated people. In 2009 alone, 1.66 million Americans were arrested on drug charges, more than were arrested on assault or larceny charges. And 4 of 5 of those arrests were simply for possession. Our country spends over TWENTY THOUSAND dollars annually per prisoner. Are you kidding me? This statistic sickens me. The worst part is it leads people to blindly believe that prisoners have it SOOO good. It's not that though. It's the fact that it's costing our country SOOOOOO much to fund all of these prisoners.
  19. Follow Finland's approach to education: That's right, Finland is the world's superpower in educating young minds. And guess what? They don't do it with standardized testing. They do not believe in a centralized education system with exam-driven evaluations. They hire the best teachers available, allow their teachers to go through a mentor program where older teachers help them adjust, create their own curriculum and use grade level meetings everyday, where teachers can discuss shared students and how to help accommodate their needs.
  20. A required common sense proficiency test (with questions pertaining to the child's level of function/special needs of course): Do you know what saddens me? When kids tell me that the capital of New York (state we're in) is New York City. Or, when they can't tell me who the Vice President is, Or, they have no idea that the Erie Canal is the closest canal to us, and that there are 5,280 feet in a mile. Why is this stuff important? I don't know, honestly. I just find it hard to be OK with the fact that kids are being asked to show five steps to adding 3 + 3 on the NYS standardized tests, but can't tell me basic knowledge like this. Oh, and don't even get me started on cursive. I can't believe so many kids don't know how to sign their name in this country. Don't blame the teachers. How can they spend time on teaching the artistic skill and identity of signing your name, when they are cramming to vaguely cover everything that COULD be on their standardized final.
  21. Increase the federal aid to poverty-stricken school districts: I teach in a district like this, and it's a beautiful little town. The problem is that the district is required to raise property taxes to help fund school programs, which then diverts any chance of families starting a life there. Families avoiding the village ultimately pushes business from starting up. So, you have a school district who isn't receiving much federal aid, raising their taxes, not receiving any corporate taxes from local companies and of course cutting programs left and right for children.
  22. Provide an incentive for companies to start up in these sort of small villages: I don't know what the incentive would be. A first year tax cut? Something. Maybe then you'll see a new store locate here bringing jobs and funding to the school district. I hate fat-cat corporations as much as the next, but I love my school district more, and want to see it start to revamp itself.
  23. Put a limit on the amount of credit cards/charge cards per family and per individual: I'm so sick of hearing about how badly in debt everyone is from credit cards. Meanwhile, their kids are barely able to eat because the family is broke. Why should I be allowed to open a Macys, Kohls, Target, Walmart, Visa, Capital One, Master Card all while paying six other bills? If we want to stimulate our economy, maybe we should start to put a limit on how many plastic cards we can get approved for, no matter how good your credit is.
  24. Don't allow a child under 16 (by law) to have a Smart Phone: We know the health risks of them, the distracted driving rates, the detachment from society. If you are a parent who truly believes your kid needs a cell phone in case of an emergency, then they are only allowed to have a simple flip phone. No texting. When you sign up for your family plan, you must put their info in, including age, so that they are not allowed this distraction during the most important years of their brain development. If they are bored without the Smart Phone, tell them to go outside like other kids. Boom.
  25. Give a federal government "gift" of some sort to couples that get married: When I say gift, I'm talking about like $25-$50. It's just one more incentive (on top of love of course) to increase the dismal rate of marriages nowadays. More families means more spending. If the government is praising and acknowledging marriage, maybe others will see it as an exciting thing to.
  26. Last but certainly not least, universal healthcare: Do you know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of hearing about (and seeing in my own life) people dying from conditions that they couldn't afford the treatment to. I'm sick of families filing for bankruptcy because of their mountain of hospital bills. Every human being deserves the chance for survival when it comes to money. Every year 100 million people are pushed into poverty because they have to pay for health services directly. And then guess what? They have to apply for assistance, and we spend more on the program. In 2010, 79 countries devoted less than 10% of government expenditure to health. Why don't we raise the taxes even more on alcohol and tobacco purchases, and put that money into our universal health program funding?
Well, that's the end of my rant. I apologize if I offended anyone. I really hope we see a change in our society. I have always felt pride toward our country, but always find myself dreaming of living in the family times of the 1950's (maybe it's from the Steven King books I've been reading). I hope we get back to those good, happy, un-distracted times.
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"TIL two men were brought up on federal hacking charges when they exploited a bug in video poker machines and won half a million dollars. His lawyer argued, "All these guys did is simply push a sequence of buttons that they were legally entitled to push." The case was dismissed."

- mike_pants | comments | 4863 points


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This is why card counting is not illegal, but will get you blacklisted from casinos. If you can find a bug or a loophole within the normal function of the game, and do not introduce any outside devices, it's not cheating.
- CalvinDehaze | 319 points | [link]
The half mil was only for one man, as well. The other man's winnings were never revealed but it is thought to be more.
- mike_pants | 2367 points | [link]
I work in online casinos/sports betting and poker. (Legal and Illegal)
This happens relatively often, at least 3/4 times a year, not just with poker.
We once had a canadian teenager discover a bug on our video poker game, it paid out regardless if you won or lost. He discovered it on Friday, had his whole family play 24/7over the weekend and we only realised it when we came into the office on Monday and were GBP 750K short. We sued the game provider and got the money back. (We were mainl [...]
- dawidsteenkamp | 1599 points | [link]



"TIL that a man spent several years acting as the mate of a female whooping crane - sleeping, dancing, and building nests with her - as part of an effort to save the species from extinction. And it worked!"

- cunninglylanguid | comments | 4180 points


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Here's a picture of him and a (the?) crane for anyone who was wondering what this might have looked like (me).
- Kokopelli13 | 853 points | [link]
> As word spread, Archibald and the cranes became a sensation. Johnny Carson even called and invited him to be a guest on his show. Archibald was thrilled about how things were going. Until he received a phone call shortly before taking the stage on the Carson show. There was bad news: During the night a pack of raccoons had broken into the bird enclosures, and killed Tex. When he shared the sad news with Carson, everyone in the studio gasped.
How sad :(
- Lemina | 1328 points | [link]
>There was another occasion on Archibald's mind as well: Gee Whiz's 30th birthday. Tex's little chick has grown to father many offspring, including a female that this year became the first of her lineage to breed in the wild. "I call her my great grandchick," jokes Archibald. "She winters with my granddaughter on Goose Lake, in Indiana. I think about them a lot."
There's a lot of awww in this article. But there's also a lot of sadness. Help, I'm on a roller coaster and I want to get off!
- Hereibe | 563 points | [link]



"TIL the man who sang George Clooney's parts in O Brother Where Art Thou also sings lead on Avicii's "Hey Brother""

- kertcu | comments | 3093 points


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Dan Tyminski belongs to a bluegrass band called Union Station that usually performs with Allison Krauss.
What's funny is when he told his wife about being Clooney's singing voice on "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" she said (about Clooney's body and Dan's voice), "Dan, that's my fantasy!" (1:15:48 for mobile)
EDIT: More info and link thanks to Tenarius
- SSJStarwind16 | 654 points | [link]
Lets give the man credit where it's due. You can at least give them his name OP.
Dan Tyminski is his name and he is quite talented.
The entire soundtrack for that movie was composed and performed by greats. For anyone who hasn't saw the movie, he is a sample from when they won that years best soundtrack. Dan's part is at about 2:40
- Grand_Wizard_Juis | 277 points | [link]
I knew I recognized that voice!!!
- Lizard__Breath | 45 points | [link]



"TIL police in White Plains, NY used racial epithets, broke down the door, and then shot and killed a 68 year old Marine veteran when his medical alert device accidentally went off. No officers were punished for their roles in the tragedy"

- zachalicious | comments | 2379 points


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I was active duty navy when I was profiled in my neighborhood. Said I matched the description of someone. Tall black man. Handcuffed, searched, vehicle illegally searched. My white fiance went for a walk and saw me sitting on the ground in cuffs and started crying. The minute she showed up, they finally believed me and let me go. It's crazy to think that nowadays any interaction no matter how innocent, has a high probability to escalate to an unknown level.
- walkmann14 | 373 points | [link]
I live a few blocks from where this happened, and I didn't even know (before the incident) that this building was public housing. To put this into perspective, there is a Ritz Carlton and a Trump Tower only a 4 blocks from there.
edit: Now I remember this, it wasn't a big deal here in White Plains. The PD got in trouble for the racism part, but they had to do a welfare check. Cops in White Plains are pretty chill for the most part, because they don't have a lot to deal with, mostly property [...]
- particle409 | 15 points | [link]
Jeez. Never even heard about this happening and I live about 5 minutes away. Small world.
- taco_socks | 25 points | [link]



"TIL: Green eyes make up only 1-2% of the entire human population, and natural occurring Violet colored eyes exist."

- iLaird | comments | 1977 points


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Now I can officially say "I am the 1%"
- XIRisingIX | 327 points | [link]
no wonder David Lo Pan had so much trouble finding a bride
- bolanrox | 55 points | [link]
Violet eyes are usually associated with a wide range of health issues, so 50/50.
- starstarstar42 | 85 points | [link]



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