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Invest in sports betting?

I really think sports betting is going to take off in the next 2-5 years and I want to get in now. What’s the best way to invest?
Seriously. I can see designated areas at all games where you can live bet. What will the next pitch be, what will the best play be, etc. Pretty sure it’s already happening in some places. The sports betting industry is going to skyrocket.
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Anyone invest in Sports betting software?

Only company I could find was Sportech PLC which trades on the London exchange. Any competitors, specifically that trade on the NYSE that anyone is aware of?
EDIT: To clarify I'm not referring to sites like DraftKings or Fanduel. Specifically software that operates things like Off Track Betting in bars, and could potentially expand when new legislation is past.
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Sports betting website development services have taken leverage in the past one year. The task of predicting results of sports matches and the way to place bets on the outcome of any sports match or events is a great way to accomplish revenue followed by a huge fan base. While sports betting games like cricket and football include people earning their bread and butter, however, it also includes people who bet for entertainment. You can provide millions with the platform to bet using the right sports betting API.
A bet has two possibilities. Either you win, or you lose. Bookmakers or bookies are the companies that provide sports betting services for the betting agency. Betting exchange is the service provider who offers a marketplace. The customer or the candidate who places a bet is called Punter.


API is an application programming interface that is set between two websites to fetch data from the other. The website provides an application programming interface that creates flexibility for the other site. Ones the application programming interface is implemented to one website, the website that is executed will have access to all market odds.


The entrepreneurs have taken sports betting to a new level by providing a common platform to all the sports lovers. This concept of best sports betting API has provided wagers to sports lovers and service providers, through which the customers are also benefitted and earned a significant profit in the market.


A number of sports betting API has made entry to business and some have become the leading sports betting API provider in the market. Here are some of the list:


Please do not consider the cost as the deciding factor while you invest in sports betting API. The owners do not generate revenue when they lose a bid but also get a commission when they win and the adds that appear on the website give another fixed income.


The primary area of concern is the cost and flexibility of the mode of payment when one decides the project. Depending upon the policies of different best sports betting website development company in India, either you are asked to take things digitally or use currencies.
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Is it possible the sports gamblers are now investing in the market as an avenue for the betting addictions ?

I was just wondering why the market keeps going up and I could be way off but, is it possible the gamblers are just moving their money into different stocks the same day, thus keeping the market going? They invested once sports betting closed, thus moving the market back up after March crash. I’m not sure how much money it takes to move the market one percent , but is it even a possibility? And if so, I’d “wager” the market goes down once sport betting is back.
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Can betting be a full time job?

During the last years I've been thinking if I could be a full time bettor. In fact, I tried to be but I didn't took it. It is extremely hardand tough. But yeah, it is possible!!! I am giving me opinion regarding this.
As any other business you must spend a bunch of time either learning or looking for the best odds.
First of all, you have to take into account that the betting market is laid out so that you loose. Sports betting houses profit from your loses. That is why they offer a lot of bonuses, deposit promotions, boosted odds and so on.
For instance, the only way for you to be profitable at sports betting is on the long-term. You shouldn’t look to get rich overnight. So, first of all you should have enough bankroll to start looking to football betting as a business.
Second, you have to be patient and not irrational! Forget about accumulator bets. It can seem the easiest way to get rich (with $1 you can get maybe $1000 or more). But if you understand how probabilities work, you will perceive that the true probability of those bets can be fewer than 1% most of the times.
Third, look for value betting. What is value betting? In its essence, value betting is taking advantage of overpriced odds. Such overpricing represents a situation in which the bookmaker offers you odds higher than the real odds. In other words, the probability of a certain event happening is actually higher than that listed by the bookie. This means that there is an advantage for the bettor to make some money, in the long run.
How do you do that? It is possible but extremely hard. You just have about 5 seconds to clinch that advantage of the house (odds are based on the users demand. That’s why the odds are so volatile). You must have a diversify portfolio. This means that your betting routine can reach astonishing limits (for example. You maybe have to wake up at 5 a.m to bet on japanese football and be awake at 9 p.m to bet in NBA). That is why this strategy is really complicated, despite being possible and a way of business.
Since 2019 I started using betmarkets. With this platform I don't have to spend more than 60% of my day searching for bets! It is a web platform that allows you to invest in sports betting by automatically placing the experts (verified specialists) recommendations on your own account. In this way, you can gain advantage over the house and you don’t have to put yourself routine away.
Give your opinion about sports betting. I want to get to know from different perspectives!!
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[Top Stories] - Thematic investing is a growing trend in ETFs, researcher says, as sports betting fund launches | NBC

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[Top Stories] - Thematic investing is a growing trend in ETFs, researcher says, as sports betting fund launches

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Is it possible the sports gamblers are now investing in the market as an avenue for the betting addictions ?

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05-06 11:25 - 'I think a lot of people in Serbia like MLM and other "get something without investing any effort" schemes like sports betting. / So no wonder why SNS took off as it did.' by /u/brokendefeated removed from /r/europe within 28-38min

I think a lot of people in Serbia like MLM and other "get something without investing any effort" schemes like sports betting.
So no wonder why SNS took off as it did.
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LPT: if you have to watch a sports event you're not interested in, bet on it being a draw, it makes you invested in every point.

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What is BetBox?

BetBox, found online at Betbox.ai, aims to turn sports betting into an alternative asset class. To do that, BetBox has created a hedge fund that uses machine learning and deep neural networks to make intelligent predictions.
The hedge fund’s strategy is implemented by a large team of BetBox researchers. The fund ingests 1.6 million pieces of information daily, then runs that information through proprietary technology and algorithms.
The ultimate goal of the hedge fund is to provide capital growth by investing in sports betting markets through algorithm-based trading.
To help achieve that goal, BetBox is conducting an ICO over November and December.
Ultimately, BetBox aims to introduce AI-driven trading to a market that many people believe is unpredictable:
“Betting has always been pointed out as an unclear, obscure and unsecure market. That is correct if you perceive it from an emotional point of view: you bet on your dream team and you lose, but you will still continue to bet on your dream team. That is not rational, that’s emotional. What if we changed your perspective and looked at this market in a functional way, as an investment opportunity, a chance to diversify your income portfolio?”
Basically, BetBox believes there’s an opportunity to use data to beat bookmakers in multiple sports worldwide.

How Does BetBox Work?

BetBox combines fully automated and scalable AI technology with deep neural networks, machine learning, and a “performing infrastructure architecture.” BetBox’s data-driven approach was built with the goal of developing sophisticated trading models for the sports betting market.
That hedge fund analyzes 1.6 million pieces of information daily using algorithms and proprietary technology. These algorithms are designed to make predictions in sports betting markets.
The fund will not invest more than 10% of its assets under management (AUM) into each BetBox algo-trading model.
The fund also has an annual management fee of 3%, plus a performance fee of 30%. Performance fees are uncapped, so there’s no maximum fee.
The BetBox whitepaper outlines the optimal betting strategy that will be used by the platform. That strategy will be used to conduct automated betting across multiple sports worldwide.
The end result is a hedge fund built to achieve maximum profitability from a market that many had previously believed was unpredictable.

The BetBox ICO

The BetBox pre-ICO begins on November 9. All BetBox tokens (BETX) give you the right to receive 20% of the BetBox hedge fund’s net transaction revenue.
31.1% of the crowdsale tokens are being distributed during the pre-ICO. There’s a hard cap of 7.8 million BETX for the pre-ICO, with a soft cap of 746,093 BETX. The price of the token will be 0.0034 ETH during he pre-ICO, with no minimum purchase amount required.
The pre-ICO is scheduled for November 9, 2017 to January 18, 2018.
Anyone who purchases BETX tokens during the pre-sale will receive one “GiftCoin” for each BETX they purchase. Each GiftCoin allows investors to enter the BetBox platform any time for one entire day (24 hours) and see how they invest on European Top Players.
More Information
Bount0x ID : hllelek33
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This is the new angle for digital sports media. Gambling. And The Ringer has definitely invested in the sports betting arena w/ their various “guess the lines”-like pods. Barstool valued at $450m...

This is the new angle for digital sports media. Gambling. And The Ringer has definitely invested in the sports betting arena w/ their various “guess the lines”-like pods. Barstool valued at $450m... submitted by alexandersuper666 to billsimmons [link] [comments]

Investing in Future of Sports Betting

It’s pretty clear now sports betting is happening in America. Any ideas on where to “bet” on it’s success?
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Sports fans, why do you get so invested in games that you aren’t betting on?

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This is the new angle for digital sports media. Gambling. And The Ringer has definitely invested in the sports betting arena w/ their various “guess the lines”-like pods. Barstool valued at $450m...

This is the new angle for digital sports media. Gambling. And The Ringer has definitely invested in the sports betting arena w/ their various “guess the lines”-like pods. Barstool valued at $450m... submitted by alexandersuper666 to TheRinger [link] [comments]

There is no reason to be invested in sports unless you do sports betting

I used to be a huge sports fan, but then I stopped, a year ago, then a couple years ago I started online betting, what use is there supporting a team if something isn’t on the line?
The trill alone makes it worth it
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Sitnex operates simultaneously in several areas. We are engaged in the mining of crypto-currencies, we invest in business, and also earn on sports betting. Solving problems in several spheres of activity allows us and our investors to get a guaranteed and stable profit.
In the amount of mined crypto currency is directly dependent on the power of computers, so we use the latest equipment of the highest class.
Investing in business is one of the best ways to increase capital. Our analysts carefully study the business projects of each entrepreneur who has applied to us. Thus, we invest only in reliable and promising projects that bring profit.
Investing in sports betting is a rather risky type of investment. Therefore, we approach this area of ​​investment by our company especially carefully. Specialists of Sitnex search for professional capers and bookmakers with a good reputation and positive indicators. Before investing, we analyze the results of the activity of the bookmaker organization and the capers, their history and indicators. Therefore, the risks associated with the incompetence of capers or bookmakers are reduced to zero.
Investment plans:
0.40% per day for 365 days
Min / max deposit: $ 1 / 100,000 $
Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash
Payments: instant (min 0.1 $)
Ref.System: 7-3-1%
check in https://clck.ru/DMiHc
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BETTER: A sports betting app?

Hi Guys!

A buddy of mine introduced me to a new US sports betting app - its called Better. I've been invested in sports betting for the past 4 years. I figured after PASPA there would be a ton of companies moving to this space, guess Better has the first mover advantage. Its great that sports betting is legal now. I live in Delaware, was wondering if any of you have heard about it? Have any thoughts? Apparently, its blowing up in silicon valley because of 0 fees associated with bets. That would be clutch. I know Beta is out soon, but I'm far off on the waitlist line.

The website is: www.bettersportsapp.com incase you were wondering.

I love how simple the sign up is, hate how late I feel to the game.
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Never Trust a Handicapper That Doesn't Bet Thier Own Picks!

So let's say you have $4k to invest in sports betting and here comes a guy that has all the answers. He promises 1000% returns but he never bets his own money. Why not? They have been studying and watching every single game so they should trust their own judgment, right? Well the handicapping industry is filled with scammers they will take 50% of thier clients and tell them team A will win then they turn around and tell the other 50% bet on team B so at least 50% think this guy is a god. That is why they are frauds. You see them on instagram posting tickets after the game ends not right before or they never even step foot into a sportsbook. They take your money and prey on your desire to make more money to buy that house you wanted to pay off your mortgage etc. This is way transparency is the only way sports bettors are protected. If a handicapper doesn't tell you right after the game begins who they bet then they are frauds. Period. At SportsTrader.pro http://bit.ly/2O91eaU-SportsTrader we are 100% transparent and best of all after we reach 30 consultants we will never sell a pick and usurp our consultants. Join us for a better and trustworthy experience. Follow one of our rising stars Beef @ http://bit.ly/SportsTrader-Beef
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What exactly is the difference between Sports betting and Investing in the stock market or shares?

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Sports Betting Index Fund: Feasible?

I have a very limited knowledge of sports betting and statistical analysis, even investing for that matter, so bare with me on this. I know that it is possible under new regulations in Nevada to invest in sports betting investment funds, is there any sense in creating an index that tracks strictly low odds/high risk sports bets? For instance, investing in all current bets across all sporting events with 10:1 odds or lower. Is there potential here to increase probability by diversifying, or is this just plain stupid?
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What are the ways to invest money online?

Actually, I am asking to invest money betting or casino games rather than a saving scheme. One of my friends invests in sports betting like football and cricket thus deals with FIFA 55. However, he suggested me the same still I want the recommendation for similar sites to enjoy adventure and make extra money as well.
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How To Invest Your Money Using Sportsbetting How Bookies Cheat and How I Beat the Bookies Sports Betting - Calculating Return on Investment - Learn Sports Betting How to Make Money In Soccer Betting - Don't Bet, Invest Make money with Arbitrage Betting in 2020 (arbing, arb betting, arb software)

Even the best esports stocks could be a risky investment If you are looking for esports stocks, 2020 has plenty of options. There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding an industry that has now surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue and is expected to triple in size in the next few years. Section 1: Sports Betting as an Investment Making Money by Betting on Sports. Most people think that sports betting is about finding ‘sure things,’ but in reality such ‘locks’ are nothing more than gamblers’ fancy. Just as in real estate, currency, stocks, or any other speculative market, ‘sure things’ simply do not exist. Sports betting stocks offer an opportunity to invest in a potential $150 billion industry. Find out more about this growing market. The sports betting industry will work a lot like casinos today. As we look at partnerships in sport betting, this backdrop will be important. Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Sports Betting As An Investment. Is sports betting a viable way of investing money? Sports betting can be a great way of investing your money if you treat it seriously, do your research and stick to solid bankroll management.. In all aspects of betting there is the element of luck or variance.

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How To Invest Your Money Using Sportsbetting

http://www.1stopsportsinvestors.com FREE Sports Betting Report Reveals How to Turn $1,000 into $1,024,000 in Less Than 5 Years Betting on Sports. Sports Betting Tips from Vegas: Bankroll Management - Duration: 8:49. WagerTalk TV: Sports Picks and Betting Tips 42,466 views Betting like you're investing money is one way to improve profits. In this video, I break down five tips for treating your betting strategy more like an investing strategy. Drew Martin breaksdown how to invest your money more safely than the stock market by getting in it for the long-game! Marketology brings the analytical day-trader mentality to the realm of ... Learn more about sports betting for free on my site. Free daily picks as well on all pro sports: https://www.TheOracle.guru My recommended Sports Books: USA:...