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Putting an asterisk on every VFL/AFL premiership ever

Recently there's been a bit of a debate around the traps concerning this 2020 season and whether or not the eventual premiership should have an asterisk next to it. And that's a silly debate, because of course every VFL/AFL premiership ever can have an asterisk next to it. Just pick and choose the asterisks that you personally believe should exist:
Year Premier Reason this premiership gets an asterisk
1897 Essendon didn't even have a Grand Final
1898 Fitzroy general clusterfuck
1899 Fitzroy too much rain
1900 Melbourne Melbourne winning the flag from 6th so bullshit they changed the final system in response
1901 Essendon umpiring error gives Essendon the semi-final 'win' - should have been Fitzroy in the GF
1902 Collingwood season tainted by Essendon's 'Goodthur' controversy
1903 Collingwood Collingwood's captain was called "Lardie" that's not even a real name
1904 Fitzroy Crapp umpiring
1905 Fitzroy MCG too wet and soft
1906 Carlton fake Grand Final, was just the prelim in disguise
1907 Carlton fake Grand Final, was just the prelim in disguise again - also illicit Geelong pre-season affair with the VFA's Richmond clearly taints the whole season
1908 Carlton Essendon clearly psychologically scarred by vicious Fitzroy riots
1909 South Melbourne Argus system 'challenge match' is kinda bullshit
1910 Collingwood season tainted by Carlton bribery scandal
1911 Essendon season tainted by player expenses shenanigans
1912 Essendon rules tinkering: players have to be branded with numbers on their backs so that fascist 'Stewards' can report them - I mean what is this, the Napoleonic occupation of Iberia???
1913 Fitzroy silly finals system allows Fitzroy to play St Kilda again in the GF after losing to them in the prelim
1914 Carlton Jamieson illegally in the back of Bollard, South robbed, #justice4bollard
1915 Carlton comp too imba after University pulls out
1916 Fitzroy wrong for spooners to also be premiers
1917 Collingwood season compromised by WW1
1918 South Melbourne Carlton too distracted by the Allies thumping the Kaiser to perform well
1919 Collingwood season clearly unbalanced by the winless Melbourne having their first professional season (ie. with paid players) eight years after the rest of the comp
1920 Richmond a player debuts in the Grand Final for Richmond and plays a key part in the result? that's too implausible to be true
1921 Richmond Richmond's season tainted by ball-stabbing incident in R7
1922 Fitzroy season tainted by Richmond fans death-threating an umpire into retirement
1923 Essendon Grand Final played on Caulfield Cup day? that's not even close to September
1924 Essendon nonsense round-robin finals system that was immediately scrapped
1925 Geelong compromised draw with the three expansion teams
1926 Melbourne Collingwood into the GF without winning any finals - a contrived win for Melbourne
1927 Collingwood GF the lowest-scoring match in 20th or 21st centuries, not good enough to count as a real GF
1928 Collingwood Pies players under a bribery cloud
1929 Collingwood Pies hoarding all the goals and premiership points actually the cause of the Great Depression? #wakeupsheeple
1930 Collingwood Geelong defeats Collingwood in the Preliminary Final but the Pies get to go again because the Argus system is a joke
1931 Geelong R6 was played in two halves, either side of R7 and R8? you can't count 1931! how do we know who even really won?
1932 Richmond uh... Melbourne playing three games for premiership points at the Motordrome and losing all three clearly tainted the season in ways we can't fully appreciate
1933 South Melbourne Bloods deviously importing so many players from WA they should be called the "Swans"
1934 Richmond I mean technically Richmond kicked more goals on the day but that's no match for Bob Pratt's 150 goals in the season
1935 Collingwood Bob Pratt taken out by a brick truck the Thursday before the GF and you can't prove it wasn't a Collingwood player driving the truck
1936 Collingwood Gordon Coventry rubbed out for 8 weeks and missed finals but clearly he was just a fall guy and they should have suspended the whole team
1937 Geelong Sellwood? Hawking? Abbott? if the Cats were going to time travel modern champions back to take the cup at least they should have come up with better fake names
1938 Carlton MCG 12,000 over capacity? some people actually watched the game from on the grass inside the fence? well that's just unsafe
1939 Melbourne rules tinkering: VFL trying to get holding the ball called more often - now you can't just drop the ball when tackled!
1940 Melbourne if you don't think St Kilda winning the Patriotic Premiership was the real premiership that year then you might as well go kiss A-dolf Hitler's boot
1941 Melbourne season compromised by WW2
1942 Essendon season compromised by WW2
1943 Richmond season compromised by WW2
edit: Methuen's suggestion - Jack Broadstock shouldn't have been on the field: went AWOL in order to play and was arrested by military police before Jack Dyer intervened
1944 Fitzroy season still compromised by WW2 (no MCG)
1945 Carlton Bloodbath
1946 Essendon some of the Bombers' record 11 third-quarter goals have to be fake, it's statistics
1947 Carlton season clearly should have been called off in shame after the Big V went down to WA in Tasmania of all places
1948 Melbourne clearly the season should have ended on the drawn Grand Final, 69 to 69
1949 Essendon Coleman kicks his 100th goal for the season in the concluding minutes of the GF - a story stolen directly from Jack Titus in 1940, you have to ask what else was faked about Essendon allegedly 'winning' this premiership #fakenewsflag
1950 Essendon Essendon's captain was the biggest Dick ever to play Aussie rules
1951 Geelong Coleman set up by Caspar
1952 Geelong season tainted by weather so wet and muddy they had to introduce white balls mid-season
1953 Collingwood Cats' full-forward caught having an affair and forced out of the team, they then lose the GF and you can't prove it wasn't a Collingwood player in disguise sent to seduce him
1954 Footscray season tainted by Fitzroy betting scandal
1955 Melbourne Melbourne's kamikaze tactics
1956 Melbourne season compromised by accommodations for the Olympics
1957 Melbourne allowing everyone to compete for the night series clearly tainted the real finals somehow
1958 Collingwood MCG bias
1959 Melbourne uh-oh, Essendon implementing a special high performance training regime, sounds suss
1960 Melbourne Melbourne shouldn't have been able to play a Grand Final with no opponent, that's clearly unfair
1961 Hawthorn just the expansion teams playing, doesn't really count
1962 Essendon medical shenanigans
1963 Geelong whole of round 11 postponed due to weather, season obviously invalid after that
1964 Melbourne Fitzroy clearly should have won the premiership: their lay down misère (zero wins, #1 worst offence and #1 worst defence) was clearly the highest bid
1965 Essendon crowd support drove the Dons to the prelim win and a GF berth after a brutal attack off the ball on one of their players but was it a false flag operation?????
1966 St Kilda timekeeper was a big St Kilda fan you say? oh sure, we can toootally trust that the siren was correctly sounded in this close fought St Kilda game
edit: showmanic also suggests St Kilda kicking the ball out of bounds deliberately (legal until 1969) to use up time at the end of the match
1967 Richmond competition clearly unbalanced by players wanting to play for the Galahs rather than compete for the premiership
1968 Carlton too windy
1969 Richmond VFL tinkering with the dang rulebook again to try to boost scoring: now you get a free kick if the opposition kicks it out of bounds on the full??
1970 Carlton Syd Jackson probably should have missed the game through suspension
1971 Hawthorn R21 Fitzroy v Carlton played in zero-visibility fog clearly a sign of interference by ghosts, season should have been abandoned
1972 Carlton too many goals
1973 Richmond take your pick of option 1, cheap hits and punches take out three Carlton players or option 2, Francis Bourke and Royce Hart not supposed to be playing but played anyway
1974 Richmond Tiges tainted by R7 brawl at Windy Hill
1975 North Melbourne season ruined by pointless rules tinkering: bizarre, wacky centre 'square' introduced to replace sturdy, traditional centre diamond
1976 Hawthorn pre-equalisation era resource disparity: Hawthorn had a complete monopoly on former captains tragically about to die from cancer at too young of an age as a source of motivation, North Melbourne forced to rely on just wanting to win the premiership
1977 North Melbourne rare second-ever drawn GF clearly contrived for the advantage of the first TV broadcast
1978 Hawthorn political interference: North Melbourne supporters clearly too exhausted from booing Malcolm Fraser in R20 to effectively encourage the team to victory
1979 Carlton
1980 Richmond bottom of the ladder Fitzroy had more points for than top of the ladder Geelong? clearly a fake season
1981 Carlton Garry Sidebottom misses the bus
1982 Carlton Carlton illicitly obtains special powers from Helen D'Amico
1983 Hawthorn Morwood/Foschini transfer clusterfuck making a mockery of VFL transfer rules - plus the Big V goes down to both SA and WA, just call off the season already
1984 Essendon season destabilised by breakaway competition rumours
1985 Essendon season tainted by biff: Lethal breaks Neville Bruns' jaw, John Bourke for the Pies reserves gets suspended for 10 years and 16 matches
1986 Hawthorn illegal Tasmanian bank account
1987 Carlton compromised draw with the new expansion teams
1988 Hawthorn compromised draw with the new expansion teams
1989 Hawthorn illegal Tasmanian bank account
1990 Collingwood replay of drawn Pies v Eagles QF pushes back whole finals schedule, disadvantging Essendon
1991 Hawthorn take your pick of option 1, you can't play a legitimate GF at Waverley or option 2, match tainted by Bound for Glory
1992 West Coast Vic teams get their zones taken away and a foreigner team wins as a result #AntiVicBias
1993 Essendon Baby Bombers bust their way through the salary cap
1994 West Coast rules tinkering: arbitrarily changing the length of quarters from 25 to 20 minutes
1995 Carlton Diesel Williams the recipient of not only payments outside the salary cap but also one of the first ever racial vilification charges
1996 North Melbourne West Coast forced to play 'home' semi final at the MCG
1997 Adelaide psychological warfare: Port Adelaide entering the comp and blasting innocent ears with their terrible club song - Crows unfairly advantaged by being already partly immune to Port bullshit - alternatively steroids in the AFL
1998 Adelaide Crows somehow allowed to win flag from 5th on the ladder edit: and while losing their first final, just like Carlton the next year
1999 North Melbourne finals system is so shit that Carlton finishes 6th, loses first final, yet progresses to semi-finals where they play West Coast who are once again forced to 'host' a semi at the MCG - Blues make it to the GF where they're rolled by Norf
2000 Essendon season compromised by accommodations for the Olympics (and retrospectively, Lions' intravenous saline scandal and Carlton's salary cap breaches)
2001 Brisbane Lions Lions' intravenous saline scandal (and retrospectively, Carlton's salary cap breaches)
2002 Brisbane Lions six games not involving Carlton forcibly moved to Princes Park after Carlton moves games to Docklands - meanwhile Carlton wins the spoon and then has their salary cap cheating exposed, fuck 2002 Carlton basically - also Adelaide forced to 'host' a semi-final at the MCG
2003 Brisbane Lions all the non-Vic teams made finals #AntiVicBias
2004 Port Adelaide Brisbane forced to 'host' home prelim at the MCG - also because Port's win triggers insufferable debates about whether to count SANFL Port's flags
edit: lbguitarist's suggestion - St Kilda's PF momentum ruined by ground invasion after the G Train's 100th
2005 Sydney Barry Hall escaping suspension after the prelim
2006 West Coast druuuuugs
2007 Geelong 1) Cats commit murder in broad daylight and get away with it, 2) disgraceful Melbourne v Carlton spoonbowl with priority draft pick at stake, 3) 'Guttergate'
2008 Hawthorn morally bankrupt Hawthorn triple team Fev to stop him also getting to 100 goals
2009 Geelong take your pick of option 1, season tainted by Melbourne's tanking or option 2, Hawkins hitting the post
2010 Collingwood St Kilda robbed in broad daylight and the police did nothing about it
edit: NitroXYZ's suggestion - St Kilda robbed of momentum by replaying the GF the following week rather than playing extra time, replay replaced with extra time from 2016 season onwards
2011 Geelong tainted by Meatloaf and the lavish Gold Coast concessions
2012 Sydney season tainted by Essendon doping regime and the lavish GWS concessions
2013 Hawthorn season tainted by revelation of Essendon doping regime
2014 Hawthorn Brendon Bolton coaches Hawks to five wins from five games while Clarko out with Guillain–Barré syndrome yet nobody tests Bolton to see if he's some kind of cyborg or superman (though clearly swapped back for the real human version to go coach Carlton)
2015 Hawthorn treatment of Adam Goodes puts a stain on the whole comp
2016 Western Bulldogs umpiring so biased the AFL had to apologise for it
edit: NitroXYZ's suggestion - Cats forced to play 'home' QF at their opponent's home ground; veryparticularskills' suggestion - Cotch dodges suspension after PF
2018 West Coast Sheed played on
edit: PyrrhicNicholas' suggestion - Maynard was blocked
2019 Richmond Gilstapo intimidation
2020 ? pandemic-affected season
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Five of the most unexpected results in AFL History.

As an ‘offseason’ post since we don’t have a lot going on I thought I’d contribute today with a list of some unexpected AFL results, now what I won’t be looking at is the biggest upsets in history, instead I’ll be looking at some results that happened that nobody could have predicted at all, primarily in regards to scoreboard differential. If this post gets enough interest I’ll make a part 2.

St Kilda vs Richmond, Rd 16 2017

  • Richmond were 9-5 for the season.
  • St Kilda were 8-6 for the season.
Both teams had similarly great starts to the season and were looking to cement themselves in the top 8, Richmond were the betting favourite but with the game at St Kilda's home ground it was expected to be a tight contest between evenly matched teams. What wasn't expected was for St Kilda to absolutely dominate proceedings and take a 92-10 halftime lead. 11 Saints players kicked a goal in the first half in an utter domination. The final score was 138-71, A 67 point win for the Saints who played a conservative second half. This win was St Kilda's 4th in a row and they looked likely to make finals at 9-6, but both teams seasons went in opposite directions after this match. St Kilda finished just 2-5 to end home and away season while Richmond finished 6-1 to end the home and away season before going 3-0 in September, winning each game by over 6 goals (combined 135 points) to win the premiership.

St Kilda vs Fremantle, Rd 18 2014

  • Fremantle had won 8 consecutive games and were looking to move to 1st with a win.
  • St Kilda had lost 11 consecutive games and were cemented at bottom ladder.
Two teams on completely opposite ends of the ladder clashed in this contest and the result was nothing even the most confident of Saints fans could've tipped. The Saints had only kicked 3 goals the week prior while Fremantle were coming off a 21 goal game in a huge 75+ point win. Despite injuries to Sandilands, Walters and Hill the Dockers were expected to record an easy win against a struggling opponent but they didn't deliver. In shocking fashion nothing worked for Freo as St Kilda kicked the first 4 goals and never looked like losing. The margin ballooned out to 75 points before some garbage time goals for Freo saw the final score of 118-60. Interestingly this game wasn’t even a sign of improvement for Saints as the win was their only victory in a brutal 18 game stretch while the Dockers would go on to win 12 of their next 15 games after this debacle. A true anomaly in every sense of the word.

North Melbourne vs Adelaide, Rd 7 2016

  • Adelaide were 15-3 in their last 18 games.
  • North Melbourne were 3-15 in their last 18 games.
  • The most recent clash between these two teams resulted in a 10 goal finals loss for North Melbourne.
Everything leading into this clash suggested an easy victory for a red hot Adelaide Crows that had started 6-0 in 2017. The Roos had started 0-5 in 2017 before a close win against the Suns in comparison. However, aided with a strong breeze across the ground, when the two teams clashed in Hobart, North Melbourne came out strong with all their running. In one of the most unexpected first quarter performances in recent history the underdogs jumped out to a 64-0 quarter time lead. Jarrad Waite led the way for North with 3 goals in the opening stanza and finished with 6 as a terrific Adelaide team was left shell shocked in an 86-145 loss. The victory was a mini turning point for a North team that would go 4-1 in the next month but they finished the season with just 6 wins. For Adelaide it was a minor hurdle as they went on to secure the minor premiership and make their first grand final in about two decades.
West Coast vs Adelaide, Rd 17 2006
  • Adelaide had started the season 14-2 and were 1st on the ladder.
  • West Coast had started the season 11-5 and were 2nd on the ladder.
A game advertised as a potential grand final preview ended as a profound statement when the Eagles and Crows clashed late in the 2006 season. Adelaide had won 8 straight matches and had only lost by a combined 5 points in two games so far for the year, but faced a tough task against a surging Eagles team at their dominant home fortress. The 2005 grand final runner ups came out with a point to prove and after kicking the first 5 goals of the match they never looked challenged. The Eagles midfield was sublime with Cousins (38/2 goals), Kerr (34/2 goals) and Judd (21/3 goals) having a field day. The final score of 165-83 reflecting the demolition in a signature West Coast victory. The tough loss was the start of a downward spiral for the Crows who finished the year 3-5, while the Eagles would go on to win 8 of their next 10 games including a prelim victory over Adelaide and their 3rd flag in club history.
1995 Carlton Round 8 vs Sydney and Round 9 vs St Kilda.
  • Carlton were 7-0 to begin 1995 and had finished 2nd in 1994 and made a grand final in 1993.
  • Sydney were a horrible club winning just 10 of their last 70 games including just 1 win in 1993.
In a classic situation of dominant team vs bad team the Blues were expected to continue their winning form with a big victory over a team that been the joke of the competition for the large part of the 90s. However Carlton didn't fire a shot and after trailing at halftime by just 10 they found themselves facing a 57 point deficit at halftime. There was no fight back by Carlton in this match however and an 8 goal haul by Tony Lockett saw the Swans home by a score of 132-60, a 72 point victory. It was a great sign for an improving Swans team but many saw it as an anomaly and expected Carlton to bounce back the next week...
  • Carlton had started season 7-1
  • Saints had started season 1-7
This was time for Carlton to bounce back like a champion team does, after a bad loss the weak prior they should have been out to destroy the opposition. After all it was a clash of first on the ladder. Shockingly despite how bad the previous game was Carlton managed to do even worse. After 3 quarters of play the Blues had just 11 points on the board in total. Losing By 10 goals and having scored just 11 points in the first 3 quarters. The final score of 80-24 saw Carlton lose consecutive games to bad teams by big margins and the critics were having their say. Had the Blues peaked to early at 7-0?
Well It's safe to say that they hadn't.
Following these two big losses they didn’t lose at all for the rest of the season. They won 18 consecutive games overall (including 1996). That stretch of 18 straight featured a 10 goal preliminary final win against North Melbourne and a 10 goal grand final win against Geelong culminating in an AFL premiership for the famous club.
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Another bet the sub might like to get behind (FIBA World Cup 2019)

After our incredible journey on the 5 day cricket test match, I would completely understand if you didn't want to put yourself through the emotional rollercoaster again. I wouldn't post on here unless I had done some research and determined that I really liked this bet. I'll preface the write-up by saying that this is no "lock of the century," but I do think the bookies have underrated this severely. I will explain my reasoning below.

(1) The pick
(2) The odds + bookmakers
(3) Reasons why this bet could LOSE
(4) Reasons why I really like this bet
(5) TLDR

Giannis Antetokounmpo to lead the 2019 FIBA World in total points scored

I got in at 5.00 (decimal)/ +400 American on Bet365, however, regrettably this has gone down to 4.5/ +350.
On other Aussie bookmakers, you can fetch:
I'm sure my international friends can find comparable odds at your respective betting sites.

It's always important to consider how the bet can fall apart. Only considering the positives lends itself to making biased decisions, nit-picking only the information which helps your argument. So, here's where things can go wrong:

These are the reasons why I think this bet is tremendous value, with the final point being the real kicker.
TLDR: Bet on Giannis Antetokounmpo to lead the 2019 FIBA World in total points scored at odds of about 4.5/ +350 because the changed format means that it is very likely Greece will play the maximum of 8 games, and if that comes to fruition, Giannis will be the overwhelming favourite to outscore everyone else.

EDIT: There is also a classification round for teams 9-16 and 17-32, but I do not know if these games will count towards the official tournament statistics. If they do, then I think this bet is even better, but I am not relying on it. If anyone knows the answer I'm keen to hear.
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Checking in on the former Giants from the last 4 years

Hello everyone, for the last three years I've done a big post every offseason chronicling what has happened to Giants after they have left the Giants (2015, 2016, 2017). At the end of this post, I go over all the players who retired before the 2018 season and give updates when I can find them.
RHP Juan Gutierrez DFA'd on November 21 2014
Gutierrez pitched 24 games in Winter Ball in Venezuela, posting a 5.96 ERA in 24 games for Leones del Caracas as the closer (8 saves). He didn't play with a team during the regular season, making me think he'll be in the retired section next year.
RHP Kendry Flores Traded December 19 2014 in the Casey McGehee trade
Flores hasn't pitched in affiliated ball since the Cardinals voided his minor league deal due to a shoulder issue before Spring Training in 2017. He made it into 8 games in the big leagues with the Marlins from 2015-16. It's funny to think back to him being considered a bigger prospect than the next guy in the McGehee trade.
RHP Luis Castillo Traded December 19 2014 in the Casey McGehee trade
Castillo finished his first full season in the bigs and wasn't as impressive as his rookie year, as he went from quite the great pitcher last year to about average this year (98 ERA+). Still, he's quite the special arm with great movement on his fastball and changeup, and it's a bad look that the Giants let him get away.
3B/1B/OF Chris Dominguez DFA'd on January 30
Dominguez caught on with the Nationals AAA team, and hit .243/.293/.406 (93 wRC+) in 84 games while playing all of the corner spots other than right field. He's been able to hold on in AAA longer than I expected.
RHP Erik Cordier DFA'd on May 18
It appears Cordier has retired after he was released from the Red Sox AAA team last year, now working for Impact Sports Academy, a baseball and softball instructional academy.
3B/1B Casey McGehee DFA'd on May 24
McGehee completed his second season with the Yomiuri Giants in 2018, hitting .288/.338/.472 which saw his OPS fall 87 points from 2017. Once again he got significant time at second base, starting 60 games there, which is quite the image.
RHP Jean Machi DFA'd on July 20
Machi made 1 appearance in Venezuela for winter ball, tossing a scoreless inning. He made 28 appearances in Mexico for Diablos Rojos del Mexico (must be UNC's rivals), posting a 5.2 ERA in 27 games (10 saves). I know a lot of parks in Mexico are at a high elevation, so that could explain the ERA. His return to America was successful - he posted a .84 ERA for the Sugar Land Skeeters in 21.1 IP, although his 21K/11BB ratio suggests he might've had some luck. He played with a few former major leaguers for the Skeeters, the most notable being Derek Norris and Paco Rodriguez. He also managed to not get arrested for peeing on a car and asking to fight the car owner.
RHP Keury Mella Traded on July 30 to the Reds in the Mike Leake trade
As with the McGehee trade, the prospect of higher regard turned out not to be the one to enjoy the most success. Mella again broke into the big leagues this year, but put up a 8.68 ERA in 9.1 IP of work (4 games). Mella had a nice year in the minors, posting a 3.07 ERA in 16 starts in AA (85 IP, 87K/31BB) and a 2.74 ERA in AAA in 5 starts (23 IP, 14K/6BB). However, he was 25 and repeating AA which doesn't speak well for his long term prospects. His season ended in late August with a left oblique strain, ending any hope of a September callup.
1B/LF Adam Duvall Traded July 30 to the Reds in the Mike Leake trade
While Duvall has been good enough to make trading him away a mistake, he's also fallen off every season since his hot start to 2015 - his OPS+ by season starting in 2015 goes 112, 106, 99, 69. He was bad with the Reds before the Braves traded for him, where he was even worse (.132/.193/.151, -5 OPS+). He is arbitration eligible, but I'd expect the Braves to trade or non-tender him. His defense, the concern in San Francisco, has continued to be graded well in left field - he put 17 DRS in left field last year. Unfortunately for him, he might've fallen off right before he could expect some good paydays in arbitration. If he can get back to where he was last year, an average hitter with a good glove in an outfield corner, he's a useful player. If he hits like he did this year, he's quad-A.
RHP Stephen Johnson Traded August 20 to the Reds in the Marlon Byrd trade
After Johnson finished up 2017 in the Giants system, he signed with the Lancaster Barnstormers, an independent league team, where he struck out 63 in 52 innings on his way to a 2.94 ERA (43 games, 2 starts, 23 BB). He played with a few former major leaguers, most notably Jimmy Paredes and former Giant Matt Reynolds.
LHP Luis Ysla Traded August 31 to the Red Sox in the Alejandro De Aza trade
After pitching in one Spring Training game for the Dodgers in 2018, they traded him to the Orioles, where Ysla put up a 4.98 ERA in AA (72.1 IP, 28G/9GS, 83K/45BB) and a 6.45 ERA in the 5 games he pitched in AAA (5GS, 22.1 IP, 18K/13BB). As with many minor league pitchers, the walks are doing him in. Ysla will play for Bravos de Margarita in Venezuela.
1B/OF Ryan Lollis DFA'd August 31
Lollis finally got that callup in 2015 after years in the minor leagues, making it into 5 games in the majors. The longtime minor leaguer was in the Giants minor league system from 2009-17, but it appears that might be the end of the line as he didn't play affiliated ball in 2018.
OF Daniel Carbonell DFA'd September 16 2015
Carbonell was released after 4 games in Richmond this April in which he posted a .071/.176/.071 (-24 wRC+), and he caught on in Mexico, hitting .324/.385/.493 (123 wRC+). Carbonell represents continuing failure in the international market for the Giants - they signed him for $1,400,000 in 2014, and the highest level of baseball he reached in the Giants org was the 84 games he played in AAA.
C Jackson Williams Outrighted October 15 2015
I won't blame you if you don't remember the 7 games he played for the Giants. Williams played 26 games between AA and AAA for the Pirates, hitting .221/.277/.314 (65 wRC+).
INF Nick Noonan Outrighted October 15 2015
Noonan again failed to break into the big leagues, playing most of his season in AAA with the Rangers, hitting .256/.297/.363 (72 wRC+) in 75 games after failing to make the A's out of Spring Training.
OF Alejandro de Aza filed for free agency November 2 2015
de Aza's time with the Giants was brief, and his time in the majors might be over, as he didn't play in the bigs for the first season since 2008. He hit .302/.420/.387 in 32 games with the Nationals AAA team (133 wRC+), before they released him in early August. de Aza will play with the Cardenales de Lara in Venezuela.
RHP Tim Lincecum filed for free agency November 2 2015
Surely you're not reading this is if you don't know what happened with Lincecum. In a last-ditch effort he finally agreed to try becoming a reliever, and signed on with the Rangers. He didn't break camp with the team because of a blister issue, and headed to AAA-Round Rock on a rehab assignment, where he had a 5.68 ERA (10K/9BB in 12.1 IP) in 10 games. When the Rangers ran out of rehab days, they elected to release him instead of adding him to the big league roster. I'd expect a ceremony for him at AT&T Park in the upcoming years.
RHP Mike Leake filed for free agency November 2 2015
This sure was a bad trade. Leake was bad after the Giants traded for him, posting one start against a post-clinch Dodger lineup in a meaningless that makes his overall stats look better than he deserves. The Cardinals essentially salary dumped him last year to the Mariners because they regretted giving up big money to him, which was quite predictable, and he posted another below average season for Seattle, contributing 185.2 innings of a 4.36 ERA and a 93 ERA+. He is signed through 2020.
OF Nori Aoki filed for free agency November 4 2015
After playing with three different teams in the majors last year, Aoki returned to Japan for 2018, receiving a nice deal from the Yakult Swallows, 3 years for 9.19 million. Aoki hit .327/.410/.477 and finished with 5 more walks than strikeouts. Aoki was a good Giant, and he was maybe the best player on that 2015 team until a HBP broke his foot.
OF Juan Perez Outrighted November 6 2015
Perez was unable to find a camp invite and played 39 games in Mexico, catching back on with the Acercos del Norte in July after they released him in May, and he hit .299/.356/.469 (151 wRC+) in 6 games.
RHP Yusmeiro Petit non-tendered December 2 2015
After a really strong season out of the Angels pen in 2017, Petit took a step back in 2018 - his ERA only went from 2.76 to 3, but because of ballpark factors his ERA+ fell 15 points to 139 and his 3.92 FIP suggests he was the benefactor of some luck (he hasn't shown throughout his career that he can beat his FIP). He's still thriving in the big leagues and shouldn't have trouble finding a major league deal in free agency.
C Hector Sanchez non-tendered December 2 2015
Sanchez didn't play in the big leagues for the first season since 2010. He appeared in Giants camp, but only appeared in 6 games before getting injured. Once healthy, he hit .241/.326/.329 (77 wRC+) in 24 games for Sacramento before being released in May after his 8th concussion. Switch hitting catchers don't have trouble finding minor league roles, but after all these concussions it's probably not worth it anymore for Sanchez.
RHP Cody Hall DFA'd January 8
Hall caught on with the Rays for Spring Training, and after not making the big league squad he pitched 10 games in AAA (2.84 ERA) before being demoted to AA, where he had a 3.72 ERA in 9 games, before being released in late June.
RHP Ian Gardeck Released April 30
Gardeck found his way back onto the Giants 40-man again in 2017 before being released again, and ended up signing a minor league deal with the Giants. He appeared in real games for the first time since September 2015, having torn his UCL during his second outing in big league camp in 2016, and then tearing it again while recovering from the first surgery. He struggled in his rehab assignments in rookie ball and high-A, but after getting promoted to AA pitched six scoreless innings. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds his way onto the big league roster at some point next year if he's able to put together a good and healthy year in the upper minors.
RHP Vin Mazzaro DFA'd May 6
Mazarro still hasn't pitched in the big leagues since his two game stint with the Giants that saw him post a 54 ERA. He spent the year in independent ball, playing for the New Jersey Jackals, where he posted a 1.76 ERA in 34 games (24 finished, 10 saves) and punch out 44 in 46 games. Unfortunately, he had to be teammates with Mat Latos.
RHP Jake Smith DFA'd June 30
Smith was long one of the cooler stories in the Giants minor leagues - he had gone from being one of the groundskeepers for the San Jose Giants to pitching for them, and eventually getting to point where the Giants added him to the 40-man. While he never suited up in a regular season game for them, he did for the Padres in 2016. He pitched 8 games in the 17-18 season of Winter ball in Puerto Rico, earning a 2.16 ERA. Despite saying he was going to take more care of his body, Smith wasn't able to find a camp invite anywhere in 2018.
RHP Mike Broadway DFA'd July 4
Broadway showed a little potential in a late season call up in 2015, but lost plenty of velocity going into 2016 and lost a lot of value. Broadway had a 7.91 ERA in AAA for Kansas City (23K/12BB/5HR in 19.1 IP) and got released in June, but the Rays saw enough to sign him - and for their AAA team, he improved to a 3.6 ERA, punching out 38 in 30 innings. In true Rays fashion, he even started a game as the opener, giving up 4 runs and only getting one out. Broadway will play for the Charros de Jalisco, a Winter League team in Mexico.
IF Ruben Tejada DFA'd July 20
After failing to make the Orioles out of Spring Training, Tejada failed to crack the big leagues for the first season since 2009, spending his entire season in Norfolk, the Orioles AAA team. He hit just .230/.291/.298 (67 wRC+) in 2018 and elected minor league free agency at on November 2.
IF/OF Grant Green DFA'd July 28
Green played for the Acercos del Norte in 2018, hitting .281/.317/.333 (64 wRC+) before getting released.
LHP Adalberto Mejia Traded July 28 to the Twins in the Nunez deal
At the time, I wasn't a fan of the Giants giving up Mejia for a year and a half of Nunez, and I couldn't have been more wrong, especially because (as I'll cover later) the Giants did well for themselves in trading Nunez away. Mejia started 4 games and made one relief appearance in the bigs in 2018. While his 2.01 ERA looks very good, his 13/9 K/BB and 4.06 FIP suggest luck. He had a 3.27 ERA in 15 games (12 starts) in AAA. Giving up Mejia for Nunez was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.
IF Ramiro Pena DFA'd July 29
Pena managed to be a league average bat in the 30 games he played with the Giants in 2016, although he needed a high BABIP to do so. In 2018, he played in Mexico, posting a .303/.361/.436 line (92 wRC+) for the Sulatnes de Monterrey, where, in a funny coincidence, he was managed by former Giants base coach Roberto Kelly. As he always has, he is playing winter ball for the Tomateros de Culican right now.
SS Lucius Fox Traded August 1 to the Rays in the Moore trade
While the Giants lost the Moore trade just by having Moore pitch for them in 2017, Fox continued not be an impressive hitter in the minor leagues - he hit .268/.351/.341 (104 wRC+) across high-A (which he was repeating) and AA. Fox is still just 21, but it's looking increasingly more likely he'll never hit enough to be the impact player he was projected to be. Fox was one of the winners of the 2018 AFL Championship Game.
RHP Michael Santos Traded August 1 to the Rays in the Moore trade
The Rays released Santos in March and the Angels scooped him up a few days later. Santos was good in A-Ball (2.89 ERA in 15G/5GS) and not in the 4 games (3 starts) he played in high-A (7.23 ERA). What's concerning for him is he's lost his incredible control - when the Giants traded him, he had only walked 5 in 58.2 IP in Augusta. In 2018, he walked 21 (still not a lot) in 65.1 IP.
3B Matt Duffy Traded August 1 to the Rays in the Moore trade
It sure is funny looking at the 2016 post where I talk about Duffy playing shortstop because the Rays already have a good third basemen.
Duffy battled back to play in the big leagues in 2018, and he showed why the Rays wanted him, hitting .294/.361/.366 (106 wRC+) and being a much better player than Evan Longoria on both sides of the ball. He'll probably never replicate his 4.5 win rookie season, but he's a solid, capable regular (maybe a little below average) every team would like to have.
RHP Phil Bickford Traded August 1 to the Brewers in the Will Smith trade
I hated the Will Smith trade. I didn't understand why the Giants were giving up on Bickford and Susac for a reliever who had mediocre stats at the time in Smith. Along with trading for and then trading away Nunez, it's turned out to be among the best moves of Bobby Evans' tenure.
Bickford has turned out to be a headcase. After getting suspended for marijuana in 2016, he has been unsuccessful - a 4.67 ERA in 34.2 IP in high A for Milwaukee probably doesn't have him shooting up any prospect charts.
C Andrew Susac Traded August 1 to the Brewers in the Will Smith trade
Everyone was high on Susac after his great stint in 2014, then the Giants opted to have Hector Sanchez start the season in 2015 as the backup catcher because Susac needed more at-bats in AAA, ignoring that Susac wouldn't have been the starting catcher on the Giants for many years. As predicted in last year's post, the Brewers did end up DFA'ing Susac, later trading him to the Orioles. He hit .115/.115/.154 (-39 wRC+) in 9 games for the Orioles when called up in May and didn't make it back to the bigs, missing a lot of time in the minor league season to injury, although he did hit well there when he played (.256/.405/.456, 147 wRC+).
2B Richard Rodriguez Traded September 27 to the Braves in the Beckham trade
Needing to win all three games against the Dodgers in the final series of the 2016 regular season to secure a playoff spot, the Giants were in a tough spot because their preferred third base bat against lefties, Eduardo Nunez, was injured, there was no obvious right handed replacement, and the Dodgers were set to start two lefties in that series. Thus, the Giants traded for Gordon Beckham, knowing he wouldn't be eligible for the playoffs, sending Richard Rodriguez back.
Beckham hit a sac fly in one of the games. As far as I can tell, Rodriguez hasn't played baseball since the trade.
LHP Matt Reynolds DFA'd September 27
Reynolds didn't pitch in 2018 after spending 2017 playing for Sacramento.
C Tony Sanchez Outrighted November 2, 2016
The Giants called Sanchez up for the last few games of 2016, although he never appeared in a game for them. Sanchez signed a minor league deal in late February with the Reds, but they traded him to the Rangers in April. He hit .300/.353/.455 (111 wRC+) for the Rangers AAA team.
IF Gordon Beckham Declared free agency November 3, 2016
Beckham again somehow managed to make the big leagues in 2018, hitting just .182/.250/.205 in 21 games for the Mariners. He has an 81 OPS+ for his career. I don't know how he does it.
RHP Sergio Romo Declared free agency November 3, 2016
Romo re-signed with Tampa Bay after his great second half with them last year, and had a 4.14 ERA in 73 games. He started 5 games as the original opener for the Rays, because the Angels had terrible left handed bats and 4 right handed bats right at the top of their lineup. While the opener evolved, as Ryne Stanek mostly took over the role for the Rays (and Liam Hendriks for the A's) for times through the order reasons and not the platoon reason Romo did, it's still cool that Romo was the first to do it for Tampa. Romo is a free agent now, and might have some trouble finding a job, given that he had just an average ERA (which is obviously below average for a reliever).
RHP Santiago Casilla Filed for free agency November 3, 2016
I was at what ended up being Casilla's last game as an A - he came in to little fanfare and not all too many fans cheered for the man who has the lowest ERA in SF history (minimum 300 innings), which disappointed me. Casilla managed to have a 3.16 ERA in 26 games with the A's (4.05 FIP) before the DFA. He signed on with the Rockies and had a 8.03 ERA in 12 games with their AAA team. At age 38, I'd have to imagine this is the end of the road. I hope he gets a nice tribute at AT&T.
Casilla earned his green card (there were some complications because he used a fake name initially) earlier this year and lives in Miami in the offseason, where he plans to have his kids go to school.
RHP Chris Heston Traded to the Mariners December 7, 2016
Heston came out of nowhere to be a capable starting pitcher for the Giants in 2015 (although he was rough the last month and a half), before disappearing again, only making 7 appearances after 2015. Heston signed a true minor league deal with the Giants (although he appeared in 3 Spring Training games). Heston pitched in nine games among three different levels of the Giants system, posting a 2.79 ERA, before the organization released him in late July.
IF Ehire Adrianza DFA'd January 24
Adrianza played his second season with the Twins, where he again didn't hit (82 wRC+) but probably fielded well. He did hit 6 home runs, which was more than all the other seasons of his career combined. With over four years of service time, the Twins might keep him until he becomes a 6 year free agent. I would've bet against that.
RHP Clayton Blackburn DFA'd April 11
Blackburn never turned into the 5th starter he had been talked about for years as becoming. He had Tommy John Surgery during Spring Training and was outrighted at the beginning of November, declining the assignment. He was still rehabbing at home as of October 2018. After an unimpressive 2017, he's probably looking at an independent league stint if he wants to get back to affiliated ball.
LF Chris Marrero DFA'd on April 24
We started to see people start to overreact to Spring Training this year when Kyle Jensen was hitting bombs, ignoring how Marrero was great in Spring Training then predictably terrible once the season started. Marrero again played in Japan, slashing .201/.282/.416 with 11 bombs in 68 games.
RHP Neil Ramirez DFA'd on April 30
Ramirez was called up by Cleveland, and despite a good start, still ended up a below average reliever for them, with a 4.57 ERA in 47 games. Terry Francona regularly used him in high-leverage situations (in the 9th inning, he should never be pitching in a tie game), and it cost him plenty of times. Ramirez is still under club control, although I'd expect him to be released once/if Cleveland needs a 40-man spot.
OF Drew Stubbs DFA'd May 6
Drew Stubbs being the everyday center fielder for a few weeks in 2017 was probably something you forgot, right? Stubbs failed to get an at-bat in the big leagues for the first season since 2008 and didn't even play in the minor leagues. Having made 15 million dollars in his career, he might have decided to hang them up. Or, we might hear later about him making a comeback.
IF Aaron Hill DFA'd June 29
It was reported Hill signed on with the Lake Erie Crushers of the Frontier League , but the Aaron Hill listed on the Crushers website is a younger black guy, and Baseball Reference has no reference of the former major leaguer Aaron Hill playing with the Crushers.
3B Eduardo Nunez Traded to the Red Sox July 26
As I said before, trading Nunez was one of the better moves Bobby Evans made, as Shaun Anderson is seen as a pretty good prospect in the Giants system. Nunez really struggled in the regular season, hitting just .265/.289/.388, not able to replicate his blazing second half with the Red Sox last year. His line was worse than the one of Ehire Adrianza. He made up for it a bit in the playoffs, though, with that big home run off Alex Wood in game 1 of the World Series.
IF Conor Gillaspie DFA'd August 5
Gillaspie never caught on with a new team in 2018, and there's no information out there about what he's currently up to.
RHP George Kontos Traded August 5
Kontos posted a 5.03 ERA in 21 games with Pittsburgh before they released him. He then went to Cleveland, where he had a 3.38 ERA in 6 games before getting traded to the Yankees, who he only pitched one game for before getting released.
3B Jae-Gyun Hwang Outrighted on September 1
After Bruce Bochy let Hwang hit against Kenley Jansen instead of using Panik off the bench because he thought Hwang had "the nose for an RBI," Hwang returned to Korea, slashing .296/.360.526 with 25 homers for the KT Wiz after agreeing to a nice 4 year, 7.85 million dollar deal.
OF Carlos Moncrief DFA'd September 5
The man made the best throw I've seen in person, although it wasn't in time to get Javier Baez. Moncrief played in Mexico for the Generales de Durango and tore shit up down there, hitting .338/.411/.537 (142 wRC+).
C Trevor Brown Outrighted October 2
Brown hit .242/.331/.273 in 41 games for the River Cats before he was released at the end of September. He'll have to try to catch on with another team's AAA squad.
C Tim Federowicz DFA'd October 30 2017
Federowicz managed to break back into the big leagues, playing 10 games for the Astros, then 5 games for the Reds. He should have a job waiting for him at someone AAA team, ready to get called up when a catcher gets injured.
OF Hunter Cole Traded November 15 2017 to the Rangers
Cole was the PTBNL the Giants surrendered in the trade that got them Sam Dyson. Cole hit AA very well (.330/.412/.515, 152 wRC+) and didn't hit AAA all that well (.264/.305/.438, 91 wRC+).
IF/OF Orlando Calixte Outrighted November 27 2017
Calixte stuck on with the Giants, being invited to their Spring Training game and spending the season in Sacramento, hitting .270/.323/.405 (90 wRC+) in the 125 games he played.
Edit: Looks like Calixte has signed a minor league deal with the Mariners
RHP Albert Suarez Filed for free agency December 1
Suarez was technically rule 5'd by the Diamondbacks, although he failed to make their roster after 6 games (2 starts) which saw him post a 6.57 ERA. In 31 games (4 starts) for the Reno Aces, he had a 4.97 ERA.
LHP Matt Moore Traded December 15 2017 to the Rangers
While at first picking up Moore's option for 2018 seemed like a weird move, given that the Giants were set to be up against the tax, it actually worked out, as Evans was able to move Moore and his entire salary, saving money over just declining the option because the Giants would've had to pay a buyout. Moore was even worse in Texas than he was in 2017 - he only got 12 starts with the Rangers, but had a 8.02 ERA in those 12 starts, and his 5.36 ERA out of the pen is uninspiring. Moore ended up being a bad Giant and part of a bad trade as his stock has really fallen since his top prospect days. He might be lucky to get a camp invite that gives him a good shot of making a big league team.
LHP Matt Krook Traded December 20 2017 to Tampa Bay in the Longoria trade
Krook made 39 appearances (6 starts) for the Rays AA team, walking 50 in 74 IP and getting a 4.26 ERA. He was more of a throw-in for this trade.
RHP Stephen Woods Traded December 20 2017 to Tampa Bay in the Longoria trade
Woods spent the entire 2018 season on the DL. The Giants 2018 8th round pick had himself a nice 2017 with the Giants, pitching to a 2.95 ERA in full-season ball.
IF Christian Arroyo Traded December 20 2017 to Tampa Bay in the Longoria trade
Arroyo managed to be a league average hitter in 2018 after being terrible during his 2017 callup, hitting .264/.339/.396 (106 wRC+), albeit it in 20 games. His AAA numbers, however, are cause for concern - he hit just .235/.286/.341 (75 wRC+) - and reflect what seems to be a thinking among some evaluators that he might not be as good as previously thought.
OF Denard Span Traded December 20 2017 to Tampa Bay in the Longoria trade
To make an already bad trade look worse, Span was a significantly better hitter in 2018 than Longoria was (112 wRC+ vs. 85). The glove and arm still aren't great, but I'd guess Span still has a year or two left as a quality full-time LF, and could be a good platoon player for a few more years.
RHP Kyle Crick Traded January 15 to Pittsburgh in the McCutchen trade
Despite starting the season in the minors, Crick had a tremendous year for the Pirates out of the pen, with a 2.39 ERA in 64 games. The walks were still a bit higher than you'd like (23 BB in 60.1 IP), and he had that one inning against the Giants were he lost control and had Giants yelling at him, but I'd predict that he's a quality reliever for years to come.
OF Bryan Reynolds Traded January 15 to Pittsburgh in the McCutchen trade
From reading Keith Law, it sounds like he doesn't think Reynolds will field well enough to stay in CF. The question then becomes whether he will hit well enough to play in a corner - he did his part in 2018, hitting .302/.381/.438 (128 wRC+), missing a month and a half on the DL.
INF Engelb Vielma DFA'd January 23
The Giants claimed and traded for Engelb Vielma multiple times last offseason, finally losing him here permanently. They'd eventually trade him to the Orioles, where he made it into 6 games for the Orioles. He didn't hit in 12 games in AAA (.184/.256/.289) before losing his season to a knee injury in May. That's the scout on him - great glove, no bat.
RHP Joan Gregorio DFA'd February 19
Gregorio stayed on with the Giants, really struggling in 4 games in AAA before getting injured in April. He would make one rehab appearance in August, but he must've been shut down after that before that was his sole rehab appearance.
OF Jarrett Parker Released March 26
Parker failed to make the Giants out of Spring Training. As of August, he was rehabbing in Arizona under the Giants care because he still hadn't recovered from his clavicle fracture.
LHP DJ Snelten DFA'd May 28
Snelten managed to break into the bigs with the Giants this year, pitching in a couple games, before getting DFA'd and traded to the Orioles. They ended up outrighting him to AAA, where he had a 5.52 ERA in 22 games.
RHP Jose Valdez DFA'd June 1
After his DFA, Valdez returned to Sacramento. He had a 4.93 ERA in 37 games for Sacramento, notably walking 35 in 49.1 IP.
RHP Roberto Gomez Released July 5
The most notable thing Gomez did as a Giant was probably being the winning pitcher of the McCutchen game. Gomez signed a minor league deal with the Giants after his release, and he made it into 10 games with the River Cats, ending his minor league season with a 5 ERA.
RHP Jason Bahr Traded July 8 to the Rangers in the Gearrin/Jackson salary dump
The Giants had to trade Bahr, a decent prospect, to the Rangers to unload Gearrin and Jackson's salaries. In hindsight, the Giants probably wish they hadn't done it, because they would've got under the luxury tax anyways trading Andrew McCutchen. Bahr, however, had a 5.8 ERA in 8 games in high-A for the Rangers.
RHP Cory Gearrin Traded July 8 to the Rangers
Cory Gearrin somehow had a 1.99 ERA in 2017. After getting traded, he pitched fairly well for the Rangers, posting a 2.53 ERA in 21 games. He then got traded to the A's, where he was terrible, giving up 4 runs in 6 innings and becoming irrelevant in September. I'd expect him to get non-tendered.
OF Austin Jackson Traded July 8 to the Rangers
Jackson never suited up for the Rangers, who immediately released him. He caught on with the Mets, and although he started out hitting well, he ended up with a pretty bad hitting line (.247/.290/.348, 79 wRC+) and shouldn't get a major league deal in free agency. Apparently, he thought the beat writers were too negative about the 62 wRC+ he posted with the Giants, which is hard to believe.
OF Andrew McCutchen Traded August 31 to the Yankees
McCutchen hit .253/.421/.471 (149 wRC+) with the Yankees, really finishing his season well. However, because he had a few cold playoff games, Aaron Boone benched him in a playoff game for Brett Gardner. McCutchen is still a quality corner OF and should have many teams interested in him in free agency.
(former) Major leaguers retired before 2018:
RHP Brett Bochy (he helped celebrate the opening of a park in Del Sur in August)
1B/OF Travis Ishikawa (Worked as hitting coach for a Giants AZL team)
INF Marco Scutaro
OF Gary Brown (looks like he's trying to become an executive)
INF Joaquin Arias
OF Justin Maxwell (Coaching some youth baseball and going to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry)
INF Kevin Frandsen (announced some games on the radio for the Phillies, has a spot on KNBR)
RHP Ryan Vogelsong (occasionally helping out with the Giants, I think did some studio work for the Giants as well)
LHP Jeremy Affeldt (Giants color commentatoanalyst)
RHP Tim Hudson (guest instructor in Braves camp)
OF Marlon Byrd (was running a fitness studio as of June 2018)
RHP Jake Peavy (despite rumors he'd attempt a comeback once his kids graduated in June, they never came to be. He's now selling his properties both in Alabama and San Diego)
OF Angel Pagan (sat out 2017 but there were never even rumors about him signing in 2018)
RHP Joe Nathan (inducted to New York State Baseball Hall of Fame )
LHP Javier Lopez (still doing announcing/studio work for the Giants)
OF Justin Ruggiano (Coaching at some place called Line Drive. Retired is assumed. )
RHP Bryan Morris (Pitching coach for his high school)
RHP Matt Cain (inducted to Wall of Fame, sold two houses to buy one big one)
1B/LF Michael Morse (living comfortably after his concussion, doing a lot of fishing, did some TV work for the Nationals)
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[Game Preview] Week 2 - Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) at Chicago Bears (0-1)

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) vs Chicago Bears (0-1)
Following a season-opening victory at home against the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) hit the road for the first time in the 2016 regular season to take on the Chicago Bears (0-1). The Eagles have won two consecutive away games dating back to the 2015 campaign
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Monday, September 19th, 2016
Game Time Game Location
8:30 PM - Eastern Soldier Field
7:30 PM - Central 1410 Museum Campus Dr
6:30 PM - Mountain Chicago, IL 60605
5:30 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open Air
Temperature: 76°F
Feels Like: 73°F
Forecast: Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 74%
Chance of Precipitation: 42%
Cloud Coverage: 55%
Wind: NE 12 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Chicago by -3
OveUnder: 42.5
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 1-0, Chicago 0-1
Where to Watch on TV
ESPN - Jon Gruden, Sean McDonough, and Lisa Salters
TV Map - Week 2 TV Coverage Map
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Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-AM 1150 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Sunbury, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Harrisburg/York/Lancaster, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, PA WEZX-FM 106.9 and 107.3
Atlantic City, NJ WENJ-AM 97.3 FM/1450 AM
Milford, DE WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
National Radio
Westwood One will broadcast the game to a national radio audience. Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason (analyst) will call the game. Hub Arkush will report from the sidelines.
Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
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Sirius XM Radio SXM 226 (Internet 824) SXM 225 (Internet 805) SXM 88 (Internet 88) SXM (Internet 157)
NFC East Standings
Team W L Pct PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5
Giants 1 0 1.000 20 19 1 3 0-0 1-0 1-0 1.000 1-0 1.000 0-0 1W 1-0
Eagles 1 0 1.000 29 10 19 3 1-0 0-0 0-0 0.000 0-0 0.000 1-0 1W 1-0
Cowboys 0 1 0.000 19 20 -1 1 0-1 0-0 0-1 0.000 0-1 0.000 0-0 1L 0-1
Redskins 0 1 0.000 16 38 -22 1 0-1 0-0 0-0 0.000 0-0 0.000 0-1 1L 0-1
Series Information
The Chicago Bears leads Philadelphia Eagles (30-12-1)
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
Points Leader
The Chicago Bears lead the Philadelphia Eagles (960-650)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 0-0 against the Bears
John Fox: 3-4 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs John Fox: First Meeting
Quarterback Record
Carson Wentz: Against Bears: 0-0
Jay Cutler: Against Eagles: 2-2
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Carson Wentz vs Jay Cutler: First Meeting
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Bears lead the Eagles: 2-1
Record @ Solider Field: Bears lead the Eagles: 8-4
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 19 - Bears No. 30
Last Week
Eagles: W 29-10 vs Browns
Bears: L 23-14 vs Texans
Last Meeting
Dec. 22, 2013 - Eagles 54 - Bears 11.
Philadelphia RB LeSean McCoy rushed for 133 yards & 2 TDs. Eagles RB Bryce Brown adds 115 rush yards, including 65-yard TD.
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Last Meeting At Site
Nov. 28, 2010 - Eagles 26 - Bears 31
Chicago QB Jay Cutler passes for 247 yards & 4 TDs, including 2 to WR Earl Bennett.
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Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
12/22/2013 Eagles Bears 54-11
11/07/2011 Bears Eagles 30-24
11/28/2010 Bears Eagles 31-26
11/22/2009 Eagles Bears 24-20
09/28/2008 Bears Eagles 24-20
10/21/2007 Bears Eagles 19-16
10/03/2004 Eagles Bears 19-9
11/03/2002 Eagles Bears 19-13
01/19/2002* Eagles Bears 33-19
10/22/2000 Eagles Bears 13-9
Injury Reports Depth Charts
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Bears Bears
2016 Weekly Matchup
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Week 2 - "Expert" Picks
Week 2 - Sporting Charts Matchup (2015 Season)
2016 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Eagles Season Stats
Bears Season Stats
2016 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Wentz 22 37 59.5% 278 2 0 101.0
Cutler 16 29 55.2% 216 1 1 76.2
Mathews 22 77 3.5 1
Langford 17 57 3.4 1
Matthews 7 114 16.3 1
Jeffery 4 105 26.3 0
Name Sacks Team Total
Barwin/Graham/Cox 1.0 3.0
Trevathan 1.0 2.0
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Bradham 5 4 1 0
Freeman 17 9 8 0
Name Ints Team Total
McLeod 1 1
Porter 1 1
D. Jones 6 295 72 49.2 39.2 3 3 1 0
O'Donnell 7 296 47 42.3 38.1 2 0 4 0
Sturgis 3 2 66.7% 38 3/3
Barth 0 0 0.0% 0 2/2
Kick Returns
Smallwood 1 23 23 23 0
Thompson 5 103 20.6 26 0
Punt Returns
Sproles 4 59 14.8 40 0 1
Royal 4 40 10.0 31 0 1
League Rankings 2016
Offense Rankings
Team Overall Passing Rushing
Eagles 7 12 8
Bears 29 25 23
Defense Rankings
Team Overall Passing Rushing
Eagles 5 5 23
Bears 15 11 24
Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas served as the Bears’ director of college scouting in 2015
Eagles defensive line coach Chris Wilson was originally selected by Chicago in the 12th round of the 1992 NFL Draft
Bears DB Chris Prosinski played in eight games for the Eagles during the 2014 season
Eagles CB Ron Brooks’ father, Anthony Brooks, played with Chicago during the 1993 season.
Bears Rookie CB Deiondre Hall played CB for Northern Iowa last October 10th when QB Carson Wentz led North Dakota State to a 31-28 comeback win.
Referee: Jeff Triplette
Philadelphia has won six of the last 10 contests in the regular season series vs. Chicago. The two clubs first met on 11/22/33 at the Baker Bowl in a game that resulted in a 3-3 tie.
Philadelphia has played at least one Monday Night Football game in 15 consecutive seasons dating back to 2001, appearing in 29 total games, the most by any NFL team in that span. The Eagles lead the NFL with 18 wins and rank fifth with a .621 (18-11) winning percentage in Monday night games since 2001.
Only five NFL teams have won at least four games on Monday Night Football since 2013: Philadelphia (4-1), Chicago (4-1), Pittsburgh (4-1), Seattle (4-0) and San Francisco (5-0).
The last time the Eagles played on Monday Night Football was on 10/19/15 vs. N.Y. Giants (W, 27-7). Their last Monday night game on the road was the 2015 season opener at Atlanta (L, 24-26). Philadelphia last won a road game on Monday Night Football on 9/15/14 at Indianapolis (W, 30-27).
Philadelphia has played at least four primetime games in nine straight seasons since 2007 (four scheduled in 2016).
The Eagles are 60-49 (.550) all-time in regular-season primetime action.
The Eagles have gone 78-49-1 (.613) on the road since the start of the 2000 season, marking the NFL’s second-best winning percentage over that span (ranks first among all NFC teams).
It's been 34 games since a safety has been recorded against the Bears. The last time an opponent scored a two-pointer was on December 23, 2013, against Philadelphia.
Eagles (aka the Wentz Show)
QB Carson Wentz is (officially) the first Eagles rookie to start at quarterback in a season opener since QB Davey O’Brien in 1939. Wentz (104.4) had the highest rating by Eagles rookie QB since QB John Reaves in 1972 (min. 20 pass attempts)
QB Carson Wentz passed for 278 yards and two touchdowns in the Eagles’ 29-10 victory against Cleveland on Kickoff Weekend. Only four rookie quarterbacks since 1970 have won their first two starts to begin a season. Three of those four players helped their teams qualify for the playoffs, including QB Joe Flacco of Baltimore (2008) and QB Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets (2009), who led their respective clubs to the AFC Championship Game as rookies.
Last Week, QB Carson Wentz completed 22 of 37 passes (59.5 percent) for 278 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions for a 101.0 passer rating in the Eagles’ 29-10 victory over Cleveland.
QB Carson Wentz capped his first regular-season NFL drive with a 19-yard touchdown pass to WR Jordan Matthews. Wentz is the fourth rookie quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger to throw a touchdown pass on his team's first offensive drive of the season. The others were QB David Carr, QB Matt Ryan, and QB Marcus Mariota.
QB Carson Wentz is one of only three NFL rookie QBs since 1960 to have at least 275 yards passing, two TDs and no INTs in season opener. QB Robert Griffin III in 2012 and Jim Kelly in 1986 were others. Wentz's 278 yards passing were fourth most by Eagles rookie; record is 381 by QB Nick Foles in 2012.
WR Jordan Matthews had 7 catches for 114 yards and a touchdown Cleveland. He has had 50+ recieving yards and a touchdown in 4 consecutive games, longest streak by Eagles player since WR Terrell Owens did it in 2004
QB Jay Cutler passed for 216 yards and a touchdown. Has 8 touchdown passes with a 91.4 rating in 4 career games against the Eagles.
WR Alshon Jeffery led the team with 105 receiving yards against the Texans last week. He aims for his 4th consecutive game with 100+ receiving yards or a touchdown catch.
WR Eddie Royal had 90 receiving yards and 3 touchdown in his only career meeting against the Eagles. (9/15/13 with SD)
LB Jerrell Freeman tied for the NFL lead with 17 tackles last week. Has 10+ tackles in 3 of his past 4 games.
WR Kevin White had three catches for 34 yards in NFL debut after missing rookie season with stress fracture in left shin.
TE Brent Celek (4,724) can move into 8th place on the Eagles all-time receiving list with 48 more yards. He would pass WR Ben Hawkins (4,764) and WR Jeremy Maclin (4,771). Additionally, with 276 more yards he would reach 5000 career receiving yards.
RB Darren Sproles (18,917) reached 18,000 career all-purpose yards last week. Sproles is 152 all-purpose yards away from moving into the NFL's top 10 all time list passing RB Herschel Walker (18,168).
OLB Connor Barwin (27.5) can move into 15th place on the Eagles All Time Sack List with 2.5 more sacks, passing DT Jerome Brown (29.5). He is also 3.5 sacks away from reaching 50 career sacks!
P Donnie Jones (986) is 14 punts away from 1,000 career punts. With 7 more punts he will pass P Rich Camarillo to take 22nd place on the NFL's all time punt list.
QB Jay Cutler is playing in his 99th game for the Chicago Bears
WR Alshon Jeffery (3833) is currently 8th on the all-time receiving list for the Bears. He needs 284 yards to pass WR Marty Booker (3895) and RB Matt Forte (4116) to claim 6th place. Additionally, with one more touchdown catch Jeffery (24) will have collected 25 career touchdowns. He will join WR Marty Booker (25) and WR Bill McColl (25) at 7th all time on the Bears receiving touchdown list.
Matchups to Watch
Leonard Floyd vs. Jason Peters
Despite a poor training camp and preseason, the 2016 first-round pick played will against the Texans finishing with six tackles, 0.5 sack and a quarterback hit in a reserve role. Floyd played well in his NFL debut, but that was against Texans backup linebacker Chris Clark. Peters is a tougher challenge. Peters will be tested whether Floyd lines up at defensive end or outside linebacker Monday night, but still has the reaction time to hold off Floyd's speed on the outside. If Floyd can't get to Carson Wentz, the Bears pass rush will take a hit. Chico doesn't have too many options to begin with.
Jason Kelce vs. Eddie Goldman
Goldman, the Bears nose tackle, was dominant in Week 1. He finished with six tackles, 0.5 sacks and two QB hits for Chicago, showing his disruptiveness on the interior. Kelce was the exact opposite in his Week 1 performance. Pro Football Focus ranked him one of the worst centers in a 29-10 win over the Browns. Kelce constantly was beat in the 3-4 scheme on the interior and had two bad snaps to rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. That has to change. If Goldman blows by Kelce on the interior, the end result could be a long night for Wentz as he will face pressure immediately after the snap. Kelce may need some help from Brandon Brooks and Allen Barbre to contain Goldman.
Bears secondary vs. Jordan Matthews
Matthews had seven catches for 114 yards and a touchdown in the Eagles Week 1 win, establishing himself as the primary option for Carson Wentz. The Eagles No. 1 receiver is on a hot streak with six touchdowns in his last four games and three 100-yard games in his last four contests dating back to last season. How are the Bears going to handle Matthews? Chicago's pass defense is ranked 11th, but was torched in the second half of its loss to the Texans. Brock Osweiler had the majority of his 231 pass yards during the stretch, including a 18-yard touchdown on a screen to Will Fuller facing a third-and-long. The Bears will look to double-team Matthews, similar to their game plan to DeAndre Hopkins. While Matthews isn't Hopkins, the Texans receiver finished with five catches for 54 yards and a touchdown (dropping a second in the second half of the game). Matthews is going to get his opportunities Monday in the slot and on the outside. He needs to take advantage.
Eagles secondary vs. Alshon Jeffery
Jeffery is going to get his catches and yards in this matchup. He finished with four catches for 105 yards in the loss to the Texans, which included a 54-yard reception. There was a catch (no pun intended). All of Jeffery's stats came in the first half. What changed for the Bears? The Texans defense got to quarterback Jay Cutler in the second half, sacking him five times and forcing an interception. How does the Eagles secondary contain Jeffery? Rely on the defensive line to get to Cutler and have him force one up to him while double-teaming him. Rookie cornerback Jalen Mills (expected to fill in for Leodis McKelvin) will be tested as the Bears will look to match Jeffery up with him on the field. Mills, expected to play the nickel, will need safety help in order to slow down Chicago's top offensive threat.
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Astros Takeover: There are literally dozens of us! Dozens!

Recent History

Since losing the World Series in 2005 to the White Sox, the Astros have been on a steady downward trend. 2014 was the first year with clear signs of improvement in a decade, as they improved 19 games over their 2013 record.
Year Team League G W L Manager(s) Team Payroll
2014 Houston Astros AL West 162 70 92 B.Porter and T.Lawless $44,544,174
2013 Houston Astros AL West 162 51 111 B.Porter $22,062,600
2012 Houston Astros NL Central 162 55 107 B.Mills and T.DeFrancesco $60,651,000
2011 Houston Astros NL Central 162 56 106 B.Mills $70,694,000
2010 Houston Astros NL Central 162 76 86 B.Mills $92,355,500
2009 Houston Astros NL Central 162 74 88 C.Cooper and D.Clark $102,996,415
2008 Houston Astros NL Central 161 86 75 C.Cooper $88,930,414
2007 Houston Astros NL Central 162 73 89 P.Garner and C.Cooper $87,759,000
2006 Houston Astros NL Central 162 82 80 P.Garner $92,551,503
2005 Houston Astros NL Central 163 89 73 P. Garner $76,779,022

Astros Prospects

credit to neutralvoice
Carlos Correa (SS): Carlos Correa is the future of this organization. He hit .325/.416/.510 in the California League this year (A+). Unfortunately, his season was cut off halfway through when he broke his leg on a slide. He'll be starting 2015 in AA and may be a September call-up. Luhnow has said that he and Mark Appel are players that can skip AAA and go straight to the majors.
Mark Appel (SP): Mark Appel has been in the news WAY too much this past season. After a shitty stint at A+ in one of the most hitter-friendly parks and leagues in all of professional baseball, Appel improved his stock by pitching well in AA and the AFL. In AA he put up a 3.69 ERA and a 2.99 FIP, and in the AFL he started 7 games, shutting out the opposing team in 5 of those games. After a bumpy start, Appel has once again exhibited the signs of a top pitching prospect.
(The rest of the list is not in a specific order, just a general order)
Mike Foltynewicz (RP): Folty's red hot 100 MPH+ pitching is enough to establish him as one of the best fastball prospects in the game. Unfortunately, his problems with command while throwing that hard have lead to some poor results at AAA/MLB this past season. The Astros are still betting he improves, though. They look to use him as their future closer or possibly a starter.
Colin Moran (3B): Moran was the Marlin's second best prospect coming into this season. "However, he was sent over to Houston in return for Jared Cosart (who many think tweeted/talked his way off of the team)." Luhnow is very high on Moran, who he signed 1-1 in the 2013 draft (over Mark Appel). Moran started his season for the Marlins pretty slowly, but after to his transition to AA with the Astros brought his production up. He will probably become a high average, average defender at 3B.
Vincent Velasquez (SP): Velasquez's progression though the minor leagues has been quite slow. After signing in the second round of the 2010 draft, he underwent Tommy John surgery in 2011. Vincent had very good results in A and A+ ball this year and should start the next season in AA. Although often injured, Velasquez can be down-right unhittable when healthy. He showed hints of this in the AFL this year before injuring himself during a start.
Rio Ruiz (3B): Ruiz was signed out of high school in the 2012 draft. After starting off his professional career slowly, Ruiz has proved his worth in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. putting up very solid contact and power numbers. Ruiz doesn't have the best defensive skills, but has the possibility of becoming an average defensive 3B. Ruiz was the top 3B prospect on the team before Moran was traded for, so some now think that he is going to be held back in favor of Moran though Luhnow has said this will not be true.
Domingo Santana (OF): Santana along with Ruiz is a very young prespect with lots of potential. He started off the season at AAA where he put up phenomenal numbers. When the entire Astros OF went on the DL around June/July Santana was brought up to fill the gap. He went 0/(however many AB he had), striking out all but one or two of those times. Santana definitely has some work to do in the minor leagues, but if he can adjust, he has the potential to secure a major league outfield position this season."
Josh Hader (SP): Josh Hader was traded to the Astros from the Orioles in 2013 in exchange for Bud Norris (good riddance). He started the year in the extremely hitter-friendly Cal league (A+) and absolutely dominated putting up a 2.7 ERA in 100+ innings. He was promoted to AA for a couple of games, but struggled a bit. Hader definitely increased his stock this past year and looks like he could be competing for the Astros rotation in 2016. (He is also only 20)
Teoscar Hernandez (OF): Hernandez is a very toolsy outfield prospect from the DR. Think George Springer, possibly George Springer lite. He Started the season in A+ this year and put up fantastic numbers, making his way up to AA near the end of the season. He should start in AA next season and make his way to AAA fairly quickly.
Michael Feliz (SP): Feliz is another top prospect from the Dominican Republic. He originally signed with the Athletics in 2010, but the contract was voided when he tested positive for steroids. After signing with the Astros he has been showing his star-potential. Feliz is probably one of the best strikout-prospects in the Astros system; however he often has some problems with control. Overall he should make for a good middle of the rotation starter or a fantastic bullpen piece.
New Guys: Derek Fisher (OF), A.J. Reed (1B) and JD Davis (3B) (the top Astros picks in the 2014 draft) all showed great potential in their first taste of professional baseball. Reed and Davis made it the A ball, while Fisher stayed in A- due to a small injury. It's much too early to start rating these guys but all would definitely fit in the top 20 Astros prospects.
Other Guys: Delino DeShields Jr. (OF): DDJ's stock has dropped with an unimpresive season in AA after a stellar performance in A+ in 2013. Last season he posted a .317/.405/.469 slash while stealing 101 bags in 2012. This season was a wash but DDJ has the raw skills to pull it together next year and show why he is rated so highly.
Nolan Fontana (2B/SS): Fontana's only real clame to fame is his almost-heavenly on base skills. He has averaged a walk rate over 20% over his 3 seasons with the Astros. Other than that, he is not an exciting prospect.
Tony Kemp (2B/might move to OF): Kemp is basically the next Altuve. Short/fast 2B prospect. He played very well in A+ and AA this past season and should start the next year in AAA.
Max Stassi (C): Really the only good catching prospect we have in the higher levels of our minor leagues. He had a poor 2013 season, but has seen brief stints at the major leagues in 2013 and 2014. He hit pretty damn well both of the times he came up. He should definitely see a lot more MLB playing time in 2015.
BRETT PHILLIPS (OF): Out of all the prospects in the minor leagues, Brett Phillips might have risen his stock the most. Drafted in the 6th round of the 2012 draft, Phillips put up average numbers until his godly breakout this year. in A and A+ ball this year he put up wRC+ numbers of 148 and 156 respectively. Should definitely start the season in AA next year and might even make it up to AAA.
Kyle Smith (SP): Put up great numbers in A+ (2.6 ERA) and ok numbers in AA Corpus this year (4.34 ERA). Has a good curveball, back-of-the-rotation potential.
Preston Tucker (OF): Put up amazing power numbers in AA this year, launching 17 HR. However he lost much of his power in his transition to AAA, while slightly improving his AVG and OBP. Should be competing for an OF position in the majors with Santana in 2015.
Overall thoughts on the farm: So that about sums up the top Astros prosepects. Obviously there are a few omissions such as Conrad Gregor, Asher Wojo..., Joe Scaflani, and many others but the list couldn't go on forever. Overall the Astros system is extremely deep. There is little Star-potential such as Springer, Correa and Appel (and hopefully Brett Phillips) but that is made up for by the amazing depth we have in very solid prospects. The Astros have gotten a lot of shit over this past year with the Aiken situation, Appel sucking and going to Houston to throw a bullpen session, and many more things but hopefully people keep in mind that Luhnow has done a fantastic job in restocking our farm system, taking it from last to top 3 or 5.

How the Astros were built - A look at all trades since 2007

Date Team Traded Away Team Received
9-7-07 Ed Wade hired
11-7-07 Eric Bruntlett and Brad Lidge Michael Bourn, Mike Costanzo and Geoff Geary
11-16-07 Josh Anderson Oscar Villarreal
12-12-07 Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Luke Scott Miguel Tejada
12-14-07 Chris Burke, Juan Gutierrez and Chad Qualls Jose Valverde
Draft Pick 06-08 select Jason Castro, C with the 10th pick in the 2008 draft
03-31-09 a player to be named later sent Drew Sutton (April 16, 2009) to the Cincinnati Reds to complete the trade Jeff Keppinger
12-9-9 for a player to be named later, Luis Bryan (minors) and Robert Bono (minors) sent Jorge Jimenez (minors) (12-10-9) to complete the trade Matt Lindstrom
6-3-10 future considerations Jailen Peguero
Draft Pick 06-10 select Jiovanni Mier, SS with the 21st pick in the 2009 draft
Draft Pick 06-10 select Delino Deshields, CF with the 8th pick of the 2010 draft
Draft Pick 06-10 select Michael Foltynewicz, RHP with the 19th pick in the 2010 draft
06-22-10 future considerations Tommy Everidge
07-29-10 Roy Oswalt Jonathan Villar (minors), Anthony Gose and JA Happ
07-29-10 Anthony Gose Brett Wallace
07-31-10 Lance Berkman Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes
08-19-10 Pedro Feliz and cash David Carpenter
09-16-10 purchased Enerio Del Rosario from the Reds
11-18-10 Felipe Paulino Clint Barmes
12-23-10 Matt Lindstrom Jonnathan Aristil (minors) and Wes Musick (minors)
01-10-11 Albert Cartwright (minors) Sergio Escalona
3-27-11 player to be named or cash Joe Inglett
Draft Pick 06-11 select George Springer, OF with the 11th pick of the 2011 draft
07-1-11 Kevin Cash Angel Sanchez
07-19-11 Jeff Keppinger Jason Stoffel (minors) and Henry Sosa
07-29-11 Hunter Pence and cash a player to be named later, Jarred Cosart (minors), Jonathan Singleton (minors) and Josh Zeid (minors) sent Domingo Santana (minors) (August 15, 2011) to complete the trade
07-31-11 Michael Bourn and cash Brett Oberholtzer (minors), Paul Clemens (minors), Juan Abreu and Jordan Schafer
11-17-11 Jim Crane buys Astros from Drayton McClane
11-28-11 Ed Wade fired by Jim Crane
12-8-11 Jeff Luhnow hired
12-8-11 a player to be named later. sent Marco Duarte (minors) (December 8, 2012) to complete the trade Marwin Gonzalez
12-14-12 Mark Melancon Jed Lowrie and Kyle Weiland
03-20-12 Jason Bourgeois and Humberto Quintero a player to be named later and Kevin Chapman (minors) sent D'Andre Toney (minors) (June 10, 2012) to complete the trade
05-26-12 Justin Ruggiano Jobduan Morales (minors)
Draft Pick 06-12 select Carlos Correa, SS with the 1st pick in the 2012 draft
Draft Pick 06-12 select Lance McCullers, RHP with the 41st pick in the 2012 draft
07-4-12 Carlos Lee Rob Rasmussen (minors) and Matt Dominguez
07-20-12 David Carpenter, JA Happ and Brandon Lyon Asher Wojciechowski (minors), Carlos Perez (minors), David Rollins (minors), Joseph Musgrove (minors), Francisco Cordero, Ben Francisco and player to be named. sent Kevin Comer (Blue Jays 2011 1st round pick) to complete the trade
07-21-12 Brett Myers and cash Blair Walters (minors), Matthew Heidenreich (minors) and player to be named
07-24-12 Wandy Rodriguez and cash Colton Cain (minors), Robbie Grossman (minors) and Rudy Owens (minors)
07-29-13 Chris Johnson Bobby Borchering (minors) and Marc Krauss (minors)
08-03-12 future considerations Garrett Mock
08-27-12 a player to be named later Tyler Greene
08-27-12 purchased Steve Pearce from the Houston Astros
08-31-12 Ben Francisco a player to be named later
12-4-12 Wilton Lopez and player to be named or cash Alex Gillingham (minors) and Alex White
12-19-12 Rob Rasmussen (minors) John Ely
02-4-13 Jed Lowrie and Fernando Rodriguez Max Stassi (minors), Chris Carter and Brad Peacock
Draft Pick 06-13 select Mark Appel, RHP with the 1st pick in the 2013 draft
07-31-13 Bud Norris Josh Hader (minors), L.J. Hoes and 2014 round A competitive balance pick
12-3-13 Jordan Lyles, Brandon Barnes Dexter Fowler and player to be named
12-18-13 Ryan Jackson Jesus Guzman
Draft Pick 06-14 select Brady Aiken, LHP with the 1st pick in the 2014 draft. Failed to sign, guaranteeing the #2 overall pick in the 2015 draft.
Draft Pick 06-14 select Derek Fisher, OF with the 37st pick in the 2014 draft (from the Orioles)
7-31-14 Jared Cosart, Kike Hernandez, Austin Wates (AAA) Jake Marisnick (AAA), Collin Moran (A), Frances Martes (Rk), Compensation Pick
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[Game Preview] Week 15 - Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) vs Arizona Cardinals (11-2)

Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) vs Arizona Cardinals (11-2)
The Eagles will look to extend their two-game winning streak as they welcome the Arizona Cardinals to Lincoln Financial Field for a prime-time showdown on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The Eagles and Cardinals will square off for the fifth-consecutive season and the 119th time overall in the series history
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Don't forget to enter the Score Prediction Contest!
Remember to join us on ChatFrog during the game!
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our Fan Page!
Want to see our Previous Game Previews?
Game Time Game Location
8:30 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
7:30 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Avenue
6:30 PM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
5:30 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open Air
Outside Temperature: 37°F
Feels Like: 36°F
Forecast: Night/Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 54%
Chance of Precipitation: 7%
Cloud Coverage: 76%
Wind: S 5 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Arizona by -3.5
OveUnder: 50.5
Record vs. Spread: Cardinals 7-6, Eagles 6-7
Where to Watch on TV
NBC - Al Michaels is the play-by-play announcer, with Cris Collinsworth as the color commentator and Michele Tafoya as the sideline reporter.
TV Map - Week 15 TV Coverage Map
Internet Streams
NBC Sports Live Extra - Provider Participation Required
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-AM 1150 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Sunbury, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Harrisburg/York/Lancaster, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre / Scranton, PA WEZX-FM 106.9 and 107.3
Atlantic City, NJ WENJ-AM 97.3 FM/1450 AM
Milford, DE WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Gus Salazar and Macu Berral will handle the broadcast in Spanish on El Zol (1340 AM) in Philadelphia.
National Radio
Westwood One will air the game to a national audience, with Kevin Kugler (play-by-play) and Hall of Famer and former Eagle James Lofton (color) on the call. Scott Graham will host the pregame and haltime shows.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Cardinals Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 83 (Internet 823) SIRI 93 (Internet 800)
XM Radio XM 226 (Internet 823) XM 225 (Internet 800)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 226 (Internet 823) SXM 225 (Internet 800)
NFC East Standings
Team W L Pct PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5
Redskins 6 7 .462 281 307 -26 30 5-2 1-5 2-2 .500 6-4 .600 0-3 1W 3-2
Eagles 6 7 .462 301 322 -21 35 3-3 3-4 2-2 .500 3-6 .333 3-1 2W 2-3
Giants 6 7 .462 338 320 18 37 3-3 3-4 2-3 .400 4-5 .444 2-2 1W 2-3
Cowboys 4 9 .308 230 305 -75 22 1-5 3-4 3-2 .600 3-8 .273 1-1 1L 2-3
Series Information
Series Leader
Cardinals lead the Eagles: 58-56-5
Head to Head Box Scores
Points Leader
Eagles lead the Cardinals: 2542-2319
Coaches Record
Chip Kelly: 1-1 against Cardinals
Bruce Arians: 1-1 against the Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Chip Kelly/Bruce Arians: Tied at 1-1
Quarterback Record
Sam Bradford: Against Cardinals: 4-3
Carson Palmer: Against Eagles: 1-1
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Sam Bradford/Carson Palmer: Bradford leads 1-0
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Eagles Lead 2-1
Record @ University of Phoenix Stadium: Cardinals Lead 3-0
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 12 - Cardinals No. 2
Last Week
Eagles: W 23-20 vs. Bills
Cardinals: W 23-20 vs. Vikings
Last Meeting
Oct 26, 2014 - Cardinals beat the Eagles 24-20
Last Meeting Details
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
10/26/2014 Cardinals Eagles 24-20
12/01/2013 Eagles Cardinals 24-21
09/23/2012 Cardinals Eagles 27-6
11/13/2011 Cardinals Eagles 21-17
01/18/2009 Cardinals Eagles 32-25 (NFC Championship)
11/27/2008 Eagles Cardinals 48-20
12/24/2005 Cardinals Eagles 27-21
11/17/2002 Eagles Cardinals 38-14
11/04/2001 Eagles Cardinals 21-7
10/07/2001 Cardinals Eagles 21-20
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Cardinals Cardinals
2015 Weekly Matchup
Week 15 - Iron Rank Matchup
Week 15 - "Expert" Picks
Week 15 - Sporting Charts Matchup
2015 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Eagles Season Stats
Cardinals Season Stats
Bradford 251 397 63.2% 2664 14 11 82.9
Palmer 292 453 64.5% 4003 31 9 107.2
Murray 174 603 3.5 4
C. Johnson 196 814 4.2 3
Matthews 64 680 10.6 4
Fitzgerald 96 1088 11.3 7
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham/Cox 6.5 31
Freeney 4.0 24
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Jenkins 87 72 15 0.0
Bucannon 88 73 15 2.0
Name Ints Team Total
Thurmond 3 15
R. Johnson 5 16
Jones 73 3462 64 47.4 41.7 24 7 18 2
Butler 46 1963 58 42.7 36.1 17 6 15 1
Sturgis 20 16 80.0% 53 25/27
Catanzaro 27 25 92.6% 47 44/47
Kick Returns
Huff 13 300 23.1 40 0
D. Johnson 22 598 27.2 108 1
Punt Returns
Sproles 34 434 12.8 89 2 16
Peterson 29 245 8.4 38 0 14
League Rankings
Offense Rankings
Team Overall Passing Rushing
Eagles 16 21 13
Cardinals 1 3 10
Defense Rankings
Team Overall Passing Rushing
Eagles 27 24 28
Cardinals 4 12 5
Eagles Connections
Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis spent four seasons with Arizona from 2007-10, including the last two as the team's defensive coordinator.
Special Teams Coordinator Dave Fipp played four seasons at the University of Arizona (1994-97) as a safety and coached one season at his alma mater in 2000.
DE Vinny Curry is a product of the QB Kevin Kolb trade. In the trade, the Eagles received a 2012 second round pick from the Cardinals. That pick was traded to the Green Bay Packers (DE Jerel Worthy) for their 2012 2nd and 4th round picks. That 2nd round pick was used to select DE Vinny Curry. The 4th round pick was used to select CB Brandon Boykin who was traded to the Steelers for a 2016 5th round pick.
Cardinals Connections
QB Matt Barkley was originally a fourth-round draft choice of the Eagles in 2013 and appeared in four games during his two-year tenure (2013-14). Barkley was traded to Arizona on September 14, 2015 in exchange for a conditional seventh-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft
TE Ifeanyi Momah (currently on Injured Reserve) signed with the Eagles as a free agent in 2013 and spent the 2013 and 2014 offseasons with the team
C/OG A.Q. Shipley spent the 2010 season on the Eagles practice squad and is a native of Beaver County, PA
Director, College Scouting Dru Grigson was a volunteer scout for the Eagles from 2005-06
Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians grew up in York, PA, and spent six seasons as the head coach at Temple University (1983-88)
Arizona General Manager Steve Keim attended Red Land High School in Lewisberry, PA, and cites Harrisburg as his hometown.
Cardinals OG Earl Watford (Injured Reserve) hails from Philadelphia and attended Simon Gratz High School.
General Information
From 1970-2001, the Eagles and Cardinals were division rivals in the NFC East and met 62 times during that span before Arizona moved to the NFC West in 2002.
Although they are not division opponents, the Eagles and Cardinals will meet for a fifth straight season
The team went with the black tops for the Thanksgiving game against Arizona in 2008. The Eagles won the game 48-20, and the win was part of the Eagles’ stretch of winning four of their last five games to make the playoffs. Five years later, The Eagles again wore the black jerseys as they beat Arizona 24-21 in 2013. The win was the Eagles’ fourth in a row as the team won seven of their last eight games to take home the NFC East crown.
Eagles DB Malcolm Jenkins will be celebrating his 28th Birthday during the game. He was born December 20th, 1987 in Piscataway, NJ.
DE Fletcher Cox has been a force to be reckoned with on the interior in 2015, notching a career-high 6.5 sacks and 28 quarterback hurries while regularly seeing extra attention from opposing offensive lines. Cox has tallied 11 QB pressures during the Eagles current two-game win streak, including a season-high eight hurries against New England. Cox has recorded the most quarterback pressures by an Eagles defender since 2012
Eagles RBs Darren Sproles (42) and DeMarco Murray (41) are two of only nine backs in the NFL with at least 40 receptions. The two are also the only pair of running back teammates to have recorded 40-plus catches.
Over his last four starts, QB Sam Bradford has completed 81-of-123 passes for 898 yards and five touchdowns to only one interception, resulting in a 97.5 passer rating. Bradford’s 97.5 rating ranks 10th in the NFL since Week 8.
S Ed Reynolds recorded his first-career interception in the waning minutes of a Week 14 win over the Bills, making him the ninth different Eagles defender to pick off a pass in 2015. The team’s nine individual interceptors is tied for the second-most in the NFL with the Falcons and trails only the Steelers (10)
With an interception of Bills QB Tyrod Taylor on Sunday, the Eagles Defense now have 15 interceptions on the season, which ranks fifth in the NFL, and 25 total takeaways, which is tied for second in the league with the Cardinals.
RB Darren Sproles is currently in sole possession of 11th place in NFL history in career all-purpose yards (17,757) after passing Hall of Fame RB Marcus Allen (17,648) in Week 13.
With seven career punt return touchdowns, Sproles is tied for sixth in NFL history with RB David Meggett. His nine career kick and punt return touchdowns are also tied for sixth in the league with WR Jacoby Jones, as well as Hall of Famers RB Ollie Matson and DB Deion Sanders.
TE Brent Celek (366 career receptions) needs six catches to pass Keith Byars (371) for fifth place and eight receptions to pass Pete Pihos (373) for fourth in Eagles history. With 9 more receiving yards, Celek (4,626) will move into the top 10 in Eagles history, passing Fred Barnett (4,634).
TE Trey Burton (17) has recorded the most special teams tackles by an Eagle since LB Moise Fokou notched 19 during the 2010 season.
The Cardinals clinched a playoff spot last week, but the Cardinals are in position to clinch the division and potentially a first-round bye Sunday night if they can knock off the Eagles. They will claim its first NFC-West title since 2009 with a win Sunday or if second-place Seattle loses to Cleveland earlier in the day. A victory would also give the Cardinals a bye to begin the playoffs if Green Bay loses at Oakland.
The Cardinals Offense leads the NFL with 59 passes of 20 yards or more, including 10 for touchdowns, and averages a league-best 417.5 yards per game.
QB Carson Palmer's 4,003 yards and 31 touchdown passes is a single-season franchise record. He trail only QB Tom Brady, and his 107.2 passer rating is only second to QB Russell Wilson. Additionally, Palmer has won 24 of past 28 starts.
QB Carson Palmer tossed two touchdown passes in the Cardinals' 23-20 victory over the Vikings, giving him 31 passing TD's on the season and overtaking QB Kurt Warner (30 in 2008) for the most in a season in the Cardinals' 95-year history. Palmer did not throw any interceptions in Thursday's game, marking the fifth time this season that he had a game with at least two touchdown passes and no interceptions. Only QB Tom Brady (seven), QB Aaron Rodgers (six), and QB Andy Dalton (six) have more games of this type in the current season. That ties the most such games for Palmer in one season in his career, having also had five in 2005.
WR Larry Fitzgerald has 38 receptions for 650 yards and eight touchdowns in six career regular season games against Philadelphia, including at least one touchdown catch in each game. With a touchdown catch against Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football, Fitzgerald would eclipse Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Ride (six), Isaac Bruce (six) and Rob Gronkowski (six) for the second-most consecutive regular-season games with a receiving touchdown against an opponent to start a career since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.
WR John Brown had two 65+ yard touchdown reception from QB Carson Palmer in the last two weeks (Vikings and Rams). Over the last five seasons (since 2011), only three other players had a reception of at least 65 yards in consecutive games: WR Pierre Garcon of the Colts (Weeks 4 and 5 of 2011 season), the Giants' WR Victor Cruz (Weeks 16 and 17 in 2011), and the Browns' Josh Gordon (Weeks 13 and 14 in 2013). The last player to do so for the Cardinals was Hall-of-Famer WR Jackie Smith late in the 1967 season. Smith finished that season with 1205 receiving yards, ranking third in that category.
WR John Brown has three receptions for 65 or more yards in his two seasons in the NFL. Since the start of the 2014 season, only two players have more receptions of this length: WR Odell Beckham and WR Martavis Bryant, each with four.
QB Carson Palmer (5,359) is 33 Passing Attempts attempts away from moving into 14th place on the NFL's all time list. In doing so he will pass QB Donovan McNabb (5,374) and QB Joe Montana (5,374).
QB Carson Palmer (255) needs 1 Passing TD to take sole ownership of 16th place on the NFL's all time list, passing QB Sonny Jurgensen (255).
WR Larry Fitzgerald (96) needs 4 touchdowns to reach 100 Career Receiving TDs. In doing so he will move into 10th place on the NFL's all time Receiving TD list, passing 'Split End' Don Hutson (99).
DE Dwight Freeney (115.5) is 4.5 sacks away from 120 career sacks. Freeny needs 6.5 sacks to move into 18th place on the NFL's all-time sack list, passing LB Clyde Simmons (121.5).
DE LaMarr Woodley (58.0) is 2 sacks away from 60 career sacks.
DE Calais Campbell (46.0) is 4 sacks away from 50 career sacks. Campbell is 2 sacks away from moving into 4th place on the Cardinals' all time sack list, passing LB Ken Harvey (47.5).
RB/PR Darren Sproles (17,757) is 243 All-Purpose yards from 18,000 career All-Purpose Yards. Sproles needs 412 All-Purpose yards to move into 10th place on the NFL's All-Purpose yards list, passing RB Herschel Walker (18,168).
Matchups to Watch
Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald vs. Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins
The Cardnals will line up Fitzgerald in the slot most of the time and that means Jenkins, back in the slot corner role, will have his toughest match-up of the season. Fitz leads the Cards with 96 catches for 1,088 yards and seven touchdowns this season.
Cardinals G Jon Cooper vs. Eagles DE Fletcher Cox
Cooper was the Cardinals' first-round draft pick out of North Carolina in 2013 and will get tested early and often by Cox, who is coming off two good games and his best game last Sunday against the Bills. If Cooper can contain him, the Cards offense should have a big day.
Cardinals' pass defense vs. Eagles QB Sam Bradford
Bradford, who has put together four good games around missing two with injury, faces a Cardinals defense that has limited quarterbacks to a 78.1 quarterback rating this season. The Cards have 16 interceptions this season, while allowing just 18 touchdown passes.
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