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I'm not going to post to revert... I'm just telling you why there are changes in CSGO.

Counterstrike was originally a MOD made for Half Life, not originally made by Valve, but ultimately adopted (as well as the core engineering team for CS) and a lot of posts here always hearken back to the "it was better in 1.6!" mentality. And to their point, they are mostly right. 1.6 was designed heavily to be skill based, teamwork based, and to allow players to use game sense, teamwork, and individual skill to win the day. With the latest update from Valve for CSGO, they introduced the RNG "Run and Gun" mentality from Call of Duty, where luck plays a lot higher portion of winning a duel or even a match, and lowers the skill ceiling (even if it is slightly). A lot of this is due to the original creators of the mod actually working on the game itself.
And people are asking, why? First, look at the R8 introduction. They introduced an overpowered gun and immediately introduced some very fancy skins for it. Within the day, the marketplace was flooded with skins going for hundreds of dollars for this new, overpowered gun. Did Valve not think the gun was overpowered? It was literally a pocket AWP.
I don't think Valve is as stupid or incompetent as we make them out to be. In fact, Valve is exceptionally deliberate in how they roll out changes. Keep in mind that Valve employs economists, behavioral people in addition to developers before game changes are made. And I would like to purport that the R8 wasn't a mistake -- it was implemented on purpose. And to that point -- so was the Run and Gun addons with the rifle changes.
Let's think about why. Right now the market is pretty saturated in terms of AK and M4A1-S skins. A relatively recent update to change the M4A1-S and M4A4 has had a lot of players now change their loadouts to use the M4A4. And guess what? They all went and got new skins for that gun, trading their M4A1-S skins to do it.
CSGO is a game that on average costs about $15, but the majority of the money isn't made on the box copy -- rather the marketplace, where they receive a cut of every transaction that happens. While CSGO is a very popular game, you must understand that its popularity has risen in direct correlation to the availability and ever increasing pervasiveness of the gambling scene. CSGOLounge and DotaLounge (for you DOTA players) popularity can be tracked side by side (and actually predict behavior!) with the games themselves. This is true for regular sports too -- Football, Baseball, etc... all got extremely popular with the advent of betting and as a result brought in more for the leagues (NFL/MLB/etc) as they do for Valve today. Of course, the betting scene within CSGO is filled with minors who can get started with a few free drops within the game to start feeding that habit, and likely Valve should be curtailing that behavior actively; but they won't.
And why? For the same reason they made the rifle changes. The rifle changes now force you to consider the SG or other guns when dueling. And in choosing other guns, and in giving you options for a new overpowered revolver that EVERYBODY wants to use -- they've increased the market for gambling, for their marketplace, and their overall revenue. By tweaking the R8 back to a normal gun, they've already succeeded in flooding the market with skins that are very overpriced, but they made tons of money on within a few days. Similarly, the cheaters within the CSGO community are quite rampant, and you'll find the bans often timed with Steam Sales shortly afterwards -- so all the cheaters who lost their accounts in a wave miraculously reappear and start playing again, building a new 'balance' of items and adding them into the marketplace. And the ones who lose big inventories? Simple economics and the prices rise and fall accordingly which again -- benefits Valve.
So while I hope to see at some point, a "Promod" for CSGO, or heck -- even a competitor... I think we are going to continue to deal with an organization that values dollars above all else and does whatever it takes to further that over the voices and concerns of the community and even pro players at large. And that's not really a fault, but just a reality we all have to become aware of.
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