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Fort Worth Community Day Guide

Fort Worth Community Day Guide
The purpose of this post is to gather and distribute information regarding Community Day(CD) destinations within Fort Worth. This post will also serve as a comprehensive guide for those considering visiting Fort Worth for a CD event. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions within this thread. I've not personally spent time at all listed destinations on a CD, stated where I have throughout each of the descriptions below. Therefor, I will not be able to give personal insight as to how each experience compares to another, but I can speculate and use information gathered from my time spent throughout FW chasing down various pokemon and chatting with fellow trainers in order to provide you with as many details as possible.Step One; List possible or known destinations.In no particular order:
  1. Panther Island(PI) 8644QM56+GX
  2. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens(BG) 8644PJRP+4W
  3. Fort Worth Stockyards(SY) 8644QMQ3+H8
  4. Magnolia Street(MS) 8644PMJ5+6W
  5. Fort Worth Water Gardens(WG) 8644PMXF+75
  6. Sundance Square(SS) 8644QM39+XC
  7. Hulen Mall(HM) 8644MJH3+J5
  8. West 7th Street Area(W7) 8644QJ2V+GH
  9. Ridgmar Mall(RM) 8644PHR7+9P
Step Two; Provide known, or speculate details about each destination.
  1. Panther Island
PI seems to be a very popular site for previous CD events. Located within DT FW, it has only one road(N. Taylor St.) that the public can utilize on any given day. In addition to driving, PI is part of the Trinity Trails system with trails that run right through the heart of this area's PoGo points of interest. Walkers, runners, bikers and even various forms of watercraft can gain access to PI with great ease. In fact, FW's only bike share company(Bcycle) has a station located at the beginning of the PI traffic circle. Backwood Paddle Sports, during summer months and beyond, is open to the public and rent out kayaks and paddleboards. PI has some tree coverage that provides shade, but is limited to the trails and can be lacking as the day continues. It is recommended that if you expect to be out at PI for long during the day, that you plan accordingly(water, sunscreen, umbrella, canopy, ect.). As far as PoGo is concerned, PI has a lot to offer. It has five "main" Pokestops and several more nearby. It also has, one gym in the immediate area and two more fairly close by. PI's significance come from its five "main" Pokestops. A PoGo Trainer can easily position themselves between all five and grind away. With the use of a PoGo Plus or Gotcha, trainers can easily stock up on items and stardust, especially if maintaining constant lures on each of the Pokestops. If a trainer does decide to drive to PI, come prepare to not park in its immediate location. Parking is free on the weekends and controlled by “meters” during the week. Apps, such as, Parkmobile, will make light work of keeping up with time left on meter. **Mr. Livid's PoGo Tip** There is a "secret" parking lot located just west of the PI circle(8644QM45+J3). PI has access by only one road and parking is quickly taken by the various events(PoGo or otherwise) hosted at this popular FW park. Speaking of park, PI is considered a park and even though it is a public POI, it is subjected to the local authority of FW and its law enforcement. In fact, there is a police department at the corner of Taylor and Belknap(PI Entrance) and regular patrol of the law enforcement is made throughout all hours of the day and night. Advantages of PI would also include the ability to bring your four legged PoGO trainer friends. I've had the pleasure of attending a CD(dratini) at PI and wasn't too impressed. The first thirty minutes of the even, I didn't retain cellular service(sprint, don't judge). After that everyone basically huddled and "fought" around the space that allowed them to reach the five main Pokestops. It was a lot of people in one spot. If networking is your thing, then this is the spot for you. Lots of people, one spot, no movement. Reminds me of the march of the penguins. If you have a silphroad trainer card, you’re in luck! There are usually several trainers at PI that have the ability to shake hands and check you in. Those trainers are usually not hard to track down. Everyone is friendly, so simply asking around will get you to the right person.
PI Pokestop(s) include:
  1. Founders Bridge Plaque
  2. Haritage Park Riverbank
  3. Major Ripley
  4. Ripley Arnold Place
  5. Ripley Arnold Plaza Park
Additional Pokestop(s) include:
  1. Fish Wall Mural
  2. Faceless Monolith
  3. Haritage Park Electrical Plant Monument
  4. Fort Worth Sesquicentennial Plaque(not typically accessible)
  5. Clearfork Panther Island
  6. The Campus Yard Horse Art
PI Gym(s) include:
  1. Clear and West Convergence Historical MarkerFairly close Gym(s) include:
  2. Ethereal Trees
  3. Lighted Fountain Wall
  4. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
BG is personally my favorite place to take on CD. It provides plenty of shade and space without sacrificing Pokestops and Gyms. With that said, here are some information so that you can make a decision for yourself. It has an astounding fifty Pokestops and five gyms. It is located on University, just off I30. There are two primary parking lots located at the two main front entrances. There is a third entrance, but the gates are often closed for various reasons determined by the BG staff. **Mr. Livid's PoGo Tip** There is a "secret" parking lot located at the BG's rear entrance(8644PJMJ+GP). During the week, this entrance is closed, but on the weekends, its almost always open. You won't be able to drive in, as it is an exit only, but pedestrians on foot are welcomed. Hardly anyone knows about this parking lot and it can often times be found nearly empty when the front lots and parking within BG are unavailable. Dogs and other critters are NOT welcomed at BG. In fact, bikes, skateboards or anything else with wheels are not typically allowed to make their way off the road that leads through BG. BG is not considered a public park, but a privately owned "facility" made available to the public and therefore their guests are subjects to their rules and regulations. Anyone can currently obtain access to BG free of charge (as of date of this posting), but that may soon change. BG is currently seeking out ways to pull out of debt and will be expected to begin charging entrance to its many beautiful sites and wonders. BG is mostly covered by trees and trainers can find comfort in knowing that the shade exists throughout the entire day. There are however, various areas that are not covered, but not much. During summer months, it is still recommended that trainers bring appropriate heat fighting gear(sunscreen, water, umbrella, ect.). Another advantage at BG, is if you find that you are not able to stand the heat any longer, you can simply cool down in BG's main air conditioned building. If trainers wish, there is a restaurant within BG, but is usually over ran with tourist and guests. As I've mentioned, I've spent plenty of time and CDs at BG and know of no rival. It seems to me to the best of all aspects of PoGo. You can easily access most, if not all, the pokestops in a sort of broken figure eight pattern which leave you always in range of a lured up Pokestop. All the while you are earning distance on eggs and buddy candy. Because of the amount of Pokestops, you have access to more of the field research tasks and therefore capable of earning more rewards. I have not gone a CD without seeing at least one legendary raid, if not more. All the while, there are multiple lower level raids typically occurring within BG's many gyms. I'm not saying that there's 'non-stop" raiding, but there is at least one legendary and a couple of the lower tier raids during any given CD. The BG is also a well know Pokemon Nest site and trainers can easily stock up on items while capitalizing on the many spawns that appear without having to add lure module to a Pokestop. Because of BG location, before or even after CD will grant you access to many close by raids with minimal effort. Trinity Park rests just across university and the many gyms on west 7th street that intersects university, are 2-3 minute drive north of the BG. If AR pics of Pokemon are your thing, then BG is probably hands down, the best location. Its beautiful gardens and scenery offer countless opportunities for snapping those wonderful AR moments. Just like PI, if you have a silphroad trainer card, you can easy track down one of the many trainers at BG that have the ability to shake hands and check you in. Those trainers are usually not hard to track down. Everyone is friendly, so simply asking around will get you to the right person.BG's
Pokestops include:
  1. Four Seasons Garden
  2. POW-MIA Memorial
  3. Blue Star Memorial By-Way
  4. Japanese Gardens
  5. Miniature House
  6. Crowning Things Statue
  7. Raymond Morrison Historical
  8. Growing Things
  9. Fishing Rock Sculpture
  10. Rose Garden Project Memorial
  11. Water Fountain, Fort Worth
  12. Rita's Bench
  13. Republic of Texas Rose Garden
  14. Bird Bath Ft Worth Botanical Gardens
  15. Dedication Plaque Fort Worth Garden Club
  16. Birth of Love
  17. Begonia Exhibition
  18. Mary Daggett Lake
  19. Mini Shinto Shrine
  20. Pagoda Houses at Japanese Gardens
  21. Mikoshi
  22. Mini Shinto Shrine
  23. Hollow Log
  24. Stories in the Ring
  25. Botanic Garden South Fountain
  26. Botanic Garden North Fountain
  27. SugarBerry Trail
  28. Botanical Garden
  29. Forest Boardwalk
  30. Ecosystems
  31. Iron Roadrunner Statue
  32. Turtle Statue
  33. Green Footbridge
  34. Iron Rooster Statue
  35. Sustainability
  36. Texas Native Forest Boardwalk
  37. Conservation Info Board
  38. Pushing Cherry
  39. Botanical Gardens Sun and Moon
  40. Sparkler Sedge
  41. Why So Many Begonias?
  42. Jacobson Lily
  43. Columned Gazebo
  44. Victory Vase
  45. Frog 2 Pond FTW Botanic Gardens
  46. Botanical Garden Clock
  47. Shaper Art
  48. Brit Research Garden
  49. Ft Worth Botanic Garden
  50. Charlie Company Memorial
BG Gyms include:
1.Trail Gardens Blue Bonnet
  1. Buddha Shrine 2*
  2. 3 Monkeys**
  3. Columned Gazebo
  4. Botanical Garden Fountain South*
*confirmed ex pass gym**area under construction, no public access
  1. Fort Worth Stockyards
The SY represents and still functions to move, trade and sell livestock. Nowadays, trainers can wonder up and down and even between exchange ave and stockyard blvd. in search of rare and powerful pokemon. With roughly forty-three Pokestops and six Gyms, trainers can easily find plenty of opportunities to hatch eggs, stock up on items and stardust. The SY don’t have much in the way of natural cover from the sun, especially during summer months. However, east Exchange avenue, is littered with shops and dinneries. Each typically air conditioned and hosts its own unique historical story. Take extreme caution when pokehunting around the SY and be sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen and water. Pets are aloud to wander around with their owners, but not all shops and restaurants are as welcoming. Bicyclist are welcomed, but SY old brick style roads may prove to be undesirable and the sidewalks to narrow to host both bike and pedestrians. Visitors can find their way to the SY by driving down FW’s main street, either north from 23rd, or south from 28th streets. Please note that Exchange avenue is a one way street and typically moves slowly as cars have to stop for pedestrians crossing back and forth. There are several locations for parking and most are free on any given day. However, during peak times, some weekends and during events, most parking in the area are easily converted to paid for parking by the many shops and restaurants nearby. I find that parking in Cooper’s BBQ parking lot(8644QMV3+47) seems to be the easiest and almost always provides free parking. It puts you at the outer edge of SY potential, but I don’t mind the walk for less of a hassle. Pokestops, for the most part in the SY, are dense and close together. Though I’ve never spent a CD there, it's a sure bet that a few raids hatch at one or more of the six gyms during the event.
SY Pokestops include:
  1. Cowlamity Jane
  2. Gustavus F Swift Trail of Fame Plaque
  3. Ernest Tubb Record Shop
  4. Historic Stockyards Building
  5. Judge Roy Bean Texas Trail of Fame
  6. Longhorn General Store
  7. Stockyards Petting Zoo
  8. Stockyards Railroad Turnabout
  9. Tarantula Train Line Station Clock Tower
  10. The Spice and Tea Exchange
  11. Amon Carter’s 1933 Cadillac V8
  12. Charles Goodnight Texas Trail of Fame
  13. Find Each Longhorn
  14. Fort Worth Herd
  15. Stagecoach Wheel Bench
  16. Stockyards Museum
  17. Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
  18. The First Bulldogger
  19. Cannon STuck in the Wall
  20. Fort Worth Stock Yards Entrance
  21. Horse and Cattle Fountain
  22. Spurs
  23. Stock Yard Mural
  24. Tom Mix Texas Trail of Fame
  25. Trinity Trail
  26. William Buffalo Bill Cody Texas Trail of Tears
  27. Billy Bob’s 81
  28. Billy Bobs
  29. La Plaza
  30. Livestock Show Historical Marker
  31. Running Longhorns
  32. Woodard Tex Ritter Texas Trail of Fame
  33. Glyph Walkway
  34. Northside Pawn Covered Wagon
  35. Stockyards Station Back Forty
  36. Treaty Mural
  37. Twice-barreled Shoot Gun
  38. Stonehouse Horses
  39. Stockyards Longhorn Bench Cowboy Painting
  40. Stockyards Cadillacs Silhouetted Cowboy Mural
  41. Pearl’s Dancehall and Saloon
  42. Bad Bronc Studio and Gallery
  43. Martinez Stockyard Center Mural
Additional Pokestop(s) include:
  1. Wall of Food Mural
  2. Cowtown Trading Post
  3. Marine Creek Park Corridor
  4. The Gardens at Los Vaqueros
  5. Rodeo Park
  6. Mexicana Mural
SY Gyms include:
  1. Swift & Company
  2. Stockyards Fountain
  3. Quanah Parker
  4. Finchers White Front Store
  5. Western Mural
  6. Hell’s ½ Acre Arch
Fairly close Gym(s) include:
  1. International Church of the Beloved
  2. Clinton Ave Church
  3. Horse Statue
  4. Magnolia Street
MS is another great area for CD consideration. Rocking out with nine gyms, one in fact, is a confirmed ex pass eligible gym and may grant you an opportunity to take on Mewtwo at a later date. In addition to the the populated gyms in this area, MS hosts roughly twenty-four Pokestops and plenty more nearby. This is another area where you can almost guarantee that there will be multiple raid oppurtunities throughout a CD event. It's no wonder why MS is a great area for trainers to raid and hunt down Pokemon. Parking for visitors in this area can be found throughout the entire stretch of MS. If trainers are considering spending plenty of time here and are not put off by walking from the outer edge of this areas “heat,” then try parking at the QT on hemphill and rosedale(8644PMJ9+XF). They’ve recently expanded their parking lot and next door to it, is a police station, which may help make you more comfortable leaving your vehicle further away. **Mr. Livid's PoGo Tip** There is a "secrete" parking lot located across from Avoca(8644PMJ5+3Q) that you can use as well. It says towing is enforced, but that only relates to during the week. So, if you’re hanging out on the weekend and want to park in the heart of MS, then this is the spot for you. Ortherwise, you can seek out spots up and down MS. Most of MS Gyms are accessible within many of its shops, diners and pubs. So if hanging out at a spot is your thing, then this maybe an area that peaks your interest. MS’s many Pokestops however, are not as dense as they are at other locations. This isn’t necessarilyh a bad thing. Trainers with just find that they have to travel further to spins or lure its many stops. On the upside, great opportunity to hatch eggs. MS is another great area for AR shots. This area is a well known “trendy” spot and several unique opportunities exsist up and down MS. Critter of all kind can been seen walking up and down MS, but store are subject to their own policy, so be sure to ask before assuming you can stroll in with one. There are plenty of places to dive into if you find the heat starts to become overwelming, but otherwise, there are only a few places up and down MS that have shade. Be sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen and water if you plan to stay outdoors through most of you visit to this area. I have not personally spent a CD at MS, but have heard positive things from trainers who have. Please note, that if you find yourselves raiding at the Cane Rosso gym, please stay on the southside(cane rosso side) of the street. Across from this gym is a cancer treatement center and they’ve asked that we not stand infront of their building. I know, I know. The sidewalk is public property, but we as PoGo Trainers should be sensitive to the request of the community in which we find ourselves. With said, lets talk cell reception. Down MS proper I’ve never had an issue with Sprint’s connectivity. However, everytime I venture south a little, to like College Avenue Baptist Church Gym and beyond, Sprint gets a little iffie. It also, sometimes gets a little weird around Chimera Gym, but usualy does fine after I close most background apps. Just a heads up Sprint customers.
MS Pokestops include:
  1. Cannon Painting
  2. St. Joseph’s Infirmary
  3. The Virgin Mary
  4. Watchful Mary
  5. Tower Medic Pharmacy Mural
  6. Paris Coffee Shop
  7. Paris Coffee Mural
  8. Brewed Mural
  9. Magnolia Green Park
  10. Food Store Gazebo
  11. Mama Mia Mural
  12. Dangling Burgers
  13. Historic Shaefer Building
  14. Marilyn Manson
  15. Numismatic Entry
  16. Fairmont Historic District
  17. Grand Cru Wine and Gifts
  18. Benito’s Horned Frog
  19. Hoagies
  20. Hope and Comfort Sculpture
  21. Baylor All Saints Dedication Stars
  22. Red Dress
  23. College Av Baptist Church
  24. Hemphill Mural
Additional Pokestops include:
  1. Shelton Window Murals
  2. Seeking God First Church
  3. Fairmount Community Garden
  4. Trinity Church
  5. Old Central Methodist Church
  6. The Rose Chapel
  7. Holding Hands Mural
  8. Spring Sculpture
  9. The Golden Frog
  10. Giant Chair and Boots
  11. Surf Tower
  12. Starbucks
  13. Grass Hopper Statue
  14. Inch Worm for Health
  15. Lady Bug Love
  16. Historic Wayside Church
MS Gyms include:
  1. Starbucks*
  2. Dance of Life
  3. Baylor All Saints Medical Center Fountain
  4. Avoca Coffee
  5. Spiral Diner
  6. Chimera Brewing Company
  7. Can Rosso Piggy**
  8. Fine Flowers
  9. College Avenue Baptist Church***
Fairly close Gyms include:
  1. The Imagine Wall
  2. Tarleton State University Clinical Lab Building
  3. United We Stand****
  4. Arise Monument****
*sponsored/ex pass gym
**across from cancer center, raid on cane rosso side of street
***cell reception can be iffie. sprint is a complete failure here
****in front of emergency services(one fire station, one ER)
  1. Fort Worth Water Gardens
WG in Fort Worth are definitely worth checking out. Located on the south end of what is considered FW’s DT proper, visitors have easy access to I35 or I30. Although the area considered to be WG is smaller and holds fewer Pokestops and Gyms, its location DT grants you easy access to many more opportunities than other areas in FW. In fact, WG only hosts, six Pokestops and two Gyms. The good news is, or at least it was, that one of the WG Gyms was an ex pass eligible Gym. I’m not sure if it has changed, or if that possible, but I haven’t heard of anyone getting a pass there since the middle of May. WG is a well known nest spawn site and host a variety of great Pokemon when the nests migrate. Trainers have quick access to the rest of DT to include more Pokestops and gyms, as well as, food and drinks. Speaking of, food and drinks are allowed within WG, so long as you don’t bring glass. I’m pretty sure alcohol is also frowned upon, but don’t quote me on that one. Keep in mind that this is a popular tourist destination and attracts plenty of no PoGo visitors. There lots of AR picture potential and Trainers will often times have plenty of fun snapping pics while at WG. Parking can easily get frustrating as all parking in the area has to be paid for. Again, parking apps can make light work and ease some of the frustration, but in the end, you still have to pay or run the risk of being towed or rocking out with some lovely tire bling(aka das boot). There are a couple parking lots nearby located next to Malone’s Pub (8644QM2F+8Gv), or behind A&M University of Law (8644PMXG+G2), but still require visitors to pay to park. I’ve seen people walking their pups in and out of the WG, but obviously they’re not allowed in the water themselves. That goes for the human variety as well. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! If one was so inclined, they could easily turn the entire DT area of FW into a giant CD landscape. And possibly never returning to the same spot during the event. But if you’re looking for a smaller, possibly lesser populated CD spot, the WG may be for you. It provides quite a bit of shade throughout the entire area and the water helps to cool the air around you. With that said, it is still recommended to wear and bring sunscreen throughout the day here.
WG Pokestops include:
  1. Fountain at the Sheraton
  2. The Old Chisholm Trail
  3. A&M School of Law
  4. Aerated Water Pool
  5. Quiet Water Pool at Fort Worth Water Gardens
  6. Hells Half Acre
^Easy access to many more of DT Pokestops
WG Gyms include:
  1. Fort Worth Water Gardens*
  2. Hell’s Half Acre Texas Historical Marker
^Easy access to many more of DT Gyms
*was an ex pass gym at one point, may not be any longer
  1. Sundance Square
SS is another great region located in the FW DT area. Though the area only hosts roughly six Pokestops and three gym, trainers have great access to all that DT has to offer. SS is located between 3rd and 4th street on the northern and southern edges and Houston and Commerce street on the eastern and western edges. Although this boarder represents SS itself, it doesn’t mark the only PoGo potential for that area. Parking is typically pay to park style along the streets and many of the stores, shops and restaurants validate if parking in one of the many nearby garages. SS proper is set up as a town square/center and makes up the very center of what is considered DT FW. Many buildings surrounding an area where visitors and in this case Trainers can wonder and explore. SS has a water display that runs often throughout the day and many of the local shops and dinneries provide shade at their covered tables. Some of the Gyms and Pokestops can even be accessed while inside many of the surrounding buildings. Bikers and citters are aloud in and around this area, but may be subjected to the policies of each of the shop’s owners. It is highly recommended that you bring plenty of sunscreen and something to drink, because unless you’re one of the few that grabs a covered table reserved for the nearby shop’s customers, then you’ll most like find yourself in the sun for most of the day. If so inclined, you could easily bring your own chair and relax as the world around you whisks by.
SS Pokestops include:
  1. The Cowboy and His Steed
  2. Grass Cowboy
  3. Knights of Pythias Hall Historic Registry Plaque
  4. Strolling Minstrel of Ft. Worth
  5. Starbucks
  6. Hank FM Fountain
^Easy access to many more of DT Pokestops
SS Gyms include:
  1. Sundance Square Clock
  2. Fort Worth Cattle Drive Mural
  3. Bass Hall
^Easy access to many more of DT Gyms
  1. Hulen Mall
HM’s five Pokestops and one Gym, may appear to be lacking, but let’s consider this. This could possibly offer one of, if not, only “all indoor” CD event locations in FW. During the summer and possibly winter month, this could prove to be a ideal location. In Texas, its not too uncommon to have most of the summer days reach well beyond a hundred degrees fahrenheit and can often rarely fall below eighty degrees at night. Seeing as most CD have traditionally been schedule between 1300-1600(1p-4p CST), an indoor environment suddenly seems like an important feature to be aware of. I agree, it would be nice to see a few more Pokestops(ingress players, I’m talking to you) to keep and help support PoGo POI for a proper CD event, but it means I don’t have to stand outside when its a thousand, then I might consider it and I’m sure many of you will as well. Located just off of I20 and Hulen street. For you toll paying folk exit Chisholm Trail and head east on overton ridge. Parking shouldn’t be an issue, nor should the heat or sun. I would still recommend bringing something to drink and pets are definitely not allowed within the mall. This also puts you around plenty of places to eat and drink, as well as provide plenty of other shopping opportunities.
HM Pokestops include:
  1. Hulen Mall
  2. Find shiney Deals at Sprint
  3. The Magic Bell Clock
  4. Harvesting Wheat Mural
  5. Hulen Mosaic
HM Gym(s) include:
  1. Hulen Mall Fountain
  2. West 7th Street Area
W7 is a popular area for FW trainers interested in raiding. It is often times a common meeting point for beginning a full day of legendary and higher tier battles and can easily occupy may trainer’s attention throughout the day. This area will be the hardest to assess, as W7 boarders extend beyond what I would believe to be ideal for a CD event. With that said, let's focus on the area between the Trinity River and slightly past University. W7 isn’t as dense with Pokestops as other FW area hosting roughly thirty-seven stops spread across a larger area. Where it lacks in Pokestop density, it more than makes up for with Gyms. Fourteen to be exact! It’s suddenly no wonder why it would attract PoGo Trainers looking to raid. I would be willing to say that W7 is not pedestrian on foot friendly. The Pokestops are spread across a larger area and trainers on foot would go several valuable minutes before reaching another lured Pokestop on a CD. Let’s further explore. W7 has plenty of shops and store and otherwise provides visitors with a pleasant hop in and out experience. There are plenty of places to grab a quick bite to eat or grab something to drink as the day continues. The gym at the Sprint store within the heart of W7 is the area’s only ex pass eligible gym. And reguallary dishes out passes on an almost weekly basis. It is extremely rare to find that not at least one of the Gyms located at W7 has a raid going on. In fact, most of the time it seems, there's always a tier four or legendary raid going at any given moment within that area. If you’re just visiting and looking for a raid, best bet is to start at W7. **Mr. Livid's PoGo Tip** There is a "secrete" parking lot located at one of the Gyms. Fort Worth Post Office Gym (8644QJ2Q+Q6) serves as a great parking spot for that Gym, but Chase and Eddie V’s Gyms as well. If you really wanted, you could also walk across to Conjoined, but most go ahead and park at the museum instead. If on foot, I recommend the usual supplies, water, sunscreen and umbrella. Preferably a car in place of all of the above. W7 is an extremely busy area and you’ll find that cyclists and others traveling to and from the nearby Trinity Trail system that runs throughout most of FW. In addition to peeps rocking out on wheels, you’ll find critters walking their humans around and about most of W7.
W7 Pokestops include:
  1. Van Zandt Viaduct Dedication
  2. 7th st. Bridge
  3. Welcome to the Trinity Trails Marker
  4. George Turner Memorial
  5. Police and Fire Memorial
  6. Trinity Park Outdoor Theater
  7. Duck Pond and Trinity River Park
  8. Trinity Park Fountain South End
  9. Trinity Pillar Project
  10. Starbucks
  11. Montgomery Plaza Building
  12. Uncommon Angles
  13. Fellowship Church
  14. The Vine Mural
  15. Air Plane
  16. Freebirds
  17. Giant Cupcake
  18. Art Under Lancaster Bridge
  19. My God We’re Delicious
  20. Scarface
  21. 7 City Church
  22. Flying Saucer
  23. Painted Horse
  24. It’s Over! Fort Worth Press Headline
  25. Magnolia Motor Lounge
  26. Bar Louie Mural
  27. Rusty Pillar Sculpture
  28. John Peter Smith Oak
  29. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  30. Ft Worth Kimball
  31. Hina at the Modern
  32. Sculpture in the Garden
  33. Hanabi Noodle Spoon
  34. Sake Bomb!
  35. Iron Horse
  36. The Bikers Weathervane
  37. Museum Place Condominiums
W7 Gyms include:
  1. The Vortex
  2. Conjoined*
  3. Museum Place Fountain
  4. Chase Bank
  5. Eddie V’s Fountain
  6. Fort Worth Post Office
  7. New Age Red Statue
  8. Billy Goat Shaver
  9. Find Shiny Deals at Sprint**
  10. Lola’s on 6th Street
  11. Guys and Girl Eating Tacos
  12. 7th Street Fountain
  13. Barcadia Arcade Bar
  14. Fort Worth Police Firefighters Memorial
*trainers will have park and walk around museum to access
**confirmed sponsored/ex pass gym
  1. Ridgmar Mall
RM may also offer an all inside CD option. With a slightly more dense seven Pokestops and one Gym, trainers can easily access this without traveling to the outer reaches of RM. I would venture to say that RM, outside of having more Pokestops, would offer a very similar CD experience compared to that of HM(see above). I haven’t spent time with PoGo at this location nor have I had much of a conversation with fellow trainers about this location. I can only speculate that if I had to choose between RM or HM, I would choose RM. The stops appear to be closer and easier to reach and would leave trainers within the reaches of a lured Pokestop if time was spent here.
RM Pokestops include:
  1. Crossed Links Fountain
  2. Ridgmar Biplane and Mural
  3. Komen Bull
  4. Turtle on a Ledge Statue
  5. Level Up with a Sprint Phone
  6. Ciao! Crepes N Coffee
  7. Ridgmar Fountain
RM Gym(s) include:
  1. Turtle Purtle
Step Three; provide side by side analysis
Parking Limited Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
# Stops 5 50 43 24 6 6 5 37 7
# Gyms 1 5 6 9 2 3 1 14 1
Ex Pass No Y/2 No Y/1 Y/1 No No No No
Pets* Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Shade Yes Yes Small Small Small Small Yes Small Yes
Indoor No Small Shops Shops No Shops Yes Shops Yes
Wheels Yes Road Only Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No
Sprint Signal** Okay Great Good Okay/ Poor Good Okay ? Great ?
Food Limited Limited Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Limited Limited Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
*pets are allowed outside, may vary from store to store
**I only have Sprint to test with, poor rating given for lots of people at an event or nearby area not covered or low coverage ? rating given for area not familiar with
Step Four; Conclusion.
In the end, it will be up to each individual trainer to determine where in Fort Worth he or she may travel in order to best meet their goals on any given Community Day event. Those goals may shift affected by things such as weather, raid potential, cellular network coverage or any other countless things. This comprehensive guide to many of Fort Worth’s locations will serve to help determine where or which location is best for you. I trust this will help open up discussion as to which location is better. I also hope to see areas I didn’t not cover. I chose these particular locations, because these are area I’m most familiar with, or heard about most from other trainers. Go out! Explore! Enjoy! I had a lot of fun creating this guide and hope that everyone finds this, at least, somewhat useful. Fort Worth is a wonderful city to raid, grind, battle and explore. I don’t personally run an official community(discord, whatsapp, ect.), but one can easily be found.
All information regarding Pokestops and Gyms were obtained through I am not sponsored, so therefore all mentioning of products, companies, apps ect. are purely incidental.
Happy Hunting,
Mr. Livid
Team Instinct of Fort Worth, Texas
I would like to apologize for the format. It didn't transition well from google docs and I, somewhat, attempted to make changes where I could to avoid confusion. Also, the google plus codes that had hyperlinks connected deformatted during the transition. Copy and paste into web browser or google maps.
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London Betting Shop - YouTube UK Betting Shops and Gambling Addiction Part 4 of 4 Betting Shop in the U.K. in the 1970's. Archive film 99153 Inside a post-coronavirus betting shop as bookies set to reopen after UK COVID-19 lockdown Betting Shops in Poor Areas

Open an account with Ladbrokes and place £5 of bets, you'll get £20 in free bets. 18+ New UK+Ire customers. Paypal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded. Min £5 bet within 14 days of account reg at min odds 1-2 = 4 x £5 free bets. Free bets valid for 7 days on sports, stake not Directors at Chisholm Bookmakers said they are disappointed with the firm’s results after posting widening losses and a fall in turnover. The Ashington-headquartered bus­­iness, which runs 36 shops across the North East as well as online betting services, saw its operating loss grow from £132,061 to £821,187, on turnover of £35.8m, which had fallen by 14.5% from a year earlier. Almost since the relegalisation of UK betting shops in the 1961, the doom predictors have had the death of the betting shop in their sights. From the advent of the betting tax in 1966 (later repealed and replaced with a gross profits tax), to the introduction of online and later mobile betting, to the hefty stake restrictions on B2 gaming machines (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or FOBTs Howard Chisholm Howard is Managing Director of Chisholm Bookmakers, a family owned and run business which operates 37 betting shops in the North-East of England. He is also a Director of Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Services Limited and was a member of the Council of the Association of British Bookmakers until the association closed on 31st Independent bookmaker Howard Chisholm believes that staff training is one of the most important parts of the business these days. In an interview in this month’s Betting Business interactive, Chisholm revealed that the constant evolution of the betting shop environment means that staff need to be kept up to speed.

[index] [2445] [9401] [17463] [36107] [17448] [19198] [8335] [17415] [36075] [28189]

London Betting Shop - YouTube

WILLIAM Hill plans to close around 700 betting shops in a move that puts 4,500 jobs at risk. The bookmaker revealed the news after changes to gambling rules resulted in a "significant fall" in ... Bad company on gangs of London. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Tried my luck on Razor Shark slot before bed and won $70.67 betting 10 ... Custom Shop Fender ... 7:17. Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America? - Duration: 10:46. Fox News ... London Betting Show es el programa de la inversión, continua viéndonos y toma los consejos de nuestro experto de la apuesta @ElDiamanteNegro y la sabiduría de nuestra hermosa @Marycarmenlara ... In the U.K. a man enters betting shop where he is greeted. He fills out a betting slip. He passes the slip to a woman who sits behind a glass screen, next to a very old fashioned till. She writes ...