Verona vs Napoli - Betting Tip - Soccer - 23.06.2020

BettinBetting on Overpriced teams

It’s a tough game. I’ve tried many things in different markets.
My best success was on +0.5 goal on live games. Literally made X10 in around 100 agressive plays.
Lately I am actually betting on overpriced teams, Things I used to avoid but have been looking at.
My model is really simple. I get a rough estimate of the odds. And when the market is real expensive on one side, It usually means there is something going on. I don’t follow news or anything ... Just the market.
It makes sense, actually. If something’s worth more than heuristic pricing, Then it means that something’s going on. Nope ?
Take a coin flip. I offer you 2.5 for head and 1.67 for tail. You going to pick H ... isn’t it ? But what if the coin is actually biased ? I am the market and I’ve done my due diligence. However guys picking 2.5 because it has to be 2.00 as it’s a coin flip actually make the other side cheaper. So the value must be on 1.67.
I remember being happy to find value on big teams, Let’s say at 1.60 instead of 1.40. Then what ? The team lost more often than not.
Makes sense. There can’t be no value on a great team.
Thoughts ? Experience ?
Prediction: Juventus ain’t gonna win against Udinese.
What I’ve done so far :
Watford - Manchester United (2 @ 1.37)
Atlanta - Bologna (1 @ 1.33)
Aston Villa - Arsenal (1 @ 3.44)
Sassuolo - AC Milan ([email protected] 2.03)
Atlanta United - Columbus Crew (2 @ 2.24)
All wins ... All short term luck. Let’s see.
Next ones are :
Manchester United - West Ham (1 @ 1.26)
Parma - Napoli (2 @ 1.60)
Liverpool - Chelsea (X @ 3.90)
Torino - Verona (1 @ 2.46)
Spal - AS Roma (2 @ 1.37)
Sampedoria - Genoa (2 @ 3.10)
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A look at Ajax, Boavista, Liverpool, Juventus & Wolfsburg: the last 5 unbeaten teams in Europe's major leagues

Good morning Europe! We're now somewhere between GWs 8 and 11 in most of Europe's major leagues defined as the Bundesliga, English Premier League, Eredivisie, La Liga, Liga NOS, Ligue 1, Russian Premier League, Serie A, and Süperlig, so here's a post covering the last 5 unbeaten teams remaining.

Surface-level facts:

Digging deeper:

What's next, and who will be the last team standing?

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural (and probably final) episode of The Last Five Unbeaten Teams in Europe's Major Leagues, available only on Reddit. Remember, always be Gamble Aware™, 18+ and know that the Ts&Cs will always apply.
Edit: apologies to fans of Brugge, Olympiakos, PAOK, and Shakhtar. I overlooked your respective leagues and your still-admirable unbeaten records.
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In remembrance of all the teams who have played in top-flight Italian football but have never won a title (WARNING: long post)

I realize this post is a quite a bit longer than some of the other stuff on this subreddit but I thought I'd share anyways. The title is pretty self-explanatory, and I'm just going to do a brief writeup on every team that has played in Serie A but has yet to win a league title. Only 16 different teams have been crowned league champions in Italian history and it can be difficult to remember the ones that haven't won yet. Here goes!
Atalanta: Atalanta has played 60 seasons in Serie A (including the last 9 and last 13 of 14) and yet have never finished higher than 3rd, and even that only happened last season. They're a good team, but I think they're just too far behind to have any realistic shot for the title this season. At least fans can celebrate their 1963 Coppa Italia win over Torino.
Parma: they have played 26 seasons in Serie A and have no league titles to their name. Parma's best finish in recent history was 2nd in the 1996-97 season. Hopefully Parma can stay in Serie A for some time as they had to dig deep out of the Serie D trenches not too long ago to get there (thanks to the original iteration suffering bankruptcy, this is totally not going to become a thing with later clubs on this list). Parma can, however, claim 3 Coppa Italia wins: in 1992 over Juventus, 1999 over Fiorentina, and 2002 over Juventus. Any team that can beat Juventus earns my favor as they're one of my most hated football teams (for obvious reasons).
Sassuolo: they've been around for a long time but have only tasted the top flight in recent years, being promoted to Serie A for the 2013-14 season and not leaving since (that's just 7 years at the top of the pyramid). Sassuolo has been fairly average in its time in Serie A though it did finish 6th in 2015-16. Due to its relatively short history on top, Sassuolo has yet to taste the Coppa Italia finals.
Udinese: Udinese has been a staple in the Serie A for a long time now, having spent 47 years lifetime at the top including the past 25. They had a 2nd-place finish in 1954-55 but for the most part Udinese is a team that you know is there but don't really care much about unless you're a fan of the team or a fan of a close rival. For all its time in Serie A, Udinese sadly can't talk about any Coppa Italia wins as it lost its only appearance in the finals all the way back in 1922 to Vado.
Lecce: despite playing 16 years in Serie A, the best Lecce has been able to finish is 9th. Lecce has had a turbulent relationship with Serie A over the years having been more of an in-and-out team in its history. Who knows how long their current stint will last as they're currently just 3 points away from relegation? Not surprisingly, Lecce has not made the Coppa Italia final yet.
Brescia: they've spent 23 years in Serie A but have never been able to maintain their statuses at the top for very long, their longest stint being 5 years from 2000-01 to 2004-05. They've never been able to finish higher than 8th in their history and they're in danger of falling into the relegation zone currently (just 1 point away). Brescia unfortunately also hasn't made a Coppa Italia final yet either.
SPAL: they've spent 19 years in Serie A and had their first appearance in 49 years when they were promoted prior to the 2017-18 season, but sadly, it looks like their run is coming to an end as they're currently dead last. They've never finished higher than 5th and in their one Coppa Italia finals appearance in 1962, lost to Napoli 2-1.
Empoli: Empoli has had 13 years in Serie A but have never been able to finish higher than 7th and were given a quick boot back to Serie B after the 2018-19 season. They've been fairly unstable in terms of Serie A stints, never spending more than 3 years at a time at the top flight. Sadly, Empoli fans can't look back on any Coppa Italia finals.
Frosinone: this club's most recent iteration was founded in 1990 and has had 2 1-year stints in Serie A: in 2015-16 and 2018-19. Both times, they finished in 19th place and were quickly relegated. Frosinone, however, is currently in position to being promoted again. As Frosinone hasn't really had a long history at the top flight, it's not too surprising that they haven't had any Coppa Italia finals appearances either.
Chievo: Chievo has spent 17 years in Serie A including a nice run from 2008-09 to 2018-19 where unfortunately a last-place finish got them relegated back to Serie B. Chievo was never able to finish higher than 4th and in particular the aforementioned stint from 2008-2019 saw them finish in double-digit placements every season except for 2015-16...where they finished 9th. Chievo hasn't found too much success in the Coppa Italia either, having never made the finals in its history.
Crotone: they had very brief stint in Serie A very recently, spending back-to-back seasons at the top in 2016-17 and 2017-18, narrowly avoiding relegation in the first before suffering the inevitable the following season. Crotone has not found any real Coppa Italia success either and have yet to make the finals.
Benevento: Benevento's only season at the top of the Italian football pyramid came recently in the 2017-18 season when they were promoted to Serie A, but they were kicked back into the Serie B basement very quickly after finishing dead last. However, with Benevento currently lapping Serie B competition, it probably won't be long before they receive another promotion. Unfortunately, Benevento fans cannot hold onto any Coppa Italia trophies or even finals appearances.
Palermo: this team fell far and fell fast. Having spent 29 seasons in Serie A, I remember seeing them as a regular fixture in the league standings growing up in the 2000s, and they even finished 5th the 2009-10 season. They were relegated after the 2016-17 season but things got horrendously bad after the 2018-19 season in which a complicated financial fiasco involving this team technically ended the previous iteration with a phoenix club being forced to take over in Serie D black hole this season. While this club struggles to climb out, Palermo fans can't even hold onto any Coppa Italia trophies as they lost in a staggering 3 finals: in 1974 to Bologna, 1979 to Juventus, and 2011 to Inter Milan. Football life's really not fair in this Sicilian city.
Pescara: this team has never lasted more than 2 seasons in Serie A (and that only happened once, in 1987-88 and 1988-89) although they have been able to spend 7 seasons at the very top. In addition to the Serie A title, this team is also awaiting its first ever Coppa Italia finals appearance.
Carpi: here we find our first team that is toiling in the Serie C dungeon. In fact, they were only first promoted to Serie B prior to the 2013-14 season and, like a few other clubs on this list, were a pure one-hit wonder in the Serie A, their year coming in the 2015-16 season. Last season, they suffered relegation back to Serie C. Not surprisingly, the Coppa Italia finals has also eluded this club.
Cesena: this club has played 13 seasons in Serie A and like many others, their time at the top has been mostly unstable as they've never spent all that long there, never finishing higher than 6th. This team also fell really fast as they declared bankruptcy after 2018 and a phoenix club had to take over prior to the 2018-19 season, though they made the most out of it and earned a promotion to Serie C. No Coppa Italia finals to speak of either.
Catania: this Sicilian club has played 17 seasons in Serie A and was most recently a nice fixture from 2006-07 to 2013-14. However, they're now stuck in the Serie C void. They've never finished higher than 8th in Serie A and sadly can't speak of any Coppa Italia finals either.
Livorno: growing up, I remember seeing them in the season standings a few years (has it really been that long?), and I was surprised to learn that their longest ever continuous stint in Serie A was from 2004-05 to 2007-08 for a 4 year stay in Serie A. They were Serie A runners-up in the 1942-43 season but that's the best they can show for. This team has spent 18 years in Serie A but their last year was in 2013-14 and it sadly looks like they'll be packing their bags for Serie C after this season as they're in dead last in Serie B. Livorno, understandably, hasn't made the Coppa Italia finals.
Siena: this club only has 9 years in Serie A although they all took place in the 2000s and they even had a streak of 7-straight Serie A appearances from 2003-04 to 2009-10 (although they were usually spending time fighting off relegation rather than trying to win the league). This club also has a very complicated financial history as they went bankrupt before the 2014-15 season and had to restart in Serie D, although they recently earned a promotion to Serie C. And with all that, no Coppa Italia finals appearances for fans to look back on.
Novara: another team that is currently stuck in Serie C, Novara has had 13 seasons playing in Serie A but have never finished higher than 8th and were relegated back to Serie B after their most recent appearance in 2011-12. Novara actually did make the 1939 Coppa Italia final but they lost to Inter Milan.
Bari: compared to some other clubs, Bari has actually spent a good deal of time in Serie A with 30 years under its belt. Sadly, as is becoming a very common theme, Bari recently went bankrupt and had to restart in Serie D, although they're currently in Serie C so a little brighter I guess. While the wait to get back into Serie A drags on longer, fans sadly can't cling onto any Coppa Italia finals appearances.
Reggina: Reggina has only spent 9 years in Serie A, mostly in the 2000s and their last being in the 2008-09 season, and once again we find a team that had to declare recent bankruptcy and restart. However, with their current standing in Serie C, it looks like they're going to get promoted to Serie B, so they may be on a comeback mission. Reggina has yet to make the Coppa Italia finals.
Ascoli: having last played in Serie A in the 2006-07 season, this club has a grand total of 16 Serie A appearances under its belt and was especially consistent from the 1974-75 season to the 1991-92 season, spending just 4 seasons out of Serie A during that time. Ascoli is currently trying to dig themselves out of Serie B and, more importantly this season, out of the Serie B relegation playoffs as they currently sit just 1 point away. No Coppa Italia finals to speak of either.
Messina: Messina spent 5 seasons in Serie A with its most recent appearance being in the 2006-07 season (a nice run, however, having played 3 consecutive seasons in it). Surprise surprise, this club also went bankrupt, this time towards the end of the 2000s, and they had to restart in Serie D. They then got expelled by Serie C before the 2017-18 season and thus had to restart again in Serie D, where they're currently stuck. And through all that, Messina fans couldn't even look back to any Coppa Italia final appearances.
Treviso: a one-hit wonder club, Treviso was promoted for the 2005-06 season then quickly beaten back to the Serie B basement after a horrendous 21-point season in which the only reason they avoided last place was because of Juventus' shady dealings. I'm not sure about the current state of the club as they've been a mess since said Serie A season, being refounded again and again and again. Which league are they currently playing in, if they're still a thing? Btw this club never made a single Coppa Italia final either.
Perugia: this club has spent 13 seasons in Serie A and had a nice 2nd-place finish in the 1978-79 season. However, their last Serie A stint was in the 2003-04 season and they had a bunch of financial troubles (totally didn't see that one coming) in the 2000s and were refounded twice as a result. They're currently trying to climb out of Serie B. Perugia has yet to make a Coppa Italia final.
Modena: like Perugia, Modena also spent 13 seasons in Serie A but were never able to finish higher than 3rd. Like Perugia, their last Serie A stint also came in the 2003-04 season. This club followed the trend of going bankrupt and being refounded, which happened very recently, although they achieved a nice promotion from Serie D following last season. No Coppa Italia finals as of today.
Piacenza: this club spent 8 seasons in Serie A with spotty appearances in the 1990s and 2000s, their last in 2002-03. The reason this club is playing in Serie C now is because in a complete shocker, the original club went bankrupt and they had to be refounded (so surprising, right?). Piacenza is awaiting its first Coppa Italia finals appearance.
Como: Como has 13 years of experience in Serie A, but their last came in 2002-03 and since then managed to go bankrupt not only once but twice. It takes real skill to fail that horribly. They recently earned a promotion out of Serie D. Also, no Coppa Italia finals as of today.
Venezia: having spent 12 seasons in Serie A, Venezia's last appearance came in the 2001-02 season and they never finished higher than 3rd at the top. After said season, the team actually managed to one-up Como by going bankrupt thrice. I don't know how their fans managed to trudge through all this but even more surprising is that this team has climbed the ranks back to Serie B though they have to be careful to avoid the relegation playoffs as they sit just 1 point out. I suppose Venezia winning the 1941 Coppa Italia over Roma helped their fans deal with the pain a lot.
Vicenza: Vicenza has actually spent a great deal of time in Serie A with 30 seasons under its belt and even had a second-place finish in the 1977-78 season. However, Vicenza has not been in Serie A since the 2000-01 season and guess what, they also went bankrupt, this time in 2018. They're currently in Serie C although they're at the top of their group currently so if they remain there, they'll get an easy promotion to Serie B. Thankfully for Vicenza fans, they can clutch onto their 1997 Coppa Italia title over Napoli as they wait to get back into the top.
Salernitana: here we find our first club to have no Serie A appearances in the current millennium. Salernitana was last in it during the 1998-99 season and have spent a grand total of just 2 seasons in the top flight, their other 1-year stint coming in the 1947-48 season. So at this point I think you're pretty much expecting it and here it comes: this club suffered bankruptcy in 2005 and even exclusion at one point. Thankfully, they've climbed into Serie B and sit towards the top of the table. Sadly, Salernitana has yet to make a Coppa Italia final.
Reggiana: yes, Italian football decided to confuse the hell out of us and give us a team named Reggina and a team named Reggiana (although technically the name of this club is now Reggio Audace). The club had 3 mostly unproductive seasons in Serie A in the 90s and their last appearance in the top flight was in the 1996-97 season. Make that another Italian team that went bankrupt which happened in 2018. They earned a Serie D promotion recently and are competing with Vicenza for the guaranteed promotion spot in their Serie C group. Reggiana can't claim any Coppa Italia finals appearances.
Cremonese: Cremonese has had 7 seasons in Serie A including a nice run in the 90s but have not made it back since the 1995-96 season. They've been stuck between Serie B and Serie C for a long time now and what makes it even more amazing (and relieving) is that they didn't suffer any bankruptcies since then, thus ending the streak of teams on this list that went bankrupt (at least I don't think they did according to the Wikipedia page, someone please correct me on this if I'm wrong). Cremonese has yet to make the Coppa Italia final.
Padova: Padova never finished higher than 3rd place in its 16 seasons in Serie A and their last stint came in the 1995-96 season. The team went into financial troubles in the 2000s and went under in 2015, so unfortunately, it looks like we're back to this game again. They did climb all the way back into Serie B but were relegated after last season and are again trying to fight their way out of Serie C. Padova actually does have 1 Coppa Italia finals appearance but they lost to AC Milan.
Foggia: this club has had 11 mostly spotty seasons in Serie A and their last appearance came in the 1994-95 season. They then decided to try and set records for going bankrupt as that happened not once, not twice, but thrice in the 2000s. They're currently in a dogfight to earn the guaranteed promotion spot in their Serie D group as they restarted only just this season. Foggia has no Coppa Italia finals appearances to speak of.
Pisa: it's too bad the Leaning Tower couldn't bring football goodness to this city as they this club has only 7 seasons in Serie A and their last appearance came in the 1990-91 season (they had a nice run in the 80s though). Worse, the Leaning Tower also couldn't prevent this team from going essentially going bankrupt twice since then. They're currently in Serie B but also in the relegation playoff zone so they'll have to earn points fast since there's still time to catch up. The Leaning Tower also couldn't lead Pisa to a Coppa Italia finals appearance till this day.
Avellino: having spent 10 seasons in Serie A, Avellino's last appearance at the top flight came way back in the 1987-88 season who remarkably were able to make all those 10 seasons consecutive from 1978-79 till then. Same old same old story, Avellino went bankrupt in 2009, was excluded from Serie B in 2018, and is currently in the Serie C crater trying to climb out. And no Coppa Italia finals appearances for fans to look back on.
Catanzaro: Catanzaro's last appearance in Serie A was all the way back in the 1982-83 season and even in their 7 seasons in Serie A, could never finish higher than 7th in the league. At this point, I'm becoming so numb to teams going under that it's starting to hurt to type this but I'll do it anyways. Catanzaro had to be refounded twice in the new millennium and are currently in Serie C. Catanzaro at least can look back on 1 Coppa Italia finals appearance but sadly it was a loss to Fiorentina.
Pistoiese: this club was a one-hit wonder, getting quickly booted back to Serie B following the 1980-81 season. Pistoiese also suffered financial difficulties in the 2000s and had to be refounded and are currently playing in Serie C (at this point, Serie C is literally the hangout place for all clubs that went bankrupt at some point). Not surprisingly, Pistoiese has never made a Coppa Italia final.
Ternana: now we're starting to get really old, as Ternana was last in Serie A in the 1974-75 season. Their only other appearance in Serie A came in the 1972-73 season. No shocker here, Ternana also went bankrupt, this time in 1993, and had to be refounded, and are currently stuck in Serie C. No Coppa Italia finals to speak of.
Varese: Varese last played in Serie A in the 1974-75 season and just 7 seasons at the top overall. Varese couldn't escape the bankruptcy curse of Italian football teams, even doing so twice, and are now stuck in the Eccellenza as a result of all their troubles (even suffering a recent relegation from Serie D, now that's sad). Like so many other teams, Varese has not made a single Coppa Italia finals.
Mantova: Mantova had 7 seasons in Serie A and their longest run was a 4-year stint from 1961-62 to 1964-65. They have not made it back since the 1971-72 season. I have a surprise for you: Mantova went bankrupt not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times since then and are currently playing in Serie D (although they're currently at the top of their group and can join all the other formerly bankrupt clubs in Serie C if it stays that way). Another surprise: no Coppa Italia finals appearances to speak of.
Lecco: Lecco has only played 3 seasons in Serie A and their last appearance came over 50 years ago in the 1966-67 season. The Wikipedia page is really spotty as to their financial situation since then, and honestly, at this point, I don't even want to know. Let's just call this one a tie cause I bet you're getting tired of seeing bankrupt club after bankrupt club. They were recently promoted from Serie D and are struggling to stay alive in Serie C as of today. No Coppa Italia finals appearances to speak of.
Alessandria: Alessandria has played 13 seasons in Serie A but their last appearance was really an antique since it was in the 1959-60 season. Well, wouldn't you know it, Alessandria went bankrupt in 2003 and is currently playing in Serie C. They do, however, have 1 Coppa Italia finals appearance in 1936...which they lost to Torino.
Triestina: for a club with this long a Serie A drought (their last appearance coming in 1958-59), Triestina actually managed 26 seasons in Serie A including said 1958-59 season, even managing a 2nd-place finish in the 1948-49 season. The team then proceeded to go bankrupt twice since then, is currently playing in Serie C, and has yet to make the Coppa Italia finals. Why do I feel like I've heard that story before?
Pro Patria: this team was last in Serie A in the 1955-56 season and spent a total of 13 seasons in the top flight (I realize at this point that when I say top flight, I only mean Serie A, sorry for the confusion). At least Pro Patria made their bankruptcy story interesting: the club president even got arrested as a result. Pro Patria is now stuck in Serie C and has yet to make the finals of the Coppa Italia.
Legnano: the team last played in Serie A in the 1953-54 season and have had just 3 1-year stints in their history. More recently, the club (sigh) declared bankruptcy in 2010 and had to be refounded. The current iteration is playing in Serie D. And they've not made a single Coppa Italia final.
Lucchese: they were last in the league in the 1951-52 season and have the longest ongoing Serie A drought among teams without a league title (this includes pre-Serie A titles). The club has 8 total seasons in Serie A. Lucchese also had their financial troubles in the 2000s and had to be refounded a couple times. They're currently in second in a dogfight for the automatic-promotion spot in their Serie D group. And not surprisingly, Lucchese has not made a single Coppa Italia final.
BONUS: even among teams that have won titles, some have had insanely long droughts. Which ones?
Casale (last won in 1913-14): and now we get to the team with the longest ongoing Serie A drought as Casale's last season at the top of the league was in the 1933-34 season with just a meager 4 seasons in Serie A to show for it. Their title drought sits at 107 years to this day. Guess what, even past league champions aren't exempt financial troubles as evidenced with Casale who had to be refounded twice since then. They're currently stuck in the Serie D void. Do I even need to say how many Coppa Italia finals appearances they have to lean on since their last title?
Novese (last won in 1921-22): this one is a bit weird because there was a split in the league around this time and apparently the champions from both leagues are counted (that's why Pro Vercelli has an entry for the next season). Novese hasn't even played a single season in Serie A or even Serie B, and their title drought is at 99 years and counting. They're stuck in complete irrelevance at the 7th-tier last I checked. And no, they don't have any Coppa Italia finals appearances since then.
Pro Vercelli (last won in 1921-22): Pro Vercelli has a staggering 7 titles from the very early days of Italian football. However, they have not played in Serie A since the 1934-35 season (spending a grand total of just 6 years in it). Well wouldn't you know it, Pro Vercelli also went bankrupt and had to be refounded. They're currently playing in Serie C and have no Coppa Italia finals appearances to lean on since then. Oh yeah, their title drought is also 99 years.
Genoa (last won in 1923-24): among teams still in Serie A, Genoa owns the longest title drought at 97 years (53 of them spent in Serie A), although its kinda sad that their last title wasn't even a Serie A title. They have won 9, though, which is pretty nice. Even Genoa's last (and only) Coppa Italia win is ancient, as it came in 1937 over Roma.
Bologna (last won in 1963-64): among teams with Serie A titles, Bologna owns the longest ongoing drought among clubs that have won the Serie A at 57 years, 41 of which have been spent in Serie A. Even if they have 7 league titles in history, that doesn't really do much to ease the pain of having to wait so long for the next one. Bologna did win 2 Coppa Italias since then, however: in 1970 over Torino and 1974 over Palermo.
Fiorentina (last won in 1968-69): Fiorentina has two Serie A titles but also a 52-year ongoing drought, 49 of which were spent in Serie A. However, 3 Coppa Italia wins since then will ease the pain a bit. They won in 1975 over AC Milan, 1996 over Atalanta, and 2001 over Parma.
Cagliari (last won in 1969-70): if you had to ask me which Italian teams have won a Serie A title in history a few years ago, I would've laughed at the idea of Cagliari actually having 1 to its name even if it did come 51 years ago (I also would've laughed at Hellas Verona as well but now I know better). 34 of those seasons have been spent in Serie A and yet Cagliari has not been able to repeat. And they haven't even won a Coppa Italia since then to appease the pain.
Torino (last won in 1974-75): aka Turin's secondary football club. I really hate Juventus so I root for them as my second team even though my favorite is AC Milan. Sadly, they're now going on 46 years and counting between their last league title and today. 33 of those years were spent in Serie A and for a lot of those years, Torino fans had to watch freaking Juventus win title after title after title after title. Torino did manage to win the 1993 Coppa Italia over Roma since then, however, to appease the pain just a bit.
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120 years of AC Milan - a history of red and black football: the lowest of lows and the highest of highs (1980-1989)

The 70s ended in a dreamlike way for the Rossoneri, who in 1979, had conquered their long awaited 10th Scudetto. The departure of coach Liedholm to Roma, Rivera’s retirement and Nereo Rocco’s death have left a sour taste in the mouths of the Milan fans. The Scudetto win gives the fans the hope that the dark tunnel is finally over, however, they could never imagine was coming up…In fact, the 80s will mostly be remembered as a decade of great difficulties. Despite all, the Phoenix called AC Milan will find a way to surge again like it always did.
At the end of the 70s, the president of AC Milan is still Felice Colombo, a president who was more loved by the players and not so much by the fans. In his Milan side, future pillars like the young Franco Baresi will grow. He arrives at the club when he was 14, at the age of 17 he debuts for the club (23th of April 1978, Verona 1-2 Milan), with the nickname ‘Piscinin’ (the short one in Milanese).
Franco Baresi: <>
Alberigo Evani: <>
For the 1979/1980 season, Colombo hires as coach Massimo Giacomini, who instantly had to face difficulties because of the short squad. No notable transfers were made, with Colombo intervening only for a few backup players on the market. The 1979/1980 squad is mostly unchanged compared to the Scudetto winner squad. The results are not disappointing, but the difficulties are still to arrive.
23rd March 1980: at the end of the Serie A matchday, the camions from the Financial Guard (a militarized police force belonging to the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance) enter the pitch. 11 players, 9 from Serie A (Albertosi and Morini from Milan) and 2 from Serie B, and Milan president Felice Colombo have been arrested. This is the start of the Totonero scandal. The accuses are heavy, according to the judges, some players are available to fix the matches in order to bet on them. All started with the denouncement made by 2 bookmakers. Milan are heavily involved in this: Milan – Lazio 2-1 in 1979/1980 was considered a fixed match. The process starts immediately and at least 5 clubs are involved. However, Milan and Lazio will pay the biggest price: relegation to Serie B for the 1980/1981 season.
The Serie B inferno of Milan finishes after a single season, played with the same squad of the 1979/1980 season. In 1981/1982, Milan will play in Serie A. For this season, the management decides to appoint Gigi Radice as coach. From Ascoli, Adelio Moro joins the Rossoneri, while Joe Jordan left Manchester United behind to join the club. The 1981/1982 season is also the first in the club history with a main kit sponsor: Pooh Jeans. In the first 12 matches, Radice’s team won only 6 points.
There is tension in the locker room between the coach and the squad and on top of this, a new management is on the horizon: Felice Colombo sells the club to Giusy Farina, former Vicenza president. Farina’s first move is to fire Gigi Radice and to bring in Italo Galbiati. Milan is in the relegation zone, but thanks to the players and fans, the Rossoneri manage to win a few points and to keep the relegation avoidance dream alive. In the last matchday of the 1981/82 Serie A season, Milan plays against Cesena, while Genoa plays against Napoli.
On the 16th of May 1982, 4 days after the Rossoneri won the Mitropa Cup against Vltkovice (3-0). In 90 mins, the Rossoneri away at Cesena managed to turn around a 2-0 deficit in a 2-3 win, giving false hope to its fans. In Napoli – Genoa, five minutes before the end (the second half had started with a delay), the hosts were sure of a UEFA Cup place even if the game ended in a draw (on par points with Inter, but better H2H record). Genoa on the other hand, were directly fighting against relegation and against Milan. However, Luciano Castellini, Napoli goalkeeper, makes a horrendous mistake 5 minutes before the final whistle, which enables Genoa to equalise (2-2), meaning Milan were relegated, this time on the pitch.
As if things were not complicated enough, the 0-0 between Cagliari and Fiorentina, with the Sardinians in the same relegation fight as Milan, and with the Viola contending the Scudetto against Juventus. Around the 60th minute, Fiorentina have a goal called off by Maurizio Mattei for a dubious foul on Cagliari’s goalie. With Genoa’s defeat and/or Cagliari, Milan would have been safe thanks to the better record in direct matches against both clubs. Back then, the play-out was only used to assign the league winner, while for all other relevant places different criteria were used.
In the 1981/1982, Milan have scored only 21 goals in 30 matches, a negative record in the history of the club, conceded 31 goals, managing to win only 7 matches, draw 10 and lose 13. 15 matches saw Milan unable to score, also down to Joe Jordan’s abysmal form (2 goals in 22 apps). The top scorer of the team is Roberto Antonelli, scoring 4 in 24 matches. Milan was also defeated in both Derbies with Inter (0-1 and 1-2) and against Juventus (0-1, 2-3, with Galderisi and Virdis deciding the games, both were to become Milan players in the future).
For the 1982/1983 season, Farina is trying to keep the morale of the fans high and builds a squad capable of playing spectacular football in Serie B. The new coach is Ilario Castagner. Novellino, Maldera, Antonelli, Buriani leave the club, as well as fresh World Champion Fulvio Collovati, who goes to Inter. In exchange for Collovati, Inter sends 3 players on loan: Canuti, Pasinato, Serena. Franco Baresi, 22 years old, decides to remain with the Rossoneri and is made captain. Mauro Tassotti and Alberigo Evani also decided to stay.
The fanbase understood the delicate moment of the club and Sunday after Sunday, they support and fill up the San Siro (35k on average). Milan triumphantly march back to the Serie A, winning 19 games, drawing 16 and losing only 3 matches, finishing the season with 54 points, 8 more than runners-up Lazio. The Rossoneri scored 77 goals and conceded 36. The 3 defeats of the season came against Cavese at home (draw away), Como and Perugia.
Back in Serie A, the management decides to reinforce the squad, however, some of the transfers like Luther Blissett, will prove to be flops.
Ilario Castagner, Milan coach: <>
Luther Blissett returns to England after his Italian adventure with 30 apps and only 5 goals scored for AC Milan, 8th in the league. By the end of the season, coach Castagner was also sent home by Farina, as the president was convinced the coach had an agreement with Inter for the next season. His replacement is Nils Liedholm, who always responded to the call-up of Milan in its delicate moments. After years of darkness, it’s again a Nils Liedholm return to give hope to Milan and its lovers.
For the 1984/1985 season, the management tries to reinforce the squad even further by bringing in Agostino di Bartolomei, Giuliano Terraneo and Pietro Paolo Virdis. Once again, the foreign transfers come from England: Ray Wilkins and Mark Hateley. The results are improving, proof being the 5th place in the league and the Coppa Italia final lost against Sampdoria. On the 20th of January 1985, in a cold away match at Udinese, 16 year old Paolo Maldini makes his absolute debut for Milan, replacing the injured Sergio Battistini.
The 1984/1985 season brings a great surprise in the Italian football, with Hellas winning the league, 4 points above Torino. After 5 years, Milan returns to play in Europe. The club meant to disappear until Farina is slowly getting back on its feet and starts to dream again. However, these dreams were soon destroyed by a 2-1 home defeat against Waregem, with the fans invading the central tribune and contesting the reign of Farina as president.
The problems were not over for Farina, a few days after the Waregem game, FIGC discovers a series of financial irregularities. Milan risk again as the president did not pay income taxes and Farina resigns. Milan enters a new phase of stall. In order to save the club, a strong, committed entrepreneur was needed. However, no one was willing to enter in such a project and the presidency is given to Rosario Lo Verde. While the negotiations regarding Milan's future continue, 1982 World Cup winner Paolo Rossi joins the club.
Meanwhile, the rumour about Silvio Berlusconi buying AC Milan is becoming more intense. At the first meeting with the Milanista management, Berlusconi presents himself with Adriano Galliani, Fedele Confalonieri and Paolo Berlusconi. The negotiations are long and difficult and go until March 1986, when on the 20th, the big announcement is made: Silvio Berlusconi buys AC Milan from Giusy Farina.
Adriano Galliani: <>.
In that season, Milan did not manage European qualification and was in serious economic trouble, despite its significant brand in Italy. At the end of the season 1986/1987, which saw Milan finish 5th in the league, Berlusconi fires coach Nils Liedholm and interim Fabio Capello and among the general consternation, brings Arrigo Sacchi on Milan's bench. Sacchi, one season earlier, had beaten Milan twice with his Parma team. Sacchi speaks a new language for the Italian football vocabulary, using words like 'pressing', 'offside', 'zone'.
Adriano Galliani: <>
Sacchi's impact with the squad is devastating, with the coach being younger than some of the squad. Omnipresent in any occasion, Sacchi tries to transfer his philosophy to all his players.
Mauro Tassotti: <>
Berlusconi makes his moves on the mercato, looking in the Netherlands. His first acquisition from abroad is a giant with dreadlocks, powerful, strong and innovative player: Ruud Gullit. Born in the Netherlands as a libero, Sacchi transformed him into a striker, therefore exploiting his imponent physique. Brought by Berlusconi for 13 bilion Italian liras, the 1987 Ballon d’Or’s transfer was a record at that time.
Sacchi: <>
Besides Gullit, two other fantastic Dutch players were brought in by the new management: striker Marco van Basten. While Gullit was the main star transfer of the summer, Van Basten, called the Swan of Utrecht was brought for a less considerable sum: 1.8 billion lire. The third Dutchman joining Berlusconi's new Milan is central defender (later morphed into midfielder by Sacchi) is Frank Rijkaard, one season later in 1988.
Van Basten was first noticed in Italy during a friendly tournament organized by Inter.
Sandro Mazzola: <<An indoor tournament which saw Milan, Inter, Ajax and a Greek team. Cruyff told me that he will bring a 15 year old who sometimes gets minutes in the first team. Also, he told me this kid will be the Cruyff of the 80s, that kid was Marco Van Basten. We had insantly understood we were in front of a fuoriclasse.>>
In the final hours of the mercato, Sacchi and Berlusconi make the last intervention on the market: to cement the midfield, Carlo Ancelotti is bought from Roma.
Carlo Ancelotti: <>
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
The fans understand this might be the moment to change page: as it did not happen for years, Milan beats any record of season ticket holders, Sunday after Sunday 65k fans show up at San Siro and help the players towards their objectives. With the new and young squad, enriched by the transfers of the 3 Dutchmen, Angelo Colombo and Carlo Ancelotti, Sacchi can fight for the Scudetto against holders Napoli in the season 1987/88. The season starts with a 3-1 away win at Pisa, where Van Basten scored a penalty on his debut. This is followed by a defeat against Sporting Gijon in Spain in the UEFA Cup, which made Berlusconi grow some doubts over Sacchi. However, in the 2nd leg played at Via del Mare in Lecce, the Rossoneri win 3-0. In the 5th matchday, against Sampdoria, Van Basten gets injured which will keep him out until April. However, the final rush sees van Basten recover to help his teammates in the match of the 1st of May 1988, away at Napoli, with Milan being behind of the Partenopei by 1 point. The game is epic, San Paolo was boiling.
In the 36th minute, Virdis manages to sneak the ball past the Napoli goalkeeper, giving Milan a precious lead. Maradona equalises from a free-kick in the last minute of the first half.
Sacchi: <>
In the second half, Napoli are pushed into their box by Milan, giving the impression to have renounced fighting. Virdis scores the 2-1 for Milan in the 68th minute, then Van Basten makes it 3-1 8 minutes later and Careca closes the gap in the 78th minute. Two draws against Juventus and Como give the Rossoneri the 11th Scudetto of their history.
Galliani: <>
  • Serie A 1987/1988 winners (4-4-2): Giovanni Galli; Mauro Tassotti, Filippo Galli, Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini; Roberto Donadoni, Angelo Colombo, Carlo Ancelotti, Alberigo Evani; Pietro Paolo Virdis, Ruud Gullit.
  • Bench: Daniele Massaro, Mario Bortolazzi, Roberto Mussi, Marco van Basten, Alessandro Costacurta, Walter Bianchi, Rufo Emiliano Verga, Massimiliano Capellini, Graziano Mannari.
  • Coach: Arrigo Sacchi
Milan is back to being a stellar team, the best in Italy and ready to show its worth in Europe as well. The city of Milan went crazy. But now, the objective is of a totally different magnitude: after having proven their value in Italy, the Rossoneri were now looking to become the best of Europe. The Fusignano Prophet, Arrigo Sacchi must prove that his revolutionary ideas are applicable in continental cups as well and Milan must continue winning.
Mauro Tassotti: <>
The path of the 1988/1989 European Cup starts against the Bulgarian team Vitosha Sofia. After the 2-0 registered away, the Rossoneri win 5-2 at San Siro, on the 6th of October 1988. It’s a spectacular team with Van Basten shining (he had scored 4 in that game).
Marco van Basten: <>
Alberigo Evani: <>
Therefore, the fan favorite is now the Utrecht Swan, Marco van Basten, who at the end of 1988, receives the Ballon d’Or from France Football. The first of his career, the first of the three which he will have won in the 5 years.
In the second round of the European Cup, Sacchi’s Milan play against the strong Yugoslavian team of Crvena Zvezda. After the 1-1 in San Siro, the Rossoneri fly to Belgrade at the Marakana, packed with 120 000 people in the stands, under an incredible fog.
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
The Rossoneri struggle to get on the rhythm of Red Star, in the second half, a Dejan Savicevic goal freezes the hopes of Milan. The match does not go beyond a 1-0 scoreline, but the fog was so thick that when the referee expels Virdis for a foul, no one from the 2 benches realises this had happened. The match is suspended and the two teams will play against each other the following day at 13:00.
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
Milan wins after a penalty shoot-out (5-3, 1-1 after 120 mins) thanks to the final penalty of the new Dutchman, Frank Rijkaard. With Gullit and van Basten in attack and Rijkaard in the midfield, the trifecta is now complete. Forty years after, Milan are reaching for eternal glory thanks to another trio, from the Swedish GreNoLi to the flying Dutchmen.
After kicking out Werder Bremen, Milan are now playing against Real Madrid, famous for their Quinta del Buitre, the 5 stars of Real Madrid: Butragueno, Sanchis, Vazquez, Michel and Pardeza.
Alberigo Evani: <>
The second leg, 19th of April 1989, Milan were going to write one of the most beautiful pages in the club’s history. For the first time, an Italian team was capable to dominate Real Madrid from start to finish, to hurt them and to scare them. Sacchi’s machine wins 5-0 against the Blancos, thanks to goals from Ancelotti, Rijkaard, Gullit, van Basten and Donadoni.
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
Thanks to this 5-0 win, Milan is now in the Olympus of the greats. In that win, Sacchi gave a young Alessandro Costacurta his debut as a central defender, moving Rijkaard up the pitch and put Ancelotti, the most hard working and humble, on the left wing. With this trashing win, Real Madrid symbolically give Milan the recognition of the best team in the world.
Berlusconi: <> Milan are now in the European Cup final which they will have to play against the Romanian team of Steaua Bucharest, at Camp Nou, in Barcelona.
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
The final is epic, on the 24th of May 1986, 80 thousand Rossoneri leave Milan and follow the team to Barcelona. Never ever in the history of football such an exodus was seen.
Arrigo Sacchi: <<The most emotional moment in my life, just like for the players, was seeing all those away fans with us, gathering 80 000 fans with us was spectacular.>>
Galliani: <<A Camp Nou completely in Rossonero, because Steaua could not buy tickets because of serious problems in Romania. There were people in Barcelona who arrived without a match ticket just to live and breath the atmosphere. I remember the night before the final that the fans carried me on their backs on the Ramblas, that was a truly unforgettable emotion.>>
  • MILAN (4-4-2): Giovanni Galli; Mauro Tassotti, Franco Baresi ©, Alessandro Costacurta, Paolo Maldini; Angelo Colombo, Frank Rijkaard, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Donadoni; Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten.
  • Bench: Davide Pinato, Filippo Galli, Roberto Mussi, Alberigo Evani, Pietro Paolo Virdis.
  • Coach: Arrigo Sacchi
  • Steaua (4-4-2): Silviu Lung; Dan Petrescu, Stefan Iovan, Adrian Bumbescu, Nicolae Ungureanu; Daniel Minea, Tudorel Stoica ©, Gheorghe Hagi, Iosif Rotariu; Marius Lacatus, Victor Piturca.
  • Bench: Gheorghe Liliac, Petre Bunaciu, Gavril Balint, Lucian Balan, Adrian Negrau.
  • Coach: Anghel Iordanescu.
Steaua were one of the big teams of Europe in the late 80s, winning the European Cup in 1986 against Barcelona on Spanish soil and reaching the semi-finals in 1988. But not even the genius of Hagi, the grit of Lacatus or the tactical prowess of the Romanians could not stop Sacchi’s football machine led by the 3 Dutchmen. Once again, AC Milan break the paradigms of Italian football and show to the world that beautiful football can also be efficient.
Sacchi in his book ‘Calcio Totale’ tells us how before the game he read an excerpt from a Gianni Brera article saying: <>
The first reply came from Ruud Gullit: <>
Sacchi: <>
And so it was, Milan asphalted Steaua from the first until the last minute, winning 4-0 thanks to 2 goals from Van Basten (18’, 38’) and Gullit (28’, 46’)., winning their 3rd European Cup and the first in the Berlusconi era.
The appointments of this Milan start chaining with a straining consistency. In November 1989, Milan returns to Camp Nou, where earlier that year the team was crowned European champions, to play the European Super Cup final against the local team, FC Barcelona.
Adriano Galliani: <>
The first leg finished 1-1, with van Basten scoring for the Rossoneri. On the 7th of December, the second leg takes place at San Siro. The game was not charming, but it ends with the 1-0 victory thanks to a goal from Evani. Milan win the European Super Cup.
Mauro Tassotti: <>
In December 1989, France Football awards Dutch forward Marco van Basten the second Ballon d’Or. In that edition of the Ballon d’Or, the entire podium was once again formed only by AC Milan players, as van Basten was followed by Baresi and Rijkaard in the standings this time.
10 days later, the Rossoneri fly to Tokyo to play the Intercontinental Cup final against Atletico National Medellin from Colombia, winners of the 1989 Libertadores.
Daniele Massaro: <>
Mauro Tassotti: <>
The game was completely dull, with the South Americans sitting back trying to fend off all the Milan attacks. Their plans are undone in the 118th minute when Van Basten earns a free-kick on the outside of the box. Donadoni goes to kick it, but Alberigo Evani asks him to do so.
Alberigo Evani: <>
The shot was perfect and the ball went past Higuita. Milan are 1-0 up with one minute to go from the Intercontinental Cup final in Tokyo.
Adriano Galliani: <>
Arrigo Sacchi: <>
This was the third international trophy won by AC Milan in 1989, Milan were on the top of the world...
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120 years of AC Milan - a history of red and black football: one last spark, the end of the Berlusconi era and the provincialization (2009-2019) - part 1

In January 2009, Milan are third after having lost precious points away at Juventus and Palermo, with a 9 point gap between leaders Inter, but only 3 points behind Juventus. In the UEFA Cup, Milan beat Zurich in the first round (4-1 agg.) and finished first and unbeaten in Group E, against Heerenveen, Portsmouth and Braga.
Moreover, the winter mercato brings a big name signing: David Beckham joins on loan from LA Galaxy. However, this is not enough to prevent the team went into a crisis of results despite the many goals scored by young Alexandre Pato: The double draw with Werder Bremen, the future finalist of the tournament, ousted the Rossoneri from the UEFA Cup already in the last 16 - although unbeaten in the tournament - for the first time in its history, AC Milan were forced out of a European competition after two draws (1-1 in Bremen, 2-2 in Milan), due to the rule of goals away from home. The UEFA Cup thus remains the only official competition in which the club has participated that failed to win. For the fourth time in as many appearances in this tournament under Berlusconi's management, AC Milan was eliminated from the losing finalist club and for the first time in its history was ousted from a European competition for the away goals rule.
In the league, meanwhile, the home draw against Reggina last in the standings and the defeats in the derby against Inter (2-1) and away against Sampdoria push AC Milan, at the beginning of March, to twelve points away from the leaders of the tournament and to lose much of the advantage accumulated over the other contenders in third place, the last valid for direct entry to the Champions League the following year.
The team then recovered and won 23 points out of the 27 available, seven wins and two draws obtained thanks also to Inzaghi's scoring streak, finding itself four rounds away from the end of the championship, second to seven points from Inter (who will win the Scudetto two matchdays later), and four points ahead of Juventus before the home match, which was then tied 1-1. In the following games AC Milan lost 1-2 at Udine, a match that mathematically handed the Scudetto to Inter two matchdays in advance. The 3-2 defeat at home with Roma ended a series of nine consecutive useful results (seven wins and two draws. On the last day, with a victory in the away match in Florence, get their third place in the standings at 74 points (due to the results of the direct clashes with Juventus, which ended on equal points), a victory that allows the Rossoneri to directly access the Champions League 2009-2010 group stage.
Paolo Maldini retires from football after winning the Milan 7 Scudetti, 1 Coppa Italia, 5 Italian Super Cups, 5 Champions League, 5 UEFA Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups and one World Cup for clubs. The match played at Franchi is the last official match of Paolo Maldini, who retires after 25 seasons and 902 appearances (club record), and the last with Ancelotti on the Rossoneri bench after eight years. The match against the Tuscans saw the return to the pitch of the injured Alessandro Nesta, making his debut in the 2008-2009 league. As happened in honour of Franco Baresi in 1997, the number 3 jersey, worn for years by Maldini, was retired. The captain's armband is passed to Massimo Ambrosini, the player with the most seasons in red and black from the entire squad.
In the league, AC Milan can boast the best attack with Inter (70 goals) and the second best defence in the tournament (35 goals conceded), the team's most prolific scorer is Kaká (16 goals), while Pato is the best scorer of the season with 18 goals between Serie A and the UEFA Cup. A.C. Milan is the league's most watched team in its stadium, with an average of 59,731 fans per match.
In the 2009/2010 season, for the succession of Ancelotti the club decided to bet on the former Rossoneri player and manager Leonardo, at the first experience on the bench, while a few days later Kaká, after six seasons with Milan, was sold to Real Madrid for 65 million euros. The sale was made in order to balance the club's balance sheet. This decision aroused widespread disagreement among the fans.
The club decided not to reinvest the sum collected for the sale of Kaká, and allocated it to the heal the books of the club. The Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and the defender Oguchi Onyewu (who, after an injury, will give up on the wage as Redondo did a few years before) and the co-ownership of the full-back Ignazio Abate is solved. Andriy Shevchenko returned to Chelsea after a season in which he scored two goals (in the Coppa Italia and UEFA), while Yoann Gourcuff was sold definitively to Bordeaux.
In the first game of the season, Milan beat Siena 2-1 away but the following week they collapsed against Inter in the Milan derby, losing 0-4 (a defeat margin that hadn't occurred in 35 years). In the following five games, AC Milan only got one win, 3 draws and 2 defeats: as a result, the team was heavily criticised. A.C. Milan then managed to recover thanks in part to the tactical breakthrough that took place on the eighth day of the match against Roma, consisting of a three-foward line-up (Ronaldinho, Borriello, Pato) in front of the trequartista Seedorf. The team was thus able to enter the fight at the top of the championship and, in mid-March, it moved to a point of detachment from Inter, the leader. From that moment on the Rossoneri team, without the injured Nesta, Beckham and Pato, lost ground and missed out on the Nerazzurri at Milan-Napoli (1-1).
The match against Roma was followed by 8 matches without losing, in addition, thanks to the victory over Catania, AC Milan climb above Roma in the standings, coming in 2nd place, behind Inter. On day 16 the Rossoneri were defeated 2-0 at home by Palermo in the last match of 2009. AC Milan then bid farewell to 2010 with an overwhelming 5-2 over Genoa, after which they defeated Juventus 3-0 in Turin. winning for the second time in Turin since the turn of the millennium. The Rossoneri are therefore considered as the most suited opponents to compete against Inter for the Scudetto, but in the second derby of the season the Nerazzurri rivals win 2-0. After 2 draws, with Livorno and Bologna, AC Milan return to victory with Udinese, and in the following 4 games they get 3 wins and a draw, bringing themselves down to -1 from Inter, thus rekindling Scudetto hopes. The draw against Napoli, followed by 3 defeats, 2 victories and 2 draws, also thanks to the good performances of Roma and Inter, however, definitively distances the Rossoneri from the Scudetto dream; AC Milan finish the championship in third place, winning the direct qualification to the Champions League 2010-2011.
Leonardo, at the end of the campaign, decided to leave AC Milan. During the last match of the championship (won 3-0 against Juventus), the fans gave him a warm round of applause. In the following season Leonardo moved on to coach Inter, a situation that hadn't happened since 1984, when Ilario Castagner went to coach the Nerazzurri in the season after he was firedfrom AC Milan.
In the Champions League, the Rossoneri were drawn in group C with Real Madrid, Marseille and Zurich. On their return to the Champions League, AC Milan beat Marseille in France 2-1 with a brace by Filippo Inzaghi, but in the following match they suffered a home defeat by Zurich, who won 1-0 in Milan. Milan then won a historic 3-2 victory over Real Madrid : the Rossoneri had never beaten Real at the Bernabéu. This result was followed by 3 draws, all 1-1.
After passing the group phase (finished 2nd), AC Milan qualified for the eighth finals in which they faced the English champions of Manchester United. The first match, which took place in Milan, closed 3-2 in favour of the English. In the return match in Manchester, after a decent start, the team collapsed and ended up losing 4-0. Milan, who conceded 7 goals in a two-legged match in European competitions, equaled their previous negative record, established in the eighth finals of the 1959-1960 Champions Cup, when they lost 0-2 at home and 1-5 away against Barcelona.
After the third place achieved in the 2009-10 championship, Milan changes coach: to replace the resigning Leonardo, is called the former Cagliari coach Massimiliano Allegri. As far as the squad is concerned, the Rossoneri management is called to face numerous departures: in fact, the forwards Huntelaar and Borriello, the goalkeeper Dida, the defenders Kaladze and Favalli (who announced his retirement) leave the club. To make up for the absences, Amelia, Yepes and Papastathopoulos are brought in. The most important arrivals are concentrated, however, in the market closing: for the midfield Kevin-Prince Boateng is brought while for the offensive department the reinforcements are Zlatan Ibrahimović from Barcelona and Robinho from Manchester City, operations that cost the club 42 million euros in total.
Milan make their league debut with a clear 4-0 victory against Lecce, a match in which Inzaghi scored his 122nd goal for the Rossoneri. On the second matcday,on the field of the newly promoted Cesena, absent in the top tier since 1991, Milan lose 2-0. On their debut in the group stage of the Champions League, a brace by Ibrahimović was worth the victory against Auxerre. Another goal by the Swede means, moreover, the return to winning ways in the league in the match against Genoa: the victory against the Ligurians is followed by another 3 wins, while in Europe the Devil draws against Ajax and is then defeated by Real Madrid. In the return match against Blancos, Allegri's team are behind at half-time but then manage to comeback with two goals by Inzaghi: in extra-time, however, the Spaniards find the final 2-2.
In the next round of the Serie A, AC Milan obtained a success that - in the end - will prove to be fundamental: the 2-3 obtained in Bari coincides with Allegri's tactical innovation that will be a turning point. Moving from the initial 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2 in which the center line is mainly composed of midfielders: a solid defense and the muscular midfield represent the strengths of the line-up, which also includes a trequartista (Seedorf or Boateng) to support Ibrahimović and Robinho.The team thus finds the right tactical balance, obtaining the solitary command (which will no longer be lost until the end of the tournament) in November. The adoption of this module leads to the progressive exclusion of Ronaldinho, who will be sold out in the winter market.
The Rossoneri therefore pass the group stage of the highest European competition, entering the eighth finals. The calendar year was concluded by a defeat against Roma, caused by the net of the former Borriello. The team from Milan still won the winter title, closing the first leg with a 4 point lead over Napoli. The January window then saw the club make further signings to make up for the numerous injuries that hit the midfield, such as Antonio Cassano, Mark van Bommel or Urby Emanuelson.
The Champions League knockout draw pitted the Devil against Tottenham, who came out on top in the first leg with Crouch's goal. After the final whistle, Gattuso was involved in a physical clash with Joe Jordan (opposing vice coach and, moreover, former Milan player): UEFA severely punished the fact, disqualifying the midfielder for 5 games.
In Serie A, the victory in the direct clash with the Neapolitans was decisive: the 3-0 sent Napoli down to -6. In Europe, however, the team could not overturn the disadvantage: the return match with the Spurs ends 0-0, which caused the elimination from the tournament.
Another false step was recorded on March 19, 2011, when Allegri's men were mocked by Palermo: the defeat with the Sicilians allowed Inter to close the gap. The Madonnina's Derby, played in the following round, gave the decisive turning point: the 3-0 achieved by the Rossoneri brings the margin over their rivals back to 5 points. Another victory, with the same result, at Sampdoria's expense, allows to increase the gap to 8 points; it follows the first leg of the Italian Cup semifinals, in which Milan is forced by Palermo to draw.
The decisive step towards the Scudetto is moved at the beginning of May, with the 0-0 at Roma, assures the first place 2 matchdays before the end of the season. The possibility to win Coppa Italia vanished, after a 4-3 aggregate loss against Palermo. In Serie A, the Rossoneri finish the tournament on 82 points. This is the 18th Scudetto for the club, won 7 years after the last one.
The main operations of the 2012 summer market session concern the recruitment of defenders Philippe Mexès and Taye Taiwo (both at parameter zero), 19-year-old forward Stephan El Shaarawy and midfielders Alberto Aquilani (on loan) and Antonio Nocerino. Among the players leaving AC Milan, in addition to Andrea Pirlo (released), are defenders Marek Jankulovski, Nicola Legrottaglie and Massimo Oddo and midfielder Alexander Merkel. Mattia De Sciglio joined the first team this season.
The Rossoneri won the sixth Italian Super Cup in their history on the following 6 August in Beijing with a 2-1 win against Inter, thanks to goals from Zlatan Ibrahimović and Kevin-Prince Boateng. After this triumph, AC Milan once again became the team to hold the record for success in this competition. The start of the championship, which began with a 2-2 draw at San Siro against Lazio is underpar just like in the previous season, and only at the end of October, despite some direct clashes lost, the team saw the top of the standings again. The Rossoneri won in fact only one of the first five matches, being defeated also in Turin by Juventus, future winner of the tournament. In the meantime in the Champions League AC Milan won the qualification to the round of 16 with two rounds ahead, finishing 2nd in group H behind Barcelona (with whom they lost 3-2 at home and tied 2-2 at Camp Nou) and ahead of Viktoria Plzeň and BATE Borisov both beaten 2-0 at San Siro.
Until the Christmas break, Milan chain 12 consecutive useful results (10 wins and 2 draws) between the 7th and 17th day, including the victory in Lecce where, under three goals in the first half, he manages to overturn the result winning 4-3, and the subsequent recovery of the first round, which enable to reach Juventus at the top of the standings. The stay at the top of the standings in cohabitation with the Turin team lasted only for two days as, in the 18th round played on January 15, 2012, the Rossoneri lost the derby to Inter 0-1 (first defeat of the season at home) while the Bianconeri drew at the Juventus Stadium with Cagliari and separated AC Milan by one point.On the following 22nd January, with a 3-0 win at home against Novara, the Rossoneri finished the first half of the season in 2nd place with 12 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats, scoring 40 goals and suffering 17. In the winter market the team was strengthened mainly with the grafts of Sulley Muntari, Maxi López and Djamel Mesbah.
On the following 22nd January, with a 3-0 win at home against Novara, the Rossoneri finished in 2nd place in the first half of the season with 12 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats, scoring 40 goals and suffering 17. In the winter market the team was strengthened mainly with the grafts of Sulley Muntari, Maxi López and Djamel Mesbah.
On February 15, 2012 AC Milan played in San Siro the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Arsenal, winning the match 4-0 thanks to Kevin-Prince Boateng's goal, Robinho's one-two and a penalty kick by Zlatan Ibrahimović. In the return match played the following 6 March at Emirates Stadium in London, the Rossoneri were defeated 3-0, but due to the result of the first leg they qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition, where they will meet FC Barcelona. After the 0-0 draw at San Siro, the Rossoneri are defeated 3-1 in Barcelona, resulting in the elimination from the competition.
Meanwhile, in Italy, the long-distance duel with the Old Lady continues. In the second half of the season, the Rossoneri collect 3 victories in 5 games losing against Lazio and drawing against Napoli but thanks to 3 draws made by Juventus, AC Milan arrives on the eve of the direct clash on equal points with them. The direct clash of the 25th day ends 1-1: on 1-0 for the Rossoneri a ghost goal was not validated to the newly-acquired Muntari, for this reason the match will unleash a lot of controversy. Despite the draw in the clash at the top, AC Milan manages to take the lead in the following day and extend to + 4 in the matchday after when the Bianconeri are stopped by two draws.
In a crucial moment of the season, AC Milan lost one of its defensive pillars, Thiago Silva, due to injury, and it suffers its absence also because of the problems that afflict other pillars of the Rossoneri (in particular the continuous muscular problems of Pato and Boateng, Gattuso's optic nerve problems and Cassano's heart disease). A draw with Catania and a defeat with Fiorentina send Juventus back on top. In the following two matchdays the gap between the two teams remains unchanged with Juventus 1 point ahead of AC Milan, thanks to the victories of both teams with Lazio and Cesena and with Chievo and Genoa respectively. The turning point came on 22 April 2012 when, due to the Rossoneri's home draw against Bologna and the Bianconeri's subsequent victory over Roma, the team from Turin took a 3-point lead; the Bianconeri's draw at Juventus Stadium against Lecce was worthless, as the Milanese defeat 4-2 in the derby on the following day mathematically handed the Scudetto to the Bianconeri.
On the 13th of May 2012, on the last day (home win against Novara 2-1) the fans say goodbye to important players of past seasons such as Gattuso, Filippo Inzaghi, Nesta, Seedorf, Zambrotta, van Bommel, the first four after thirteen, eleven and ten (both) years of career in AC Milan, with Inzaghi at the 300th game with the Rossoneri jersey greeting his audience with a decisive goal.
In the league, Milan won 80 points, 2 less than the previous year, thanks to 24 wins (this season's Serie A record), 8 draws and 6 defeats, with 74 goals scored (this season's Serie A record) and 33 conceded, with a total of 30 wins, 13 draws and 10 defeats, with 100 goals scored (the third best season of the Berlusconi era in this respect) and 54 conceded. The Rossoneri Zlatan Ibrahimović also won the title of top scorer in Serie A with 28 goals scored (the first player to win it with two different teams), although for the first time since he was in Italy he failed to celebrate his national title. Behind him, one of the best Rossoneri scorers is Antonio Nocerino with 11 goals.
The main incoming football deals of the 2012 summer are goalkeeper Gabriel, defenders Francesco Acerbi and Cristián Zapata, midfielders Kévin Constant, Nigel de Jong, Riccardo Montolivo and Bakaye Traoré and strikers Bojan Krkić, M'Baye Niang and Giampaolo Pazzini. Genoa also resolved the participation of Stephan El Shaarawy, who became the exclusive property of the Rossoneri club.
Allegri's team, after losing other important players such as Thiago Silva, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Antonio Cassano (the first two sold to Paris Saint-Germain for budgetary reasons, which causes bad moods among some fans who come to ask for reimbursement of season tickets already taken out, while the third at Inter), in the start of the season struggled to find useful results, losing in his championship debut at San Siro against Sampdoria 1-0, and drawing 0-0 in the first match of the Champions League group stage against Anderlecht.
AC Milan wins only 7 points in the first 8 games, this is the worst start of the season from 1941-1942 to date and reaches the third last place in the standings. After some swinging results, except for a string of five consecutive useful results (4 wins and 1 draw) between the 13th and 17th day of the season, with a 1-0 win against Juventus in the middle. The Rossoneri finished the first half of the season in 7th place with 30 points (-9 from 3rd place), thanks to 9 wins, 3 draws and 7 defeats, with 36 goals scored and 26 conceded. In this team, strongly revolutionized in terms of roster, it's the young El Shaarawy who leads the league table of Serie A scorers from the first days until the beginning of January, when he is overtaken by Cavani. In the Champions League, Milan managed to pass the round as the 2nd place in their group one round early, also thanks to the external victory in the 5th day on the field of Anderlecht (3-1), placing themselves behind the debutant Málaga with whom they drew and and lost. In the eighth final, the draw balls of Nyon reserves Barcelona for the Devil.
In the January market, Milan sold Pato after 5 seasons, some of which were characterized by continuous injuries. Emanuelson (on loan), Acerbi and Mesbah also left the club: the latter was included in an operation that brought Cristian Zaccardo into the rossonero. Three days after the negotiations closed, from Manchester City, Mario Balotelli arrived and made his debut five days later at the San Siro, scoring two goals against Udinese.
After eliminating Reggina at home, the Milan play against Juventus in the next Coppa Italia round. In the match in Turin, AC Milan lost to the Bianconeri 2-1, after goals from Stephan El Shaarawy and Sebastian Giovinco in the first half and Mirko Vučinić in extra time, leaving the competition.
After the home victory over Parma and the simultaneous defeats of Inter and Lazio, Milan reach the 3rd place in the standings, (since the previous year the third place was granting for the qualification to the preliminary round of the Champions League 2013-2014). Balotelli's contribution is fundamental, scoring 12 times in 13 games.
In the Champions League, after the 2-0 first leg in San Siro against Barcelona, the Rossoneri came out of the competition due to a 4-0 defeat at Camp Nou in the return match. It was the fourth elimination in the Champions League round of 16 in AC Milan's last five appearances, and the fifth time in the last six editions of the European Cups that the Rossoneri were ousted in the first knockout round.
On 21 April 2013, with a 1-0 defeat against Juventus, AC Milan interrupted a series of 14 consecutive results (9 wins and 5 draws, the last defeat on 22 December 2012 against Roma),
On the following 5 May, thanks to a 1-0 home win against Torino on the 35th day, AC Milan went up to +4 on the 4th place occupied by the Viola, defeated at the Franchi against Roma (0-1). In the following two rounds Fiorentina chewed the Rossoneri 2 points, thanks to two victories with Siena and Palermo with AC Milan winning 0-4 against Pescara but drawing 0-0 at home against Roma. The Diavolo managed to maintain the gap on the last day of the season, with AC Milan coming back from the win in Siena against the Bianconeri (1-2) and the Viola in Pescara (1-5). Milan, then, entered the Champions League preliminaries for the 2013/2014 season.
In addition to Ambrosini, the club does not renew the contracts of Yepes and Flamini, sendsTraoré on loan, does not redeem Bojan and exchanges Antonini for the genoan Valter Birsa. In addition, Andrea Poli, Alessandro Matri and Kaká: the Brazilian midfielder returns to AC Milan after four years.
After finishing 3rd in the previous league, the Milanese team is busy in the Champions League play-offs against the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven.The first leg of the match takes place on 20 August 2013 at Philips Stadion and ends with a score of 1-1. In the meantime AC Milan started the league with a defeat, the one arrived on the Hellas Verona field 2-1: Luca Toni, who scored two goals on a header, replied to Andrea Poli. The match is also the 4,000th official match played by the Rossoneri.On August 28th the Milan club qualified for the group stage of the Champions League, beating PSV 3-0 at the San Siro thanks to brace by Kevin-Prince Boateng, who was sold in the last days of the transfer window. In the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, Milan will play against Celtic, Ajax and Barcelona.
On September 1, 2013 comes the first victory in the league, at San Siro against Cagliari 3-1. It is the third time under Allegri that AC Milan lose in the first two matches of this season and it is the first time since the end of the 1930s (1938 and 1939) that they lose the first league match twice in a row.
A.C. Milan, riddled with injuries in the first half of the season, with 9 points (the result of 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 defeat), entered the Champions League round of 16 as runners-up from the group stage. In particular the Rossoneri passed the round thanks to a double victory with Celtic, one draw and one defeat with Barcelona (seventh and eighth match with the Catalans in two years) and two draws with Ajax. The opponents drawn in Nyon on 16 December 2013 for the round of 16 are the Spanish side of Atlético Madrid, a team never previously faced by AC Milan in UEFA club competitions.
On December 19, 2013, the Board of Directors of Milan, which met at the new registered office of the club, located in Via Aldo Rossi, 8 Milan, unanimously approved the new organizational structure of the company, which provides for the division of the company's functions/directions into two areas, the first relating to technical and sporting activities, which continues to answer to Adriano Galliani as vice president and CEO, the second, which includes all company functions/directions not related to the first, which responds to the new vice president and CEO Barbara Berlusconi. This was followed on 31 December by the resignation of sports director Ariedo Braida, who left the club after 28 years. On 6 January against Atalanta, Kaká scored his 100th goal in the Rossoneri jersey, while Allegri celebrated his 100th victory in Serie A. Milan finished their first half of the Serie A season with 22 points, finishing 11th. Because of these results, and in particular the 4-3 defeat on 12 January 2014 against Sassuolo, the club decided to dismiss coach Massimiliano Allegri.
With Tassotti on the bench, on 15 January AC Milan overcame the eighth round of the Coppa Italia, beating La Spezia 3-1 at San Siro.The following day the club announced the name of the new coach, Dutchman Clarence Seedorf, already a Rossoneri player and until that moment, playing for Botafogo. Seedorf's AC Milan made their debut with a league victory over Verona.
The return round continues with alternating results and the team is unable to move up from the lower-middle zones of the standings. Milan were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia at the hands of Udinese, who had eliminated Inter in the previous round, winning at the San Siro 2-1. In the Champions League too, the Rossoneri team did not pass the round (for the fourth time in the last five appearances), being defeated by Atlético Madrid both in the first leg at the San Siro 0-1 and in the return leg at the Calderón 4-1 (goal scored by Kaka). In the next match, lost 4-2 at San Siro against Parma, the team was contested by the fans. Later the club, thanks to 5 consecutive victories between the end of March and April and a derby victory,almost three years after its last success against Inter, ended the championship in eighth place on 57 points, and remained out of UEFA competitions after fifteen consecutive seasons in Europe (record number of consecutive European cup appearances in the club's history). On May 19, "Casa Milan", the new headquarters of the Rossoneri is inaugurated in Via Aldo Rossi.
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120 years of AC Milan - a history of red and black football: hunting the 10th Scudetto (1970-1979)

After the 60s, the city of Milan is now certified as one of the few cities in the world with top class football. On the other side of the Navigli, Inter is also not less worthy than Milan. Two teams with enviable players, great performances and several champions in their ranks. In those years, a dualism which will lighten up the Italian football of the 70s was born: Milan’s Gianni Rivera versus Inter’s Sandro Mazzola. Two number 10s who did not really love each other, but who were respectful towards each other.
Once again, the management instability strikes once again in AC Milan, as in 1970 president Carraro decides to sell the team to lawyer Federico Sordillo. Thanks to the transfers of Zignoli, Romeo Benetti and Biasiolo, after the departures of Giovanni Lodetti to Samp, Malatrasi to SPAL and Sormani to Napoli, Milan finish 2nd in the Serie A 1970/1971, 1 point behind Inter.
In 1971/1972, Rocco’s Milan managed to finish 2nd in the league, 1 point behind Juventus, led by the Czechoslovak coach Vycpálek. A series of amateur errors from the team and some dubious refereeing make Milan lose the chance to celebrate the 10th Scudetto. In the same season, during a burlesque Cagliari – Milan, ref Michelotti awards Cagliari a shocking penalty. Gianni Rivera goes against the ref and he is punished by the FIGC with 6 months of suspension.
However, the Rossoneri won the Coppa Italia in that season, after beating Inter, Torino, Juventus and Napoli in the final. Rivera can lift the trophy after his suspension, his third Coppa Italia.
  • 1971/72 Coppa Italia Winners: Cudicini; Schnellinger, Anquiletti, Rosato, Biasiolo, Bigon, Sabadini, Sogliano, Prati, Rivera.
In 1972, lawyer Sorbillo sells the club to Albino Buticchi, who presented himself at Milan with Fiorentina striker Luciano Chiarugi. Despite incredible results at the start of the season 1972/1973, such a 9-3 home win against Atalanta and the winter champions title won (followed by Lazio and Inter), things start to precipitate in Milan’s house in the second half.
On the 22nd of April, Milan play away at Lazio. A match dominated by Lazio, but when, in the 78th minute, Chiarugi scores the equaliser, the ref Concetto lo Bello calls it off. Milan are furious and Nereo Rocco, known for his elegant and composed manner of acting on the field, becomes angry with Lo Bello, who sends him off. This unfortunate event does not stop Milan who won all the following games.
In the meantime, **the Rossoneri managed to win (1-0, Chiarugi 5’) their second European Cup Winners’ Cup against English side Leeds, in Thessaloniki, Greece, under torrential rain.
  • 1972/73 European Cup Winners’ Cup winners: Vecchi, Turone, Sabadini, Anquiletti, Rosato, Zignoli, Sogliano, Benetti, Rivera © , Bigon, Chiarugi.
Coach: Nereo Rocco
On the 20th of May, Milan, first in the standings with 44 points (1 point above Juventus and 2 over Lazio), had to play away at Verona, against Hellas, in the last matchday of the season. Juventus were playing away at Roma, while Lazio went to play against Napoli. Thousands of Milan fans made the trip ready to celebrate the 10th scudetto of the club.
This was only three days after the final win against Leeds and Nereo Rocco’s team was tired. The Rossoneri paid a lot for their fatigue accumulated in the final and were 3 goals down after 25 minutes. The game ended 5-3 for Hellas, but this was not all: 3 minutes before the final whistle in Rome, with Lazio and Juventus drawing their games, the Rossoneri were still hoping for a play-off. In the meantime, Napoli beat Lazio with a goal scored in extra-time by Damiani, while a bit more to the north, in Rome, Juventus had found a last minute goal from Cuccureddu to win them the 15th Scudetto.
The 1973/1974 season sees Nereo Rocco move up in the hierarchy as technical director (despite a few conflicts with president Buticchi), with Cesare Maldini (since December) and Giovanni Trapattoni (interim and vice-coach after) coaching the team in the season. The season is rather underwhelming, with the Rossoneri finishing 7th in Serie A, losing the final of the European Cup Winners’ Cup against FC Magdeburg and kicked out early of the Coppa Italia. Legendary coach Nereo Rocco had left the Rossoneri in January 1974 to go to Fiorentina.
The following years are not better, in 1974/1975 Milan finishes 5th, 3rd in 1975/1976 and at this point Buttichi (after having left the presidency to Bruno Pardi in December 1975) sells the club to Vittorio Duina. In the 76/77 Serie A season, Milan finish 10th, winning only 5 games. The new president believes that the key to ending this dark period is to bring in a revolutionary coach for those times. The name is Giuseppe Marchioro, however he is not able to turn things around, proof being the defeat in UEFA Cup quarter-finals by Athletic Bilbao.
In this difficult moment, president Duina decides to leave the club and the 70s seem neverending for the Rossoneri. Starting with the 30th of May 1976, the new president is Felice Colombo, who in the near future was to bring one of the darkest moments in history of the club, will manage to win the fans’ hearts by leading the club to triumph in the Coppa Italia in 1976/77, after 2-0 win against Inter.
  • 1976/77 Coppa Italia winners: Albertosi; Bet, Maldera, Sabadini, Turone; Bigon, Morini, Rivera (c), Biasiolo; Calloni, Braglia.
  • Coach: Nils Liedholm
The 1977 return of Nils Liedholm in Milan’s ranks is an exciting moment for the fans. For the 1977/1978 Serie A, the previous Coppa Italia win woke up a lot of ambition in the squad, but the Rossoneri manage only to get 4th at the end of the 1977/78 Serie A season. Nonetheless, the summer transfer campaign of that summer will prove to be an inspired one, bringing players like Ruben Buriani and Roberto Antonelli (father of Luca Antonelli), both from Monza.
The 1978/1979 season starts under the best omens. With little focus on the Coppa Italia and European competitions, Milan start to run their triumphal march towards the Scudetto, winning 17 matches and losing only three. In the last matchday at home against Bologna, the city seems to have gone insane, San Siro was packed with 80000 Milan fans.
The police wants to cancel the match because of safety reasons, (Milan fans had invaded an unsafe tribune zone) but no one listened to the authorities. Then, as a true captain and symbol of the team, Gianni Rivera takes a microphone and speaks to the stadium:
In 20 minutes, the situation was calmed down and the game was played normally. It was a dull 0-0 and Milan got their point. 6 years after Fatal Verona, AC Milan win their 10th Scudetto. Gianni Rivera, who is now 36 years old, strickened with injury and reprofiled as a trequartista by Liedholm can lift the Scudetto della Stella.
  • Serie A 1978/79 champions: Albertosi; Collovati, Maldera, De Vecchi, Baresi, Novellino, Chiodi, Morini, Rivera © .
Coach: Nils Liedholm
The red and black part of Milan dedicates this title win to the mythical Paron, Nereo Rocco who for years had followed the dream of winning the 10th title, but had passed away in February 1979. Nereo Rocco has won 2 Scudetti, 3 Coppa Italia, 2 European Cups, 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups and an Intercontinental Cup. He remains to this day the longest-serving manager of AC Milan, with 459 matches (323 as coach and 136 as technical director) and the most decorated coach of the club. Moreover, Nereo Rocco held the record of the most Serie A appearances as coach (787 matches for Triestina, Padova, Milan, Torino and Fiorentina) until 2006, when he was surpassed by Carletto Mazzone (792).
Despite the triumphant end of the seventies, the sadness for Milan fans was not over: at the end of the season, coach Nils Liedholm decides to join Roma. On top of all, on 20th of June 1979, Gianni Rivera, the first Italian Ballon d’Or, one of the legendary no.10 in the history of Italy, retires at the age of 36, after 658 games played and 164 goals scored, 3 Scudetti, 2 European Cups, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 2 Cup Winners’ Cups, 4 Coppa Italia, 1 European Championship win (1968) and World Cup runner-up in 1970 and one Capocannoniere title (17 goals, 1972/73).
The 70s decade finishes for Milan, with a Star more and without the Golden Boy Rivera, however, the rejuvenation of Milan continues and the generation led by the likes of Baresi and Collovati must turn the page in the 80s for the Rossoneri…
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Soccer Picks fro Saturday November 9th

Soccer Machine Learning Model Picks (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A)
Record: 11W-14L-0P, 41.36% ROI, $20.68 profit (with $2 bets)
Note that the model is still in beta - we're tweaking and adjusting as we go, so wouldn't recommend betting too much on it. Last Sunday we had a great day, but today was a bad day where we won only 1/5 bets. With that in mind, here are the picks! The percentages are the probabilities produced by the model.
Picks for Saturday, November 9th:
  • Hertha Berlin vs RB Leipzig: RB Leipzig (46.48%) @1.72
  • Mainz vs Union Berlin: Union Berlin (35.06%) @3.26
  • Paderborn vs. Augsburg: Paderborn (40.98%) @2.520
  • Schalke vs Dusseldorf: draw (37.67%) @4.459
  • Bayern Munich vs Dortmund: Dortmund (34.37%) @3.044
La Liga
  • Alaves vs Valladoid: Alaves draw no bet (Alaves 32.15%, draw 37.84%) @1.7
  • Valencia vs Granada CF: Double chance Draw/ Granada (Granada 35.47%, draw 39.18%) @2.040
  • Eibar vs Real Madrid: Eibar (38.2%) @5.293
  • Barcelona vs Celta Vigo: Under 2.5 goals (58.76%) @3.06
Ligue 1
  • Brest vs Paris SG: Brest (46.16%) @8.920
  • Lille vs Metz: Lille (60.25%) @1.71
  • Monaco vs. Dijon: Draw (40.51%) @4.81
  • Reims vs Angers: Reims (50%) @2.260
  • Strasbourg vs Nimes: Strasbourg (48.82%) @1.880
Premier League (all bets on home team, apparently)
  • Chelsea vs Crystal Palace: Chelsea (42.03%) @1.327
  • Burnley vs West Ham: Burnley (40.62%) @2.26
  • Newcastle vs Bournemouth: Newcastle (50.44%) @2.56
  • Southampton vs Everton: Southampton (46.54%) @2.82
  • Tottenham vs Sheffield United: Tottenham (49.05%) @1.56
  • Leicester vs Arsenal: Leicester (43.91%) @2.00
Serie A
  • Brescia vs Torino: Brescia (47.90%) @2.71
  • Inter vs Verona: Inter (50%) @1.34
  • Napoli vs Genoa: Genoa (48.35%) @7.27
Feel free to check our website for win probabilities for all matches this weekend (will be posting on Reddit as well). Sign up (for free) and click on any soccer match - our prediction is named "Torneo proprietary model". Note that we're currently only displaying probabilities for win/loss.
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Daily Picks Thread - Wed. 28/10/2015

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Investigation on Hellas vs Frosinone (along with five other games)

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Season Handicap table

Some gambling websites have what is called a Season Handicap bet where the final points a team gets are added to the handicap points and you have to predict which team will have the most combined points by the end of the season. However these websites never have a Serie A version, so I made one myself. Do you think these figures are accurate? Which team do you think would win the season handicap table when all the combined values are added together?
  • Juventus +0
  • Napoli +4
  • Roma +6
  • Milan +8
  • Inter +10
  • Lazio +16
  • Atalanta +25
  • Fiorentina +25
  • Torino +30
  • Sampdoria +30
  • Udinese +35
  • Sassuolo +35
  • Chievo +35
  • Bologna +40
  • Genoa +40
  • Cagliari +40
  • Crotone +45
  • Verona +45
  • Spal +50
  • Benevento +50
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Match Thread: A.C. Chievo Verona vs F.C. Inter Milan (7:45 GMT)

Chievo Verona 0 - 2 Inter
90' GOAL! Inter: 22 Milito, assist: 4 Zanetti Post goal celebration
87' GOAL! Inter: 29 Samuel, assist: 10 Sneijder (corner) Post goal celebration
84' Substitution Inter: 18 Poli (out), 19 Cambiasso (in)
77' Substitution Chievo: 31 Pellissier (out), 9 Moscardelli (in)
71' Substitution Chievo: 10 Luciano (out), 56 Hetemaj (in)
71' Substitution Inter: 9 Forlan (out), 7 Pazzini (in)
60' Substitution Chievo: 7 Sammarco (out), 29 Dainelli (in)
Goals 0 - 0
Assists 0 - 0
Shots 4 - 13
Shots on Goal 1 - 4
Saves 5 - 1
Corner Kicks 2 - 5
Offsides 0 - 0
Fouls 9 - 3
Yellow Cards 0 - 0
Red Cards 0 - 0
PK Goals 0 - 0
15' Missed Penalty 22 Milito (Inter)
14' Penalty Handball: 15 Acerbi (Chievo)
March 9, 2012 7:45 PM GMT
Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi — Verona
Referee:‬ Paolo Mazzoleni‎ (Bergamo)
Match previews Bettor|Yanks Aborad|BetAsia|
Feel free to comment or PM me more, I'm kinda at work =P
Streams Wiziwig Sop/Flash list|FirstRow|Ilemi|Ibrod|
Chievo (4-3-1-2)
Coach Domenico Di Carlo
54 Sorrentino
21 Frey, 3 Andreolli, 15 Acerbi, 93 Dramé
10 Luciano56 Hetemaj, 16 Rigoni, 6 Bradley
7 Sammarco29 Dainelli, 77 Théréau
9 Moscardelli31 Pellissier
Subs: 1 Puggioni, 12 Cesar, 8 Cruzado, 56 Hetemaj (10 Luciano 71'), 9 Moscardelli (31 Pellissier 77'), 23 Paloschi, 29 Dainelli (7 Sammarco 60')
Inter (4-3-3)
Coach Claudio Ranieri
1 Julio Cesar
13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 25 Samuel, 55 Nagatomo
4 Zanetti, 5 Stankovic, 19 Cambiasso18 Poli
10 Sneijder, 7 Pazzini9 Forlan, 22 Milito
Subs: 12 Castellazzi, 7 Pazzini (9 Forlan 71'), 19 Cambiasso (18 Poli 84), 20 Obi, 26 Chivu, 28 Zarate, 37 Faraoni
Head to head (4-1 Inter)
Serie A Oct 23, 2011 FC Internazionale 1 - Chievo 0
Serie A Apr 9, 2011 FC Internazionale 2 - Chievo 0
Serie A Nov 21, 2010 Chievo 2 - FC Internazionale 1
Serie A May 9, 2010 FC Internazionale 4 - Chievo 3
Serie A Jan 6, 2010 Chievo 0 - FC Internazionale 1
Last Five Matches
Chievo (DWWLL)
Mar 3, 2012 Juventus 1 - Chievo 1 ITA1
Feb 26, 2012 Chievo 1 - Cesena 0 ITA1
Feb 19, 2012 Genoa 0 - Chievo 1 ITA1
Feb 13, 2012 SSC Napoli 2 - Chievo 0 ITA1
Feb 5, 2012 Chievo 1 - Parma 2 ITA1
FC Internazionale (DLLLL)
Mar 4, 2012 FC Internazionale 2 - Catania 2 ITA1
Feb 26, 2012 SSC Napoli 1 - FC Internazionale 0 ITA1
Feb 22, 2012 Olympique de Marseille 1 - FC Internazionale 0 UCL
Feb 17, 2012 FC Internazionale 0 - Bologna 3 ITA1
Feb 12, 2012 FC Internazionale 0 - Novara 1 ITA1
Did you know?
  • Chievo have won two of their last three Serie A clashes.
  • The Flying Donkeys have only lost two of their last seven home games in Serie A.
  • Only the bottom two clubs, Novara and Cesena, have scored less goals than the hosts have this term.
  • Inter have both won and lost 11 times this season.
  • Ranieri's men have failed to win any of their last seven league games.
  • Along with Palermo and Cesena, the visitors have drawn the least amount of games in Serie A this season.
  • The Nerazzurri have both scored and conceded 36 times this campaign.
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Italy Serie A Betting Previews for 22.10.2017

Italy Serie A Betting Previews for 22.10.2017 (from

Event: Atalanta - Bologna Prediction: Atalanta -0.75

Atalanta again have doubts over the fitness of key attacking influence Gomez and after starting in the Europa League on Thursday night, he looks set to miss out. They have good news defensively, as Rafael Toloi is back from injury, creating the possibility of their strongest defensive unit. Some rotation is possible, with Gasperini looking to keep his players fresh and strong. Gasperini's side may have lost their last Serie A match, but they're playing with confidence and have belief after securing another Europa League win, while they have been playing well. Given a -0.75 AH, they'll be keen to beat that and get back to winning ways domestically, but freshness is on the side of Bologna and they've only won three of 14 Serie A home games by more than one goal in 2017. The 2.5 goal line looks fair considering the type of game this is likely to be, but five of Atalanta's eight matches to date have gone over the line on offer. They'll be playing to win throughout and will be the more attack-minded side, while they've shown under Gasperini they can create chances to threaten the line. Having played in midweek, they ideally won't want to be chasing a result late on.
Bologna are only expected to make one change from the win over SPAL last weekend, as M'baye now misses out through injury. Torosidis can come in at right back and ensure they can still start with the equivalent of their strongest XI, while Donadoni has confirmed that Destro is closing in on a starting line-up recall. Palacio should be preferred, being in-form, while Taider is a new absentee. Four games unbeaten and with three wins in a row, Bologna will believe they can triumph with the +0.75 handicap and get another positive result. They're enjoying a good moment and will focus on keeping it tight, looking to defend well, but at the same time trying to edge it. A draw would be a good outcome and as they've only trailed for 46 minutes all season, they are capable of getting something. With a draw being good and considering they don't tend to create too many opportunities or score a huge amount of goals, they'll look to keep it tight and staying under the 2.5 goal line will give them a better chance of getting something. Risks will only be taken if trailing and they may be able to finish stronger than Atalanta, but being behind isn't something they've been used to this season.
Although Atalanta are without a win in their last three Serie A fixtures, they'll go into the game on a high after another Europa League victory on Thursday night. There will be no shortage of confidence that they can get a positive result at home to Bologna. A return to winning ways in Serie A will be the aim as they look to start moving up the standings. Anything less will leave them disappointed, although Bologna are in good form, while Atalanta will feel the defeat at Sampdoria was an undeserved one last weekend.

Event: Benevento - Fiorentina Prediction: Fiorentina -1.00

Benevento have some big problems at the heart of their defence, as Lucioni is banned for failing a drug test, Costa remains out, and Antei is now banned after getting sent off at Hellas Verona. That leaves them short defensively, while D'Alessandro isn't able to return as hoped further forward. It will be a plus if Ciciretti can come back into the starting XI, but he's a doubt, which isn't ideal. The loss at Hellas Verona last time out was Benevento's eighth defeat from eight, so they're still yet to pick up their first ever Serie A point. They'll be hoping to do that to triumph with the +1 handicap, but as they're now five points adrift in bottom place, a win will be their desired outcome. They have less quality than Fiorentina and it'll be tough, but Baroni insists they aren't giving up. Benevento have only scored twice in eight games so far, so realistically a low scoring game that stays under the 2.75 goal line will optimise their chances of a first defeat avoidance. They have struggled defensively as well as an attacking force though, so could find it difficult to contain a Fiorentina side boasting more quality than them and keen to pick up three points.
Fiorentina may well be unchanged from the win over Udinese, as Pioli doesn't have any new injuries or suspensions to worry about and he looks set to have the same squad available to him, with Gil Dias and Saponara the only ones missing. Bruno Gaspar could come in for Laurini in a neutral move at right back, but other changes aren't expected, with Benassi again starting in a more familiar role. Only three points will be seen as a satisfactory outcome for Pioli's side from this fixture and they showed when winning 5-0 at Hellas Verona earlier in the campaign that they have the quality to overcome a -1 handicap and dispose of the teams battling relegation. However, consistency has been lacking and they do sometimes struggle to break teams down and create clear chances. Given the quality difference between the two sides, Fiorentina in theory should be able to win comfortably, possibly pushing the game over the 2.75 goal line. However, against hosts determined to get their first points on the board and given the inconsistency shown under Pioli so far, it's tough to say how the game will pan out and it may end up being closer than the quality gap suggests.
The win at home to Udinese last time out brought an end to their run of three games without a win and they'll now be looking to put together back-to-back victories for the second time this season. Against pointless Benevento, anything less would be frustrating. The win over Udinese will have boosted belief and they'll be confident that they can triumph here, although they have only won two of their last 12 away games in Serie A, dating back to last season, causing some doubts about their ability to get the job done.

Event: Spal - Sassuolo Prediction: Sassuolo +0.00

SPAL look set to have the same squad available as they had for the defeat at Bologna last week, with none of their absentees being significantly missed. Few changes are anticipated from Semplici, but Borriello is predicted to start in attack, boosting their goal threat. Oikonomou, Mattiello and Rizzo are also pushing for starting berths, but if any of them come in they'd represent neutral changes. Semplici's side have only once beaten the 0 handicap on offer since earning promotion to Serie A, while they've lost five of their last six games and therefore don't go into this clash in the greatest shape. They'll be up for the game though, being their second regional derby in a row, and will be hungry to get points in their bid for survival. They will have a go, but avoiding defeat is key. They have struggled to create clear openings in many of their matches, making the 2.25 goal line seem fair, but they have shown promise at home on a couple of occasions. If they edge in front their attention will likely switch more to lead protection, becoming more cautious, but they'll face pressure, while they will have to take risks and potentially make the game more open if they fall behind.
Sassuolo aren't able to recall any of their injured players, so their defensive options are again depleted and a 4-3-3 shape is again looking probable. Pol Lirola should start to give them a slight boost at right back, while Bucchi may decide it's time to relaunch Falcinelli in the centre forward position again, having preferred Matri of late. They can play close to their strongest team overall. Bucchi is coming under pressure, as it's been a disappointing start to his reign and so far they've only once overcome the 0 handicap on offer to take three points. A win is the only outcome that will fully satisfy and they generally do okay away to bottom half teams, but results haven't been good overall this season, so confidence has taken a hit. They'll look to have a go as the away side. Sassuolo possess a bit more attacking threat than SPAL and will be playing to win, potentially making the game a bit more open than the 2.25 goal line suggests. However, goals have been a problem this season, with them yet to score more than one in a game and struggling to break sides down. If ahead they'll continue countering, whilst they'll take bigger risks if trailing, needing to avoid defeat.
It's been a disappointing start to the season for Sassuolo and having only won one game and picked up five points, they sit second from bottom in the table. That signals a worse start to Bucchi's reign than expected and they really need to start winning matches. The aim will be to win away at SPAL, with a draw not really satisfying their needs as they try to pull away from the relegation zone. Confidence isn't great and Bucchi is coming under some pressure, but he insists that his players deserve more for their efforts so far this season.

Event: Torino - AS Roma Prediction: AS Roma -0.50

Torino could well be unchanged from the draw at Crotone, but they continue to be weakened up top by the injury to their main goalscorer Belotti, whose absence is a big blow. Umar looks set to continue, although a change to 4-3-3 isn't out of the question. Lyanco remains out, so Moretti continues in defence with no real weakening attached, while there's a chance of Barreca and Acquah returning. After a good start to the season, Mihajlovic's side have stuttered in recent weeks, with their last three results all disappointing. They'll be looking to bounce back, but face a tough challenge versus Roma, with them being +0.5 underdogs. A win will be the aim, but a draw wouldn't be bad, with them still in touch with the other teams chasing Europe. They're not in the best form, but have belief. Their home matches usually sees goals at both ends, while of their eight games to date, five have actually gone over this high 3.25 goal line. They carry a goal threat, albeit a reduced one without Belotti, but their defensive concerns persist, with them conceding at least two in their last five outings, suggesting the line could be surpassed. This could well turn into an open, end-to-end clash.
Roma have positive team news as they welcomed Strootman and El Shaarawy back into their squad for the midweek Champions League draw at Chelsea and both could start, although Lorenzo Pellegrini is a good alternative to Strootman in midfield. Manolas is out, as is Fazio, weakening the defence, but their strongest XI is available otherwise, with Florenzi likely to be at right back. Di Francesco's side will be hungry to get their Serie A campaign back on track after losing at home to Napoli, but they go into this game with their belief boosted again, having done well at Chelsea in their midweek European match. Only a win will fully satisfy and they have been strong on their travels for a long time now, so attacking and overcoming the -0.5 AH to take three points is possible. Roma are yet to concede away in Serie A, but with freshness on Torino's side and with the hosts an attacking threat, another clean sheet may prove tough to come by. Meanwhile, Roma certainly have goals in them and they'll look to take the game to Torino, just as they did Chelsea in impressive fashion midweek. The 3.25 goal line could be threatened and it's likely to be open up with an early goal.
Roma were disappointed to lose at home to Napoli last time out in Serie A, but the away draw at Chelsea in the Champions League in midweek will have given everyone a lift and they once again travel with belief and a positive mindset. The midweek performance felt a bit like a coming of age. They'll be hungry to extend their 100% record on their travels in Serie A and they won't be truly satisfied to come away with anything less, having already dropped points in relation to their rivals at the top. They'll travel with confidence and with determination to pick up a big win.

Event: Udinese - Juventus Prediction: Juventus -1.25

Udinese have a full complement of players available, as Larsen and Behrami are both fit again after injury, boosting their options. Both come into contention, with it 50/50 between Larsen and Widmer to play right back, while their strongest XI is possible. Danilo should start at centre back in a plus, but Lasagna may drop down to the bench if Delneri opts for a bit more caution with his selection. Delneri's side are underdogs at home to the reigning champions and have a +1.25 AH, which is a handicap they've only lost with on one occasion, at Roma, despite losing six of their eight matches so far. They'll look to defend well and will need to be organised to stop Juventus, but they'll be up for the game and won't just sit back. Despite the quality gap, they could make it a close contest. Despite a disappointing start overall, Udinese have found the net in all of their fixtures to date, suggesting some potential in the game surpassing the 2.5 goal line, as a home goal could be key if that's to happen. Delneri's side will have belief, having caused Juventus some problems in recent seasons, but rather than opening the game up it suits them more to keep it tight and low scoring.
Juventus will have key player Dybala back in from the start after he was only a substitute in last week's defeat to Lazio. Meanwhile, in other good news, Pjanic returned to Champions League action midweek and will start, strengthening the midfield, where Marchisio is also an option again. Matuidi misses out though, while Rugani will start at centre back, with their strongest defensive unit likely. After dropping points in their last two Serie A outings, Juventus will have a steely determination to get back on track with a win. They'll certainly settle for winning by one goal, but the plan will be to overcome the -1.25 handicap and win more comfortably, possessing the quality to do so as well. Their recent performances raise some doubts, but Allegri's side can never be written off. Their three away games to date have gone over the 2.5 goal line, while seven of their eight Serie A matches have this season, with them still scoring goals, but needing to score more due to them uncharacteristically conceding goals too. They're yet to keep an away clean sheet this season, but if they do the game could end under the line, as they'd become less attack-minded if 2-0 up.
Juventus were disappointed to lose to Lazio last time out in Serie A, ending their long unbeaten run at home, but having reacted to beat Sporting CP in midweek in the Champions League, another win will be the target in Udine, with anything less being a disappointing outcome. They've slipped to five points behind leaders Napoli and will be keen for the gap to not get any bigger, while it's only their last two Serie A outings where they've dropped points, so there's not cause for major concern. They'll believe they can come out on top.

Event: Lazio - Cagliari Prediction: Lazio -1.75

Lazio could potentially name the same XI which impressively won at Juventus last weekend, ending their long winning run at home, and de Vrij and Immobile will come in and strengthen them at both ends of the pitch after being rested in the Europa League midweek. Some rotation is possible though, with Inzaghi hinting at rests for Bastos, Radu, Milinkovic-Savic and Lulic. Felipe Anderson remains out. On a high after a good week in which they've won away at Juventus and Nice, Lazio will be hungry to carry on their impressive run and they're showing the quality to suggest they can beat the -1.75 handicap against out of form Cagliari. They'll look to attack and goals are running through the side, so if they get in front they'll look to add more, but simply winning by a one goal margin satisfies. Given how they'll approach the game and look to put the visitors under pressure by pouring forward, the 3.25 goal line could be challenged, while having put four past Milan and six past Sassuolo, they could even beat the line singlehandedly. Them conceding would improve the prospect of overs though, and they have only kept two clean sheets in their eight Serie A games to date.
Cagliari have Diego Lopez in charge for the first time following the sacking of Rastelli and he'll have close to a full squad available, although goalkeeper Cragno misses out. Rafael could play without really weakening, although there are a few unknowns for the line-up, as Diego Lopez looks to put his own stamp on the team. Their strongest outfield team is a possibility. The hope is that the new coach will give them a lift, but being on a four game losing streak, Cagliari make the trip lacking confidence, while it's not clear how the players will react to Rastelli's sacking. A result looks unlikely, while they've already lost 3-0 at both Juventus and Napoli, showing that even with a +1.75 AH Cagliari could be up against it against a Lazio side that are flying. Cagliari have failed to score in three of their four recent defeats and know that opening up will play into Lazio's hands, given the attacking quality they possess, so they'll attempt to keep it tight and under the 3.25 goal line. They aren't a team that can really rely on defensive solidity however, so the line could be threatened, which will likely spell more bad news for the visitors.
Following three straight wins in Serie A, five straight wins in all competitions, Lazio are on a real high. They are playing with confidence and belief, while wins at Juventus and Nice in the past week mean they go into this Cagliari clash with momentum and with a positive mindset. Inzaghi is doing an excellent job and his team are challenging the top teams, so they'll believe they can pick up another three points to keep their positive run going. They won't be satisfied with less and will be determined to avoid complacency.

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Lazio vs Verona odds, preview and predictions 22/03/2015

Sunday 22/03/2015, 19:00, Italy Serie A, Round 28 Lazio vs Verona Preview Lazio is one of the hottest teams in the Italian championship and the explanation for their resurgence can be found in the fact that they have a light schedule. There are no distractions for the team from the capital and they now take on Verona, hoping to extend the winning streak. Lazio vs Verona Odds At Paddy Power Lazio 1.40, Draw 4.20, Verona 7.60 Lazio vs Verona Tips The home side won back-to-back games without allowing a goal and has greatly improve the average of goals scored, so they shouldn't have a hard time is Verona. The visitors have a permeable defensive, but somehow found a way of scoring one more goal than the opponents and avoiding defeat in 4 consecutive games. Another point on the road would virtually ensure the fact that they dodge relegation once again. Verona defeated Napoli at home, just one week after denying AC Milan a chance of claiming all three points at home, both impressive performances. They were no pushovers and didn't spend too much time in their own half, something that won't happen tonight either. Lazio vs Verona Prediction Lazio is very likely to win the match but the odds are ridiculously low and there is no point in backing them at this value. A better return on investment will be triggered by a wager on more than 2.5 goals to be scored with Paddy Power who currently offers 1.70. Bet: Over 2.5 goals @ 1.70 with Paddy Power
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Today's Matches [2017-03-04]

Today's Matches

All times shown in GMT.

La Liga
Leganés 12 : 00 Granada
SD Eibar 15 : 15 Real Madrid
Villarreal 17 : 30 Espanyol
Barcelona 19 : 45 Celta Vigo
Sporting Gijón 11 : 00 Deportivo La Coruña

2. Bundesliga
Karlsruher SC 12 : 00 Hannover 96
TSV 1860 München 12 : 00 FC St. Pauli

Ukrainian Premier League
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 12 : 00 Chernomorets Odessa
Dynamo Kyiv 15 : 00 Olimpik Donetsk

Premier League
Manchester United 12 : 30 Bournemouth
Leicester City 15 : 00 Hull City
Stoke City 15 : 00 Middlesbrough
Swansea City 15 : 00 Burnley
Watford 15 : 00 Southampton
West Bromwich Albion 15 : 00 Crystal Palace
Liverpool 17 : 30 Arsenal

Scottish Cup
Rangers 12 : 30 Hamilton Academical
Hibernian 15 : 00 Ayr United

Süper Lig
Bursaspor 13 : 00 Gaziantepspor
Beşiktaş 16 : 00 Çaykur Rizespor
İstanbul Başakşehir 10 : 30 Alanyaspor

Super League Greece
AEL 13 : 00 PAS Giannina
Panetolikos 15 : 15 Levadiakos
Panathinaikos 17 : 30 Veria

Super liga Srbije
Metalac Gornji Milanovac 13 : 00 Bačka Bačka Palanka
Mladost Lučani 13 : 00 Novi Pazar
Napredak Kruševac 13 : 00 Radnički Niš
Rad 13 : 00 Javor Ivanjica
Spartak Subotica 13 : 00 Čukarički
Voždovac 13 : 00 Radnik Surdulica
Crvena Zvezda 17 : 00 Partizan

3. Liga
1. FC Magdeburg 13 : 00 1. FSV Mainz 05 B
Hansa Rostock 13 : 00 VfR Aalen
Holstein Kiel 13 : 00 SC Paderborn 07
Rot-Weiß Erfurt 13 : 00 FSV Zwickau
SC Preußen Münster 13 : 00 Hallescher FC
SG Sonnenhof Großaspach 13 : 00 FSV Frankfurt
SSV Jahn Regensburg 13 : 00 Sportfreunde Lotte
SV Wehen Wiesbaden 13 : 00 VfL Osnabrück

Russian Premier League
CSKA Moskva 13 : 30 Zenit
Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast 08 : 30 Amkar Perm
Krylia Sovetov 11 : 00 Lokomotiv Moskva

Serie A
AS Roma 14 : 00 Napoli
Sampdoria 17 : 00 Pescara
AC Milan 19 : 45 ChievoVerona

1. HNL
Dinamo Zagreb 14 : 00 Inter Zaprešić
Rijeka 16 : 00 Lokomotiva

1. FC Köln 14 : 30 Bayern München
1. FSV Mainz 05 14 : 30 VfL Wolfsburg
1899 Hoffenheim 14 : 30 FC Ingolstadt
Borussia Dortmund 14 : 30 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Werder Bremen 14 : 30 SV Darmstadt 98
Borussia Mönchengladbach 17 : 30 Schalke 04

KS Cracovia 14 : 30 Arka Gdynia
Termalica Bruk-Bet 17 : 00 Ruch Chorzów
Piast Gliwice 19 : 30 Wisła Kraków

Football League Championship
Blackburn Rovers 15 : 00 Wigan Athletic
Bristol City 15 : 00 Burton Albion
Derby County 15 : 00 Barnsley
Fulham 15 : 00 Preston North End
Ipswich Town 15 : 00 Brentford
Nottingham Forest 15 : 00 Brighton & Hove Albion
Queens Park Rangers 15 : 00 Cardiff City
Reading 15 : 00 Wolves
Rotherham United 15 : 00 Aston Villa
Sheffield Wednesday 15 : 00 Norwich City
Huddersfield Town 17 : 30 Newcastle United

Football League One
Bolton Wanderers 15 : 00 AFC Wimbledon
Bradford City 15 : 00 Peterborough United
Bury 15 : 00 Gillingham
Millwall 15 : 00 MK Dons
Northampton Town 15 : 00 Charlton Athletic
Oxford United 15 : 00 Bristol Rovers
Rochdale AFC 15 : 00 Sheffield United
Scunthorpe United 15 : 00 Fleetwood Town
Shrewsbury Town 15 : 00 Coventry City
Southend United 15 : 00 Port Vale
Swindon Town 15 : 00 Chesterfield
Walsall 15 : 00 Oldham Athletic

Football League Two
Accrington Stanley 15 : 00 Barnet
Blackpool 15 : 00 Morecambe
Cambridge United 15 : 00 Colchester United
Cheltenham Town 15 : 00 Mansfield Town
Crawley Town 15 : 00 Doncaster Rovers
Grimsby Town 15 : 00 Wycombe Wanderers
Hartlepool United 15 : 00 Exeter City
Newport County 15 : 00 Leyton Orient
Plymouth Argyle 15 : 00 Carlisle United
Portsmouth 15 : 00 Crewe Alexandra
Stevenage 15 : 00 Notts County
Yeovil Town 15 : 00 Luton Town

Scottish Premiership
Kilmarnock 15 : 00 Motherwell

Danish Superliga
Aarhus GF 15 : 00 SønderjyskE

Scottish Championship
Dunfermline Athletic 15 : 00 Dumbarton
Queen of the South 15 : 00 Falkirk

Campeonato Nacional
Everton 15 : 00 Santiago Wanderers
Colo-Colo 20 : 30 Universidad Católica
Cobresal 23 : 30 Deportes Temuco

Segunda División
Alcorcón 15 : 00 Sevilla B
Girona FC 17 : 00 Getafe
Rayo Vallecano 17 : 00 Reus Deportiu
Real Oviedo 19 : 00 Cádiz CF
UCAM Murcia 11 : 00 Mallorca

Primeira Liga
SC Braga 16 : 00 Arouca
FC Porto 18 : 15 Nacional
Feirense 20 : 30 Benfica

Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain 16 : 00 AS Nancy
Bastia 19 : 00 Saint-Étienne
Dijon 19 : 00 OGC Nice
Metz 19 : 00 Stade Rennais
Montpellier 19 : 00 Guingamp
SM Caen 19 : 00 Angers SCO

Liga I
ACS Poli Timișoara 16 : 00 Concordia Chiajna
Steaua Bucureşti 18 : 30 Târgu Mureș

Swiss Super League
FC Lugano 16 : 45 Lausanne-Sport
Young Boys 16 : 45 FC Thun

FC Twente 17 : 30 Willem II
PSV Eindhoven 18 : 45 Roda JC
PEC Zwolle 19 : 45 Vitesse

Major League Soccer
Columbus Crew SC 19 : 00 Chicago Fire
LA Galaxy 21 : 00 FC Dallas
Real Salt Lake 21 : 30 Toronto FC
Colorado Rapids 23 : 00 New England Revolution
DC United 00 : 00 Sporting KC
Houston Dynamo 01 : 30 Seattle Sounders
San Jose Earthquakes 03 : 00 Montreal Impact

Paulista A1
Linense 19 : 00 Novorizontino
Corinthians 21 : 30 Santos
São Bernardo 21 : 30 Audax

Belgian Pro League
Charleroi 19 : 00 KV Kortrijk
Genk 19 : 00 Club Brugge
KV Mechelen 19 : 00 Anderlecht
KV Oostende 19 : 00 Lokeren
Royal Excel Mouscron 19 : 00 Standard Liège
Sint-Truiden 19 : 00 KAS Eupen
Waasland-Beveren 19 : 00 KAA Gent
Zulte Waregem 19 : 00 Westerlo

Mineiro 1
Tombense 19 : 00 Democrata GV
Atlético Mineiro 19 : 30 Villa Nova
Tricordiano 23 : 00 URT

League of Ireland Premier Division
Sligo Rovers 19 : 45 Dundalk

Gaucho 1
Grêmio 21 : 30 Internacional

Liga MX
Cruz Azul 23 : 00 Chiapas
Monarcas Morelia 01 : 00 Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz
Monterrey 01 : 00 Querétaro
León 01 : 06 América
Necaxa 03 : 00 Atlas
Chivas 03 : 06 Toluca

Central Coast Mariners 06 : 00 Melbourne City
Newcastle Jets 08 : 00 Brisbane Roar
● data from ● generated by soccerbot
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Ciro Immobile Hat-Trick vs Hellas Verona / 1 5 All goals and highlights 26.07.2020 / Seria A 19/20 Football Betting Tips Today - 23 June 2020 - Serie A, La Liga Predictions HELLAS VERONA - NAPOLI IN LIVE! VERONA-NAPOLI 0-2 ⚽SERIE A⚽LIVESCORE BETRADAR⚽23-06-2020 (FORMAZIONE) Verona - Napoli  Serie A  Preview & Prediction

Verona and Napoli will be face to face this Tuesday in Serie A at 17:30 so try not to miss it.. Verona. Verona is ranked on the th place in the standings with points in the last leaguegames.. Napoli. Napoli are ranked on the 3rd place in the standings with 86 points, 94 goals scored and 39 goals received this season in Serie A.In their last match they won against Sampdoria. Verona vs Napoli PREDICTION & BETTING TIPS - 23/06/2020. Today's Predictions Serie A Free Bets. Verona vs Napoli Prediction was posted on: June 22, 2020. Our prediction for this Serie A match: Verona. Match Time & Date: 23/06/2020. 10:30 AM. Prediction: 1-2. Napoli vs Sassuolo: Betting Tips & Predictions for Italy Serie A match. Napoli meets Sassuolo in a match of a round in Italy Serie A this Tuesday at 20:45. Betting Tips Today predict a full time result of 1-0 and a Over 2.5 goals and a YES for both teams to score. Hellas Verona has only 2 wins in the last 6 days. Naples has 6 successes in the last 6 duels against Hellas Verona. Winner 2-0 and 3-1 during its last two visits to the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi stadium, Naples will not hesitate to sign a 7th success in a row against this formation of Hellas Verona. Verona – Napoli : Betting Tips Verona vs Napoli 23rd June 1830hrs Football – Italy – Serie A Betting Pick: Napoli Bookmaker Betfair Odds:8/11 odds taken 1000GMT, Monday 22 June. Tuesday’s match between Verona against Napoli is seventh against sixth and will be important in relation to the battle for Europa League.

[index] [2877] [1687] [25132] [2909] [3350] [21247] [21282] [3561] [3208] [18170]

Ciro Immobile Hat-Trick vs Hellas Verona / 1 5 All goals and highlights 26.07.2020 / Seria A 19/20

goal insigne, goal kulusevski, goal caprari, napoli, serie a, parma, calcio, highlights, cristiano ronaldo, goals, cr7, roma, full highlights, migliori gol, sp:st ... hattrick immobile, hat trick immobile, serie a, lazio, verona, highlights, hellas verona, sp:ty=high, sp:li=seri, italia, calcio, sp:st=soccer, football, partita ... ⚽️ Verona vs Napoli Free Football Prediction (6-23-20) Italian Serie A Soccer Picks & Betting Odds - Duration: 1:27. Brock Page Productions 229 views ⚽️ Verona vs Napoli Free Football Prediction (6-23-20) Italian Serie A Soccer Picks & Betting Odds - Duration: 1:27. Brock Page Productions 229 views Hellas Verona - Napoli 1-3 - Highlights - Giornata 1 - Serie A TIM 2017/18 - Duration: 4:04. Serie A 236,364 views. 4:04.