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My wife and I bet that whoever had the most first round picks wrong for March Madness had to stand out in the snow and get pelted with snowballs.

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My wife and I bet that whoever had the most first round picks wrong for March Madness had to stand out in the snow and get pelted with snowballs. (x-post from r/pics)

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[Humanity Fucks You] #6: CCT 2 and the Fenrir Suits in Action

Hello HFY, the next in my series of what happens when humanity's special gift in the stars is to have children with whoever they damn well please. As with the prior 5, I welcome constructive criticism.
I don't really have much to say this time around, other than let's see if Cass's CCT ends up being 2 or 3 stories. Also, given that the perspective is shifting around I'm going to be starting each section with the date and character whose perspective it currently is.
As always, all you humans and mixed breeds: Keep those comments exciting!
Author Wiki | Series Wiki | World Anvil
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Post Writing Author's Note

Well, it took me 3 days to get this written and it came out as probably the biggest thing I've ever written. Part of the problem of trying to take som many things going on and put them into a single story. But, hey, I managed to get both parts of the CCT arc into good cliffhanger states.
August 20, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base
Cass looked over the grass field from the tree she had taken a seat under. Along the perimeter of the field was a patchwork chain-link fence with a haphazard mix of barbed wire and razor wire laid on top of it, beyond which the well kept and only slightly out of date facilities of Adams III were visible. Looks like they were stuck with the overstock. Within the field of grass was 10 tastefully planted trees, crisscrossing packed dirt roads, a scattering of large, garage style, white tents and 3 permanent structures: A large, square stone building that had 2 doors with the Unity symbols for male and female painted on them, a 3 story, mark 13 prefabricated office building (made primarily from steel, aluminum and titanium), and a wooden building, in the shape of an ancient round house with the word "MESS" painted above the main door. This place looks half-assed. Guess the Space Forces doesn't take civilian combatants seriously.
Lazily sweeping over the field again, Cass focused in on what was closer to her. 9 other groups of about 20 humans and mixed breeds mulling about, each group under one of the well planted trees with a little sign with a number on it, ranging from 1 to 10. All of the people within the groups where wearing the same white t-shirt, with CCT and a number written on the back in black, and black athletic shorts that Cass was, each with a day bag and a duffle bag placed at their feet. I feel like I'm in gym class again. Moving almost silently around and between the numbered groups, on the dirt roads, were 3 pickup trucks with metal pipes welded onto the beds to serve as mounts for a russian looking machine gun. Nothing screams militia like a technical. At least they're electric.
Finally, Cass brought her attention to her group: 18 human men, all of them obviously pure blooded except for the older man with yellow eyes and green tinted hair, a skittish looking werewolf woman, and herself. Hopefully they don't get any ideas in their heads. Of her group, the men formed 3 groups that seemed to fluidly gain and lose members, with the occasional straggler talking to the old man with yellow eyes.
August 21, 2214: Doctor Brooke Reid Ferrell, UGEC Space Force New Eden Staging Station 8
Dr. Ferrell stood on the last rung of a step ladder connecting cords into the back panel on a 240 cm tall suit of black metal armor. After attaching the final cord, she climbed down and walked over to a terminal sitting in the center of the room. With a few taps on the screen, something resembling the dashboard of a plane appeared on the terminal's screen, Dr. Ferrell quickly swiping through the pages of gauges and graphs. Finally finding what she was looking for, Dr. Ferrell pressed a 3 different big red buttons before inputting a code into the terminal.
"Alright Jupiter, talk to me. Air still flowing in there?" The Doctor asked, facing her head at the metal goliath.
"Yeah. Am I finally on internal power?" Asked the suit in a thundering voice that echoed in the mostly empty room.
"Yes, the microfusion core is active. I've also taken the liberty of equipping Fenrir 4 with a matter anti-matter device, which will detonate if you are dead and more than 50 meters away from Mars or Jupiter. Also, turn down your output volume."
"Corporate? Also, is this better." The black giant asked in a volume similar to the Doctor's.
"Yes it is. The matter anti-matter device was my idea. Can't have the suits being captured. Of course, if you need to you can just remove the device and plant it like any other bomb you've used in the past." Said Dr. Ferrell as she turned back to the terminal.
"That's not really that reassuring. What happens if I'm hit with an EMP?"
"First, the onboard shields should absorb it. If those fail, all the important electronics are shielded. If you happen to be hit by something powerful enough to disable a destroyer, you'll already be dead."
"So, care to give me the real briefing while we finish up the pre-flight checks?"
"First, turn your head to the left then the right and then center your vision on the green dot on the wall. As for what is happening, Mars, Venus and you will be waiting in the asteroid belt around where the namies are predicted to move through. The area is a mix of disabled satellites, asteroids and comets that have been mined out, and trash that we don't have space for on New Eden. You will be lying in wait for the biggest ship you can sight, then using the cold thrust to attach and attack. From there, break into the ship, vent heat once stealth is no longer required, and kill everything that moves." Doctor Ferrell said matter-of-factly while scanning over the gauges and graphs displayed on the terminal in front of her.
The hulking Fenrir suit moved its head left, then right, then centered as it listened. "Our objective? The actual one."
"A live fire test and stop the fleet from reaching New Eden. If you do need to place the matter anti-matter bomb, make sure to get the hell away from it and activate Fenrir 4's distress beacon. Alright now move your right arm from straight down to straight up, then fully back to fully forward."
The right arm of the metal suit move deftly as it followed the Doctor's orders. "So, go in guns blazing and pick the biggest fight I can? Got it."
"That's the short version. Now repeat with your left arm."
As the left arm made its movements, nearly nocking the suits docking station over, it asked "How are Mars and Venus?"
"They're waiting at the shuttle. We're almost done. I need you to walk around a bit, then we'll double check the weapons." Doctor Ferrell said, finally looking up from her terminal to watch as her metal titan moved from its dock.
"By the way, why are you doing this? This station is guaranteed to be a target. You're taking a big risk being here." The titan queried as it marched around.
"This is important. Not only to New Eden and her defenders, but also to the people paying the bills. Honestly, the whole damn project and 6 years of my personal toils are at stake here. I need to be certain the suits are at 100% and that I'm on standby for if something goes wrong. I can't trust anyone else to that yet."
"Oh. Shit. Guess I'd better make one hell of a show."
"You better. You ready to test the weapons?"
"Yeah. Shoot the already shot up armor panel?"
August 20, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base
I've just met this asshole and I already want to throttle him!
Cass stood with at attention, along with the rest of Squad 4, all facing a caramel skinned, square jawed, 2 meter tall slab of human muscle wearing his blonde hair high and tight. The man was dressed in a set of camouflage fatigues with matching combat boots and the stereotypical, wide brimmed drill instructor hat. On his fatigues was a small patch above his right breast pocket with the word "ERICSSON." Did this the Instructor get his getup at a costume shop?
"NOW THAT YOU MAGGOTS HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO STAND IN A LINE, IT'S TIME FOR INTRODUCTIONS!" Instructor Ericsson shouted, at the top of his lungs, pacing back and forth on the grass and looking over his "students" like a wolf looks over a heard of sheep.
"SIR, YES, SIR!" Came the reply from Squad 4 as Cass's gaze drifted over to Squad 6. Danny and company where sitting cross legged on the grass while Instructor Sam called out names. One by one, hands were raised and names were crossed off her list.
Instructor Sam turned around to set her clipboard down on the back of an SUV with some ablative panels attached to it, giving Cass a good view at the object of Danny's affections. She was an elf, wearing a camo T-shirt with the same black athletic shorts everyone else was wearing and blessed with fully human colored, yellow skin, sharp, squinted eyes, silky, chocolate hair done up in a bun, and blemish free skin. Her youthful, soft face became clear as Cass focused harder, as well as an athletic body with a tastefully large bosom. Jesus, Danny's setting his bar high.
"NAME!" Shouted Instructor Ericsson as hard as he could, barely 20 cm from Cass's face.
"Cassandra Ferrell." Cass replied, unamused. Do I look like a marine to you, asshole?
"WAS I NOT LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU, MAGGOT?! WHEN YOU WERE OFF DAY DREAMING, I TOLD YOU MAGGOTS TO START AND END EVERY SENTENCE WITH SIR!" Ericsson shouted, spraying Cass with his spit and his breath. You need a breath mint.
"You actually said 'When you say something to me, it is going to start and end with sir,' but with more shouting." Cass replied, continuing to speak calmly and evenly.
"Listen here, maggot, you will do what I say as I say it or I will make sure that I see every meal you eat twice." Whispered Instructor Ericsson, as he stared Cass in the eyes. Brown and blue. He's heterochromatic.
"So you can talk like a normal person."
Instructor Ericsson took in a deep breath before growling out "Name."
"Cassandra Ferrell." I'm so glad you were paying attention the first time.
"Do you have a problem with authority, maggot?"
"Do you have a problem hearing, maggot?"
"THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?! MAGGOT!!" Instructor Ericsson spat out with pure venom.
Cass spoke with a slightly condescending tone as she said "We could start with that I'm not a marine, that you're a Civilian Combat Training Instructor, or that CCT is meant to teach how to be a creative militia, not how to be a soldier that blindly follows orders."
Cass took in a deep breath before speaking. "You have already broken 4 UGEC laws in under an hour, including verbal abuse, verbal assault, and making threats. You have also broken at least 13 different social laws, split between the Federation of Yyyn Controlled Planets and the planetary government of G31-1-4 and you've probably committed hazing, but I would have to talk to some of my coworkers to get the exact details there."
"What of it?" Growled out the Instructor. I didn't realize he could turn a shade of tomato.
"A minimum of 30,000 Unity credits in fines and I'm sure that the legal team over at CCT Command would love to hear about your rampant law breaking, as well." Hold the poker face. Don't smile.
Before Instructor Ericsson could respond, a loud rumbling sound mixed with mechanical whining filled the air as a well used replica of a M3 halftrack drove out of one of the garage style tents. All of the groups and instructors watched as the M3 lazily rumbled across the dirt roads before parking in the center of the assembled groups. A speaker attached to the M3 shouted out "Squad 1, retrieve equipment."
Squad 4, including Cass, responded with a "Sir, yes, sir." This battle isn't worth it.
August 22, 2214: Doctor Brooke Reid Ferrell, UGEC Space Force New Eden Staging Station 8
"Mars, in position, awaiting orders."
"Venus, in position, awaitidng orders."
"Jupiter, in position, awaiting orders."
Doctor Ferrell sat in the command room, surrounded by computer terminals, monitors big and small, and Space Force officers. Her current chair was placed on a raised platform in the back, second in height to the chair in which the Admiral Wolf of the New Eden Defence Fleet sat, giving her the ability to see the whole of the command room.
The ironically quarter itari Admiral Wolf looked down at Dr. Ferrell, his 2 sandy brown, sort, cat-like ears standing straight up and facing forward. "Doctor, all units are in place and our ships have returned to defensive positions. Any words to the troops before I call radio silence?"
"Yes Admiral." Dr. Ferrell said, grabbing the microphone attached to her chair and pressing the TALK button. "All units, this is Doctor Ferrell. Operation Rocky Grave officially starts once Project Silent Night is activated. Until it has, you are to stay hidden. As you all know, the primary objective of Operation Rocky Grave is to prevent the namy fleet from reaching a firing position that can target New Eden, but what many of you don't know is the secondary object: To capture as many namy ships as possible. They possess tactically useful information and technology, but remember that to somebody on New Eden, each of you is more important than those ships. For that reason, I expect to see each of you return safely. Good luck and god speed."
Dr. Ferrell looked up at Admiral Wolf. "I'm done."
"All units, this is Admiral Wolf calling radio silence. It will be lifted 10 minutes after you successfully board an enemy vessel. Over."
One by one, the dots on the tac-map at the front of the command room slowly blinked out, until only the quantum-linked comm sat remained. With that, the whole of the command room breathed a sigh of relief before continuing their duties.
August 20, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base
Cass sat at the square wooden table with the skittish werewolf, her muscles aching. So far, she had set up her tent and cot, had a silent lunch with her squad, and then PT from lunch till dinner. I now understand why far worlders never seem to get fat. Cass took a moment to study the werewolf: a little under 3 meters tall, a wall of muscle covered in course black fur, with the assortment of arms and legs with the only notable change to the hands being ocean blue painted claws, and head that looked stolen straight from a wolf, gold eyes and all. She must be a gentle giant.
"Sssssssssooooooooo, what's your name?" Cass asked, poking at the mystery meat stew that claimed to be beef.
"Kathrine." The 3 meters of scaredy-cat replied, before nervously adding "But, but, but, my friends call me Kat."
"Bet the Kat jokes get old. I'm Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cass. It's a pleasure to meet you." Cass said, holding out her right hand and putting on a gentle smile.
"Yeah, they do and it is, uh, nice to meet, um, you too." Kat said, grabbing the comparatively tiny hand of Cass and giving it a good shake. I wonder if a belly rub would help her calm down.
"Have you had Ericsson before?" Cass asked, picking up her bowl of mystery meat stew and drinking it quickly, before she could taste it.
"Yeah, for 2 years now. I-I-I hope that you calling him out this morning makes him less shouty." Kat stated, hunching over the table as she spoke. Me too, girlfriend.
"Yeah, I think everyone agrees with you there, Kat. What do you do for a job? For fun?"
"Uh, um, well I'm a botanist. I mostly work on genetically engineering plants for new colonization efforts, but I've also done some work for planetary enterprises. If you've had corn, green beans or wheat products here, I worked on making those farmable on G31-1-4. As for what I do for fun? Floral gardening, mainly. I also like going to nezba concerts. It's nice, slow, quiet music." Ah ha! Got her talking confidently for a moment.
"I work as a translator for the diplomats up in Yadakulter station. Not many know this, but I'm actually fluent in 3 different wresh languages. For fun, I go to parties, thought there aren't that many on Yadakulter, hang out with fiends, listen to music, and sometimes play video games. Mostly just the ones that my friends get me into."
"Wow, that's way more intere..." Kat trailed off as Instructor Sam pulled a chair back from the square table.
"May I join ya?" Asked Instructor Sam, while setting down her bowl of what looked to be actual beef stew.
"Of course. I don't think we've met yet. I'm Cass." Cass said with a smile.
"I-I-I'm Kat. Nice to, to meet ya." Kat said, her body pulling back from the table a few centimeters.
"Instructor Samantha Kirk. Yes, both my parents were elves." Instructor Sam said, dismissively waving her right hand as she spoke of her lineage. Right, yyyn and elves take longer to happen than the rest of us.
"What brings you over to our little table?" Inquired Cass.
"I'm curious what got Erik so riled this morning. He shouted loud enough my squad couldn't hear what I was telling them and when I looked over he was close enough to kiss ya." Stated Instructor Sam before taking a bite of her actually beef stew.
"He just couldn't handle someone who wouldn't play boot camp with him." Cass said nonchalantly.
"You're maybe the second person I've met who can stand having Erik bear down on them. The other was an actual drill sergeant, if I remember correctly. So, how did you handle being under Erik's fire?" Instructor Sam asked, a couple of onion substitutes still in her mouth. Someone's seriously curious.
"Dad's in the SF. Back when I was little, he worked shuttle maintenance for a Space Force resupply base on New Eden. Spent half my childhood following Dad all around Hawthorne. Not only have I met sensor techs scarier than Ericsson, I also spent more than a few days watching poor saps go through boot camp. Most SF RDCs actually make good babysitters." Master Chief Schmidt was actually a really nice guy when he wasn't making recruits Schmidt themselves.
"RDCs?" Kat managed to get off before Instructor Sam could respond.
"Recruit Division Commanders. They're the drill instructors for the Space Force, and most UGEC navies." Cass recited back.
"Well that explains it. Bet he doesn't even compare to the professionals." Instructor Sam inquired. You don't even know the half of it.
"He lacks the creativity and the colorful words. It's hard to see someone whose entire repertoire of 'bad words' is maggot and fuck as intimidating." Cass stated.
Kat shivered a little before saying "Well, Instructor Ericsson scares me."
Without a moment's hesitation Cass blurted out "That's okay. You're a sweet girl, and he has no right to yell at you!"
August 23, 2214: Codename Jupiter, Fenrir 4, New Eden Asteroid Belt, Anados Debris Field
Jupiter squirmed in his suit of Fenrir Assault Power Armor. Sure, it was designed to be lived in for 5 days, but not comfortably. Through the visor he could see the target of the test fire, a half kilometer long, beak shaped namy battleship, slowly shedding black plating to reveal the bright yellow and red hull beneath. Can the fucking birds make anything that doesn't look like it belongs in a children's book?
The Fenrir suit unlocked at Jupiter's command. Ah, it feels nice to be able to move again. With a careful squat and push, Jupiter and his armor began the slow hurtle towards the, now obviously a Kek-class, battleship. He looked around as he drifted, watching as the gamble started to show signs of paying off. Seems like the admiralty's belief that the namies were gonna bunch up was right. Within visual range (with only a 4x zoom require to see), there were hundreds of almost invisible black dots descending on the visible ships, and even a few slightly more visible shuttles.
As Jupiter looked back at his target, a small jet of white fluid shooting out from his suit to correct his course, he could see Mars (Fenrir 2) and Venus (Fenrir 1) clearly against the colorful Kek-class, each drifting a hundred, or so, meters ahead of him. Guess I'm gonna be stuck buying drinks when we get back. Within five minutes, Jupiter was reorienting himself to land feet first on his target, quickly checking where Mars and Venus had landed before him.
THUD. Jupiter took a moment to just walk for the first time in almost an entire day, lazily looking for where Venus was headed. Shit, if Venus finds the entrance first I'm gonna have to buy Mars dinner and drinks. To his dread, Jupiter spotted Venus already opening the maintenance panel to one of the Kek's external airlocks.
It didn't take long for Jupiter to group up with the other 2 Fenrir operators, who could only communicate by hand signals and aggressive nodding. Before Charades in Space was over, Venus managed to open the airlock. The 3 of them piled in before closing the outer door and, within 2 minutes after landing, entered the battleship.
When the airlock door opened, Jupiter could see a namy standing there, frozen in terror. The thing looked like someone took a dodo, made it the size of an emu, and then made it as colorful as a parrot. Fuck, fuck, shit. Jupiter dropped his shoulder down and charged, the Fenrir suit slamming into the namy, then the wall, leaving only a blood stain, a dent, and some feathers as evidence of the poor bird. That was... smooth. Looks like the doc was serious about operating at 100.
Jupiter took in the bright green hallway as his team readied their weapons: Each of them was equipped with an M301 Variable Yield Magnetic Acceleration Rifle, which borrowed its appearance from H&K's G36, a different wrist and shoulder weapon for each operator, and a backup M2-T3 Machine Gun, a modification of the almost 300 year old .50 machine gun that gave it a shorter, heaver barrel, shoulder stock, and pistol grip with trigger for use with powered armor. Rifle, check. Wrist mounted plasma projector, check. Shoulder mounted grenade launcher, check. Powder weapon, check.
By the 5 minutes after landing mark, Jupiter and his team had already captured the battleship's main computer and cleared it of hostiles. I'm amazed the namies put it so close to the airlock. While Venus set about pulling all the information they could, Jupiter spoke, the Fenrir suit turning his voice into something comparable to an artillery strike. "We've passed the five minute mark. Turn comms back on. I'll handle the sync with command. Mars, watch the door. Venus, keep doing whatever you are with the computer."
As the stream of data started flooding in, Jupiter commanded the suit's comm suite through the automated systems, finally getting a connection to command. "Command, this is Assault Team 100. We've boarded a kek class battleship and have gained access to the main computer core. We are pulling a full data dump and will upload immediately after. Over."
"Assault Team 100, this is command. We are ready to receive the packet whenever you are ready. Current positional data indicates you have boarded the Glorious Kek Class of Rightful Retribution and Mesmerizing Fire. I'm assigning your team to Battle Group 9. Over."
"Assignment received. Operative Venus has the packet and is sending it now. Will coordinate with Battle Group 9. Assault Team 100 out."
Jupiter waited as the tactical information of Battle Group 9 flooded in. 5 Thor suit fire teams, 20 SWAT units and 1 anti-terror unit. Primarily focused around the rear of the ship. According to the map Venus found, we're the closest to the bridge.
"Battle Group 9, this is Assault Team 100. According to a map we found, we're the closest to the bridge. Going to make a mad rush for the bridge, but we'll be down one. After Operative Venus is done uploading what she can pull from the central computer, she'll group up with the closest Assault Team. How copy?"
"This is Assault Team 29, serving as lead for Battle Group 9. We hear you Assault Team 100. We'll clean out the ass and perform the anti-scuttling operations, you go ahead after the bridge. Out."
Jupiter turned to Mars. "You're with me. Venus, you think you can keep yourself safe?"
"Go and have your guy time, I'll be fine." Venus replied with an annoyed tone.
Jupiter and Mars tore through most of the path to the bridge with ease, their M301s taking care of most of the Rightful Retribution's security crew, but they had to resort to their M2-T3s and wrist weapons when they ran into namy powered armor units. Half an hour after the landing mark, Jupiter stood at a massive armored door, which Mars was pulling open far easier than he had any right to.
Why do I get the feeling this is the boss zone?
Jupiter entered the massive room with his left arm extended, his M301 securely in his right. As the namy powered armor suits of ocean blue and scarlet red jumped from their ambush, Jupiter let loose with his wrist's plasma projector. The bright green and blue beam took barely a second each to cook his seven assailants inside their own armor.
A blast of yellow plasma made Jupiter's shields activate fully, the operator quickly rolling to his right. Capacitors at 3% and reactor generating at full power. Please don't be a tank. Jupiter stood up from his roll and ran quickly, dodging the barrage of yellow plasma consistently being sent in his direction.
After finding a position the new enemy could fire at him in, Jupiter peeked around the corner of the half melted namy tank he had hunkered behind. Firing at his position were 3 namy heavy tanks, each mounted with dual tank killing plasma projectors, anti-infantry laser cannons, and ramming blades. That is some bullshit levels of firepower. Were they planning a ground invasion?
When Mars entered the vehicle bay, Jupiter had already gotten all three of the heavy tanks attention, allowing him to easily walk far enough in the bay to have the vertical clearance to launch both of his shoulder mounted anti-tank missiles. Each missile launched straight into the air, turned almost on a dime, then flew downward onto their targets. At this range, the tanks' active defenses didn't have time to intercept the missiles, allowing them to penetrate the tops of the tanks' turrets and explode leaving a lone heavy tank, which now angrily turned towards Mars.
Perfect timing, you son of a bitch. Jupiter ran to the next bay as the tank followed his teammate. Capacitors at 12%. The wrist projector is going to suck up too much juice. The bay that Jupiter ran into held only the floating equivalent of a humvee, daintily hovering with a power line keeping it alive. This'll do. Jupiter grabbed the rear of the namy humvee and ran, pushing it into the vehicle bay's main corridor and giving it a single, hard push towards the last tank. As the namy humvee ripped from the power line, it quickly began falling towards the ground, skidding underneath the tank and pushing its rear higher, throwing a shot that could have killed Mars into the floor with a loud crash.
Mars hauled ass into the vehicle bays as the last tank turned back to Jupiter. Capacitors at 18%. Still no good. Jupiter jumped towards a pile of crates, using the cold thrusters to provide what little extra help they could. Please be empty, please be empty. A burst of molten metal shot from the front of the crate Jupiter hid behind as the first shot from the tank hit it. Jupiter quickly looked around and found another namy humvee in its bay and sprinted over to it, barely avoiding the tank's second shot.
22%. I wish Mars had taken that wrist rocket. The namy heavy tank rumbled as it rushed towards Jupiter's position, plasma projectors glowing yellow and ready to fire. Jupiter braced to run again when the tank's plasma projectors suddenly shut down, followed by yellow plasma shooting out of the top of the turret of the tank. He quickly walked out of the vehicle bay that could have been his grave.
Mars stood opposite the tank from Jupiter as he exited, holding one of the plasma projectors the namy tanks used with a long power line attached to it. Motioning down to the projector, Mars asked "Hey Jupiter, can I keep it?"
"Will you remember to feed and groom it daily, Mars?"
"Aww, fine." Mars tossed the tank projector to the ground, a loud thump echoing through the vehicle bay.
Jupiter turned towards the fore door of the vehicle bay. Two hallways, a set of stairs, then the bridge itself.
40 minutes after after the landing mark, Jupiter and Mars stood at the blast door to the bridge, Jupiter ramming his shoulder into the bridge door repeatedly, making the dent in it bigger and bigger.
"I should have taken the grav pulse cannon Venus had." Mars said between the sounds of 30 centimeters of metal slowly giving way.
"The shotgun's gonna be more useful once were in!" Jupiter said as he finally sailed through the door, sending the piece of metal into the bridge, crushing one of the too colorful birds. Mars charged in shortly after, the gatling shotgun on his wrist sending over 2,000 lead pellets into the whole of the bridge.
As Jupiter stood up, recovering from winning his fight with the door, he surveyed the damage. Looks like we were just in time. Jupiter moved over to the pilots panel, which was thankfully holographic and undamaged by Mars's torrent of lead. Turning down every slider he could identify, Jupiter looked up just in time to witness a namy use the last of his life to press one of the holographic buttons.
A bright yellow flashed over the view screen as a ball of plasma was launched at relativistic speeds, leaving view as quickly as it had come into it. Jupiter and Mars stood still, taking in what had just happen, when a message was broadcast to all New Eden units.
"This is Captain Colbert of the Finality! Staging Station 8 has been hit! I repeat, Staging Station 8 has been hit!. Looks like atmosphere is leaking out and the Finality is picking up fires near the impact zone... Oh god, it's spinning and it looks like auto-correction is causing the station to enter a de-orbit trajectory. The Finality is moving to provide emergency aid!"
Jupiter felt paralyzed. If the station de-orbited and hit anywhere on New Eden, it would be devastating. And if the Doc goes, I'm gonna have to tell Taylor. Mars, on the other hand, moved like a blur, appearing over the dying namy, unloading the last of his rotary shotgun and the final 50ish rounds of his M2 into the bird, leaving only a hole where the bird once was.
August 25, 2214: Cassandra Ferrell, Adams III Space Force Resupply Base
Cass sat at the bar, nursing a beer and rubbing her sore muscles. 5 days in a row of PT, team building exercises, and sleeping in tents on shitty wooden cots and the worst of it was the wannabe drill instructor! At least I get a two day break from it. She looked at the kigkig bartender, a 10 limbed, ant-like horror with 4 of its limbs forming a quadpod stand at its hips with the other 6 being arms with 3 clawed digits that were currently cleaning glasses and serving drinks, with two gecko-like eyes planted into an otherwise ant-like head, mandibles and all. The dirt brown exoskeleton of the kigkig made the body, head and abdomen appear as if they were armored, despite the little guy only being 120ish cm tall.
"Hey Cass, how you holding up?" Came the voice of Danny as he sat down next to Cass.
"Sore, but alive. They don't talk about the CCT PT in the core worlds. Wait... what are you doing here, you're not old enough to drink yet!" Cass replied.
"Getting dinner and checking up on a friend. I was originally hanging out with my squad, but they've gone barhopping."
"Oh. Was Sam with them?" Cass questioned, eyebrows raising.
"No, she had a checkup meeting, or something like that." Danny said, his upper shoulders drooping slightly.
"Have you tried asking her out?"
"No. I live on the station and she lives planet side. I don't think that kind of long distance relationship would work. Besides, when would I even ask?" Danny threw up his arms as he spoke, setting them back down gently as his food arrived.
"Listen, Danny. Ask her when the rest of the squad isn't around, because if you ask in front of a crowd, any yes you get'll be forced. You may have to ask her if you can talk to her in private. She seems like a nice girl, so I doubt she'll be a dick about it." Cass spoke with her motherly voice. Here I am giving sage advice.
"Yeah, but that doesn't help the whole long distance thing. Having to get a shuttle down to the planet kills the idea of impromptu dates and stuff." Danny said, sounding even more defeated than before.
"Look, Danny, she works for CCT. She isn't really going to be able to do the impromptu stuff, so you'd have plenty of warning on when you could go down and visit, or she could come up and visit. Outside of that, find a game, or something, on the web the two of you can have fun over. That helps to shrink the distance."
"That's a good point, Cass. You win this one. You just here to drink or do you need me out of your hair?"
"Don't know yet, but I'm planning on drinking proper, so you may want to go off on your own before I end up ruining our friendship while I'm drunk."
Danny stood up while grabbing his food. "Enjoy your night. Oh, if your up for it tomorrow, there's an arcade I know about that the rest of my squad is 'too old for.'" Bet Danny's squad can't handle having their asses kicked by preteens with nothing better to do.
"Thanks, we'll see tomorrow." Cass said, taking another sip from her drink.
After an hour, or so, of drinking, eating and talking with the locals, Cass was approached by an elven woman, turning to look at the lithe figure as she approached. The woman was a roughly 160 cm tall brunette, her silky hair falling halfway down her back, with perfectly tanned skin, a soft face, as far as a drunken Cass could tell, and a body straight from baywatch. The elf's ears stuck out from her hair, the right ear having 3 silver earings rings that hugged the lobe near its point while the left was left as nature made it. I can't tell if its the booze, but she might be a goddess.
Sitting down next to Cass and putting a bill, that Cass was too drunk to read quickly, on the counter, the elf turned to Cass and said "Can I buy you a drink beautiful?"
"You can buy me as many as you like. I'm Cass. You?" Cass replied, a hungry smile spreading itself across her lips.
"Erika. Now, what brings a cute kitsune like you to my favorite watering hole?" The elf woman replied, taking a seat and holding up 2 fingers to the kigkig bartender.
"Got today and tomorrow off from CCT, so I figured I'd save tomorrow for hangover day." Cass casually shrugged as a 2 shots of clear liquid were placed before her and Erika.
"First week? You gotta be sore after that." Erika jokingly said before throwing back her shot.
"Hell yeah I'm sore, but I feel great right now!" Cass grabbed her shot and tossed it back.
"What do you think about waking up sorer tomorrow?" Erika said, holding up 2 fingers to the bartender again, a grin matching Cass's upon her lips.
"I'm listening." Cass said, leaning in closer to Erika and tossing back her shot the moment the bartender let go of it.
"Well, a friend of mine is setting up an orgy tonight and when I saw you, I thought 'That cute little kitsune at the bar would make for a great friend to bring to the orgy.'" Erika said, her smile growing larger as she spoke.
"You know what, I'll bite. How much longer do I have to get to know you?" Cass asked.
"About an hour."
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I was dropped off in the woods for three days. Something inhuman followed me out.

In the early days of February, just before my senior year. I was prompted by my father to undertake a right of passage as he called it. I was to be left alone to fend for myself in a section of Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest for three days and two nights.
I was against the trip from the beginning. Sure, I liked hunting and camping, but this was extreme, too extreme for my tastes. But it was tradition; passed down from father to son in my family for generations.
Who was I to break tradition?
So, against my reservations, and against the feeling that this was a stupid idea, I packed up my backpack, grabbed my .30-06 bolt action rifle and climbed into the cab of my dad’s pickup.
It was a long drive, broken only by stilted attempts at conversation and the heater going full blast as the tires rolled past endless concrete. I was a little pissed that my dad was basically forcing this on me, and our uneasy silence only made the hours feel like days.
We only stopped once at a gas station about ten miles from our cabin. The stench of unleaded, and a cheap, convenience store hamburger would be the last remnants of civilization I’d see for the next three days. I mechanically swallowed my burger and slurped down the watery coke filled with too much ice as we turned off the highway and got on the rural backroads.
It was fifteen miles of dirt to my dads’ cabin that his grandfather had left him, which would, in turn, be left to me. It was tradition, after all.
But I wouldn’t be getting the luxury of a cabin, no. We were parking the truck, and my father was driving me up deeper into the woods on a four-wheeler to a random, undisclosed point. I would then have three days to find my way back.
If I succeeded, I’d become a man in my dads’ eyes, and we’d also be getting a new swimming pool for the summer. It was bribery, but I would be going into my senior year in August, and having a big pool would cement my popularity. It was vain, and I was doing this for mostly selfish reasons, but I also wanted to make my dad proud.
I stepped out of the toasted truck to the calm, frigid forest air. The cabin was a small two-story log affair, worn from age, but obviously well maintained. A new wooden wraparound porch had been built last summer and was in need of staining that we’d never gotten around to, but otherwise, the cabin was pristine.
It was a tremendously peaceful place, far removed from the troubles of civilization, and I felt like I was intruding on hallowed ground. I brushed off the shiver that clawed down my spine and buttoned my long coat to my neck. Immediately most of the chill went away, and I shook off my unease.
I didn’t want to admit it, but a part of me was looking forward to the trip, some primal part of me relished the opportunity to put all the survival skills I’d been taught over the years to the test.
Before I could take a step to the cabin, my dad came around the front of the truck and held put his hand.
“Thomas, hand me your bag,” he demanded, in a curt, no-nonsense tone.
My dad and I looked so much alike in the face, the same unruly dark hair and deep-set eyes, but I could never hope to measure up to his terrifying drill sergeant voice.
As he told me to hand him my backpack, I did so without question, and he immediately went inside, telling me to wait on the porch. I marched across the wood and sat in the rocking chair while my dad bustled around inside. Pots and pans clanged, and metal scraped against metal as he worked, breaking the sounds of the forest around me.
For half an hour, my dad busied himself with my bag before the screen door creaked as he ambled back outside.
“I loaded everything you’ll need for three days in the bag. You have a couple days of food, but its only for an emergency, I also added a flare gun for an actual emergency.”
Dad kept his voice rough and only used that tone with me when he wanted me to really pay attention to him. He had a good reason. As fun and full of tradition as this experience would be for me, I was still spending several nights alone in the woods, and in the untamed wilderness. Anything could happen.
He handed me back the bag, and it was stuffed full, a lot had been added to it, so much that string strained against the nylon fabric. I hefted it onto my shoulder, and though it was much heavier than before, it wasn’t cumbersome or unwieldy. I could carry it all day and I didn’t think it would bother me.
After he handed me the pack, we unloaded the four-wheeler from the back of his truck, and we set off up the small walking trail next to the house. From memory, the path went on for dozens of miles and followed the stream as it snaked through the wilderness.
We rode until the dirt road ended and humanity fell away to the deep woods. The ride got bumpy as we wound around trees and over small rocks and for a minute, I was afraid of hazards. My dad was an experienced outdoorsman, though and knew these woods well. A few hours later, we’d apparently reached the destination.
It was a small clearing nestled under a copse, the remains of a previous campsite long since put out rested in the center of the dirt surround by a circle of rocks.
“I was up here scouting a couple weeks ago, so I know the route I’d take to get back,” he said cheekily. “Be careful, son. And call me if there’s an emergency, I’m only a few hours away and I should be able to see the flare if there’s trouble.”
“Yeah, because I’ll be able to get a signal out here,” I replied, holding up my now useless phone.
“Well, there’s always the flare gun, but I’m confident you’ll be fine, and besides, the flares really only there if you decide to give up,” he said, laughing.
With a parting wave, he departed, rolling back down the mountain and leaving me stranded in the woods for three days.
The first thing I did was take inventory and catalog my belongings. I undid the pack and carefully emptied its contents onto the ground.
I had a pair of long johns, some extra socks and underwear. A box of matches, a hunting knife and miniature shovel. A Ziplock bag filled with a blend of spices, a canteen of water, two days of vacuum-sealed rations and water pouches, and the flare gun. Along with my hammock and blanket.
I had everything I needed to make camp and survive if my hunting skills proved to be lacking. I had over thirty miles of wilderness to hack through before I hit the main roads and could circle back to the cabin on the main road.
Dad told me it should take me at least two days, three if I didn’t get lucky with my hunts.
I had a few hours to kill before nightfall, and I wanted to get some miles in and find my bearings. The best bet, I thought, would be to hike along the stream until it ended. It was somewhat close to the trail, but not on it, as that would be cheating, but it would give me an excellent landmark to keep me oriented.
So, with mild hesitation, I packed up and set off through the woods.
It had been a good couple months since I’d last been in the woods, and I’d never been this deep in them. It was quiet, only disturbed by the rustling of trees and the occasional scuffle of an animal nearby as I trudged over rough ground and rocks.
Staying near or on the trail would have defeated the purpose of the experience, so I stayed off it as much as I could and only traveled through the woods themselves. Of course, it slowed my progress considerably and I only managed to walk about two miles before I started thinking about stopping.
I would have to hunt before it got dark if I didn’t want to go hungry, and I only had an hour or two before the light fell enough to make hunting impossible.
After searching around for about ten minutes, I found a good spot to set up camp for the evening, and I dropped my bag and grabbed my rifle, chambered a cartridge, and double-checked the safety. My game was rabbit, since I didn’t have the tools needed to string up and gut a deer.
I set off and crept through the brush, looking for signs of a nearby den. Rabbits are most active at dawn or dusk, so it was the perfect time to hunt them. Less than five minutes later, I found signs of rabbit trails in the underbrush a few hundred yards from camp; I leaned against the tree, just waiting.
The rabbit I wanted appeared half an hour later, hopping out of the brush without a care in the world. It was a plump eastern cottontail; It stopped and sniffed, giving me my opening.
The crack of my rifle pierced the air and the cottontail dropped dead. I’d hit my mark, taking it in the neck so as to not spoil any of the meat.
It was a decent-sized rabbit, more than enough for dinner; I bagged it and went back to camp.
Light was fading as I reached my campsite, which made fire, priority one. I grabbed the mini shovel and dug a small pit in the center of camp, spreading the loose dirt around the perimeter. I picked up a bundle of sticks and kindling just clearing the site, which gave me ample dead wood to burn. So, I piled a bundle in the ground with some dead leaves and twigs and got a nice fire going.
When I had light to work by, I cleaned the rabbit, making sure to not perforate the bowels and removed the organs and skin. I walked away from camp and buried the offal and hide in a small hole next to a tree.
When the meat was cleaned, I rubbed some spices into the meat to remove some of the taste of game and skewered it with a stick I’d sharpened.
While the meat cooked over a makeshift spit, I tied my hammock to the only two trees close enough for it to work. By the time my bed was ready, I had to turn the meat and get it ready to eat. A sprinkle of seasoning garnished the piping hot meat and I dug in when it was fully cooked.
I wasn’t the best cook and didn’t have the right tools and ingredients, so the meat was a little dry and bland, but filled me up nicely, and I washed it down with a swig from my canteen. I even had leftovers. I wrapped them up in cloth and sat them by the fire, ready to be eaten for breakfast in the morning.
With nothing else to do for the evening and night had fallen an hour ago, I decided to turn in for the evening and get an early start in the morning. I had many miles to cover and I would have to hunt again at some point the next day for dinner.
I nodded off, listening to the sounds of the forest as they lulled me into a deep sleep.
In the morning, I woke up refreshed from one of the best nights sleep I’d ever had and was eager to take on the day.
I was in such a good mood that it took me a few minutes to realize something was off.
In the middle of packing up my hammock and gathering my supplies, I couldn’t help but notice that the leftover rabbit was missing from next to the fire. I searched around for it in vain, thinking the wind might have caught it and blown it away from the camp. But there was nothing.
I chalked it up to a wild animal, but that unsettled me. Deer’s didn’t often eat meat, and I didn’t think a deer would get anywhere near my campsite. The smoke from the embers of the fire would have been enough to keep most animals away.
Black bears were common enough in the forest, but they should still be hibernating during this time of year. Right now, there wasn’t anything larger than a deer in these woods, so unless it was a coyote, it had to have been a deer. But there were no tracks anywhere around my campsite, so no answers came to me.
I’d packed up camp, and went to relieve myself when I found something that confused and terrified the hell out of me.
I went to piss by the tree where I buried the offal of the rabbit last night, and right where I’d buried them, was a hole.
It was rough, with long claw marks gouged deep into the dirt as if something had ripped into the ground to get what I’d buried.
I’d buried them deep enough to not attract the scent of wild animals, and I’d never seen claw marks like the ones next to the tree. I didn’t know what to make of them; wild animals weren’t that smart, and they were skittish by nature. No animal would risk getting close to a human unless they were starving, and no human had claws like the ones I’d found.
Without hesitation, I grabbed my rifle and racked a cartridge. The air was calm, and birds sang through the treetops. It was a lovely morning, and I was petrified. I walked the camp in a circle, spreading out, searching for any tracks or signs. The only ones I’d found were some deer tracks about a hundred yards from camp that were at least a day old. There was nothing else even remotely resembling the marks I’d found.
There was nothing for me to find, and even though I was freaked out, I still had to hike back to civilization. As the miles wore on, I began to rationalize the experience, thinking it to be nothing more than a hungry animal looking for food and brave enough to sneak into my camp. I just hadn’t buried the offal deep enough and some critter had smelled it. That’s all it was.
As the day wore on, there was nothing to differentiate my delusions. The woods were normal, no ominous warnings, or foreboding feelings, just nature alive and well in the midday sun.
I managed to bag another rabbit, purely on coincidence as it scampered out of the tree line. I snapped off a shot and my aim was lucky. I’d taken it in the head, which left little of its skull behind, but it left the meat ripe for the taking. I’d made good time through the woods, so I stopped and quickly cleaned the rabbit, leaving the offal and skin where they lay. If something wanted to eat them, then let it.
After the rabbit was clean, I wrapped the meat in cloth and stowed it away. I was hungry from the hike, and the fact that my breakfast had been stolen that morning, but I still wanted to put some more miles under my boots before it got dark.
I wanted to be far away from my campsite, just in case.
As the sunlight faded from the canopy and my aching feet demanded a break, I found a spot to set up camp.
It was a small campsite, nestled up against a rocky mound that stretched skyward for a couple dozen feet with a slanted shelf near the top. I felt comfortable having my back to the wall, and a brace of trees next to the rock ensured I could set up my hammock.
I readied the campsite, built a roaring fire twice as large as the one last night just to scare away any nearby animals, and cooked the rabbit to perfection. I was ravenous and scarfed down the meat with gusto. Despite my hunger, there were still plenty of leftovers again, but this time, I was careful to stow the meat inside my pack, which I kept next to my hammock.
Exhaustion had worn me down from the many miles I’d walked that day, and I was eager to get some sleep. I laid my head on my pillow and was out like a light.
The stillness woke me, like a veil of silence had been draped over the woods. Not a single sound rose from the forest floor other than the rustling of the leaves in the wind. Not even crickets.
Animals instinctively go quiet in the presence of predators, but this was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I lay in my hammock, straining my ears to listen to any sound I could.
There was nothing but the wind.
The fire had died out, leaving only coals that sparked every time a stiff breeze rolled in. The moon was fat in the sky and gave me ample light to see by as I stared up at the trees. For some reason, I was terrified to get up and look around. My rifle was next to me, resting just by head against the tree. I could grab it in seconds and there was a round in the chamber, but I couldn’t reach for my gun, couldn’t do anything other than stare straight ahead and try not to move an inch.
Because I realized something was watching me.
It started as a tickle of paranoia on the back of my neck as my hairs stood on end, but it grew to fear as sweat beaded on my forehead. There was a presence in the woods, its eyes were on me, and it was angry.
Pure unadulterated malice oozed from just beyond my sight. Something was watching me, and it hated me.
It’s a hard to describe feeling, the anger that was directed toward me, but I knew what it was on a primal level, something instinctual, right alongside the fear of being alone in the dark. I knew that feeling too.
The presence persisted for a few minutes and didn’t fade. Sweat poured down my neck as I fought to stay still. Eventually, the silence and fear got to me and I had to do something. I couldn’t take it anymore and leapt from the hammock, hitting the ground hard. I ignored the pain radiating from my arms and scrambled for my rifle, scanning all around me, trying to find whatever it was.
As I spun around, I saw it, perched on the rocks above me.
For a single split second, a flash of neon blue eyes stared back at me from an angular, too pale body before it slunk out of sight.
My heart pounded in my chest and my head felt fuzzy, like ants crawling over my brain. It became hard to breathe and I fought to keep from passing out. I was scared out of my mind because whatever that thing had been, wasn’t human, and it wasn’t an animal.
It was a monster.
I didn’t sleep that night, I built up the fire and huddled around it, clutching my rifle till morning. Screw tradition and screw these woods. I was heading back to the cabin at first light and I wasn’t stopping till I reached it.
Nothing else happened through the night, but as dawn broke over the mountains, my nerves were shot to hell and my eyes ached with the strain of keeping them open. I stumbled to my feet, kicked out the fire and slung my backpack over my shoulder. I left the hammock tied where it was and set off towards the stream. I was going to follow it to the trail, and I’d be back at the cabin well before nightfall.
It took an hour of walking, stumbling over uneven terrain till I found the stream, and from there I found the worn trail. I followed it for hours as the sun rose high in the sky. I was so tired, but the fear of death and that monster were the only things that kept me putting one foot in front of the other.
I was hungry, thirsty and beyond everything else, utterly exhausted. But I kept pushing forward, no matter how slow and tired I was. I still had the rabbit tied up in my pack, but I couldn’t stop and eat.
As the day wore on, I began to recognize parts of the terrain and I knew I was close to the cabin.
I was so elated that I didn’t pay attention to where I was walking and rolled my ankle on a small rock that jutted out from the side of the trail. I lost my balance and careened off and hit my head on a nearby tree branch. Everything went black.
I awoke to dusk. I’d been out for a couple of hours, whether from the blow to the head or the exhaustion, whichever it was, I was still in the woods, and night was coming quickly.
The monsters never appeared during the daytime, so I thought I was safe in the light. But light was running out and I still had a mile or so till I reached the cabin.
I picked myself off the ground and dusted the dirt off. I grabbed my rifle, checked that it was still loaded, and I flicked the safety off. My finger stood a millimeter from the trigger and I kept my head on a swivel as I hastily jogged the trail back to the cabin.
Relief swept through me when I saw the wraparound porch come into view. I nearly sagged to my knees as I reached the cabin just as the last of the orange bled from the purple skyline.
I had made it back.
“Dad!” I yelled as I ran up on the porch. “Dad, we gotta go!”
I ran around to the front door and stood stock still as my blood ran cold.
The door to the cabin was open, and my dad was lying halfway inside and halfway on the porch. He’d been mauled. His body was nothing but ribbons and scraps of flesh that only half resembled what a human should look like.
I stared in silence, my mind not comprehending what I was seeing. He’d been wearing the red and black checked flannel shirt I’d gotten him for his birthday, it was the only way I could tell it was my dad. His face had been ripped from his skull; too white bone peeked out from his empty eye sockets.
The stench was ungodly, a mixture of fresh meat and the iron tang of blood filled the air. I clutched at my stomach and hurled bile on the wooden floorboards, sinking to my knees as my throat burned raw as I heaved my guts out.
Absolute panic gripped my sanity and took it for a joyride as I tried and failed to come to terms with the fact that my father was dead, had been ripped to pieces by whatever was outside, stalking me in the dark.
I had to leave, had to get as far away from that place as I could, or else, I’d be next. I screamed wordlessly and backed away from the porch. I turned and ran to the truck; it was my only avenue of escape and I had to hurry.
Night had already fallen.
I scrambled the driver side of the pickup and yanked on the handle hard enough to break it, but it held and opened the door after a second of sticking. I climbed into the cab and threw down the vizor, where my dad usually kept the keys, but they weren’t there. The only other place they could be was in the pocket of my dad’s jeans. And I would have to get them.
Steeling myself for the inevitable, I clutched my rifle tight and exited the vehicle. I knew I had to be fast, knew I needed to already be far away from the woods, but my feet wouldn’t carry me any further. I stared at the mutilated remains of my father and tried not to throw up again or break down in madness.
C’mon! You can do this, just put one foot in front of the other. Do it now! My rational mind screamed at me, trying to override the panic I felt at that moment. I stepped forward, an inch at a time and before I knew it, I was back, staring down at my dad. I breathed through my mouth, not being able to stomach the smell again and crouched, careful of the sticky and drying blood.
I squinted through my eyelashes and patted my dad’s pants. The keys were in his left pocket, so as quickly as I could, I stepped to the side and dug through them.
My hands clutched around the metal key and I yanked my prize free, nearly stumbling from the force. With the key in my hand, I bolted from the porch back to the truck.
I just wish I’d been faster.
As I reached the open cab, flesh thudded against wood and I turned, searching for the sound. Movement from above me drew my gaze and I finally got a good look at what had been chasing me through these godforsaken woods.
It was on the roof of the cabin, clinging to the side of the slanted roof with ease. The monster was humanoid, but it crawled on all fours like an animal. Its skin was pale white like paper and thick and rough, leathery almost. But what marked it as being something inhuman was its head. It bore ethereal blue eyes that lit up the night, and a large, angular face that tapered to a point near its mouth. Its mouth which opened, revealing thousands of minuscule, needlepoint, silver teeth in rows stretching down its throat.
The creature’s eyes never left mine and glinted with malicious intelligence. It upturned its too many teeth into a gruesome smile.
I didn’t think, didn’t panic, I just reacted. I raised my rifle and fired.
The bullet whizzed past its head and took it in the shoulder. Bright white blood spurted from the wound and splashed across the roof of the cabin to drip down the shingles.
It let out a high-pitched shriek of pain and recoiled from the shock, it slid down the roof and into the tree line faster than I could line up a second shot. When it broke from my line of sight, I sprinted to the truck, tossed in my bag and rifle, and slid into the driver’s seat.
Thankfully, the truck started on the first try and the engine roared to life. I flicked on the high beams, threw the truck in reverse and spun around as fast as I could.
The shadows of the forest writhed in chaos as I sped down the trail, going too fast for comfort, but my mind and nerves were shot. It was all I could do not to floor the pedal and speed away as quickly as I could.
I was driving recklessly, taking curves too sharply and doing everything in my power not to fishtail into a tree when a thud landed on the roof of the truck, crumpling the aging metal.
I screeched, panicked and jerked the wheel, trying to throw it off. I spun the wheel too much and clipped an overgrown tree in the process. I tried to overcorrect myself but only ended up slamming the side of the truck into the tree line.
The truck crunched to a halt, the passenger side crumpling like a bent can as tree branches snapped, sounding wooden gunshots through the forest. Whatever was on the truck was flung to the side as we crashed. It flew off the hood and hit a tree further into the forest. Bones cracked and when it fell to the dirt, it left a smear of white blood across the bark. I tried to start the truck again, but it just groaned and wouldn’t turn over.
With a half growl, half groan, the creature picked its bleeding body off the ground and glared at me, its neon eyes glowing even brighter as it shrieked and crawled toward me.
I grabbed my rifle and left the truck. I could follow the monster by its eyes alone and I perched my rifle on the hood of the truck and took aim.
It was slow as it crept toward me, giving me plenty of time to line up the perfect shot. I had my crosshairs centered right between its eyes and I rested my finger on the trigger, a split second away from firing. The creature let out another scream, much higher in pitch than the others and my body jerked on its own accord. My hands spasmed and I squeezed the trigger. My shot went wide, flying off into the woods and thudding into an old tree.
That had been my last bullet. My rifle only held four shots and I hadn’t brought any extra ammo. I squeezed the trigger, again and again. Terror gripped me as it slunk along the earth, leaving a milk-white trail of blood behind it. I threw the gun at it and ran for the truck, for the knife in my bag.
I wasn’t going to let it get me, I wasn’t going to end up as food, as a mutilated corpse like my dad. I was going to kill it or myself if that failed. I wouldn’t let it eat me.
The thing was on me before I reached the cab. It slammed into the side of the door, pinning me as I was halfway in the door. I lunged for my bag as the monster opened its jaws wide and bit through the metal door like it was cardboard. It ripped a chunk free and spat it on the ground as it eyed me with rage and hunger.
My hand closed around my bag and I tore the strings, grabbing the knife that was at the top of the bag. I slid it from its sheath as the creature was poised to bite. I jammed the knife to the hilt in the side of its face, just below its glowing blue eye.
It reared back in pain, sending a mind pounding shriek of pain splitting through my psyche. It stopped my heartbeat for a second as it jumped away from the truck and tried to dislodge the knife stuck in its skull.
I thought then that I’d landed a lucky blow and it was going to leave, that I’d be able to get back in the truck and escape the forest, but more howls joined the first and two more of the monsters slunk from out of the shadows.
This is where I die. It was the only thought running through my head. I couldn’t run from them, couldn’t fight them. I was going to die. But I wasn’t going to make it easy for them.
I grabbed my torn bag and I ran into the woods as fast as I could. I was desperate to escape, but the howls and thuds of too many legs padding through the dirt behind me told me I wouldn’t escape.
They were close at my heels, and the only thing that saved my life that night was gravity and my own clumsiness.
I tripped on a branch and tumbled to the ground as one of them sailed over me, mouth wide as the thousand needles closed around empty air. It hit the ground a few feet away and turned, eying me up. I backpedaled but hit a tree as it lunged a second time.
With nothing else in my hands, I brought my bag up as it clamped down, throwing me to the forest floor. Its teeth closed around my bag, ripping the nylon to shreds, but my mini shovel got lodged in its throat and it couldn’t close its mouth all the way. Clothing and food poured out of its jaws, and I scrambled out from under it.
My hand hit something plastic as I crawled away from the creature and even in the dark of the woods, I couldn’t fail to make out the bright orange handle of the flare gun.
It was a long shot, but it was the last weapon I had, and I clung to it as I stood up and ran away.
I didn’t get far as the monster chomped through the metal shovel like it was a toothpick and spat out the remains of my backpack. It howled in rage and ran for me.
Knowing I only had one shot, I stopped running, dropped to my knees and fired.
Daylight split the night as my eyesight was obliterated by the burning red flare as it streaked through the air and hit the monster in the face.
Like it’d been doused in kerosene, the creature went up in a gulf of flames. Its flesh sizzled and popped like grease in a pan as it cracked and blackened in seconds. It howled in agony, screaming such a high pitch sound that my ears bled, and I fell to my knees as my consciousness waned.
By the time I rose to my feet and wiped the blood from my ears, it was dead. It was now nothing but a charred carcass burning under the crackling fire. The flare still burned, illuminating the night. And showing me the other two creatures that had crept up on us.
I was out of weapons and out of hope, but they stayed back, just at the tree line, watching me and the flaming carcass of their friend.
Fire was their weakness it seemed, and even though I had no more flares, I bluffed them. It was the most reckless thing I could’ve done, but I had no other options left. I raised the empty flare gun, and they flinched. They took a step back and stayed low to the ground, like they were ready to bolt.
I pressed my luck and took a step forward. They turned and ran as fast as they could, deeper into the forest, howling as they did so.
As soon as they were out of sight, I ran myself. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, not caring about the scrapes and scratches from the branches whipping at my face. I only cared about my own survival.
I hit the road leading to the highway and ran for hours. There were too many miles between me and the highway, but I didn’t care. I just kept running.
By the time I hit the pavement, it was daybreak and I knew I could stop running, but I kept on. Because I had nothing else but the run. If I stopped, it would mean accepting what just happened, and I didn’t think my mind would survive.
I ran until I hit the gas station, we’d stopped at only three days ago, what felt like a lifetime ago. The gas station attendant took one look at me, out of breath, with bloody, torn clothing, and called the police.
He was kind enough to give me all the water I wanted while we waited for the police. I drank it in silence while I sat huddled in on myself, trying to calm my racing heart and not to think.
It took the cops nearly an hour to arrive from the nearest town, and when they did, I finally had to tell them my story.
They didn’t believe me, because of course they wouldn’t. I sounded insane, raving about monsters with glowing blue eyes and white blood like a madman. However, the officer was patient and kind, taking down my statement word for word, despite the skepticism on his face.
I told them where to find the cabin, the truck, everything.
They found it all right where I told them it would be, but there was no sign of the creature I’d killed, not even ashes. My dad’s body was also gone. The only sign it had been there at all were the bloodstains.
The police chalked it up to a wild animal attack, attributing my story to be just that, a story by a scared teenager who witnessed an animal kill his father. The reporters, the kids at school, hell, even my mother, they didn’t believe me.
But I know the truth. I’m not crazy. There’s something evil in that forest.
Whatever it was.
Whatever those fucking nightmares were.
There’s more than one of them, and they burn just fine.
If you camp out in the Tennessee forests at night, be careful, learn from my story. And for the love of God, carry a fire source.
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Will the Tennessee Titans win OVER/UNDER 8.5 games? By University Stats Prof!

1. Introduction

Tennessee’s season completely turned around once they benched quarterback Marcus Mariota in favor of Ryan Tannehill.

After a 2-4 start, the Titans won seven of their final 10 games to sneak into the playoffs as the 6th seed in the AFC. Fun fact: it was the fourth straight season that the Titans finished with a 9-7 record!

In the playoffs, they knocked off the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots, as well as the top seed in the conference, the Baltimore Ravens. Derrick Henry ran like a mad man in those games, becoming the first player in NFL history to rack up at least 175 rushing yards in two games in the same postseason.

In the AFC Conference Championship Game, Tennessee grabbed a 17-7 lead in the second quarter, but couldn’t hold off the Chiefs any longer in a 35-to-24 defeat.

2. Offensive Position-by-Position Breakdown

2.1 Quarterbacks (QBs)

Ryan Tannehill was clearly one of the best Cinderella stories in 2019. After taking over as the starting QB over Marcus Mariota, he led the league in QB rating.

He crushed his previous career-high in completion percentage with as astounding 70.3%; his personal best was 66.4% in 2014.

During his first six years in Miami, he posted a 123:75 TD:INT mark. That equates to a 1.64 ratio. In 2019, he threw 22 TD passes versus 6 interceptions, which amounts to a 3.7 ratio. As you can see, once again he obliterated his past numbers.

The team thinks he can keep playing at that level after handing him a hefty contract. I do believe he’ll do a good job in 2020, but not at the 2019 levels, obviously.

As of now, the backup QB is Logan Woodside since Mariota signed with the Raiders. Woodside was drafted in the 7th round of the 2018 draft out of Toledo. During preseason games, he completed 46-of-76 passes (a 60.5% completion rate) for 539 yards with 4 TDs and no interception. It’s hard to tell what he can bring to the table.

2.2 Running Backs (RBs)

Derrick Henry was a true beast last year. He won the rushing title with 1,540 rushing yards and 16 TDs on the ground (he added two more as a receiver). His 5.1 yards-per-carry average is mind-boggling considering the high volume.

He didn’t slow down in the playoffs. After rushing for 182 yards in New England, he single-handedly destroyed the Ravens with 195 rushing yards. He was quieter in K.C. by accumulating 69 yards on the ground.

Few people remember how he finished the previous year on a high note as well. In the final four meetings of the 2018 season, he averaged 146 rushing yards and 1.75 rushing TDs per contest. Obviously, he followed up with a season to remember.

Henry’s numbers have steadily increased every single year since he joined the league in 2016. Now 26 years old, defensive coordinators must be getting up at night to game plan against him.

Dion Lewis was a nice change-of-pace back, even though he didn’t have a great year. At least he had NFL experience, which is not the case of the remaining potential backup backs. Both Dalyn Dawkins and David Fluellen are undrafted guys who have combined for 19 rushing attempts in the league.

Tennessee filled a need by drafting Darrynton Evans in last April’s draft. The third-rounder complements Henry’s skillset well, as Evans can spell him on passing third-down situations (a role that used to be played by Dion Lewis). Also, he isn’t great running inside the tackles due to his small size, but he is more of a change-of-pace runner who has home-run hitting capacities.

2.3 Wide Receivers (WRs)

Rookie A.J. Brown was hyped as a big-play guy, and he did not disappoint. He didn’t catch that many balls, but when he did he made the most of it.

The Mississippi product led all receivers that caught at least 50 passes with a jaw-dropping 20.2 yards-per-catch average. He scored 8 TDs, while also topping the 1,000 receiving-yard mark (he had 1,051).

Will former #5 overall pick Corey Davis live up to his draft status? It seems unlikely after watching his first three years as a pro. He raised hopes by posting a 65-891-4 receiving line in 2018, but he regressed to 43-601-2 last year. Talent and youth play on his side, though. He may not be a true No. 1 wideout, but he can clearly do the job as a number two or three receiver.

Adam Humphries is an efficient, yet not explosive player. He is good to pick up key first downs. He caught more than 70% of his targets in his final two years in Tampa, and he reached that goal once again in his first season in Tennessee.

Was he worth a four-year deal worth $36 million? Probably not, but having him as your slot receiver is a bonus. His numbers were down last year, but he will be a useful tool as a 27-year old this year.

Tajae Sharpe also made a nice contribution last year with 25 receptions, 329 yards and 4 TDs. He was a nice luxury to have on your roster, but he signed with the Vikings during the offseason.

2.4 Tight Ends (TEs)

Jonnu Smith and Delanie Walker received the most playing time at tight end.

Walker did a decent job, but father time seems to have caught up to him. After being very durable for 11 years, he stayed healthy for just one game in 2018 and seven games last year. Accordingly, the team cut ties with him as he was going to enter his age-36 campaign.

Walker’s absence gave more room for Jonnu Smith to shine. The 2017 third-rounder has seen his numbers increase every year. His 35-439-3 receiving line is nothing to write home about. He could make a jump in 2020, but don’t expect huge steps.

Anthony Firkser will be back with the squad. He doesn’t have the size and speed to become a great TE, but he does a fine job for a guy that was never drafted.

MyCole Pruitt will be the #3 TE. He has never caught more than 10 passes in any of his five years in the NFL. Enough said.

2.5 Offensive Line (OL)

Ben Jones has done a great job at the pivot throughout his entire eight-year career. He raised his game to a higher level last year by finishing at the second-best center in the NFL according to PFF grades. He’s been an awesome pickup when acquired from the Texas a few years ago.

Right tackle Jack Conklin broke the bank in Cleveland, which left a glaring hole in Tennessee. He was a very solid player, and Dennis Kelly or Isaiah Wilson will try to fill his shoes.

Kelly has received his two best PFF grades of his seven-year career in 2018 and 2019, which is a good sign. However, he doesn’t play at the same level as Conklin.

The organization figures to have a better chance at replacing Conklin adequately with Isaiah Wilson, who was taken late in the first round of this year’s draft. This guy weighted close to 400 pounds coming out of high school! He is a mauler.

The rookie needs work for both his footwork and technique, which led to uneven play in college. He has exceptional physical traits and high potential, but may not be great right from the start.

At left tackle, Taylor Lewan is a cornerstone of this offensive line. He’s been good his whole career, never receiving a PFF mark below 76.4, which is remarkable!

Rodger Saffold is the starting left guard for the Titans. He ranked as the sixth-best guard in the NFL last year; needless to say he’s been a valuable piece of the puzzle for this franchise.

The weakest link is Nate Davis at right guard. The third-round rookie struggled big-time last year.

2020 VS 2019 OFFENSE

The Titans did not make a single free agent acquisition on offense.

They lost some depth with the departures of RB Dion Lewis and WR Tajae Sharpe. The team hopes 3rd round pick Darrynton Evans can spell Henry appropriately.

The backup QB will also be weaker due to Mariota leaving for Vegas. And despite his advanced age, Delanie Walker was a decent TE, although he only appeared in seven games last year.

The biggest loss occurred on the offensive line. Seeing Jack Conklin go to the Jets hurts the team. Rookie Isaiah Wilson will do his best to hold the fort, but he is unlikely to play at the same level as Conklin in his first year as a pro.

Finally, how could we expect better production out of Ryan Tannehill in 2020 as opposed to his 2019 heroics?

In conclusion, I am tagging the Titans offense with a moderate downgrade in comparison to 2019.

Final call (2020 vs 2019): Moderate downgrade

3. Defensive Position-by-Position Breakdown

3.1 Defensive Linemen (DLs)

Jurrell Casey is a strong run stuffer, while also averaging 5.7 sacks per year over a nine-year period. He was traded to Denver for cap reasons, which will hurt Tennessee’s interior of the line a lot.

With Casey gone, the team will hand a much heavier workload to Jeffery Simmons. After missing the first seven games due to a knee injury, he showed fairly good promise as a #19 overall pick from the 2019 draft. His sophomore year will be critical.

The team will also rely on DaQuan Jones to step up his game. He is an above-average DL, whose main strength is defending the run. He only has seven sacks in six years.

The Titans lost some depth as Austin Johnson went to the Giants.

3.2 Defensive Ends (DEs) / Edge Rushers (ED)

Harold Landry played twice as many snaps in his sophomore year as his rookie season, and he doubled his sack total (going from 4.5 to 9 to lead the team in that category). He graded as the 62nd-best edge defender in the league out of 107 players. He has the potential to take a leap.

The team hopes to improve its pass rush by adding Vic Beasley, formerly of the Falcons. His numbers are a bit puzzling. He led the league with 15.5 sacks in his second season back in 2016. Since then, he has posted 5, 5 and 8 sacks.

Those are not bad numbers, but they are clearly below expectations coming from a fellow that was the 8th overall selection in the 2015 draft. Also, he is a liability in run defense. In other words, he’s been more name than game recently.

Kamalei Correa racked up five sacks despite playing 39% of the snaps. He had just 3.5 sacks over his first three years as a pro. He’s not a game breaker.

Reggie Gilbert is a role player. The undrafted guy has 4.5 sacks in three years is no more than depth.

3.3 Linebackers (LBs)

Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans are the leaders of this group. Based on draft status, Evans is supposed to be the superior player, but that wasn’t the case at all last year.

Evans received poor marks from PFF with a 47.6 grade; he obtained spot #74 out of 89 LBs. He struggled a lot in coverage and wasn’t that great rushing the passer. He does a fine job defending the run though.

As for Brown, his 68.8 PFF grade allowed him to finish as the 20th-best linebacker in the league. His sack total went from 6 in 2018 down to just one a year ago. The former fifth-rounder will try to bring that number back up this season.

Wesley Woodyard’s career is clearly on the decline. He lost his starting job, his PFF grades are falling, he’s 34 years old and he is now a free agent after the Titans failed to re-sign him.

3.4 Cornerbacks (CBs)

Adoree’ Jackson is the team’s number 1 CB. He was the 18th overall pick from the 2017 draft. Even though he has only two career interceptions, he is still a fairly solid coverage guy. He constantly ranks among the upper tier.

Logan Ryan played almost all defensive snaps last year and he filled the scoresheet more than ever in his seven-year career. He had career-highs in tackles (113), sacks (4.5) and forced fumbles (4). He also picked off four passes, his second-best performance.

Yet, he graded as an average corner by taking the 62nd rank out of 112 CBs because of ordinary run defense and coverage skills. The Titans couldn’t meet his salary demands, so he left via free agency.

Malcolm Butler finished once again in the middle of the pack among all NFL cornerbacks last year. The Super Bowl XLIX hero has seen his PFF grades decrease in each of the past three seasons, but he still manages to intercept 2-4 passes every year. He missed seven games last year with a broken wrist.

LeShaun Sims played 30% of the snaps, while producing poor play on the field. He’s never been a good corner, but he still found a new home in Cincinnati when the Bengals signed him in March.

The Titans took Kristian Fulton late in the 2nd round this year. Many reports suggest he’ll be an average NFL starter. He is best in man coverage due to his physicality. He lost the entire 2017 season when he was caught trying to tamper with a PED test sample, where he submitted a friend’s urine.

3.5 Safeties (S)

Kevin Byard is one of the league’s highest paid safety and he deserves it. He has 17 interceptions over the last three years. In those seasons, his PFF rankings were 4th, 3rd and 10th among close to 90 qualifiers.

Byard turned out to be a huge bargain as a former third-round pick out of Middle Tennessee State. Now 27 years old, there is no reason to believe his play will deteriorate in 2020.

Kenny Vaccaro is well known among fans, even though his play is not great. He probably gets recognition due to his former first-round status, but his best PFF grade was 66.7 back in 2013. Just to give you an idea, such a mark would have yielded him the #48 spot out of 87 safeties last year. And that was his best season.

Amani Hooker played 30% of the snaps last year as a rookie. The Titans had actually traded up to secure his rights during the 2019 draft. He did a decent job, but the jury is still out about the fourth-rounder’s future.

2020 VS 2019 DEFENSE

The Titans allowed the 12th-fewest points in the league last year. Should be expect better or worse play in 2020?

Jurrell Casey’s presence will be missed in a big way on the interior of the line. Also, not getting CB Logan Ryan back is hardly good news. Overall, he was an above-average corner who was constantly on the field and has been very durable in his career.

The only good addition is Vic Beasley. I feel like he’s overrated since his sack numbers are lower than what most people think and due to poor run defense, but he still has valuable pass rushing abilities.

Based on this information, I anticipate a small downgrade from this unit.

Final call (2020 vs 2019): Small downgrade

4. Regular Season Wins

According to sportsbooks, the Titans are expected to win 8.5 games this season. Should we bet the “over” or the “under”?

Here is the methodology I used in order to answer this vital question:

Here are the results:

Estimated Probability Sportsbook Odds ROI
OVER 8.5 WINS 50.9% FanDuel -110 -2.8%
UNDER 8.5 WINS 49.1% Pinnacle +129 +12.4%

Tip: Bet UNDER 8.5 wins
Return On Investment (ROI): +12.4%
Rank: 22nd-highest ROI out of 32 teams
Minimum odds required to bet (i.e. ROI = 0%): +104

Here are BetOnline’s point spreads for the Titans’ 16 regular season games:

Note: The “Best odds” from the table above were obtained after looking at 13 well-known online sportsbooks on May 18th, 2020.

I hope you found this article informative, I've got every NFL team covered so check out my other posts! Have a nice day!

Professor MJ
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Bloodlines: The Legacy of Charlemagne (Part 17)

Emperor Julien IV

Processing img qkq3le9mfpa51...
4th of November, 1378
Ever since he became Emperor two years ago, father had been in constant warfare. He always spoke to me about the legendary battles of our forefathers. The Battle of Tours, the Battle of Giza, the various Crusades and so forth. I remember him saying ‘The greatest Kings and Emperors of France all fought valiantly to protect this Empire and project its power. I want to project power and become a new Caesar, son’. I always thought this line of thinking would get him killed and then the coffin arrived. His funeral was a closed casket as he had rotted in his journey to Paris before he was taken to be entombed under Notre Dame with the other great Kings and Emperors. I always assumed like him I’d have a chance at life before becoming Emperor and yet here I am having this responsibility thrusted on me so early. I inherited an Empire at war, I cannot organize a coronation like this. Rather I take the reins of my steed and ride out east with an escort. I will take the charge of the armies and let my new subjects know that their Emperor is fighting alongside them. Along with my father's body they did bring some good news. Pest has since fallen and many other Carpathian cities will soon follow. This is a winning war at least.
18th of January, 1379
I arrived in Bartfa in the northernmost edges of the Carpathian territory. It seems we were misguided on our journey to Pest. However, when we arrived we learned of an incoming Carpathian force outnumbering us almost 2 to one. I took my most skilled commanders and ordered them to take the flanks. I took command of the center army. Sending out word for reinforcements from the south we prepared for battle. Initially I managed to lead my men in the center taking point they followed my bravery and held firm returning arrow fire as I led a cavalry charge. This kept them routed and hesitant despite their greater numbers. Finally after days of stalling and preparing to retreat our center the army of Pest arrived and suddenly it was the Carpathians who were surrounded. Taking advantage of our greater forces I ordered a volley of arrows be fired followed by another cavalry charge dispersing their center. Quickly their ranks fell apart as we picked off their flanks one by one. With only two thousand losses we wiped out over half of the Carpathian army, with half of their Kingdom besieged and occupied the Regent sent me a letter after the battle. It seems he is willing to surrender as he and the boy King Roman II will flee to Russia. My father's claimant, Feodor, was placed on the Carpathian throne as King. Frankly it hardly mattered, I understand father simply wanted to prevent a political union of Carpathia and Russia. Feodor displayed gratitude to me but honestly I had no interest in the matter. After all, war was not over for me. With my fathers death the King of Italy and the Sultan of Andalusia will surely try to weasel out of their tributary status to France. I will have to straighten them out before I can accept the crown.

Processing img oqfite20gpa51...
21st of January, 1379
As we were marching back to France I met with my commanders and the Royal Marshal to discuss my plans regarding Italy and Andalusia. That is when I noticed among them was the bastard Simon de Bourges. As kids I remember he had shoved me into some mud when he was playing with me and my sister. Since then we’ve regularly gotten in fights. Of course when Belleassez started fighting more and more with father about how much he pushed her I always defended him. “He just wants you to find your own glory” I’d often tell her. She stopped talking to me and started spending more time with Simon. I wasn’t surprised when the rumors about her pregnancy at 15 floated around and when she gave birth I was disgusted and knew instantly who had done it. He dared show his face here as a commander? After all those years of hatred and bad blood between us? After he dared sleep with my sister and then pretend the child wasn’t his? “Simon, I want you out of this tent immediately.” He shrugged “I don’t see what offense I caused you.” I then walked over taking his shirt in my fist “You offended my entire family after what you did with my sister. This meeting is for commanders and capable warriors not peasants like you!” I said shoving him out of the tent into the mud much like how he had done to me all those years ago. “My father is a Count, you cannot treat your subjects this way!” he shouted back raising his voice as there was silence in the camp. He talked back to his liege, his superior. “I cannot let your dishonor go unpunished. Meet me outside camp at sunset.” He agreed as we met he drew his sword as I took my family spear. My father wielded it when he died, now it is mine. “This spear has been handed down by my family since King Eudes II. Now it will find its way into your heart just as it has for centuries into the hearts of France’s enemies.” He laughed some “I’m sure that rolled off better in your mind. It’s not often I get to swing my blade at an Emperor.” As the duel commenced I went for a thrust with my spear as he parried upwards though in a flash I swiped and slashed with the spear tip towards his face as it struck. In only a few seconds, an instant, there was blood on the ground all over Simon's hand and face as he screamed holding his right eye. A cut all the way down with blood dripping down he knelt dropping his blade. I stood over him ready to strike him down when I looked among the spectators I sighed and stepped back “I’ve won this. You will take this as a lesson in honor. You do not sire a bastard with my family, and you do not speak back to your Emperor in that manner. We are not children anymore Simon. It is time for you to grow up. Maybe losing an eye will help you see that.” I grinned walking away leaving him to hold his wound.
7th of September, 1379
Without any response from the Sultan or his regent, I’ve decided to call up arms against Andalusia to extort tribute from them. Just like my father and grandfather before me. Andalusia thinks that just because my father perished young that I won’t offer much threat. They are sorely mistaken. These wars will help restore the Empire father was building, his legacy won’t be forgotten.
15th of February, 1380
While my armies marched south into Andalusia fighting for their lives I lead a small force through the eastern coast in Rosello. It was here in Perpinya we used the mountains to ambush a larger Andalusian army. It was a small battle relatively speaking though we had to ultimately retreat we managed to give them significant losses and more importantly tied down their men into the mountains for over a month before we left. Giving time for more forces to cross the mountains into Andalusia. If they want to fight and resist, so be it.
22nd of April, 1380
This was the battle that ultimately will decide the war. The glorious battle I’m sure my father sought out in his conquests. We arrived in Utrillas to find our army under attack by a force of around 20 thousand Andalusians. Outnumbered I sent out word for all French armies to conjoin on this battle. For weeks the tides pulled forward and back. Andalusian cavalry forced us into retreats when thousands of reinforcements would come in giving us just enough numbers to hold. Then more Andalusians would arrive. All in all we had almost a hundred thousand men battle between both armies and in the end almost 18 thousand French soldiers lied dead. Nearly double as many Andalusians were slain as well as they were forced to retreat. A heavy and costly victory, so many men dead, not accounting for all of those who died in Carpathia last year. There is no way to keep this up. There is a limit to what the Empire can do. Some 14 thousand men will remain here to settle into a siege while the other half of my remaining forces march north after the fleeing infidels. I have more reinforcements on the way that I will probably redirect to sack Barcelona, the jewel of the Andalusians. However today we mourn.

Processing img ebwkylacgpa51...
10th of September, 1380
With the siege of Barcelona the sultans regent finally admitted defeat. Such a costly war, and worse yet I’me being told that the nobility back in France are very unhappy. The costly wars and humiliating losses were already bad enough but now they were talking about either shifting more responsibility and power into the nobility or worse, overthrowing me in favor of one of my uncles. I head back to Paris to organize a coronation ceremony. After two years of fighting it is time to consolidate France itself. For now I will have to let the issue of Italy go and focus on rebuilding my army. Without levies I won’t be able to fend off any potential uprisings, and I will need to get the Church’s backing for my position as Emperor.
21st of November, 1380
After returning to Paris a massive ceremony was organized to celebrate my coronation. Pope Hadrianus V arrived rather late and spoke with me about some of the duties expected out of me as Emperor. Namely how I must stand against the tides of sin and heresy that peek from the shadows. After his lecture the ceremony began. I mingled with my many vassals drinking and ensuring that they understood that I would stand by their interests. Though I could hear among the whispers talks of plots and intrigue. I might have to start taking drastic measures to help ensure some stability. That is when I was called over as his Holiness was holding the crown and silence fell upon the room. I put on the blue cloak my father wore in his ceremony before walking up to the Pope as he began his prayer and blessing. As I knelt he spoke up for the whole room to hear “And so you are hereby named Emperor Julien IV of France, King of Brittany, of Aquitaine, of Navarra, of Arles, of Lotharingia, Defender of Christendom and Emperor of the Romans.” as he placed it down I rose up accepting the scepter and orb into my hands before turning to the crowds smiling as there was a loud applause and cheer. Finally with this ceremony I am rightfully Emperor.

Processing img b4lcccasgpa51...
24th of September, 1381
I was praying at church when a servant came to me. “Can this wait for another time?” I asked “I am in the middle of something here.” “A thousand apologies, your grace” the servant said with a bow “But the court is gathering, Empress Tereza is giving birth to your child.” I rose instantly and without another word I rushed out towards the castle. When I arrived in the nursery I was told that I had yet to miss the moment and that is when I saw it. The baby emerged as the nursemaid cleaned it and the child began to let out a powerful cry. “A strong and healthy baby boy, my liege.” one of the nursemaids answered before handing me the child. Prince Julien was born, as I held the boy I rubbed his face softly before kissing him. A future Emperor was born today, my successor and first child. The courtiers began to cheer some as the nursemaids took care of Tereza and we all dispersed as I left young Julien with them.
16th of March, 1382
For months now I’ve been working tirelessly to appease my vassals. Usually through regular contact, extravagant gifts, as well as some scheming and blackmailing where necessary. The work has been endless though based on reports from the Imperial Marshal our levies are nearly at full strength. I’m not sure if I’m willing yet to go to war with Italy especially with just how tired I’ve become. Fatigue has consumed me to the point of me sleeping in and not wanting to move to do just about anything. I’m sure it is nothing though I do think I need to rest.
20th of December, 1386
The past few years have been relaxing. Though I still have to deal with the constant maneuvering of politics within the Empire it’s been stable. Julien is growing up to be quite an impressive young man though he’s only five years old he’s very strong and certainly has quite the attitude about him. Unfortunately despite my best efforts me and Tereza have yet to have any more children. Today I decided to ride my horse on a bit of a stroll to take a break from life at court. I had with me some guardsmen as an escort. Perhaps today would be a fine day for some celebrations. Duchess Busilla of Normandy, whose daughter was betrothed to Julien mind you, has proven to be a terrible pain in my side. She constantly riled up the nobility to plot against me trying to push for more power to the nobles rather than centered in my station. I wish I could say it was a surprise. Based on the documents from my predecessors it seems the Lords of Normandy have always been problematic. Ultimately I made the decision to revoke her title and bestow it on the now Duke Geraud. She was none all too pleased with me afterwards. I spent the time riding thinking about this and considering that perhaps I should start looking to replace the dukes and governors of the provinces since they just seem to refuse to be cooperative. That is when my train of thought was broken. A loud whistle was followed by a gag. I turned to the guardsmen to my right to see an arrow had pierced through the back of his neck out the front as blood sprayed out his horse reared. I kept mine steady and began to ride away as the other guards started shouting. More arrows rained down as I rode away. The bandits couldn’t catch us at all, amateurs. Though as I returned home I realized that there was truly an attempt on my life. I couldn’t imagine it really, and yet it happened before my very eyes. It must be Busilla’s work. Shes a sneak, always plotting about I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she were behind an assassination attempt. Then again I don’t have evidence of this yet. I’ll have to wait and see, hopefully I won’t find out after a dagger has pierced my heart.
7th of October, 1387
A long day, it’s been almost a year since my assassination attempt but my investigations have not turned up anything. As I laid in bed I don’t know why or when I awoke but I tried to get up and suddenly I was being pushed down. I begin to struggle and see it is a burly armsman who I promoted to the guards last week. He had a charming face and I was fooled by it! I noticed a skinny figure in a robe with a toothy grin and long nose. He seemed to be snickering as he brandished a dagger I flailed and struggled as the skinny man said quietly “Shh, don’t worry your grace it’ll be over quick” as he raised the dagger I managed to get a kick into the guardsman's groin. As he loosened I slipped out just as the man dug his dagger into the bed where my throat once was. I turned to the skinny man and swung my fist into his nose before dashing out of the room. “No” I heard the guardsman groan out as I screamed down the halls “Guards! Guards! Murderers! Killers!” the guardsmen rushed in as the two were pushed down and arrested. “Take them into the dungeon.” I ordered the captain “Have them tortured by any means necessary to find out who hired them and why.” The captain bowed “Yes your grace.” I then pointed to him “And double the guard for tonight. I will be returning to bed, make sure it's men you trust.” He nodded as I struggled to sleep during the night.
Come morning after tossing and turning throughout the night I finally got my report as the captain approached me “Your grace, it seems the two would-be murderers were agents of the Countess Busilla of Vexin.” I nodded reading the transcript of their confession “What did you do with the two men?” The captain shook his head in response “Nothing yet sire.” “Have them both hung, I would also request that you get me Imperial Marshal Antoine. I am going to need some men to march to Vexin and apprehend the Countess.” The captain bowed again “Of course your grace.” before departing. Finally the evidence I’ve been looking for.
15th of October, 1387
Busilla was brought into the court today at the hands of Duke Antoine. “Ah Countess so glad you could join us.” Duke Antoine let her go and speed back as she looked to me guardsmen were ready of course right behind her. Busilla then shot back “What is the meaning of this?! Your men show up in my home and arrest me on your orders?” I raised my hand to silence her “Your goons talked Busilla.” I saw the color drain from her face “I don’t know who your other conspirators were but I know you are the one who arranged for me to be killed on not one but two occasions.” She fell silent then asked “If I go quietly will you permit me a better sentence?” I shook my head “Your daughter was to be married to my son, our families were to become one and you try and have me killed? There is no lighter sentence for scum such as yourself. No loyalty to your Emperor, to the Empire. You have nothing of value to your name. As such you will be disposed of as the nothing you are.” She then shouted “I’m to be hanged?” I shook my head before gesturing for the guardsmen to escort her to her execution site. I stood on a balcony overseeing the execution. She was thrown into a muddy pit with a rabid boar. “Pigs will eat their own filth, they care for nothing just as you. You are filth and you happily lie in it. You aren’t worth the rope we’d use to hang you.” she stood up in tears begging for forgiveness before the boar rammed her. She began screaming as I watched the boar begin mauling her with its tusks running them in and out of her flesh biting and ripping apart her flesh to eat. Many turned away but I watched and I knew just as the life left her eyes I was the last thing she saw. Treachery is a crime most foul indeed.
24th of September, 1389
A wondrous day, I figured as Tereza approached her 40's we’d only have a single child but today she gave birth to our second child. Not just that but as the child emerged it was a massive baby boy. As the nursemaids handed him over to me his legs hung off one end and his head was barely contained. Tereza had truly pushed out quite the massive child indeed. “Hello there little Nicolas. Welcome to the world.” I said, looking at my newborn son. Eight year old Julien approached as I knelt for him to look at “Meet your little brother Julien.” Julien gave a small wave “Hey there little brother. Father can I hold him?” he asked as I shook my head “Oh no he’s a really heavy baby, just like you were but a bit more.” I laughed “Or maybe I’m getting old.” I handed Nicolas back to the nursemaids who had to take care of Tereza “Come, let’s give your mother some time and space to recover.”
5th of March, 1392
At first it was just a rash, my physician rubbed goat and boar milk over it to help soothe my skin though as it got worse I grew weaker and terrible lesions formed around my body as I felt like my head was going to explode. The Great Pox. I couldn’t even get out of bed and now I can barely awake. My Great Uncle Louis has taken over as my Regent. To think I would end up stuck in bed like this. Disgusting, where did I even get this terrible pox? Perhaps from my wife Tereza? It makes sense, I know she’s delivering in a few months our third child. I pray I can remake awake and alive enough to meet them at least.
12th of March, 1392
The Physician came in as he and I spoke. I weakly asked “Please tell me you have a cure for this terrible ailment…” I asked as they nodded presenting me this bottle. “Your grace, this vial is filled with mercury which will help relieve you of this illness. Though I must warn you that those who consume it often become weak in will.” I shook my head taking the vial “Any-anything for my Empire.” I said sipping the potion as I felt like my entire body was trembling and thrashing. I remember the pain, it burned all the way into my stomach and through. I screamed, I screamed so much. He brought me a second vial later as I drank it I realized the lesions were gone! My violent episodes were excruciating but I am cured. So beautiful.
24th of September, 1392
After taking my dosage of mercury I went tot he nursery though the maids tell me that I am a bit too ‘unstable’ to attend the birth of my third child. Just as I am starting to get frustrated and mad one of the maids approaches and tells me it is a boy. A Prince we’d long before decided to name Henri. Three sons then. How kind of God to bless me so. Succession is safe and secure.
27th of July, 1394
I was celebrating with some nobility, laughing and drinking together making friends. As we were I felt hot in my clothes and sweaty, so very sweaty. I started undressing next thing I knew I was calling for them to bring some horses then I realized “We need some food, somebody get the fire started, ah wait I have it.” I said, grabbing the candle as I lit the table, “We’ll roast it ON the table, save us time and effort.” I laughed grabbing the family spear using it to stab through a slab of meat cooking it over the fire before sitting down some. Many of the guests began laughing as I joined with them, what a wonderful time to be alive. “Oh no, I nearly forgot! Someone get me my mercury, I need to take it otherwise the Great Pox will come back for me!”
19th of October, 1394
It seems that several nobles have converted to the Lollard heresy! I don’t know how these loons managed to slip it under me but I’ll show them what for. Starting with the Duke of Savoy and then the rest I’ll take their lands away and give them to the righteous!
17th of June, 1396
You know ever since that party I’ve come to realize my horse has always been dependable sort. I could trust her with any and everything. I remember being almost killed by those bandits and she is who I rode to get away! You know what I bet she could run this Empire better than anyone else. I called the court in for a special session “Loyal Subjects of the Empire, I have come to a great announcement. In light of this Lollard heresy I’ve come to realize it is difficult to find those who you can reliably trust. I need a dependable Chancellor to watch over the Empire. And so I name my horse Glitterhoof as my new Chancellor and as the dutiful Designated Regent of France! “Let us have a toast in Glitterhoofs honor!” I heard murmurs before I struck my fist on the railing “Applause!” I screamed as they reluctantly did so. Long live Glitterhoof!

Processing img 30owhbc7hpa51...
24th of May, 1396
A little girl is born! How delightful! And as an added bonus she’s my daughter! Oh what a beautiful Charlotte, oh that would be a great name for a pet spider! What a wondrous child she seems to be. I patted my fat belly as it jiggled about “What a great day to be Emperor!”
27th of September, 1396
I was wandering through the castle when I spotted a young Amelie. She was the wife of one of my barons until he croaked about jeez so many years ago now. She was a peasant girl but we couldn’t just toss her onto the street. I approached her “Amelie, you look awfully lonely” she looked to me and smiled looking almost nervous “No your grace I’m just er waiting for some of the maids. We were going to spend some time together with a bit of tea after they finished their tasks.” I waved her off “Nonsense, now listen you needn’t call me your grace.” I reached over pulling her up though struggling a bit to pull her in as my gut got in the way “Listen, call me Julien.” she nodded “Well Julien I think I need to go” she said trying to push me away as I shook my head “Now now, you’re a lowborn aren’t you? Doesn’t that mean you have to go along with my words?” “Your gra-I mean Julien. That may be true but” I pressed her further against me she then continued “This isn’t- I don’t think the Empress would much appreciate this.” I shook my head “Oh no, please. That old woman can’t even bear me another child. But you. You look like a sweet candy cane at the end of a carrot!” she blinked confused. “Now come” I said gripping her wrist as I pulled her to the bedchambers. Of course she was wooed by me and accepted me fully. As I finished bedding her I decided Id’ keep her around. I’ve learned life is simply too short and one should always be happy to indulge themselves! In my case that means eating as I like and taking what I like and right now I think I want Amelie to come by my bedchambers more regularly.
27th of June, 1397
Amelie gave birth to a little girl considering she’s a widow there is now doubt it is my girl. I laughed her off when she demanded I take responsibility for what I’d done. “After what you’ve done to me, what you keep doing! And you won’t even recognize this child as yours?!” “What I’ve been doing is taking you for my own. Maybe if you didn’t keep seducing me-” “Seducing you?! You monster!” I frowned, shaking my head “Look just leave. Take that thing with you I have nothing else left to say. You peasant folk are all the same, give you anything and suddenly you think you’re royalty.” “How dare-” “I am your Emperor you whore! Go find some other fool because that is not MY child!” I waved her off as she turned to tears. The baby was already screaming and crying as she fled. Perhaps I’ll send her to a nunnery, yeah that’ll do.
26th of February, 1399
I’ve finally done it, my masterwork! I drafted a new law and passed it to be distributed among all of my vassals, the Hole in the Wall Act. By forcing all homesteads to have open holes in the walls wind will be able to freely pass through and provide fresh air to all people! What a wonderful law! With this the fresh air flowing through buildings will surely give peasants the needed air to function and work harder boosting performance! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I tell you!

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[FANFIC] The Humiliation Rumble

This is definitely my longest story so far. Hope you all enjoy it!
It was the night of the Royal Rumble where 30 women would battle to decide who would get a championship match at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Two women would start the match and every 90 seconds another would enter the match. The only way to be eliminated is by being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.
Entrant #1: Alexa Bliss
The match was about to get underway as Five feet of fury made her way to the ring, but not with her usual confidence. Whilst she tried to look calm and collected you could see in her eyes that being the number 1 entrant as well as having been humiliated by Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and Naomi had had an effect on her mindset. Little Miss Bliss entered the ring and waited for her opponent.
Entrant #2: Sasha Banks
The Boss was out next as she swayed her hips and strutted to the ring with confidence. Whilst she too had ran into some humiliating experiences with Lacey Evans and her former friend Bayley, Sasha was only focused on winning the rumble match and potentially main eventing Wrestlemania. She entered the ring and swayed her hips right in front of Alexa who looked disgusted. She removed her accessories as both women got to their respective corners and the bell rang. Both women walked slowly towards each other.
“Aww what’s the matter Lexi? Scared I’m gonna humiliate you like how you’ve been the past three weeks?” Sasha smirked.
“Heard you haven’t had much luck yourself Sasha, how’s Bayley by the way?” Alexa smiled as Sasha’s face dropped as she slapped the taste out of Alexa’s mouth. Alexa held her face and slowly looked back up in anger as she returned the favor to Banks’ shock. Sasha roared and tackled Alexa to the ground as both women rolled around striking each other with slaps and strikes. Sasha managed to get the advantage and mounted a prone Bliss backwards as Alexa tried to wriggle free.
“Oh Alexa, you really can’t help but find yourself in humiliating positions nowadays huh?” Sasha smirked as she reached forward and tugged at the small trunks of Bliss causing a wedgie and for the petite blonde to squeal. Sasha gave her adversary’s butt a few playful smacks before Bliss managed to wriggle free. She got up quick and delivered one of her stiff strikes to Banks who span back into a prone position herself. Alexa was seething as she placed a boot on Banks’ ass and the other on the back of her head as she began to repeatedly stomp on the back of the boss’ head as she held the ropes.
“A boss is nothing compared to a goddess!” Alexa screamed as the buzzer sound filled the arena.
Entrant #3: Kairi Sane
Alexa stopped what she was doing as she looked up the ramp nervously, she had already had a run in with Sane which didn’t go her way. The pirate princess charged down the ring whilst spinning her umbrella which she took to the ring with her. As she slid under the bottom rope Alexa held up her hands, seemingly not wanting anything to do with Kairi. Sane noticed Sasha charging towards her and slid under the boss’ legs before swinging up the umbrella between them. Sasha keeled over holding her crotch as Sane leaned back and cracked the umbrella over the ebony ass of Banks causing her adversary to recoil and fall down. Kairi was going for another before she suddenly turned to see Alexa running towards her. Bliss froze as Kairi made eye contact and turned away and bent over holding her head for protection. Kairi smiled as she noticed Alexa’s still wedgied butt and proceedingly wedged the umbrella between Alexa’s plump cheeks as Bliss gasped and held her butt in shock. Kairi drove the umbrella forwards and sent Alexa shoulder first into the ringpost before pulling her down to a seated position. Kairi looked and saw both other competitors seated in opposite corners and delivered sliding forearms to both before slapping her own ass in both their directions.
Entrant #4: Mickie James
The veteran skips down to the ring as a look of horror takes over a seated Bliss’ face. Mickie enters and delivers a lou thesz press to Sane as she bashes the japanese women’s head off the canvas. Sasha takes hold of Mickie and tosses her to the corner but James hops up and wraps her legs around the boss’ neck. She squeezes her legs together before delivering a hurricanrana, sending Sasha across the ring. Mickie celebrates before quickly turning to grab Alexa’s hand who had just gone for a cheap shot from behind. Alexa shook her head in fear before Mickie pulled her across and over her knee.
“No! No Mickie please!” Alexa shrieked as she struggled.
“I missed getting my hands on this cute biscuit butt!” Mickie smirked as she began spanking away at Bliss’ booty as Alexa squealed and kicked her legs. After a minute Sasha came out of nowhere and performed a running meteora to Mickie as she hits the former womens champion in the face crotch first.
Entrant #5: Naomi
Naomi dances down the ramp and twerks on the apron before entering the ring. Her and Banks stare at each other before embracing and putting their fists together.
“Unity!” They both shout as they look around at the other competitors. Naomi gets on the second rope facing the crowd and bends over whilst gesturing towards her big ebony ass. Sasha smirks and picks up Mickie James and bounces her face first off of Naomi’s wobbly butt. Sasha then turns to Alexa and grabs her by the hair, Naomi turns and smirks as it was only a week after her and Alexa’s encounter.
“Hold up a sec sis!” Naomi giggled as she wedgied up her outfit to expose more of her phat asscheeks. “Toss her over!”
Sasha tosses Alexa to the corner and Naomi hops up and places her feet on either side of Bliss’ head.
“Remember this bitch?!” Naomi laughs as she pulls Bliss in and twerks all over the small blonde's face before kicking her back across the ring. Both women taunt before Kairi Sane cracks her umbrella on Sasha’s chest and points it towards Naomi who is still taunting on the turnbuckles. Kairi charges and cracks the umbrella over Naomi's big booty causing a squeal. She tees up for another shot but Sasha grabs the umbrella and it falls to the outside. Kairi goes for a backfist but Banks ducks and has Sane in a rear hiplock. Naomi looks behind to see Kairi and goes for a second rope rear view. Kairi however slams her hips into Sasha and escapes as the boss takes her former partners ass straight to the face. Naomi turns to see what she’s done as Sane laughs and smacks her own ass again, the laughing stops when Naomi does hit the rear view on her this time. Naomi goes to try and throw Bliss over the top rope.
Entrant #6: Nikki Cross
The twisted sister enters the fray and sprints down the ramp as Naomi releases Alexa and gestures for Nikki to bring it on. Cross slides in the ring and between Naomi’s legs before kneeling up and biting the former funkadactyl on the booty. Naomi squeals and hops around the ring as Nikki won’t let go. Naomi climbs to the second rope and manages to kick Cross off her before holding her butt in pain, Alexa spots the opportunity and charges to Naomi and uses both hands to push her adversary by the ass over the ropes and down to the floor. With Naomi gone Alexa turns to Cross who picks her up as both partners embrace. They both turn as Mickie James delivers a dropkick to both women. As Nikki stirs Mickie grabs her in a headlock. Mickie’s look goes to confusion as she hears Nikki giggling as Cross raises up a hand.
“What goes around, comes around!” Nikki laughs as she swings her arm down and grabs Mickie by the pussy. The veteran gasps and releases her hold as she is frozen in shock. Alexa walks up behind and yanks up Mickie’s trunks into a wedgie as Nikki releases her hold and licks her fingers sadistically. As Alexa has hold of the veteran, Cross unzips her own jacket and forces Mickie to motorboat her as the twisted sister laughs maniacally. Nikki takes a hold of Mickie’s trunks with her partner and both women toss James over the top rope to the floor. Nikki turns and goes to pick up Kairi who is laid prone on the canvas.
“No Nikki, wait a sec!” Alexa smirks as she slides under the ropes and comes back in with Sane’s umbrella. As Kairi begins to stir she sticks her butt up in the air. Alexa scowls and brings the umbrella down on Kairi’s ass. The japanese superstar screams as her body bounces up and down with each strike. Alexa carries on the strikes to the point where Nikki has to pull her off. All the rage from the last few weeks had taken its toll on Alexa. She eventually calmed down as she and Nikki picked up Sane and wedgied up her trunks before tossing her too over the top rope. Nikki and Alexa now turned to a downed Sasha Banks.
Entrant #7: Trish Stratus
Both Alexa and Nikki turned in shock as the WWE legend strutted down the ramp. Trish smirked at a nervous looking Bliss before entering the ring. Nikki roared and charged Stratus who ducked under her and tackled Alexa before repeatedly bashing Bliss’ head off the mat. Cross grabbed Trish by the hair and tossed her into the corner. Nikki took a run up and went for a splash but Trish dodged as Nikki flew up and draped herself on the top rope. Trish gave Nikki’s ass a double handed slap before pulling down the back of her opponent’s tights revealing the big pale ass of the scottish superstar. Trish noticed Alexa trying to crawl away but Stratus grabbed her by the waistband and pulled her back before taking her by the hair. Trish face Alexa towards her tag partners exposed wobbly ass.
“Pucker up little miss bitch!” Trish smirked as she drove Alexa face first between Nikki’s big pasty asscheeks. Alexa hopped up and down as muffled cries could be heard whilst Cross strangely giggled at the pleasure, not realising it was Alexa who was embedded in her behind. Trish eventually pulled Alexa away and onto the mat before placing both hands on Cross’ butt and shoving Nikki over the ropes to the floor.
Entrant #8: Toni Storm
The New Zealander from NXT UK made her way to the ring and down the ramp as Stratus looked on with an excited look on her face. Toni entered as both women had a respectful staredown. They shook hands before circling each other as Trish went for some side kicks striking Storm’s ass. Trish looked concerned as her kicks seemed to have no effect as Storm laughed and slapped her ass in Trish’s direction. Toni kicked Trish in the gut causing the legend to kneel down. Toni noticed Sasha running towards her and gave her a kick causing both women to be knelt down either side of Storm. Toni took Trish by the hair and began to circle her hips sensually as Trish could do nothing but stare at the young blonde’s big ass before Storm smashed her butt off Trish’s face. Toni turned as she felt Banks hit a weak forearm on her ass. Storm grabbed Sasha by the hair and rubbed her ass in the boss’ face before hitting another hip smash. Alexa came running in from behind but Toni stuck out her butt and Bliss bounced off. Storm performed a hipdrop on a prone Alexa as she sat and waited for the next entrant.
Entrant #9: Peyton Royce
The Aussie made her way to the ring delivering her classic hip sway. Storm couldn’t help but lick her lips at the thought of getting revenge on one of the members of the IIconics after they humiliated her previously on Raw. Peyton stood on the apron and began taunting Storm. Royce leaned over the rope talking trash but Storm managed to grab her by the hair.
“Time to teach you a lesson you little brat!” Storm smirked as she began to spank Royce as she was draped over the ropes. Peyton squealed and kicked her legs before Storm eventually pulled her into the ring. Toni kept hold of Royce’s hair and wedgied up her own gear before she repeatedly bashed Peyton’s face against her jiggly ass. Toni kept doing this until the next entrant.
Entrant #10: Billie Kay
Toni couldn’t believe her luck as she was about to get her hands on the other IIconics member as well. The tall Aussie ran to the ring to aid her partner. Billie slides into the ring but Storm instantly dives on her and has now mounted her opponent backwards. Billie squealed as Storm grabbed her trunks and yanked them as Billie’s hips raised off the mat due to the force of the wedgie. Billie squealed and reached out to Peyton who was dazed in the center of the ring.
“Now this is...IIconic!” Toni smirked as she rose up and took Billie by the hair. Storm was preparing for another hip smash but froze as Peyton Royce had recovered and hit a low blow from behind. Billie took Toni’s legs from under her so Storm fell on her back. Both partners took a leg each and shouted ‘IIconic!’ as they yanked Storm’s legs apart and Toni screamed holding her crotch in pain.
“You know what to do!” Billie said as her and Peyton turned Storm over and placed her over both their knees. Toni struggled but it was no use.
“Oh Toni, when will you learn that messing with us will only end in you being exposed as even more as a loser!” Peyton laughed as Billie joined in. Both IIconics raised their arms and they began spanking the big wobbly booty of Toni as the New Zealander squealed. The IIconics laughed as they took a cheek each and even alternated. When Storm’s ass was a nice shade of pink the IIconics each took her by the trunks and back of her top. Toni received a large wedgie as she was carried to the ropes and draped over the top.
“IIconic!” Both women shouted and did their pose before booting Storm in the ass to the outside.
Entrant #11: Asuka
The IIconics looks fell as The Empress of Tomorrow danced down the ramp and ran into the ring. Billie went for a clothesline but Asuka ducked under and hit Royce with a hip attack. Billie went for another strike but Asuka ducked before delivering a tittie twister and Kay squealed. Asuka tossed Kay into the corner and hit another running hip attack before slapping her ass and taunting in the ring. The Japanese superstar turned to see Sasha running at her but hit a roundhouse kick sending Sasha straight down to the mat. Peyton took Asuka by the arm and went to Irish whip her but the empress countered and launched Royce into her partner. Peyton bounced off Kay and fell backwards to the mat. Billie looked groggy before dropping forwards and landing head first on her partner's crotch as Peyton shrieked. Asuka grabbed Billie and tried to lift her over the ropes but it was a struggle. After a few seconds Asuka heard something and dodged out the way as Peyton accidentally knocked her partner over the top rope to the outside.
“No! Billie!” Peyton screamed as she held her head in shock. Asuka meanwhile had an evil grin and stared down at Peyton’s plump booty. She pulled down the back of Peyton’s trunks and spat green mist all over the Aussie’s ass. Peyton shrieked and held her butt in pain as she hopped up and down and Asuka laughed and mimicked her actions. A few moments later Asuka picked up Royce from behind and hit an atomic drop which sent Peyton flying over the top rope to the floor. Asuka taunted before feeling a faint forearm on her back, she turned to see Alexa Bliss looking stunned and worried. Alexa went to run but Asuka kept hold of her trunks as Bliss fell to her knees and tried to crawl away. Alexa kicked and flailed in fear so much so that she accidentally wriggled out of her own trunks. Bliss stood up and looked down before gasping and trying to cover up her big ass which was only covered now by a black thong.
“Wow! Big Bootttaaayy!” Asuka laughed and shouted.
“Give me those!” Alexa went to reach for her trunks but Asuka dodged and whipped the leather of Bliss’ rear causing a yelp. Alexa tried one more time but was met with the same fate before watching Asuka toss the trunks out of the ring.
“Screw you!” Alexa shouted as she slapped Asuka across the face. Asuka turned back in a look of rage as Bliss held her hands out in apology. Alexa went to run but Asuka grabbed hold of her thong. As Bliss tried to run, the thong stretched and Asuka smirked before letting go as the material pinged off Alexa's ass. Bliss held her butt in pain before Asuka picked her up and placed her on the top rope and pulled her down into a reverse tree of woe. Asuka signalled to begin a spanking as Alexa pleaded but the Empress felt a tap in her shoulder.
“May I join?” Trish grinned at Asuka who gave a shrug.
“No no! Please ladies! Please don’t spank my ass anymore! I've had enough!” Bliss pleaded but it was no use. Both Asuka and Stratus began delivering chops to Alexa’s booty as the small blonde cried out in pain and her buscuit booty wobbled. Just before the next entrant, Asuka raised Bliss back up as she allowed Trish to push Bliss off the top rope to the outside.
Entrant #12: Lana
Asuka, Trish, and Sasha remain as the Ravishing Russian makes her way to the ring with a big grin on her face. Lana takes 30 seconds to enter the ring and as she did both Asuka and Trish stared at her. Lana slapped her ass and began twerking to the others' confusion before Stratus booted her in the butt as Lana fell onto the middle rope. Asuka bounced off the opposite ropes and landed ass first on the back of Lana’s head before bouncing up and down as Lana was choked on the ropes. As Asuka laughs she fails to notice Trish run up and clothesline her over the top rope and out of the ring. And just like that, one of the favorites was gone.
Entrant #13: Paige
Trish looks shocked as the anti-diva makes her return to the ring. The crowd goes wild as Paige lets out her signature scream and makes her way to the ring. She gets on the apron and pulls Lana forward slightly before delivering some hard knees to Lana’s boobs as Trish has the view of the Russian’s ass jiggling. Paige stepped into the ring as her and Trish went to shake hands. Paige however gave Trish a hard headbutt knocking the legend down. Paige turned to see Lana’s ravishing booty displayed perfectly. She kicked her enemies legs slightly more apart before she began delivering more knees this time to Lana’s pussy and butt. Paige even wedged up Lana’s attire and gave her asscheek an evil lick as the blonde squealed. Paige pulled Lana up and sat her dazed adversary on the top rope.
“This is my house bitch!” Paige screamed before she ripped Lana’s attire down revealing Lana’s tanned big naked breasts. Paige looked shocked and laughed as Lana stirred and covered her boobs. Paige moved Lana’s hands and pinched her nipples causing a squeal.
“No bra? Wow you really are a slut.” Paige laughed before delivering a headbutt. She jiggled the blonde’s big tits a bit more as Lana fell off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Paige turned to a laid out Trish Stratus and sensually crawled up her body as she was about to deliver some more headbutts.
Entrant #14: Mandy Rose
Paige drops Trish and turns as her former absolution teammate Mandy Rose struts confidently down the ramp and enters the ring to face off with her former leader.
“Looks like you and Sonya couldn’t keep it together huh? I leave and it eventually all falls apart.” Paige said.
“That Sonya was a two faced bitch Paige, but I guess she had you to learn from.”
“Screw you! I’m the only reason you’re here!” Paige shouted as she grappled with Mandy. Mandy got around Paige and kicked her leg so the Brit fell to all fours. Mandy mounted the Norwich native and began riding her around the ring whilst spanking her ass.
“Bet you’re used to being ridden you whore!” Mandy laughed as she continued slapping Paige’s jiggly pale booty as the anti diva yelped. Paige managed to escape to the corner but Mandy began delivering some hard chops to Paige’s new big tits as Paige eventually crumbled to a seated position. Mandy turned and halted as she stood one on one with Trish Stratus. Both women eyed each other up.
“So, a lot of people seem to see a lot of me in you these days.” Trish said.
“Really? I don’t see it. You never looked this good.” Mandy grinned as she sexually caressed her body.
“Oh I sure did baby, but you’re right about us not being similar, you’ll never be as much of a draw as me!” Trish smirked before her and Rose began trading chops to their big bouncy tits. Mandy went for another but Trish ducked and kicked Rose in the butt as Mandy spun around. Rose bounced back off the ropes as Trish got her in a headlock and signalled for the Stratusfaction. Trish hopped up but looked surprised as she stayed lifted in the air. Mandy dropped Trish down on the top rope which sliced between the Hall of Famers legs. Trish groaned as Mandy took hold of the rope and shook it up and down as it went depper in Trish's ass and pussy, eventually Trish tumbled off and fell to the floor. Mandy delivered a running knee to Banks and waited for the next entrant.
Entrant #15: Sonya Deville
Mandy’s face fell slightly as her former partner and best friend ran to the ring. Sonya slid under the ropes and stared at her raging opponent.
“Aww what’s wrong Mandy? Still mad about when I humiliated and recorded you all that time ago?” Sonya laughed before Mandy tackled her to the canvas and began raining down slaps. Sonya managed to break free and grabbed hold of the ropes and held her hands up. Mandy was having none of it and marched towards Deville and was met with a thumb to the eye. Rose turned around holding her face as Sonya smirked and knetl down before delivering a stiff low blow. Mandy gasped and fell to her knees. Sonya pulled Mandy over her knee and sadistically caressed the blonde’s big booty.
“Oh Mandy, I never get tired of spanking this big bimbo bubble butt of yours.” Sonya licks her lips before she begins spanking the rear of the golden goddess. Mandy squeals and kicks her legs as her ass wobbles immensely as Deville laughs evilly. Sonya hears some steps behind her but it's too late as Paige comes out of nowhere with a stiff knee sending Deville to the floor. Paige looked down as Sonya was laid across a dazed Mandy.
“Oh you guys, you really needed me huh? My first lesson back will be teaching Sonya here that what goes around comes around.” Paige grins as she tugs at the back of Deville’s tights and reveals her round tan ass.
“Damn Sonya, who knew you were packing this much cake!” Paige laughed as she tossed the tights out of the ring. She picked up Sonya and shoved her shoulder first into the ring post before placing her hands on either side of the top turnbuckle. Paige let out a scream before she began stomping between Deville’s asscheeks as Sonya cried out in pain. Paige heard running and dodged out of Mandy’s way who went for a shoulder tackle but instead bounced face first off Deville’s ass. Paige dragged Mandy to a seated position in one of the corners as Sonya fell to a seated position in the opposite. Paige noticed Sasha in the other corner and delivered a big running knee before the next entrant came out.
Entrant 16: Kelly Kelly
Paige chuckled as the former Divas Champion came out to the ring. Kelly had a big grin on her face as she was thrilled to be back and entered the ring as Paige continued to laugh.
“Seriously? You? Look everyone! WWE’s biggest bimbo has come to get her ass beat!”
“Yeah, and you’d know about your ass getting ‘beat’ huh?” Kelly smirked as Paige’s face dropped as she ran at Kelly who swiftly dodged. Paige bounced front first off the ropes as Kelly got on all fours and Paige fell back over her. As the anti-diva tried to get up Kelly gave her ass a big smack causing the Brit to yelp and hold her booty as Kelly wiggled her own butt in Paige’s direction whilst grinning. Paige charged again angrily but Kelly yet again dodged and hit the classic spinning hurricanrana sending Paige into the corner in a seated position.
Kelly Kelly looked around and noticed all four remaining women in the match were all seated. She pointed to each one before wedging up her already tiny trunks. She went to Paige first and twerked all over the anti-divas face as Paige flailed around helplessly, she ran to the opposite corner and did the same to Sasha Banks. The sounds of Kelly’s buttcheeks slapping her opponents faces could be heard clearly. She next ran over to Sonya and did the same, but when she stopped Sonya looked more pleased than disgusted by what had just happened. Lastly Kelly shook and slapped her ass towards Mandy before running in. Kelly was about to start shaking her booty but Mandy desperately pulled down the back of Kelly’s trunks and bit down hard on the diva’s asscheek. Kelly screamed and hopped forwards as Rose still had a hold before Mandy yanked up Kelly’s thong.
“There’s only room for one blonde bombshell around here bitch!” Mandy scowled as she pulled the thong over Kelly’s head. She let go for a moment as she admired Kelly tiptoeing around with her head back whilst holding her butt before Mandy hoisted Kelly over the top rope by her stretched thong. Mandy leaned over the top rope and blew a kiss.
“And that’s why I’m the golden go…” Mandy paused as she felt someone prodding her rear, she turned her head to see Sonya Deville grinning.
“Better luck next time loser!” Sonya grinned whilst Mandy’s eyes widened in shock but it was too late as Sonya placed her hands on her former friend’s round ass and pushed Rose over to the floor.
“Yeah that’s right you bimbo! I will always be more talented than you!” Sonya laughed as she leant over the top rope but Mandy quickly grabbed her arm. “Hey, what are you doing? Let go!” Sonya shouted as she struggled with Rose. Paige stirred and saw Sonya’s predicament. She ran up and delivered a superkick to Sonya’s displayed ass and Deville fell over the ropes and onto Mandy. Paige looked down and smirked.
“Guess I’ll always be the leader of you two losers! No wonder why I'm still more successful” Paige smirked as the next entrant was about to make her way to the ring.
Entrant #17: Scarlett
Paige looked confused as the music of Karrion Kross hit and Scarlett made her way to the ring with a sadistic look on her face. She enters and just stares at Paige.
“Who are you supposed to be then?” Paige asks, looking slightly confused and creeped out.
“You’re worst nightmare!” Scarlett shouted evilly.
“We’ll see about that.” Paige said as her and Scarlett locked up. The Brit got the early advantage and turned Scarlett into a rear hiplock. Scarlett however relaxes and smiles before bashing her hips back into Paige’s stomach causing the pale superstar to fall to her knees. Scarlett shook her hips in a mesmerizing fashion before bouncing her big pale ass off Paige’s face. Paige crawled over to the corner as Scarlett grinned and looked at Sasha and Paige who were both sitting down. Scarlett roared and sprinted at Sasha before smashing her wobbly ass off Banks’ head. Scarlett paused and rubbed her big butt all over Sasha’s face. Scarlett pointed to the opposite corner and charged at Paige as she did the same. Paige went limp as this stinkface was much worse than Kelly Kelly’s as Scarlett’ ass was so much bigger. The twisted superstar’s asscheeks clapped over Paige’s face as the anti-diva was engulfed in her adversary’s booty. Scarlett eventually stopped and picked up Paige over her shoulder.
“You will all fall...and...pray!” Scarlett shouted as she smacked Paige’s ass and dumped the Brit over the top rope in a big upset. Scarlett was about to hoist Sasha up until the buzzer hit for the next entrant.
Entrant #18: Charlotte Flair
Scarlett’s grin didn’t falter as The Queen made her cool and collected the entrance to the ring. Despite the objective of the match Charlotte still did her cartwheel and split into the ring, clearly not taking Scarlett seriously. Charlotte stares at the pale blonde but instead begins stomping on Sasha before turning back to Scarlett.
“Don’t worry hun, I know about your whole spiel, now let’s say two queens work together?” Charlotte proposed as Scarlett shrugged and got on the second rope and bent over. Charlotte took Sasha by the hair.
“The boss will never match up to the queen!” Charlotte scowls before she bashes Banks’ head off of Scarlett’s big ass three times as Scarlett laughs maniacally. Charlotte quickly dropped Sasha as Scarlett turned around awith an evil grin. Charlotte went towards Banks but quickly changed and chopped Scarlett who gasped. Charlotte pulled Scarlett down so she was in a reverse tree of woe.
“You may be a freaky bitch, but you still have a lot of learning to do fatass.” Charlotte smirks as she wobbles Scarlett’s pasty buttcheeks. Scarlett shrieks as Flair begins chopping her jiggly ass. Flair notices Sasha stirring and grabs her again.
“Hey it’s like Bayley all over again! Looks like you will always be an ass kisser!” Charlotte grinned as she planted Banks’ face between the upsidedown asscheeks of Scarlett before bashing the boss’ head off the large booty ten times as the crowd counted and Scarlett groaned. Charlotte drops a limp Sasha and pulls Scarlett back up. As the new NXT superstar holds her sore butt in pain Charlotte delivers a big boot knocking her to the floor.
Entrant #19: Bayley
The former hugger makes her way to the ring nervously as Charlotte looks on, clearly upset about Bayley’s previous shenanigans. Bayley entered the ring slowly and held her hands up.
“Woah Charlotte look, I know you're mad about what happened at Summerslam, but let’s be honest, it would have all been fine if that bitch over there hadn’t been such a brat and made me turn on her! Who even calls themselves the boss anyway? Let’s teach her a lesson!” Bayley said. Charlotte took a moment to think and then nodded, she held a prone Sasha down as Bayley tugged at the boss’ small trunks and wriggled them down her plump ebony ass, her butt wobbling with each tug. Bayley then sat on Sasha’s ass whilst Charlotte pulled the cousin of Snoop Dogg’s top off. Sasha was now just in a dark blue thong and bra. Bayley picked Sasha up and held her arms back as Charlotte spat on her hand and began delivering chops to Banks’ perky breasts. After 30 seconds Bayley turned Sasha around and put her head between her thighs as Charlotte began chopping Sasha’s ass.
“That’s right Charlotte, beat that boss booty!”
Entrant #20: Becky Lynch
Bayley turns and drops Sasha to the mat as her and Charlotte watch Becky Lynch make her way to the ring. Becky enters and Bayley goes to give her a hug. Becky makes a fist with her hand causing Bayley to turn and hold her head in fear. Becky kicks Bayley in the ass, knocking her down, before Charlotte and her begin to brawl. Becky ducks a punch and begins delivering double handed slaps to Flair’s massive tits before Charlotte manages to fight back and throw Becky to the corner. Charlotte uses her height and long legs to choke Becky with her foot as Lynch kicks her legs which are off the ground.
“I will always be superior to you Becky!” Charlotte shouts before Sasha Banks grabs her high leg and tosses it away so Charlotte lands in the splits as all four horseowmen are in the ring. The queen groans and holds her crotch before Banks delivers a dropkick to her face. Sasha uses a hand to grab Charlotte by the hair and another to grab her waistband.
“Time for some revenge!” Sasha scowls as she hikes up Charlotte’s trunks into a wedgie and hoists her over the top rope. Charlotte manages to hold on and stands on the apron, she goes for a strike but Sasha ducks and applies a titty twister causing Charlotte to let go of the rope and lose balance before falling to the floor.
“Yeah queeny! Looks like daddy can’t help you out all the time!” Banks smiled whilst leaning over the rope. Whilst Sasha was too busy gloating Bayley made a picture frame gesture targeting Sasha’s exposed asscheeks before running up and dropkicking Sasha over the ropes and to the floor. Sasha looked up and hit the floor in frustrationas Bayley smiled.
“Aww better luck next time Sasha!” Bayley gloated and made crying gestures mockingly before the next entrant was set to come out.
Entrant #21: Lacey Evans
Bayley’s face instantly dropped as her foe Lacey Evans made her way to the ring, casually fanning herself before sensually pulling off her skirt. Lacey brought her skirt in the ring and threw it in Bayley’s face. As Bayley took off the skirt she was met with a womens right and was floored instantly.
“Ahh just like old times.” Lacey smiled as she walked around her adversary. Lacey still had her rubber gloves on as she pulled a dazed Bayley up and over her knee.
“Oh dear Bayley, you just never learn your lesson huh? At Least your ex-friend Sasha has come around, yet it looks like you still need some disciplining.” Lacey smirks as she wriggles down Bayley’s tights revealing a white thong and Bayley’s big wobbling ass. Lacey caressed this teasingly as the former hugger began to stir.
“Wait...wh...No! No no no! Please Lacey no! Don't spank me! Please!” Bayley pleaded as she kicked her legs but it was no use as Evans began relentlessly smacking the big booty of Bayley. Bayley squealed and cried out as Lacey went to town on her butt. Lacey then signalled to the crowd and used both her hands to deliver ten hard double handed spanks which the crowd counted to. After the ninth Becky tapped Lacey’s shoulder and gestured, Evans shrugged and allowed Becky to deliver the final smack. Lacey and Becky both took Bayley and went to throw her over the top. They turned away before realising that Bayley was stuck draped over the top rope. Becky went to give her a push but Lacey held her back.
“Wait a second Becky, I reckon this is a sign, a sign from the lord that this little brat needs her tushy beaten a bit more.” Lacey smirked as she peeled off her gloves and handed one to Becky. Her and Lynch went to either side of Bayley and began whipping her big ass with the gloves causing the former hugger to scream. After 30 seconds Lacey and Becky tossed away the gloves and pushed Bayley over, the Smackdown superstar hitting her ass on the apron as she fell to the floor.
Entrant #22: Zelina Vega
The latina made her way to the ring and removed her Vega style mask and claws before entering the ring. As she was entering Lacey turned Becky around and delivered a womens right sending Lynch to the floor.
“You didn’t think I forgot about our past do you Becky?” Lacey pouted sarcastically as she turned to Zelina. Vega walked up to Lacey and the size comparison was almost laughable. Zelina begins talking trash and gives Evans a push causing Lacey to scowl. Zelina’s face goes to fear as she goes to run but Evans grabs her waistband. Zelina runs on the spot before the sassy southern belle pulls her in and delivers an atomic drop. Vega yelps and turns around holding her butt before Lacey grabs her head and plants it between her big tits. Zelina flails around before Evans tosses her into the corner and delivers a splash, using her boobs to crush Zelina into a seated position. Lacey drags Becky over to Zelina and rests her on top of her before jumping up into a top rope handstand and swinging back down into a bronco buster crushing her two opponents below.
Entrant #23: Liv Morgan
The former member of the Riott squad strutted down the ring in her leather getup as Lacey looked on in disgust, Liv crawled through the ropes as both women stared each other down.
“Urgh, that’s no way for a lady to dress.” Lacey scowled.
“I’m not looking to be a lady dear, I’m looking to be your daddy!” Liv laughed as Lacey ran over. Liv did a matrix style dodge before rolling Lacey up in an o’connor roll.
“You nasty! You can’t pin anyone in this match!” Lacey said as she tried to struggle free.
“Who said anything about pinning?” Liv smirked as she slowly pulled Lacey’s trunks over the lady’s plump rear.
“Wh...what are you doing?!”
“Teaching a ‘lady’ a lesson.” Liv grinned as she licked both her hands and began raining down smacks on Evans’ derriere as the sassy southern belle squealed and tried to struggle free, her booty only covered by a blue thong. Liv alternated slaps to each cheek and even in between before Zelina ran from behind and dropkicked Liv in the ass. Morgan fell forward prone as Zelina placed two hands on the top rope and stood on Liv’s butt. Zelina began stomping up and down on the blondes plump booty as Liv cried out, Zelina finished by using the middle rope to leap up and deliver a double stomp to Morgan’s ass. Zelina noticed Becky rising up in the corner and charged but Lynch lifted her up as Vega fell on the top turnbuckle. Lynch pulled Vega down into a tree of woe and whilst doing so pulled her top off to reveal a small pink bra. Zelina screamed and tried to stop her boobs from falling out as Lynch climbed to the middle rope.
“Good think you're not the man” Lynch chuckled as she began stomping down between Vega’s legs as the latina groaned in pain.
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