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Something for the Weekend: How I've Earned £1200 in 2020 (so far)

Hi All
I just wanted to provide an update to my previous post about my January earnings with how I've managed to increase my BeerMoney. As I said in that post I started looking at ways of earning some money in the evenings whilst my wife is on maternity leave in the hope of earning enough for more than just beer. I just wanted to share how I've been able to earn just over £1200 in 2020 to date using links shared on Reddit, my way of giving back to a community that has helped me so much. I've also added some new sites/methods from my previous post.
Tl; Dr. Had baby. Got poor. Reddit helped. Returning the favour for someone else in need.
Breakdown of Income
As you can see below my income has been split across a variety of methods, the main earners definitely being matched betting, Clickworker and Rebatest (not strictly Beermoney but certainly worthwhile). I've also done bank switching (£175 from HSBC) but won't cover that here, however there are some good offers knocking about for that.
Trading212 offer a free share worth up to £100 if signing up to their service using a referral link from an existing user. I can't remember the Reddit user who's link I followed but I managed to get them (and myself) a free share in Ford. I've shared this link with a few places now and managed to get the full 20 referrals (my best was a share worth approximately £40 in AMD). There's no chance you're going to get a £100 share (from my experience and research) but certainly worth doing. You just need to deposit if following my referral link (although I've maxed out my benefits, you still get the free share). You can sell your share pretty much straight away, however you won't be able to withdraw the cash for 30 days (it can be reinvested though). I'd recommend waiting for the Coronavirus crash to recover before selling to maximise your earnings (no requirement to do so though).
I was looking at getting into share dealing anyway and Trading212 has been really easy (even made a small profit on some shares I bought).
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Matched Betting
I won't go into too much detail on this other than to say if you have any reservations about this don't worry. I've made nearly £180 so far. I signed up with HeadsandHeads, but there are other sites that walk you through it and really helps talk you through the offers and the process (I'm still learning myself but the more you do the more confident you get). I've also used TopCashBack (see below) to double up on some of the offers so always check there if they have anything that you can make the most of (BetFair in particular offered £15). There are a lot of guides on Reddit for Matched Betting. It's also a great time to start up with Cheltenham starting next week and loads of offers about.
On this, Paddy Power have a great referral offer and I'd appreciate if you could use this link, they're certainly a good bookie for offers and worthwhile signing up. I get £20 if you sign up and bet £10 with this (which you can easily turn into £7+ profit) using a matched betting guide, as well as there normal bonus offers: Referral Link Non-Referral Link
Just be careful, follow the instructions, and money is guaranteed. I've kept any liabilities relatively low so you don't need much available money to get started with this. Total BeerMoney £180.
Hopefully you all know about TopCashBack (TCB) by now but if you don't it's free money for everyday shopping. Always check it before you buy anything and you get cashback on your purchase (usually as a percentage of the purchase price). My winners recently have been from following the advice on Reddit on using Monzo, Ratesetter and Worldremit, and looking at some other free cashback offers. I've had TCB for about 8 years now and I've earned over £1200. The referrals are also constantly updated and you can offer get vouchers yourself when you sign up EDIT: There's a new offer at the minute where if you sign up using my referral you also get a £5 M&S voucher.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Clickworker is a website I have been signed up to for years from my time when I was a student. I dusted off my old account and found that the UHRS can be pretty lucrative if you get on at the right time and they have available jobs. I've earned a fair bit by just doing some tasks at ¢5 a time but they quickly rack up. There are other ways to earn through surveys, app downloads and recording videos. Withdrawals can be made when the job is payable (this is job dependent). I've earned £130 so far (with another £150 waiting to be paid)
There is a clickworker referral scheme if it helps you to get set up. Total BeerMoney so far £130 (+£150 pending).
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Rebatest is an Amazon rebate website where you can buy things, leave a review and get 100% cashback on them. So far I've had 17 things from this website totalling £340 (minus small fees to withdraw). Highlights for me so far with this are a lightstrip (think Philips Hue) (£39.99), some Bluetooth headphones (£23.99), a humidifier for my baby's bedroom (£49.99), child's toys (£15.99, £15.99, £20.99), handheld vacuum cleaner (£33.99), car boot liner (£25.99). I've sold a few bits but most of the items I've kept.
Withdrawal to PayPal has no minimum (although there is a small fee). The item availability is limited and needs checking regularly but can be great. Also good for satisfying the need to buy new things knowing that they'll be free.
If you use my referral code you also get £5 added straight to your account which can be withdrawn after you've successfully reviewed an item. I understand from Reddit that there is some reluctance on this but I've found it to be great/ Total BeerMoney (kind of) so far £340.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
HoneyGain is an app that pays you for using unused network capacity. It's a slow burner but I tend to earn about 50¢-1$ a day. Withdrawal can be made to PayPal once your account has reached $20. This is a true passive earner that I have set up on my PC. This PC is on all the time anyway as a media server so I don't worry about leaving something on and its impact on electricity bills (I'm using HoneyGain to try and offset the use of the media server). You can also set this up on mobile phones. Even if you only use your phone, laptop or PC occasionally it's worth having on as it has no impact on usage.
Using this link you can get a $5 head start. Income varies daily but it is a good earner and from looking on Reddit there's a strong need for more UK users. Total BeerMoney to date £31.50.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
(In a similar idea I also used FluidStack to earn about £7 but they've updated the way they work and don't use Windows anymore. If you have a Linux system and a recent graphics card though you can still earn good (better than previous) money: Referral Non-Referral)
EDIT: *NEW* Ratesetter
This is another website that gives you a bonus upon signing up that I've realised has a quicker bonus than the TopCashBack route I followed. If you follow my referral then you get £20 credited to your account within 30 days if you sign up and deposit £10 (very good offer and free money which can be withdrawn once you get it credited). Alternatively there are some good offers for this on TopCashBack but you need to invest more for longer so not great for quick earning (wish I'd realised this!).
Total BeerMoney £20.
*NEW* QuickThoughts
I really like QuickThoughts to earn Amazon giftcards via an app available on Google Play Store (I assume an Apple version is also available). This is a survey app that you can use as much or as little as you want. So far I've earned £30 in Amazon giftcards. The survey availability is pretty good and they always pay 50p. They give you an approximate time for each survey (some are only 1-2 minutes), and I tend to only do surveys taking less than 10 minutes, however if you have the spare time you can earn quite a bit from this. I reckon there's at least 3-5 surveys available at any one time. Accrued surveys can be exchanged for a voucher once you've reached £10. A couple of times I've been glitched out of a survey near the end but this is rare.
Total BeerMoney (Amazon voucher) to date £30.
*NEW* London and Country
London and Country offer a free £5 Amazon voucher if you use my referral code below (I also get £5 for referring you) for using there online product finder for mortgages (or re-mortgages). I'm currently in the process of re-mortgaging so this was a very useful find as I was filling in a lot of these forms anyway. If you're in this position as well I certainly recommend it as a way of getting a free £5 (or if you're not you can still fill it in and just get the voucher). Once the form is submitted I got an email about a week later with the voucher.
I've had good experience with London and Country previously as they offer good, free advice. Total BeerMoney (Amazon voucher) £5.
*NEW* Qmee
Qmee is another survey website but also offers an interesting twist if you install it on your browser. Occasionally when searching you will get sponsored links appear and when following these you earn money. I've had this going for about 3 months and cashed out £9 so far. They also have a good selection of surveys, although from my experience they don't pay as well as QuickThoughts and the selection criteria is a little harder to meet. Still worthwhile signing up though.
Total BeerMoney £9.

It really has been quite enjoyable searching for ways to earn and certainly helped to lighten the financial burden of having a wife on maternity and having a new little person to look after.
I'm aiming to earn at least £150 a month every month this year so if you have any other suggestions please let me know. I'll happily use any referral codes for good earners and try and keep you updated on my progress and guidance throughout 2020. Next month I'm hoping to find the time to try Appen and SerpClix as these seem to be good earners. I've also tried Prolific in the past but I've never had an invite so not sure what I'm doing there despite having a full profile (if anyone has any advice let me know).
Thanks for reading
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